why do you hate having red hair so much

Freak Like Me

You love doing different designs in your hair but when Jensen blows up at you you decide to go natural bringing your nightmare of a past to the present but does the hair stay or can Jensen make it up to you?

Let me know what you think! Your Opinion Matters

Jensen Ackles and Reader, Jared, Misha, the cast (mentioned) Jan OFC

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smutt 

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Freak Like Me by Halestorm 

Originally posted by maxandalec

              I never understood what I ever did to Jensen to make him hate me so much. I know I was different from who they usually worked with but that’s why they had hired me. I changed hair colors about once every two weeks, I had two tattoos but nothing that was offending in any way. I had often asked Jared what I could have done and he was stumped like me. This week was a red ombré that went into orange then yellow. It was gorgeous and I absolutely loved it but with Jensen it was the final straw. “If you want to be a freak do it on your own time! Act like a fucking adult for once!”

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missmarsbar  asked:

okay though soulmate aus are also my life and I'm not a writer but I keep thinking about like if there was a patater version of those teleportation soulmate aus where tiny child alexei summons tiny child kent to save him from bullies but kent never summons him, and then theyre at like a hockey dinner together telling stories and kent has to leave to go freak out because tater's story is him? and fucks up so bad he ends up needing to summon tater to save him that night with a happy ending ofc

OKay so I am like the WORST at writing these to a time frame apparently but here we are!


When Alexei was young his Mama would always shake her head and say “Mishka, you are too full of love.”  It wasn’t a bad thing, she’d tell him, but for someone so small how did he have so much room for it all? He would always help the teachers at the end of class by putting the books away or carrying things for them. On Sundays he would walk with his Grandmother to the market and hold her basket the entire time, even when his little hands struggled to keep the handle up. You would always find him playing with the little girls down the street, helping weave flowers into their hair like he did his cousin. Wherever he went Alexei would let the people into his heart and never wanted to shut anybody out. He wanted everybody to feel special.

Although Alexei shared his love with everyone, not everybody wanted his love. The boys at school would sneer when he helped the teacher and laugh when he ran off with the girls at lunch. It wasn’t right, or so they’d say. They told him so when they pressed him against the wall one lunch time. Told him how he was too small and girly. That he had best scurry away like the mouse he was because nobody wanted him there. Alexei had never felt so small and wished someone would come and help. Pressed up against the wall he waited for the first blow to strike.

But it never came.

When Alexei opened his eyes he saw a new boy standing there. A boy with sunshine hair. Instead of anger in his bullies faces he saw wide eyes and open jaws and soon they would run away. He didn’t know what the sunshine boy had done but he didn’t care, he had saved him.

“Thank you!” Alexei beamed, walking forward to shake the young boy’s hand. “Thank you for helping me! I’m Alexei!”

The sunshine boy turned and Alexei swore his young heart broke that day. The boy’s eyes were full blown in fear, clutching his shirt tight, and he spoke a different language. Alexei knew it was English, had just started studying it in class, but didn’t know a single word just then. It didn’t matter anyway because before he got to say a single word the boy vanished into thin air and Alexei ran the whole way home.

It took his Mama an entire hour to calm him down and then only five minutes to get the story out of him. She listened as he waved his tiny hands and paced around the room, managing to only frown when he mentioned the boys from school. When he’d finished she patted the space on her lap and allowed Alexei to climb up.

“Mishka, when we are born we are made in two parts. One part of you is here,” she said, pointing to his heart. “The other is elsewhere. Sometimes it is in the house next door or in a different city. Sometimes it is miles away but it is there. There are times when our halves hurt too much, that they call out for their other half and the other one comes running. That’s what happened today. Your half called and your other came to you. Do you understand?”

Alexei nodded, not wanting to stop his Mama from talking.

“You can only call your other half once, Mishka. They come when you need them most. You are very lucky to have already seen your half, some people wait years. Papa made me wait many years before he called me. This means, Alexei, you have a long wait ahead of you and when they call you you must be ready. You won’t get another chance, okay?”

To young Alexei it all seemed a little bit too much. He was too small to be there for his other half, how could he help? But he knew that when it would happened he would do anything he could. He never wanted his other half to feel as scared as he did and when the time would come he would pour all the love he had into helping him. Mama always said he had too much love and now he knew why and he couldn’t wait to share it all.

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SITS: Crying Girlfriend

“Anonymous said: Can you do kyohei, iori, Kota and takashi reaction when their girlfriend came to them crying that someone is harassing her?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Iori Enjo
After announcing to everyone that the two of you were dating it was easier for Iori to keep his eyes on you and stop guys from hitting on you. There were ups and downs when it came to fans knowing about your relationship with him. Some were supportive and some were not. 

Since the move to L.A., Iori gained lots of fans worldwide and therefore Kyohei thought it would be a good idea to make twitter for the band. With that they’re able to update their fans by tweeting and keep active. 

You gained lots of followers on your twitter account as well. Fans would mention you and say that you were very lucky to have Iori as your boyfriend, how your day was going, how cute the two of you look together and how beautiful you were but lately you’ve been getting lots of hate on your mention. What’s worst is you were already having a bad day when someone just said a lot of hateful things to you. 

“Why is Y/N even dating the Prince? She’s not worthy enough.”

“She’s not even pretty! Why can’t I date Prince Iori instead.” 

“Y/N if you’re reading this I hope you go die in a hole! We don’t need people like you in this world!” 

Those tweets were enough to make you cry. Are you that bad? Are you not enough for Iori? You started to believe that you weren’t enough for him. 

One day you got some sort of a threat from one of his fans and you just brushed it off. Be careful tonight Y/N. You’ll need it.That’s the tweet that you got from a fan who didn’t approve of your relationship with Iori.

You didn’t think much about it but during the red carpet for the awards, a fan scratched you. You were sure they didn’t mean it but the next thing that happened was someone pulled your hair and then followed by getting kicked. The pain itself was enough to make your eyes water. Is this how much they hate you? Do they hate you so much that they’re willing to hurt you?

Iori came rushing towards you. “Stop! What do you think you’re doing to my girlfriend? I know you’re my fans and all that but why do you all have to get so violent with my girlfriend.” 

“She’s not even good enough for you!” Replied one of his fans. 

“So? Do you think you’re good enough for me then?” The fan nodded. “That’s foolish, you’ll never be enough for me. Y/N is all I need. She’s kind, pure, honest and humble, unlike you. I don’t care if you’re my fan but if you don’t like my relationship with Y/N and hate her for stealing my heart, then might as well hate me. Because I’m the one who fell in love with her.”

Iori dragged you away and guided you towards the car. “Iori I’m fine. Go to the award ceremony, I’ll just go home by myself.” You wiped away your tears. 

“No Y/N. There are plenty more awards ceremonies to go to, my priority right now is you.” He gently kissed your lips and embraced you on the way home.

Kota Igarashi
Another day at the movie set is up ahead for you and your boyfriend. Before you’d always get excited to go with him at the set. But now, not so much. Why? It’s because of the creepy director. 

The director is still pretty young, he’s about the same age as Kota. At first you thought he was just joking around with you and he was just the very touchy type of guy. Every time you’re alone he manage to show up right beside you and says unpleasant things. He made you very uncomfortable but you wanted to go to the set with Kota to support him. 

You were scared of being alone therefore you try to mix in with the staff at least then, there’s more people that are surrounding you. “Y/N can you go get some coffee for me?” Asked Kota. 

You started to panic. “Can’t I do that later after we finish filming?” You replied nervously. “No, you have to get it now.” You nodded and walked away trembling. 

Once you got the coffee the director showed up. “Finally some alone time. You know it really sucks that a pretty girl like you is still single. I definitely want someone like you to be mine.” He smirked. 

“S-STOP!” You distanced yourself from him but he took the advantage of grabbing your arm. “No one’s around to help you.” 

Before the director could even say anything Kota showed up. “What the hell do you think you’re doing to my assistant manager?” He grabbed you and pulled you towards his chest. And from there you cried. “Is this how directors are suppose to act in front of a lady? You disgust me, I’d never want to work with a scum like you ever again. Good luck finding a new male lead for your stupid movie. And don’t think that you’re getting away with this.” 

Kota held you all the way to the car. He could feel that you were still trembling in fear from the incident. “Why didn’t you tell me he was harassing you? Is that the reason why you started to lose interest in coming to the set with me?” 

“I didn’t want to worry you and plus, you said you really like the script of the movie and I wanted to support you.” 

“Stupid.” He flicked your forehead. “You come first before anything and plus there are plenty of scripts out there that are better than his.”

Kyohei Rikudoh
You’ve been very busy writing lyrics and writing scripts for an upcoming play. Throughout the months you learned how to balance between the two unlike before. 

After your errand at the theatre you rushed your way towards the TV studio where the guys are scheduled to have an interview. However you did notice someone following you and made you feel uneasy. This has been going on for a while not but you didn’t want to worry Kyohei therefore you ignored it. 

You quickened your pace but the person copied your action and quickened their pace. Your hearted started to pound faster. “Hey doll what’s the rush? Playing hard to get huh? Lucky for me cause I like it when women plays hard to get.” The guy said. You had no choice but to run towards the TV studio. 

You reached the TV studio with tears rolling down your face and panting. The other staff members were very worried and asked you what happened but they didn’t succeed. You just cried in the small room and asked everyone if they could leave you alone. 

A few minutes later the door opened. “Please leave, I want to be left alone right now.” You sobbed. “Y/N… What’s wrong?” His voice was so sweet and gentle. You got up from your seat and hugged him. He asked what happened and you told him every single detail. “Kyohei, I’m scared what if he doesn’t stop following me?” 

“I can assure you that he won’t do that ever again.”

“Mr, Rikudoh, it’s almost time.” That voice sent shivers down your spine. It can’t be… Can it? “Kyohei… That voice… It’s him, he’s the one who’s been following me.” 

Upon hearing this Kyohei opened the door with anger in his eyes. He told the members and staff that Revance will never appear in their show. “I can’t stand people who stalk other and harass them when they’re alone. I’m very disappointed that your team hired someone like him.” Kyohei pointed at your stalker. “If I ever hear from our assistant manager that she’s being followed by you again, you’ll be seeing me and will be in the court room.” And with that Revance left the building.

Takashi Ninagawa
He finally finished composing music to the new upcoming album. It took a few days but he was glad he finished it, now he can spend some quality time with you. 

Takashi’s stomach growled and realized that he was really hungry. “I should eat before Y/N gets mad at me.” He thought to himself.

When he found Kyohei’s left over fried rice he reheated them up. “I hope I remember this.” Your hopeless boy friend whom you love dearly was able to put his food in the microwave. While waiting for the timer to go off you burst in the house crying. 

This alarmed Takashi and he ran towards you. “Y/N? What’s wrong? You know I’m here for you.” He embraced you and stroked your hair. He hoped that this gesture would help you calm down. But you hugged him tighter and sobbed. 

Takashi couldn’t do anything else at the moment other than comfort you, he wasn’t planning to force you to tell him the reason why you were crying. “Taka…” You looked up to your loving boyfriend. He waited for you to continue. “I… I was done writing lyrics at the cafe when these guys started to follow me. At first I thought it was just a coincidence that we were going the same direction but after my meeting with Rina they still kept following me.” You started to cry again. “And then when I got off the train I noticed that they were still following me so I tried to shake them off the neighbourhood but I couldn’t. One of the guys grabbed my hand and asked where I was going. I politely told them to let go but so I did what I couldn’t do and kicked both of them. I ran away as fas as I can. I’m so scared Taka..” Takashi gritted his teeth. 

“Those bastards. I’ll beat the hell out of them.” He stood up but you grabbed him arm. “Please don’t leave. I know you might think this is stupid but I don’t want to be alone.. Not right now at least.” It broke Takashi’s heart when you looked so fragile in front of him. He nodded and carried you to your room. “I’ll be here when you need me Y/N.” You moved in closer to Takashi. You felt safe beside the person you love.

In which a sleepy Ren hates brushing his teeth and is a child about it, forcing Nora to take action (because renora taking care of each other goes both ways)

Ren had never particularly enjoyed brushing his teeth at night. It had always seemed to be too much of a bother – especially when he had already burrowed under the covers – or simply too much of a commitment to not having any more food. Thus, over the years – and once they had the luxury of worrying about such things – Nora had to take certain steps to ensure the proper dental hygiene of her noble slothy steed.

At first, it had been simple things – singing his favorite song if he brushed them, letting him sleep in a little in the morning, or something else of such simple ilk. As the years rolled on, however, this no longer worked, forcing her to switch tactics when they arrived at Beacon.

“Ren, have you brushed your teeth yet?” she called from the bathroom, toothbrush hanging out of her mouth.

The cocoon of blankets that was Ren gave a negative grunt, causing Nora to emerge from the bathroom, toothbrush still in mouth.

“Ren, you’re gonna get cavities if you don’t brush, and if you get cavities then you’re gonna have to go to the dentist, and if you go to the dentist to get it fixed I’m gonna have to go with you cuz you won’t go on your own, and then I’m going to have to sit in that waiting room again, and it always smells funny, and you know what happens if I have to sit in a room that smells funny for too long.” The reader may wish to note that all of this was said while the girl in question was brushing her teeth, and thus was only half as understandable as usual. 

Ren’s head poked out of its blanket shelter. “But Nora… that requires moving. And getting out of my blankets. Outside of the blankets is cold and awful.”

“Renny, if you don’t brush your teeth, you don’t get your goodnight kiss.” This was, of course, said rather nervously, blush on cheeks, before the speaker darted back into the bathroom to expel her mouthful of foamy fluoride.

“…Fine,” the other groaned, extracting himself from the loveliness of warm blankets and tracing her steps, eyes squinted against the light.

Nora, now flossing, nodded approvingly upon seeing her partner (only in the Beacon sense, of course, as they weren’t together-together, as that would just be weird, wouldn’t it?) enter the room. “There you go, Renny! Was that so hard?”

“Yes,” he muttered, loading an appropriate amount of toothpaste onto his brush.

Tossing the used floss into the garbage can, Nora rolled her eyes but remained silent for once, instead choosing to flounce out into the main room and flop onto her bed. Ren followed a few minutes later, teeth now clean, and stood next to her head, staring down at her.

“Yes, Renny?” she sang, looking up from the book she had acquired on their last trip into town.

“I brushed my teeth.”

“Good job!”

“I want my reward.”

“Shall I sing for you?”

“That’s not what you said before, Nora.” Ren knew, in some section of his mind, that he was being a bit childish about this, but could not find the energy within his tired self to be mature. The days were his duties; the nights, Nora’s. “You said I could have my goodnight kiss.”

Nora laughed, reaching up to poke his nose. “That’s only if you brush them without me nagging you about it. Just like how I get a hug if I’m quiet and let you read without you asking me more than once.”

Ren’s will to be vertical ran out, causing him to tip forward and flop on top of Nora. “That’s not fair.”

“Neither is your syrup rule.”

“That is justified by your ability to destroy entire buildings with a single hiccup if you eat syrup while you have a fork in an outlet. My not brushing my teeth does not cause structural damage to anything around me.”

“It hurts my nose, Renny. It makes your morning breath reek even worse if you don’t brush at night.”

“But Nora.”

She laughed. “C’mon, it’s time for bed. We have an early class tomorrow, remember?”

“I don’t think I can move.”

“Do you wanna just sleep here, or do you want me to toss you over to your cocoon?”

“Aim for my bed this time, please.”

“Awwww, fine.”

And so it continued, much in this same pattern, for quite some time. Ren would burrow himself into his blankets, Nora would cajole him out to brush his pearly whites, and he would be reminded that he would receive nothing until he did so without her help. One day, however, this situation changed.

“Nora, I brushed my teeth,” Ren announced, standing next to her bed. 

She beamed at him upside-down from where she was hanging partway off of aforementioned piece of furniture. “Good job, Renny!”

“Without your reminding me, for once.”

She clapped.

“So I would like my goodnight kiss.”

Nora fell off of the bed, pink-faced and sputtering. 

The near-ninja helped her to her feet and smiled at her as he put his face close to hers expectantly.

The human lightning rod kissed the tip of his nose; his hold on her did not relinquish. “I gave you your goodnight kiss, Ren.”

“I want a proper one.”

“I thought you were supposed to be the mature one,” she mumbled, thumping her face against his chest. 

“Only during daylight.”

“It’s winter.”

“Congrats, you’ve learned your seasons.”


He muffled a rare laugh against her hair. “I still want my proper goodnight kiss.”


“You promised.”




“Why not?”

She pushed back to look at him, face red and eyes leaking. “BECAUSE I CAN’T, OKAY? I can’t have it just be a goodnight kiss cuz I can’t handle it BECAUSE it’s you, so it’s all jumbled up in my head and it’s too much and I can’t treat it lightly anymore because feelings got mixed up in it and I’m sorry, Ren, please don’t hate me for this but – but I –”

“Nora, why do you think I’ve waited this long to remember to brush my teeth?”

She shrugged, no longer able to look him in the eye now that her rant had subsided. “Because you’re a sleepy sloth?”

“I… I was trying to figure things out on my end as well.”


Ren looked to the ceiling, appealing to Oum for the best way to say this. “Is it better to risk something and have it potentially not work out, or to never try at all and regret it?”

She hiccuped. “W-Well, it all depends on the thing in question, because if it’s –”

He placed a finger across her lips. “If that thing in question is… us. In a together-together sense.”

She blinked. 

“I would like my goodnight kiss, Nora. I’d rather risk it than regret it forever.”

“Do you mean like… a together-together goodnight kiss? Because I don’t think I could possibly be hearing you right, Ren, because wow, that’d be amazing and all, but I can’t ever see you going for me, because I mean you know me too well and we’ve been together for so long that it’d be weird, right? And I’d probably drive you crazy after a while, and you’d wind up hating me, and I can stand not having you having you but I can’t stand not being near you at all, and –”

Ren adjusted his hold on her waist, rubbing his tired eyes. “Nora, how long have we known each other?”

“Basically forever.”

“If I’m not tired of you by now, I won’t ever be.”

“Are you? Because I could totally get it if you were, because honestly I get a little tired of my own voice sometimes, because I really never shut up.”

“No, I’m not.”



“Yes, Ren?”

“You know that words are not my strong suit.”

“Not in the least! That’s why you keep me around, cuz I talk more than enough for both of us!”

“I am trying and failing to ask you if you would like to be together-together. Please try to understand this before one of us dies.”

“OH.” A beat, then… “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Like really-really?”


“As in together-together, like couple-y? Like dating?”

“That. Those words. Why could I not think of those words?”

“Because words are my job!” She was smiling now, but he could almost hear her brain whirring. “If you were good at them, too, then you wouldn’t need me around!”

“Yes, I would.”


“Nora, please just answer my question.”

“Which… which one?” Her brain made small clicking noises.

“Would you like to try being together-together? Yes or no.”

She nodded. 

“Now may I have my goodnight kiss, since I was a good boy and brushed my teeth without you reminding me?”

Nora’s response was a bit too enthusiastic, sending the pair of them toppling backwards onto her bed – just as, of course, the other two members of their team returned from training… but that is an awkward discussion for another day.

I'll Be Your Dancer

Who: Jimin (Mr. I have thighs that can kill.) X Reader

Genre: Smut 

Summery: A world where Jimin in a dance teacher and you are a dancer. 

Word Count: 3425

Warnings: Small fight, he kind of pushes himself onto you but all in all you want it and a mirror is involved :P

AN: Thank you so much to my frannd who edited this for me. Love to you!! I don’t know if I should start taking in requests. I am debating whether I should or not. Would you guys even like to have smut or fluff written by me. Oh, and my next post will be smut about baby baek so be ready :P

Jimin tightened his hold around my waist and with two final thrusts he groaned and climaxed deep inside of me. It felt like electricity surged through my hot body. Tiny electric pins exploding throughout my body and intensifying around my entrance. That was all I need because within seconds I let out a loud gasp as I felt myself release around Jimin’s emptying cock. He held himself up over me and I watch his face change and model into expressions of pleasure. He bit his lip and I’ve never wanted to kiss someone so bad. Our hearts beat fast, but started to slow down. I felt him slipped out of me before he rolls over to lie down beside me and take me into his arms and hold me close to his beating heart.

I’m done with thinking. I’m done with being so stressed out over this show. The director always picking on me and calling me out, telling me that I’m doing it all wrong. I go right and he tells me I should have gone left, I put my whole heart into every movement and he tells me it’s not enough. What the hell does he want? Well, I’ll tell you what he’s taken. Two hours. Two hours of my life. I’ve been at this one on one rehearsal that he insisted I needed for two hours!

“I guess you don’t want to go home?” He asked me with the dirtiest look on his sexy face that I currently wanted to smash into the hard floor.

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i hate you so much... you look so good in EVERY SINGLE HAIR COLOR!!!! By any chance do you have a red wig?? BECAUSE YOU WOULD PROBABLY SMASH THAT HAIR COLOR TOO!!! GOD DOODLES WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE!!!!

(( *spasms* WHY YOU SO NICE!?!? <3<3<3

And…… maybe……. ))