why do you guys need a holiday

One day at a time (chapter 1) Lin-Manuel x Reader

I had a 9 hour plane journey with nothing to do so I wrote a stupidly long fluffy fic as part of a new series.  

Summary: This is based on Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on tinder. Old Man Miranda explores Tinder while logged into his friend’s account and has an awkward conversation with Reader. Awkwardness and some fluff ensues. It’’s about time I wrote something that wasn’t totally angsty for a change.

Warnings: Nothing but fluff, but I definitely swear more than I think I do.

Word Count: 3,989

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Should Have Listened - Derek Morgan Imagine

Derek x reader

Summary: The team doesn’t know about Derek’s new girlfriend until she becomes a vital part of a new case they’re working.

JJ laid the folder in front of each of them. ‘3 women, all kidnapped and murdered in the last two weeks’ Hotch explained. ‘Right here in Washington, the last one was kidnapped yesterday’ He sat and clicked the remote three pictures coming up on the board. ‘They all look the same, that’s a clear link between victims’ Reid observed.

Derek lifted his head to look at the women, they seemed familiar, like he’d seen them before. ‘That’s not the only one’ Prentiss looked at the file. ‘They all work in The Dover Institute, all on the same ward’ That got Derek’s attention. ‘They work where?’ He began flicking through the sheets and sure enough they all worked at the same place. No wonder he had recognized them.

Derek shoved his chair back before hurrying out of the room. ‘Hey, Morgan, wh-’ But Hotch was cut off by the door closing behind the agent. When outside he pulled his phone from his belt and pressing the speed dial.

You looked down at you phone as it began to ring. ‘Excuse me’ You smiled politely at the nurse you were speaking to. Rounding the corner you hit the answer button. ‘Hey Babe’ You smiled chirping into the phone. ‘Let me guess, new case you’ll be gone for a few’ It was always that when he called you at work. ‘New case, right here. Listen to me sweetheart’ He rushed and the smile instantly fell from your face.’Tell them you’re sick go home pack a bag and go to mine, do not let anyone in, do not stop and talk to anyone, always have someone around you. Do not, ever, be on your own until you get into mine, and stay there’ You furrowed your eyebrows.

What was this? Why did he need you to go? You were already understaffed with Aine not turning up for work and Sandra being on holiday. Then there was Denise, you didn’t even want to think about what happened to her, the poor girl’s body was found almost a week ago. ‘Derek, I ca-’ He grunted at the other end. ‘No, Y/n, listen to me. There’s some guy going around killing people from your ward, they look exactly like you. Go to mine. Now’ Your hand flew to your mouth. ‘You-you mean Denise? Is that what happened to Aine? She never showed up today. Oh God’ You fell back into the chair.

You heard his uneven breathing on the other end of the phone. ‘Sweetheart, no, listen, calm down, deep breaths, come on, deep breaths’ You could feel the tears coming in your eyes. ‘Calm down?’ You hissed. ‘Derek, by the way you’re making it sound I’m next, oh god. Poor Aine’ You closed your eyes willing not to cry. ‘Three, there’s been three abductions Y/n, you’re not next, I’m just being safe, please go home beautiful, please’ You froze your body rigid.

Three? ‘Derek, three? There’s only two of us mi-Sandra? She-shes supposed to be on holidays’ You felt a tear slip out of your eye rolling down your cheek. ‘We found another body, three. Sweetheart, go home. Now’ You nodded frantically wiping your tear from your face. ‘Y-yeah, I’ll grab my stuff a-and be at yours in an hour’ You told him. ‘Good, thank you beautiful, ring me when you get back, ring me if you’re alone. Promise’ You nodded again. ‘Promise, I’ll see you later’ You hung up and dropped your head into your hands.

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…and then I had an aneurysm and died. I am writing to you from beyond the grave, Jaal.

I have no idea if this will go anywhere, but guys, Gemma Ryder and Jaal are a delight, and so is my apparent new obsession with epistolary fic.

(spoilers for Jaal’s loyalty mission and his romance)

To: The Dashing Angara Currently Squatting In My Tech Lab

From: The Pathfinder Currently Hating Her Life On Kadara


We’re seven hours into a four-day mission, and Peebee has nearly died twice. And no, both times weren’t because she pissed off Vetra. She got too close to a sulfur spring and almost boiled her lungs. 

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Jackson x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One  Part Three

“Hey idiots.” Jackson snapped as he took the seat behind Scott.


Scott and Stiles exchanged looks before turning to face Jackson who glared at them. Scott frowned and glanced at Stiles who shrugged and went back to giving Jackson a confused look.


“Why won’t (Y/N) talk to me again?” Jackson asked.


“Were you ever talking in the first place, I mean you kind of went from I hate your existence because I can to quick marry me?” Stiles asked unhelpfully.

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Becoming Part of the Family

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Sequel to: Meeting the Family

Words: 842

Request: Not to bother but is there a planned sequel to your meeting the boys GWash fic? I thought I was so cute! I would adore you even more if you could continue something there 😘 -anon

A/N: Merry Christmas Eve! I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested lovely! Anyways, I hope you guys have had a wonderful holiday season! If we haven’t wrote your holiday request yet, you can expect it out very soon! Love you guys!

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas! Santa came and we need to see what he got us!” You were woken by seven boys jumping on the bed you and George were snuggled in.

“What time is it?” George groaned, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s about eight o’clock, but why would that matter? Santa came!” Alex screeched, trying to pull George out of the bed. Laf was on your side of the bed trying to do the same.

“I wonder what Santa got you, (Y/N)?” Laf asked, his eyes lighting up at the thought of presents. “If I had the money, I would have gotten you a real nice present.”

“Thank you, Laf.” You smiled down at him, getting out of the bed slowly.

“We are not getting up this early.” George protested, sighing at the pouting boys gathered around his bed.

“But Dad, it’s Christmas! Don’t you want to see what Santa’s brought us all?” Thomas protested, tugging at his George’s arms.

“(Y/N), tell him!” John begged, giving you the best puppy dog eyes he had.

“George, what do you want them to do? Sit around a couple hours while you sleep? We both know they’re not going to let you get anymore sleep.” You said, the boys cheering at your sass.

“Ugh, fine.” George huffed, getting out of the comfy bed.

“Yay! PRESENTS!” James yelled loudly, which led to a terrible coughing fit.

After making sure James was okay, all of you raced down the stairs to be met with piles of presents under a beautiful Christmas tree. George hadn’t let you help take the presents out the night before. He had gone down while you were sleeping and didn’t want to wake you.

“Oh my God! Look at all the presents!” Aaron called, trying to push other people out of his way so he could get down the stairs first.

“Wow, you sure went all out George.” You said in awe, watching the boys gather around the tree and wait impatiently for the two of you to join them.

“Only the best for my boys and my girl.” George pressed a kiss to your forehead, sitting next to you and Alex under the tree.

“Dad, this year can (Y/N) be our Santa?” John asked, glancing between you and the presents.

“She sure can. Just pass the presents out in any order you want.” George smiled as you got up and began to rummage through the presents to decide which would be the first to be opened.

“Okay, this one is for Hercules!” You announced, handing a box wrapped in blue wrapping paper to him.

“Oh my God! It’s the new sewing machine I wanted! Thank you!” Herc’s screamed, his voice full of excitement.

The day went on with excited cheers and squeaks from the boys. They were excited about each present they got, even the socks. Maybe, all that mattered to them was that they actually got a present. You knew that the orphanages and foster homes they had come from hadn’t offered them that much.

“Well, that’s it fellas. No more presents are to be found.” You said sadly, it had been so much fun to watch them open up all their presents.

“What about that one?” Thomas asked, crawling under the tree to grab a small box.

“Oh, I didn’t see that one. There’s no name on it. Do you know who this one’s for, George?” You turned to see him sweating and looking more scared than you’d ever seen him before.

“Let me see it.” He took the box from you hands and smiled a little at the sight of it. “This one’s for you, (Y/N).”

“Me?” You asked.

“Yes, now open it.” George chuckled, the boys giggling with him.

You undid the wrapping to find a blue velvet box. Inside the box was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You gasped as you realized that this was in fact an engagement ring.

“(Y/N) (L/N), we’ve been dating for over a year now. I brought you here because I wanted to see if you could become part of our family and you can. I never want to spend another day of my life without you because I love you. Will you marry me?” George asked, tears springing to both your eyes and his.

“Yes!” You cried, hugging him tightly to you and peppering kisses on his faces.

“Wait! Does that mean that you’re going to stay forever?” Laf asked, repeating the question he asked when you first met.

“I don’t think I could ever leave.” You giggled.

In an instant the boys were attacking you and George with hugs. They were shouting questions about the wedding and if there would be more children and such. You couldn’t think of a happier Christmas you’ve ever had. This was the family you had always dreamed of.

“I love you.” George mouthed to you over the seven rambunctious boys.

“I love you too.” You mouthed back with a smile.

Peter- You Could Have Just Asked

Request-  Hey I was wondering if I could request a holiday imagine. If so could it be about prompt number 11 with peter please

11. “You keep persisting that you need my help with something, but when I finally give in and follow you we coincidentally find ourselves under some mistletoe.”

A/N- I realized I had this totally written, so here’s another one for you guys. Next up will be a Scott imagine. 

“Smile, Peter.”
Peter fought the smirk threatening to curl his lips at the sound of your voice. “And why should I do that?”
“This is a party,” you stated plainly, gesturing to the rest of Derek’s loft as your perched on the top of the stairwell.
Peter stared down at the scene below. He took in the awful Christmas music playing softly in the background, the sound of Scott and his friends laughing quietly, and the pack of them huddled together under blankets. They had just exchanged gifts, and even Derek had participated, which was something quite new for the former alpha.
“This is supposed to be a party?” Peter questioned.
You grinned and kicked him gently as he sat a few steps under you. “You can’t fool me, Hale.”
“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
“Oh, you know exactly what I mean,” you told him. “You walked through a supernatural shield that set you on fire. You were willing to die for them, or at least for Malia. You care, even if it’s just a little.”
“Hm,” Peter remarked quietly. “I appreciate the sentiment, but I think you’re overestimating me. I simply came back to prove I could. Even the Wild Hunt couldn’t erase me. I’m unforgettable.”
“Your attitude is certainly unforgettable.”
Peter sighed. “Why are you here, Y/n?”
“Maybe I miss this.”
Peter frowned. Your family had been close friends of the Hales, and when the fire broke out in the house, you had been visiting for the week. You almost didn’t make it out alive, and it was only Peter that ended up saving your life. He had gone back in to save you, trapped under a wooden beam that had collapsed. You had only sustained a broken collarbone, but Peter had been in a coma for six years.
When he finally came out of it and started killing people, you didn’t want to believe it. You were horrified that the friend you had once cared for more than anything had done something so terrible, but it was a relief when he died. You were convinced he wasn’t Peter anymore, but when he came back to life, he managed to prove you wrong. It might have taken some time, but Stiles had told you about how Peter had almost died taking a message to the rest of the pack. He had been willing to give up his life, and deep down, you knew there was good in him.
“You miss awful christmas music and ugly sweaters?” Peter asked you.
“No, I miss being part of a pack,” you stated.
“This isn’t much of a pack.”
“Will you stop being such an ass?” you asked. “I need your help with something.”
“No,” he said immediately.
“But you don’t even know what I was going to say,” you protested.
“But I know I’m going to say no,” he told you.
“You’re making yourself miserable, you know,” you informed him. “Sitting here, sulking…you’re doing this to yourself.”
“You expect me to curl up under the blankets with Scott and his sorry excuse for a pack?”
“I expect you to at least try and enjoy yourself.”
“Well, don’t hold your breath, Sweetheart.”
Peter wasn’t looking at you, but he could hear you soft sigh and the sound of you shifting on the steps. “Fine.”
He glanced up as you headed up the steps, but he felt a frown forming on his face. As long as he had known you, no matter what you had fought about, he had never been able to just watch you turn your back and walk away.
Peter let out a deep, dramatic sigh and jumped up to follow you. “What did you need me for?”
You grinned over your shoulder at him. “Follow me and you’ll see.”
You bounded up the steps, and Peter had no choice but to follow you, although there was a lot of eye-rolling involved as he did. When you finally got to the top of the stairs, you paused in the doorway and raised your eyebrows at him.
“Okay, what is it?” he asked.
“Did you just want me to walk up all those stairs?” he questioned. “Are you trying to tell me something, Y/n?”
“Jesus, Peter,” you muttered with a roll of your eyes. “For someone who acts likes he knows everything, you don’t pick up on much do you?”
You nodded above you, and Peter finally looked up. Hanging from the second floor doorway was a sprig of mistletoe, which caused Peter’s lips to curl into a smile.
“Did my nephew actually put that up?” he asked you.
You shook your head. “I think it was Lydia.”
“You know,” Peter told you, stepping closer. “You didn’t have to trick me into coming up here just to kiss me.”
“Oh really?” you asked.
“Really,” he told you. “You could have just asked. I’m used to women wanting me, after all.”
You scoffed and turned away, intending to just forget about your carefully planned moment being ruined, but Peter quickly grabbed you by the wrist and spun you around. He pulled you right into his arms, and before you could blink, his lips were on yours. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck, and when you finally pulled away, Peter could still see the anger in your eyes.
“You know I’m just messing with you,” he said softly. “It’s so easy.”
“Yeah, well keep in mind that I know all your secrets,” you reminded him.
Peter blinked. “Like what?”
You shrugged. “Why would I tell you?”
You flashed him a grin and bounded down the steps, but Peter followed after you. He caught you around the waist and you yelped, but you didn’t really mind. Peter knew that too, and he was beginning to think Derek’s party was just getting interesting.

Week one of tindering.

I feel like tinder is really a goldmine if you know how to word your profile correctly.

I’ve done mine so that is doesn’t scream ‘money grabbing whore’ but it still has emphasis that I am looking for someone financially stable who is willing to share that with me. 

Another thing is, being able to decipher guys who look rich and guys who genuinely are rich. 

To do this, you need to either 

a) look at their pictures

b) look at their job/description 

c) take a risk and talk to them.

From pictures you can tell what lifestyle their living, also if their instagram is connected, look through that. Look out for nice watches, good holiday pictures in luxurious places, cruises, boat shots, art galleries, nice restaurants, cars, and my favorite, the guys who play polo. Don’t ask me why, but all the men I’ve matched with who have an interest in polo/horse related things, seem to have a great deal of wealth. 

The job description is a real indicator, someone who is working in sainsburys as a customer assistant, isn’t really what im looking for, look for ceo’s, entrepreneurs, directors, business managers, bank workers, finance type people

Taking a risk and talking to someone can be a long process, if they look wealthy, have no job description, but you’re still not sure, speaking to them can help. I usually leave it a while before asking what they do. You can also tell from someones character and mannerisms if they’re the type of person who is business orientated or they’re just plain childish. 

I also think its important to stay active. Im going to guess, tinder operates a system whereby, the people you like, you will appear in their swiping thing, so for example, if you swipe like on a rich CEO, when hes swiping, you’ll appear in his feed, more activity = more exposure.  

Holiday Misfortunes - Part One

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) doesn’t get along with Conor, but she decides to go on a “lads” holiday with the guys.


“I need to book your ticket, (Y/N), are you coming or not?” Josh asked, you had all gathered in the Maynard/Pieters flat to discuss holiday plans.

“Does, he have to come?” You said with pleading eyes looking towards Conor’s room.

“Yes, he does have to come. Why do you hate him so much anyway?” Joe asked, you sighed at his question.

“I don’t hate him, he just pisses me off. He’s annoying and always has to be the centre of attention.” You said, knowing he could hear you.

“You’re probably just being a girl.” Jack said, he’d tried in the past to get you to like Conor but something about him just didn’t sit right with you. The two of you clashed too much.

“Come on, maybe once you get to Barcelona you’ll see he’s not a bad guy.” Mikey pleaded with you.

“I’m not sure the county we’re in will change him, but sure. I’ll come.” You finally agreed, they all cheered causing Conor to come out of his room.

“What are we celebrating? Did Oli get a date?” He laughed, you bit your tongue at his remark refusing to laugh.

“Nah, (Y/N) is coming to Barcelona!” Oli smiled, Conor’s eyebrows raised.

“You are?” He asked you.

“Yup, see you there.” You smiled sweetly, but rolling your eyes.

“This is going to be a long ten days.” Caspar said.

“Well, now it’s all booked lets all have a drink?” Jack suggested. You all agreed and pulled whatever alcohol he had out of the fridge.


Last night was a clear mistake. You’d awoken back at the apartment you share with Joe and Caspar.

You couldn’t recall getting home, getting into bed or even changing out of your jeans. But somehow you managed, or no doubt Caspar put you to bed.

“Good morning sunshine, how are we today?” Joe smirked at you, coming into your room with two tablets and a glass of water.

“I’m fine, I’m just never drinking again.” You said, thankfully taking the tablets.

“Well, you better get used to hangovers if you’re going on holiday with us.” He laughed.

“Speaking of that, fuck I need to pack!” You said, realising you were leaving tomorrow.

“Oh fuck, Caspar are you packed?” Joe shouted through to Caspar’s room.

“Nope!” Caspar called back, making you both laugh.

“This is going to be a hectic day.” You sighed, getting up to make breakfast.

After quickly making yourself, Caspar and Joe some bacon sandwiches, you brewed yourself a coffee and took your breakfast to your room.

“Don’t interrupt me today, I will not be happy to see you.” You warned the guys, they just nodded and continued watching the TV.

Playing some music you finally started packing, you’d woken up around 11am so it was now 1pm. Grabbing your suitcase from you wardrobe you opened it up and started raiding your wardrobe and draws.

You threw in two bikinis and a one piece swimsuit, four dresses, three jumpsuits, a few baggy shirts, shorts, light coloured halter neck tops, a few little tank tops and some dresses for clubbing as well as underwear and other essentials.

Adding in some sandals, converse, a few heels, some vans, suncream, your hair straighteners and curlers, and everything else that came to mind.

Eventually you’d finished packing around 4pm, so you gathered up everything else you’d pack in your bag tomorrow morning and arranged them on your bedside table.

“(Y/N)! We got pizza!” Joe called, you suddenly felt your hunger hit you and followed the delicious smell of pizza to the two boys on the couch.

“Thank god, I don’t think I could be bothered to cook!” You smiled, thankfully taking a pizza box and digging in.

“Play nice tomorrow, yeah? Conor really doesn’t want to ruin the holiday with arguing and I’m sure you don’t either so let’s just play nice?” Joe asked, you signed but nodded in agreement.

“I promise.” You smiled, taking another bite of the pizza.

You finished your pizza and settled into bed on your laptop, but unfortunately you found yourself on the internet a little bit too long. It was 3am when you finally got to sleep.

Your alarm pieced your ears as it whined at you to get up at 6am, you cursed yourself for staying up but judging by the looks on Joe and Caspar’s faces they did exactly the same. You threw on some jeans and a baggy shirt, brushing through your hair and applying your makeup before grabbing your suitcase to meet the guys.

“Car just arrived, look how punctual we are.” Caspar laughed as you walked outside, locking up the door.

“Barcelona, here we come!” You smiled, happy you’d decided to come, despite Conor.

Once you arrived at the airport you met up with everyone else and made your way through all of security before you were sat waiting for your flight to be called.

“I need to buy new earphones!” You suddenly remembered, you had about an hour before the flight was due.

“Yeah, actually I need to buy some too.” Conor said shyly. You couldn’t help but want to tell him to piss off, but you promised Joe.

“Okay, anyone else need anything?” You said with begging eyes.

“You’ve just reminded me actually I’ve forgotten mine too! Bloody hell how unprepared are we.” Oli laughed, you gave him a thankful look before you all walked to one of the shops in the airport.

Once you’d gotten your earphones, and Conor’s brownie that he couldn’t resist, you all made your way back to the guys.

“I’m so exited!” You beamed to Oli.

“Girl, you ain’t ever partied like you’ll party over the next ten days!” Conor laughed doing a silly accent. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, he had brownie crumbs all over his face.

“Bloody hell, did you just laugh at something Conor said?” Oli spoke, shocked.

“No, I’m laughing at how ridiculous he looks.” You said sternly before checking your phone.

“Let’s go, quickly before the guys leave without us.” You said, beginning to walk quicker.

“Well thank goodness you made it, our flights been called.” Josh smiled, you picked up your suitcases and walked to the plane.

Settling down between Josh and Caspar you pulled out your earphones before plugging them into your phone.

You found yourself drifting into a light sleep, but before you knew it you were passed out, your head falling to rest on Josh’s chest.

Once you’d landed everything was a blur, you got off the plane, gathered your suitcases and got into taxis before you arrived at your hotel.

“Right, now everyone is here this is how the rooms have been organised. It’s me and Caspar, Jack and Mikey, Oli and Josh and..” Joe started, you glared at him.

“(Y/N) and Conor.” He finished. You could have slapped him, in fact you felt your hand jerk but you fought it.

“Okay, well I said I wouldn’t argue. Let’s not argue. It’s fine.” You smiled, all eyes were on you as shocked expressions filled everyone’s faces.

“But don’t fucking expect me to actually stay in that room. I’ll come stay in your room Joe.” You finished coldly.

“There’s the (Y/N) we know and love.” Jack spoke trying to lighten the mood but in all honesty you couldn’t believe Joe had put you in a room with Conor, you wanted nothing more than to strangle him.

Feel free to leave feedback guys!! Part one was so much fun to write and I can’t wait to continue this imagine!! Have a wonderful day/night!!

Simon: 5th of November

Requested: Nope!

Warnings: Nahhh just fluffiness and cheesiness!

A/N: Hey🤗 Thank you so much for reading my imagines and following me, you guys are the best! I may not post often as you would like, but I’m in college and it’s hard for me to write. One all of my requests are done, I will make a prompts list with numbers, all you need to do is send me one or more number and which boy and I’ll write it up! 😊 Anyway, enjoy!💕

Bonfire Night, the time of year where you get to celebrate the Houses of Parliament from not blowing up. The holiday that other than British people don’t really understand why you would want to celebrate some plot from not happening. But you loved it. You love watching the firework displays, the atmosphere that came with the people standing together as they watched the loud, bright fireworks exploding in the sky. 

“Here you go m’lady.” Simon said, passing a cup of hot chocolate that he offered to get you.

“Why thank you, my kind young sir.” You said in a weird posh accent, grabbing the cup and taking a sip, whilst looking around.

You and Simon were at your local display, waiting for the fireworks to finally go off. People were all crowded together in their little groups, trying to keep warm from the cold night air. Children were jumping up and down, bursting with excitement, a few people had sparklers making different patterns with them.

“What are you thinking about?” Simon asked, wrapping his spare hand around your waist.

“Just how much I love Bonfire Night.” You replied, smiling.

“Yeah, I love it too, especially when I have the most beautiful girl beside me.” He grinned cheekily.

“You’re so cheesy.” You giggled.

“You love it.” He winked.

“That I do.” You said, drinking the rest of your hot chocolate, making sure that you don’t get any around your mouth.

Suddenly, the atmosphere got more quieter, signalling that the fireworks were about to start.

Simon brought you even closer to him, making you snuggle against him even more as the fireworks started to go off.

“Aren’t they so pretty?” You questioned, smiling as your favourite colour firework exploded into the dark sky.

“Yeah.” Simon answered, looking down at you in admiration.

“Aren’t you supposed to watch the fireworks, Mr?” You said, looking up at him.

“Yeah but, no firework compares to how beautiful you are.” He replied, making you blush.

“I love you Simon.” You confessed, looking up at him.

“I love you too, more that you could ever imagine.” Simon replied, leaning down and kissing you.

The Easter Egg Hunt (Avengers x reader)

Happy Easter everyone!! Enjoy this little fic I wrote for the holiday.

word count: 2364

“Come on, guys, it’s Easter! We need to do an egg hunt,” Tony whined childishly at the team as they gathered around the living room with dull expressions on their faces. “We worked way too hard this past few weeks and I think we all deserve a break.”

“Which is why I suggested drinking,” you muttered out as you kicked your feet onto the wooden dining table. Steve winced at your move, biting his tongue down to prevent scolding you. You ignored him and began to peel tangerine that was sitting on the table. “Really, Tony? Easter egg hunt? What are we, twelve?”

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too much | part two

part one

michael + reader

word count: 996

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change



I was so busy with tour and the shows and rehearsing to play the new songs we’d released that I didn’t notice I hadn’t talked to (Y/N) in a whole week.

I felt bad leaving without saying goodbye, but the guilt of what I’d said behind her back was killing me and I couldn’t bring myself to face her that morning.

I had a few hours to kill before a show - a rarity especially since we had 7 new songs we could play live - and noticed I hadn’t gotten any calls or texts from her in the entire week.

I checked my phone to make sure I was still able to receive calls and messages, but everything was fine.

That was when I started to worry. Usually, I would have gotten good morning texts every morning, good luck texts before a show, and good night texts before I went to bed. 

i knew it must have been tough for her, monitoring the time it would be at my tour stop and making sure she was awake to send me those texts.

She never forgot. Ever. So why did I not get anything from her that week?

I must have looked very confused, staring at my phone, frowning, because Ashton pointed it out.

“Mike? You okay?” He asked from his bunk.

I turned away from my phone for a second to mumble a ‘yeah’ before turning back and deciding to check up on (Y/N) and see if she was okay.

[M: Michael | Y: Y/N]

M: Is everything okay???

I got a reply straightaway, which I found odd. If she was by her phone the entire time, why couldn’t she have texted or called me?

Y: yeah, everything’s good. why?

M: you haven’t texted or called all week. i thought something was up.

Y: no everything’s fine. i’ve just been a little busy. how’s tour?

I frowned at her reply. She couldn’t text or call me because she was busy? As far as I knew, she was coping really well at her college. She always had time for herself.

I decided to probe even further. Something was up and I knew it.

M: Sure everything’s fine? You usually find time to call me and tell me about your day.

I could see the little bubble appear on the side to show that she was typing, but it disappeared after a while and she didn’t send a message. She was hesitant to tell me something..

M: You know you can tell me if something’s up, right?

I could see that she had read the message, but took a while to start typing.

Y: I was just trying to lay off a little bit. Like you wanted me to.

This confused me even further. I had no idea what she was talking about.

M: ???

Y: I didn’t want to be a clingy girlfriend.

Her words brought back the conversation I had with Calum the previous week before I left for tour. The conversation we thought she hadn’t heard.

Deciding this wasn’t something we could discuss over text, I clicked on her name to FaceTime her.

Within seconds, her face appeared on my screen. She looked tired, and that worried me.

“You weren’t meant to hear that..” I started.

She let out a small smile. “I know that. But you did say it, which is why I was trying to stop being so clingy.”

“I didn’t even mean any of it!” I reassured her. “I said everything because I was a little annoyed that you tried calling me when I was in a really important meeting and it disrupted it and now there’s a bunch of grownups who think I’m not taking my music seriously and I hate that! I was mad at them for being such pricks and I took it out on the first thing I thought I could be annoyed at.” I rushed everything out in a single breath, afraid that she was going to cut me off halfway and break up with me.

“It’s okay, Mikey, I get it. You made me realise how annoying my constant texts and calls are, I mean, I’m as good as one of your fans, right?” She was upset by it and I could tell. She was smiling but her smile didn’t reach her eyes like it usually did when she was genuinely happy.

“I love your texts and calls.. It tells me that you’re thinking of me and not going off being with other guys that you can see every day and not once every few months.” I told her, watching her smile slowly grow larger at my words.

“I would never do that, Michael.” She reassured me, making me grin.

“I know that. And I know what I said but I swear I didn’t mean it.” I told her, putting my hand up to show her how serious i was.

“I know that now..” She said, letting out a huge yawn. 

I glanced at the time on my phone and realised it was almost 3 in the morning where she was. 

“Why would you answer my text if its so late over there?” I couldn’t believe this girl.

“I was restraining myself from texting or calling you unless you did it first and when I saw that you’d texted me, I just really wanted to talk to you. It’s weird not talking to you for a whole week.” She confessed, yawning once again.

“You’re tired, go to sleep. Call me when you wake up and we can talk, okay?” 

I laughed when she shook her head vigorously. Partly to tell me no, partly to wake herself up.

“I’m fine. I wanna hear your stories. How have the shows been? How was the first performance of Jet Black Heart? I haven’t gotten to watch any videos but I have seen people tweet about it.” 

“It was amazing, baby. The boys and I loved it so much, we..”


a/n: i am so sorry for the crappy ending I hate it I hate it but this is the best I can do for now I am stupidly tired but my exams are finally over and I have 7 weeks of holiday! I will be starting work soon, sadly, but I need the extra money and I’ll do absolutely nothing productive the entire holiday if I don’t have something constant to do. I don’t even know why I’m telling you guys this I’m just really tired.

5sos BSM Series 5: You're Alone On Valentine's Day

I got a lap-desk it’s time to get serious with this shit (no more burnt legs yay *party horns*)


“Why are we here? Are you just trying to remind me that I’m going to die alone?” You whined loudly, pouting as your brother Ashton dragged you through the holiday shop that was currently decked out for the romantic holiday.

“I need your help getting a gift for Harry to give to the girl he likes.” Ashton rolled his eyes, chuckling slightly at your over-dramatic fit. Valentine’s day was always your least favorite holiday, mostly because you always spent it alone.

“Aw, Harry has a crush? Why didn’t he tell me?” You cooed, grinning at the thought of your little brother with a crush.

“Because you’d do that.”

“Well, get chocolates. Girls like candy no matter how old they are, and roses are too serious for a crush.” You replied, sighing mentally as you wished a guy would bring you roses.


“Liar!” You screamed, throwing a box of stale chocolates at the television as you watched a cheesy soap-opera. You usually hated the shows, but today was the one day you made an exception: Valentine’s Day. 

“What the hell was that?” Calum barged into your room, looking around wearily as if he were worried an attacker had broken in. You only grunted in reply to your brother, stuffing another chocolate in your mouth and glaring at the television that was now streaked with the melted substance.

“I hate chocolate.” You complained, staring at the old brown candies with distaste. “But I hate being alone more.” You whimpered, shoving more in your mouth as if they would heal your broken heart.

“(Y/N), you’re going to be okay.” Calum sighed, flopping down on your bed beside you and smoothing down your hair. “He’s just a dumb guy, he didn’t know what he was losing when he gave you up.” He comforted you, his brotherly instincts showing through. 


“She’s my girlfriend!” Luke scowled, making you growl with annoyance. You were starting to see red you were so angry at your stupid brother.

“Yeah, well she’s been my best friend longer! It’s our tradition to spend Valentine’s together, so butt out!” You shrieked, shoving past your brother and stomping to your room. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be dating her!”

“Well it’s our first Valentine’s Day together, can’t you make one damn exception?” He huffed, fixing his hair again as he followed you. Your eyes welled with salty water, and suddenly you blew up with all the anger and frustration you’d been feeling since the start of their relationship. 

“No! No I can’t make an exception! Because of you I haven’t truly had a night with my best friend in months because you always steal her away! Because of you, I celebrated my birthday alone because my best friend had to go take care of you because you had a fucking head cold!” You screamed as loud as you could, your throat raw and scratchy.

“(Y/N), I-I didn’t realize…”

“No, you didn’t. You never do. Just get out, Luke. Go steal her away again.”


“She celebrates Valentine’s Day by stabbing Cupid dolls?” You heard Ashton whisper frantically to your brother Michael as you continued thrusting the knife into the stupid stuffed doll.

“Yes, I do! It’ll be you soon, if you don’t shut the hell up.” You grunted, throwing the tattered doll away and pulling out another one. “Stupid first boyfriend cheating on me on stupid Valentine’s day!” You clenched your jaw, stabbing it with as much anger as you could muster.

“Her first boyfriend ever screwed her best friend on Valentine’s day and she walked in on it. They were fourteen.” Michael told Ashton, sounding bored with topic. You only scowled, throwing yet another doll away and groaning when you realized it was your last one.

“What now?” You mumbled, resting your chin in your hand as you relaxed your tense arms.

“We could go bowling? Imagine the pins are his head?” Ashton suggested, making you grin with new found interest. This could be fun…

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Imagine Steve's on a vacation to Russia with Nat and Sam. He sees this major cutie working in one of the shops they go into, and while speaking in English with Sam and Nat about how cute the guy was and trying to figure out a way to compliment him in Russian, Bucky just turns and asks Steve out, revealing he knew English all along, much to Steve's embarrassment.

A/N: Sorry for any mistranslation with the Russian part and in this Steve was a soldier but is now ex-military, Natasha is still an assassin but Bucky is an exchange student. I’m Irish so in our college-system you can go abroad in your third year whilst your studying and so that’s what I used for Bucky.


Accident in Aisle Six

“Why is your country so goddamn cold.”, Sam whined as he brushed his coat off, the snow fell to his feet in mostly wet powdery clumps but one big block of ice slid from his hood down his neck and he hopped awkwardly, banging into a postcard stand in the little corner market. He braced as he lifted his shirt and flung the stupid ice rock out the door they just came in almost hitting an innocent passerby. Spinning around and scratching the back of his neck with his best I didn’t do it expression he ran up to where Steve and Nat had walked on further up the aisle.

“Stop being so weak, the only reason we’re out here is because you wanted some goddamn marshmallows for your hot chocolate.”, Nat bent to look along the bottom shelves of the baking part of the store but no luck, “Would rainbow sprinkles do the trick?”

“You’re all heartless you know that? Pfft, would rainbow sprinkles- that’s why Russia is so cold, no wonder you became an assassin.” He didn’t see Nat’s hand until it had already hit the back of his head with a rough smack that knocked him into the cereals.

“What are you guys doing?” Steve had walked further into the store to grab some things for dinner cause although Sam was a good cook and Nat wasn’t a fussy eater he kinda preferred not to have more variations of the same three dishes.

“Nat just proved why Russia’s weather was so chilly.”

Steve looked to Nat who just cocked her brow and smiled giving an innocent shrug- Why, me? I’m harmless.

“Привет. Я могу вам помочь?”, a deep voice spoke behind Sam making him jump

(“Hi. Can I help you?”)

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And remember:

Meeting your family (Ashton)

Easter was a big deal in your family. Since you were Italian, Easter was a big celebration every year at your Nonna’s house where all the aunts and uncles and cousins would spend the day together. Since Ashton wasn’t able to be with his own family on the holiday, you asked him if he wanted to join your family for the day. He smiled at you graciously when you asked, as you knew that he had been missing his family a lot recently. “Are you sure I wouldn’t be intruding? I mean, would your family really like having a stranger at Easter?” he asked you with a worried look on his face. “Ashton, you’re not a stranger. You’re my boyfriend. If it makes you feel any better I can call my nonna and double check?” you asked him, reaching for your phone. Although Ashton had met your parents and siblings, he had never met your extended family. “Yes please,” he said, pulling you close and pressing a kiss to your lips. You called your nonna and she was ecstatic that you were bringing Ashton to Easter. After you hung up the phone, you went downstairs to find Ashton sitting in the armchair in your living room. You walked over to him and plopped yourself on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing a sweet kiss on his lips. “Nonna’s excited to meet you,” you said before kissing him again. Ashton wrapped his hands around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder, placing a soft kiss there. “Thank you,” he whispered. “Of course. Everyone’s been dying to meet you,” you whispered back at him. When Easter day rolled around, you were excited to see your family but Ashton seemed nervous. “What do you mean you’re nervous?” you asked him while the two of you were getting ready to leave for your nonna’s house. “I mean, your family is huge and loud and…Italian,” he said, pulling on his khaki pants that you’re making him wear for the day. “So?” you said, putting your earrings in. “So what if they don’t like me?” You rolled your eyes at your nervous boyfriend and walked over to him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your chin on his bare chest, looking up at him. “Hey, they’ll love you. I’m positive,” you said. Ashton looked down at you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. “How can you be so sure?” he questioned. “I just know,” you replied with a smile. As Ashton smiled back at you, you stood on your tip-toes and placed your lips on top of his, giving him a slow and passionate kiss. “I love you so much,” he murmured against your lips. Your arms moved to around his neck and his hands wrapped around your waist, then slowly dropping to your bum. You laughed into the kiss. “Ashton, come on, we need to finish getting ready,” you said, pulling away from your boyfriend. “Ugh, why do I even have to wear this? Why can’t I just put on black skinnies and a t-shirt?” he asked. “Because it’s a holiday, and everyone looks nice. Plus, your butt looks cute in khakis,” you said to him with a wink, giving his bum a slap and walking into the bathroom to finish your makeup. By the time you guys were ready and on your way, Ashton’s nerves seemed to dissolve. He was his regular, giggly self by the time you pulled in the driveway at your nonna’s house. However, when you got out of the car, he stayed put. You walked over to his side and opened his door for him, confused as to why he wasn’t getting out of the car. “What’s up babe?” you asked him. “Shit Y/N, there’s a lot of cars here,” he said, looking nervous again. “Well, I do have a big family…” you trailed off. “Yeah but I didn’t know it was that big!” he whined. “Oh hush, you’ll be perfectly fine. It’s not like you’re shy, because we both know you aren’t. Why are you so nervous about this?” you ask him, threading your fingers through his. “Because. This is your family. And I’m scared they won’t like me. I mean, I’m not Italian, I don’t think I’ll fit in,” he said, brows furrowed in worry. “What do you think we shun outsiders?” you said with a laugh. You gave him a reassuring kiss on the lips before you started walking towards the house. “I promise you’ll be fine Ash,” you said. As soon as you stepped in the door, your little cousins were swarming you and Ashton, asking all sorts of questions about him. “Alright, let them breathe!” you heard your mom say and the kids soon disappeared. “Thanks Mom, Happy Easter,” you say, giving your mom a hug and a kiss. “Hi Mrs. Y/L/N, nice to see you,” Ashton said as your mom moved to hug him. “Happy Easter sweetie, I’m so glad you could come,” she said to him with a smile. “Come on, everyone’s excited to meet you,” your mom said, turning and walking away from the front door. Ashton grabbed your hand again and you gave him a reassuring squeeze. As you entered the kitchen, you let go of Ashton’s and hand ran to hug your nonna, as you hadn’t seen her in a while. “Ciao Nonna, Buona Pasqua!” you said as you hugged her. “Ciao Y/N, Buona Pasqua! Come stai?” she asked “Bene, bene!” you replied. Ashton’s eyes got wide at this. “Nonna, meet my boyfriend, Ashton,” you said as he walked over to where you and your nonna were standing. “Hi, it’s very nice to meet you,” Ashton said as he held your hand out to your nonna to shake her hand. She lightly slapped his hand away and pulled him into a hug, kissing both of his cheeks. You giggled at his wide eyed reaction. “Buona Pasqua,” she said to him. He looked to you for help. “It means Happy Easter,” you told him. “Oh! Buona Pasqua to you too!” he said, trying his best at the Italian phrase. “Ahh good good!” your nonna said. Ashton returned to your side and your nonna returned to her cooking. “I didn’t know you spoke Italian,” he said to you. “I don’t know much,” you replied. “Just enough to talk to her when she can’t find the words in English,” you laughed. Ashton smiled and you laced your fingers with his once more and pulled him into the family room where all your uncles were watching tv. After introducing Ashton to everyone, you could tell he was more relaxed. As you helped your nonna and aunts with the cooking, Ashton was talking to one of your uncles about his music, laughing and having a great time. As you sat down next to Ashton for dinner, he leaned over to you and whispered in your ear, “They’re just like my family.” You turned to him and smiled. “See, I told you that you had nothing to worry about.” Truth be told, Ashton fit right in with your family. He was loud like the rest of them and loved to have a good time. Everyone loved him, even your little cousins who used him as a personal jungle gym. After dinner was finished, your nonna started handing out her Easter cards to all the grandchildren like she did every year. When she called you over, she gave you two cards, one with your name on it, and one with Ashton’s. You smiled at this, glad that your nonna liked your boyfriend. When you walked back over to your seat, you handed Ashton his card with a smile still plastered to your face. Ashton took the card with a confused look on his face. “But I’m not one of the grandchildren,” he said to you, still looking at the card. “You are now,” you said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Note: I wrote this a really long time ago and I was debating if I wanted to post it or not, but I don’t have anything else for you guys, so here it is. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated :) Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura xx.

Q & A with Hisagi

As requested by nonochuu. :)

It’s time for Hisagi to answer a selection of the questions that you all sent in!

1. secretninja312 said: Did you know what 69 meant when you tattooed it on your face?

Hisagi: I knew it meant honoring the stranger who saved my life.

Hisagi: But as for the, um, other meaning…..no, not so much.

Hisagi: I might not have put it on my face if I had known.

2. moojay-the-awesome said: Hey Hisagi! Do you ever get made fun of for having 69 tattooed on your face? / primtheamazing said: Do people often mistake the intent of your tattoo?

Hisagi: Actually no. People don’t usually make fun of me.

Hisagi: They see a guy with spiky jewelry and an obscene tattoo and they think, “Wow. That guy is both punk and dangerous.”

Hisagi: I’ve never felt a need to correct them.

3. shuuheihisagay said: Why do you think Yama-jii always saves you?

Hisagi: I just don’t know.

Hisagi: I hope it is because he sees potential greatness and me, and decided to mentor and protect me.

Hisagi: And not that he just likes muscular tattooed men.

Hisagi: Although I really couldn’t blame him.

4. nonochuu said:
Any holiday plans for 9th division?

Hisagi: Yes! Captain Muguruma and I are going to bake holiday cookies!

Hisagi: Mashiro and I are decorating the division!

Hisagi: Also, I for some reason agreed to dress up as a reindeer!

Hisagi: Mashiro is surprisingly persuasive.

5. iamherenotthere said:
How in the HELL did you manage to smuggle in a motorcycle?

Hisagi: Using acumen, stealth, and cookie bribes!


Hisagi: Yachiru may have helped me.

6. skylar-hawthorne said:
Why do you fear your Zanpakutou?Is it because of what Tosen taught you?

Hisagi: Why do I fear my zanpakuto?

Hisagi: Have you SEEN the guy?

Hisagi: He’s a black and red demon with scythe hair who wants to kill me.

Hisagi: Like, I’m pretty sure not being afraid of that guy would be crazy.

7. armored-skarmory said: So what kind of deeply internalized desire spawned Kazishini?

Hisagi: I don’t even want to think about it.

8. reap–kazeshini said:
What was training with Kensei and Mashiro like?

Hisagi: It was a whole lot like fighting people who actually wanted to kill me.

Hisagi: Disturbingly so.

Hisagi: I guess they’re really good at pretending.

9. shershahk said:
Why do you not use your new powers? Do you not want to beat your opponents? / cute-suzuya98 said: When will you release your bankai Shuuhei? / king-buster said: Shuhei when are you going to use your Bankai?

Hisagi: I-it takes up to a decade to master bankai!

Hisagi: My captain demanded that I master it in a day!

Hisagi: I-I’m not Ichigo, you know!

10. fabukujaku said:
Why didn’t you ever tell anyone about Yumichika’s real shikai? / chochimaru-sama said: Be honest. Do you ever use Yumichika’s secret to blackmail him?

Hisagi: I didn’t tell anyone because I’m not an enormous dick.

Hisagi: Same reason I don’t blackmail him or anything.

Hisagi: He may have drunk my spiritual pressure. He may have enjoyed it in a way that sometimes keeps me up at night.

Hisagi: But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a blabber. 

11. questern said:
Are you still learning to play the guitar?

Hisagi: Y-yes!

Hisagi: I am rarely mistaken for a vengeful spirit these days!

12. smarticlespaz said:
Hey, you seem to have taken a liking to the guitar. Are there any other instruments that have piqued your interest?

Hisagi: Definitely! I found this really cool instrument in the world of the living - it’s called a kazoo!


Hisagi: But Captain Muguruma took it away after only five minutes.

Hisagi: And then he snapped it in two in front of me.

Hisagi: I don’t think he liked it.

13. bigotaku2118 said:
How do you manage the stress between Kensei, Mashiro, and running the Seireitein Bulletin? Must be quite tough I imagine. Kudos on that, btw.

Hisagi: Thanks.

Hisagi: I manage by injecting caffeine directly into my veins. 

14. everbrilliantheartbreaker said:
Between Tosen and Kensei, do you have a favorite captain? / ktosiowa said: Which one is better captain - Kensei or Tosen?

Hisagi: I-I couldn’t compare Captains Tosen and Muguruma! They are far too different!

Hisagi: Tosen was more nurturing, but also more liable to betrayal and murder.

Hisagi: Captain Muguruma is tough, but I don’t get the sense he’s going anywhere.

Hisagi: Although he did threaten to murder me.

Hisagi: So I guess they’ve got that in common.


Hisagi: Is it me?

15. shankar24 said:
what would you want your captain to do in order to show you that he acknowledged you ? 

Hisagi: To be honest…I just want him to hug me.

Hisagi: Some day.


Wow wow wow wow wow WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL IS THIS? Are you serious? Like just what makes you think it is okay for you to say that to Liam? Yeah i get it he didn’t stop to take a picture with you, why? Because you don’t fucking deserve it you lil shit. We all know Harry has a huge heart and loves all of us to bits but Liam is just as amazing. Do you know why he didn’t stop? BECAUSE HE IS NOT HARRY. Just put your self in Liam’s shoes for a second. You’ve been on tour for i don’t know how many months, haven’t seen your family in forever and when Christmas time finally rolls around and you have a chance to see your family and spend some quality time with them, you get bombarded by fans. Lovely isn’t it? How do you think he felt when he heard that? Just the thought of him being sad because of you, an insensitive little crap makes me sooo sooo mad. I could seriously beat the hell out of you. You bitch have no right in calling yourself a directioner because if you truly were, you’d actually be a bit more considerate of Liam, and maybe, just maybe he’d notice you and thank you for being so understanding. But keep dreaming cause that certainly isn’t happening to you. Be thankful that you at least got to see the guy, I would kill to just catch a glimpse of him. This seriously sickens me, who do you think you are huh? People like you need help, FAST. Harry is Harry and Liam is Liam got it? I can’t possibly think of any other way to make that clearer. This is one of the reasons why Liam is ‘done’ with us. So called fans (you little carrots) take things way to mother fucking far. But yeah, congrats you managed to ruin my holidays. Bye.

(I know I always rant about things like this. If that girl gets to see this, I’m sorry, but you brought this on yourself, this is how you made me feel by doing that and it’s okay if you ignore this, just know that what you did was MASSIVELY wrong) 

vaelisamaza  asked:

Here's my prompt: There are no fireplaces in the bunker and Oliver makes an off-hand comment to John while training about not having a place to hang his stocking which Felicity overhears via the intercom.

okay so I know that I said I was starting this countdown tomorrow but I was actually able to split one of my prompts into 2 days and start earlier :) (tomorrow will be the previously promised neighbors au, I wanted to get this one up before tomorrow night’s episode) thank you so much for sending in this prompt, enjoy!

“Well it’s not like there’s anywhere down here for me to hang my stocking.”

Felicity paused what she was working on as her ears perked up to the conversation echoing through the bunker that she had been previously tuning out.

“And maybe if I just ignore the holidays, nothing terrible will happen to anyone this year.”

The sound of the escrima sticks hitting each other punctuated his words and she frowned.

“Man you love Christmas though.”

“Because it always brought with it good memories of celebrating with my family before everything changed, and some almost normalcy to my life. But I also love not getting kicked off of a mountain or having to rescue my friends from a psychopath or holding my fia—holding Felicity while she bleeds out in the middle of the street.”

She stiffened in her chair, almost afraid she suddenly wouldn’t be able to feel her toes as memories flashed through her mind. The past two Decembers certainly hadn’t exactly been the merriest and—she looked down at her empty ring finger— and even the good parts had been tarnished, but that was no reason to avoid celebrating the holidays this year.

Because Oliver deserved at least an attempt at a Christmas without anything traumatic happening.

Because she needed to pretend that everything was normal and fine and that her heart wasn’t hurting as she thought about how much had changed since last year.

While everyone was trickling out for the night, she tugged Curtis and Rory aside.

“I need you guys to help me with something.”

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I had a really good cat joke, but I forgot it, I apawlogize. It was purrfect too! Oh wait! I remember! I took my cat to the doctor and the moment he saw her he said "Your cat needs a...CAT scan!" -Smiling Anon *also, how are you guys?*

Originally posted by thegrumpyirishman

Hey Buddy! I like your jokes, they’re pawsome and clawver. ;) I’m doing good, I just got back from holiday which is why I was offline for a while. How goes things for you?

Are you kitten me? That joke was pawsitively hissterical! Cat puns are the best. I’m doing alright! How are you, anon?