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hello, I’ve recently unfollowed some people of tumblr because of Nash Hate. Its becoming outrages, hes a human too!

Just because you dont like someone, doesnt mean you have to make it known, and your (nash haters), are probably like well if you like Nash then you dont have to tell the world, but actually we do, you know why?  

Because of you! 

You probably break him too peices, and that makes us sad because even though he doesnt even know theres a Tresca in this world, I love him more than anything. 

But, because of you, we have to put him back together. Its ridiculous. He doesnt deserve any of it, he doesnt do anything! You people make these crazy things up about him being racist and how can he be?!?

He’s got fans from all around the world, all different races, so really HOW COULD HE BE? get over yourselves, really. suck my ass.

Jean-Philippe Dion: I read the lyrics of Last Party and they are filled with melacholy.
Mika: Last Party’s lyrics are very tough. I read a story about Freddie Mercury and after he learned that he had AIDS he decided to lock himself in a club to party during three days. And I told myself it was so sad, this story really affected me and I told myself, why wouldn’t I write something about it? So I asked myself what the most idiotic chorus would be : “and if it’s the end of the world let’s party, like it’s the end of the world let’s party” and you can imagine guys in tanks up in Miami at the beach doing this. (laughing)
Jean-Philippe Dion: That’s very moving.
Mika: It’s a big rough. Well it is the first time I’m talking about the story behind the song, because I prefer to make people listen to it . Once in a while, it’s best not to explain too much a song.
—  Mika about the meaning of “Last party”
Preference #100: Prince in Plaid.

A/N: First off this is my hundreth post…wow! Didn’t think I’d ever get this far. Since it’s my hundreth post I wanted to do something a little different. Note this story is a little sad, and maybe triggering for some people. I don’t know how or why this idea came to me, but it did and I just ran with it. I hope you guys like it. Some strong(ish) language used, involves physical/sexual abuse, and young pregnancy. Read with caution. If this offends anyone I’m sorry, I don’t mean for it to offend anyone. Note this is just a figment of my imagination so any similarities to anyones real life story is purely coincidental.

I was nervous about posting this, but I decided to take a chance. If you guys don’t like it or don’t approve I’ll take it down but I hope you guys do like this piece of writing. Please give me feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Word count: 994.

You hadn’t had an easy life growing up, your mother died in childbirth so you never grew up with a mother which really affected you. You missed having a female presence in your life, that motherly figure that would always help you. All you had was a father, a father that didn’t really care about you. Your father was a police officer and was out of the house a lot, but when he was in the house he was an angry, raging drunk who beat you on a daily basis. Not a day went by where you didn’t have a broken bone, a bloody lip or a black eye or a bruise. You always lied to people and told them you were just clumsy, besides nobody would believe a man with such high standing in society could be such a dick.

You just had to deal with it on your own. Your other family had shut themselves off from you and her father so you had nobody to turn to in your hour of need, so you just put up with the beating. Allison you become cold, isolated, hateful, spiteful, malicious, and unkind. The world hadn’t been kind to you, so you weren’t going to be kind to the world. When you turned sixteen the beatings stopped, however your father became even more sinister. He began sexually abusing you, and then you fell pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption to avoid disgrace. How could the world know your daughter was also your sister, the only way to avoid it was to give the child up. You didn’t shed a tear you just carried on with your life. School was brutal, bullies made you a target you hated it. Then a new boy started called Michael, the two of you instantly became friends and got on like a house on fire. You never told him about your home life, you kept that buried deep inside. A month past and you were still best friends, he cheered you up if you were having a bad day and was there when you needed him.

You were partnered together for an English assignment and he insisted on having a meeting at your house, because his was a mess of moving boxes, because his family had so much stuff not everything had been unpacked yet. You reluctantly agreed since you needed good grades to get into your desired college that was a million miles from your father, well not exactly a million miles but it was far enough to escape him. You would do anything to get away from the abuse. Michael texted you telling you he was running a little late, you sat at the table working when your father came in drunk yet again “you know it’s your fault she’s dead right? If you hadn’t of been born she’d still be here” he snarled, his vile malicious words cut through you like a knife. You were tired of hearing these words so this time you bit back “well if you’d of put something on the end of it we wouldn’t have a problem” you said calmly and coldly. Then a stinging sensation ran through your cheek, after your father had slapped you. He kept hitting you, the blows getting harder each time.

Little did you know Michael had arrived and heard bangs and crying, he rushed inside and saw your father beating you. He ran over and rugby tackled him to the ground and pounded his fists into his face, your father was now a bloody mess. Neighbours had heard the commotion and dialled the police. You were fading in and out of consciousness but the sirens filled your ears like screams…screams that once escaped your lips. Michael held onto your hand and the police handcuffed your father and took him to the hospital to be checked before placing him in a cell. Michael stayed by your bedside holding your hand.

Your eyes flickered open and saw him there, and you smiled. You knew what he had done “you saved me” you said “I guess you’re my prince in plaid huh?” you giggled. “I’m not a prince, but I will be if you’ll be my princess” he said. You raised your brow “what?” you asked confused by his statement. “I like you…No I love you. I know you’re my best friend which is why I didn’t say anything but seeing your dad beating you like that I had to stop it. It made me truly realise that I am head over heels in love with you, I’d never let anyone hurt you” he said. The truth was you’d had a crush on Michael since the day you’d met him “I love you too” you said. “You do?” and you nodded. He kissed your lips “I’m going to help you through this okay; your grandparents are in the hall they’re going to look after you till you go to college. But I’ll be here whenever you need me” he smiled. Then the doctor came in and said it was time to go and he reluctantly left after kissing your cheek.

You were released from hospital a couple days later but you were still in a lot of pain so didn’t go to school. But that didn’t stop Michael from coming to see you, and taking the work you’d done to school for you. You didn’t want to fall behind. When you finally did go back to school Michael picked you up and you walked through the halls together hand in hand. He was wearing the same plaid shirt he’d worn that night, he didn’t want to wear it anymore because it may cause you to remember the night and feel bad but you insisted he worse it. Simply because it reminded you just how much of a prince he was. He was your perfect prince in plaid, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vanquish Loneliness - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Bucky Barnes helps you deal with your depression

A/N: I’m so very sad right now and I don’t know what to do so I’m trying to write out my feelings and also treat you because you guys liking my writing is the only thing I really have going for me anymore.


The tears wouldn’t stop falling, why wouldn’t they just stop fucking falling? Your eyes burnt, they were weighed with the water that slipped passed the barrier created by your eyelashes. But these weren’t just simply tears. Tears were easy to let out, sometimes they were just the embodiment of a bad moment, and sometimes they were the embodiment of a great occurrence in your life. The tears that fell from your eyes though, they were so much more sinister and evil, they were weighted by the loneliness that burned in your chest and demanded an end.

A permanent end.

Three words, a permanent end. Even those seemed heavy, and they were just sounds, not an object.

It was the loneliness that got to you. Since you could remember, it had always been the loneliness that got to you, no matter where you were, or who you were with, the loneliness sneaked its way down your throat and onto your heart. It would remain there for days on end and stay, it would build a home around your heart and that house would be made from your ribs. Once the ribs were gone there was no way for you to stand up, all you had left to do was stay in bed and cry out your pain. And that’s what loneliness wants. It will eat you alive and swallow every ounce of hope you had spare. It will feast upon any happiness you have left and leave behind an empty carcass. It takes your heart into its claws, squeezing out every bit of life you had circulating throughout your opaque veins. It craves for you to suffer a life without any warm hands embracing you, or any shoulders to go cry upon. No, this beast wants you to only feel their cold fingertips tracing your soul, getting close to you, yet leaving in the end.

It is a lethal weapon created by your own self-destructive mind. Not just an emotion, anyone who thinks that is just naive. Loneliness is a beast that is something you should be afraid of because you have no power over it.

How long had you even been crying? Minutes? Hours? Days? That’s another thing loneliness takes away from you, your sense of time.

A knock came from the doorway and you ignored it, which seemed weird considering your problem right now was loneliness. And really, it’s inexplicable, there is no way to understand why you feel so lonely even if you’re in a room full of people talking to you and being friendly. And it’s because of that feeling remaining that you have now chosen to just ignore those people, they provided you with no healing, and you would only provide them with sadness.

The sadness split from every pore in your body, it was expressed on the deep set frown on your lips, and seemed to leak from your weak touch. It was difficult for you to even stand anymore, because every time you did get up, something would just remind you of how barren your existence truly is and your legs would collapse like jello, a thousand pound weight pushing against the bottom of your belly.

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice was like a siren call to you, it made you look up from the tear stained pillow. You still didn’t say anything. “Y/N, are you okay?”

“Please go away,” the words felt separate from you, it must be the loneliness speaking again. You were too weak to fight it anyway, so why not let it do your fights for you. There was still a semblance of you in the voice as it came out weak, the tone shifting constantly much like your emotions. “Please.”

You heard a shuffling outside of the doorway but he hand’t left, he was simply getting into a different position. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” that was you who said that, the loneliness had actually permitted you to vocalise your own feelings.

Bucky’s response was silent, and for a moment you wondered if he had actually left. To make sure, you pushed your body out from under the blanket you’d hidden under. It remained wrapped around your shoulders as you slowly, almost cautiously, exited the bed and walked over towards the door. “Steve and Falcon made me watch a movie today, I think it was called ‘Mulan’.”

Your eyebrow raised as you contemplated over what he was doing, had he not heard you when you practically begged him to go away? Though the three more steps sapped your energy, you arrived at the doorway. “I’m familiar with the movie.” You whispered. You’re not sure why you had whispered your reply, you think a part of you is hoping that he’ll leave you to die slowly and alone in your darkened bedroom, whilst another part of you is silently begging for him to do something and stop this madness from reaching a finality in your brain.

“What did you think of it?” He asked, his voice casual as though this was an everyday conversation. As though you weren’t stood behind the door contemplating ending what you were perceiving to be a worthless life.

After a moment you collapsed against the door, sliding down until you were sat with your knees placed against your chest. “What did you think of it?”

There were more shuffling sounds from the other side of the doorway and you felt the door shake against your back, suggesting that he had sat down too. “I really liked it, the story was pretty good. I… uh… I actually quite enjoyed the music.”

“Did you like ‘Be A Man’?” You asked with a small smile appearing on your face as you could just imagine him in the role of Shang, though you weren’t sure if he’d be that great of a singer. “You know the whole ‘be a man, you must be swift as a coursing river’ blah blah blah?”

“You know the lyrics?” His voice raved a few octaves and you could tell from that, that he’d gotten rather excited and impressed.

You nodded your head even though he couldn’t see you, “yes,” you quickly said after realising that he couldn’t see you, “I know all the lyrics to all the songs. I’m a huge disney fan.” By now your small smile had grown bigger, it wasn’t from ear to ear, but it was a smile. You couldn’t believe that what Bucky was doing was actually working, but you suppose it not only helped distract you from the dark thoughts that hovered over your mind like a storm cloud. But it also made you feel like you were wanted, despite the uncomfortable depressing aura that wrapped around your body, Bucky was still just having a casual conversation. And it was working.

“Would you sing for me?” He asked.

“God no,” you responded instantly, “not unless I was very drunk and having a disney marathon, with snacks.”

“I feel like I could probably make that happen, you up for doing it now?” He asked it like the actions that would follow were going to be simple for you, but you think he actually knew what he was asking from you.

He was asking you to abandon the sadness you’d taken home in. “Bucky…” You stood up, taking those three steps back and away from the door. Your room was so dark, and the only light was coming from around the edges of that door. It looked so appealing, but the loneliness told you it was a lie, that even out there in the light there were plenty of dark things. Being surrounded by it is the only way to keep you safe, loneliness said.

More shuffling, he’d stood up and was now pressing his arm against the doorway. “Y/N, please just tell me what’s wrong.” He begged, “it’s me.”

It was enough, all Bucky had to do was ask and you would tell him anything he wanted to hear because you loved him so much and would never want to lose him. But it was the loneliness that wanted this, that wanted the destruction of your life. You felt as though maybe you could find a way around the loneliness, like, maybe you could find a loophole. “It’s heavy.”

“I know,” he whispered back at you, “I know Y/N that it is heavy, and overbearing, and a monster. I know. And I know that you want help but don’t at the same time, and I know that there’s no solution and no way out and no end. I know.”

“Then why won’t you leave me alone?” The tears started to fall once more and you hated it, mainly because you never learnt to cry with style, silently, the pearl-shaped tears rolling down your cheeks from wide luminous eyes, as on the covers of True Love comics, leaving no smears or streak. At first they were gentle as you’d been trying to hold them back but the weight of everything just hit you once more, with the added bonus of your feelings of letting Bucky down making another weight appear atop the others.

You crashed down to the ground as the violent storm raged war within you, you started to cry as though your brain was being shredded from the inside. Emotional pain flowed out of your every pore. From your mouth came a cry so raw that the sound of it had made even Bucky’s eyes suddenly wet with tears. You grabbed onto the end of your bed so that your fall wouldn’t be too damaging to your body, and from your eyes came a thicker flow of tears.

It was awful, everything just felt awful.

Light flooded the room quickly, but it was quickly covered once more when something hovered in front of you. And then there were arms wrapped around your curled up and shaking figure. You had been hugged before, but it had never felt like this. There was something so warm, something that felt right, smelt right. You let your body sag, your muscles becoming loose. He gave you the respect of an equal but cradled you like a cherished child. In that embrace you felt your worries loosen their keen sting and your optimism raise its head from the dirt. Perhaps the hope had been there all along, but without some love it was trapped, like crystals in a stone. You felt him brush your hair back with his adamantium fingers and kiss the top of your head gently.

“And I also know,” he continued, “that there is still going to be a tomorrow if we want it. If there’s anything I’ve learnt is that there is another day, that there will be another time when I feel sad. And another time when I fell happy, another moment when I don’t think of the bad, when I’m just living in the happiness. And normally those times are with you.”

The biggest step you ever took was embracing Bucky back, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close against your body. Taking in everything you could about him, because he was there. “I am not alone,” you said almost too quiet for him to hear, “I am not alone. I am not alone. I am not alone.” You repeated the words over and over again, and they never lost meaning.

“You are not alone,” he said.

The reassurance was beginning to shine through. Your heart swelled with the love radiating from Bucky and soon enough your organ was too big for the loneliness to keep its claws in your heart, his house fell apart and the bones returned back to your ribs. As you breathed out a long breath of relief, you felt the black waves that formed loneliness’ body be blown out as well. 

He was gone, though you were still damaged, there was plenty of medicine that could help fix that, and the medicine would come in the manifestation of a Disney movie marathon that included alcohol and snacks and Bucky. 

When you realize that you’re in a buddy-cop movie… RUN!!

This is Page 5 of my ongoing Destiny themed webcomic Exotic Watermelon Exo! 

But seriously, when I’m killing these little guys, it’s always like they’re just hanging out in a shed, minding their own business…  in a shed in the old Russian Cosmodrome. Then I just roll in murdering them all. I imagine them asking “why? Why would you do this?! I was just sitting here dreaming about a better life!” -so sad! 

hey guys, sorry for those who have sent me messages and seem like i don’t reply, but i’d thought i’ll clear a few things up here so you know that my inactivity should never be taken personally. NEVER.

I’ll list the reasons why (even if it makes me sound like a super stuck up person but better that than causing many sads to people- under the cut)

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Preference #73: Dying friend.

Request: can you do an imagine where you’re Calum’s best friend and you’re usually a really sociable person but all of a sudden you start spending days on end in your room alone. and you refuse to tell calum why then one day he starts getting really mad at you because you’re supposed to be best friends then you tell him you’re dying. i know it’s really sad but i feel like i need to read it.

A/N: I didn’t specify what she was dying of, so you guys can put whatever you want there.

‘You coming over’ Calum’s text said, 'can’t family meal’ you texted back. It was a lie, there was no family meal. You and Calum had been best friends for years but recently you had been distancing yourself from him. Ever since you found out you were dying you thought it would be easier to push him away to spare him the pain. You thought it would be easier if he hated you then it would hurt less. You avoided his calls and texts for the next week, then he showed up at your door and you had no choice but to see him. You couldn’t avoid him now. “Why have you been ignoring me?” he asked “did I do something wrong?” he questioned, his brown puppy dog eyes looking into your own eyes. Your heart melted, it always did seeing that face. You instantly burst into tears and sat down on the couch, he came over to you and hugged you tight “hey…hey what’s wrong?” he asked. “I…I…I’m dying” you stuttered out. His face contorted itself into a face of sheer shock. “What?” he gasped, not sure if you were making some sick joke or not. “I’m dying Calum, that’s why I have been avoiding you. I didn’t know how to tell you, and I was scared. Plus I thought it would be less painful if I just died with you hating me” you said through tears. Calum hugged you tighter “I could never hate you, you should have told me Y/N” he said. “I will help you through this I promise; this will not affect our friendship. I promise you, this maybe hard but I am going to be here every step of the way…” he paused for a moment “pushing me away isn’t going to work” he said holding you tight. You spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating popcorn trying to take your mind off of dying, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

🍩Danny Edge Imagine for Keylee🍩

Hope you like it c:
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Danny Edge. Your next door neighbor. Your best friend. Your crush. Out of all the guys on earth why did it have to be Danny Freaking Edge? Why couldn’t you have fallen for some dumb jock like most girls do? Why did you have to fall for your best friend? Why? Out of all the guys in the world you just had to go and fall for your best friend? The sad thing was you knew he didn’t like you. He thought of you as just a friend. You thought more though. You loved him. He was all you ever thought about. He was the name in the little doodled hearts on all your papers. He was the one that made your heart skip a beat. The butterflies in your stomach go nuts. You knew he didn’t like you though because you went over to Danny’s place one day to see if he wanted to hang out. His mom let you in. You went upstairs yo his room but before you opened the door you could hear him talking to Paul. Your other best friend. The three of you were like the three musketeers. Paul was also the only one that knew about your major crush on Danny. You were never a nosey person and you were just gonna leave but as you turned you heard them say your name. You heard them say Keylee. Of course you had to know what it was they were talking about so you listened in.
“Do you like Keylee?” Paul asked Danny.
“Yeah, she’s a really good friend.”
“Danny you know that’s not what I mean.” He said sternly.
“Oh.. Um.. No, I don’t like Keylee…..” He said. You were heart broken. You turned away and ran out of the house before you could hear anymore of that conversation.

A week passed, you avoided Danny at all costs. All though you had always felt like he never liked you, to hear him actually say it made part of you die a bit. It hurt you a lot. You were sitting at a park bench scrolling through Tumblr when you heard two familiar voices speaking. I’d like to say you made the mistake of looking up but it wasn’t much of a mistake because if you hadn’t of looked up well lord only knows what might have happened after that. They may have never noticed you sitting there. You looked up and it seemed right when you did they looked over.
“KEYLEE!” Danny hollered with a smile on his face, as they both began jogging towards you. You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes. You got up and began walking away. You didn’t walk fast enough though. Danny grabbed your arm turning you towards him, “Where are you going? I know you heard me holler at you. You looked right at me and Paul.” He said doing a hand motion between him and Paul.

“I have things to do.” You said turning away again. Danny didn’t buy it though.

“You’re a horrible liar, ya know.” He said appearing by your side as you continued walking trying to ignore him, “Are you mad at me? Did I do something?” You didn’t reply.

“Well, I kinda feel third-wheely and I feel the awkward tension between the two of you and it kinda seems as though there is something you two need to talk about so bye guys.” Paul said nodding his head and running off. It stayed silent for awhile.

“You never answered my questions.” Danny said looking at you. You didn’t reply, “What did I do?”

“Please, just leave me alone.” Your voice cracked signalling you were gonna cry. You began walking away not wanting him to see you cry. You could hear him walking after you. You began to feel something wet on your face. You knew it wasn’t your tears because you were refusing to let those out. You glance up and see that it has begun raining, “Great.” You mutter below your breath. Mad at yourself for not bringing a jacket.

“Tell me what’s wrong, please, Keylee. Please.” He begged you. That’s when you finally let it out.

“You wanna know what’s wrong? What’s wrong is that I fell in love with my best friend. What’s wrong is that I always had this feeling he didn’t like me like that. What’s wrong is that that was confirmed when I went over to his house to see if he wanted to hang out and I heard him say it. I heard him say he didn’t like me like that. What’s wrong is that I constantly had to pretend I never liked him like that. What’s wrong is that I had to pretend to not be jealous when other girls looked at him or he flirted with them. What’s wrong is that no matter how hard I try I still love him and he doesn’t even care.” You cried out as rain poured down faster soaking the both of you. He stayed silent. A surprised look on his face, “Well? You wanted to know what was wrong! You know! Are you just gonna stand there like an idiot or say something?!” You hollered at him. He stayed silent. You laughed at yourself for thinking he would actually say something back after that so you turned away and began walking home. You felt hands wrap around your waist and spin you around. Before you could even react, lips were pressed to yours. You stood in shock. Danny was kissing. You didn’t think anymore before you kissing back. You both finally pulled apart.

“You should have stayed a little longer. I said I didn’t like you, yeah. If you would have stayed a little longer you would have heard me say that I loved you. I love you. Not like. Love. Love is bigger than like. God, do I love you. I love you so much.” How words make the butterflies in your stomach go nuts as your cheeks get red. Danny Edge was in love with you. You both stared at each other smiling in the pouring rain like idiots.

You both leaned in about to kiss again before Paul ran up interrupting you both, “I knew this was gonna happen. So, when you guys have kids. He better be named after me because I left forcing you guys to talk this out and so if I hadn’t this wouldn’t have happened so as a thank you, your naming your first born after me.”

“What if it’s a girl?” You laugh.

“Then you’ll turn Paul into a girl name. Paulina or something but you’re naming your first born after me.” You and Danny both laughed.

Luckily, for the three of you the first born was a boy. Paul wasn’t kidding either. He made sure you named your son after him. It was all Paul talked about after finding out Danny impregnated you. {Bahah that sounds so weird cx}

Calum Imagine - Where Are We Going?

Requested: Yepppp

Author: Brittany


Where Are We Going? – Calum Imagine

Everything felt wrong lately. You were so sad all the time and you didn’t even have a reason for it. You would go days with leaving your house. You didn’t bother to do any of the things you love doing. Everything went sour and you didn’t know why.

So many people had shown concern for your wellbeing, but it didn’t help. Nothing could. You were absolutely lost.

Today was just like any other day. You were lying in bed, doing nothing but thinking. The was a knock at your door and your mom came in. “Y/n,” She said cautiously, “I’m really worried about you. I want you to get out of the house today. Please?”

“I don’t feel like it,” You said into your pillow, showing no emotion. Your mom sighed and left you alone. The thing is, you really wanted to go out, but it was like there was this monster guarding the gates, preventing you from leaving. You wished you could cast it away.

An hour later, there was another knock on the door. “Y/n,” It was a voice you hadn’t heard in weeks, “Y/n, please talk to me.”

You turned your attention to the tall boy standing in your door. “Calum,” You breathed, voice shaky with despair, “Calum, I’m so sorry.”

He sat down next to you and shook his head, “I’m so unbelievably worried about you. I haven’t heard from you in weeks and suddenly your mom calls me saying she doesn’t know what to do. You have no idea how scary it is to know that even your own mother is at a loss for what to do about this.” Tears poured out of your eyes. “I hate seeing you like this, y/n,” Calum’s tone was unstable, “I want to help you, but I can’t if you don’t talk to me.”

You sat in silence for a couple of seconds before answering, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Cal. I’ve tried searching for an answer, but nothing is coming to me. I’m so frustrated with myself because I should know what’s going on, but I don’t! I desperately want to leave this room, but there’s always something blocking me!”

Calum stood up and started going through your drawers. You didn’t say anything, just watched. He pulled out a couple of outfits and stuffed them in a bag. He took your hand and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” You said as you walked out the door. He didn’t say anything. Calum waved at your mom and she smiled at the both of you.

Once you were packed into his car, Calum declared, “We’re pushing this blockage away.”

You stared at him as he started driving, “What do you mean?”

“You said that there’s always something blocking you from leaving, so I’m helping you destroy it,” He smiled at you.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going?” You asked with a grin.

“Nope.” And he didn’t. You drove for hours. He put on a playlist consisting on All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Blink-182, and for a little bit, you forgot all about your problems.

Calum took a turn onto a dirt road and you started to become suspicious. The sun had set at this point. There was forest all around you. Finally, he pulled into the driveway of a house you had never seen before. “Calum, what is this place?” You asked.

“This is my old summer house,” He explained, “We haven’t been here in a couple of years, but I still come every once in a while to clean up and stuff. It’s always been one of my favorite places in the whole world. All of my worries would just disappear as soon as we’d get here.”

You felt so incredibly honored that Calum would share this place with you. He grabbed your hand, “Follow me,” he ordered.

Calum pulled you behind the house. It opened up to a huge lake. You always loved the beauty of lakes and were amazed by how dazzling this one was. “Cal,” You exhaled in awe, “This is breathtaking.”

“Come on,” He said with a proud smile. He pulled you down to the shore where he put a blanket down. The two of you lay down and he held you in his arms. Out of nowhere, he stood up and said, “I’ll be right back.

About two minutes later, Calum came back with his guitar and a glass jar. “This is for you,” He smiled, “I know I’ve got my problems and they start with me. She saw something inside that I can’t see. And late last night, yeah she’ll comfort me. Hold onto me, hold onto me,” He sang your favorite Mayday Parade song. It brought tears to you eyes and when he was done you covered him in kisses. “So, you liked it?” He asked, laughing.

“I loved it,” You kissed him once more and then questioned the glass jar, “What’s that for?”

Calum looked around, then checked his watch, and held the jar up, “Any minute know,” He said mischievously. You raised an eyebrow and waited for a couple of minutes.

Soon enough, a little tiny light floated by your eyes.  Then you saw more tiny lights blinking all around your head. Before you knew it, there were fireflies lighting up the entire scene. “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” You breathed.

“Here,” Calum handed you the glass jar and you captured a couple. “I took you out here to show you two things. The first is to show you what you’re missing when you let the cloud of misery take over.” You snuggled into his chest as you spoke. “The second,” Calum stroke you hair, “There’s always light, even in the darkest of nights.”

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What do you think? (Short suho Scenario)

See that exo train? IDK the feels are real now.

I called it scenario but its like super duper short, I didn’t want it to be an Imagine but you guys get the Idea

And it’s so different from all my other stuff I just felt like doung it like that. Still weird tho


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“Why did you look so sad before?” “Hm?” “It looked like you were at the edge to cry. And you stil look like that even now.” Suho left the party earlier, he didn’t look happy at all. 

Your friends worried about him a lot, and so did you. He didn’t talk much for the past days. He kept saying that he’s practicing, but whenever you talked to the other members, they said they had days off. 

Suho probably didn’t lie, everyone knew he was really practicing, but he kept overworking himself, he even stopped eating 3 meals a day. 

“What is it? Did you fight with the others?” “What? No.. It’s just-” “tell me.” “I think I’m not good enough for them.. I mean look at me, I can’t really sing, or dance…” Suho! Don’t say that, you’re as good as the others.” “I’m still a bad leader though…” “Why do you think like that?” “I can’t tell how the feel you know. I don’t know if I’m too harsh, if pracitice is too hard, or anything. They won’t tell me because they want to get better and better to. But I don’t want them to get sick or depressed. Y/N they are my little brothers and I can’t be a good older brother to them.” 

“Come on, you’re perfect. They are grown ups suho, You all have the same problem. But you are a family, no matter what. The will talk to you, I’m sure.” 

I didn’t even know that Chanyeol was feeling down lately. He said that he cried alone in the car at dawn…” “The others knew?” “No, he said that during a filming, no one knew.”  “See, he didn’t want to talk about it. People sometimes need to be alone and cry or laugh or do something. Did you try and talk to him?” “Well,.. yea I did. But he said he misses his family and that’s all….” “So? Why don’t you talk to all the other guys too? You can go and visit all of the parents. Or call them over as a surprise for the kids.” 

Do you think that’s gonna work out?” “Of course, you’re gonna make it work… And now, you don’t need to feel bad, the boys love you. It’s normal to be down for a while, you shouldn’t stress yourself even more than you already are because of the comebacks and everything.” 

“Thank you Y/N…”