why do you guys know this

  • Latvia: why do you guys always leave me alone with scary Mister Russia??
  • Lithuania: you know how we are with him.
  • Latvia: but I'm scared!
  • Estonia: then next time bring a friend with you when he invites you over
  • -Later-
  • Sealand: whoah is this Russia's house? It's so empty and boring! And cold! America's house is way more interesting and colourful and- SWEETS!!
  • Russia: ... oh, Latvia~
  • Latvia: *sobbing*
The Unspoken Bond - Jughead x Reader


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An idea that popped into my head the other day. Let me know if guys like it for me to continue. I have like four requests in my inbox I need to do and another part to both my Neville fic as well as Inquisitve Snake will hopefully be written soon. Thanks for reading as always.

Music while writing: The Clash “Train in Vain”, Marilyn Manson “Personal Jesus”.

“I’m fine”.

“You are not fine Y/N!”

“What do you care huh? We have a couple of classes together for years and suddenly you’re talking to me?”

“…you aren’t fine. It doesn’t matter why I care”.

She slumped in the booth, putting her stuff away. “Look, I know you aren’t good at ‘minding your own business’ but my life doesn’t concern you”, her eyes remained on her actions as she wasn’t going to look at Jughead across from her.

His voice got quieter, “…you don’t look good”.

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Never flirt with black widows girlfriend(1/2)

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Request: Hi if your still taking request can you do one where a female reader is dating Natasha and only the avengers know and her friend tires to get another girl to set them up (the reader and her friend) and nat gets jealous. Thanks for reading this

A/n I’m making this a two parter because it was getting long and you guys have been waiting forever for this. The second part is going to be 100% smut. I’m going to post my Sebastian smut on Sunday and then I’m going to post part two to this ok?

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One thing Natasha romanoff valued the most was her privacy. She didn’t like people knowing about her personal life and she would do anything to keep it private. That’s why when you guys started dating she made it her mission to keep you out of the public eye.

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💕AMBW Stay at home date with Mark Tuan [requested]💕

Staying at home is you and Mark’s favorite type of date, so that’s why you guys do it so often (and we all know Mark is a home body so he just prefers to stay home). These dates are more like an all day affair. You two would both be in your pajamas. Y'all would do everything under the sun, like cuddling while watching YouTube videos, playing video games, eating LOTS of food, having make out sessions, and just having conversations. Even though Mark is known for being to himself, he has no problem telling u his feelings nor problems. Your guys’ favorite foods to have is Hot Cheetos, Twix, pizza, sour gummy worms, hot wings, and Mark’s cheesy ramen dish (he loves when u eat well). The make out sessions would sometimes get pretty heated with giving each other hickies, which leads to other things (lol y'all get the point). You two would be joking a lot making each other laugh uncontrollably. You guys enjoy playing grand theft auto for hours as well. The day would be chill and relaxing with your Markiepooh.

Are They? Are They Not?

Genre: Fluff, Crack(?)

Characters: Mark Tuan x fem!reader, extra!Jackson Wang, curious!got6

Warnings: None at all. Just watch out for Jackson being himself.

Summary: Jackson wonders why Mark is suddenly affectionate towards Y/N, and to further find out, he escalates a plan.

A/N: So, I decided to write a short summary for my stories. I hope you enjoy this!

Do forgive me for inaccuracies! I haven’t gone to Everland yet (I hope one day, I will, though)

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(Mark pls stop being rude)

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Zeb, dont think just about you and Olly, think about Olly's opinion on the other after you do that. If Olly discover the shit you're going do to, what do you think they will think about the others? Dude, let Olly go. I know that you only want they the best, but im pretty sure this isn't the best for none of you guys.

Billiam: Zeb went off to his lonesome. To my discourage he still proceeded… Do not fret- I let Olly go after him… It’s for their best…

Billiam: In the meantime, why don’t you all ask me questions for the time being? I know that I haven’t shared the spotlight for a while-

Vasquez; Do you guys know why nobody likes hanging out with you? Because you’re always doing stuff like this! You’re always coming up work alone stupid idea to do something, and then it backfires, and then you end up in some foreign country, or in outer space or something! That’s why no one likes hanging out with you guys!
Rhys; You’re being extremely negative, Vasquez.

anonymous asked:

Everything that the guy who's the source of these rumors has said before has come true. Why do you think this time around it's different? What do you see that discredit them? I'm asking cause these rumors are making me really really anxious and you've always helped calm down my nerves with your voice of reason.

What discredits him is his own bias and the amount of effort he puts into trying to persuade people into thinking he knows everything. His ego is huge since articles are sourcing him. 
Also, T has said on more than one account his plans for Ghost in the future and near future. Including the studio start date of August 14th, ideas about Papa IV and future tour plans. If he was so unsure of the future of Ghost or had any intentions of calling it quits because of four dudes wanting extra credit where credit is not due, he is not going to take interviews where he knows the issue will come up and he’s not going to be so optimistic all the time. He’s optimistic for a bright future of Ghost. I take the word of TF over some butt hurt Scandinavian fan. 

Please note that these rumors started barely a day after the fantastic four had their little public pow wow. I can’t say for a fact that Joppe is for sure associated with one or more of those guys, but given the timeline and how things have played out, it wouldn’t be a shock if there was a connection. 

     "So, would I know anyone else?“ Bay queried, before recognising he was probably pushing too far. "Uh, sorry, you don’t have to answer that,” he quickly withdrew the question, ready to drop the subject. For a moment, Loch seemed ready to do the same, before giving a reluctant sigh.
     "Two girls. Tia and I dated for a bit… it didn’t last long. She was… clingy,“ he recounted awkwardly. Bay snickered at the thought of his brother dealing with someone overly affectionate, an image that didn’t fit together well.
     "Sorry,” he apologised with a faint chuckle, as Loch levelled another glare at him. Loch rolled his eyes before starting again.
     "And…“ he stopped short.
     "And… Alice.“
     "Alice Grimm?” Bay asked in surprise. Tia and Alice were both very beautiful girls, the kind he wouldn’t have expected his brother to approach. Then again, until yesterday, he hadn’t really pictured Loch dating anyone. “You dated Alice Grimm?”
     "Not… exactly,“ Loch said hesitantly, shifting uncomfortably in his stool.
     "So… A one night stand?” Bay asked with raised brows.
     "Nooooo…“ Loch stared intently at the floor, refusing to make eye contact again.
     "A repeated hook up kind of deal, then?” Bay asked, genuinely surprised, and kind of impressed. Loch gave a noncommittal shrug, but the slight blush in his cheeks gave him away. Bay would never of suspected something like that from him, but if he’d learnt anything in the last two days, it was that he clearly didn’t know his twin as well as he’d thought he had.

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So I started making edits and even tho I didn't work super hard on them, they barely get any attention, and idk why but it's makes me like really sad, and also I wanna ask for a promo/make a promo for my blog but I feel like tahts selfish of me and that it makes an attention w****, and I don't know why, it just makes me feel bad even tho I want to do it.

Omg sweetheart a lot of people ask for promos from me and it’s never a bother!! I love helping you guys out.

If it wasn’t for @sheisrecovering, who I came to and asked for a promo from when I deleted my blog last year, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today on this blog. Promos can help so much, they’re what helped this blog back on its feet!

And my edits barely got any notes either, you can’t expect to get a lot of notes when you first make your content! Keep going, keep making your content and tag them properly so people can find them!

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Why is art so frustratingly hard and slow?

I don’t think I’m the right guy to answer this but…

Art is hard, and it’s slow but it shouldn’t be frustrating. If you’re getting frustrated doing art then you need to take a break, and try different approaches. Believe me I know what you mean because I’m still learning and I do get frustrated when I feel stuck or I can’t get something to look the way I want it to but as soon as it stops being fun, I call it a day and focus on something else.

Remember, it’s not worth it if it’s not fun!

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Hey quick question(s)! 1Why do you think Andy and Joe don't seem to help out as much with the creation of the songs for the albums? I know Joe has helped written a few songs but do you think Pat and Pete shunned them from the creative process? 2.Also, why do you think the guys themselves seem to be less like friends and more like just business partners/ co workers these days? I've noticed with other bands that have been around for as long as them or even longer who still act like best friends?

1. joe is actually extremely involved in the creation of the music and particularly the technical parts of them as well as helping with rhythm. before the hiatus joe and patrick had a growing hostility when it came to who could contribute to music and who could do what. patrick had admitted in ap that he had been extremely controlling of their music and their direction and didn’t want too many hands touching their music. before fob came off of hiatus he actually had a long phone call with joe to apologize and reestablish ground rules as a band. andy is more aloof but from numerous interviews has said that he is extremely supportive of new perspectives and being able to play and push his boundaries to different places where he otherwise wouldn’t. he actually helped contribute creatively to twin skeletons and his contribution that he is happy with is just to play.  so no i absolutely do not believe patrick and pete shun them whatsoever from the creative process, they simply have niches and flexibility.

2. nothing has given me the vibe that they’re not friends and are more like business partners. of course they’re your “co-workers” but they’re also your bandmates you’ve been with since the start and their relationship has been nothing less than laughs and monologues and jokes between them whenever they’re in interviews together. so no i don’t remotely see it or feel that way about them and like they’ve said, if they didn’t enjoy what they were doing then they wouldn’t be doing it. 

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These aren’t in a particular order just to let you guys know! (there are so many bj requests, like damn )

In the inbox: (there are more but I’m hesitant on writing them because I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with them or not, so that’s why there’s not 30. I’m also combining some because a lot were very similar as in I’m pretty sure one person requested like 3 times with very similar things in a row. Guys please don’t do that, or at least don’t make it obvious by sending 4 asks in a row about the same exact thing. You’re not going to get 4 different scenarios, I’ll just combine them into one.

  • Shindou blowjob
  • Toshinori NSFW 
  • Aizawa blowjob/lazy sex
  • Aizawa lap dance/edging
  • Shinsou catching his crushes attention 
  • Morning after with Tokoyami 
  • Bakugou going down on fem s/o NSFW 
  • Izuku blowjob 
  • Blood King nsfw
  • Neito being petty 
  • Bakugou and Todoroki threesome (I don’t know how it’s going to happen though but we’ll see yo) 
  • Mirio receiving a titjob/titfuck (never written one of these before but let’s see how that goes too lol)
  • Shinsou and s/o first time
  • (still trying to figure out who I’m going to do) s/o is squaring up to a wasp 
  • Iida spanking 
  • Izuku finding his s/o who shrinks in his pocket

In the queue: (more to be added)

  • Aizawa continuation of ‘oh shit I love her’ 
  • Shouto introducing s/o to his mother
  • All Might x Villain!s/o
  • Toshinori with an affectionate s/o
  • Telling Aizawa you’re pregnant 
  • Bakugou headcanons NSFW
  • Izuku getting a mystery valentine
  • Bakugou and Todoroki oral headcanons
  • TetsuTetsuTetsuTetsuTetsuTetsuTetsuTetsu NSFW headcanons
  • Tooru Hagakure nsfw headcanons

People look at me like I’m an alien when I say I’m gonna stay here and go for this with this boy (yes I’m still scared over this decision, is it right?). But let me say this, I know we haven’t been dating for long, I’m the one in this relationship so trust me I know exactly everything, but I’m 24 y/o and I would never date anyone I didn’t see a future with. Everyone’s different, but I wouldn’t.

I’m pretty aware of the happy days in the beginning of a relationship. But I do like this guy so why can’t people just like, “be happy we support you”. I have so many thoughts in my head about all of this right now, I just need people to say GO GO GO

I don’t know why you guys keep freaking out over these pap pics of Gillian. She went on vacation with her boyfriend and got a little frisky. Are you people really that prudish?! I know most of you have done WORSE in public. Hell, the other day I went skinny dipping in a pool that was in a backyard without a fence. Anybody could have just walked up in the dark and saw us (and we weren’t just swimming either). Granted, I’m 23 and supposed to do stupid shit, but that’s not the point! Geez you people need to get off Tumblr and live a little. Sometimes the thrill of getting caught is really fun. I will never judge a woman who is getting laid (especially somebody as gorgeous as Gillian). Maybe she wanted the pictures to get out. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she did but didn’t want it to go this far. Shit happens.