why do you even cook meals for me still


Y  O  U  N  G  J  A  E   A  S   Y  O  U  R  B  F

• this cute little adorable sunshine right here is a blessing
• he takes so much care of you
• and he loves you so much
• he puts you over everything
• frowning isn’t an option
• if you’re ever upset, he brings you food and cuddles
• he’s like your bestfriend
• that you have sex with..💀
• cafe dates
• amusement park dates
• a whole lot of other fun dates
• you never get bored
• he loves your smile so much
• “smile!”
• “you look so much better when you smile!”
• ^ this is y'all’s song
• literally feeding each other
• you always carry snacks in your bag for him
• you can’t have your baby starving
• “i appreciate you.” -youngjae every 10 seconds
• you made him the happiest person alive when you agreed to date him
• he actually makes your heart flutter
• he adores the little things about you
•everything about him is soft except when he’s in bed
• he turns into a whole different person
• 🌚
• he. deals. with. you.
• he whispers dirty things into your ear a lot, he loves how you react to it
• being sore!
• he purposely drills you
• seeing you limp is like a parent watching their child graduate from college to him
• he gets cocky
• “why aren’t you walking straight what’s wrong?” he asks you in front of everyone and pretends like he forgot about what he did to you.
• “i fell.”
• ^ you send him the deadliest glare everytime.
• you could be talking/playing around with one of the others and you’ll suddenly get pulled away
• obv by your salty ass boyfriend
• “take your clothes off.”
• “what? no. why?” you ask even though you know it’s because he’s jealous.
• “because i said so.”
• you ain’t complaining tho
• endt
• other than him being dominant in bed, he’s still the fluffiest boyfriend ever
• you give him massages after long practices
• yous a wife
• “what would i do without you?” he’s always talking like this.
• “what you were doing before you met me.”
• cooking meals together cause it’s a fun thing to do
• singing your hearts out together while everybody just watches you two with envy
• a fun, adorable and secretly freaky relationship

Wedding Freakout

Days Until the Wedding: 17

Things Left to Do: A lot

Things Going Wrong: Everything

Aria quickly paced in front of her and Ezra’s bed as her fiancé watched her. Her arms flailed in the air as she spoke. “Ezra, your stepmother cannot sit with your mother and father. This is our wedding and I don’t want the Fitz family drama to take center stage.”

“I know–”

“And Spencer and Toby, what even are they? Is he coming? One day he’s coming, one day he’s not. Same with Hanna and Caleb. Why can’t my friends learn to make a decision and pick a boyfriend or take them as a friend for one night or take a random guy they found online for all I care, they need to make up their minds or I’m going to make it up for them because the wedding is in 17 days.”

“You could just–”

Ezra could not get a word in edgewise when she was like this. When Aria was nervous, she had a tendency to have verbal diarrhea. He knew it was best to just let her talk, but also felt like he needed to soothe her.

“And why can’t the caterer offer something other than pasta for the vegetarian dish? The freakin’ bride is a vegetarian, shouldn’t I be able to choose what I want? Is it too late to switch caterers? Why do they have these gourmet dinners for carnivores but serve the equivalent of kids meals for vegetarians? Did they even go to culinary school or are we hiring a high school dropout who learned his cooking skills from working at a fast food restaurant?”

“I’m sure it–”

“Nothing is right and we still have a million things to do.” She continued pacing, then finally turned to look at Ezra, who was sitting there was this…goofy grin on his face that made her want to kill him, or maybe kiss him, she couldn’t figure out which. She finally stopped in her tracks. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because I get to marry you in 17 days,” he answered. 

The smile on his fast only grew after he said these words. Even though she was an anxious mess sometimes, he loved her all the more for it.