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December 5th- Camping

Hey guys, I’m hella psyched for this prompt. You know when you’re falling asleep and so you write fanfic in your head? (just me? ok.) well, I always use this as a base and so I’ve got some ideas. Lit. I shouldn’t say that. Rad. NO. Okay whatever. Here are the prompts for the countdown . Enjoy!

Baz sat in the front seat of Penny’s minivan, holding a list,

“Alright, do we have everyth- Simon! Get your feet off the dashboard!” 

“Why do you care? It’s not your car.” Simon said through a mouthful of cheese and onion crisps,

Because,” Baz said, moving Simon’s dirty trainers off the dashboard, “It’s not your car either.”

“Okay, whatever, Mr. Rational.” Simon said and leaned in for a cheese and onion kiss,

“I am not kissing you with that breath.” Baz said, completely repulsed, 

“Alright, whatever. Let’s get going! I can’t wait to sit under the stars and eat delicious hot shmos!”Simon said. Baz grinned at his boyfriend,

“Was that a Toy Story reference?”

“Might have been.”

Two hours and twelve snack sized bags of crisps later Simon and Baz are finally sitting in front of their campsite, 

“It’s a patch of dirt with a circle of rocks.” Simon proclaimed, 

“Quite right, love.”

“Where do we sleep?”

“The tent.”

“Is it see through on the top?”

“Um, no.”

“But then we can’t see the stars.” Simon complained. He made a face and crossed his arms like a four year old,

“You’ve got a star right here.” Baz reminded Simon,

“Ha ha.” Simon grinned and leaned in for a kiss, this one successful.

That night, the two boys lay in the tent, Simon’s head on Baz’s stomach,

“Do you remember when we visited the stars?” Simon mumbled, a tad drunk,

“Yes.” Baz said. He remembered it well. It was one of the fondest of memories that hid inside his brain, nestled behind a few sour ones that had been shoved there carelessly. Someone had to organize those files some time,

“I don’t know if I have enough magic to take us back, but I could show you the stars…” Baz fished for his wand in his pocket and cast a spell on the roof of the tent. Tens of thousands of stars shone above them like diamonds. Simon marvelled at the display in front of him,

“They do look like you.” Simon said, dreamily. And then there he was. Baz was back again. Back to that place where joy filled his soul and all he could see were stars.



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anonymous asked:

If you could do the Killing Stalking translation a day, maybe two days after the Korean release you'd make a lot more money. Mere minutes after the Korean release the full chapter and fan translations are all over tumblr and other social media sites. I haven't brought the last 5 chapters because it's been ruined for me, even when I try to avoid it they still make their way onto my dashboard/twitter tl. I think you're not doing yourselves any favors by being two weeks behind.

Hi! We provided some insight as to why the Killing Stalking translation is behind the Korean release here: http://lezhincomics-us.tumblr.com/post/156618708127/is-there-any-chance-we-can-get-the-killing. We’re aware of the illegal translation and scans and are doing our best. Please remember that we are a company with a lot of titles that we work with, and it would be very difficult for us to make a sudden change to our schedule. We hope you’ll support Koogi and our creators in the future by being a little more patient and purchasing the official translations. 

for everyone on tumblr that images are not loading on the dashboard. people are saying its https everywhere extension fault but if you don’t use it and are having the same error i just found out how to fix it! 

right click on the image that is not loading and choose inspect element.it will open  a window with the link to the image highlighted. right click and choose open in a new tab.

now it will say it’s not secure and that is because the https certificate is now invalid that’s why it’s not loading on the dashboard now you can believe me or not. because you will need to click in advance and choose to open the page anyway. and its done all images on that sever will start showing up again. but tumblr has more than 50 servers so you may need to do this a few times. but after doing this on server 40 and 33 i am seeing everything on my dash again.

P.S.A #9784219

Hey, I know many of you already know this so you can just keep scrolling but just in case you’ve only just found my blog ; 

I am no longer doing the alphabet headcannons, I haven’t been for ages and honestly the amount of requests I get for them still is astonishing. I appreciate every request I get but I haven’t been taking headcannon requests for ages and I have said this many times. 

Form now on every request I get for an Alphabet or letters I am going to just delete as I don’t really want my blog (and your dashboard) covered in endless explanations as to why im not writing a request. 



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I can't watch The 100 live so sometimes I'm a bit behind and I have to quickly scroll past certain blogs on my dashboard to avoid spoilers and I miss a lot of posts related to the show - but I want you to know that I always come to your blog when I finally catch up and check out everything you posted. You're SO insightful and you always remind me why I love this show. You keep it all drama-free and just focus on the positive stuff and it's just awesome. Thanks for doing what you do!

hey, thank you for the nice message and the kind words! i’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts. it’s pretty cool to know that i’ve sort of become the “go-to” blog for some people when it comes to the show. like, i’m here to have a good time and i’m happy that i can share that with some of you, so yeah! thank you!

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Katie btw idk why I'm telling you this now but I want to just sincerely apologise for always spamming your inbox 5000x a day like it's my journal if I ever send you too much stuff or if it gets annoying pls tell me to stop lmao :')

You say that like I myself do not plague every single person’s dashboard with 20 posts about my feelings every day 

it still baffles me how people will make “reblog this post if x, like if y!” posts to prove a point and expect accurate results like…………. you do realize that if you reblog you put that shit on all your followers dashboards and no ones gonna see what you pile into your likes………..

“look at how many reblogs and how little likes!! :D” my guy my dude. why am i not surprised.

Early Breakfast Scribble  

 ( ´・ω・`)_且~

I just thought of updating you peeps with my status.

I am so sorry If I have  been quite inactive lately. I’ve been extremely burnt out from surprise errands and exams. I’m very exhausted and ill at the moment. All  I ever want to do now is to get some sleep.   .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )

 I will probably be inactive again next week but it doesn’t mean I had neglected requests. There’s a preview/ WIP  under the cut if you’re interested in few of the unfinished sketch requests I already started. 

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I’ve been getting a lot of hate lately. You all need to stop, I have done nothing wrong for you to hate me like this. Who ever you are, stop. For past couple of days, it’s been nonstop and it’s making me really upset. I didn’t tell anyone thinking it would stop after I addressed it before. 

I don’t write like a child. 

I’m not a child

It’s bad enough I struggle through a few things at home, I don’t need negativity from here. I thought tumblr should be my safe place, where I make friend and make people smile with my writing.

But’s the opposite. I don’t need this, it hurts to see y'all hate on me. 

Meanwhile my dashboard is filled with people getting these nice messages, while I just get hate.

Why do you hate me? Why me?

I can’t do this anymore.. I give up on it. 

Maybe I should delete my tumblr. 

~ Sparrow..

hi guys!!!! i reached 1k this week which is literally so incredible bc i have no idea why you guys follow me. it makes no sense but either way id like to thank you for looking at my mess of a blog and deciding to privilege it with a follow, i love every single one of you. im so happy this many of you indulge in the same fandoms as i do (especially my richonne thirst love) and in honor of that i decided to do a follow forever of all the nerds that grace my dashboard. if you’re highlighted it means you’re an extra nerd. 


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on the real i love all of you. you guys r literally the best. if i forgot you it’s bc im dumb plz forgive me ♥♥♥


I saw it on my dashboard so i thought ‘why not?’ and it connected with my tumblr to apparetly see what my personality was through my likes,posts and reblogs, but you have to do a stupid survey which obviosuly gets you no where and i keep getting these stupid pop ups on my blog saying i’ve rebloged it when i haven’t. So i’m just letting you know, because this annoyed me so much. 


so i was tagged by a million and one people to do the selfie like your bias tag and selfie tags in general and !! sorry !!! for !! taking so long !!! to do this !! pmsl- thank you for tagging me: @amillionwon @jihoongi @kimbap-kidding-me @minqyew @squishyhosh @sweaterpaws-bywonwoo @wonjimin @wonweewoo @wonwooscat @wonwvoo

anyway on the basis that hoshi barely takes any selfies and all his poses are stale !!! af !!! i decided to copy the other members instead muahah- anyway the joshua face is not working for me fam r.i.p !!!

well then i’m gonna tag my buddies + some people who should really !!! come talk to me !!! (( even though i reply late which 50% of this list can testify )) but ye let’s be friends i’m mediocre as hell : ~ ) and thank you for always tagging me in stuff even though i’m really bad at keeping up with those things orz and some of you left really nice messages after the follow forever aaaahhh thankyouilysm.///.

i’m tagging: @ayhosh @boonon-pd @booseungkwanie @chan-saur @channosaurus-rex @cutequartz @doekyum @drinkwaterjisoo @fairymyungho @hobiessmile @hoshijpg @jeung-han @jeonghelp @mingyu-baby @seokmeow @seungkwanton @sweetmingyu @vernonplease @wonbby @wonwooed @wooing-jeonghan @young2soon wowowowow that’s a lot of people orz why- but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to !!