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Carmilla kept stealing Laura's yellow pillow because it was the closest she could get to Laura at the time and she probably hugged the yellow pillow, smelling Laura's scent off it. Just as she will when Laura dies. Her supersonic hearing will pick up someone asking "How's Carmilla?" and she'll break down crying holding on to the yellow pillow, wrapping her arms tightly around where Laura Hollis used to be.

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Let's say Shinoa was a boy in ons and Mika was a girl. I'm 90% sure a lot of people would switch to Shinoa x Yuu and not Mika x Yuu

Not really, because it would still be pretty boring. It doesn’t have much angst, romantic tropes, unconditional love… it wouldn’t be the bond people like in mikayuu. 

Like, it would probably be more popular among fujoshis, but it wouldn’t be among people who ship because of chemistry or story.

I would support it, though, because, since Guren mentioned Shinoa’s feelings, it would be a chance for representation. We could say Shinoa would be a confirmed gay character, since- Well, then again, Mika too was teased by Ferid because of Yuu but people still react the way they do… so it would be the same in that aspect.

Rather, you know, anon dear, if Shinoa was a boy, our places would switch. Not only would mikayuu lose the fujoshi side, but yuu//noa would lose the heteronormative one as well. You would have to deal with homophobes.

You guys have to deal with a lot of bashing, but most of you have no idea what it feels like to deal with homophobes… especially not how it feels to deal with them… being a lgbt person yourself…

We would switch some shippers. No…we would switch many shippers…

Mikayuu would still be mikayuu, and therefore it would still be more popular than yuu//noa is as a straight ship, because their story is tragic and all the shit that simply made mikayuu more interesting.

Probably here, in tumblr, it would be more popular because, again, it’s chance for representation, but still… don’t be a hypocrite… You probably don’t even care about representation.

That’s what you guys tell yourselves to feel better about the fact that mikayuu is more popular.

“It’s just popular because it’s gay.”

But think about the reason OnS attracted people who like gay ships.

You do realize that being gay is not the reason mikayuu is popular, don’t you?
Otherwise look at other straight ships that are more popular than gay ones… like yatori, which is more popular than yatone.

Any idea why that is? 

I bet you have an idea.

On the other side, do you know what is true?

If Yuu x Shinoa was a gay ship, it would be less average.