why do you all hate henry and emma

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Do you like Snow? Or are you also anti Snow. It's kind of tiresome to see people hate on Snow but don't seem to realize the writers don't care for the relationship. Also why does Snow get hate but it's cool that Emma hangs out & calls Regina her best friend or the person she can trust the most?

 I love Snow.

And I don’t just love Snow in the context of Snow and Emma, I love pretty much love all of her relationships. Snowing (obviously), Snow and baby Neal, Snow and Henry, I’d love a Snow Belle friendship, Snow and Red is great as is Snow and the Dwarves (when there not being some crazy mob and harassing Snow over power outages). I really love when Snow gets to team up with other Disney princesses. Even Snow and Rumple or Hook has comedic potential.

I’d even go as far as to say that I like Snow having relationships outside of Emma because framing Snow only as Emma’s mom is one of the things that hurt her character in the later seasons, especially as the focus was more on Emma’s POV then on Snow’s.

The lack of focus on their relationship is super annoying and one of the worst things about the show nowadays, but I agree that that is on the writers not on Snow. All those headcanon’s about Emma not feeling loved by Snow (whether it be from CSers or SQers,) are just that, headcanons. As far as canon is concerned, Emma does not feel neglected or unloved by her parents. She is happy with them, it just isn’t shown on screen (like most happy relationships on the show).

The only problem is…I don’t like Regina. She is like a black hole that sucks away all the enjoyment of a scene. So even in episodes like this weeks when I am watching Snow talk and thinking “man, Snow is the best at being a friend on this show. She gives great advice and is super sweet” I still can’t really enjoy the scene because Snow is just being used as a vehicle for Regina to vent her issues. 

BTW all of this is true of Regina’s scenes with Emma and Henry too. It’s very rare that Regina is in a scene with another character where that character isn’t just a sounding board for Regina to whine to. I think the worst time was when she gave that long af monologue to Emma at Neal’s apartment. 

Why doesn’t Emma face the same criticisms for being Regina friend from the majority of people?

Well, to start off I do think Snow is held to a much, much higher standard than most of the characters. I mean the entire Charming family is held to a higher standard than the other main characters, but Snow gets way more criticism than say, Charming.

Secondly, shippers have an invested interest in liking Emma, because it’s hard to ship a couple if you hate one-half of the pairing. So, even if they do criticize her it will take a lot more for people who only watch for a particular couple to actually come to dislike Emma.

But mostly I think it’s because people dislike Emma and Regina’s relationship so much (and see it as fanservice) that they refuse to actually accept it as a part of Emma’s character. Like they don’t deny that it happened on the show, but unless we’re talking about Regina fans, a lot of people just see it as something completely OOC that Emma has to submit to every couple of episodes to satisfy Regina’s storyline. Most of the episodes that focus on Emma and Regina will be written off as unimportant and will mostly be ignored (even if other non-Regina things come out about Emma in that episode).

Snow and Regina’s relationship comes off as more natural so people are less likely to divorce it from their understanding of the character.

TBH I’ve just accepted that the characters I love will routinely be thrown under the bus for the sake of crappy redemption arcs, which is why I might be disappointed that Snow doesn’t get her own storyline but I will not be angry or shocked, just like I want to shocked or angry when Charming and Emma forgive Hook for the murder of David’s beloved father in like, two episodes.

Well, we knew this would happen, right? :-/

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What’s with all the hate for Neal, anyway? If you’re not worried about C$, then why do you “hope he stays dead”? (Yes, I’ve already seen that more than once or twice.) That’s nice. Real nice. You don’t give a shit about Henry’s happiness, then, just your precious Twilight romance. What children! 

Henry misses knowing his father. If you’ll recall, he was tempted to bring him back when he became the Author.

One person even said that maybe Neal has unresolved issues because he realizes how awful he was to Emma and wants to apologize. Oh, really? 

LIKE THE NUMEROUS TIMES HE ALREADY HAS APOLOGIZED? YOU MEAN LIKE THOSE? Like in “Manhattan” (2x14)? Like on the beach in “Second Star to the Right” (2x21)? Like when they reunited in season 3? All of those times? I mean, how many times has Neal apologized to Emma for disappearing on her? 

(And BTW, Emma would have gone to jail for trying to fence the stolen watches, no matter what. It’s not like if Neal had shown up, they would have let her go!) 

A bunch of Hookers are really drunk on this stuff!

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