why do white people do things like this

A To-Do List for White Fandom

I’ve seen several posts circulating today about racism in multiple fandoms. The arguments and counterpoints I’ve seen are not unexpected. For background: I am writing instructor and I devote a significant portion of my classes to discussions of media representation. Why? Because I realized I was doing everything that these posts talk about: Ignoring characters of color, sidelining them for white villains or sidekicks with far less screen time, ignoring women of color entirely, etc. And all the while, like so many of you, I said, “I’m not racist.” I had in-universe explanations for why I liked this ‘ship over that one, this character more than that. I could defend and explain everything.

Racism is not who you are. It is what you do. And here’s a fact: All white people do racist things. We’ve been trained to, taught to. It’s in our culture, all around us. If you’re white, our culture has allowed most racism to be entirely invisible to us. Racism isn’t just yelled slurs and burning crosses. Often, racism is simply *not caring* about people who aren’t white. Racism is an inability to empathize with or care about the story of someone who is not white.

IF YOU’RE FEELING DEFENSIVE, PLEASE KEEP READING. I beg you. That’s exactly the feeling we have to push through. I’m going to give you a brief list of actions we can take. And I know these are important because I have to do them, all the time. Because the poison is in me, too.

If you truly believe in equality and want to be a better person, then here’s what we, as white fans, have to do:

1. BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. It absolutely sucks to realize you may have hurt someone, or that you might be wrong. Realizing you’ve done something racist is a stomach-churning reality check. Have the courage to face it. Don’t run from it.

2. INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR WAYS YOU’RE NOT RACIST, LOOK FOR WAYS THAT YOU *ARE*. It’s comforting and tempting to itemize the ways in which we’re open-minded. See #1 again. Don’t let yourself be comfortable. Instead, look for what you do and ways you contribute to fandom racism. Maybe it’s reblogging or creating gif sets that leave out main characters of color. Maybe it’s forgetting to include them in your fanfiction, even when they would rightfully be there. Maybe it’s reducing them to stereotypes or caretakers for white characters. Maybe it’s ‘shipping the white leads with anyone but the POC around them. Maybe it’s accusing POC fans of “starting drama” when they discuss racism. Look at your actions and be honest with yourself.

3. PUT IN THE EFFORT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH POC CHARACTERS. Here’s the thing: It’s easy for us to fall in love with white male heroes and villains. It’s what we’ve been training for all our lives, with every movie, television show, and book we’ve ever enjoyed. Media *encourages* us to love white men. So yes, falling in love with a character of color will be harder, and it probably won’t “just happen.” So, truly look at Finn and Poe, at Cassian Andor and Bodhi. Truly look at Luke Garroway and Magnus Bane, at Luke Cage, at Iris West and James Olsen, at Michonne. Seek out ways to connect with their feelings and their stories. Look at them as full-hearted, three-dimensional human beings. Force yourself to become obsessed with them. If you do this, I would be absolutely shocked if you don’t fall in love with one of them.

4. LISTEN TO POC FANS. Yes, even if they’re angry and call you names. For my research, I spend a lot of time on blogs that talk about hating white people, hating white fans, hating white feminists. The language is furious and vitriolic. So what? They have every right to be angry. Instead of judging their anger, LISTEN to it. Try to be better. Don’t say “not all white fans,” or “not all white people.” Instead, try to be a better white person. Be a better white fan. Be a white fan who is brave enough to look at themselves and truly be an ally. Do not silence POC fans. I promise you: Listen, and you’ll realize they’re not overreacting.

5. REMEMBER THAT “ALLY” IS A VERB. Our thoughts count for nothing. It’s our actions that speak for us. Maybe you’ve read all this and you still want to insist that you’re not racist. Okay. But your actions might be. Challenge the stereotypes that exist in your head, learn to identify them as stereotypes and be willing to hold yourself and other white fans accountable.

6. REPEAT STEPS 1-5 FOREVER. We cannot cure our internalized white supremacy in a weekend. This is a forever gig. But it’s one of the most worthwhile tasks you can ever give yourself. Want to feel like you’re changing the world? Here’s where it starts.

Inevitably there’s more to add to this list. I’m always learning, but I thought it might be useful to share a few of these steps I’ve learned along the way. I love fandom. I believe profoundly in the transformative power of fanfiction, fan creations, and the friendships forged through our shared love of media.

I believe we can become BETTER PEOPLE through fandom. But it will not happen without our willingness to be transformed.

im sick of people being so ignorant abt asian people and asia in general. we are not!!! all!!! the !!! same !!!!! some kid today claimed that the japanese and chinese languages “are basically the same” right in my face !!!!! why do ppl think racism against asian people doesnt exist!!! why is everyone so ignorant??? why are we never discussed in the media?? why r racist jokes against us a casual funny thing?? why r we basically lumped in w white ppl.. FUCK your model minority idea!!! fuck the idea that only east asia exists and there is only ONE ASIAN CULTURE. just one?? do ppl not understand that asia is fucking huge. there r so many cultures and languages and ppl and yet we r all lumped into one and our women r treated like were all fair skinned small eyed black haired delicate girls and we r fetishized and sexualized so much. treated like were exotic creatures, objects for white men. r representation in the media is shit and r problems r never discussed and im just. sick of it

what continues to amaze me about trump supporters is if you ask them to explain why they voted for trump they cant give an answer besides I hated Hillary more. 

And then they cant even explain why they hate Hillary. I asked a kid in my class today who voted for trump (a white middle class college boy) why he didn’t like Hillary and I told him to do it without saying the word email or the word women.

He couldn’t do it. He literally had no reason as to why he voted for Trump besides “he’ll be a better president” and “clinton is a liar”


Not a single trump supporter i’ve ever talked to can explain to me why they voted for trump. Not one. They talk themselves through circles because even they know they don’t have a reason. 

We judged a woman on the merits of her husband and held her to a higher standard then her opponent. The same opponent who trashed every known minority and whose approval rating still went up.Because of this a racist cheeto is now going to be our president. 

We must remain strong and we must remain together. We are alive and we will survive. Maybe it wont be as bad as we expect. We must have hope for a better future because without hope we will fall apart. 

I just want to reiterate: The only thing that unified the people who voted for Trump was their proximity to (or identification with) whiteness.  White Latinx exist, anti-black poc exist, white identified black people exist, white women mainly voted for Trump, etc.  Do not start combing through minority groups and try to find the one to blame for this election like we did with Prop 8.  We cannot afford that kind of behavior now, remember that treating certain minorities like they are expendable is one reason why we’re in this position right now. 

Its better to organize and practice actual solidarity than it is to pay lip service to liberalism while we try to find who to throw under the bus. 

Two things 


To our white “allies” Please do not come into our fucking inbox with the “we know you’re mad and you have every right to be but please don’t lump us in with white people” okay?? Like if what we are saying doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply to you!

When I read stuff about the Black community and Black people are like “Black people protect Black men over Black women/girls all the time and that’s why rape and pedophilia is such a problem in our community” I do not go into anyone’s inbox like “don’t lump  me in with the rest of the Black people” because I know that’s not me! I know it’s not so it doesn’t bother me! 

Like please do not fucking as us to hold your hands and coddle you with this stuff not right fucking now alright.


For those of you that have or will come into our inbox asking what you as white people can do to help us I will be reblogging some post I saw today or tomorrow for y’all to go through. Or maybe some of our followers want to respond to that on this post. Just stay tuned.

mod v

So I just wanna help y'all understand something about southern stereotypes:

  • Southern gentlemen are kind, courteous, and protective of women and children. They are often Christian and proud of their southern heritage. Men referred to as southern gentlemen often have more refined etiquette.
  • Rednecks are basically southern gentlemen without the refined etiquette. They take pride in industry, which is why their yards are often reminiscent of salvage yards-they plan on using most of the things there and are just waiting for the time to complete their projects. They do like to hunt, but they are respectful in doing so. They are hardworking people.
  • White trash have none of the characteristics of southern gentlemen. They are arrogant, belligerent, and like to cheat the system. Their yards look like junkyards-they have no intention of doing anything with any of that stuff, they just couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. They hunt out of season, teach their kids racism and abusive tendencies, and do their best to avoid work. These are the people who you see collecting welfare checks and never working.
  • Hillbillies are just rural folks from the hills or mountains who don’t interact much with society. They may have any mixture of good or bad traits.
  • Hicks are rural folks who are regarded as unintelligent.
  • Country boys/girls are raised in the South, usually outside cities, and while they vary in their manners, beliefs, and such, they are generally accustomed to hard labor.

So basically most southern stereotypes have been morphed and merged in the eyes of people from elsewhere.

When it comes to country girls y'all have taken the idea of a young woman who has been raised on a farm, works hard, and is proud of her efforts and roots and tried your best to replace it with the image of a city girl who wishes that she were living in the country because she thinks that marrying a country boy sounds romantic.

Also, although most of y'all think that everyone in the South is horribly racist, know this: those of us who are truly proud of southern culture are proud of everything from the Mexican and African to the French and German cultures that have come together to create our culture.

And it’s frankly offensive that y'all merge the ideas of rednecks and white trash when you think of the South, because while rednecks are pretty uncommon as you go North, white trash are in no short supply anywhere around the world.

this whole “Alistair isn’t biracial!!” thing is so ridiculous to me because like, imagine for a minute that you’re right. Fiona is lily-white and Alistair just happens to tan well.

…now what? Do you need to go yell at people who HC him as biracial? why can’t you just go play Inquisition where they’re both pale and washed out? What in the world could you POSSIBLY gain from insisting that Alistair isn’t biracial? why do you need to argue with the kind of small segment of fandom that reads him as biracial? just go away.

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Why do you like Seb so much? Like I just saw some gift of him in that new thing he's doing and him with long hair reminds me why I'm mostly attracted to women! He can't pull that long hair off! Stop wasting your time over basic white boys!

babe, i can’t help it, i see him and i want him to throw me in the backseat of his 64 pontiac while marvin gaye plays from the car radio 

it’s truly what my heart wants right now

name any other group that devotes as much of its time to their ‘dateability’ or’acceptance’ in dating pools as the trans community does. i can’t, because most activists have a lot bigger fish to fry - and honestly, so do trans people! so why are you focusing on this? and why further, when we call you out on it, do you THEN bring up the bathroom laws, the healthcare roadblocks, the discrimination laws, the token trans women of color that you rattle on and on about whilst being (largely) white and middle class and therefore completely divorced from any of the real concerns the most marginalized amongst you face? why aren’t you devoting your energy into these things, instead of making terf lists and smug posts about ‘cisbians’ and the cotton ceiling? sounds like - maybe - you don’t actually care about those things, and maybe those aren’t the things that are actually affecting you. it sounds like you’re co-opting the struggles of others to support your argument that you’re oppressed because no one will match with you on tinder

People seriously need to calm down about this Pewdiepie drama and death to all jews thing.

It was meant as a joke, but went a bit over board, that’s all. He is not racist and it would be wrong to call him that because of a simple little ‘mistake’.

And about the N-word, like seriously…? If he was black it would have been fine but since he is white everyone feel extremly offended for some reason. I know that it’s a 'bad’ word but why do black people still use it then and still get mad when whites do it?

And then people also say that he’s a rich egotistical asshole that only cares about himself and that has lifted himself up through other people… Last month, he and the rest of Revelmode donated over a million to RED for fighting AIDS, he does charity livestreams every now and then, loves his fans and has worked very hard to get to where he is today. Stop being ignorant.

This is dark humor, it is not supposed to be taken seriously and is funny because it can be so fucking brutal so can everyone calm their tits and just move on, jeez…

DNA vs. Appearance - What determines your race in society?

What do you do and where are you accepted when you come out looking different than what your DNA suggests? Does DNA and family become irrelevant based on ones skin color or social experiences?

To get started, let’s take someone like alternative/pop artist Halsey for example. I’ve noticed she’s becoming a popular thing, so why not. This is Halsey:

Her mother is white. Her father is black. This is what she came out looking like. I’m gonna touch on a lot different things in this post. Get a bowl of popcorn ready. Let’s get into it.

Keep reading

Do you know what makes sick? People who think it’s okay to look at other people and tell them they aren’t valid enough or good enough or worth a shit because their skin isn’t white, their sexuality isn’t straight, they aren’t wealthy or they are in a mixed relationship. That’s fucked up and let me tell you why.

THEYRE A FUCKING PERSON. And it’s none of your business what they do or what they look like.

Have these people never thought about, oh, I don’t know, learning about a person or their culture instead of ‘oh, he’s black he’s a gang banger’ or 'Mexican? Immigrant stealing my tax dollars.’ Or 'she’s a what? A bisexual? No, she’s horny and will sleep with anyone. She is experimenting.’ And then they ask why your eyes are rolling into the back in your head as you try not to slap an ignorant bitch. So I’m going to tell you a truth that everyone deserves to hear.

Your sexuality is valid. Being closeted is valid. Being out and proud is valid. Being a man or woman (and both or neither) when you weren’t 'born that way’ *eye rolls indefinitely because yes you were* is valid.
Your skin colour is beautiful and not worth any less.
Don’t let the saying “Love is blind” apply to an interracial relationship, learn about your partners culture and respect it.
You are a human being and if anyone ever treats you differently, you don’t deserve it.
You are much more than a doll in people’s lives for them to stick with pins and make dance, and I’m sorry there are people out that make you feel unsafe or differently.

Lets talk about @axisofhope’s comments on this post.

Have you also noticed how there are no riots?

You know I have noticed that. It’s really disconcerting. White people will riot for the most useless things like sports games and pumpkin related stuff but somehow when one of your own is brutally tortured y’all aren’t out in the streets for that person.

It’s just so strange to me because as Black people we for the most part refuse to let the violent treatment of our fellow Black people go unanswered for when it comes to this kind of stuff so like I can’t understand why white people won’t do the same. Like why are y’all so apathetic towards yourselves?

On a more serious note, why do y’all expect us [Black people] to go and start protests and riots for you? Why do you expect our emotional and physical labor when y’all refuse to do anything? Not to mention the riots and protests that happen happen because once someone is assaulted or murdered justice is rarely done. There is no question these four are going to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which they should be what they did was extremely heinous, but that was never gonna be a question because they are Black and the criminal justice system has no problem throwing the book at Black people whether they deserve it or not, which in this case they do.

@becauseithrewgasandamatchonher … thing is: every single day there are 2000 black on white acts of violence across the U.S. Amongst which 5 murders and the rape of 100 white women. They’re mostly covered up. You can’t just hide behind this single thing. You have no sense of proportion. And yes, kidnapping + torture + the anti-Trump aspect makes this event worse.

Regardless if that is true or not what does that have to do with blaming BLM with everything crime a Black person commits? Also source for your statement? A credible source if you don’t mind I don’t wanna waste my time with conservative biased trash.

And even if it is covered up whose fault is that? Not Black people’s. This addition to this post was useless.

I looked into this case you mentioned and it’s a whole lot of ‘allegedly’. Something did happen for sure, but most likely not what the culprits were accused of. So there.

I find it hilarious that you don’t recognize for one that’s how the media talks about crimes a lot of the time “the person allegedly did xyz”  and the state of Idaho found it credible enough to charge them with  “ forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object.” 

And I am going to tag this BLMkidnapping HOWEVER the term BLMkidnapping is completely wrong and guess the hell what? RACIST. There is no proof that BLM had anything to do with this and blaming BLM every time a Black person does something wrong is racist.

Also if you never talk about the murder, assault and torture of mentally disabled people but are doing so now in order to demonize BLM or any other group of Black people you’re being ableist.

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There are a lot of posts about fps and it never occurred to me that my uncanny ability to make one person my world could be a symptom. Even when I try not to do it bc I've been told that my old fp needed space and essentially cut me off I still end up making someone my fp. Is this a BPD thing you could explain. Like why do we do this

FPs are definitely a borderline thing, but can be a result of other mental illnesses or just general unhealthiness. 

We do this because of different reasons for different people. FPs can result from the borderline lack of object consistency, need to create our own personalities, and black and white borderline thinking. 

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people like to use their ignorance as a weapon, so really it is just malice disguised as ignorance. like, if you won't be nice to me for being an asshole i'm going to become an even bigger asshole and BLAME YOU FOR THE PROBLEMS I MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE AND COULD HAVE FIXED BY NOT BEING AN ASS problem is. how do you fix this fuckery. how do you stop people who proudly and willfully do this shit.

This is why I stopped nicely explaining things to assholes (pretty much white people). Because a lot of times they don’t actually care about the issues. They just want to start shit


anonymous asked:

on the whole "white genocide" thing -- why do people care? itd be one thing if what they were complaining about was people actively calling for the execution of an entire demographic, but thats. absolutely not whats happening and i do not comprehend why this is so urgent to anyone?? its not like culture and tradition are suddenly gonna stop existing just bc everyones kids are mixed lmao, nothings being lost. what are these people so afraid of?

I don’t know. I honestly can’t understand being concerned that in twenty or so generations time there might be nobody left who’s a ~pure blood~ of any of what we currently consider the races. So what? That’s kinda how evolution and genetic diversity works.

The differences between human races are barely worth noting and they blur at the edges, and skin colour is actually less of a difference than other things (facial structure, for example) - like, there are some non-white people who are more genetically and physically similar to white people than they are to other people who are the same colour as them but from another part of the planet, because their ancestry is so completely different. It’s a lot more complicated than just black, white and brown when you get into the actual biology - and ultimately the differences are practically insignificant or negligible, especially when compared to other genetic differences that are nothing to do with race. There are trends within the races, but overall the differences between individuals and the effects of environmental factors are vastly more important.

To me it’s like being concerned that people are getting taller on average and deciding that you only want to breed with short people so that you can preserve the short race. Bitch, you were gonna be dead by the time it disappeared anyway, and why does it matter? Like, why the hell does it matter what people are going to look like in the future? I can’t fathom it. Like, you should want to have kids with a person who you love, who you trust to help you raise kids, who you can tolerate the snoring of for the next fifty years. And, on top of that, what are these “preserve phenotypes” people gonna do? Raise their kid to think like them and hope they’ll do the same for their kid and other white people out there will be doing the same, or just accept that the kid might go on to marry a black person and undo all of their hard work? Short of having closed off communities and a genetic disaster, or forcing it on a national or international level, there’s no way to maintain it in the long run. End of the day, you’re gonna be happier on your death bed if you’re looking back at a life with people you loved, rather than a life with someone who seemed genetically appropriate but turned out to have a darn brown eyes gene hiding somewhere in there that ruined your perfect ayrian sprog. You’re gonna achieve your dreams if your dream is to live the best life for you, but if it’s to preserve a skin colour in the future not only will you not succeed, but you won’t even live to see the fruits of your labour.

I just cannot understand being concerned about it. It doesn’t matter how people are born looking in three hundred years, it really doesn’t. What matters is being happy now. And like you said, as long as nobody’s calling for execution or treating people as second class citizens or stopping them breeding, it doesn’t matter. Nobody should care if you get with a white person or a black person or whatever, regardless of which you are. It’s nobody’s business.

~ Vape

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You have no problem with cultural appropriation of Clarke and her dreads? Why just the problem with Lexa? And what about the white savior and her knight racist themes. If you think Lexa is toxic because of problematic writing you have to apply the same to Clarke. Which means you can't ship bellarke

Firstly, if you don’t want bitchy little messages like this to show up in your own fandom’s tag, you really should put a / or . in Le.xa to obscure the name. I always do, because it’s the polite thing to do, so it doesn’t go into her tag for people who do like her. when this does show up in the tags now, its your own goddamn fault.

the ask I got was about Le.xa specifically, so I was talking about her. spoiler alert!!! that’s how it usually works here on tumblr.hell. yes, I do have a problem with Clarke’s dreads. I also have a problem with how grounder culture is based on poc and hindu culture, but is largely made up of white actors. I have a problem with Lincoln embodying the ‘noble savage’ trope and Octanakin lecturing him on his own culture. there’s lots of ~problematic~ things about t100 that I don’t like, but that’s not what I was being asked, and as a white person it’s not really my place to talk about these problems unless I’m specifically asked. there’s plenty of posts out there explaining why all of these things are offensive, I’m sure you can find them if you take a break from leaving anons for no reason and go to look. 

secondly, you can realize the problematic aspects of a ship and still ship it. I’m fully aware of the harmful princess/knight trope in terms of bellarke. I don’t like it, but I also can appreciate the good parts of their relationship. I enjoy what they could be. I enjoy them at their best, when they’re working as a team, as equals, and the strength of them as a partnership. I can enjoy fanon bellarke which fixes the mistakes in terms of the canon writing. it’s possible to be critical of a thing and still enjoy it - and you SHOULD be critical of what you watch - because recognising errors and their harmful affects is important to the next generation of writers and content creators doing better. that’s what I believe.

Thirdly, I can ship what I bloody well want to. that’s not your place to dictate, just like I never said you cannot ship c.lexa, only that I personally don’t and dislike the ship because I was ASKED for MY opinion. shocker!!! people can have different opinions. people can disagree. as long as you’re not bullying or promoting something that could be harmful, I don’t give a flying monkeys what your opinion is. and you should feel the same about mine. maybe next time you should hop off your high horse before you decide to send people anons and ask yourself two things: is this opinion personally harming me or others? will sending this contribute something positive to my experience here on tumblr.hell?

if the answer to both is no, maybe you should just let it go next time, bud. have a good day!