why do we sit and take it

That Stupid Leather Jacket

(prompt: imagine Jason lets you borrow his leather jacket, but forgets to take it back before it’s too late.)

ii. all we do is drive.

Even now, sitting in the passenger’s seat, Y/N still can’t believe she actually left with a boy she’d just met.

Her pearly whites clash together in a brutal brawl, gnawing and gnashing. Her fingers bury themselves between her thighs. Despite the heater flooding the car with warmth, Y/N trembles in her seat. Anxiety claws at her throat, her chest, stings in her eyes. Why had she done this? This was so stupid. This man could kidnap her, finesse her right out of the state, the country even. But don’t people do this all the time? One night stands, right?

The woman seethes silently. Her eyes narrow accusingly at the driver. It’s all his stupid fault. With all his charm and sarcasm and sexiness– there’s something so irritatingly addicting about him that takes her apart and puts her back together all in one fell swoop.

“What’s with the staring?”

Y/N practically flies out of her own skin as she comes eye to eye with the prettiest blue she’s ever seen in her life. “H-Huh?”

Jason raises a brow. How had this girl not noticed she’d been staring at him since he helped her into the car 20 minutes ago? She’d been gazing mighty hard too.

He snorts softly, tongue peaking out to flick across his bottom lip. His eyes shift back to the road, millions of different thoughts swarming his mind. Does she find him attractive? Jason’s hand tightens on the steering wheel and his legs shift. He can’t help but wonder if she’s drawn to him the way he’s drawn to her.

“Alright, princess. What ever floats your boat.” Her body slides towards the window, bringing his eyes back to her. He subconsciously slows the car’s pace as he glances over her for the hundredth time that night. His eyes fall from her softly chattering teeth, to her shaking arms, and lastly to the hands captured between her legs.

Y/N brings her eyes up from the radio to Jason’s face, wide eyed and concern dancing with words across her tongue. “What’s–”

Before she can really tell what’s happening, or even get her question through her teeth, his leather jacket’s being slung around her shoulders- or, more accurately, one of her shoulders and half of her head - awkwardly and Jason’s hand is turning the heat on just a little higher.


“Sorry I didn’t notice sooner.” He mutters, leaning back into the driver’s seat and presses on the gas pedal with just a bit more force.

His action soothes her edginess and her quivering gradually stops. She slowly rights the jacket and submits to the desperately needed warmth, completely incapable of stopping the smile that spreads across her mouth.

She thinks she tastes something sweet.


“This is me,” Y/N announces, fingers almost blind in searching for the seat belt buckle.

The girl grabs her belongings, steps out of the car, and then scurries up her driveway.

Before opening the door, she turns around to face her savior. He’s watching her with expectant eyes.

“Thank you!“ She presses into the door just a little more. “I really love you for this, Jason.” His name tastes just as sweet as it sounds. She wants to say it again and again.

He smirks, smug with himself at her declaration of appreciation. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodbye, Jason.”

With a heavy heart, she waves him off and listens as the rumble of the car fades and fades and fades.

Y/N curses with a groan and reaches under the welcome mat to grab the spare key to the house.

She steps into the house and drops all of her stuff into a neat little pile on the floor. On her journey to the bedroom, Y/N kicks off her heels and then sheds out of Jason’s leather jacket. As she plops onto the bed, she makes a mental note to at least call the girls to make sure she that they got home safely-


Y/N spins around, eyes wide with shock and confusion.

Jason’s jacket.

What to do when you really don’t want to study.

I think we’ve all been there - the class is important and you know you need to study but when you sit down you end up feeling grOSS AND YOU don’t want to. So here are some tips to overcoming that:

 Take a deep breath and reevaluate why you need to study. Try to stay positive.

  • When I’m not motivated I keep saying things like “what if I just don’t do it?” And then - surprise! - I end up not studying and suffer/regret it later. When coming up with reasons to study, try to keep it positive. Don’t say things like “if I don’t study I’ll fail the class.” Instead, say things like “if I study, I have a better chance at doing well on the exam. Future-me will be so proud of current-me.”
  • If you truly cannot find a single reason to study, set your studying aside for later and do another productive activity or take a long break.

Drill it into your mind that you really don’t need motivation to do well.

  • Even if you find the reason to study, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are very motivated. Sometimes we feel like no motivation = unable to study. This isn’t true.
  • Make a deal with yourself. Try studying for ten minutes. And actually try to study. If by the end of ten minutes you feel like you can continue studying, great! Keep going! If not, then you can take a break and do something else.

Choose a study scheduling method that works for you.

  • Some people feel great studying for hours on end once they get in "the zone.” Others feel the need to take quick breaks every half hour. Studying and scheduling methods are different for everybody! Play around with scheduling to find out what works for you.
  • In high-stress times, work (studying, assignments, etc.) can feel pretty overwhelming. To organize all the stuff you have to do, write it down! This takes some of the stress of remembering tasks off from your brain, so that your brain can focus on the more crucial things.
    • If you’re making a to-do list, keep the general list short. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by too many tasks. (You can keep sub-lists on separate paper/sticky notes to break down each task.)
    • If you’re making a time-table, keep your schedule loose. Give yourself buffer time to complete each task, just in case you overestimated your efficiency.
    • It’s totally okay to overestimate efficiency! - ifyou do, you learn more about yourself and how you study best.

Small (pomodoro) breaks

  • Pomodoro technique in a nutshell: 25 minute blocks of working with 5 minute breaks in between. Feel free to change the length of the blocks according to your preferences! During your breaks, you can
    • Get more water
    • Get snacks
    • Make tea/coffee
    • Stretch
    • Do a tiny bit of yoga
    • Walk around the room/building
    • Stretch
    • Five-minute meditation
    • Head massage
  • Try to avoid looking at a screen. When you look at a screen, you stimulate your brain and it won’t get its rest. Also, the internet might suck you in and your break could last longer than intended. (cough tumblr)

Long breaks

  • Sometimes I really really really really reALLY don’t want to study. Or do anything. And I feel kind of gross and am on the verge of a mental breakdown. If you feel this way, stop.
  • Take a hella deep breath. And another one. One more. Aaaaand one more just for good measure.
  • Get away from your desk. I associate desk with studying, so getting away from it helps me relax. Lie down on a bed, or move to a different room if you can. If you can get near a window, try looking into the distance to relax your brain and eyes.
  • Breathe for a couple of minutes, then evaluate how you feel. Again, try to stay positive. Instead of “I feel shitty and I don’t want to do anything,” try “I feel tired right now and resting can help me feel better.”
  • Based on this evaluation, estimate the amount of time you need to rest. If you have a lot of studying to do, try to keep it under an hour. Set a timer for the amount of time you have decided on. (remember to include buffer time!) Getting back to work on time can make you feel more productive, which conduct better productivity!
  • During a long break, do an activity that makes you feel good and takes your mind off studying. You can
    • Take a long walk. If you live near a park or a trail, try strolling around in it.
    • Eat healthy food. Junky comfort food can make you feel groggy, especially foods that are fried. Instead, try eating some fruits or nuts.
    • Take a shower/bath
    • Talk with a friend
    • Make some art
    • Enjoy a long coffee break. (avoid caffeine if you feel anxious/panicky, though)
    • Play with a pet
    • Take a power nap
    • Longer meditation/yoga
  • Again, try to avoid looking at screens. Also, avoid thinking about studying. Let yourself have the luxury of NOT THINKING ABOUT STUDYING for a while, so you can return to it with a fresh mind.

Mental health days

  • Sometimes everything is just too much and you might feel the need to stop everything for a day. If so, take a mental health day!
  • Think of mental health days as physical health days. If your body isn’t feeling well, you are allowed to stay in bed and sleep/not do anything for a day. Similarly, if your mind isn’t feeling well, you are also allowed to stay in bed and sleep/not do anything for a day.
  • Let your parents and teachers know that you don’t feel well and can’t go to school. From my experience, most teachers are pretty understanding and will let you have the day off. (You might have some work to make up later, though.)
  • Do not study on mental health days. Don’t even think about studying on mental health days. Instead, just focus on getting better. You can
    • Sleep in
    • Clean your room
    • Take a super long bath, complete with bath bombs and candles
    • Watch a good movie
    • Read a good book
    • Sing your favorite songs really loudly
    • Literally anything that (IS HEALTHY and) makes you feel good about yourself.

Study groups can keep you going, even when you kind of don’t want to

  • Setting up a time (like a date!) can keep you on track
  • Study with someone you trust to keep you accountable. Don’t study with someone you know you’re going to gossip or watch cat videos with.
  • If you really feel the need to cancel a study date, it’s ok! Just like canceling any kind of date, it’s 100% okay to back out if you feel uncomfortable.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy studying!

Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?

Okay book fans I get it, you are mad. We heard it all through season 1. Why do you continue watching it and hating on it if the writers, the producers, literally everyone and their mom has said they will differ from the books.. Just like don’t watch? Go sit in the corner with a cup of tea, take a chill pill, enjoy your books… Let us have our show please. I get it when people say the books “changed your life” but have you ever considered maybe the show does the same thing for people? Im tired of seeing all this hate like chill please.

idk i really want jacob to just one day question newt “don’t you have anything normal like a dog???” and newt is just like “no??? why would i that’s a muggle pet.”

this is newt scamander we are talking about. he grew up around magical beasts. his mother breeded hippogriffs. of course he’s heard of dogs before but why would he be interested in them?? do they deliver messages like owls??? no. so of course newt asks “are they dangerous, what do they do??”

what do they do???? jacob is very confused. “…they sit on your lap…?” by this point he doesn’t know if newt is just screwing with him or if he’s never interacted with a dog besides seeing them on the street.

jacob takes newt to the kennel and his heart breaks. newt doesn’t care that these animals arent magical or partially fantastic like his beasts. he just can’t stand that people actually abandon these cute little things???? how are muggles so heartless????

jacob is slowly realizing his mistake cause now newt wants to adopt every single dog in the kennel. newt is adamant. “jacob i have all the space needed. they can run around in great fields all day instead of being locked in a cage. im sure they’d get along nicely with the others, too!!”

eventually jacob talks newt down because for one newt can’t just stuff all these dogs in his suitcase in the kennel and there is no way they are walking out of there with twenty dogs between the two of them. and two??? dogs probably look tasty to a lot of newts creatures??? newt is offended no one would touch these dogs hes a good mum he raised his magical beasts better than that.

but newt won’t leave without adopting at least one. he walks up and down the cages for what seems like hours. it isn’t easy to chose one and condemn all the others to being stuck in their tiny cages.

but eventually, newt picks one. the biggest, meanest looking dog. it snarls at newt and jacob when they approach it and its fur is matted and dirty all over. the owner even warns against if that “this mutt should just be put down its so ugly and nasty”

well now newt is personally offended and adopts the dog right there. the dog nearly bites his hands and legs multiple times and jacob refuses to walk next to it but newt is happy.

it takes him a lot of hard work and time but the dog eventually comes to love newt and is extremely loyal to him. the dog is the biggest baby around newt omg he’s so affectionate and grateful for saving him from the kennel. he’ll cover newt with sloppy kisses as a greeting and collapse at his feet demanding attention.

just please give me newt and a whole bunch of rescue dogs

A list of random dumb AUs
  • “We were all given assigned seats on our bus because shit went down too many times and now you’re my seat buddy and I don’t want the rest of the year to be awkward”
  • “I always see you in the mall I work at and you always look upset so I made you some cookies now cheer up, Mr. Grumpypants”
  • “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar”
  • “It’s 3am and you’re the only person in McDonald’s right now and why do I have to work the night shift”
  • “My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of his pet fish but it died and you work at the pet store help me find one that looks the same so he won’t notice" 
  • "We’re sitting in a food court and I can see you staring at me so what’s your fucking deal- wait are you drawing me?”
  • “We’re always both in the apartments’ fitness center at 3 am”
  • “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you”
  • “You’ve walked past the bakery I work at and stared longingly at one of the pies at least 4 times today I’ll buy it for you if you just stop”
  • “I’m not actually the person you were set up on a blind date with but I was eating alone and you asked if I was someone else and wow you’re cute so of course I said yes and now you think my name is something it isn't”
  • “My destination was actually a few blocks back but you are the most interesting uber driver I’ve had so I changed it to spend more time with you but I seriously do need to be somewhere else so can you turn around”
  • “You parked in the parking space I always use so I wrote a note and put it on your car and you put one on mine the next day and now we have been writing notes for over a week just tell me your phone number to make this easier”
  • “People used to tell us we should date and now we graduate in like two weeks and I am starting to agree with them so can I have your number before I never see you again”
  • “We both came here to buy the same movie but there is only one dvd left let’s split the cost and watch it together I have popcorn at home”
  • “I took advice from my friend and pretended to trip in front of you to get your attention except I fell harder than I thought and now my arm is broken can you drive me to the doctor please”
  • “We are both too short to see well at this concert so how about we alternate sitting on each other’s shoulders, we can switch every song or something”
  • “My friend bet me 20 bucks that I wouldn’t walk up to a random underclassman and ask them to senior prom and I’m about to be 20 dollars richer and, no, that doesn’t invalidate the question, you’re actually really cute”
  • “Somehow every time I have a dentist appointment you do too and you always sit next to me in the waiting room and ask me ‘what are you in for’ as if we are in prison and this has been happening for almost two years who are you”
  • “I play the guitar on a street corner sometimes for some extra cash and you usually give me a dollar or two but today you brought a violin and joined in? And we made almost three times what I usually do holy shit you’re talented”
  • “I’ve worked at this dollar store for 3 years and you are the first person I’ve ever had to kick out, what are you, fourteen?”
Cover Up (Jimin x Reader)

Holidays are a mess. So are you. So are your friends. And so is Jimin (especially him).

a holiday collaboration with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

JOIE DE VIVRE | Yoongi + Hoseok | Namjoon | Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Jin

2.3k words, jimin/reader, fluff, college au.

You’ve decided.

You need new friends.

Better friends, friends that don’t sit behind you and take advantage of your incurable crush on the guy who sits next to you, that don’t continue to tease you, and definitely don’t do what they’re doing right now.

“Hey, Jimin,” Byulyi says, teasingly, through the space between computers. “Your girlfriend says she wants shoes for Christmas.” Beside her, Hwasa snorts and you turn to them, red-faced and exasperated.


“Wait, do you want shoes for Christmas?”

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Youngbin as your boyfriend

A/N: I got a request to do this and I’m procrastinating my school work so here you go :))

  • Very typical boyfriend
  • The type to be like “Don’t worry, babe, I got you”
  • Random hugs all the time
  • You are the mother of 8 children be aware
  • All of SF9 bully him for being sappy around you
  • He comes with you when you go shopping, but only because you ask him veeeery sweetly
  • “Can we eat soon?”
  • “I’m not done yet, Youngbin”
  • “But I’m hungry”
  • “I need new underwear”
  • Suddenly he’s interested in your shopping
  • He likes being alone with you a lot
  • Just the two of you, talking about random things
  • Plus he can do skinship without being bullied 
  • He loves having you sit on top of him on the couch, his hands running up and down your sides
  • “What are you looking at?”
  • “You.”
  • “I can tell, but why?”
  • “Because you’re gorgeous”
  • Loves to take you places, like he’ll take you on a weekend holiday for your birthday
  • Because, and I quote him: “You deserve it”
  • You’re probably best friends with the hyungline in SF9
  • You can’t even count the times you’ve put pranks on Youngbin with Dawon
  • He’s usually very quiet about his feelings but every once in a while he’ll rant to you about his worries because he really really trusts you
  • Btw you guys have a really nice and healthy sex life (aka. you get down a few times a week)
  • And that’s all I’m going to say about that part uuuuhm 
  • Outside dates where you go to markets and share food
  • Half of SF9 joined your date
  • You complain about them being loud and Youngbin apologizes for it
  • At one point Rowoon puts his arm around you and Youngbin gets silently jealous even though Rowoon is just being friendly
  • Youngbin might kiss you a little harder than usual when you get home
  • But really he means well because he just always wants you to know that he is yours and only yours and he needs to make sure it’s mutural :))

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Obvious - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Obvious 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,126

Warnings: None

Prompt: I’d love a fic where Dean has a huge crush on reader and when she starts getting flirty with Cas then he acts all jealous and just hugs her when she won’t shut up about his obvious jealousy!

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“Hey Dean, uh where is Sam?” you frowned taking a look around you as you were able to spot only Dean there, sulking as he really liked to do lately.

“Supply run.” he grumbled clicking furiously on his computer, fact that made you raise an eyebrow.

“Then why didn’t you ask me if I wanted something?” you blinked, sitting next to Castiel as Dean still kept a clenched jaw and stared at his computer screen.

“Would have, if you two weren’t so busy. So we thought it would be better to not interrupt.” he huffed looking up at you and particularly Castiel. Although you could really call it a glare more than anything else.

“Interrupt what?” Castiel frowned and you shrugged at him.

“I don’t know.” you mumbled glancing at Dean who was angrily taking a sip of his beer “It’s not like we were having sex. Only heavily making out.” and of course he choked on it. You had such a hard time keeping a snicker in when he gave you that look of disbelief, his eyes wide in total shock.

“Easy tiger.” you giggled “I am just kidding… sort of.” you mumbled as he gave you a hard look.

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dark hospital starters

“This is torture…”
”They said it’d only take one operation… but I’m still here and that was three years ago.”
”Welcome, you’re never going to see daylight again.”
“I just want to get out. I don’t care whether I’m better or not.”
“How do I know you’re real?”
“What have they done to me?!”
”What have they done to you?!”
“I want this to stop! I want to go home!”
“Sit still and count to ten, it will all be over soon…”
“Take your medicine and you’ll feel better, I promise.”
”I don’t think the ‘cure’ they keep talking about exists… I think we’re doomed.”
”Now, look at me and stay calm. This’ll only hurt a bit.”
”Why are you strapped to this fucking bed?! What are they doing to you?!”
”Look at me. Can you tell me how many fingers I’m holding up?”
”I thought so, you definitely need more surgery.”
”We’re just very curious… and you won’t live to see another day anyway, so you might as well give it a shot.”
”Something went wrong… I think you’re blind.”
”There are rumours going around that you’re next.”
”If I’d known this was what I was signing up for, I would’ve rather died at home.”
”So, how long have you been here for?”
”For this treatment you’ll need to undress first.”
”Why don’t you just let me go? We both know there’s no cure for this.”
”Open up wide and let me look inside.”
”I’m not going to lie, this will hurt a lot, but it’s the only way to help you.”
”You almost didn’t make it… but I saved your life.”
”Look at the light. Ah, I see… I think I’ll need to do something about that look in your eyes.”
”No, anaesthetics won’t work on you, that’s why I don’t use them. I’m very sorry about that.”
”Let me see what happens when I do this….”
”Can you handle more? I really want to try something else…”
”Maybe you’ll have visitors next week.”
”What happened to your arm? What did they do this time?”
”Oh my god! I can’t even look at you… What happened?!”
“They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.”

i just want a girlfriend that’ll lay around with me. ill wear her favourite lingerie on me and she can wear my favourite boxers on her. or vice versa. we can talk, and laugh, and cuddle. i want someone to intertwine my fingers with when i’m lonely at night, someone to turn over to so i can brush her hair out of the way and just admire her beauty for awhile. i’ll look at her everyday with love in my eyes and honesty in my heart, with everything that i could possibly give her. i want someone who makes my bad days not so bad, and my good days the best i’ve ever had, because i’ll do the exact same for her. i’ll never give up on her, even when her legs feel broken because her own sadness has washed over her; i’ll simply sit down with my arms encased around her and ask why she is so sad. when my mind cracks and breaks i want her to reassure me she’ll always love me, the way i’ll always love her. we’ll support each other, we won’t give up…we’ll take care of each other. and above all, i just want someone i can give all of my trust and love to.

The Lonely Tree (Part 9.5)

Word Count: 1162 because I have no self control apparently

Summary: Second half of the assignment (at rest) with Natasha

Warnings: Language, mischievous Nat

A/N: When did Steve Buscemi become such an important part of this story?? I didn’t plan for this… 

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“What do you mean you already told him I said yes?” Nat asked, smacking you on the back of the head.

“Ow! Hey, it won’t take that long! And we get the at rest part, so we literally won’t have to do anything!”

“So, what, he’s just going to sit in the corner and stare at us? That’s weird!”

“It’s not like we’ll be sitting in silence, Nat. He’s perfectly capable of talking and drawing at the same time.”

“Ooooo, I get to interrogate the man you’re in love with? Well, why didn’t you say so?” This mischief in her voice made you lift your head up from her shoulder to glare at her.

“I’m not in love with him!” you argued, but Nat just gave an unconvinced smirk and pinched your cheek.

“Babe, you tell him you love him all the time.”

“I do n – Wait, how do you – Nat! Have you been going through my phone again?”

“Just looking out for you, kid.” You swatted her hand away when she reached to ruffle your hair.

“I’m not in love with him, Nat!”

“That’s not what you tell him.”

“I tell you I love you all the time, that doesn’t mean I’m in love with you.”

“Well, damn, I already had a ring picked out.”

A knock at the door interrupted your disastrous conversation, and your eyes widened in panic.

“Nat, you better behave or I swear to – ”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Relax, I’ll be nice to lover boy,” she said with a grin as you slid off her bed to get the door. You glanced back at her with one last pleading expression as you unlocked the door.

“Hey, Stevie,” you greeted with a smile, stepping back to let him in.

“Hey! Hello, Natasha. Thank you for agreeing to help me with this,” he smiled politely at her.

“It turns out I can’t say no to Y/N, and she can’t say no to you,” Nat said, tilting her head and eyeing Steve carefully. “And you can call me Nat. Aren’t you going to get his coat, Y/N?”

“I – Yes, I was getting to that, thanks,” you stammered, shooting Nat a narrow look before reaching to tug Steve’s coat from his hands.

“Thank you,” he said quietly, watching you cross the room to hang it from a hook by your desk.

“No problem.”

Your hands were shaking a little, something that did not escape Natasha’s notice as her eyes darted back and forth between the two of you. You don’t know why you felt so nervous about this, but something in Nat’s eyes was making you want to get Steve out of here as soon as possible.

“Where do you want me?” Steve asked you uncertainly, glancing around the room.

“Just about everywhere, I would imagine,” Nat said quietly, eliciting a panicked glance from you.

“Um… here you can sit at my desk,” you blurted, turning your desk chair towards him and gesturing awkwardly towards it.

“It appears to be occupied, babe,” Nat snickered, biting down on her lip as your eyes just about popped out of your head seeing one of your bras draped over the back.

“Oh! Oh, god! I’m sorry!” you snatched up the offending garment and flung it into a drawer which you promptly slammed shut while Steve stared in wide-eyed determination at the ceiling.

You cleared your throat nervously and darted past him to throw yourself on Nat’s bed and curl up against her like you had been all afternoon. Nat stifled her laughter and ran her fingers through your hair comfortingly. For your part, you kept your eyes squeezed shut, ignoring the polite hum of conversation for a couple of minutes before you recovered a shred of your will to live. Once you tuned into the conversation, you wished you had stayed numb.

“Oh, yeah, we all have codenames. She hasn’t told you?”

“Natasha, don’t!”

“Why not? It’s a part of your life that needs to be shared. For the sake of friendship.”


“It’s what we all are in each other’s phones! What if something happens to you, and he needs to call me?”

“Fine, then tell him yours, but he doesn’t need to know mine.”

“What if you accidentally grabbed my phone instead of yours that day?”

“You’re telling me that you are worried about the eventuality of me passing out after having taken your phone…and in this scenario, the only solution to this problem is to call my phone?”


“This is what you’re going with? This is what you’re preparing him for?”


“I’m not talking you out of this, am I?”

“Not even a little bit.”

“And after all of this, now she has to tell me,” Steve said with a soft smile, glancing up at you.

“Not you too!”

“Hey, at least I’ll have something new to call you to get your attention.”

“Blackmail? Really, Steve?”

“Oh, I would pay so much money to hear you call her this,” Nat laughed gleefully.

“Get it over with,” you grumbled.

“So Y/N, Wanda, Maria, and I had a reunion over the summer, and alcohol was flowing freely. The next morning was a drag, but it was definitely worth it because we all came up with codenames for each other that night.”

“Worth it until now. I thought we agreed this was going to be a secret?” you cut in.

“Shut it. So, I became Paradigm of Perfection, Wanda became Ethereal Empress, Maria became Monster Slayin’ Mama, and our dear sweet friend here became –”

“Nat, please –”

“Delicious damsel.”

To his credit, Steve tried very hard not to laugh. He very calmly set down his sketchpad and pencil on your desk and leaned forward to brace his elbows on his knees and bury his face in his hands.

“Steve…” you said with a clear tone of warning.

“Give me a minute,” he said, the strain of withholding a laugh clear in his voice.

“It’s not funny,” you insisted while Nat clapped a hand over her mouth.

“No. Not funny at all,” Steve managed, emerging behind his hands with his bottom lip trapped securely between his teeth.

“I hate you both,” you whined, burying your face against Natasha. “Draw your damn picture, and get out of here, you traitor.”

Your response was enough to free the laughter Steve had been trying so hard to contain.

“Remember earlier when you asked me which Steve Buscemi was my type? The real one. Definitely the real one. The fake one is dead to me.”

He only laughed harder at your grumpy mumbling, and against your will you felt your lips curl upward into a reluctant smile at the sound. Natasha smiled too as she felt it where your face was pressed against her. Just this once, she remained mercifully silent.

Part 10

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Future Kids 2: 06

pairing: jiminxreader
length: 559 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids. 

jungkook | hoseok | seokjin | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi

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“It’s snow.” Your daughter yelled accompanied by a giggle. Jimin looked down at her smiling, clasping her small hand tightly as they were walking through the snow. The snow went half way up your daughter’s legs which was why she was taking big steps.

Eomma will be here soon. Shall we sit down on the bench.” Jimin asks, as they gradually made their way over to the bench. Jimin dusted off the snow that was currently sitting there, he pulled his daughter on his lap before kissing the back of her head. “You did well. Do you want a brother or a sister?”  

“A dog because then I can play with it.” Jimin chuckled to his daughter’s answer.

“We can’t keep a dog, maybe someday. Shall we make snow angels while we wait for eomma?” Jimin placed his daughter down in the snow. Looking up to him your daughter was confused, she didn’t know what snow angels were. “I’ll show you.”

Jimin lied down in the snow, sinking in ever so slowly. Then he started to move his arms and legs to form an angel. His daughter turned her head to the side looking at him strangely, deciding whether she wanted to try it or not.

She decided to.

Joining Jimin in the snow she moved her arms up and down. “That’s right.” Jimin smiled proudly, sitting back up he looked up behind him to see the snow angel he had formed. It hadn’t quite formed yet, going back down into the snow. He started to move again.

“What are you guys doing?” You ask as you walked up to them both, standing over them both as they were both making snow angels.

“Snow angels.” Your daughter giggled. You smiled at her as she sat back up, her hair was covered in snow as well as the back of her jacket. Jimin was even worse, as he sat up he shook all of the snow off getting some on your daughter as well.

“I’m sorry.” He brushed the snow off of your daughter, kissing her on the forehead as well; before the both of them stood up. “What did the hospital say?”

You pulled the sonogram out of your pocket, handing it over to Jimin. “Can you see it?” You wanted to laugh a little but Jimin noticed it straight away. His face had turned as red as a cherry and it was almost as if  he was having war flashbacks to something, which only made you laugh. “What are you thinking about?”

“An interview one time.” He had gone all embarrassed but soon pulled out of it when he picked up your daughter throwing her up into the air; to try and shake off some of his embarrassment, “You’re having a little brother.” Your daughter frowned a little but started to laugh as Jimin continuously threw her into the air.

“Stop! Stop! You’ll make her throw up.” You warned Jimin. He looked to you and finally stopped placing her back into the snow.

He turned to you now with his eyes full of love and happiness, a look that you had come to admire. He pulled you in closer to him, he looked around once before kissing you on the lips. Your cheeks started to warm, it was nice because of the cold weather.

“A boy.” He whispers.

Theory - Rantarou Amami - The Ultimate ???

Look, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been making way too many jokes about him, but right now, let’s get down to business. I’ll finally give a full serious AND honest analysis from what we know and see so far about him. First off, let’s take a look carefully at Rantarou’s artwork pose.  

Warning: Long Post!

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(The Talk) Part 1 of 2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Auggie leads Farkle into his room. Riley follows.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Why do you need to talk to Farkle?<p/><b>Auggie:</b> I have my reasons.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm staying.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> No.<p/><b></b> Auggie closes the door and locks it.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What are we going to talk about?<p/><b>Auggie:</b> (points to a small chair) Sit down!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (gulps) Ok.<p/><b></b> Farkle moves the chair closer to Auggie.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Are you going to tell-<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Shhhh! (Takes out a cell phone and calls someone) It's me. It finally happened. I need back up and bring him too.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Who are you talking to?<p/><b>Auggie:</b> You'll find out soon enough.<p/><b></b> They sit there awkwardly.<p/><b></b> Five minutes later.<p/><b></b> Auggie's window opens from the outside. Ava and Doy climb in.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Why are they here?<p/><b>Ava:</b> You don't ask the questions. We do. You got that?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (looks down) Yes.<p/><b>Doy:</b> You don't have to be mean to that doy.<p/><b>Ava:</b> We have to see if he's good enough for Riley.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No offense, but why do you care, Ava?<p/><b>Ava:</b> Because Auggie Doggie does. Ready for the toughest questions of your life?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I guess.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Doy, you start.<p/><b>Doy:</b> Are you a good doy or a bad doy?<p/><b></b> Ava shakes her head.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> A good doy?<p/><b>Doy:</b> Do you want to see my Turtle?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Ok?<p/><b></b> Ava glares at Doy.<p/><b></b> Doy takes the turtle out of his pocket.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Auggie, baby, take Doy away. He's useless to me.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> (sighs) Yes dear. (Looks at Doy) Doy, come with me.<p/><b></b> Auggie and Doy walk to the window.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> See you tomorrow at school.<p/><b>Doy:</b> But I want to stay.<p/><b>Ava:</b> We can't always get what we want. Go!<p/><b></b> Doy looks at Auggie.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Sorry Doy. I have to listen to the wife.<p/><b></b> Doy leaves.<p/><b></b> Auggie closes the window.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Now comes the serious questions.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I can take it.<p/><b>Ava:</b> We'll see. Doy was the good cop. Except he was bad at it. I'm the bad cop. I'm great at being bad. There's no more playing around.<p/><b></b> Farkle's knee starts bouncing.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Nervous?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> A little.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Good. You should be.<p/><b></b> To be continued...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

You show Spencer how Snapchat filters work!
Word Count: 221

“Here…” you pass Spencer your phone, “you just have to point the front camera at your face… yep… now hold your thumb on your face… OK! You got it!”
Spencer takes a look at the screen on your phone and moves his head around, “uh, y/n, why am I a bunny rabbit?”
You laugh at your friend’s total obliviousness to technology. “It’s a filter! Swipe towards the left for the next one!” You move to sit next to Spencer, so you can see what he’s reacting to. The next filter is the dog faces. “Oh! We can do this one together!” You push your face right up to Spencer’s and Snapchat pastes the dog ears on the pair of you.

You laugh at Spencer as he marvels over each and every filter, and before long, he’s saved a bunch onto your phone.
“I’ll have to get you to e-mail those to Garcia to put up in her office!” He laughs. “She’d LOVE those. What’s it called? Snapchat? I’ll get her to get it, we could all send them to each other. Oh! Do they have Halloween ones?”
“Yeah, Spence, at Halloween!” You grin at how happy Snapchat makes his childish self, wondering how a grown man can be thinking of Halloween already, in late November.
“Wait… can you do videos?!”

Idk why, but I can totally see Maggie doing this😂 but she has a police car version😆 and she drives it around the DEO and lets Winn take turns in it, and Alex has no words. Sometimes even, she hands Maggie things to drive off to someone. And then we have Super puppy come back and see Maggie’s sweet new purchase, and she just full on jumps on Maggie to drive it around and shes all excited and Maggie’s just like “Kara theres a weight limit!!” And she just struggles, cause Kara’s sitting right on her utility belt and its stabbing into her stomach plus Kara’s kind of heavy. And Kara just pouts and gets off and then Maggie’s like “I never said you couldn’t ride it.” And she gets out and Kara gets in there faster than Maggie’s ever seen her go.
Lol. And then the next day Alex goes into work to see more of them, and Maggie Kara and Winn are all racing around the building. And when she goes in her lab, she sees one sitting in the middle of the floor, with a big red bow on it and a little card, that says “From Little Danvers and Me. Now get your cute butt out here and race with us.” And Alex just smiles cause the whole thing’s just really funny. Whats even better is the fact that Maggie got Alex the one that looks like a black van someone in the fbi would drive😂

Third Cat

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Requested By: @l8nitl0vr

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Line: “Can’t say I didn’t warn you. She’s one nasty bitch when you mention her habits.“ 

Dean looked up from the bar to see the King of Hell, and his new brother-in-law, sit down beside him and order a drink.

Dean waited until they both had a new drink before finally speaking. “Can’t say I didn’t warn you. She’s one nasty bitch when you mention her habits.”

“I simply suggested that maybe we didn’t need a third cat in the house.  She was so mean.”

“You know she takes in every animal she finds. Why even try to say anything?” Dean asked him.

“Do you know how embarrassing it is to try and lead a meeting and look down to find cat hair all over your suit?”

Dean laughed, taking his shot. “So how much groveling are you going to have to do?”

“A couple hours in the bedroom should make it up to her. She loves this thing I do with my tongue…”

“Dude! That’s my sister,” Dean interrupted, giving Crowley a disgusted look.

“And I suppose I’ll have to accept a third cat in the house.”


who is this and how do i become him