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What rivalry?

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Omg I love your camp counselor au, can you please continue it? Maybe more competitions (team-wise or just between Nursey and Dex ;)), or maybe what happens at the end of the summer? Thank you so much I love your writing <3 <3

that camp counselor au is A+++ and I am down for so much more fyi

Are you planning on continuing the camp counselor au? It gives me life and I love it (Btw if you are planning on doing more than no rush or anything and if you’re not then that’s all chill too)

(Part 1) (Part 2)

Dex fucking loathes Water War Wednesdays. The kids love it, of course. Every other Wednesday they get to pelt each other with water balloons and water guns and get sprayed by hoses and slide down slip-and-slides. It’s fun for them, and watching them have so much fun is nice, Dex has to admit. What’s not nice is the fact that the counselors walk around all day with a target on their back. Dex spends the entirety of every Water War Wednesday soaked to the bone, his shirt hanging uncomfortably wet and heavy on his body and his socks squishing with every step. He could deal with that, though. What he can’t deal with is the way Nursey’s shirt always clings when it’s wet. In front, it catches on the ridges of Nursey’s defined abs and chest. In back, it plasters to Nursey’s lats and moves like a second skin over all that muscle. Another nice thing about Water War Wednesdays, though - the kids can’t tell he’s drooling when he’s already dripping wet.

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ok hear me out in the monster au they play one night ultimate werewolf and half the time because no matter what ray or mark will both open their eyes because it says werewolves open your eyes and the actual werewolves r like u fuckin kidding me man

amg, michael’s just like ‘god damn it why do we even play this game!?“ but laughs anyways because they’re idiots how the heck have they not grasped that they’re not talking about the actual werewolves in the room. 

But I can also imagine that some people would always accuse them of being the 'werewolves’ in the game even if they weren’t and Ray’s makes some dumb joke about if it’s because he’s Puerto Rican.



Shitpost generator is going to end up like that AI from the movie Her. It will become too real, we’ll love it as if it was a real person. Why do we have to play God