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The Arrangement (Epilogue)

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Summary: I’m not telling, you’ll have to read it

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,700

Warnings: absolutely none, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: It’s finally HERE you guys! That word count might explain why it took so long, but I figured nobody would complain about a lengthy epilogue. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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Exo Reaction: To you both going to the gym regularly

Hey anon :D thank you for requesting ! here is the reaction, hope you like it !

By the way I wish I actually had the energy to go to the gym lol



Since he recently got his abs, I feel like he would bring you for motivation or to just show off his body to you. I feel like he would want you both to be doing the same activity while in the gym so that he could also look at you while you are working out and I also think that he would find this a cute couple activity.

“ Wow we are like the coolest couple here, like people are probably jealous of how cute we actually look right now”

“ You are just saying that because you got abs now”

“ No Y/N I’m saying that because we look really hot right now” *bursts out laughing*

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Would be one of his favourites activities that you both did together, you being there made him more concentrated on his goal, like Baekhyun he would use this as an oppurtunity to show off his body to you, would also sneakly check you out

“ You know Y/n when we go to the gym together you make me concentrated, cos the only thing I think and look at while we are there is you”

“ Oh man did that sound too cheesy?“ *cute chanyeol giggles*

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Would act like a cute boyfriend in the gym holding your hand while moving to different equipment, pulling you along to check out different things in the gym. Would probably try to persuadeyou to do that kissing sit up thing.

“ Come on Y/N no one is looking please?  its just kissing , we do that all the time”

“ Well yeah but not when you are doing sit ups in a public place”

“ Is it because you think you won’t be able to resist me” *smirk*

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You both started to go with the boys at the beginning but after a while you both just started going together, and then it just turned into a regular couple activity for you both, it made you guys go out of the house more and made you both more fit. 

“ When we get home, I will cook us a good meal”

“ Kyungsoo, you say this everytime we go to the gym”

“ Well I am saying this to motivate us”

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He would get excited when you came to the gym with him. Honestly, I’m sure that Jongdae already admitted to having a dirty mind so yeah he would enjoy subtly checking you out, but would keep his lookout for any guys who keeps looking at you.

“ You know Y/N my visits to the gym gets 10 times better when we go together”

“ Well thats cute , so should I just ignore the fact that you keep checking me out every 10 minutes”

“Y/N how could you say that about me , I’m just looking out for your physical health”

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He would go to the gym by himself sometimes, but he would start to feel a bit lonely. So he just started inviting you, to be honest that just turned into  a couple activity that you both looked foward to. Expecially, due to his busy schedulle, sometimes your visits to the gym were actually a couple date for you both. I also do believe that he would probably try to backhug you during resting time.

“ Y/N I am getting tired, can we go soon”

“ Yixing, why are you backhugging me, I am so sweaty, and I smell”

“ You still look good though, and I am also smelly and sweaty but your not complaining”

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He would enjoy your company, and like Chanyeol he would think that you being there made him more concentrated on his goal. However, every time it was resting time he would keep looking at you then to something else then back at you again, then he would get quite shy when he catched you looking at him.

“ Y/N how many times have I told you not to look at me like that, gosh it makes me so shy”

“ Well not my fault that you are the most good looking person in the gym”

“ Says the person who keeps me concentrated”

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He would like this whole couple gym thing, it made you guys spend extra time together, and he also enjoyed showing you off. Would feel quite proud when he catched you looking at him but would get really blushy if you caught him.

“ Y/N just so you know, I wasn’t looking at you in a dirty way”

“ Oh really, I don’t believe you” *teasing look*

“ Okay fine, but like what do you expect I’m guy your my girlfriend, and anyway you were looking at me too” *accusing look while blushing like a tomato*

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We all know how Minseok enjoys taking care of his body, so when you decided to be his partner in his gym activities he was very happy and tried to include you in every activity. He would also use this as an opportunity to mess with you like making you lie down while he does pushups over you, and then giving you a unexpected long kiss.

“ Y/N you are really red right now, are you maybe flustered from our pushup situation that we are in right now”

“ Well who wouldnt, when your expecting a short peck and then suddenly you are surprised with this long kiss”

“ Sorry I couldnt resist, I wont promise that wont do it agin though”

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He would really enjoy it, but his protective boyfriend side would be on full mode, like he would be on the look out for any suggestive look another guy might trow at you. So to show everyone that you were his he would be extra touchy. Like he would have his arms around your waist while moving to another equipment, extra deep kisses and manly grunts.

“Y/N what did I tell you about wearing those yoga pants, I feel like every guy is trying to make a move on you”

“ Luhan , stop being paranoid, you know that you are the best one in here to me”

“  uhmm I guess my deep kisses are working huh”

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Wu Yifan

Would keep you close to him , would also be a protective boyfriend. However, like Chanyeol and Kai he enjoyed having you there as it also helped him to concentrate on his goal which was looking good for you.

“ Y/N stop telling me not to work out so hard”

“ You do know that I like you in any shape or form right”

“ I know, but it will also help me to look tough and scare the other guys away”

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He would love to show off how fit you both were, bragging to everone about your gym activities. He just really like doing this activity with you, and the best part to him was when you both got home, order pizza and other unhealthy amount of food and fall sleep on the couch and then regret it on the next day.

“ Y/N I cant believe we did this again, I thought we agreed to not have pizza right after we arrive from the gym”

“ Dont blame it on me, your the one who ordered it yesterday”

“ Fine I guess that give us an excuse to go the gym again, and pretend we are a fit couple “

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Hello everyone! hopefully everyone enjoyed this reaction :D

This honestly gave me heart palpitation while looking for the gifs lol

Sorry for any spelling mistake as it is a bit late here where I live, and I’m really tired :D

RFA+V+Saeran Watching Spirited Away

I have no excuse I just sob like a baby with this movie and thought it would be cute to write about ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾


- He had heard about this movie a few times from his online friends, and just…Random sites. It was one of those movies that were passed around talking about how ‘great’ it was.

-… But, you know, LOLOL came first.

- When you suggested it for date night (The third one!! He was so excited!!!), he quickly agreed, fumbling with how it seemed familiar but he couldn’t really place it.

- When the two of you settled down completely (him shyly slipping an arm around you and having to restrain from fist pumping when you snuggled closer to him), he finally understood why this had been talked about online so much

- It was really pretty! And it reminded him of a few games he knew about

- No face? Scared the fuck out of him though.

- By the end of the movie, the both of you were a blubbering mess. He was trying his best to hide his tears (and failing) while attempting to console you as well

- Later the two of you cuddled on his bed, spewing praises to each other and talking about what parts the two of you enjoyed.

- (But why did you have to like No Face??? He was going to have nightmares!)


- “Aw, babe, I didn’t know you watched cartoons still. That’s cute~”

- (Fight me, Zen)

- He’d sit down and watch it with you. I mean, any time with you he wasn’t going to push away. Especially when you were going on and on about the movie with such an adorable expression

- (This man was head over heels with you)

- Cuddles during the whole movie? You were practically in his lap. Sneaking kisses on your focused face? Constantly.

- Would he also being talking about how sweet this scene was, or how heartfelt another is? Yes, and you were nearly ready to kill him

- But, as much as he went on, at least it was praises.

- By the end, he was crying more than you were, going on about how sweet cartoons have gotten since he’s grown up

- “Zen, it’s not-”

- “And Haku loved her, MC! Haku loved her!!”

- You were going to have to spend the rest of the night listening to him blubber, huh?

- Turns out that he wanted to cuddle instead, and show how much he loved you as well.


- You just wanted to watch something besides a Zen dvd

- I mean your friend was a great actor by all means, but…God, you just wanted to watch something else

- Before the movie, you and Jaehee looked up a few sweets that were supposed to be based off the movie, or based off of characters from there

- It was fun making all of them, and it was great giggling and trying to sneak in a few taste bites before the movie

- But once you two sat down for the movie, the smiles stopped

- It was a cute movie! But oh my god why did you do this to her

- By the end of it, the both of you were quietly crying and holding each other’s hands

- “M-MC, I love you-”

- “I love you too, Jaehee!”

- The next day, you caught her looking up the CD for the movie, and a few other items in the cart

-…. You may have gotten her obsessed with something else


- “We could set this up in the personal theatre if you wanted, MC, it’s fairly easy.”

- It took a lot to convince him just to watch it with you like a normal couple, and when he saw the DVD’s ad for The Cat Returns he would Not Stop asking to watch that

- “Afterwards we could possibly squeeze in time. How long is it? Do you know? Here, I’ll look it up.”

- (Gdi Jumin please)

- Though, thankfully, he didn’t ask as many questions as you thought he would. Instead, he watched it intently, trying to pick up on every time you froze up, every time your breath hitched.

- He was determined to find out why you enjoyed this movie, especially with how confusing it was to him

- I mean? Spirits? In a bath house? He supposed they needed to be clean too…

- As soon as you started crying, he wanted to turn it off so quickly, but you stopped him right before he could grab the remote

-Why did you want to cry???

- By the end of the movie, he was so glad to cut it off. It wasn’t bad by any means, but you needed hugs and you were getting them now

- When you fell asleep, you can bet he spent a few hours ordering clothes and toys offline from the movie. He was going to make you happy after watching that sad movie

- (But please, mc, let him watch The Cat Returns)


- The minute you showed the cover to him, he was whooping and already looking for the popcorn

- He Loved this movie, and the fact you liked it made him even more excited

- Would he try to recite the lines? Yes. Would he stop after you elbowed him in the gut? MMMaaaybeee after a few more times.

- The both of you were suckers for the movie, and after the two of you had a good cry at the end of it (Seven even repeating a few of the romantic-ish lines to you to make you cry even more), he was instantly looking for another one

- “We need to heal, MC!”

- “Saeyoung, nO, it’s so late my heart can’t-”

- “HEAL!!!”

- The two of you ended staying up super late, cuddled and pass out on the couch as another movie was playing

- The next day, you noticed a few blue prints on the jumping lamp from the movie, and let out a groan


- So, he didn’t really watch it with you.

- You decided to watch it while he was out discussing future photo shoots/sellings

- So when he walked in, hearing a sweet melody and you unmistakably bawling, he was slightly worried until he heard a few voices from what seemed like the tv

- “Mc, are you alright?”

- “S-She left g-g-grannie!”

- “….Give me a moment and I’ll be there.”

- He found his way to the couch, your hand shakily reaching out and guiding him to sit beside you. As soon as he did, your were curled up against him in an instant. He let out a soft chuckle, wrapping an arm around you

- “Is this towards the end?”

- You nodded into his side, and he felt his shirt already wet

- “I’m here, love. Don’t cry too hard.”

- He ‘watched’ the rest with you, occasionally placing a few kisses against your head. Once the movie ended, he wrapped you up in a full hug, kissing away your tears.

- He wouldn’t dare tease you about it, but he was going to cuddle you all night for sure.


- The two of you usually watched horror movies, so he was a bit surprised when a cartoon started up on the screen

- Was it a scary one? It didn’t look like it.

- But you were so giddy, and holding his hand so tight as the movie started up, so he kept any criticisms at bay.

- He really liked it, and did as a few quiet questions if he was very confused. He thought Haku was a bit of an ass, but…

- He was quietly trying his damndest not to cry when she remembered Haku’s real name

- During that scene you gave him a cute kiss, holding his hands, and whispering how much you loved him

- (Yes, you ignored the tears in his eyes)

- At the end of it, he cuddled you tightly on the couch, listening to the menu music play over and over

- “….If you know any other movies like that, lets watch them.”

- “Now?”

- “…No, I want to hug you.”

- You chuckled, but held him just and tight as he was you.

- Maybe movie date nights weren’t exclusively horror movies now

Dating Draco and Being a Hufflepuff Would Include....

Request-  Hey sweetie, could you please do a Hufflepuff x Draco would include ?


Dedicated to @mmtriemstra because you’re my favorite Hufflepuff. Enjoy!


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  • no one would believe it when the two of you started dating
  • I mean c’mon, he’s like the biggest badass in the school
  • and you’re the sweetest little Hufflepuff
  • but after a while, the two of you would become Hogwarts OTP
  • somany nose kisses
  • and he would give you a ton of hairline kisses
  • he would also tease you all the time because it always makes you blush
  • and he absolutely adores it when you blush because it just makes you ten times more adorable
  • Draco and you would spend a ton of time in your common room
  • because he secretly loves it but would never admit it out loud
  • it is a pretty sweet common room
  • just saying
  • he also loves how close it is to the ktichen
  • Draco likes to eat a lot of sweets to make up for the bitter way he treats people
  • so having a close kitchen and you helps him out
  • lots of cuddling
  • especially when one of you are sad or stressed out
  • helping each other study
  • but is always end in something else
  • only because Draco can’t help himself whenyou bite your lip while you read
  • he would be in love with playing with your hair
  • “It’s just so soft.”
  • so he would also bury his face in it while the two of you cuddle
  • you guys would rarely fight
  • but when you did, it was pretty big 
  • but you would alwasy makeup in the end
  • because even though it didn’t seem like it sometimes, you guys were meant for eachother
  • “Draco?”
  • “Yes, pet?” 
  • “Do you believe in soulmates?”
  • “Why wouldn’t I believe in them when I’m talking to my very own right now?”
  • sleeping in his dorm all the time
  • “Those look great on you love but they would look best on the floor…”
  • we all know the sex would be fantastic
  • you could almost say that he would be magical in bed
  • you guys would get super into holidays
  • like you guys would be that one couple who goes really far with things like dressing up and throwing parties for holidays
  • but it would be really cool
  • he would always have a hand on you as well
  • and he woud be extremely overprotective
  • “Don’t you dare look at my girl like that again Potter or I’ll make sure you’ll be the boy who died of mysterious reasons!”
  • You guys would just be super happy together
  • everyone at Hogwarts would have you guys as their OTP
  • even the professors
  • “Fifty points to both houses for making my heart happy by just looking at the two of you.”
Study Club

Sirius Black x reader

You plopped down on the common room couch, face first. No way would you be able to finish all of your work and study for the potions exam. Remus had offered to help you study, but he was swayed by his girlfriend to do other things instead.

Might as well start. The work wouldn’t do itself. Still, you couldn’t help but scream into a pillow before you got up. Oddly, it helped release some stress.

You started off with your wizarding history essay first, since it would be the biggest struggle. An hour in and you had moved on to studying for potions. The common room was opened.

“You’re still doing homework?” Sirius snorted, “You’re such a nerd.”

“I know you are but what am I?” You teased, moving your things to the table to rest for a while, “Besides not all of us have a Remus to do our work.”

“Remus doesn’t!” He sighed, “Okay twice, but he has been heavily gratified since then. I got him a bunch of chocolate and some of those old men sweaters he’s so fond of.”

You looked up at him hopefully, “Do you wanna get me some chocolate?”

“Moony has a bunch of stashes,” he said, looking through a couple of hiding spots, “Never seem to find them though.”

“Have you ever tried the bookshelf? It is Remus,” you replied, joining in on the hunt.

“I never thought about the books!” He started searching through the selection.

You two looked through the books until you stumbled on one strangely muggle. “Why do we have Goodnight Moon?”

“What? You think he hid it in that? Too thin isn’t it?”

“Unless its enchanted like the Marauders map.”

“You’re brilliant love.”

With that, both of you tried random phrases Remus would have made up. ‘Chocolate makes everything better’ ‘I’m a monster’ ‘I can never make anything easy’.

“Wait! What if it was a gift from Remus’s girlfriend!” You exclaimed.

“What would she try?”

“Something obvious. Goodnight Moony,” you tapped the book with your wand. “Knew it.”

The book grew to where would have enough space to hide a couple of things. “Happy Birthday, Rem,” Sirius read the new title.

You opened up the book and sure enough it was full of some of Remus’s favorite chocolates. “Time to start studying again.”

“I’ll help. Haven’t had time for ourselves in a while.” Sirius took a seat on the couch and pulled you down onto his lap. “Get a question right and you get a chocolate. What allows the user to breath underwater with the assistance of gills?”

You thought for a moment, “Gillyweed!” You were rewarded with a piece of caramel chocolate.

It went on like this until the chocolate ran out. Sirius managed to find a substitute for the chocolate fairly easy, trading them out for kisses.

“So you’re gonna read to me Rem?” His girlfriend asked as they entered the common room, while their 'studying’ friends were distracted.

“They seem to be having fun,” he smiled at you, “Only if I can read Goodnight Moon first.”

She went off to get the books, “Rem? Did you put it back? It’s not here.”

He glanced over at the table, scowling when he noticed all the wrappers. “Sirius! What the hell?” He snapped the book shut.

“Hmmm? What?” Sirius pulled away from their kiss, “Oh that? I’ll get you more next Hogsmead trip.”

“Come on, we can probably convince the kitchen elves to give us chocolate cake,” Remus’s girlfriend muttered pulling him away, “Use protection! A little YN and Sirius isn’t needed right this moment!”

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Sk8er Girl CH4 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
External image

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

(AN: LAST chapter! We did the angst, hurt, comfort, and fluff. Now - smut! Hope y’all enjoyed the ride)

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Mission Tonysitting

I’m sick and cranky so I wrote something to cheer myself up. It turned into this half crack-y, half cute ficlet. Since it was so amusing to write, I hope it’ll make someone else’s day better too. Enjoy (and please don’t take this too serious)!

For @arboreal-elm-ash-oak because an embarrassingly long time ago you asked about a tiny!Tony/protective!WS story which still hasn’t happened. This is just a ficlet but I hope you’ll like it all the same :)

Also @ketlingr Yay, I wrote something! Does that mean I get those cupcakes now, please? *huge tiny!Tony puppy eyes activated*

“We need to talk,” Tony says with all the grave severity a seven year old is able to convey whilst dangling his feet from a desk, as he observes his companion riffling through the pockets of an unconscious security guard.

The Soldier grunts in acknowledgement, causing Tony to beam proudly. It’s taken him a couple of days to get under his silent companion’s skin, but now they’re almost having something approaching an actual conversation. It’s great. One day soon, Soldier is gonna tell him his real name and they’re gonna be best friends and Soldier is gonna wave his huge gun at anyone who’s ever mean to Tony.

It’s gonna be amazing.

All in good time though. [It’s what Ana says when she’s baking cookies and he’s not allowed to try one until after they’ve cooled off a little–but Tony thinks the same rules apply probably apply for other things as well.]

For now Soldier is taking paintings off the wall and Tony is supposed to talk about The Rules.

Usually The Rules are set by his minder. Don’t disable the kitchen appliances, for example, or Don’t set my shoes on fire, I don’t care about what experiment you needed them for or Don’t sneak into your father’s lab or Don’t set anything on fire, ever.

It’s taken Tony less than four hours to figure out that Soldier isn’t very good with children though–which, Tony can totally relate, he isn’t very good with children either, his mother always tells her friends that with a mournful sigh. And because Tony can be nice and not be a brat, no matter what his father says, (and because he doesn’t want Soldier’s mother to sigh sadly at him) he’s decided to help the poor man out.

And it’s not like Soldier isn’t trying. He bought Tony a hot dog and a lollipop when he complained about being hungry–well, he’s never seen Soldier hand over any money, but Tony’s pretty sure the owner wouldn’t have just given them away, so he must have been sneaky about it. Soldier is very good at being sneaky.

He doesn’t seem to know about The Rules though, which is why it falls to Tony to make them up. That’s exactly what he’s explaining to Soldier now–though he still looks far more interested in the now bare wall.

Soldier makes another sound of acceptance.

“Great!” Tony carefully slips off the desk, then claps his hands together once. “The first rule is that you have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it.”

Technically he’s stolen that line from a joke Aunt Peggy made a couple of weeks ago but he’s sure she won’t mind and it’s also kind of appropriate. “Don’t look at me like that,” he scowls when Soldier turns around to face him, “I just helped you break into a government facility, I’m not stupid,” Tony crosses his arms and frowns up at Soldier. “I’ve been in one before, you know?” Well, almost. It wasn’t Tony’s fault that the security didn’t check the entire car, and if his father hadn’t found him he would have made it.

Luckily Soldier is already losing interest, his gaze fixating on the bookshelves on the opposite site of the room. Tony spares a second to pity the books for their undignified end before he continues. 

“It’s not that it’s gonna stop us,” he feels the need to clarify, not that it isn’t obvious by now, because if there’s one thing his father has taught him is that laws need to be broken to get things done all the time. “But that way at least I have all the facts.”

Soldier doesn’t disagree, so Tony considers the motion passed.

“What are you looking for anyways?” He tilts his head to one side, watches his friend’s destructive actions with curiosity. “Oh, is it a hidden safe?”

When Soldier bars his teeth–Tony assumes it’s meant to be smile, if not a very good one–he whoops in excitement. This is so great! It’s like a treasure hunt, just with more people for Soldier to punch.

“You should check the desk,” Tony points out, eager to help. “It’s very sturdy, and not in the efficient way. And the-”

He doesn’t get to finish because Soldier slams his metal hand–his metal hand–down onto the surface of the desk and the wood just cracks, pieces flying everywhere. A few, thankfully pretty small ones, get stuck in Tony’s arms, but he’s too hyped up to feel the pain right now. 

Because this is so cool. Because he was right. And also because Soldier actually listened to him.

“See, this is what we have the first rule for!” Tony tries to sound reproachful but he suspects the giggles he can’t keep from spilling over his lips ruin that effect.

Then Soldier bends down and pulls something out of the mess–it doesn’t look very interesting, just a couple of those boring files Aunt Peggy carries around with her all the time–and his lips stretch into that terrible, terrible not-smile but his eyes are so bright, and really, Tony smiles pretty enough for the both of them anyways.

Soldier takes a step towards him to ruffle a hand through Tony’s hair almost gently and says, in actual words, “Good job, kid.”

The sound of yelling and heavy footsteps from further down the hall ruins the moment and Soldier reloads his machine gun and gestures for Tony to hide. It doesn’t work out too well, there are just too many men coming in and Soldier has to protect Tony too. In the end, there’s no other choice but to surrender–

By which Soldier apparently means slinging Tony over his shoulder like a sack of wiggly potatoes and jumping straight out of a five store building to the sound of screams and gunfire.

Best babysitter ever.

Yep, that’s literally it lol. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything you guys have to add?

Acting up (”Some kind of drug” part 2)

Summary: Even though your answer to Bucky’s confession was unexpected, he is still determined to show you that he meant what he said. 

Word count: 2717

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: language probably

A/N: This is long overdue, but I finally managed to write the second part of Some kind of drug. This one is also inspired by G-Eazy’s song (I wanted to keep the pattern) “Acting up”. Thank you so much for the feedback on part one! As always, excuse any mistakes and I hope you enjoy!

Feedback is welcomed!

Read part one here

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I stand here waiting for you all the time

Hope you recognize before I fall apart

The one question staying on my mind

Is why you keep playing with my heart?


After months of preparation and weeks of doubt and fear, he had finally confessed his feelings to you. Maybe not in the most straightforward way possible, it had been more of a hint rather than a statement, but still, he had finally faced his concerns and told you about his growing affection towards you. To say that your reaction had been unexpected would be an understatement. He had been prepared to your denial or at least confusion, but you stating simply that there was no hope for you two as a couple had crushed him.

You, on the other hand, had thought it was just a joke, a funny dream not exactly worth your further attention, even if it sounded adorable and Bucky seemed at least concerned by your answer. You had brushed it off quite easily, falling back into the old habits of your relationship, with him in your bed almost every night.

That was until you had met Jason.

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Come What May

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Isak is a smart, objective boy. He can identify and name different cloud clusters. He knows how to solve quadratic equations, even though they’re not supposed to learn it until next year. And he knows that Even loves him. But. Still. He can’t help that little thought, that insecurity from niggling in the back of his mind. That face that he’s seen before. Seeing again. The previous man of my life. And now he’s back. Sana knows him, and he’s wondering what that means. For them. For him.

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jackbitty lush-worker au

this is borne of me going to lush today and the workers being super interactive and talkative to me and then hitting @asexualwhiskey​ going “WHAT ABOUT A JACKBITTY LUSH AU” k here we go (also we are in no way affiliated with lush we just happen to enjoy their products so)

  • background info: bitty is a senior at samwell and jack never overdosed and instead got a bunch of help for his mental health and had a healthy breakup with kent who is now dating Cute Basketball Boy™ (swoops?)
    • jack is already out and proud in this au, he never got hate and is awesome and super gr8 at hockey ok
  • bitty works at lush because he really likes creating makeup and lotions (its similar to baking, right?) and he’s like. super good at this job, like he’s assistant manager and hes awesome and perfect
    • “but bri!” you cry “bitty is an assistant manager, he wouldn’t be working the floor!”
    • “fuck off” i say “its my au”
  • so jacky boy is a professional hockey player for the providence falconers and its may and mothers day is coming up and he needs to get a gift for his mother
  • he has a series in boston and wont have any free time after the series ends so he goes to a local mall that (hopefully) wont have too many hockey fans there because he needs to get a gift for his mom
  • so little ol’ jacky walks into the mall and is in his typical Burger King Robber™ outfit mainly so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans
  • he and bad bob talked about it and they figured that jack could go to lush and get one of those like, idk $50 dollar moisturizers that are super-overpriced or a bath bomb or a face mask or st (not that alicia needs it like goddamn amiright)
  • so zimmsy walks into lush and is immediately just completely overwhelmed and there’s only two workers (bc its a slow day and also its just a small mall so not many visitors yeah?) and the store is p empty (there’s like.. 2 people in there. v slow day)
  • 2.5k of words under the cut lmao why does this always happen

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anonymous asked:

Hello not the anonymous of before. You could make one (or all, your decision) of these prompts 12, 47, 48. Thank you, I love your writing.

Thank you, Anon <3  I managed all three this time :D (Also, assume television-level realism for medical stuff here.)

“I’m pregnant.”/ “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…”/ “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

“I’m still recovering.  No.

“It wasn’t even a major surgery. There won’t be any running or climbing fences or getting shot at while hiding behind a hotel bar,” Sherlock said, pulling one of Molly’s nicer (and more subtle) dresses from her wardrobe.  "This time.  Hopefully,“ he amended.

“Like I haven’t heard that one before.  And, just to be clear, it was a fairly major surgery, seeing as my appendix almost ruptured and killed me.”

“Like a week ago.  You went to work yesterday.”

“I sat in my office and played Candy Crush most of the day.”

“And that is why the NHS is in such bad shape.”

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Charming… part 6

you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here & part 5 here

You waked up with feeling like your head was going to explode. Last night Tig brought you to the hotel and when you walked in the room Anna and Mike were drinking something together and telling stories so you just joined them. It sounded like a good idea yesterday.
You looked at your phone. Shit, you were late. You put your work clothes on as soon as possible and went outside. You would just grab some coffee at the garage.

You started walking out of the parking lot towards TM when a car pulled up next to you.
“Y/N.” You looked in the car and saw Gemma. “Get in..” You obaid her and got in the car. “Did you already had breakfast?”
“Not really.” You answer her
“Then we will get some breakfast.” she says riding away. “the boys are doing some business so we can’t show up right now at the TM.”
You nod your head towards her. The ride was quiet. A couple minutes later you found yourself sitting in a coffee place with Gemma in front of you. She was looking towards you like she had a million questions to ask but didn’t know how.
“Is something wrong?” You asked her
“Why do I get the feeling that the motor club business is nothing new for you?” She said.
You looked at her. You could feel a thousand answers in your mind. You though in a few seconds a thousand lies to say but the look on her face said that if you tell me a lie she will now. So you tried to stay as calm as possible, your voice as steady as possible and you said: “Because it’s not.”
“Well, why are you here then? Working for TM?”
“Because I’m on a road trip and my car just broke and I needed a job to pay for it.” You said
“Did you get yourself in some kind of trouble?”
She looks at you and gives you a little smile. “Let’s change the subject. Where are you from?”
“I was born in P/O/B, but I lived most of my life in Texas.”
“You’re far from home. How long have you been on the road?”
“A couple of months now. Leaving the dream.” You said to her with a crooked smile.
Her phoned ringed. She takes the call in front of you.
“Hey Baby… Okay, we’re heading that way…..” She hangs up the phone and  says “We can go now.” She stands up and walks towards the door. You followed her.

When you arrived at the garage you saw no motor’s parked outside. No members of the club either. Only two people were working at the shop. The garage was quiet but peaceful. The rest of the day was normal. You had to do some invoices and paperwork. At the end of the work day, the man weren’t back yet. You said your goodbyes to Gemma and started walking towards the hotel.

Mike and Anna were waiting for you when you arrived.
“There you are?.” Anna said, “Go change because we’re going to eat something in town.” She walked away.
“Did she take it well?” You ask Mike.
“Yes… She’s afraid but she trusts us.” Mike says.
After a half hour, you were ready to head out to town.
You were talking and joking around on your way there when the SONS passed the 3 of you. You gave them a look and looked towards Mike and Anna. Anna face changed. She was afraid.
“Anna are you okay?” You asked her.
Mike also looked towards her. “Anna”
“We have to leave what if they know Travis, then he would find us.” She says quietly.
You looked towards Mike.
“Anna take a deep breath.” He says towards her.
“They don’t know him.” She looks towards you. “I work in their garage. If they knew him we already had to be dead.”
A tear falls from her eyes. “Why do you say that so calmly? You could be dead.”
“I think we should go back to the hotel.” Mike says.
“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. I will pick up some food and then will head back to you.” You said to them.
Mike nods his head towards you and takes Anna back to the hotel. You watched them walk away towards the hotel again. You took a deep breath and started walking the other way. You expected this. Anna took it a little too well yesterday but this could be a problem.

You entered a restaurant and walked towards the cashier.
“Do you also do take outs?” You ask the woman behind the cashier.
“Yes… What would you like that we prepare for you?”
“Just 3 cheeseburgers please.”
She nods her head and walks towards the back. The door behind you opened and you see Tig walk inside. He gives you a little smile and walks towards you.
“Is your friend okay? It looked like she was freaking out a few minutes ago?”
“Yeah, she’s fine.” You said. The woman from the restaurant walks back with 3 trays of food.
“Here you go.” the woman says to you handling you the food in a bag.
“Thank you.” You looked towards Tig. “I see you tomorrow Tig.”
“Wait.” You looked back towards him. “My food is also almost ready I will take you back to the hotel.”
“Sure.” You said to him “I will wait for you outside.” He gives you a smile and nods his head.

You stand just outside the restaurant. Your phone ringed. You looked at it but no caller ID was showed. You picked up.
“It’s so nice to hear your voice again.” Your heart dropped hearing his voice. “Don’t even dare to hang up on me.” He says quickly. You looked inside and you saw Tig look at you. You gave him a little smile and turned you back towards him.
“What do you want Travis?”
“You know exactly what I want. I want you and Mike on your knees in front of me praying for redemption.”
“That’s never going to happen.”
You hear him chuckle through the phone. “It may happen quicker than you think. We know ýou guys are in California it’s just a matter of time someone spots one of you.”
You hear the door behind of you open. You look towards and you see Tig walk towards you. “Do you hear me Y/N you’re going to see me soon.” and the phone called died.

“Hey, are you okay?” Tig asks.
“Are you sure? You look a little bit on edge, afraid.”
“I’m fine Tig.”
“Okay. Hop on I will bring you to the hotel.”

With This Ring

With This Ring

[This is for the request - Can you write something where the reader has to go under cover as a couple with Morgan and Spencer is super jealous, maybe possessive Reid?]

“Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex. Yippee.” 
― J.R. WardDark Lover


“Since everyone’s been relayed their assignments I say we should get to work.”

“Oh, do you need me back in the lair yet? I want to help with Y/N’s makeup.”

You smirked over at Garcia. “In emergencies I have been known to be able to pretty myself up.”

“But you need to take it up a level, you’re going to be out there at night, you have to shine if you want to catch the unsub’s attention.”

Hotch actually smiled at this. “She’s right.”

Garcia slapped your arm before turning to JJ. “And we have to find the perfect dress!”

“What do we need a dress for?

“You’re late, Reid.”

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sm rant

lately there’s been a lot of posts about sm being careful about gay ships and how they kind of hiding it by breaking off news of one of the member being paired dating. well i have a theory and i want to rant about it a little bit.

i heard that jonghyun’s news of dating shin sekyung was in the midst of shinee’s booming years and when i came to shinee the ship that came to mind right away is jongkey. when this ship became so famous sm just kind of throw us the news of jonghyun dating and cut all our hopes that jonghyun is gay. and then they broke up with the excuse of ‘busy schedules’.

and then chanbaek came to the scene and i must say with no biased point of view, that chanbaek is one of the realest and most shipped otp i’ve known so far (and i’ve been into kpop since 2010) even much more than jongkey. when exo started booming, and chanbaek’s shippers were raising up, sm just when bam and we got baekyeon dating. tbh it was the toughest time because chanbaek was so real and i just couldn’t. but then they broke up after just a year with the same lame excuse of 'busy schedules’.

and then next is kaisoo and kryber. maybe kryber isn’t as well-known as the other ships i’ve mentioned, but kryber was a hit. like if you like fx you’ll love kryber. that’s kind of like a math formula that can’t be changed. last year there were a lot of kaisoo and kryber moments and most of them were offstage. it made a lot of shippers went crazy but sm just had to pair up another couple and we got kaistal.

but one thing that confused me is that all the dates that had been stated. jonghyun and shin sekyung were officially confirmed they were dating after a couple of weeks(i think but the pics weren’t released as soon as it was taken), baekyeon was 4 months after and a lot of theories said their 'date’ was a set-up and it was faked, and lastly kaistal was also late but i forgot how long.

but what REALLY confused me was what’s with all the dating scandal pics? a lot of celebrity couples confirmed their relationships just by saying it officially, and there were no obvious looking pics of their dating scandals. all baekyeon kaistal and jonghyun pics were so obviously taken and they were in public with no masks or whatever on. like if you don’t want to get caught why would you go on dates bare-faced and stuff, unless if the company was forcing them to do that. we never know. 😕

Adventure - VI

“Was that weird?” she asked him over dinner.

They were in a quiet little cafe. A place he had found in his research. They took a wrong turn three times, but finally found it after a long detour. It was worth it though, he decided, as he looked across at her in the dim lighting. He thought she had never looked more beautiful.

“Was what weird?”

“What that lady said? Earlier?”

He was quiet for a moment, as though he was trying to remember. But the truth was that he hadn’t stopped thinking about it.

“Oh. You mean the one who asked how long we had been married?”

He looked down at his food, avoiding her gaze. He knew she was watching closely for his reaction.

“Yeah. That. Was that weird?”

He shrugged. “Not really. I mean, it’s not like she knew. Innocent mistake.”

They ate in silence for a couple more minutes.

“Why do you ask?” he said suddenly into the space between them.


“About what that lady said. Why did you ask?”

“I don’t know,” she said evasively. “Just making conversation.”

“Okay.” He set down his fork and looked at her. It was her turn to avoid him now. “And why did you really ask?”

“Because I wanted to talk about it because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since it happened,” she said at once in a single breath. Her eyes flickered up to meet his.

“I haven’t either,” he said softly. “Stopped thinking about it, I mean.”



They were quiet again, but neither one of them were eating. They kept their eyes on each other. Neither seemed to want to be the first to look away.

“Have you…,” she began nervously. She paused and took a deep breath. “Have you… thought about it… before?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I have. A couple times.” Another pause. “Have you?”

She seemed uncertain whether she wanted to smile or not, but finally she did.

“Yeah,” she said softly. “A couple times.”

I lied. When I got this request I said that I didn’t know the song but the minute I put it on and heard the guitar riff, I recognised it. So yeah, my bad. I’m horrible with song names; when it comes to my music knowledge I live under a proverbial rock. This was requested by @arabella-loves-coffee and I hope it turned out as you liked, a lot of it is out of my depth (aside from silently having crushes on people - that bit I’m very much practised in). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: so the Reader is VERY shy and has a crush on Steve but she’s to scared to tell him and at a party she gets kinda drunk and after the party she keeps quoting Do I Wanna Know from Arctic Monkeys (I think it would fit very well) and Tony keeps asking for who is she suffering like that and she keeps glancing at Steve and he plays stupid but he knows what is this about and I don’t know a cute ending :D

“Do I Wanna Know?”

You could feel the bass and drum resounding through the elevator the minute you stepped inside. You clutched a bottle of champagne in your hands and felt it slipping between your fingers as a result of the condensation and the sweat on your hands. Parties were most definitely not your scene. You weren’t keen on people, your music taste was quieter than most of the charts, and you didn’t own an outfit that would be worthy of the atmosphere.

Yet here you were trying to fathom which of the multiple floor numbers held the crowd of gyrating people upon it. Before you could press any of them, however, an anxious voice caught your attention and you looked up. Hurrying for the elevator was Steve Rogers. He wasn’t dressed extravagantly (which you now felt yourself to be) but in a simple dress shirt and trousers. The blue of the former matched his eyes, but the minute you realised as much your cheeks began to scorch.
“Hold the elevator!” Steve’s voice burst through your hazy head and you placed a foot between the closing doors just in time. 

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Poisonous (Part 2)

Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader/Yoongi
Length: 1,567
Summary: So blinded by love, you refuse to accept reality even after Yoongi cheats on you, forgiving him for each and every one of his mistakes.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Finale

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“You know how much I need him. I can’t stand being without him for even a second. My body craves for him, he has become a part of me, I’m only one when I’m with him.”

“That’s exactly why you two need a break from each other. You’re not one with him, you’re just someone who has lost their independence as an individual. You’re so blindingly addicted to such a toxic relationship that it’s only a matter of time until you lose your sanity.

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Best and Worst of: Block B Photoshoots

Looking at Block B photoshoots is such a wild ride because on the one hand half of them look like this:

Thrift shop meets witch aesthetics and Park Kyung is holding a fake bird but it still looks good?

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Pairing: Newt/Y/n

Request: Newt x reader both in Care of magical creatures and reader always arguing about animal rights and Newt loving it bc he is too shy to say anything in class.


You were always extremely against any kind of racism. Wether it was against people, or who they liked. Even creatures.

Care of magical Creatures was your class, you almost always cared for them properly.

And when it came to debates…

Well you always won.

“Miss Y/L/N, why do you think we should have animal rights?”

“Because,” you cleared your throat. You weren’t normally well spoken; only in this class. “If we don’t have them in place, what will happen to our community? What will happen to the very world we live in? With boggarts and nifflers, even obsurceses”

A couple boys behind newt started to snigger, “Mr Debois, do you have anything you want to say?” The professer asked.

“Well, why would you want all those dumb creatures running around? It’s harmful to us, it’s stupid. They don’t look like us so why bother keeping them around.”

It was arguments like this that gave you a rush. “Well Mathew, though you are odd in the head, why would your parents keep you around, you don’t look like anyone else he-”

You could barely believe what you were saying. You were a hufflepuff, and not that you couldn’t stand up for yourself, it just felt rude to say.

However..it did bring a smile to the boy with curly hair who had a crush on you since first year.