why do we do this for him

I’m feeling a lot right now… so so much for Louis and the way things have been for him. I know we always say to read between the lines with print interviews etc but from what I took away from his interview in the observer was heartbreaking in a way. he talks about the reasons why he’s going solo now. Talks about doing it because of momentum and to keep the ball rolling, he wants to work hard, doing it for the fans and of course for his mum.

But the vulnerability of his tone and the way he’s been portrayed. The whole underdog thing really breaks my heart.. because we’ve all know he’s felt like this from the start. But its been used against him.. its been used as a tool to make him cooperate and oblige so he can feel like he’s doing something for the band. So he can contribute his part. Can you even imagine the mental battles he would’ve been having this entire time… he wants to fight for what he knows is right and for what he loves and for his band because we know that’s the kind of person he is, but he also believes he has to do things he doesnt want to do because it’s his duty. Because he owes it to the band.. because he believed he couldn’t bring anything else to the table.

I’m so proud of where he is right now. I know a lot of people judge him for things that are currently happening, but that interview really showed his vulnerable side and of course that was the plan. To have the GP back the underdog. But I also hope a lot of fans can read that and go “wow… okay. Well… this is why he’s agreed to do x y and z”.

Even if that was also part of the plan… to get fans on his side again, I don’t fucking care. He deserved it. He deserves all the love and support and like he said, for people to start to understand the real him and not who his favourite superhero is. I’m a proud Louis fan right now. And I’ll be here supporting him till the end.

Spoiler Alert

I have so many things to say about RE 130

Nice one, Takeomi.

kenfused. thank god for nishiki. and now we all know nishiki isn’t good in keeping secrets. :>

That adorably dorky run only Ken Kaneki is capable of doing


TOUKEN ALL THE WAYYYYYY. Ken is like so shocked









On a side note, I can kinda imagine Kaneki and Touka arguing next chapter about this. Touka will ask why he hid this letter from her and whether he’s going to rescue Yoriko. I highly doubt Kaneki would abandon Yoriko but I don’t know how he’s gonna do it without falling into Mutsuki’s trap. I’m just worried that Touka might start saying she wants to go with him to save Yoriko and lose her child in the process. 

About the pregnancy issue, Kaneki might confront Touka about it in private just to confirm. Then they’ll argue about why she didn’t tell him earlier then she’ll say she didn’t want him to worry then they’ll just hug and make up. Hopefully. Though I understand that she doesn’t want to have this pregnancy thing put more burden on him since he already has lots of responsibilities at the moment.

On the happy side, we might get to see PAPA KEN DOTING ON MAMA TOUKA which can be kinda sweet. I think Kaneki would be all protective of Touka and prevent her from doing many stuff around the hideout just because she is with child and she will get irritated as she feels useless. 

Touka might kick Nishiki for telling on her pregnancy to Kaneki though HAHA

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It's wierd how they think of her tbh. I saw the tweet you talked about yesterday that goes "Betty should be comforting and supporting Archie >:(". It seems like they just think of Betty as a prize for Archie....

it does! they want her to be the beautiful, perfect girl next door and eventual housewife for archie. betty would be absolutely disgusted to read how little they think of her. a lot of them honestly believe that, should archie express real interest in her, she’d drop jughead and screw over veronica to be with him. it horrifies me that there are people who legitimately believe that and want that. why do they have so little value for women? 

i truly do my best to try and understand and respect all shippers– we all have our own likes and opinions– but i just cannot wrap my head around b*rchie at all. betty and archie getting together romantically would absolutely destroy both of their characters and their relationships with their best friends, but the stans just don’t care. they value them as a ship rather than individual people. i can’t relate. one of the reasons that i love bughead so much is because they’re good for each other. they help each other grow as individuals within their partnership. it’s so lovely and rare and healthy. b*rchie is the complete opposite. archie and betty would do nothing but hold each other back. they would be just another half-miserable suburban couple with 2 kids and a white picket fence. something that neither of them wants or would be satisfied with 

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I am confused. Is sytry baalberith's and gabriel's son? Does baalberith love sytry? Why does hè treat him like a doll then? And why was sytry forced into hell? Do you have Any idea?

I am not sure about it, What’s happened slowly was like that Baal might be the father … Even what Meta told Sytry was like Baal is the father ,,, But I have doubts about it some time ,, We will not know Till they make it clear …! I do not know if he loves him, he treat him like he’s nothing !! Baal takes him with him to the Hell, He was a lil angel who does not know anything .. Baal sealed Sytry’s powers and his memories, That’s why Sytry didn’t remembered about his childhood tho
I’d like to hear what the other ppl in the fandom think about this ? maybe someone have an idea ?!

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" A little prospective from someone who study this kind of things all the damn time, if they’re contractual clauses that can’t be broken, they can’t be broken. Simple as that. If he tries to do it, he’ll probably need to pay so much more that he’s already paying" we can say that the beard has broken the contract, too, multiple times...with BEn...how is that just D would pay, he he breaks it?And WHY AFTER M has done something to break the contract we have had MORE Miarren, more PDA, more mentions

Yeah, the beard broke the contract multiples time, especially with B involved.

The major difference between her and D’s contract - besides him having multiples contacts in everything he’s doing - is that she don’t lose anything, because she’s a manipulative person who gets away with almost everything. D, on the contrary, can lose everything he worked for and they know that very well.

When the beard break her contract is when we have more and more stunts, because they need to cover up her mistakes.

Besides I don’t have her contract on hand and I don’t know what clauses she has, probably she has more easy clauses than D. I full believe this.

But if you wanna talk more, come off anon with no worries.

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lmfao im so fucking surprised so many ppl in this fandom are wrong over yuuri being robbed of his gold medal... like did y'all even watch the same show we did??? that narrative should've concluded with him earning gold AND make him realize he wasn't ready to retire yet bc he still loved the sport?? how do you mischaracterize his fucking determination to win bc he knows he's just as good as victor to do so as "he didn't need to win bc blah blah blah" yuuri katsuki should've won gold period

good post op though i can’t say im surprised bc people are quite often WRONG on the internet but like also why are ppl still responding to my posts with their bullshit,, i would like my brand to be that i am always right and other ppl are wrong bc it’s true. anyway yuuri is amazing and im love him and i will pile him in all the gold medals

Caught up with TMT and

A) Odinson is still being a big ole dick. Why are you such a dick. I don’t want to not like you, I’ve loved you for over a decade but goddamn if Aaron isn’t edging into pretty much OOC amounts of bs from him re: Jane

Jane: hey I’m dying so I had to tell you this and here is my very real concern

Thor: cool fuck off jane

?? …. ????????

Like stop being such a bitch about the hammer now I thought he had a revelation at the end of Unworthy but I guess not.

B) um holy shit why do you have to do Volstagg like that? My heart? Also I think the namedrop of his wife was wrong yeah it was Hilde (short for Hildegund) but I’m thinking they changed it (to Gudrun?) because we have the Valkyrie Hildegarde around and their names are too similar?

C) I’m here for thorstagg but not sure where this is going

D) when is Loki going to kill malekith

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How Arme asked Storm out on a date? aka be his girlfriend? o/

“There’s a human custom of dating, Elsword says.”  Ain’s gaze felt uncomfortably intense.  Rose shifted her weight.

“I thought I asked you not to talk about Elsword so much when we’re together?” she asked.

Ain tilted his head to the side.  “Well, Elsword told me about this.  You didn’t.  Why didn’t you tell me about dating?”

“You said you didn’t have emotions.  Dating is a thing people do when they like each other,” Rose explained patiently.  If she ever met this Elsword, she’d have to yell at him for putting ideas into Ain’s head.

“But I do like you,” Ain said.

“Not- no, not like a friend. Like, like-like.”  Rose wasn’t explaining this well.  She knew that.  Ain stared at her.

“So… Go on a date with me,” he said.

This was a losing battle.  Rose sighed.


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who in NCT would you ship your mutuals with and why?

fak;dslfj this is a toughie like 

@cherryjaehyun with jaehyun bc her love for him is So Pure nd lovely ;;

@princeyoungho with johnny oml they’d be a power couple !!

@doyouta with yuta came to mind like fam lmao i KNOW you wanna be that minion 👀👀👀

@dofawn with doyoung [ivie i hope ur doing well !!]

aklsd;jfkladsfj i literally can’t chose anyone with taeyong BC WE ALL love him so much ;;

@yoonnoh with taeil omg its so cute how they always say ‘i love moon taeil ❤️’ before going to sleep ^w^

uum i know I didn’t do ALL of nct but I srsly Cant Think rn and im so awks with all of my mutuals ;; but I love all of them fal;kdjf and i hope they’re having a nice day flklafj

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It's ironic that if the metric for success is supposed to be "just existing"... why didn't HSHQ let Harry do that? Just be himself & consistently answer normal questions about the musical creation process? Instead they concocted stunts flying around from all angles & kept having to do sloppy damage control & won't let him go anywhere or say anything without Jeff hovering around super obviously like a creep? I don't know how complicit he is or not, but it feels sorta like Harry was taken hostage.

They literally stripped Harry of everything we loved about him. If only they believed in him but they didn’t. They created a character that does not exist and that’s cost Harry dearly. They wanted him to appear as a serious musician but they tried way too hard. They took away his wit, charm, silliness… everything. It is a PR failure. His sales and concert tour success will be in spite of his marketing campaign not because of it.🌺

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hey leo, how do you think s3's gonna begin? are they gonna pick it up where s2 left off (aka directly after they find shiro's empty seat) or do you think they'll do a time skip? i kinda want to see their immediate reactions tbh

Hi! huh thats a really interesting question. we know that season 2 picked up right after season 1, but we also know that both seasons were planned to just be season 1, which is why the last episode of one flows right into the first episode of another. its like the show was interrupted midseason and just put on pause. so you know, its very possible that won’t be the case with season 3.

personally, id like to believe that we’d pick up right from where we left off though. i mean, losing shiro is a huge blow, and i also really want to see all the paladins’ reactions to it. for me, that’s just the logical answer. but also…i mean, we never saw anyone but shiro react to keith’s “galra reveal,” so,, they could do sort of the same thing, where we’d just kinda have to gauge how everyone’s feeling from their reactions rather than actually taking the time to sit down and talk about it. 

i think the way they handled keith’s galra reveal was really weird though, and i hope they dont do the same thing. most likely, i think we’ll have some time to let everyone’s initial reactions really sink in–and then save any possible timeskips for after. you know, that way we can see like a progression from their feelings at first to “well, here’s where they are now.” i think that would be a better way to handle it. also, they’re hyping this whole missing shiro thing up so much, i find it hard to believe they’d just brush over it lmao 

but also, if we do get a time-skip, it might not be in this time-line. like, we don’t know where shiro is exactly–and with all the talk about alternate universes and the astral plane and teleportation and time and space well,,, it could be that shiro ends up in like some alternate future au where all the other paladins are much older. 

did you ever watch the old teen titans? there’s this episode where starfire disappears and gets sent to the future, and she sees how all her teammates kinda went off on their own after they lost her, and she has to like track them all down and get them to band back together. not that i think this would happen to the paladins in our timeline, but its the kind of worst case scenario au i can see the writers kinda playing around with to show us how things could’ve turned out differently. and also maybe offer some insight to the characters you wouldn’t typically see in our own universe 

so, if we do move ahead, i think it will only be after we’ve established everyone’s initial reaction’s to shiro’s disappearance. or, we might not get a time-skip in the cannon storyline exactly, but maybe it’ll be something shiro gets a glimpse of while he’s traversing the vast expanse of the universe 

why do ztans continue to be offended when we don’t include him in 1d posts when the snake himself has made it very clear he wants nothing to do with them?? like follow your leader and leave us alone lol 

Homestuck Pool Party Headcanons

John: Canonballs in IMMEDIATELY, he is yelling and he is fucking excited move out of the way this boy is coming through!! Also, because he has a breath aspect I am 413% certain that he can stay underwater for indefinite amounts of time and you can bet your ass he’s going around grabbing people’s feet to freak them out. He and Terezi have a contest to see who can make the most people jump, I will not say who wins I will only say that it is unfortunate for everyone involved. He and Dave are an unstoppable chicken team, they have never lost and will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that remains true.

Dave: Is just chillin, he cares more about keeping his shades dry than swimming around. He will go hard as hell in Marco Polo tho, if you thought he was too cool to jump at the nearest person faster than the speed of light you were wrong buddy he will do what it takes to WIN. Also, when he is the Marco he will (unfairly) target Karkat. This is frustrating. “I’m not even being that loud” Karkat protests for the umpteenth time Dave tags him. “Bullshit” everyone else says, but there’s still a rule that Dave can’t tag Karkat more than five times in a row because really Dave we know you love hearing him yell but Enough Please.

Karkat: Is Bad At Marco Polo. He is so loud. My son. Please. Is very hesitant to get into the water at first bc he’s sensitive to the cold and would rather angrily sweat than deal with the initial shock of getting in. Dave will patiently chill nearby until Karkat is ready, or Dave decides that Karkat is ready in which he will absolutely drag him in. Karkat does not know how to swim so he won’t go past the shallow end, and considering how short he is, uh, that’s not very much of the pool. Dave has to carry him sometimes which he complains about A Lot but secretly kind of likes it whoops. Karkat and Sollux are the shittiest chicken team, Karkat is too afraid of falling in to have any sort of effective strategy and Sollux is like “Karkat just push him” and sort of plows into the other team which just leads to Karkat screeching and nothing gets done.

Roxy: LOVES SWIMMING WITH HER FRIENDS!!! Real people?? That she’s hanging out with?? And you KNOW she’s excited to wear that cute as fuck bikini she alchemized months ago ‘just in case’ ;) ;) ;). After years of knowing Jane and her silly prankster shenanigans, John will absolutely not get the drop on her no sir, he tries to grab her foot she will raise that leg and pull the boy out of the water and give him the Mom Look™. This is war. John will not win. She loves being with Jane and Roxy and her boys!! She is just full of so much love it’s incredible. She deserves this so much.

Calliope: Doesn’t know much about swimming or why humans (and trolls ish) find it so enjoyable, but Roxy is excited so she is too! Interestingly enough, cherubs Do Not Float. Roxy is waving a nervous Callie into the pool and she’s coming down the ladder and once it gets to her chin everyone expects her to do something but no, she makes it to the bottom of the pool and just walks like normal over to where Roxy is. The water level comes up to just below her nose and she has to tilt her head back to speak. “Like this?” She asks excitedly, ‘uh,,, yeah,,,like that’ everyone responds nervously, giving big smiles and thumbs up because they don’t want to disappoint her.

Jade: A master swimmer, she and Jake grew up on an island in the middle of the goddamn pacific my girl knows how to GO. No one realized how fucking ripped Jade was. Jade is ripped as heck. She’s got back and shoulder muscles like an absolute goddess and everyone is like holy shit? Jade? Have you been benching pumpkins all these years? She likes chilling with Jane and Roxy and Calliope because she has been longing for some gals to hang with forever. Not that she doesn’t love Rose, she does, it’s just, they have such differing personalities and anyways it’s kind of hard being around her and Kanaya bc they’re so cute it makes your teeth hurt.

Rose: She and Kanaya have matching floppy sun hats, they love laying out in the sun because Kanaya is a little nervous around water thanks to a certain sea-dweller *cough* eridan *cough*. Rose doesn’t mind, her swimsuits are more for show than swim anyways. She’s got some really cool and intricate goth-y ones and some nice lighthearted pastel ones, an orange and yellow fancy one-piece and a frilly lavender one. Rose has a new appreciation for sunlight but still religiously applies sunscreen because a home girl may be immortal, but fuck if she is gonna deal with any nasty sunburns after defeating the fucking embodiment of evil.

Kanaya: As previously stated, very nervous around water, but so so happy to be in the sun?? It’s not as bright as the one on Alternia which is fine because that means her troll friends can enjoy it too, but she’s literally just so happy to be around people that enjoy the sun the way she does because she’s felt wrong and different about it for years and she finally found someone that understands her ahhshshsjs. She designs all of Rose’s swimsuits and loves seeing her wear them. When it gets dark out, she likes to turn on the glow a little and all these cute little furry wingbeasts will flock to her?? “Those are moths” Rose tells her. “These are my children now” Kanaya pats Rose’s arm, they’re her children too because that’s how human marriage works she’s pretty sure

Dirk: Is so awkward oh my godddd, a little uncomfortable in his body actually? This boy might have muscle but he is all arms and legs and doesn’t know what to do with them because he’s never fuckifnfnfn been around people before. Doesn’t say “Marco” during Marco Polo, he just listens. Breath too loud? You’re tagged. Splash a little? Tagged. Move? Tagged. He’s never Marco for more than two minutes because he’s so in tune with his reflexes that no one even stands a chance. With Jake on his shoulders, they make a decent chicken team, but they’re too worried about each other to be effective. “You okay up there?” He wants to make sure. Someone is tipping Jake over oh no get him off my shoulders is he okay, oh he’s fine, yes I know how the game works Roxy, no Rose why don’t you get in the pool and do a better job before you come for me like that. Rose and Kanaya, in an extremely rare occurrence, do get in for a round of chicken. They beat Dirk and Jake almost immediately. They return to the deck. This never happened and we don’t speak of it.

Jake: Is bad at Marco Polo, he’s an amazing swimmer but he’s not…quiet. After growing up on that island, fighting and swimming, Jake is also Ripped as Heck. Dirk blushes his fucking ass off the first time he sees Jake shirtless. Jake acts all clueless like oh? What’s wrong Dirk? Is something the matter? But he knows exactly what he’s doing and if he’s subtly flexing in front of him, well. That can’t be helped. He may suck during chicken with Dirk, but with Jade on his shoulders? Hoo boy, they give Dave and John a run for their money. He is also John’s favorite to grab the feet of because his reactions are always so over the top with his phrasing. “Horsefeathers!” He grabs at his foot in panic because his first thought is it was one of the monsters from his island, then he sees it was just John who is laughing his ass off because, horse feathers? Really? “I say,” Jake huffs indignantly even though he’s smiling now. “Warn a fellow!”

Jane: Looks rockin’ in her swimsuits because she’s wearing the whole high waisted pinup style ones and?? She’s super gorgeous? Roxy makes sure to tell her that every five seconds just in case she forgets. She and Roxy make a decent chicken team, usually they’re laughing so hard by the end of it that whoever was on top can’t do anything and they fall off because they don’t care about winning they’re just having such a good time. She and Roxy take turns carrying Callie around when the water gets too deep, not that Callie needs to be above the water per se as she seems to have no trouble breathing, but it just makes everyone a little more comfortable and anyways Callie loves it.

Terezi: Killer at Marco Polo for obvious reasons, sometimes she gets tagged on purpose just to show off how quickly she can find people. The only person she’s never been able to get is John, he uses his windy powers to obscure his scent so she can’t “see” him. He is her Marco Polo white whale. One day, John, one day. She and Vriska are terrifying during chicken, Vriska will plow full speed towards the opposing team and Terezi is ready to Throw Hands. The most intense games are between them and John and Dave, both John and Terezi are on top and they fuckin battle it out so hard that Dave and even Vriska start to get nervous on the bottom.

Sollux: Says the water feels slimy. “No shit,” Karkat tells him. “It’s water you fucking shitstain.” Sollux cheats during chicken by using his psiionics to keep Karkat on his shoulders which only makes Karkat mad because he’s terrified of falling in and holy shit Sollux I don’t care what you think your powers are doing I’m gonna fall in fuck fuck fuck. “No I got you” Sollux assures him. He does not. Karkat is not got. Oh well. Sollux mostly likes chilling on inner tubes, plural. He has a blue one and a red one because he’s too tall to fit in just one. “Get a bigger inner tube” Karkat complains. “Perhaps get one of those long, recliner like ones?” Kanaya suggests. No. Sollux will use two inner tubes. He will make the sacrifice of comfort for his aesthetic.

The new art is a big deal

First of all, this official art is absolutely stunning. 

But I couldn’t help but notice the white skates. And yes, I can see that tights are covering them, so the real colour of the actual skate can’t really be seen, but this also represents so much. 

Figure skating is a pretty homophobic and sexist sport. Particularly in the time when young Viktor would have been skating. Girls were meant to be flouncy and pretty and graceful (which is partially why Surya Bonaly had such a hard time and ended up doing the illegal backflip - it’s a really interesting story), and men athletic and manly. 

A huge point of this is that women have to wear white skates, and men have to wear black skates. So, young Viktor, who canonically says he used to play off his androgynous appearance, is wearing ‘white skates’, ladies skates, probably, I think, to make a point. We know from the extra information in one of the BD releases that he doesn’t have a particularly good relationship with the ISU, so maybe this is partly why. It’s pretty damn rebellious against the patriarchy for him to be doing this. 

And perhaps this is reaching, but…

Look at the two crowns. In his younger self, the flowers are smaller and are white like his skates, symbolising innocence and purity. But in his older self, with short hair and black skates, the flowers are golden and taller, representing his victory. We can also see a difference in the colouring of his clothing, his younger self with warm colours, and his older self with cold colours, blue, representing sadness. His colour’s been stripped away from his soul, and finds itself in his crown, in his success. 

I see a powerful message here, about a boy who tried to beat the system but tragically became a part of it once he started winning. 

Or maybe it’s just a really cute art… who knows… But with the amount of symbolism within the anime, some lowkey message put here intentionally like this wouldn’t be too far out of the realms of possibility.