why do we do this for him

i’m really tired of all the hate that tyler gets for doing shit yes i understand you want him to sing with a flag and yes i understand it hurts that he won’t sing with our flag but the reason why tyler doesn’t grab the lgbt flag when it’s given to him is because he doesn’t want to use our community as something to promote the band and be like “hey we love gays buy our music.”, and i really appreciate it actually.

please respect his decision, he’s doing something that is actually really thoughful and i hate to see the people who are supposed to be the most loyal people to him send such horrific things all because of this one decision.

“You should move.”

Victor buries his nose deeper on the crook of Yuuri’s neck. “Or maybe you should.”

“Victor, I’m cold,” Yuuri whines because Victor’s warmth on top of him can’t counter the cold from the ice beneath his body.

“I’m cold too, that’s why I’m holding you.” That, and Yuuri feels comfortable and soft and too lovely for Victor to let go.

“We’re going to get sick,” Yuuri says, but still he runs his fingers through the platinum strands.

“Perhaps,” Victor smiles into his neck. “Or perhaps we can warm ourselves up.”

“Oh? And what do you propose we do?”

“We can continue the training,” Victor replies, before he leans to bite Yuuri’s ear, “or we can do another workout together.”

Yuuri slips his hand under Victor’s jacket. “On the ice? Sounds fun.”

“I’m glad you agree.”


“Beka, I’m moving to Kazakhstan!”



Jongup be bustin out these solos left and right, meanwhile I, a perfectly capable adult, still struggle to put my socks on in the morning without falling on something


Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Fleur went to check who it was and she smiled as soon as she saw her cousin. She opened the door for him and gave him a hug. They were very close with each other, he was a very good friend to her and she was thankful for that, since she didn’t have many friends at school.

As soon as Calum saw Dominic he went closer to him and grabbed him by his leg. “Dominic! Wanna check out my new video game? It’s so cool! We have to play, I wanna show you what I did!”

Dominic laughed. “Sure kiddo!”

“No way, Calum! Go finish your homework!”

“Ugh Fleur, why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?! I’ll do it later, Dom is here now!”

Please tell me why I still look past all of the bad. Why do I so easily forget the not so fond memories? Why do I instantly let these go? Why am I always able to believe again.. to love again.. to want again? What makes him so damn different to everyone else? What parts of him live within me? Why does time never seem to exist between us.. do we exist beyond time? Why do I make sense of all of his faults with love and with my own past experiences? How am I ever supposed to stop loving him unconditionally?
—  questions I ask the moon 🌙
  • Jughead: Please, don't let them destroy the drive-in.
  • Mayor: Why should I do as you say?
  • Jughead: It's an important place for me. My family and I used to go there all the time and... It's... It's my safe place.
  • Mayor: I'm sorry, Mr. Jones. There's nothing I can do.
  • Riverdale fans: * burst in*
  • Mayor: What is the meaning of-
  • River dale fans: You can't let them destroy the Drive-in!!
  • Mayor: Oh, And why is that?
  • River dale fans: Because Jughead said so! Look at him! He's a precious child that needs to be protected!
  • Jughead: Hey, guys... I'm still here-
  • Riverdale fans: Shhhh... We got this.
Running (Shawn Mendes)

a/n: Hey guys, this is rather short but i’m posting a longer one tomorrow :) xx 

Word count: 389


“Shawn hurry up!” I called. We were running in the park for half an hour now but Shawn stopped every five minutes to look at all the flowers.

“But babe look! They are so beautiful!” He said. I stopped and turned around.

This boy.

I walked back to him and took his hand. “Come on now, we still have to run a few miles.” I pulled him a bit which made him groan.


I laughed. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Me? Why? You can’t tell me you didn’t like the flowers.” He looked at me seriously. “It’s spring Luna! You need to look at everything around you. All you do is run. We can do that at the gym, too, you know?”

I shook my head smiling. “Don’t talk so much, Mendes.” He rolled his eyes at me.

“Okay let’s do something exciting now. Who’s first at the bridge gets to decide what we’re doing next. GO!” He run off.

“HEY! That’s not fair!!” I followed him as fast as I could, but with those large legs of his it was clearly impossible for me to catch up with him.

“Winner!” He called when he reached the bridge just shortly before me.

“That was so unfair!” He shrugged his shoulders. “I know someone who just told me: ‘Life is not fair.’ Sorry darling.” He smirked.

“Oh get over yourself.” I laughed.

“So, since I’m the winner I can decide what we’re doing now. We’re walking through this park. But first I get a kiss. That’s the general rule you know. The winner gets a kiss.” He came closer to me.

“The general rule, huh? Who made the rules?” I smiled at him and let him take my hand.

“My granddad. He made those rules. It’s tradition.” He was dead serious and I nodded.

“Sure.” He smiled at me and moved his head down to me.

“You look stunning by the way.” He whispered.

“I’m super sweaty. I bet I look like a total disaster right now.”

“No, you’re always beautiful baby.” He kissed me and put his hand on my cheek. I laid my arms around him and pulled him closer to me.

After pulling apart we looked at each other.

“Let’s go?” He asked.

“Yes.” I smiled and took his hand.

He’s such a dork sometimes. But he’s my dork.

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hi! a question, why do you think isak had a sister in season one? thanks!

hello babe!

so, in season one, when eva goes to isak’s house to confront him about the whole jonas/p. chris debacle, there’s a plaque right above the doorbell that reads:

“here lives terje and marianne valtersen” – who are presumably isak’s parents, which leaves us to believe isak & lea are, of course, their children

so what do we know about lea valtersen??

she could be isak’s older sister and that might be the reason why she’s never mentioned again – maybe she’s moved out of the house and lives elsewhere – but the order of the names (isak first, lea second) leads us to believe she’s the youngest, soooo

either that poor girl has been forgotten in that house for far too long (she couldn’t even go to the christmas concert guys??? rude) or julie gave up on that plot, deciding it worked better if isak was an only child by season three heh

or who knows! maybe the mysterious lea valtersen will come up again next season!!

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Do you have prompts for four guys who work in a royal palace as cleaning crew only for them to constantly screw up?

1. “How has he not gotten fired yet?”

“Because we clean up all of his messes.”

“Think we should… You know… Stop?”

2. “You know how I was supposed to sweep the Grand Hall?”

“What did you do?”

“It was just a small-”


3. “Why do you guys protect him?”

“Because he’s one of us. You don’t let your family down.”

4. “You told him to clean the Ballroom? Alone?”

“I thought he could stay out of trouble there.”

“That would explain the crash we just heard.”

5. “Guys, I… I messed up. Again.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. Just get yourself cleaned up.”

Hope these help!!! :)

When I was in 1st grade, my best friend and I had a crush on the same guy.
He was our friend and I think he knew about it because we made it pretty obvious on a daily basis by doing whatever it is 6 year olds do when they have a crush.
This one school day, my best friend and I made him two separate cards.
We basically just made a huge heart in the centre of a blank sheet and coloured it pretty.
Both of us wrote ‘You are my hero’
(Two reactions to this:
1. Oh my god. Why!!? Cringe.
2. The kid me had way more courage and game.)
When we both gave our cards to him, he did something really shitty. After handing it over to him, we both went from our seats on the last bench to the teacher’s desk to collect our books or something?
When we returned, we found both our cards crumbled and lying on the floor.
We both picked up our cards and looked at the guy with utter shock. He was supposed to be our friend! Why was he being so mean?
I tore the card and threw the pieces on his face.
My best friend on the other hand, uncrumbled the paper and said something like, ‘I will give this to my brother. He is my hero too.’
After this incident, the guy and me didn’t talk for what seemed like forever but was probably only a week.
My friend tried to be the mediator because even after the whole incident she didn’t seem to care and was normal with the guy.
She told me something like, 'he said that if you wouldn’t have behaved so rudely, he would still be talking to you. He liked my reaction better.’
I got mad at her and didn’t talk to her forever too.
Things between all 3 of us got back to normal after a bit but seriously though, I’m glad the kid me reacted the way she did.
As an adult, I’d probably just burst into tears if the same thing happened to me now.

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Who of the Kurosaki family (besides Ichigo) was the first to find out Orihime was pregnant and how do you think it went?

Gah. Sorry for the super late response anon.

Anyways, personally I think Isshin was the first to find out. 

I don’t know why exactly, I just do. Like, maybe he accidentally overhears a conversation between Ichigo and Orihime or maybe he’s being nosy or maybe it’s because he’s a doctor and he just knows or maybe Orihime just thinks it’s right to tell him first. Idk. 

Either way, we all know how Isshin is. I’m sure he was super excited after he found out and of course he was crying and he just had to be overly dramatic and he cried in front of Masaki’s picture because now he’s old and he’s going to be a grandpa and their son is all grown up now and is starting a family of his own.

And I also imagine that that’s how Yuzu and Karin found out. Because their dad was being loud and dramatic. Lol. 


taekook in bs&t era 

So since there are a few theories going around I’d like to draw attention to the titles of some of the more recent videos on Jack’s channel.

What if this started with the first Resident Evil video? It says run for your life. What if it’s Jack trying to warn us?

Then there’s ‘In Plain Sight.’ You know what they say about hiding, it’s best to do it in plain sight. Anti’s probably in our view but he’s doing an impressive job of hiding.

Then we see Anti turn up in 'I’m so Sorry Wei’ when Jack gets scared.

Then 'Manage My Monster’ well, that’s self explanatory.

Lastly 'Why Won’t You Die?’ Is that Jack questioning why Anti’s still around after fighting him off at Halloween.

This theory could be blown out of the water in half hour once Jack uploads a new video but that’s my theory for now.

  • Me: *watches episode*
  • *I want to break free starts playing*
  • Me: Hold on... A completely random song that came out of nowhere? That could only mean...
  • Moriarty: *makes a dramatic entrance*
  • Moftiss: lol bitch u thought

I’m never getting out of here.

let’s talk about our son Even Bech Næsheim. remember when Even asks Isak what type of music he listens to in episode 2? and then adds if you listen to music. he’s clearly eager to talk about and maybe bond over music. the guy has a nas poster and a guitar in his room and would later send Isak song lyrics to convey how he feels, so it’s pretty safe to assume he’s not just a casual listener. he needs music. yet he doesn’t automatically assume Isak to be the same?? what an amazing human. Even doesn’t generalise or make assumptions, and sometimes he corrects people who do as we can see him do with Emma, and this is why meeting him changes Isak’s whole life.

Isak very much sees the world in black and white, and he struggles to position his identity in it because he feels like neither colour truly fits. he doesn’t have a problem with gay feelings, what he does have a problem with is the label and the baggage that comes with it. then along comes Even, showing him that beyond black and white there exists a whole world of grey. in the pool scene Isak is born as his true self. but it’s not just the kiss that is important in this scene, it’s what Even says after briefly kissing Isak under water. tror du det er noen regler her, do you think there’s any rules here. this is what ultimately saves Isak. not Even’s affections but Even as a person. it’s Even who shows him that the rules he’s tried so hard to play by were all made up. it’s Even who shows him that you can get stoned to nas and lip sync to gabrielle, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. there are no rules. alt er love. everything is love, everything is allowed.

and honestly? to me personally this is what makes theirs one of the greatest love stories ever told. they don’t just fall in love with each other, they save each other, and it all happens so organically. even if you say life is but a continuum of random incidents followed by random results, i really do think that it had to be them, that out of all the possible loves that could have been, this is the one that had to happen. that in this exact moment in Isak’s life it couldn’t have been anyone else, not Jonas or Julian Dahl or some random guy from grindr. for him it had to be Even Bech Næsheim. 

After accepting a mission to figure out who in the party may have betrayed our team and sabotaged the wheels of our caravan:

Our DM: the leader of the caravan gives you the double pistols. 
Goliath Ranger: I give him the finger pistols back. I mean, I’m confused why we’re doing it, but I assume that’s just how people say ‘goodbye’ now.
DM: He’s loving it. Just…absolutely loving that someone, after all these years, is finally doing it back. He looks close to tears
Genasi Fighter: Can I dab in the background?
DM: (trying not to laugh) You know what? Fine. But I’m going to need you to roll a history check to see if you know what a dab is

(The Genasi fighter rolled a Nat 20. A successful dab ensued.)

DM: The worst part of this is no one else but you will ever know what just happened. Forbidden Knowledge. 
Cleric: (whispering to another NPC) I swear I don’t know these guys.