why do we do most of the things we do anyways

I see people asking why Sohye is being supported and I’m just disappointed how they refuse to acknowledge the obvious answer:

Inspiration is something this generation needs. Most teens struggle with trying things they want to do in fear of not being as good as the others so most just give up on it. We all know Sohye was on a completely different path, and I get that it’s unfair for the other trainees who trained for years to debut as I also think the same (and I also think she’d be better fit as an actress), but we can’t ignore the fact that Sohye has that star appeal some of them lack. She wasn’t afraid to humiliate herself in the auditions even knowing that her competition are 100 girls who are 100x better than her but she did it anyway. Teenagers could relate to her, I know some people got inspired to try because of that. The hidden message is that one is capable of doing the things others can do- if you work hard, you will get there. Seriously, how many of you would have the guts to do something terribly where you are being watched by tons of people who are experts and be judged by the whole nation? Bravery attracts admiration. AND DREAMS DO CHANGE. 

Who are we to decide what Sohye can be? 

Announcement, an Everlark Drabble

This was all Peeta’s idea. I didn’t want to do it. Not like this anyway. But Peeta can always come up with some way to convince me of doing things I never even knew I wanted.

It’s how we ended up having sex the car once.

Or sneaking off at Finnick and Annie’s wedding to make out in a coat closet.

Or the time he got me to go sky diving when I would rather have endured a root canal without pain killers.

But a baby announcement is something big. And I wanted to do it quietly. Just call our family and friends and let Prim plan the biggest, most elaborate baby shower imaginable.

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Ok, but why is cs ruined ouat trending instead if #saverobin?
I mean, it doesn’t show the you cared about Robin and want him back. It only shows that you hate something else.

Evelyn Evelyn ft. Lapis and Jasper (Steven Universe Parody)
Evelyn Evelyn ft. Lapis and Jasper (Steven Universe Parody)

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Evelyn Evelyn


Lapis, Jaser
Why do you bother to fight?
Why are you destroying my life?
Don’t you feel like conquering?
Everything’s just come together at last.
This fusion is poison in me

We could say, we’re closer than most.
Closer than anything, closer than anything.
Shared our prison, confined in the same chains.
Fought about everything, argued about so many things.

What shall we think about? What shall we do today?
That’s a rhetorical question, But i’d like to think we could stray
Should we be good for once? Could we be loyal for once?
What if they find us? They’re not looking anyway.

Jasper, Lapis
why do we bother to stay?
Why are we rotting away?
Don’t you feel, like redeeming?
everything’s just come together at last…
I was broken, but I won’t decay

Fill my mind, with rambling ghosts
This is our home now, so why are you weeping?
Our light combined, I feel like a prisoner
I’ll get you first, not if I have you here with me

Can we be free tonight? I can’t trust my, own mind
we’ve had enough of this, I’ll never break these chains
Should we go home again? Go back to their demands
I want to go home please. You’re not gonna get away

Lapis, Jasper
Why are keeping me here?
You hurt them, you need to pay
don’t you feel like serving?
I had been finally free at last
I’m breaking, my own reality

We stay here, so very close.
This parasite needs a host.
I’m only trying to do what is best for them.
Well, I never asked for this, I never wanted this.
All that I want is to protect the pure
Looking in our eyes, we’re never going home.
Just get away from me, I can’t just let you be
You’re always trying to be the hero you aren’t.
Now I realize, i’ve lost myself
Well, you’re only scared of me.
But they never cared for me.
Why don’t you let me free?
‘Cause you’d never dare to be.
‘Cause you never listen, you’re always insisting.
(I’m just/just stop) reminiscing,
I feel something missing.
I’ll keep (you here with me/my legacy),
Why (can’t you just leave them be/won’t you leave me be)?