why do videos like this even exist

Something really interesting about the worldbuilding of Harry Potter that is never outwardly discussed but I find to be extremely likely and often think about is that

Harry and his friends are likely going to see the end of the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy within their lifetimes and honestly, it’s already on its last threads while he’s at school. With everyone so busy with what Voldemort is doing, the entire Wizarding Community fails to see what the Muggles are doing.

It’s the 90′s. Our 1990′s. The internet is starting to grow and comes into nearly every UK and US household. Video cameras are becoming thinner, sleeker, more user friendly, and above all, cheaper. By the time Voldemort is dead, the first camera phone is only three years away from being made.

Yes, these things don’t work in Hogwarts, or likely in the Ministry either, and maybe even the biggest Wizard towns block electronics, too.

But Muggleborns exist. They exist and canonically are able to do uncontrolled magic, with eleven years of life before their questions about how and why are even begun to be answered.

It’s 2015 and there are more than a few eleven year olds who have their own cellphones, which now almost all come standard with cameras. Or they have older brothers and sisters who have them.

YouTube exists in the modern world and anyone with an internet connection can post to it easily.

Even if the Ministry has a new special division to monitor the internet for leaks, they don’t REALLY understand most Muggle technology and this isn’t likely going to be any different. They won’t be able to get every video and picture and post.

It starts with a video of some kid blooming a flower in their hand like little Lily Evans did in front of her sister some forty years ago. People will just think these are pranks, tricks of editing and lighting like that one guy does with his Vines. But then some other kid sees it, and recognizes it as real because they can do this same thing, too, and no one believes them, either.

Muggleborn children start finding each other on the internet long before Hogwarts finds them.

Hogwarts is still, quite literally, in the Dark Ages. They’re too slow. They’re too outdated. They can’t keep up unless they change.

The world is different and a big secret like the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy isn’t going to stay hidden for much longer.

Maybe not even “19 Years Later.”

HQ Youtube AU Headcanons

(with the help of @kenjiandcompany and @hachidorikun, cut for length because this got widely out of hand)

corresponding pictures:  1 2 3 4

  • Kuroo has a PhD in chemical engineering and explains complex science facts in 3 minutes with marshmallows stuffed in his mouth 
  • Akaashi has a cooking channel
  • 60% of Akaashi’s subscribers thirst-followed him but stayed because his recipes are actually really good and Akaashi smiles sometimes when he talks about different fruits and veggies
  • Kenma enjoys editing and does most of Kuroo’s editing for him in exchange for food
  • Oikawa is a transman and makes videos about his struggles and tips for fellow trans folks 
  • Bokuto used to be a viner but then changed over to youtube after vine was shut down. He lived the phrase “Do it for the vine” and the hospital staff knew him by his first name
  • Kenma didn’t record his face at first but started after people wouldn’t stop asking about it
  • Bokuto found Akaashi’s channel at 4am when he aimlessly watched youtube and he immediately tried out one of Akaashi’s recepes. It turned out so bad Akaashi almost cried when Bokuto tagged him in a picture
  • Kenma is somehwere in the background in almost all of Kuroo’s vlogs, mostly napping or curling up with his psp or ds 
  • Iwaizumi has a movie critique and meta analysis channel
  • Oikawa found said critique channel because Iwaizumi made a video on “Aliens” and utterly destroyed it
  • It’s Iwaizumi’s most popular video, mostly because of the very salty comment Oikawa left

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PROMPT: TM2C Bucky sees a better ballerina on Youtube >:)

“Will you please just come to bed?”

“In a minute. I just gotta figure out…” Bucky sighs harshly through his nose and starts the clip over. Again. He’s clearly getting frazzled, hair starting to come out of its bun and cigarette dangling forgotten from his fingers as he watches the dancer onscreen. “How is he doing that?”

“Babe, it’s nearly midnight.” Steve snags the smouldering cigarette and puts it out before it can burn his boyfriend’s fingers. The guy still has no sense of self-preservation whatsoever. 

“I think he’s running before the music.” Bucky mutters to himself, restarting the clip. It’s from some regional dance competition Steve didn’t even know existed, the kid in the video looking young and wiry as he dances. “That’s why it looks like he hangs…”

He trails off as the kid jumps, and Steve has to admit it does look impressive. Not more impressive than the stuff Bucky does every day though, so he can’t understand what the obsession is. 

“That’s what it is. It’s a goddamn optical illusion.” Bucky nods decisively, sounding a little more normal as he finally closes his laptop and stands up to crack his neck loudly. He’s wearing the godawful ‘Always a Slut for Doritos’ crop top again, Steve thought he threw that out. “Alright, I can go to bed.”

“Just like that?” Steve probably shouldn’t question a good thing, but Bucky is so weird sometimes and he kind of finds it adorable. 

“Yeah.” Bucky shrugs, rolling out his bad shoulder when he feels a twinge - leaning over his laptop is terrible for his posture. “I figured out what he was doing, and how I can do it better. So it’s all good.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” He follows Bucky into the bedroom, where his boyfriend is apparently going to crash straight out without even taking his clothes off.

“Hey, if you’ve got skin in the game, you stay in the game.” Bucky flops down on the bed and makes grabby hands at Steve. This guy. “Gotta stay better than the new kids coming up.”

“Did you just quote motherfucking Hamilton at me?” Steve gets comfortable with Bucky octopussing all over him as soon as he lies down, as usual. Then there are cold fingers pressed against his ribs to warm them up and he regrets not wearing a shirt for the twentieth time this month. 

“You brainwashed me into it, music nerd. You played it for like two months straight, it was the third person in our relationship.” Bucky sticks his nose into Steve’s neck and breathes out a long, contented breath. “I’m gonna head in early tomorrow, get some practice in.”

“You’re gonna try and beat that kid, aren’t you?” It’s met with silence, and Steve laughs at the predictability. “And I’m the nerd.”

“Go to sleep. Jerk.” Bucky wriggles equally chilly toes onto Steve’s shins and Steve rolls his eyes affectionately before settling down to sleep. Some things never change.

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Have you seen the superfruit parody of stranger things??? It's hilarious omggggggggggg

SORRY it took my so long I completely didn’t see this ask but YES I love that video it cracks me up so much. I fucking lost it when they had the part of Will with the lights spell out “I’m gay” and then they couldn’t do any of the special effects with the actual people SO THEY JUST USED THE SPIDER MAN INFLATABLE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WILLS DEAD BODY OH AND BARB WITH THE CLOWN WIG IN THE KIDDIE POOL and Eleven in the “Eggo maniac” shirt (why???? Does that shirt even exist lmao DID THE EGGO COMPANY LIKE ACTUALLY MAKE TEE-SHIRT MERCH???) and then Nancy going to the upside down (“Oh fuck this”)


Anyways I love this video it’s gold

as most people may know, yesterday a fancam from jonghyun’s concert vcr went up, a part of which showed him doing a “bollywood” style dance to impress a girl he likes. after fans pointed out to him that the segment was, unintentionally or not, essentially mocking south asian culture, jonghyun tweeted an apology and said it would be removed from the upcoming concerts. he was really prompt with his apology, which people like me, who are indian, really appreciated. 

because i had a very strong reaction to the vcr, a few people messaged me asking why exactly i found it so offensive. there were several things in it that i could not condone, or pretend were not based off harmful stereotypes about my culture. this post is an explanation of different elements of the vcr that made it a problematic, and a reductive parody of south asian culture. 

this post is not a discussion of jonghyun’s character, or personality, or intent. we raised a point. he acknowledged it. he apologized, and we acknowledge that. the segment will be removed. let’s call it a day. 

this post is not a discussion of my reaction. this post is not me trying to stir up shit, or a discussion that is over and a matter that has been respectfully resolved. and this post is not me justifying my reaction, i feel no need to do so. it is only for the benefit of the people who reached out to me, and anyone who else may be interested to learn why that part of the vcr had to go. 

if that is alright with you, please go ahead and read more. if it’s not or you feel like you’d like to question my motives for it or my reaction to the incident, feel free to scroll on.

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Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Voice Drama – Palpitating Miracle Change (part 1)

Decided to translate the MikaGaku drama CDs because I didn’t see anyone doing it. I tried to upload the audio, but tumblr keeps telling me the file is too big. However, there is a download link provided here by the mighty pika09​.

Y’all remember that fictional girl from the dating sim Eruna was playing at the beginning of the anime? Welp, she plays a big part here. Also, warning for lots of second-hand embarrassment because Yuuto and Sadamatsu are such huge nerds, lmao.

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whenever I come across a story that I feel could have been longer but has no follow-up I always have the terrible urge to make said follow-up

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You mention it's not ok to upset players but to plenty of us it's quite upsetting that we can't easily access and play the game competitively because of availability of cards. Should this be as much, if not more of a concern? Magic is a game, first.

It’s a concern. It’s why things like Modern Masters and Eternal Masters even exist. We’re working to try and solve the problem. But, and this is crucial, we’re trying to do it without creating new problems.

It’s very easy to make a video or write an article and say “Just do X” when you don’t truly understand the repercussions of doing X.

As I said in my talk at GDC, players are excellent at identifying problems but have a harder time solving them because they’re not privy to the hundreds of issues and restrictions you have to deal with.

I hear loud and clear that there is a player issue that needs to be met and I promise you that we’re trying to figure out ways to address it. But the solutions are not simple and they’re going to take time to solve.

Tldr - We hear you. Give us time.


What a choice to begin the outtakes video

It’s interesting that he considers a voice crack, which is a direct result of how much work he was doing at the time and is out of his control, a “fuck-up”. Like it is an avoidable mistake that ruined his video. A subconscious invitation for people to “not care” about the rest of his video. While I don’t personally consider it one, I can understand that from his perspective though– he is a slight perfectionist from what I can tell, so of course he would want his intro to not have any hiccups (or voice cracks). Add that on top of his reaction to people constantly pointing it out…

I’m not a YouTuber myself, so I never really considered how much thought goes into ensuring the “constants” of every video (ie. intro and outro) remain…well, constant. Maybe I’m way off base, but to me, the theory is that if the main variable that changes between videos is the actual content itself, that’s what people will tend to focus on, instead of losing all attention and concentrating on something unrelated. The aim to direct focus to the videos’ varying content, not the bookends that exist in every one. This doesn’t apply to every viewer obviously (it may not even apply to any), not going to make generalizations, but I can see why, from his perspective as a creator, this could possibly be a motivating factor behind maintaining consistency in those areas. But I’m not him, so I don’t really know. 

He has uploaded videos where he’s kept in outros that were “different” (I use that term only to mean they don’t go like they usually do), and I love that he does (he doesn’t need to have perfect intros and outros for me), but I realize that is rarer for him to keep in intros like that. It is far more awkward to redo the outro than the intro, so maybe that’s why…

I don’t know, this part of the video got me thinking. 

i’ve talked about it before but i’m 99% sure i’m part of the reason why Go!Animate is no longer populated by a bunch of tweens who roleplay in the forums (which dont even exist anymore mind you)

so when i was in 7th grade i was a pretty big deal on go!animate, i had 400 followers (which would be like 50,000 in tumblr form) and even the creators of the website followed me because i made some QUALITY VIDEOS. Most of my followers, though, were from the forums section where we would do roleplaying

i’m talking the kind of roleplaying they have in the youtube part of the MiiVerse. This shit was a lifestyle. Most of them had some magical element in them, but there was one that really caused a lot of shit to go down.

In one roleplay i was rp’ing an elf who fucked a werewolf and had his kid because he was the last of his kind (this was when i didnt know what sexuality was dont judge), named the abomination “lady” and abandoned it in the woods. The guy who was RP’ing as the wolf IM’d me and was like “a fucking daughter?? really?” and we literally got into a huge ass fight.

When I say the fight was huge, i mean it was H U G E

no one was unaffected, mainly because we were both popular. SHIT was being FLUNG at both sides- huge forum posts were created to take my side or his. Everyone was fighting. The entire first page of threads were all about the fight and who was in the right

After a day or two the other guy got banned and the open forum was shut down for a week. The mods were NOT happy at all.

Since 2012 the website has gone from public to completely business and school oriented. I like to think I helped cause that change.

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where i live CN plays (between ads) little videos that kids send, and i just saw one of a girl clearly talking about the original ppg (even humming the original theme) but they make it seem like she's talking about the reboot...

Oh man, for real?! Awwwww! That really stinks. Why do they keep trying to replace the original show with the new one? I swear, they keep trying to cover up that it barely ever existed. :T

Undertale Review (some neato gifs inside!) *spoilers*

I found this art on the official Undertale page, here.

Undertale is special. Everything about Undertale is special. It tries to be this way, and it succeeds, left-and-right eschewing bland genre traditions. I don’t do any spoiler dodging or whatever, so please play this game to your heart’s content before watching. And for Undertale, what constitutes the moment you should stop playing turns out to be an important question.

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why do ppl even post 240p 8 bit youtube videos of cryptidsand aliens and shit like that like?? we’re supposed to believe these 10 lighter pixels in the middle of a screen of black pixels followed by some Rustling sounds are God’s Proof to Mankind that the Supernaturla exists like. 1080p surround sound where u can see the pores on bigfoot’s Face or go back Home

Did Toby's twin make an appearance in the finale?

We saw Toby in two different outfits in the finale. One in civilian clothing and one in a cop uniform.

I’m thinking the one in civilian clothing is Charlie. And Toby was in the cop uniform.

If you re-watch the finale, it’s almost like they have two different personalities.
Civilian Toby almost seemed as if he just wanted to see if Caleb could find any thing that can lead them to A and the girls. And when Caleb had an APB on him, Toby tried to stop him even though he was just going to turn himself him to try to help tanner find the girls.

Now, Officer Toby, on the other hand, seemed like his genuine self. Concerned and wanting to get to the bottom of things. The way he was behind Caleb frantically asking if he found anything. The way he said “A’s lair” at the end.

I really like Toby having a twin and that twin being Charlie. Definitely gives his character more depth. Let’s face it, all Toby has done is annoy us all with his Spoby drama. He needs a real story line. This could be it.

Just two other show points that leave a blank….

How does his mom tie in. Does Charlie know about her? Was he the disturbed patient that pushed her. I mean, he obviously belongs in the nut house. He literally built a dollhouse for real people based on an obsession. Maybe that’s why the true facts of her case were hidden. She was killed by her son, let alone a twin that nobody knows exist.

Also, how the hell would he be tied to the Dilaurentis family. Like I said in my previous post, we have no reason believe Charlie is Mrs. D’s son and Jason’s twin. How do we know if the boy in the video that kissed the baby was even Charlie? Maybe that was Jason kissing Ali. maybe that wasn’t even Ali! If it was Charlie and his twin, maybe the boy kissed Bethany! Charlie, Toby and Bethany? Maybe.

Either way, Charlie and Toby would be connected to the Dilaurentis family since their early years. Unfortunately, I don’t have any clues to back this up. Does anybody have any???

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Lmao you Candice fans are so fucking ignorant. You get so pissy if Danielle does something you all think is rude to Candice (which you usually make up) and yet you guys will act like Danielle doesn't exist. Kevin spoke about Danielle the most in that video and you don't even mention her in the caption? Pathetic. Don't expect respect for your fave when you treat others like shit.

1) What the hell are you doing on a Candice/ Iris blog? Clearly you know I didn’t tag Danielle, so why are you watching my videos?

2) I was there, so don’t tell me how much Kevin talked about Danielle. He literally only mentioned her when discussing pseudo terminology, that’s it. I had to cut off the beginning of the video where you see Marc talking about Candice because of limits and that’s why it seems like he talks more about Danielle. And if you watch my other video, you would know so. Anyways, No one asked about Danielle, and no one cared to.

3) There’s actually tweets, video evidence, etc. of Danielle erasing Iris’s importance in Barry’s life, even in front of Candice. And there’s plenty of other shit too.

I usually don’t answer shit like this, because if I don’t like a person I tend to not talk about them, and Danielle seems to have fallen back in her lane where she belongs, but don’t sit here and come at me with some bullshit. There’s a big ass difference with disrespecting your costar and practicing white feminism vs. a fan not tagging a person because that person has every reason not to. Get the hell off my blog.

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How possible is it this to end in coming out? I mean they've been mocking baby gate so much that even paternity denial would still raise a few eyebrows. And they've clearly taken the turn to mock baby's existence so why not end it in CO when people would in general forget babygate soon enough and they would be like "oh well no wonder he had to do it, he was in closet"

I think a fairly imminent coming out’s possibility has increased significantly the moment Dax got the green light to shoot his video.

evilcranberry  asked:

Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so why/why not ? (Sorry if it's in the FAQs, but I couldn't find it )

You’re the first person to ask this I think…

Anyhoo, no I’m not a feminist and I never will be. I won’t get alllllll into it but:

1. Feminist have no reason to be fighting in the western world anymore. All the shit they complain about is trivial or completely made up/ taken way out of context. {Wage gap} Plus, women have more rights than men do anyway.

2. They hurt men with their bullshit then pretend they’re fighting for equality. They even go as far as to make any problem a man could possibly have be somehow about them. {Ex. We need to teach boys that having emotions is okay because if we don’t they’ll grow up and beat women. Cause fuck their own well being, I guess.}. They go out of their way to make sure that no matter what, men get fucked and women get a pass. {Read: Rape laws}. They pretend that the male gender role is harmless to males while the female one is the work of Satan. Also, they demonize an entire gender based solely on that gender {But not sexist doe!}

3. They’re a hate group. They hate men and don’t even pretend to hide it {then again say they’re for equality} and that’s why “misandry don’t exist”. They toss around words like “patriarchy” “oppression” “misogyny” or “rape culture” just so they can get that appeal. But they’re wrong, if we truly lived in a patriarchy then why is it that so much stuff is biased in favor of women? {Selective service, assumed caregivers, assumed victim, shorter jail sentences, cant hit a woman but hitting a man is fine….} And if we really lived in a rape culture then why is rape considered the absolute worst thing you could do {to a woman though cause it’s LOLZ hilarious if done to a man}? If we lived in a rape culture wouldn’t rapists be getting stars on the Walk of Fame or some shit…? Women are allowed to do basically anything they want and will be praised for it. {Stay at home mom? Well that’s her choice! Working in science? BRAVO GURL! Wanna abort your baby? Well that is your decision! Don’t even tell the father about it, fuck him and anything he has to say about his unborn child girl it is yer bodehh. Oh but if you do have it, better get that ass for child support girl and make sure he takes care of you, or else he’s a deadbeat. Even if you raped him. Doesn’t matter, you go girl.} I think their goal in life is female supremacy, and to silence all men {And women that don’t agree tbh} forever. And y’know, fuck censorship. 

4. Most of them sound like they’re part of a cult. They parrot the same [false] shit over and over..honestly it’s like someone sat them all in a room and played some How To Feminist video on repeat til it sank it and turned their minds to mush…now all they’re left with is generic “But DA PATRIARCHY” rhetoric. This is probably why they turn on other women who reject feminism. And god forbid you’re critical of feminism or an ex-member!

5. They reject anything that doesn’t have to do with them and try and dismantle it? {Like pulling fire alarms at men’s suicide awareness meetings because “But why couldn’t you do it in a FEMALE SPACE!? …Also get the fuck out of female spaces! Go back to your non-existant DA shelter!} Or even if it IS in favor of them it get’s pulled if their arbitrary rules deem it unworthy. {Like that video game developer contest that got pulled…}

6. Did I mention that they’re shrill as fuck and lack individual thought? The fact that they refuse to police their own movement kills me. EVERY movement has it’s bad members but there is a problem when the bad becomes the majority or most vocal. It’s just a trend for a lot of people right now any damn way. Oh, and it must be sooo empowering to be a women and get told “Hey, the only reason you could possibly think the way you do and be against feminism is because of internalized misogyny! Lmao, what is individualism?!” I really hate the fact that they use lies and like…guilt to try and get people to be feminists. “If you don’t believe in feminism then you must be an OPPRESSIVE SHITLORD! Read all my fake statistics! Don’t believe those people who debunk it with legit sources and shit, THEY ARE OPPRESSORS TOO!” -_-

6. They use LGBT as props for their bullshit. {Read: Political Lesbians, Transgenders and Gender Roles.} It’s not like they actually give a fuck about LGBT mind you, but it sounds like they do so why not? “Following binarist gender roles are part of PATRIARCHY” don’tcha know? Their rhetoric of “It’s ok for a woman to dress like a man but if a man dresses like a woman it’s not ok because femininity is seen as weak and undesirable. As usual, it has to be about WIMMIN!”

7. The name Feminism literally means “for women” …not /everyone/ mind you…just women, and men if they think about it and have nothing better to do with their time. 

8. I might be more into feminism if they would stop just claiming their for men’s rights while doing jack shit all to support that notion since apparently fixing women’s issues will magically fix male’s.

9. The way they exaggerate. Oh dear lord…Now, I’m dramatic but probably in the more…theatrical way? They’re just plain full of shit. How many times have you seen shit like “Women get cat-called LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY and its basically on the same level as being raped.” And the fact that rape seems to be the ultimate evil to them? They can joke about killing all men {Y’know, taking their lives simply for being male {Not sexist tho!} but OHMUHGWAR don’t even THINK about making a rape joke! Because that’s also rape, it normalizes it! That joke just put my LIFE IN DANGER! Can’t wear a thong to school? Well, it’s because of that dangerous male gaze! Also, they use rape accusations as their greatest weapon cause they know it will ruin a man’s life instantly due to how heinus of a crime we view rape….but somehow we live in a rape culture where rape is praised. I’m sorry but it pisses me off that they go out of their way to convince people that they’ve been raped but they just don’t know it yet? {Like they took some stupid ass survey, that shit that was like “we asked men if they had ever raped someone and most of them say yes if you just don’t use the word rape!” and somehow that logic has been taken and stretched to hell and back so these chicks honestly think “he put his hand on my knee” makes them a victim of rape?!}

9.5: I mentioned all the double standards right? Just this little rampage alone should highlight some of them. Fuck that shit man.

10. The fact that men can’t even call themselves fat without some feminist screeching about male tears. That whole shebang, they wanna kill gender roles but the second a man steps away from that “emotionally stunted rock” they get mocked.

11. Their reliance on the No True Scotsman fallacy. “Nono feminism isn’t about that HAVE YOU READ THE DICTIONARY!? Anyone who is doing [whatever you’ve accused feminism of] isn’t actually a feminist! No real feminist would act that way! Fuck the 2000 sources you just linked proving me wrong ok those people obviously arn’t feminist. 

12. I don’t really understand how you can be part of a movement that has all these little sections that directly go against each other? You got one group saying “We need to abolish gender roles for our trans brothers and sisters!” Then you have the terfs like “Actually men are men {shitlords}, trans men are traitors, and trans women are men trying to invade our spaces.” ?? Like obviously there are gonna be individual disagreements within a movement from person to person but how do you have it divided on THAT much of a scale? Sounds more like people wanna hide behind the label just to add “validity” to their views and police/ bully everyone into thinking what they think.

13. The screeching they do about “representation in deh mediazzz” which basically means “Find a reason to discredit or ignore legitimate good female reps {For such atrocities like their shorts being too short so blah blah muhsoggyknees, sexual object for the male gaze…but no slut shaming tho} so we can cry about how we have no good female reps”

Damn, I wrote all that and I feel like I’m still missing a lot of shit. Eh, I’ll stop here, let’s just say there’s a shitload of reasons I’m not a feminist. 

tl;dr: It’s a cult full of man hating, delusional bullies with victim complexes the size of Europe. The fact that its so trendy now with celebs and lil kids and shit just makes it that much worse.


No offence but if I dislike a video game or a character in particular I tend to ignore it (as you can see I do not post about every single game existing for a reason) but I don’t really get why I should go spreading hate towards it here and there or ranting/insulting every two seconds just so everyone could clearly hear my opinion.
Idk it just doesn’t feel right for me, like for real there’s people out there who could like it and heavily insulting their preferences (and in some cases even themselves for liking it) it’s just not a great idea imo.
Dealing with other people’s preferences when expressed properly, maybe in a funny way or a reasonable way, it’s easy.
Dealing with hate and feeling cut out or insulted for what you like it’s not.


If you listen to people talk about race you’ll eventually hear someone say “I don’t see race” or even “Race doesn’t actually exist biologically, so we should just ignore it” as way to stop racism. And while this “Color Blind” or “Race Blind” ideology might seem like a good attitude to adopt, it’s not going do anything to stop racism and may do more harm than good. Why? Watch the episode to find out.

“I have 5 Cavies and all 5 of those teeth fell out! POOF!”