why do u take pic of ur shit

the signs as ur friend//if they hated u

aries: supports u bc they genuinely care n actually gives good advice // frowns at the mention of ur name, v competitive

taurus: loyal to u n does the weirdest things w u // remembers every problemative thing uve done, competitive

gemini: doesnt leave u out of anyth, brings up old jokes // the kind to give u a code name so they can talk shit abt u 

cancer: rly caring n makes u things, protective // rly passive agressive towards u and tells their close friends why they hate u

leo: makes sure every1 knows ur their friend, v v protective // ignores the hell out of u, kinda blunt abt it

virgo: teaches u how to do things n makes u feel special // tries to forget abt u n cuts u out of their lives

libra: talks 2 u non stop 24/7, takes a lot of pics w u // bitches abt u n unimpressed by everyth u do

scorpio: shares things w u, quiet at first, goes through a lot w u // annoyed by ur presence, might snap at u

sagittarius: goofy, expressive w u, v honest // groans rly loudly wen they c u, tries to ignore u 

capricorn: tries their hardest not to make u feel bad, v caring // says they hate u everytime ur name is mentioned so tht every1 knows, calls u out on everyth

aquarius: v loyal, comes to u w weird jokes, stares at u a lot // gets annoyed at everything u say n is kinda straightforward abt it

pisces: sits w u and makes u feel less alone, lots of puns // whines abt u, quiet abt it but internally groans at u