why do u take pic of ur shit

the signs as ur friend//if they hated u

aries: supports u bc they genuinely care n actually gives good advice // frowns at the mention of ur name, v competitive

taurus: loyal to u n does the weirdest things w u // remembers every problemative thing uve done, competitive

gemini: doesnt leave u out of anyth, brings up old jokes // the kind to give u a code name so they can talk shit abt u 

cancer: rly caring n makes u things, protective // rly passive agressive towards u and tells their close friends why they hate u

leo: makes sure every1 knows ur their friend, v v protective // ignores the hell out of u, kinda blunt abt it

virgo: teaches u how to do things n makes u feel special // tries to forget abt u n cuts u out of their lives

libra: talks 2 u non stop 24/7, takes a lot of pics w u // bitches abt u n unimpressed by everyth u do

scorpio: shares things w u, quiet at first, goes through a lot w u // annoyed by ur presence, might snap at u

sagittarius: goofy, expressive w u, v honest // groans rly loudly wen they c u, tries to ignore u 

capricorn: tries their hardest not to make u feel bad, v caring // says they hate u everytime ur name is mentioned so tht every1 knows, calls u out on everyth

aquarius: v loyal, comes to u w weird jokes, stares at u a lot // gets annoyed at everything u say n is kinda straightforward abt it

pisces: sits w u and makes u feel less alone, lots of puns // whines abt u, quiet abt it but internally groans at u 


NIGHTED Life Presents: Cocaineiagua

What does Cocaineiagua mean?

A friend of mine was really stoned and like was coming up with weird names Pan I agua is a common food to her or something, she’s Hispanic I had just done hella coke recently that weekend and uh she named me Cocaineiagua. 

Ah word.. Yeah I I always pictured someone whose diet was just cocaine and water.

I guess you could say all of 2013 was like that. 

So you just got off work? What’s your dayjob?

I work at a law firm bro. It’s so tight I always pictured myself doing office work growing up.

Whoah Cocaineiagua works at a law firm that’s cutty.

Yeah office life is chill tbh I fuck with it.

Have u considered going to school?

I’m actually in art school right now.

Oh tight what for?


Wow interesting.. NIGHTED should prob do more advertising or something.

Aye that’s all me, just give me 3 years. 

So why do u shoot film? What got you interested?

It would probably be seeing a bunch of Dean’s stuff a couple years ago,  I’d always been into photography and all but not like film now. 

Yeeee s/o Deanskii! What’s ur favorite Drake song?

Hahah wow.. Question of the year. Started From the Bottom.

What’s your approach to taking photos? You have range but your shit is also very specific to your style.

I try to take eye level pics, make you feel like your there. Whatever catches my eye takes over, it sorta became an instinct.

You always keep your camera with you?


How important is the camera itself to you?

Not too much, but once a picture of mine is on a roll it becomes my daughter.

Whose shit are you following/ hyped on right now?

Damn this dude Neil Aline, I think from NY. Shoots a little more conceptual photography but sometimes I’m like “where the fuck was this dude”.. Which is what I try to do in some of my shots.

What’s important to you?


Wow that’s the realest.

Shouldn’t everybody’s priority be the same?

We are both libras right?


Someone was telling me that libras value their individuality way more than others and that they want other people to recognize that, like it’s important.

I feel like each and everyone of us has a brand- ha, nah mark Ecko said that but.. It’s definitely true. 

So lets do that thing where u have to choose one of two options- Lose the ability to love or lose the ability to fuck?

Damn, breaking me down. Ok I’d rather be able to say I love you and mean it. As corny as that sounds.


Love is worldwide man I hope everybody feeling it.



Ok would u rather: Never go on the internet again or never be able to take another photo?


I know I’m having an anxiety attack thinking about it

My friend Chris said “the internet is useless” to me last year. So I’ll take his word for it. 

Wow. What about your personal brand?

That won’t change at all, I’d just keep all my photos to myself. I’d be like Doom, no phone no internet.

Really MF Doom doesn’t have a phone?

I heard you have to know someone he knows to get in contact with him. Thought that was kinda tight.

Wow rethinking my personal brand.. S/O the internet tho amirite


Damn I heard you’re hella young. Confirm or deny?


You think you’ll ever get married and/ or have kids?

Yeah, not soon though.

Married to the game?


Are you with anyone or should we post your okcupid screen name with this interview?

Currently taken/off market/ busy /doing homework /twitter /Draking.

I was thinking today we should do an old school cut ‘n paste zine, B&W.

This why I fuck with Nighted.

Your photos and hand cut tweets..

Macaroni time. Let’s do it.

Any last words? Shout outs?

The other day, school asked my brother if he enjoys starting projects or finishing them. The kid is 12, I thought was a little intense for a kid. But I hope everybody out there is out to finish shit and moving towards a vision and a bigger picture… Peace & Love.