why do u even have that


I really wanted to draw their cowlick/antenna.

Hmmmmm imm… trying to reconnect with an old online friend after kinda….. falling off the face of the earth for half a year and stopping responding to their texts but…. this is so Unnecessarily Hard? Like, whenever im talking or responding to anyone, like an ask or a reply, i just end up second guessing everything im going to say and then i just… dont reply at all.

Idk like. Social anxiety aint anything new to me but… this is something else entirely? I cant even talk to irl friends who I’ve known for years anymore because i just get. So anxious and paranoid that ill do something Wrong or say the Wrong Thing, that what i say wont be good enough. Ya i dunno? My anxiety has never been like this before.

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Yep this is stevie. Take ur meds stevie. You know how u r with out them. Go do your cam show no one watches. And make ur shitty etsy store shit. And flirt with guys even though you have a husband while you sit around getting fatter and fatter pretending you do yoga. Ya done her. You fake shit. Just know gregs bananas know ur name and do not like you. They even posted private info. Im not involved in any of that or his fan. I just do not like you. A Liar. U disgust me. Have a nice day :)

Why would Stevie run a second blog? Just in hopes that she would be brought up? Gimme like two seconds here and I’ll post a selfie to prove I’m not Stevie. And lucky you, Jay (my coadmin and wonderful fiance), posted one just the other day. 

Bananas know her name. How terrifying. A bunch of twelve year olds know her name. You guys aren’t an army, you’re a brainwashed cult.

@lapithyst what are you even doing? calm down? you are a sick lgbt child yelling at another sick lgbt child why do i have to see this… please lets listen to some music and hope that fascists dont starve us to death. reach out if u need someone to talk to but internet rage doesnt work i promise

Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

ppl actually been cutting me off for not texting them back every single fucking day and its blowing me cause if we’re friends why do i have to talk to u every single day to prove our friendship like i am having the worst time of my life and yall dont even ask me how i am but u want my attention whenever u want it


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

jack: you’re in love with lardo and you have been since sophomore year
shitty: that’s disgusting. and wrong. i don’t even get– why would– i’ve never been in love with anyone, anywhere. it’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, lardo used to be my boss, technically. and she is terrible, face-wise. and how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not in love with her?? maybe you are. maybe you’re trying to throw me off? hmm check and mate.


she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

Storyline of BTS albums
  • No More Dream: I don't have anything I wanna be when I grow up, I'll just do what I want. I have nothing to work for but I want sucess. #Rebel
  • O! R U L8 2?: Screw school, I still don't have any dreams. Whatever. Why we gotta work for nothing?!
  • Skool Luv Affair: Omg, I like this girl!! I suddenly want to go to school now, please accept my love.
  • HYYH Pt. 1: Crying because I miss her, I need her.
  • HYYH Pt. 2: Screw her, I'm gonna forget about her and do illegal stuff while I'm trying to convince myself I don't need her.
  • HYYH Epilogue: oH SHIZ, doing illegal stuff was bad, my friends are leaving (*cough* dying *cough*), wow I need her back...she's the only one who can save me from myself
  • WINGS: Hahaha, I'm over it all. I'm an adult, I can do adult-ing stuff and be SINgle.

Finished his route for the 2nd times lol if I have enough time will play it again for nth times because juju is so precious ❤(ӦvӦ。)

Well it kinda sad because it’s jumin/v angst actually T.T cheritz why u.u

Well, it’s not exactly the same event in the story but I wanted it to be like this or even more lolol

We will do whatever we wish to do

and there again my drawing style always changing everytime I draw ugh… I don’t care anymore u.u

when ur triggered and then u trigger urself MORE and then ur like “i know what will fix this” and then INTENTIONALLY trigger urself even further so that you totally dissociate and r confused and lost tbh

Anakin: [text] obiwan
Anakin: OBIWAN
[13:05 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
[13:07 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Anakin: pick up ur phone omg pick UP
[13:10 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Obi-Wan: Good grief Anakin I’m in a council meeting!!
Anakin: i need u to come back to our quarters 
Obi-Wan: I thought you were leaving an hour ago, why are you still on Coruscant?
Anakin: i was supposed to go but i can’t leave u have to come back 
Obi-Wan: Anakin I swear if you locked yourself in the bathroom again I’m going to take the door off entirely.
Anakin: NO it’s not that i need help 😭
Obi-Wan: Well have Ahsoka help you, I’m at work
Anakin: no i don’t want to ask her for this 
Obi-Wan: Anakin if this is some kind of ploy to get me over there…
Obi-Wan: It’s not professional. We’ve discussed this.  
Anakin: omg its not like that 
Anakin: there is this gigantic bug by my lightsaber its horrible 🕷 get rid of it
Obi-Wan: Are you serious? I have seen you EAT actual insects before.
Anakin: i know but this is HUGE and its purple and i think its making sounds and i cant leave without my lightsaber PLEASE
Obi-Wan: FFS, hang on, I’ll be home in 5 minutes.