why do they kill everyone

nerd shaming

What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: I am having a mental breakdown because all this analyzing thats been going around recently all coming to the same conclusion that Chuuya might die because he is hanging upside down and Dazai is turned around with which could mean that Chuuya is going to use corruption without Dazai around and we know what that means and then FUCKING WHITE CAMELLIAS AROUND CHUUYA DEAR GO-

But yes I’m TOTALLY fine

What the signs say

Just some goofy stuff for you

Aries: not touching you, can’t get mad!

Taurus: I don’t care about the evidence, I am right!

Gemini: What were you saying?

Cancer: I feel sooo great!! … AH!!! ASDK@JK Fuck you! (sobbing)  I’m fine.

Leo: Leo is the best sign

Virgo: You looked so beautiful in that photo, I BARELY recognized you. (virgo compliments)

Libra: I will not talk to them again! (sees them) oh, hi!

Scorpio: I have people skills, asshole

Sagittarius: I’m not defensive, STOP SAYING I’M DEFENSIVE!

Capricorn: … …

Aquarius: Are you crying? Let me comfort you by touching you from a safe distance with this stick

Pisces: why do people think I’m sweet? I really just want to kill everyone

sb: but aren’t u a good guy? ur an avenger !


[Y/N] : “If you love me even a little you can’t do this !”

Lucifer : “And why ?”

[Y/N] : “You’re going to kill everyone, you’re going to kill me !”

Lucifer : “No, I can protect you”

[Y/N] : “I don’t want to live in a world without humanity”

Lucifer : “You’re overreacting sweetheart”

[Y/N] : “Please Lucifer..”

Lucifer : “I can’t make the end of the apocalypse love even for you. So either you follow me or I’ll kill you”

Actual Convo that took place after Chris got the Season Finale scripts
  • Chris: Umm Julie I don't mean to bother you, but I have a question.
  • Julie: Yes, you beautiful piece of man meat.
  • Chris: Whoa totally inappropriate but I just can't understand why Kai would do this?
  • Julie: Do what?
  • Chris: Slaughter everyone Red wedding style, like why would I kill Jo and her babies that's just fucked up. I mean yeah I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and this would be awesome but it doesn't make any sense. Oh and you do realize this is a pretty much a rip off from Game of Thrones, right?
  • Julie: You can't copyright a scenario, you beautiful fool. And it makes sense you're a psychopath, unless you've forgotten?
  • Chris: No I remember. It's just did you forget that I had a whole redemption arc?
  • Julie: Yeah but that was all bs.
  • Chris: No it wasn't, Luke is still a part of me. And plus I had that huge crush on Bonnie. I'm sure you've heard about us being called Bonkai.
  • Julie: Don't speak to me about Bonkai!
  • Chris: I just thought we we're going in that direction, considering it makes sense and Kat and I love working together.
  • Julie (whining): Kat, Kat, Kat everyone wants to work with Kat because she's just so great. "I want Kat to be my romantic interest next season." Jesus you sound just like Ian and everyone else who seems to be stuffed up Kat's ass.
  • Chris has a small mental lapse: Have you seen her ass?..... I mean...
  • Julie: Yes I know it's huge, why do you think we don't allow her in skimpy clothing the viewers wouldn't be able to handle it. And don't tell me,you have a crush on her too.
  • Chris: ...But you put Elena in skimpy things.
  • Julie: Are you judging me because I don't like being judged.
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: You know what Chris just figure out the script on your own your a smart boy and on top of that your a good boy. Pretty good boys I keep in my pocket, and you know what happens to bad boys?
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: Well do you see Nate Buzz who also had a crush on Kat around here?
  • Chris: No.
  • Julie: Exactly.
BTS as ghosts
  • Rapmonster: What didn't I do correctly?
  • Jin: I'm still pretty even as a ghost.
  • J-hope: NO YOU ARE SCARY
  • V: Look I can go threw walls! *Gets stuck*
  • Jungkook: TRUST ME I DO!
  • Suga: To much swag can kill
  • V: I'M STUCK!.....As a ghost.
  • J-hope: THE FUCK GUYS?!?

- My niece, do not tell me that this is suicide.

- Why not? I kill everyone around me.

- It’s funny, because I literally do it.