why do they have to be japan exclusive

Zorobin: sign of hidden love?

While the Straw Hat are traveling to the Island of Fish Men, there are several scenes where Zoro and Robin are together.

Not to mention - if you are careful - you can see that in the meeting after two years  Zoro personally went to see Robin.

Well: during the trip to the Fish Island, there is a very significant moment. Zoro, along with Rufy and Sanji, goes deep into the sea to face the gigantic Kraken, a dangerous undertaking, as they may die drowned.

Nami, obviously, you can see that she is worried about Rufy. And Robin? She does not like to show openly her feelings for Zoro, but these feeling are presents. Look closely at Robin’s right hand: she has her pinkie finger raised. A somewhat odd position, right?

The point is that in Japan that gesture has a definite meaning: it means having a relationship with someone. Luffy? Of course not, because he is with Nami. Sanji? There are no special relationships between Sanji and Robin. By way of exclusion, Robin’s gesture is only directed at Zoro. 

And why is she doing this? I guess for good wishes: besides, Zoro, before leaving, he could has glanced at Robin, right? And she could not greet him openly, it would have been too explicit, so Robin wanted to give Zoro a very clear and hidden message, as it is in her nature. Finally, it is as if she had told him “I love you”.

Overworld sprites for Regice, Regirock, and Registeel from Pokemon R/S/E.

Dolls of those same three Pokemon, from the same games. ???

Why do the dolls, which are furniture items only available via Japan-exclusive e-Reader cards, look exactly as they should down to the arrangements of dots on their faces… while the Pokemon themselves look like placeholders? I mean, I don’t think it’s a stylistic choice, since they got the colors, small details and… basic anatomy, right on the overworld sprites of other legendary Pokemon.

Even Pokemon that you’d think of as looking even more similar to each other than the Regis, Latias and Latios, have more differences. Latias is wider than Latios, with a lower head, broader snout, and slight differences to the feet, shoulders, and base of the wings. A lot of thought clearly went into all of this… so why did the Regis all end up using identical sprites that barely resemble them and don’t match the style of the other large overworld sprites? Why are the dolls so much more accurate to their actual designs?

“I’m Japanese, but living in Korea. I sell takoyaki with hikikomori (people who avoid social contact) and NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) students and help them out with any problems they’re experiencing.”
“You could do that in Japan too. Why did you decide to come to Korea to do it?”
“I met a lot of people like them in Japan, so I felt responsible for their problems. Hikikomori problems are not exclusive to Japan; this is a problem in Korea too. So, I wanted to help them experiencing this here as well. There aren’t a lot of support groups for people with this sort of problem in Korea, but we have a lot of experience with this sort of thing in Japan, so I have the knowhow to help.”

“저는 일본인인데 한국에서 히키코모리 그리고 니트족 학생들과 같이 타코야끼를 팔면서 문제를 겪는 학생들을 도와주고 있어요”
“일본에서만 활동해도 되는데 왜 굳이 한국까지 와서 활동하시는 거예요?”
“일본에서 이런 친구들을 많이 만나와서 이 문제에 책임감을 느껴왔는데, 히키코모리 문제가 단지 일본에서만 일어나는 게 아니고 한국에도 있는 문제잖아요. 그래서 이 곳에서 이 문제를 겪는 친구들을 도와주고 싶었어요. 한국에는 이런 문제를 가진 친구들을 도와주는 사람들이 많이 없지만, 우리는 경험이 많아서 노하우가 있거든요.”

One Perspective of a Filipino American

For the first half of my life, I was raised in the United States. I had little knowledge of my parent’s culture and worse yet, was completely unable to understand their first language. Sure, my parents spoke of the Philippines, met up with other Filipino immigrants, took vacations to the Philippines, and talked often in Tagalog, but I always found myself detached. Listening to their stories was like listening to, well, just that. Stories.

Going to the country itself was like visiting any other. My parents never taught me Tagalog, crippled by the fear that I would have a hard time learning English and settling in the United States like they had. Being a kid, I was comfortable getting by with just that. Although my mother cooked Filipino food, I did not, as most people would assume, fall in love with every dish. In fact, most of the time, I would have rather ate burgers and fries than sit with Adobo or Sinigang. I was content with identifying myself as an American with a Filipino heritage.

That all changed when I was thirteen. My parents were feeling increasingly homesick and eventually, they decided it would be best to move the family to the Philippines. Not wanting to leave what I considered my home country for a foreign one, I was against their decision the whole way. I’d stayed in houses and schools in more states than I can remember and suddenly, they wanted me to start a whole new life on the other side of the world?

My resentment had gotten to the point where I didn’t want to be apart of my parents’ culture at all. For a while, I actually hated the Philippines for forcibly thrusting me into the unknown. But as the years passed, my resolve began to crumble. The more I learned about the history, the language, the jokes, and the very people that lived here, the more my appreciation for this country grew.

Unfortunately, I was able to see for myself true poverty, corruption, and the effects of colonialism. Even though we are no longer under the rule of other countries, we still rule ourselves through a Western lens.

Like everywhere else, discrimination is truly a problem. Those on the LGBT+ spectrum are only accepted when they’re funny. Anyone who is not Christian is seen as a potential terrorist, particularly if you are Muslim. Black people, potential criminals. Koreans, rude free-loaders. Even different provinces make fun of each other’s local culture, and not lightheartedly. Racist jokes are too commonplace, with snide comments about a person’s skin color easily shrugged off.

From the media to your own family, you are constantly told “white” features are the epitome of beauty. You must have a narrow nose, light skin, and straight hair. (If you’re dark, just try the newest whitening lotion.) You have a so-called “advantage” if you’re bi or multi-racial—unless one of your parents are black—as if it isn’t enough to just be Filipino. (Not to disparage those that are bi or multi-racial. I understand that they have their own troubles. Whatever the case may be, be proud of who you are.) From my own experiences, I’ve been told how lucky I am that I look Korean, without actually having any Korean ancestry, and not looking “like everyone else.”

On the other hand, people have been mocked for not being Filipino enough. My cousin, who previously lived in Canada, was criticized for having an “artificial” accent. Because I didn’t know Tagalog as well as my peers, I was put down by my teachers. Because I was a Filipino born in the United States, I was told I did not have an identity, I was not raised properly, and that I was lost.

These sort of attitudes made me more aware of my status as a person of color and opened my eyes to the microaggressions that still run rampant, another thing I didn’t think much about before.

Despite my utmost love and respect for the Philippines. I can’t lose the strong feeling of detachment and isolation. It isn’t because of the problems above. I just finally realized what my parents had gone through in the United States. Never had I so deeply understood the feeling of wanting to go back home. Although that feeling still hasn’t left, I don’t regret my time here.

Of course, I would like to see more stories that take place in the Philippines or at least, have Filipino characters. (I would buy a historical fiction or fantasy novel with these themes in a heartbeat~!)

Second, although I am currently devoting myself to the promotion of Philippine history and culture, I would also like to see characters who aren’t always so familiar with the country or language of their ancestors. You can have Japanese people who are just as outsiders in Japan as foreigners. You can have Indian people who are just as outsiders in India as foreigners. After seeing the abundance of books like “Ink” by Amanda Sun, I’m starting to think that people believe this experience is exclusive to people who are white or multi-racial.

Lastly, can there be stories where there isn’t a plotline about a people of color struggling with their cultural identity? Like in “Team Human” by Justine Larbalester and Sarah Rees Brennan, for lack of a better example, why can’t we have PoC characters just doing things as white characters? Not saying that we shouldn’t have the plotline at all, or shouldn’t address racism, or anything like that. Just saying that just because we’re people of color, it doesn’t mean that we all have been conflicted about and/or because of our heritage, if that makes sense. We can be happy with whatever identity we have from the start.

Read more POC Profiles here. 

BTS when you don’t like their comeback concept


Let me explain: Sometimes, I stan Kpop bands, yet I’m not really into some of their concepts. That doesn’t mean I support them less, it’s just not my thing and I patiently wait for a better concept to come:3

Thank you for 320+ followers, there’ll be another reaction tomorrow (Feb.27th) AND IT’LL BE ANOTHER PART OF THE PROTECTIVE/POSSESSIVE SERIES! YAYYY

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Jin: *You are there with him while he is getting styled for the concept shooting*

You: “Jin-ah, when are they going to stop making you look like a teenage boy? I think you’re too old for that high school, first love kind of concept :/ “

Him: “Psst, baby, the stylist noonas will get upset if they hear you.”

You: “But -”

Him: “For the next comeback, I’ll ask to be a manly man, okay?”

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Suga: “After complaining about having to constantly dye his hair three different colours throughout the last year, Yoongi comes home one day with yet another hair colour*

You: “Yoongi, nooooooo!”

Him: “No matter what I ask of them, Bighit is still the boss. How does blue hair look on me? [insert weary smile]”

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Rap Monster: *Namjoon proudly shows you the new choreography*

You on the outside: “Wow, that looks great, baby! It has…so many…exotic moves…in it!”

You on the inside: [J-Nope]

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J-Hope: *Hoseok comes home findinig you crying over the prologue*

You: “Oppa, I don’t like it…why is it so sad? I feel like my heart is hurting so much…Oppa, why?”

Him: “[Screaming internally] Oh god, jagi, no, don’t be sad! Wait - please - please stop crying, okay? Look! [grabs something random from the cupboard] Look, it’s a smiling balloon!! See, it is smiling! It doesn’t want you to be sad!”

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Jimin: *You decided to play a joke on Jimin when he told you about the new concept for their 2016 comeback*

You: “American bad boys? That’s it? And you’ll sing the ballads again? To be honest, oppa, I was hoping for something else this time… [pouting]”

Him: “What, really? You had something you wanted us to do as a concept?”

You: “Yeah, actually, just for you. I wanted you to rap this time.”

Him: “What? But jagi, you know that I - “

You: “After seeing you rap in the recent bangtan bomb, I saw your true talent shine through.”

Him: “[laughing] Your jokes get me everytime, you punk.”

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V: *For a japanese exclusive release, Bighit makes BTS wear kawaii outfits on stage*

You: “Taetate, I know that Japan is Japan, but why do they make you wear these kindergarden outfits on stage? Is Hip Hop really dead?” 

Him: “[gif] See no criticism, hear no criticism. Just relax, ________, it’s okay for us, the boys and I like it. It’s something different for a change, and the fans absolutely love it~”

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Jungkook: *You don’t like the sexy uniform concept that BTS is sporting for their comeback*

You: “Kookie, I … do you like how … I mean have you seen some of the comments on the SNS? People are really sexualizing you because of that uniform you wear on stage.”

Him: “Haha, that’s what Bighit wants, I guess. We’ve got to make the transition from baby Kookie to manly Jungkook now. Are you…Is there a chance that you are jealous, reading all those comments?”

You: “What? Ya!”

Him: “[laughing and smug] Haha, you sure are jealous! [gif] Don’t be. I just love you, no comment could ever change that.”

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What do you think is the general tone of the reaction after the Direct?

At first I thought a lot of people were overreacting a little bit. A lot of people are mad that Nintendo is only releasing the New 3DS XL in America, and not also including the normal-sized New 3DS.

XLs don’t support face plates, they don’t come with A/C adapters, and I think maybe a few other things as well.

But the more I think about it, the more it stews, the more displeased I get. Nintendo of America has been doing nothing but fumbling everything left, right, and center for a REALLY long time now. Like, it kind of started with Xenoblade, right?

This huge game and Nintendo of America turns a blind eye to it. Nintendo UK localizes it, and Nintendo of America still didn’t want to do anything with it, supposedly until the “Operation Rainfall” fan petition forced them to bring it over.

And even then, it was exclusive to Gamestop. They were basically sending it to die.

Getting Nintendo of America to match what NOE and NOJ do is like trying to pull teeth. I don’t know what they’re doing or why, but more than any other branch of Nintendo, they refuse to take even the smallest risks.

Have you seen the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan? They have like, more than twice as many games as America does. It took Nintendo of America an additional SIX WHOLE ENTIRE MONTHS to release the Virtual Console version of Super Mario Bros. 3. What were they even doing for those six months?

And today’s Nintendo Direct. Japan gets a new game from the Kirby Developers, a trailer and date for Rodea the Sky Soldier, and a Rhythm Heaven collection for the 3DS. They get all kinds of cool N3DS face plates for Zelda, and Pokemon, and Kirby.

America gets bizarre stuff like getting a Majora’s Mask pin for pre-ordering Codename S.T.E.A.M. (???), or a special Majora’s Mask N3DSXL bundle thingy that doesn’t actually include a copy of Majora’s Mask.

Like, what’s going on over there? What are they doing? Did they let a cat walk across the keyboard and it deleted half a spreadsheet? I can accept that Japan gets things first, because Nintendo is a Japanese company, but this goes far beyond that.

And it has got to stop. Being an American Nintendo fan is like a no-fun-allowed zone.