why do they have the same pose though

This doodle has been sitting in my WIP folder for about a month and I’m too tired to finish off his hand properly so this will have to do. I think the original concept was they were reconciling after a squabble they had during a mission? I am not too sure anymore. lol

While I like the composition and posing of the subjects for this drawing I think from now on I’m going to be depicting them at about the same height with Boruto only a hair taller (though in his eyes it’s more like a foot).


I may have taken way too many pictures at the con today - it was amazing, though! All these cosplayers were wonderful.

It was also my first time cosplaying, so I have to admit it was very fun for me and a great experience,

Please, if you identify yourself in any of these pictures, let me know so I can tag you! Only one I know is that amazing Yuuri cosplayer, @yumi_akai on Instagram! Go check them out!


Puede que tomara demasiadas fotos en la convención de hoy - ¡pero ha sido genial! Cada uno de estos cosplayers eran maravillosos.

También ha sido mi primer intento en hacer un cosplay, así que tengo que admitir que ha sido muy divertido, además de una fantástica experiencia.

Si te reconoces en alguna de estas fotos, por favor, házmelo saber para que pueda etiquetarte. Sólo conozco a la increíble Yuuri cosplayer, @yumi_akai en Instagram. ¡Echadle un vistazo!

5. There’s No Stopping a Naked Nyle

Nyle’s been toward the back of the pack so far in the competition, but all of that is about to change. It starts out with an invitation from Lacey to “chill” in the Tyra Suite. I like how she thinks she can just make up sign language to convey the message to him, like pointing at the ceiling means Tyra Suite.

Hey, unlike some of the others in the house, at least she’s trying. Nyle must have taught her how to say “sexy” in real ASL, too. It’s an important word to know, I guess, when you have a hot deaf friend.

Last week, there was a moment when Kelly Cutrone seemed to quietly fall in love with Nyle after she asked to see his (bare) waist. She clearly liked the view because this week she’s asking for a repeat performance. When Nyle tugs at the bottom of his tank top, Kelly’s like, you might as well take it all the way off, then. Hmm… might as well?

Kelly can’t control her excitement when he strips it off. It’s interesting that Kelly suddenly sees model potential in Nyle now that she knows she can make him take his shirt off whenever she wants. She names Nyle the challenge winner “simply be”cause mamma like, mamma like.

Nyle’s confidence carries over to his photo shoot, where for the first time, Yu Tsai is impressed with his posing. Separately, both Devin and Bello curse over the fact that Nyle might be bigger competition than they thought.

Tyra loves the picture; I think she meant to say “Fifteen Chapel,” though. To be honest, I don’t see why this photo is any better than the others. What I do see is probably the real reason Tyra is enamored — and it’s the same reason she was enamored with Keith: a big old crotch. There is an unmistakable penis bulge at the center of that photo, and I don’t have to tell you that the judges want to see more.  

For what it’s worth, Nyle seems happy to comply. Soon after, Tyra awards him Best Photo and congratulates him for being a “pimp daddy.” Remember - Ramon has to sign that to him. Whatever they’re paying Ramon, it’s not enough.

It seems like Nyle and Lacey will have an extended stay in the Tyra Suite, so look out, Lacey’s hymen! Also be sure to lock the Tyra Suite doors if you don’t want a surprise visit from Kelly Cutrone in the middle of the night. I doubt that Kelly’s childhood friend taught her how to sign “I want to fuck you, Nyle,” but given that Kelly’s facial expressions have already communicated that much, I’m sure she’ll find a way to get the message across.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 6

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Can you write a Sterek fic about them but stiles has scruff cause he's "manly" and Derek loves it

Sweet Anon, I cannot. I tried my best but it was too fucking hard because I honestly feel that only a mother could love the facial hair that Dylan O’Brian is capable of growing. Like, maybe not even a mother. ANYWAYS HERE IS THE ATTEMPT:


It starts out as a laziness thing. Not exactly laziness, Stiles protests after the fact, but being completely overwhelmed by the insane amount of studying, writing and tests that he was supposed to do over finals week. So, yes, his shaving routine fell by the wayside. Nobody could blame him.

“Hmm,” Scott says, eyes fixed on Stiles’ upper lip. “So what’s your excuse now?”

“I don’t need an excuse,” Stiles replies, flailing his displeasure in Scott’s general direction. “I like it! It’s … it’s manly!”

“It’s something,” Scott says.

“C’mon, I’m only back for winter break for a couple weeks, don’t be an asshole.”

Scott relents, putting both palms up as if to defend himself. “Okay, okay. Your face, your choice. But as your friend I feel like I should inform you that it’s awful.”

“Says you,” Stiles mutters.

They make it to Derek’s street at the same time as Lydia and Kira. Each of them is carrying a casserole dish. Now that everyone’s back in town, they’ve all agreed to meet up at the loft for a potluck dinner to catch up; Stiles is bringing the veggies (he’s gotten to be pretty good at disguising the taste of kale for his father’s sake) and Scott has some of his mom’s famous chicken pot pie.

Stiles feels inexplicably antsy - despite all going to different colleges, the pack has stayed pretty tight for the semester away, so it’s not that he’s worried about. He and Derek have even exchanged a few emails and texts, though mostly it’s been small talk or research related. It’s not the same as the easy banter they have in person – Or had. That’s why he’s nervous, he realises: Derek. He needs to know if things are the same between them. He’s not sure, though, if he wants them to be, or not.

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Male and female traits have different parts and different attitudes sexualized. That's why you typically don't see superhero men making the same poses are their female counterparts (though it can happen).

You don’t see the guys doing those poses because of sexism.

Unfortunately, comic book makers’ target audience still are white straight cis men and superheroes represent what those men want to see:

The male heroes with their strength, intelligence, wit, fame, and huge muscles are what those men want to be. Male heroes are idols, characters they strive/dream to be. Power fantasies.

The female heroes are eye candy. Thin bodies, long legs, big boobs, pretty faces. They’re to save, to look at, to masturbate to.

Male heroes aren’t as sexualized as female ones, you can’t argue with that! If they were, comics would look like this! When you see Thor posing in all his glory on a cover, he is not sexualized! No matter how tight his suit is or how huge his muscles are! Because he gets a powerful stance, usually upright instead of bending over breaking his own spine!

That’s what the wonderful Hawkeye Initiative is for - to demonstrate the freaking ridiculous and awful poses artists draw female characters in just because they’re women.

A “strong” female character kicking ass? That’s great but we really need to see her boobs AND butt at the same time, otherwise, dudes won’t read that because who wants a woman with personality and interesting backstory?!

A “strong” woman posing heroically? That’s great but she really needs to look sexy doing it because women always look sensual and seductive all day!

You don’t see a close-up of Batman’s well-defined bulge, you don’t see Superman’s cape plastered tightly against his ass, you don’t see low angles focusing on crotches or dudes arching their backs to stick out their asses as far as they can, you’ll never see “empowering” costumes like these

External image

even though these heroes are so “strong” and “confident” - because the dudes in capes are three-dimensional people while the ladies are mostly T&A.

In a better world, we’d get costumes and poses like these

And you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find non-sexualized pictures of female comic book characters.

Grant Ward: The Real World Issue

Ok so there’s something that’s bothered me about this Ward hate for a while. I haven’t really been able to put my finger on what that was until recently. This is a view that may be very unpopular but here me out.

To me Grant Ward represents not only the child abuse victim but also the child soldier. Now child soldiers are nothing new, it sadly has been common practice to use children in conflicts for century’s. Modern day examples would be Uganda, Sierra Leon, El Salvador, Nazi Germany (Hitler Youth) but tell me when you think of a child soldier, what do you think of? Do you see a 6"2 western man or do you see a small third world child? Do you assume that child soldiers are a third world problem?

Do we think that because we consider our countries civilised that this practice does not go on in the west? How do you suppose one becomes a suicide bomber, militant, gang member? Do you think that a young child wakes up one day and decides to go down that path. That they dream of fighting other men’s wars or furthering other men’s causes. No, what happens is that they are prayed upon by the John Garrett’s of the world. They are taken either by force or by promises of a better life and then they are trained and honed into weapons. Their heads filled with lies and threats until they no longer know who they really are. As a test of loyalty it is common practice for the child to be made to kill someone they love, it is a mark of if they have been broken. What do you think Buddy represented to Ward? By asking him to kill the only thing he truly loved in the world Garrett was making sure he had broken him fully. Of course he didn’t or at least most of us believe he didn’t, symbolising hope for him in the future.

A lot of the fandom seem convinced that he should of been able to fight off Garrett’s influence but why do you think that? Why are you so accepting of Romanoff’s inability to do the same until Clint gave her a chance and not his? Why are you so willing to come to the defence of child soldiers but not Ward even though you know he was trained in a similar way? It’s common knowledge that gangs, terror cells, militant groups, fascists all recruit young children in this manner.

Let me pose this, is it because you think women and those from other ethnic backgrounds are weaker? Do you have more sympathy for them because you feel they are less able to defend themselves? Do you think that because he is a white man he should at 15 have been more able to break the cycle of abuse? Is that why his situation is so hard to accept? Do you fear that by admitting this that you then have to accept your own children or family are at risk? Is it easier to brush off the child soldier as a third world problem?

A victim is a victim, it should not matter what race or religion they are, if they are rich or poor, educated or not. We are all just human and our children are all just as vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. They all need to be taken care of with love and compassion, every child deserves that, every child has a right to that. Grant Ward is an example of what happens when the system and society fail our children. Too many children are left in abusive homes, too many are written off as bad seeds and left to drown. We don’t care about bad kids, problem kids, poor kids lets he honest now our governments don’t give a toss about them.

It is time we accepted that this is a problem, that we are failing our children, that the reason the world is going to hell is because we are not dealing with these issues. So you know what, well done Marvel for going there, well done for pointing this out, well done for making people think. Now in season 2 give all these kids that may be headed where he’s at hope. Show them that they matter, that they are worth saving because every child is worth saving. Grant Ward is worth saving and if you don’t believe that then ask yourself why that is.


Hillary Rodham Clinton Meets with #BlackLivesMatter

Hillary Clinton’s authenticity was shown during her exchange with #BlackLivesMatter activists: she is relentless, pragmatic, and confident in who she is and what she believes in – all the way to her very core. A natural leader. Her confidence is contagious. 

Hillary is giving this movement a dose of reality, advice, and how to turn a movement into real, lasting change. 

Present Hillary with a clear agenda, help her with crafting legislation, continue changing as many hearts and minds as you can, and she will do her best to make it law [just as we have done with other social causes both past and present]. Otherwise, as Hillary said, you will be having this same conversation in 10 years.

Side note: Hillary had already addressed previous questions regarding Bill Clinton’s legacy. Why is this clip making it seem as though this was the first question posed to her? This type of editing makes it seem as though Hillary’s team is cutting the activists off, when in reality this is far from the first question posed to Hillary. Disgusting tactics being used here. 

Bottom line is: you need a President behind you, otherwise you will never change the system. You can’t change every heart, which is why JFK and LBJ were also needed. Legislation must follow. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton knows her shit and is politically brilliant. I have no doubt she will transform our country to being one that values everyone. She isn’t perfect and has made mistakes along the way. But I believe in her.