why do they do the things that they do

okay so this whole thing has been petty & silly and I don’t want to be embroiled in it & I resent the fact that I am!!!!!!!!!!!! but here’s my thing

  • idk what post Cylon put those tags on & search isn’t coming up with anything, but those tags 1. obviously were not in the main body of the post & 2. weren’t specifically on the reblog where she commented “'Cylon messaged people about reblogging it?’ Nah.” which absolutely comes across as a bald-faced denial that she had messaged anyone about it, which is untrue. so that was poorly executed

but THE MAIN POINT is that

  • I’m guessing that the “implication” she’s talking about here (“But the implication about it seems at least a little misleading?”) is that her messaging people of colour about this was opportunistic in specifically a racialised way. so basically just dismissing these poc’s concerns about what was going on here. just because (again she didn’t explicitly say this but I’m sure this was the implication) she also messaged white people about it.
  • now.
  • I don’t care if you messaged brown people, white people, & a select company of ring-tailed lemurs. the occasions on which you did message brown people still had a quality to them that the occasions on which you messaged white people did not. because whether or not an interaction is racialised relies only upon the specific context & content of that interaction & not how you talk to everyone else & not what you take in your tea with your grandmother on Sunday afternoons.
  • so. looking at the contexts of these specific interactions. you still tried to use the platforms of several (non-Black & non-Jewish!) people of colour, in order to validate & spread yr, whatever it was, against redmensch & quoms. you tried to use people who experience racism to–being charitable, spread, & being uncharitable, lend credence to–your claims against them, without thought for how this kind of thing would affect us emotionally. because it certainly did affect me & I feel very ugly about the whole thing. & like my history with experiencing racism from white leftists was played upon (which, in the messages you sent me, it explicitly was). I did not know you at all. you had only been following me for like 2 months.
  • now it’s my responsibility that I reblogged that post (for the ~30sec it was up) before I thought twice about it–bc, with my platform, that did mean like 3 more reblogs. (redmensch & I have talked about this & we are fine.) but my point is that I was played upon in this specific way. & the fact that she also messaged white people (again, I’m assuming that’s what she meant) has absolutely nothing at all to do with that.
  • so now at least three people of colour have brought up the racialised nature of these interactions, only for you to–w/o even explicitly acknowledging what that criticism was–say “Nah.” & call it “a little misleading.” so I was hurt by this & my reaction– & the reactions of all of these people of colour– were summarily dismissed.
  • listen. I’ve had this problem with a lot of white people/women so I’m going to say it again. things that are relevant to whether an interaction was racialised include: the context of that specific interaction, the content of that specific interaction, & the historical/sociopolitical background of that specific interaction. things that are not relevant to whether an interaction was racialised include: whether or not you’ve had similar interactions with white people. you reaching out & grabbing my hair w/o permission isn’t not racialised just because you did the same thing to a white person last Tuesday. I’m still gonna tell you to keep yr white hands to yrself.
  • & then there’s the fact of you bringing @violaslayvis, a Black person, into this, bc he all but rhetorically asked you if any Black ppl had said this–implicitly inviting ppl to message him for proof, or like, using him as backup to prove that you were telling the truth, whatever, which is also very uncomfortable (John & I have talked abt this too). or is that implication also “misleading”?

Okay but real talk, does anyone remember from the Descen.dants Yearbook that Carlos’ secret wish was to work at/build a shelter for abused/abandoned kids and/or dogs? The fact that Evie is in charge of creating a list for which kids will get to come to Auradon (which will be all of them eventually lbr) would be a great chance for Carlos to start helping out too.

Like maybe he gets Ben’s permission so sometimes he’ll actually go back to the Isle and help Evie out, or he’s like, part of a transition team and mentors the new VKs (or both really). Cause he knows that he and his friends got really lucky with being chosen, and he knows everyone back on the Isle had a rough upbringing with their parents.

Basically I want this a lot and it’d be great for Carlos’ added growth too


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters