why do they broke up!

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>
an actual conversation I had today
  • someone: why do you still ship A and B characters together when A and C characters have been confirmed as a cannon pair?
  • Me: why do you still like My Chemical Romance? The band broke up like six years ago?
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

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Warnings: mentions of abuse and a semi fluffy Jerome ❤️

A/N: absolutely loved this request and enjoyed writing this! Sorry I’m so fucking late. So I hope you enjoy this! Oh yeah, AND PEEP MY JUSTICE LEAGUE REFERENCE ITS LIT. I SAW THE TRAILER AND WAS LIKE CAN EVERYONE FUCK ME


You and Jerome had an interesting relationship to say the least and saying that you loved him seemed like an oversimplification. You were the prime example for innocence. Your eyes were so warm and welcoming, you couldn’t hurt a fly. Living to love was your outlook on the world even though its such a terrible world the human race lives in. A normal human would potentially look at you sideways when you tell them that you’re in a relationship with Gotham’s most terrifying criminals, but you didn’t care. He wasn’t always the psycho murder when you both met, or at least you liked to believe so.

You two met a while ago and he was different. Its not necessarily a bad thing because you love him through everything, but you could definitely say that you saw him shift into the person he is today.

You ran as far as you possibly could away from the place you called home. Your father came home the definition of drunk, he had been doing this a lot recently because he got laid off from his job and the pay was cut. So, he thought drinking would help him take his mind off of things. You father turned into a completely different man when he had a few drinks in his system. He turned into a monster and you got to see it first hand.

There was only one place where you always went to clear your mind and it was a quite and secluded spot behind the carnival. You sat in the same spot everyday with a thousand thoughts running through your mind until a kind voice startled you.

“Are you lost?” You turned around to see a very attractive ginger that looked around your age. His demeanor seemed like he was going to do no harm, it even seemed, sad.

Your thoughts were quickly stopped when you felt a cold hand run up your leg and slowly make its way to the small of your back. Your head was rested on your boyfriend’s chest listening to his heartbeat that had a steady rhythm.

“J?” You looked up at him and saw that his eyes had been closed but he was awake because you felt him tracing small patterns on your back. “Do you remember out first kiss?” You asked with a small smile on your lips. “I was so nervous and-”

“And you wouldn’t stop running that precious little mouth of yours? Yeah, I remember.” Jerome chuckled as he remembered the look on your face when he kissed you for the first time. You were nervous so you wouldn’t stop talking and he politely said shut up with a kiss. There was a small moment of silence until you broke it.

“Why do you put up with me?” You asked in a small voice. He knew what you were asking, ‘why did he care for you?’ So many thoughts ran through his mind. So many things he wanted to say but he just couldn’t find it within him to say. You’ve been with him before he lost his mind and even now with his face not being as perfect as it was before. You could say he cares about you because you care about him.

“What are you the GCPD tonight?” He said and you playfully rolled your eyes. “I uh, I guess you’re pretty okay at not ditching me, even after I die. And you look pretty hot when you wear my shirts.” He shrugged and you smiled widely then giggled. Jerome looked at you weird.

“What’s funny?”

“I love you too, Jerome.” You smiled and kissed his bare chest.

why are ppl freaking out yet again bc Phil hasn’t put all his stuff back on his chest of drawers in the new video?? come on why do you assume it means he is moving out and packed them??  Every time there is something different it means they have split up and one is moving out… why? why can’t they just be happy and together .. they will move at some stage but it will be the two of them, just like last time.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #16
  • Phil: Dan, I bought you a pet
  • Dan: *excited* omg show me
  • Phil: *gives him a moth in a jar*
  • Morality: LOGIC! Do you know why chlorine and sodium broke up?
  • Logic: Assuming that they were combined to begin with? Well I'd say maybe first they were poured into some sort of liquid solution and through procedures such as-
  • Morality: NOPE! It's because they were really salty together
  • Logic: Well obviously they were salty, sodium chloride is table salt what's you're poin- oh wait no I'm sensing a joke that flew completely above and way over my head

Brother Trouble - Enoch O'Connor Imagine One Shot (requested)

a/n: hellooo :))) here’s a requested imagine 

Heyy!!! Could you do a One Shot where the reader is Jacob’s twin and she and Enoch start dating in secret but they get caught by Jacob and Emma while they were having some “time alone” ??? Please!! Thanks <3 (also, actually you’re the only reason why i’m in tumblr, your OS are the best thing ever!! )

“what’s that you’re reading?” y/n asked, looking sideways at enoch.

“uh… it’s that book you brought with when you came here.”

“oh? the kill order or shakespeare?”

“shakespeare.” enoch replied with a nod.

“what? how can you even read it? i barely understand what’s in the book.”

“well… i’m almost a hundred years old, so i know shakespearian english very well, compared to you.” enoch said with a grin. “i don’t understand a thing from that other book.”

y/n giggled. “sorry, i forgot that you don’t know all the modern things.”

“i just don’t see the point of them.” enoch shook his head and began to read again, only to be interrupted a few seconds later.

“what do you see the point of?” came y/n’s voice, quieted. she had moved closer to her boyfriend, their faces quite close to each other. enoch turned to her quickly, almost scaring her. he watched her eyes for a moment and then a soft smile appeared on his lips.

“you.” he replied just as softly. y/n smiled widely and leaned closer to enoch before kissing his lips. enoch kissed her back and almost took her in his lap, but he stopped himself. “wait a moment,” he spoke quietly, almost whispered, “your brother could see us, you know.”

y/n rolled her eyes. “why do you remind me about him once in a while? can we just-“ y/n spoke and noticed enoch had positioned her body a bit further away from him. she furrowed her eyebrows. “why did you do that?” she asked.

enoch studied his book and then y/n heard someone clearing their throat. she turned her head to the right and saw none other than her twin and his girlfriend. y/n sighed and rolled her eyes again. she pushed herself up to her feet. “what?” she said to the two standing before while her hands were on her hips.

“uh…” jacob trailed off, “can we talk? in private, maybe?” he requested. y/n shrugged her shoulders.

“sure.” she said and followed her twin brother around the bushes. once they were alone, y/n raised an eyebrow at him.

“so, you and uh, enoch.” jacob said. his sister nodded. “has that-have you two…”

“c’mon, stop that and say what you want to.”

jacob huffed. “how long have you and him been… an item?”

“for… a month or two.” y/n said after doing some counting in her head.

“that long? and-well-why didn’t you tell me?” jacob was a bit shocked.

“why? oh, why-because you’re not best friends with enoch and you think he’s not right for me. you said that once to me.” y/n said. “but you don’t know what he’s like!”

“i was just looking out for you! how could you and him live in the same house if you broke up or something?”

“why do you think we’d break up?”

“because that’s what always happens.” jacob justified. “remember what happens in movies? someone always breaks another’s heart.”

y/n rolled her eyes and laughed. “they’re movies! and you really don’t know enoch like i do.”

jacob was silent. y/n patted his shoulder.

“just try and get to know him, jake.” y/n said. “and there will be no problems.” she said and started to turn around and walk back around the bushes.

as if she knew that jacob opened his mouth to say something, she spoke again. “and don’t try to play the protective big brother now. i’m 14 minutes older than you.” y/n swayed her pointer finger in the air.

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hey! can you write a josh fic or imagine where the reader sees him flirt with an interviewer and she gets super insecure about herself and their relationship, but josh shows her how much she means to him? :) thank you so much tay, i love your blog and you so much


Normally you’d be fine with it, you were so used to them by now. But today was different and it was nagging in your brain. Nagging you and making you feel vulnerable and insecure. Two things you never were. But there it was, lingering in your head much like an itch you just couldn’t scratch. Your old insecurities and abandonment issues came to the forefront of your mind, rearing themselves bright and shiny so you could do nothing but look. And sulk.

Tyler and Josh were being interviewed cause that’s what they do more often than not, talking about upcoming music and the new tour and basically everything and anything band related. The same boring questions with a few surprising ones in there, sometimes they were lucky enough to get someone who wouldn’t fall back on questions long since answered and today they got just that.

The girl-you’d normally say woman, but she was younger than you-and adorably sweet, a bit too sweet.  She giggled in appropriate places and reached out to playfully slap Josh’s arm more than once so far.  You cringed at Josh’s terrible joke (even though you did love them) but the girl, he thinks her name was Alexa, laughed and it was just way too forced.

And that’s what made that incessant feeling of inadequacy come to light.  No one could resist his charms and you were well aware of it. You were also well aware of how this girl was leaning forward closer and closer into Josh.

“I heard that this is your first time in the city,” She leaned in and raised an eyebrow, a perfectly sharp eyebrow.  Josh nods.  “Do you know all the hot spots you have to visit?”

You knew that these types of questions always arose but what you didn’t expect was for Josh’s response, “Well how about we get your number and you can show us all these spots?”

Your mouth practically fell open at the overtly forward action your boyfriend just pulled, never before had Josh said something like that towards… well anyone. Not a stranger and certainly not a girl interviewing them. That’s what made your mind race.

She doesn’t draw it out though.  After a few minutes, her attention shifts to Tyler, making you exhale.

“So Tyler, tell us a little about the song writing process?”

You were grateful to the shift, so you could sulk with the feeling that you weren’t good enough. Shouldn’t someone so desperately in love with you, Josh’s words not yours, not do something like that in front of the person they love? Hell, even if you weren’t there you’d never expect Josh to say something like that. You crossed your arms tightly around your chest, a defense mechanism you always used when you started to feel insecure or inadequate.  

When you looked back up, brown eyes bored into yours. You avoided Josh’s piercing gaze to pretend to pay attention to what Tyler was going on about but you felt Josh’s eyes remain on you the last ten minutes of the interview.  As soon as it concluded, and you watched Josh talking to Alexa even after the interview was finished, you spun on your feet, leaving the studio as quickly as possible.

“Unbelievable,” you mumbled under your breath because yeah you were feeling less than loved at the moment but you were also a little angry too. You had every right. It all stemmed from your constant fear that one day, your one and only, Josh would leave you. He had more than enough opportunities and probably more than enough reasons to do so. You just didn’t like to be reminded that he could.

You quickly climbed into the crew’s bus, hoping you’d be left alone on the way back to your hotel. You didn’t really even want to be near Josh at this point, you were too gone in your own head, letting every last anxiety, hesitation and fear play in your mind on repeat, like a broken record you imagined the day you’d come home to find Josh in bed with someone else. Or the inevitable fight where he’d walk out the door and never turn back.

You bit your lip and stayed silent, something you’re not really known for when Tyler slid onto the couch next to you, “Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Huh?” You didn’t even know Tyler was on the bus.

“You look kind of out of it today. What’ s going on?” He asked sincerely adjusting his hoodie and lifting up a leg.

You shrugged, “Just tired. Long day.”

Tyler could see through your bullshit and even though you were a relatively competent liar, you weren’t fooling anyone, “Uh huh, so Josh’s little flirting spree earlier has nothing to do with why you look as if he just broke up with you.” He state it more than he questioned it because he knew he was right. Tyler was good at being intuitive about this kind of stuff.

You huffed and let your body deflate, head thudding on the back of the seat, “He’s such an ass.”

“Your ass though.” Tyler reminded you getting you to smirk slightly.

“Like, why does he have to do that? Like I get it he’s the charming one but that-“

“Excuse you,” Tyler interjected.

“You’re the handsome one, relax.”

“Okay, better.  Go on.”

“Just you know how I am— I’m terrified that one day he won’t be there when I come home. Like he could leave at a moment’s notice and not bat an eye.” You felt the sting in your eyes because saying it out loud made it feel as if it were one step closer to becoming true.

“Y/N, that boy is in love with you. Like it’s kinda disgusting actually. He’s not going anywhere.”

You nodded slowly. But it wasn’t enough. Letting Tyler’s voice into your ears only temporarily dulled the voice in your head saying you weren’t good enough, that Josh was only around cause it was convenient right now and the moment he could, he’d bolt.

You holed yourself up in the bathroom of your hotel suite that you had to, now unfortunately, share with your boyfriend.  Doubt had come to skip and plant seeds of disproval and abhorrence amongst the folds and creases of your brain.

Finally away from everyone else you did let yourself cry, not a full on bawling spree but splashes of terrified uncertainty did fall from your eyes, they became glassy and wet as your cheeks reddened and your bottom lip grew sore from biting it.

You were blowing your nose for a third time when you heard the door to the suite open then close, a muffled call of your name. You hoped that Josh didn’t hear you and would just leave so you could cry a bit more in peace but it seemed that fate wasn’t on your side. Soon enough there was a few knocks to the door, “Babe? You in there?”

Your voice cracked slightly, “Y-yeah.”

As soon as you felt you voice betray you, you knew Josh would grow concerned.

“You alright? Can I come in?” His voice was low and he moved the handle trying to open the door but found it locked.

“Y/N? Why’s the door locked love?” His voice rose slightly in confusion and slight terror. You never locked yourself away unless you were getting sick.

“Cause I-I….” But you couldn’t get it out. Couldn’t lie fast enough right now because Josh was on the other side of that door, being his usual devoted self and you could hear the panic in your own voice. You broke down into a muffled sobbing mess with your back against the wall, the heavy echoes of your crying bouncing around the room.

“Y/N! What’s wrong!? Are you hurt?! Open the door!” The handle shook violently but the door didn’t budge. Josh standing on the other side hearing you, a blubbering mess. You rarely cried so he was on high alert.

You took a deep breath and sniffed hard, your nose officially stuffed now as your voice wavered, “Why do you love me?”

The door handle stopped moving as Josh pressed his ear closer to the door, you were only making small noises but he definitely heard you say something, “What was that?”

“Why do-“ you let out a long breath trying to calm yourself down, it was working for the moment, “Josh, why do you love me?”

Silence. Stunned silence. You waited for an answer that you figured wouldn’t come. Josh was shocked at where this was coming from, why was he being asked that of all things? “I, I-“

He couldn’t think of an answer. Well he could of course but his head was fuzzy with why you were crying in a locked bathroom asking him why he loved you. Didn’t make sense and it made a deep line form between his eyebrows. Then he heard you mumble, “I knew it, I knew this would happen.”

“What happened? Y/N, what’s going on?”

“You’re gonna leave me.” You hiccuped out because now your brain was telling you that yes, Josh would leave.

“Y/N, never. I’m never gonna leave you. Please baby, open the door?” Josh scrambled and scratched at the wood that was barring him from saving someone he couldn’t lose. Wherever you were going, Josh would bring you back.

“Why do you lo-love me Josh? Why do you stay with me?” Your voice went a bit higher as some more cries exited your mouth, covering it with your hand, you tried to breathe through your nose-as difficult as that was- as more tears fell over your knuckles. Saying it out loud hurt more than thinking it.

“Because I love you. That’s why I stay with you. I need you, you know that.” He sternly admitted.

“Josh…”  You sobbed, clasping your hand back over your mouth to try and contain the sadness gushing out.

“Is this-is this about earlier? The interview girl?” Josh’s voice rumbled through the wood and could be heard clearer as he sat down on the floor and his voice could travel under the door better. You made another choked sound at that and squeezed your eyes shut, more salty pain running over your blotchy cheeks.

“Babe, you know I was just messing with her. Please don’t think I meant a single word of that. It’s only you babe, only ever been you. I’m not going anywhere I promise. Please? Open the door?”

You shook your head even though Josh couldn’t see you, leaning your head back against the door and continuing to squeeze your eyes shut. You bit down on your fingernails, a habit you tended to revert back to whenever emotionally distressed.  

“Stop biting your nails, you know I can’t stand that.” Came a command through the door. You pulled your hand from your mouth, fucking Josh Dun.

You blew your nose one more time and gulped down the lump in your throat as Josh sighed and spoke to you, soft and intimate, “Y/N, I’m in love with you. I always have been, even since the beginning. I know I flirted tonight and all that, and I’m sorry, but it was harmless, I promise.”

You raised a shoulder and nodded because you did know.

“Please love, know that I’m not going anywhere—“

You wiped your eyes with your long sleeves much more like paws over your small hands and let out deep whoosh of air from his lungs.

“Now you gonna open the door or what? I’ve been dying to kiss you, like, all day you know.” Josh said as he stood, the small pops in his knees sounding through the door. There was a shuffling on the other side of the door and the metal of the lock clicked and it slowly creaked open. There you sat with eyes pink and glassy, cheeks blotchy and swollen, lips red and shiny.

You wiped under your eyes again with a sniff. “I’m just- I’m scared Josh.”

Josh moved towards you quickly, a look of sympathy on his face, he brushed his long fingers through your hair, “Scared of what babe?”

“That you’ll go. You could anytime.” You shrugged. It was emotional but it was truth.

“I could but…” Josh rubbed his thumb across your cheek.


“But I don’t want to. It’s you babe, it’ll always be you. There are billions of people out there but none of them compare to you when it comes to my heart and who owns it. You own it.” He smirked tiredly.

“I do?” you asked sheepishly.

“You always have. Now come here.” Josh didn’t wait for a movement as he pulled you into an all encompassing hug, his arms wrapping tightly around you as you laid your head against his chest.  Josh’s familiar smell and the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your back brought immediate comfort into the depths of you, allowing your mind to finally stop racing.  Josh plants kisses on the top of your head, whispering, “No one compares to you.”

When you finally pull back, Josh takes your face in his hand hands, looking over your tired features, “Beautiful.” He sighed out with a gentle smile.

“Shut up, I look like shit,” you chuckle softly.  

“You look beautiful. Now kiss me, it’s too long since you have.”

He leaned down as you leaned up, your toes extending to reach up and bring their mouths together, slow kisses shared between you as your hands gripped Josh’s broad shoulders and felt the tongue that had mapped your entire body slip into your mouth. You sighed softly into the kiss as Josh’s body pressed against yours more firmly, the wide expanses of it dwarfing your own body, making you feel small and fragile.

Josh bent his knees slightly and proceeded to lift you off the ground, both legs automatically wrapping around his waist and arms to go around his neck, “Gonna show you baby. Gonna show you how much I love you.”

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Idk if you still take requests but can you do a kbtbb group piece where Mc gets kidnapped and the guys work together to find her? Love your work btw

Title: 99 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Good Enough For You

Summary: He should’ve answered the phone when he had the chance.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Everyone/MC, mostly Eisuke-centric

a/n: Here it is, anon! I’m sorry this took so long. I normally don’t take any requests, but I liked yours! Also, this is mostly Eisuke-centric, so I hope that’s okay with you lol

              The auctions were once again in full swing. All the items Baba put up were the star of the show, and none of the patrons could get enough of the prized antiques on stage. Every time the zeroes piled up, Eisuke’s smirk grew wider.

              Good, Eisuke thought. More profit for us.

              His phone buzzed all of a sudden, but he paid it no mind. The auctions were more important than some offhanded phone call. He didn’t even bother taking his phone out of his pocket when he pressed the sleep button to make it stop ringing.

              Whoever was calling him must have been pretty insistent because the phone wouldn’t stop ringing even after Eisuke ignored it the first time.

              Annoying bastard. Didn’t this person get the message already?

              Irritated, he turned his phone off. At least he wouldn’t be disturbed anymore.

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