why do they always travel in packs

the whole “why do girls travel in packs when they go to the bathroom lol” joke gets a lot less funny when you realize that it’s because we’ve had it etched and engraved into our minds since our parents first started dropping us off at the movies or at the mall that we absolutely always need to stick together with our girlfriends no matter what, even when we go to the bathroom, because the bigger the group we were in, the smaller the chances were of us being harassed or abducted by creepy older men in public. 

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Why have your main characters consistently be PWs? It makes sense from a commercial standpoint, but not from a narrative one. Planeswalkers are almost always outsiders, and focusing on characters that could pack up and leave at any time isn't helping invest your consumers in specific planes. MtG's best stories were told through the eyes of people on the ground, and many of them never got card representation.

When you look at IP’s about traveling place to place, the vast majority follow a cast of characters that do the traveling - all the Star Treks, Firefly, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap, Timeless, Sliders, The Incredible Hulk, Journeyman, etc.


I was asked to put together a convention packing checklist! So here it is, disregard anything that isn’t relevant to you!

Make sure you remember to print out all your tickets in whatever format they take! That’s email confirmations, or your PDFs convention tickets, photo ops and autographs, plus meet and greet invoice if you’re doing one. Hotels have printers of course, but it’s easier to have them ready to go, rather than trying to find somewhere to print them out while at the convention – because you’ll be busy!

Camera – with spare batteries and memory card and associated cords.
All your chargers!
All your charger cables!
It’s also great to bring an extra battery pack for your phone, because there usually isn’t anywhere to quickly charge your phone without going back to your room, so if you have a pre-charged battery backup with you that can help keep in touch!

* if you do forget something, you always have fan backup – someone will lend you that charging cable that mysteriously got left behind!

A pen – for filling out reupping forms – and for writing down your email or twitter for new friends!
Highlighter pens – for highlighting the schedule
Coloured Sharpie – if you don’t want black or silver for your auto, bring your own coloured Sharpie pen!

Always bring some kind of notebook – just in case you want to jot down notes from a panel, or something someone told you, names, emails, twitter handles (as Jensen calls them) etc!

You need something to put your photo ops in so they don’t bend and get ruined! You can buy hard sleeves in the vendor’s room, but I find that the photos can get stuck in them! A document display folder with plastic inserts, or a ring-binder with plastic inserts is great. Or just a hard plastic document envelope. The photos printed out at the con are 10x8, so anything that fits A4 or larger works.

If you have something specific that you’re getting signed, don’t forget to pack it! The Vendors room has photos and books and some other items that can be used for autos if you don’t have something specific.

Soooooo important! Many of the convention hotels/convention centres don’t have much (or any) food available, or you have to go out to get food (and did I mention how busy you’ll be?), or it’s super expensive. So pack your own. If you’re travelling and can’t pack a sandwich or anything, even if it’s just some fruit or nibblies to take into the convention auditorium, that will help to keep your energy up.

The days are long, you might not get much sleep, you might be drinking more alcohol than usual, the hotels and convention centres are heavily air-conditioned, so it’s also super important to stay hydrated. If you can pickup a bulk pack of water at Target or a supermarket or something, that’s going to save you money and you’ll have water in your room and to take to panels! Seriously, snacks and water. Get on that!

*CREATION CON SPECIFIC - There is also a large water dispenser with cups inside the auditorium. You can use that water throughout the day, and you can also fill up your own water bottle from the supplied water dispensers to save more money. (tip courtesy of Krista)

TWITTER HANDOUTS (tip courtesy of Kate)
Print out your Twitter @  or/and email on little pieces of paper that you can hand out to your new fandom friends who want to be able to follow or contact you. You can make them simple, or into cool little business cards!

Um. Cons are expensive. Outside of the costs of hotel accommodation and all your tickets that you’ve already paid for, you’ll also have to buy food and drinks (unless you packed them as per the awesome tip above!) The Vendor’s room or vendor’s areas at a con has cool stuff, t-shirts, books, stickers, mugs, glasses, posters, standees, all sorts of jewellery, and various other goodies that you might want. There may even be a guest that you didn’t get an op with, but when you see their panel, you feel you absolutely must hug the living hell out of them, (oh believe me, it happens!), so you just have to get another op! So take a little extra money, just in case. But budget…because it’s real easy to get swept up into the con craziness and want all the things and all the ops (speaking from experience), so make sure you set yourself a budget!

Okay, I know, d’uh, you’re going to pack clothes! But if you’ve decided on a specific outfit, whether something pretty or something cosplay, make sure you have all the necessary bits! I always plan what I’m wearing for each day ahead of time. That way I don’t have to pack loads of options and I don’t have to think about it at the con. Some days (especially Saturday and Sunday) can start quite early, and the last thing you’re going to want to do is be trying on outfits like crazy. 1. You won’t have time. 2. You don’t want to increase your stress! So pre-plan your outfits and pack all the elements you decide on to make them perfect.

CREATION SPECIFIC - CASH FOR CHRIS – the Creation photographer
If you are buying JPEGS of your photo-ops you will need $US to give to Chris the photographer. Each photo op you have, comes with 1 10x8 print – but only 1. You can purchase JPEGS of each photo for $10 per JPEG. There is a number on the photo – you give that number to Chris or his offsiders in the photo room and about a week later, you will receive a link from Chris via email to download the JPEGS via Google Drive. Each JPEG you purchase costs $10 and you must have cash for that. So when you know what photo-ops you’re getting, figure out before hand which you may need (if there’s more than one of you in the photo) or want a JPEG of and ensure you have enough $US on you. If you are at a Canadian con – you can use Canadian dollars but as Chris is from the US, US dollars are better for him. The JPEGS are super high quality, large files, which can be printed to LARGE canvas size if you want (speaking from experience).

If you don’t have the cash at hand to buy the JPEGS at the convention, you can still buy them after the con. Go to the Creation website and follow the link and you’ll be able to contact Chris and order them via there. 

There’s lots of aircon in the hotels/convention areas and you may get a running nose – you don’t want to be snuffly or snotty – pack tissues. Eyedrops – for the same reason, the aircon may dry your eyes out and make them sore and red. Bring along some anti bacterial wipes or hand sanitiser, because con crud is a thing! Plus you’re in much used hotels, so it’s a good idea just to give your hands a bit of a once over a few times a day! It’s also not a bad idea to pack some Vitamin B or C to keep your energy up and immune system working. Pack some Paracetamol or/and Ibuprfen in case of headache or backache or hangover! I always take hay fever medication with me – I never know if something is going to affect me in a place I’m not used to (Vancon for example, gives me hives…WHY I DO NOT KNOW!). I also bring cough/cold medication. I have got super sick at cons! It sounds like a lot, but seriously, I have got sooo sick and having stuff on hand has been a life saver. I also always travel with Bepanthen because I get tatts when I travel :D Also don’t forget extra contact lenses if you need them, and pack band aids (especially if you have new shoes.)

You’re going to want to pop a mint before you go into a photo op! You’re about to get up close and personal with Jensen Ackles, and you don’t want to breathe coffee breath all over him! Pack mints.

For the same reason as the mints. You’re about to hug the crap outta Misha Collins – you don’t want “been sitting for 6 hours in the same shirt” smell as you squish into him!

Perfect for checking your lippy, hair, making sure you don’t have kale in your teeth – as you wait in line for your photo op. Don’t worry, EVERYONE is doing it!

That’s it for now – if I think of anything else…I’ll update!
Happy packing and conning!

My Best Friends Brother (Harry Styles) Part 2

Part 1 

Skye’s POV

I pulled on my skinny jeans and a tight black shirt, that hugged my curves perfectly and sat down on my bed to put on my high top Converse.

I could hear Harry and his three friends in the living rooming laughing at something Harry had said. I rolled my eyes and stood in front of the mirror making sure I looked ok.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway I turned around to see Harry standing in my doorway way, leaning against the doorframe. He had on his tight black skinny jeans, a pair of Converse, and a plain white t shirt. His dark hair fell around his face, making his green eyes stand out.

“Are you ready yet, princess?” he asked.

“Fuck off,” I told him and walked past him making sure to shove my shoulder into his as I walked past.

Walking into the kitchen, I picked up the bottle of vodka and poured a shot. The clear liquid burned my throat as I gagged on the after taste, quickly pouring myself a mix of Coke and vodka to get rid of it.  

By now people had started to arrive, to officially welcome Harry back. It had been his idea to throw a party in the first place. I was totally against the idea because I knew that I would be stuck cleaning up the house tomorrow. Although he had promised to help, I had a feeling that he wouldn’t.

Walking into the living room, I saw a game of beer pong was in full swing on my living room table. Harry threw the ball and it landed in the red cup effortlessly. Louis picked the cup up and drank from it and slammed it back down on the table. He threw the ball and it missed, flying over Harry’s shoulder.

Harry threw his arms up, winning the game. His white t shirt lifted up slightly exposing his toned abs and tattoos on his hips. I moved my eyes up his body and he locked his eyes with mine, smirking, knowing I was checking him out.

“Whose next?” he called, keeping his eyes locked with mine.

“I’ll go,” I said as I walked to the edge of the table.

I set my drink down and watched as Niall filled up the red cups with beer while Liam filled up Harry’s cup. He gestured for me to go first and I carefully aimed the ball at the very first cup. I threw the ball into the air and watched as it landed in the cup, earning a small gasp from the crowd.

“Lucky shot,” Harry called and downed the beer.

A few rounds later and neither of us had missed. The entire party was now gathered in the living room as Harry and I battled it out. It was down to the last cup and it was my turn. There was no way I could miss. That would give Harry bragging rights and who knows how long those would go on for.

Holding the ping pong ball in my hand I took careful aim as I tossed the ball into the air. The room was dead silent as the small ball traveled through the air and landed perfectly in the last cup. Harry’s jaw dropped as his green eyes stared at me.

“Are you serious?” he slurred.

The entire room broke into applause and I took a bow and smirked at Harry. He scowled as he picked up the cup and drank from it. The crowd started to thin out as people went back to their previous activities.

The rest of the night flew by as I took various shots only deciding to stop when I could barely stand anymore. Harry and I kept our distance from each other which was probably a good thing. I could tell he was still mad at me for beating him at beer pong and showing him up in front of all of his friends.

It was almost 3am and most people had left. There were still a few stragglers that were laying passed out on the floor or couch and I made my way back to my room. I hadn’t seen Harry for a while and when I passed by his room I heard a girl giggling. A feeling of jealousy passed through me as I closed my bedroom door.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off my shoes before taking off my jeans and shirt. I threw them in a corner and crawled under the covers, quickly passing out.

A knock on the door woke me up and I saw Harry poke his head into my room.

“Skye?” he whispered.

“Ugh. What Harry?” I asked, annoyed that he had woken me up.

“Can I sleep in here? Louis is my room with some girl,” he slurred.

I let out a sigh. “Yeah.”

He opened the door slightly and walked over to my bed. The bed dipped down as he sat at the edge trying to untie his shoes. His fingers pulled slowly at the stings as they came unlaced. He smiled to himself as he placed them on the floor.

“Harry, are you still drunk?” I questioned and he nodded his head. “Have you had any water yet?” and this time he shook his head.

I sat up and pulled the covers back and walked over to my closet. It was then that I realized that I was only wearing my bra and underwear. In my semi drunk state I hadn’t felt like putting my pajama’s on and I heard Harry suck in his breath. I could feel his eyes traveling over my body but I did my best to ignore it. He wouldn’t remember this in the morning, right?

I kept a pack of water bottles in my room because drunk me always hated walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water. It seemed like the sensible thing to do.

Harry laughed as I emerged from the closet holding the bottle of water and two Advils that I had taken from my purse. “Why do you keep water in your closet?”

I shrugged. He took the them from me and took a few sips before handing it back. I placed the water on the nightstand next to him and sat down. His fingers fumbled with his jeans button before letting out a sigh in defeat.

“Can you help me?” he asked.

Hesitating, I nodded and he stood up in front of me. His crotch was right in my face and I could feel my cheeks burning bright red. If he noticed he didn’t say anything. I reached up and quickly unbuttoned it and he slid them down his legs, revealing a black pair of boxer briefs. He pulled his t shirt over his head, exposing the many tattoos on his stomach.

I crawled over to my side and he pulled the covers up so that I could slide under them. The bed shook as he tossed and turned before finally finding a comfortable position. I turned around and came face to face with him.

He smiled. “Can’t get comfortable.”  

We laid silent for a few minutes before Harry said,“Can I tell you a secret?”

Intrigued, I answered, “Sure.”

“I like you,” he said.

I laughed, surprised at what he had just said. “Skye, I’m serious. I really, really, REALLY like you. I looooove you!”

“You love me?” I asked confused and he eagerly nodded.

“You’re sooo pretty and even though you’re mean to me, I know you’re a nice person.”

“Harry, you’ve been back for like two weeks. How can you already like me?”

“I’ve liked you since third grade. Remember when I fell off my bike and you came running over to make sure I was alright? That was the moment I knew I was gonna marry you.”

“Marry me?’

“Mhmm. Just you wait and see.”

I proped myself up on my elbow and stared down at him. He gazed up at me, his green eyes sparkling.

“Are you going to remember any of this in the morning?” I questioned and he shook his head.  

I laid back down and his hand grabbed mine. Our fingers intertwined and I smiled. I did secretly have feelings for him although I hadn’t told anyone. There was no way I could tell Alaska because he was her younger brother and she always said it would be weird if I dated Harry. However, I had a feeling Niall knew about Harry’s feelings.


Harry’s POV

The sun streaming through the windows woke me up and I came face to face with Skye. She was still sound asleep so I did my best not wake her up as I climbed out of the bed. The room spun and my stomach churned. I spotted my clothes on the ground and hurriedly pulled them on, picked up my shoes, and left her room.

Louis was in the living room with some girl and they looked up as I entered.

“Thanks for letting us use your room last night,” Louis said.

I nodded my head, confused. I didn’t remember agreeing to letting him using my room. Hell, I didn’t remember anything after the beer pong game with Skye. Everything was a blur. I vaguely remember talking to Skye in her bed but I don’t remember what I said. Hopefully, she won’t remember either. It had seemed like she had drunk a lot also.

“Did anything happen last night that I need to know about?” I asked Louis.

He thought for a minute. “Not that I can think of…except that you got your ass kicked by a girl!” he said, laughing.

I shook my head, annoyed. I knew Skye would not let me live that down and that was bad enough but I did not need to hear it from Louis as well.

“Oh and I think you told Skye that you like her,” Louis said.

“W-What?” There was no way that Skye could know. The only person I had told was Niall and he had sworn not to tell anyone.

“Dude, I’m joking!”

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding and heard a pair of soft footsteps entering the room. Skye sat down next to me, wearing super short gym shorts and a band t shirt that looked an awful lot like one of mine. Her dark hair was done in a messy bun on her head and her make up was smeared around her eyes. She looked beautiful.

She smiled at me as she sat down on the couch, mere inches away from me. My heart raced and I was surprised no one else in the room could hear it.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Awful,” I replied.

“Did you take a shower?” she questioned. “That helps me.”

I shook my head and she stood up. She reached her hand out in front of me and I placed mine in it. She lead the way back to her bathroom and turned on the water. When the temperature was to her liking she motioned for me to get in.

“Are you gonna leave?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I’m gonna join you. Keep your clothes on.”

The shower was small square and I sat down leaning against the wall, letting the water hit my skin. She sat down next to and I watched as her make up dripped down her face. She quickly wiped it away before looking at me and smiling.

“Do you remember me beating you in beer pong?” She laughed.

I scowled. “Shut up. That’s not funny. I should have won!”

“Don’t worry we can always have a rematch,” she teased and I shook my head.

“I’d rather not. If I got beat again it wouldn’t look very good.”

She nodded her head and remained silent. There was something different between the two of us and I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Something had happened last night and I intended to find out.

“How much do you remember from last night?” I asked.

She hesitated. “Everything.”

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after seeing too short to ride i'm wondering if peridot even can fuse? i mean with decline in resources it's possible not to mention that as a technician homeworld probably wouldn't see a reason why peridots should fuse, what do you think?

I’m thinking fusion for Peri is possible, but it’s completely unexplored territory. As you mentioned, technicians don’t need to travel in packs. They’re sent to areas where Homeworld has ascertained everything is safe, almost always alone. Soldiers would have to fuse, if only because they’re socialised to think fusion is a war-machine. It’s a weapon. Peridots are equipped with light weaponry, like Peri’s blast cannon. But the surprise on her face when she first uses it in Catch and Release shows that it is the first time she’s used it

But I do think fusion is possible. Because shapeshifting is an ability. I can understand that why some people can’t do it. Fusion, in the show, is a metaphor for relationships. It’s a physical manifestation of the relationships between characters be it love, hate, friendship, or anything. Any relationship. 

Peridot is making huge gains in that area. She’s not great at reading people. She’s not great at empathising with people. She’s not great at understanding people. But she’s trying.

So removing her ability to manifest that, for me, wouldn’t make a lot of narrative sense. Hope this helps!

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Domestic life 4/4 blurb?

You and Luke would have a typical routine of eating dinner together every night and telling each other about your day. You’d do the cooking and he’d clean up, though you’d usually end up helping him. “Lucas Hemmings, did your mother never make you do the dishes at home? Jesus, this pan is still filthy!” you’d whine and throw it back in the sink. “What? Where!” he’d demand and inspect it. “Here!” you’d point to a cluster of stuck-on food and he’d scrape it off with the sponge. “There, all better. You think you can breathe now? Come on babe, nice, cleansing, deep breaths,” he’d tease and you’d bump his hip with yours and roll your eyes, the two of you giggling away while you finished the dishes together.

You and Calum, even in an extremely sleepy state when you both had to be up at 4am to catch a flight, weaved past each other effortlessly in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. You’d shower first, or sometimes he’d join you because “it saves water” he’d claim. He’d cover the bristles of your toothbrush with toothpaste and hand it to you, both of you brushing in sync. He’d make a face at you in the mirror and you’d giggle and make one back, causing you both to laugh. “Do you really need to blow dry your hair? It looks fine like that,” he’d usually end up whining, causing you to point the hair dryer in his face and he’d squeal and run away.

You and Ashton would cook together all the time. Neither of you were amazing cooks or anything but you’d enjoy experimenting in the kitchen together, often blasting your music and dancing around as you waited for the oven to preheat and the water to boil. One too many times you’d get a little excited and your arm or something would hit the stove, leaving a nice blistering mark on your skin. “Aw, babe. Here, just sit and watch the master chef work his magic,” Ashton would say, propping you up on the counter with an ice pack for your wound. Whatever god-awful thing he whipped up would taste horrible though, and you two would feed it to the guys, giggling away as you’d watch their faces cringe in disgust on the first bite.

You’d always help Michael unpack after being away for months, traveling the world with his bandmates. It was kind of a ritual between you two, his suitcase sprawled out on the bed and you’d sort his stuff into piles, as he’d gab your ear off. “Why do your clothes always come home basically shredded?” you’d ask, holding up one of his band tees with uncountable holes in it. “Dunno babe. I’m just so punk rock, it just sort of happens, I guess,” he’d grin and you’d throw the shirt at his face. “Don’t tell me you’re too punk rock to help your girlfriend do laundry,” you’d say, scooping the pile of clothes into your arms, and he’d get up from his spot on the bed and quickly take it from you. “Never.”