why do they always make funny faces

Random Frank Castle Headcanons

because i’m still trash tbh

  • Him laughing at your jokes even when they aren’t funny just because it makes you happy.
  • You do the weekly shopping because lets face it, Frank’s too busy to do it. He loves cereal bars so you buy tonnes of boxes of them to keep him happy.
  • Always asking about his guns.
  • “So why don’t you use these guns for this mission?”
  • “(Y/N), I’ve told you hundred times.”
  • The neighbours adore him. Especially the old ladies, they always say things like “What a beautiful couple you two make!”
  • When he’s sat on the sofa you sneak up behind him and tilt his head back, giving him a peck on the lips.
  • Coming back from missions you always ask the same thing, “Did you bump into our friend in red?”
  • Unlike normal couples you argue about who makes dinner in a stranger way.
  • “I want to make dinner! Sit down and shut up, you did it yesterday!”
  • He’s a very good cook.
    • Especially for breakfast meals.
  • When you’re out at night he keeps an eye on you from the roof tops and takes care of any trouble headed towards your way.
  • He’s like your guardian angel.
  • Going to restaurant he always plays with the salt shakers, when he talks to you he just taps them slightly against the table.
Reasons why I'll never be a kpop idol

1- I’m not Korean
2- my country is literally a forever away
3- I’m talentless
4- my definition of humor isn’t respected
5- I will call my fans ‘hoes’
6- I would question them always 'like why do u love us again? Are you sure it’s us?’
7- I would scream in every idol’s face I meet
8- I would date whoever the fuck I wanted and make it public
9- Imma be the Korean Taylor swift
10- I would creep my company and the whole Korea out
11- I would snap at whoever thinks teasing me is funny
And last
12- I have anxiety….

I think I need to stop making dolls like... Idk for years????

well… here’s the reason why…

I…. had so many times to do…like… every kind of stuff and..I always wanted to make a doll, a Peridot doll….

I thought It will be funny so.. I started to make it.. of course.. it was a bad idea starting with no sketch or.. anything.. I just started to make it draw some triangle on the yellow clothe and cut and stuff….. but……

⚠⚠⚠warning weird faced doll

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so sorry Peridot.

I’ve got bad skills but pls understand me I love you 😅😅😅😅😅😅

Am I Pretty Yet?

Seungcheol always notices the beauty in other girls. So why couldn’t he do that with you, his best friend?

Warning: Language

“Jeonghan’s prettier than you, so you shouldn’t date him,” Seungcheol says, making funny faces at Jeonghan. You know it’s a joke, but you’re a little annoyed.

Seungcheol had been getting on your nerves all week, pointing out all the pretty girls, haunting you with their perfect hair and body, flawless skin and smiles. You know that wasn’t his intention. He was simply admiring their beauty, and had never once compared them negatively to you. But you were still annoyed by it. And hearing that Jeonghan, a man, was prettier hurt. Whether it was true or not.

“You keep telling me who I shouldn’t date, can’t you be a normal friend for once and tell me who I should date?” He smiles nudging you slightly.

“I’m only saying these things because no one is good enough for my best friend. You’re basically my little sister,” He jokes.

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React to: Bubble bath with their girlfriend

Taking a bubble bath with their girlfriend.

Niel: Jagi, why you have one boob bigger than the other one?

Chunji: Look honey, so much bubbles. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…!

Ricky: Jagiya let’s play a game. Let’s see who can make the most funny face!


[Y/N]: *You touch in the little changjo by accident* S-s-sorry… 

Changjo: Now he wants to play.

L.Joe: You are always asking what do I do to have beautiful skin. Here, jagi, do like I’m doing.

C.A.P: *imagine that in the gif it’s you and C.A.P. He would just take care of you with very careful without expecting anything in return.*

Feel free to ask anything // As always, gifs doesn’t belong to me. 

Honestly people are always like “why you draw on your eyebrows do you even have hair on your eyebrows?!”

Bitch, we in 2015 now if I want to draw on my eyebrows then sit ya ass down and admire these bomb ass eyebrows.

Also, I got hair on my eyebrows but even if I didn’t I ain’t about to walk around this muthafucka with no eyebrows. Like how you gonna know if I make a surprised face or if I’m hella angry if I don’t draw on my eyebrows. If I’m mad as hell at you I want you to see it in my scrunched ass drawn on eyebrows that I’m pissed.

AND ANOTHER THING- y'all got me fucked up bc you stay talkin about my eyebrows but if I didn’t fill in my eyebrows y'all would be like “why don’t you fill in your brows go watch some youtube videos ya no eyebrow havin bitch”

So Idk what y'all want from me but I do know imma keep my eyebrows on FUUUUUH-LEEEEEEK.