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The Niall Thing :P

So i was tagged by the legend @wheretogofrmhere to do this like days ago but i had to sit and ponder cuz honestly,,,how??? but here it goes 

absolute most favorite pic:

favorite look:

…fucking chicago….

favorite hair:

…fucking boston…..

favorite tweet:

favorite instagram post:

favorite snapchat:


favorite selfie: 

this is cheating, but he didnt have to do this and im v upset that he did.

favorite interview: does spill your guts count??

performance: THIS BULLSHIT


bromance: Narry, or…nouis?? 

favorite sport that niall does: Golf,,,god bless those white pants and that one grey nike shirt that makes his titties look good…..yall know the one. 

WHERE YOU LIVE: where it’s cold save me
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN NIALL LIVE IN CONCERT OR MET HIM OR ANY SPECIAL MOMENTS: I’ve seen him in concert four times, and then at the 1D Orlando event for FOUR promo,,,,it was very traumatic. 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT NIALL: He’s very much my kind of person. He just chills out at home watches his shows, plays some sports hosts bbq’s with his friends like???? like he’s just boring, and so am I and I love it lol 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE LINE/LYRICS THAT NIALL WROTE: The entirety of his unreleased untitled debut album 

WHAT’S A SONG THAT REMINDS YOU OF NIALL:  Pretty Girl by Ernie Halter!!! I can not tell you why, but I heard it years ago and since I can’t the thought out of my head. Like i want a cover?? more than anything??? 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A NIALL STAN: some time in 2012 is when i started i think??? my blog has gone through phases of all of them, and like every ship, but niall was always my lil bub. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TAGS YOU USE FOR NIALL: i usually just yell nonsense but his offical tag is boyfriend lol, but also use like THAT  NECK and THICC, 
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE NIALL BLOG: all of them. they are all chill cool lil cucumbers and i lub dem. 
WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO SAY TO NIALL, WOULD YOU EVER GET THE CHANCE TO SPEAK WITH HIM: omg, please dont ever give me that opportunity like i couldn’t handle it. The concept of meeting any of my faves freaks me out lol (maybe thank you??? and then scurry away???)

I’m gonna tag:….idk so anyone who want to do this,,,,,say i made you lol 

Hey everyone

So i guess im back now after being on a kind of break from tumblr and restricting and all that good stuff. Idk why i did it but i was happy until i started to gain weight so im back here. I realised that ana is the only thing im good at and if i wanna look and feel good abt myself i should just stick to it. I even forgot how to purge lol. Like my body wont do it anymore (i dont recommend doing this btw). Now i have to live with this cake inside of me for the next few hours ugh. Anyway i hope all of my followers are doing ok with their ana journeys or have recovered because i know this is no way to live


#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up

I hate how d&d made arya into this ‘not like other girls i hate women’ thing when literally book!Arya LOVES HER FELLOW WOMEN. She makes friends with all sorts of girls, the prostitutes at Happy Port, the daughters of sailors, she respects and loves all sorts of different women, she loves and looks up to her mother and wishes she could be more like them. 

She respects their skills and beauty and goodness, she just acknowledges that she cannot be like that due to her own inabilities to conform. She wants to be good at sewing, she wants to be able to sing, she wants to be beautiful like her sister and mother, but she also feels completely inadequate and awful in comparison to all the women in her life. So what does a 9 year old do?

A 9 year old calls it stupid because calling it stupid hurts a lot less than admitting that what people criticize about you the most are correct. Like lmao if your skillset lies in horseback riding, sword fighting, and other non-traditional activities for women, are you supposed to silently suffer ridicule and a life of non fulfillment? 

People who treat Arya like a crappy cliche literally have 0 understanding of her character. 

You know what I’ve been thinking about for forever now?

Sam doing all of the primary looking for Bucky and then stopping so he can join the avengers himself. He thinks it’s a pretty good idea. The guy obviously doesn’t want to be found. He hasn’t actually laid eyes on him once in the past two years. What he doesn’t know, is that Bucky’s been watching him this entire time.

He gets a text late at night when he’s snuggled up in bed. ‘Why’d you stop looking for me?’

The first thing he feels is fear, since the last time he saw Bucky he almost was killed. The next thing he feels (when he’s sure Barnes isn’t hiding in his closet like the boogeyman) is confusion.

'How did you even know?’
'I’m not an idiot’ comes the text. Then right after that, another. 'You’re not very good at being covert.’

Sam laughs. He can’t help it. He knows that both he and Steve struggle in that department.

'So what did I hurt your feelings? I’m a busy man. If you don’t wanna be found then I’m gonna move on.’

'Yeah maybe you did a little.’ Bucky sends him. Sam snorts. He’s so obviously being sarcastic, maybe a little bit flirty. It reminds him of the Bucky that he’s heard stories about for years. 'Maybe I just liked seeing you.’

'It’s not very fair to let you have all the fun. I never got to see you once.’

'I was working up to it.’

Sam doesn’t send a message back for a while. He doesn’t know what to say. Bucky sends another. 'What if I’m ready?’

'Are you?’

'No.’ Comes the reply after a few minutes. Bucky had to think about it.

'You let me know when, then. You have my number.’

And then for the next few months, Bucky texts him. Sam never tells anyone about why he’s laughing at his phone. Sam never tells anyone why he doesn’t leave his phone on the charger across the room anymore. Sam doesn’t tell anyone why he stays up later and sleeps in more than he used to. Sam doesn’t tell anyone that his heart picks up speed every time Bucky texts him, that they flirt, that sometimes they do even more than that, that maybe he’s a little in love with a dude that’s tried to kill him and texts him daily from god knows where.

He doesn’t tell anyone when Bucky’s number suddenly goes out of service.

“Can you move your seat up?”
“No.” Then just a half a minute later. “Can you tell me when you’re going to disappear next time?”

So these Keith and Lance moments make me sad

Does anyone ever think about that Taking Flight episode where Lance is in the healing pod and everyone is waiting outside it impatiently for him to get better? And so Keith is there, and he’s so anxious for Lance to be okay that he goes so far as to tap on the pod, get yelled at, and then pout about it (after getting some funny looks). Like, this is after he and Lance shared their bonding moment when Lance shot at Sendak and was all “we do make a good team” to Keith, who had that cute, little smile in response. 

And, like, this makes me sad because Keith was probably “Omg, Lance and I had a bonding moment, he doesn’t hate me anymore, maybe we can be friends!” Because Keith has no idea why Lance picks fights with him all the time and is so socially awkward that he would assume one moment of civility means so much more than it did, and so that moment means so much to him

Only for Lance to wake up and completely deny the whole thing. 

But I also understand Lance’s pettiness, even if I don’t agree, because he’d been competing with Keith for so long, but Keith didn’t even remember him and so it was the perfect time for revenge (because I suspect Lance was lying about not remembering). But, like, how devastated was Keith? After being so worried and so excited for Lance to come out of the pod? And how devastated was Lance when Keith didn’t even know who he was in the first episode? 

And, like, did this make Keith very cautious about trusting Lance? Kind of like how Lance is so careful to keep Keith at a distance? And, to be honest, their relationship–though they’ve had some good moments on a professional level–hasn’t gotten a whole lot better, which makes sense with the festering of bad feelings, no matter the few times they get along. And, like, how upset Lance was in the Marmora episode when Keith was getting all of Shiro’s favs (be it rational or not) and, like, how much resentment is building in both of them toward the other? Even though they both clearly care about each other a lot too? Like, how conflicting is that?

It just- it makes me so emotional

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So I decided to look at ivankas clothes, shoes and accessories to critique them on their own merits. And I can see why this stuff wouldn’t sell, and it’s not just because the woman behind it all shares DNA with the worst president in American history (though that certainly doesn’t help). All Ivanka seems to do is make generic department store goods and charge people 10 to 20 times more for it all. And that’s the trump family in a nutshell ain’t it? Overpriced Mediocrity.

Sun and Moon Characters in a Nutshell
  • Kukui: I'm not the Masked Royal! Rockruff, what do you think?
  • Hau: MALASADAS. oh hey gladion and lillie and lusamine who don't look similar at all
  • Gladion: Lusamine you crazy bitch. Null smack her face in
  • Guzma: Is ya boi! also wimpod
  • Plumeria: why am I here
  • Team Skull: Help us save our boi!
  • Aether Foundation: We think we are doing something good...
  • Lana: the flavor of the rare bone seems to fill my whole mouth
  • Mallow: This one is a mallow special
  • Literally everyone else: wtf
les amis as things my friends have texted me:

grantaire: *talking about neighbours killing each other* can’t they just do the deed already?

enjolras: why does europe have three different councils with the same name? that’s impractical.

bahorel: i haven’t studied at all for the finals. i’ve been watching shrek instead!!

courfeyrac: i just love dank memes, sick puns and dramatic entrances

combeferre: i slept for an hour and thirty minutes bc i was up all night reading. god, it was so worth it.

bossuet: Like i Love my ftiedns nut im not doing shit like tvat wihtb them

marius: Jean Valjean why u fuck me up so good like that

feuilly: they cost tho??? real moneys??? fuck no dude i cant afford to breathe

jehan: my skin is so soft.. so im happy :~)

joly: dont wanna get worried but i also dont know what to ask



               When my 60 seconds came around,

                    l realized l had everything l ever wanted

                         but nothing l really needed.

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

With regards to the rumor that Greg will play a role in helping heal Jasper - I’m totally okay with that??? Because Greg is pretty much one of the few characters with a good head on his shoulders. Since season one he hasn’t gotten caught up in the romanticization of Rose’s actions during the War the same way Pearl and Garnet sometimes do. He knows she’s made mistakes because she’s told him:

Greg: All they do is try to make up for it. They just can’t forgive themselves, you understand? Look, they were doing something awful to the planet and your mother couldn’t stand it anymore. She told me that’s why she had to turn on her own kind. She gave up everything just to stop what they started here and drive the invading Gems off of Earth.
Steven: So sh-she saved the world, that’s good!
Greg: No such thing as a good war, kiddo. Gems were destroyed, people too…

Steven: Did Mom ever talk to you about… Pink Diamond?
Greg: There were some things your mom didn’t like to talk about. I never pressed her for details.
Steven: Why not?
Greg: Rose and I talked about tons of important stuff. Music, comic books, getting sand between your toes, y'know, feelings. We both made a lot of mistakes when we were young. I thought disco was coming back, she started a war.

And the fact that he reached out to Blue Diamond when he saw she was in mourning:

Blue Diamond: How curious. I’m impressed by humanity’s ability to survive in the wild. What a strange planet. Where else would a being as fragile as a human live, while a being as powerful as a Diamond, perish? This is where it happened, where she was broken.
Greg: Were you close?
Blue Diamond: Very.
Greg: I-I’m awfully sorry. I know how hard it is to move on when you’ve lost someone.
Blue Diamond: You do?
Greg: I lost someone very important to me, too. I miss her every single day, and I think about her all the time. But she’s never coming back. That feeling can be so hard to be okay with.
Blue Diamond: I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel.

I think if anyone is in a position to admit maybe Jasper has a reason to be upset with Rose, and help her through it, it’s Rose’s widower. I would be completely down for this unlikely friendship. 

remember that time oswald literally woke up in ed’s flat in ed’s pjs in ed’s bed do you remember how soft he looked or how ed sat down on the bed and just how CLOSE they were and oswald was all like “wtf” but also stunned and surprised like “????? why is this good looking man?? so close to me?” and then ed’s just the BIGGEST FUCKING DORK????????? guys idk about ur opinion on this but ed had only ONE bed 👀👀👀👀👀🔍🔍

by far the funniest fanfic ive ever read was a pharmercy-tinged fic abt how angela and several of her friends are huge nerds who play tabletop rpgs and angela is a ridiculous player who dumped all her points into strength so fareeha got stuck as a healer

and then angela had her character jump down into a huge group of enemies and fareeha was just “are you KIDDING ME WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, NOW YOU’RE OUT OF MY RANGE AND I CANT HEAL YOU” and angela just looks at her and fires her finger guns while yelling “JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE” and fareeha just

sinks into her seat

Calum watching you get ready for the Valentine’s Date he’d planned would consist of:

  • “babe why are you putting green stuff on your face?”
  • him touching all of your brushes because of how soft they are
  • picking up your lipsticks and asking if that color would look good on him
  • picking up your eyelash curler and asking what exactly it was
  • so you would show him what it was and as you would lean in towards his eye he would freak and ask why you were getting that thing close to his eye so you would just have to show him using your own eyelashes and he would be so amazed
  • “you should do my makeup sometime”
  • he would watch carefully as you blended your eyeshadow together perfectly
  • him being curious as to why you needed so many different brushes for your eyeshadow
  • and so many different things of mascara
  • “babe that glow is amazing” once you put on your highlight
  • showing him how to do a contour
  • him letting you tweeze his eyebrows when he saw you doing your own just bc he was curious on what it felt like
  • “babe, really will you do my makeup one day?? I wanna know how good I look with this stuff on”
  • him realizing y’all were probably gonna be late for your dinner reservations but not caring bc he’d be so amazed
  • him stressfully watching as you put on eyeliner
  • pausing from putting on your eyeliner to ask calum if he could stop stressing because it was stressing you out
  • getting to your reservation almost 20 minutes late bc calum wouldn’t stop asking you about the different types of lipsticks you had
Rick x Negan x Reader threesome!

(Request: This is crazy.. but could you please do a reader rick and negan threesome?)

Note: Enjoy!!

Warning: smut, anal

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You leaned your head against the windows in one of Negan’s trucks. You were driving to Alexandria to pick up the supplies they owed you, but all you could think about was Rick. You had felt so sorry for him during the line-up, mostly because all you could think about was how big his cock must feel.

“You alright (y/n)?”

You looked to your side and saw Negan eyeing you suspiciously.

“I’m good, why?”

“You have that look on your face” he said with a big grin.

“What look?” you asked curiously. You laughed when he smiled at you and gave you a wink. “You got that aroused look on your face, I can see how dark your eyes have gone. You want some dick?” he asked, cockiness dripping off of his voice.

“Shut up” you rolled your eyes, hoping that he would carry on assuming you were getting aroused over him.

You continued in the car for another half an hour before you finally pulled up to the Alexandrian gates. You stepped out the truck and swung your rifle across your shoulder. You watched as Negan called out to Rick, letting him know of your presence. You were standing behind Negan when Rick appeared at the gate. His eyes immediately fell on you and you noticed them change, they then flicked up to yours and you winked at him.

“Don’t make me ask” Negan said, he had some seriousness in his voice but there was always a hint of amusement.

Rick said nothing as he opened up the gates and you could see some of the group walking over.

“You all know what to do so get to it!” Negan shouted at you and the rest of the saviors. You all started to walk to different houses, storming in and taking what you wanted. You approached one house and you heard footsteps behind you.

“Wait! That’s my house” Rick said, out of breath. You continued to walk up the steps to his house and you opened up the door to find a young boy and a baby inside.

“Carl, take Judith and wait outside” Rick said, stepping out of the way so Carl and Judith could pass.

Once they had left Rick shut the door behind him and stared at you. “I won’t take a lot” you giggled innocently, walking over to the cupboards in the kitchen and looking at what was there. You made sure to wiggle your hips as you walked, pushing out your butt as you stretched over the counter to reach for stuff.

“Hey Rick, would you mind helping me out? I’m too short to reach that” you said, almost teasing him with your cute voice. He hesitated before coming over to you. You could see it in his eyes, he wanted you just as much as you wanted him, but since you were on the ‘bad side’ he would never make the first move. As he reached up to grab the can of beans you looked at his arms, veins just visible on his skin and his muscles reacting to his movement. He handed you the can and you made sure that your fingers brushed together. You looked up at him, seeing him already staring at you when suddenly his lips were on yours, and the can had fallen to the floor. You moaned into the kiss as his fingers dug into your waist, and you wrapped your hands in his curly hair. You broke away from the kiss so that you could start to take your jeans off, Rick doing the same and fumbling with his belt. Once you were both naked from the waist down your lips clashed together again, and Rick moaned into your mouth as his tip started to rub against your wet slits. Rick lifted you up and sat you on the counter, the material feeling cold against your bare ass. You wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him closer and forcing him to push inside of you. He didn’t take his time as he pushed his full length into you, not stopping to let you adjust. He thrusted into you wildly, letting out grunts against your neck where he left rough kisses.

You heard the door open and your eyes grew wide as you stared at Negan in shock. Rick immediately looked behind when he saw you weren’t concentrating on him and he quickly pulled out of you and moved away.

“Negan-” You started but he raised his hand to silence you. He started to grin, and you didn’t know if that was a good sign or a bad one.

“Would you look at that! Ricks getting in on all the action without me!” Negan laughed and approached you, starting to unbuckle his belt. Rick said nothing as he looked to the ground, trying hide his erection from Negan.

“This aint the time to be scared Rick! Carry on with what you’re doing, just one thing, I get the back door” He winked at Rick and then at you.

You giggled at Negans words but Rick was a little hesitant at first. You jumped down from the counter and led rick to the sofa, Negan following behind now in only his shirt and jacket. You pushed Rick down on the sofa and straddled him before lowering yourself onto his cock. He tried to hold back a moan but the pleasure was all too much. He leaned his head back as you continued to bounce on him.

“You’re such a dirt girl, aren’t you?” Negan asked, coming up behind you and kissing your neck. “I knew you wanted some dick, I could see it in your eyes” he laughed into your neck, sending goose bumps down your skin. Between Negans dirty words and Ricks moans, you were getting closer to your release.

You felt Negan begin to push his tip into your ass, stretching you out. You were used to his size though, you did this every two weeks or so back at the sanctuary. As he stretched you out he let out a deep moan, moving his body forward and wrapping his arms around your waist. You started to moan when the two men were thrusting in you at the same rhythm. Rick started to rub his fingers against your clit, sending adrenaline coursing through your veins. You leaned your arms on Ricks shoulders and rested your head in the crook of his neck as he continued to leave kisses on you. You noticed Rick was kind of a more romantic guy in bed, whereas Negan was a straight up animal, pulling your hair, whispering dirty things in your ear and just fucking your brains out.

“I’m close” you moaned. At this Rick’s finger movement sped up and Negan continued to pound into you fast, bringing along your orgasm a lot faster than usual. It took over your whole body, there was no warning sign as your eyes hazed over, all noise was blocked out and you could only concentrate on the pleasure both men were pushing into you.

Once you had finished your high both Negan and Rick came, Rick quickly pulled out of you and you jerked him off until his warm liquid spilled onto your hand. Negan finished off inside of you, staying still for a couple of seconds as he rode out his high. You got off of Rick’s lap and collapsed on the sofa next to him, watching Negan put on his boxers and jeans. He walked over to the counter and threw your clothes at you, telling you to hurry up because they were ready to leave.

You quickly changed and left Rick with a kiss on his cheek. “Until next time!” you said, walking out of the house and following Negan to his car.

hhhHHHhhhhhhh i am so tired

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Just dating Noctis Lucis Caelum things:

  • Hoooooooly shit do you have a good looking boyfriend. The worst thing is he knows it. Noct is so vain. Prince Pretty Boy loves it when he catches you looking at him. He shoots you a smug little smirk and there’s that super annoying cheeky glimmer in his eyes. He doesn’t do it with anyone else. Lots of people look at Noct all the time, either in envy or awe, but he doesn’t care. He only takes notice when you look. Noctis only cares when its your eyes on him.

  • Noctis gets a little bit reckless when you’re around. The guys notice and of course you notice too. It’s sweet in a way because he’s totally trying to show off to you, but it’s so scary! If you witness a fight, there’s some pretty expert warp strikes going on. Sometimes the boys will help Noctis entertain you and the banter makes you laugh and not think about the immediate danger.

  • Since Prompto is Noctis childhood friend, you should probably try to get along with him. That being said, it’s not like it’s hard. The blond is sweet and totally invested in helping you and Noct preserve your relationship and keep you connected. It’s Prompto who sends you random pics and messages when they’re on the road and you have to stay home.
    Thought you might like this photo. Noct looks pretty good in this light, don’t you think? ;)
    He misses you a lot! Not sure if he’s told you, but I can tell.
    We’ll be home soon. Noct needs hugs and kisses asap!

  • It’s not like you don’t get plenty of messages from Noctis himself though.
    Getting up at dawn isn’t fun if you’re not with me.
    Specs cooked your favourite. Here’s a pic so you can be hungry and jealous.
    Missing you. I’ll be home soon.

  • While Noctis can be cool and suave, he has a casual and carefree side that makes for a very sweet contrast. It’s actually very charming and comes with cute side effects like his inability to function when you flirt with him. He just doesn’t know how to take it on the spot. Should he be cool? Because he’s really hard to play it cool when you are being very forward and flirtatious and his thoughts are just slipping away because holy shit you’re flirting with him and his heart is beating really fast what the fuck kind of magic are you using because this isn’t normal??????? ????????? ???????? The guys internally scream when they see this phenomenon one day; he can’t possibly be this hopeless when it comes to romance?!

  • Noctis makes the best nap buddy, hands down. There might have been a few times before the two of you date where you end up napping together from sheer exhaustion and it’s great. There are some times during that period where it was a bit stressful because the both of you were mutually pining for each other. When you guys are dating, naps are wonderfully lazy, indulgent and relaxing. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep with your head on Noct’s chest and he’ll have an arm around you, sometimes Noct will cuddle up to you and bury his face in your shoulder. He’s such a big lazy cat. Nap with your boyfriend lots and lots! 


Made it to Lestallum. Tired, but okay. See? The guys say hi. Call later, but I need a nap right now. Missing you.’

The new mob psycho puzzle event got me thinking of some fun headcannons on them baking/cooking

Mob: decent but probably accidentally leaves things out of recipes or maybe doesn’t put things in order or measure them quiet right, he needs a little bit of guidance….

Ritsu: isn’t really the best at it either, he reads all directions and recipes thoroughly but they still don’t come out quiet right
He gets frustrated because hes not sure what hes doing wrong like “BUT I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS SO WHY??”

Reigen: doesn’t use recipes….at all he kinda just… tosses shit in but it normally works out in the end? Ritsu hates him even more for this. (or maybe its more like he makes it look nice but it actually doesn’t taste all that  good?)

Teru: actually a god when it comes to baking, he’s one of those kids that stress bakes or whatever, he’s very efficient and cleans all his messes as he goes, he uses his psychic powers to multitask.

Sho: Sho is the absolute worst, hes the kid who’s like “oh you think I’m bad at cooking? you’ve never had my cereal than”  he just, he’s a mess just don’t let this boy in the kitchen he’ll probably eat all the raw cookie dough and get a terrible stomach ache…

Dimple: somehow just as bad as Sho at these things but not in the same way…