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Friends Part 5

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: Talk about death (Pietro’s), fluffly, sadness and a make out session that your mother woudnt be happy about.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

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Instead of going outside to cheek the noise, you go upstairs to Wanda’s room have never been particularly good in at dealing with conflicts, and whatever was happening between Dan and Bucky downstairs was a conflict.

‘What are you doing here?” You ask Wanda when you see that she is in her room instead of downstairs enjoying her party “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room after all.” You close the door, sitting by her side on the floor “Yes it is, but I asked you first.”

“I miss Pietro, this party is everything he would ever want but he is not here to enjoy. Now you, why are hiding?” She says taking a deep breath as she leans on your shoulder “Why did you invite Dan?” You ask her instead of answering her question, you are not angry at her you just want to know why she was meddling into this.

“You are not gonna like the answer but we have been friends for two years and I never felt that you liked anyone of your past dates ,it has always been Bucky on your mind. But the day you came back from your date with Dan, I could see that you liked the guy and you need to give this relationship with Dan a chance… a real one.”

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Lies that Portgas D Ace has told his little brother in the past:
  • The moon spies on you at night while you’re asleep
  • Dadan and the rest of her mountain bandits are actually superheroes in disguise.
  • Heroes always have to share their meat with other people (why do you think Dadan always shares her meat with us if she hates us so much?). Pirates don’t have to share anything.
  • The stars are all baby moons that haven’t grown up yet. As they get older, they’ll grow, and one day, the entire night sky will be full of moons.
  • When Mayor Woop Slap was younger, he accidentally made a sea witch angry, so she took away his happiness. That’s why he’s always so angry.
  • Makino is half mermaid, that’s why she’s so pretty and kind.
  • Your eyes turn blue when you lie.
  • The sea hates devil fruit users because it’s jealous.
  • I can always know when you’re doing something I told you not to because I’m your big brother.
  • I will never die, no matter what.

“Do you hate him?”

That was the question she got the most.

“Yes. Maybe,” she replied. She paused, she thought about it for a second. “Not really, no. Not at all.”

“You have the right to hate him, you know?”

Her expression was calm, almost peaceful. Like the loud noise of the ocean after a huge storm. She said: “oh, I know that very well. Maybe if I could it would make it easier on me, but I don’t, I can’t.”

He asked full of curiosity then, “why?”

“You see, when someone makes you so happy, to the point where you see yourself with that person for the rest of your life and no one else, how is it fair to hate him? How can you do that? He brought so much joy to my life, so much more than I could ever expect, and…” She just stopped talking.

He waited for her to continue but she didn’t, so he asked. “And what?”

“I’ve never been one to be ungrateful. You see, you can hurt me, destroy me, leave me, cut me out of your life, but the good things will always stay with me. The good times, what we’ve been through together, that is part of the package that we call life. It’s not fair to just throw that away and try to forget. It’s not about him, it’s about me.”

He understood. He just watched her quietly moving from the couch to the window, she was just staring at the sky.

“You love with everything you have inside you, I see what it means now: it doesn’t leave space for hate, and especially not for him,” he concluded. “You really did love him.”

She kept looking at the sky outside the window in a sunny day on that late summer. After what seemed like hours, she softly said: “I did. I really did.”

I do, she thought.
I really do.

She hoped that wherever he was and whatever he was doing in his life, in that exact moment, that thought reached him and his heart ached for what it seemed no apparent reason to him. She hoped he knew, somehow, somewhere.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #56

offlikeadirty-shirt  asked:

please write more bruce wayne !!! 😩🙌🏽

And here some more Bruce Wayne ;) : 

Warning : slightly sexual I guess, and langage maybe.  

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Beach Bod’  - Bruce Wayne x Reader

You hated sand. You just couldn’t stand it. It got everywhere, it iritated your skin…it was just awful. So, obviously, when your family FINALLY could get all together, you decided a day at the beach was a good idea. Alfred made a nice pic-nic, and you all left for a secret spot you knew, where, even though it was a wonderful summer day, you knew there wouldn’t be anyone. You had a nice family lunch made of Al’s great sandwiches and salads. You bitched about sand getting in your food, and your sons and husband just kept mocking you for your grumpiness. You were the one who always smiled usually, and also, you suggested you should go to the beach so…But still, fuck sand.

At the present moment, your boys, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, were trying to drown their father. How cute. Of course, they were not really trying to drown him, they were just having fun…you hoped. You had to give Bruce credits though, he was alone againts four teenage boys very much in shape, and still managed to keep his head out of the water. It was nice to see all of them relaxed, laughing, splashing each others and not actually trying to kill each other or brooding.

The boys finally came up with a strategy the four of them together to be able to duck their father’s head in the water. Dick held onto one of Bruce’s leg, while Jason was holding the other. Tim used Damian as a battering ram, and threw him as hard as he could in his father’s chest.

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Stark & Parker Party Planning(Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1637

Summary: Harold “Happy” Hogan puts Peter and the reader in charge of planning Tony’s birthday surprise party because that was totally the right call.

Warnings: none

A/N: Happy is so funny i love his character, omg. i loved writing this and I hope you all enjoy reading it! 

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Imagine Sebastian driving you to work instead.

A/N: Part 4! Everyone seems to be enjoying this, so I’m just going to keep working on it until I find an end. 😋 Oh, yes. Please don’t pounce on me if the Romanian here is wrong. I’m not Romanian so I turned to the Internet for help, I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Let’s get to it, shall we? You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. You rubbed your eyes and reached for your phone with your blurry vision, even without your glasses you could make out that it was only 8:30AM and way too early for you to wake up. Today you didn’t have to be at work until 1:00PM as it was an afternoon shoot; Chris wasn’t coming to get you until 11:00AM which was why your alarm was set for 9:30AM. So who the hell was in your kitchen waking you up at such an ungodly hour after the Chris-less night you had?

You reached for your glasses and staggered to your feet, stretching your arms over your head. You pushed the covers off you and moved to plant both feet on your hardwood floor. A shiver ran through you when your right foot made contact with the cold surface, whereas your left foot was protected by the sock you’d put on before bed. You sighed when you realized you’d lost a sock in your sleep again. You were cold, but were too tired to tear your bed apart of find said lost sock. Instead, you slipped your glasses onto your face and headed outside to look for the perpetrator whose actions had woken you up.

You rubbed your right eye as you padded outside, your finger bumped your glasses frame as you yawned. You could smell something cooking. Eggs, maybe? You were too tired to function. After Sebastian told Chris to go, and he actually left because he was a guy with principles- you climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour before you slept. You had six months before production ended, then it was going to be at least another three months of premieres, press junkets, and other red carpet related events. Three or more; this all depended on the success rate of the movie. But you knew with Chris’ skilled hands on it- it could only be a success, and you weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing yet.

“Good morning, Kiddy,” Sebastian greeted you when you turned the corner as he flipped his famous bacon and cheese omelette onto the plate. “Breakfast?” He quizzed with a smile and you narrowed your eyes at him. You were hungry, but you were also mad at him; for last night, and for waking you up.

“Don’t ‘Kiddy’ me,” you bit as you sat down on one of your breakfast bar stools. ‘Kiddy’ was the nickname he gave you growing up seeing as you’d always be his kid sister, but you only loved it when you weren’t mad at him. He knew that, but it didn’t stop him from using it; nothing did because he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “I can’t believe you got Mrs Baker to spy on me again.” He said nothing as he sipped on his coffee, holding the hot liquid in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. “Nu mai sunt copil,” you reminded him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not a kid anymore?” Sebastian scoffed, plonking your white snowflake mug down on your marble bench top. Your eyes darted to the mug and your frown deepened; he never listened when you told him not to use that mug. “Pe dracu,” he cussed and your jaw tightened. “Do you know what that means, Y/N? It’s bullshit that only the devil would believe because if you’re an adult- God, help you.” You felt your eyes well; you always hated it when Sebastian scolded you. “An adult would make better life decisions, one that won’t ruin her career before it even begins.”

“Dating him is not going to ruin-”

“Don’t,” he cut you off, frowning. “Don’t even, Y/N. You are not stupid, so don’t you finish that sentence.” You dropped your blurred gaze and distracted yourself by scratching a single spot on your marble bench, fighting your urge to start crying. “You-” Sebastian began then sighed, running a hand over his mouth.

He knew he’d hurt your feelings and you were on the verge of crying, which he did not want to see; he hated seeing you cry. You were his baby sister, he wanted you to be happy at all times. It was his job as the man of the house to make sure you were; it was also his job to protect you which was why he was doing what he was doing.

“I know it’s hard, Kiddy.” He reached across the bench top for your hand, but you pulled away before he could offer you a comforting touch. He sighed, “and I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh.” He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the marble surface as he tried to catch your gaze. “But you know I’m just trying to look out for you, that’s all I ever do. I’m not telling you not to be with Chris, I’m just saying wait a while.”

“I’ve waited seven years,” he heard you mumble, “what if this is my last chance?” You looked up, sniffling as tears rolled down your cheek. “What if he finds someone else before the movie’s done, Seb?” That thought didn’t cross your mind until last night when Chris left looking slightly frustrated. “He’s thirty-six, Seb. He’s not like me, he can’t afford to wait anymore.”

“He can’t afford to, but he will anyway,” he assured you, gently pinching your chin. “You are something special, Kiddy. Someone worth waiting years for, and if Chris doesn’t see that then- he can piss off and you can find someone better.” You managed a small smile. “But come on, like you think he won’t wait. That man is very much so in-love with you.” He playfully nicked your jaw with his fist. “You’re a champ, so stop worrying.”

“I don’t think I tell you I love you enough, Sebba.”

“I don’t think you tell me you love me enough too, Kiddy.” He winked and slid the plate with the omelette across to you. He grabbed a fork out of the drawer and placed it down next to the plate before turning to your fridge, “what do you want to dr-” Before he could finish his sentence, you’d walked over and hugged him from behind. “I love you too, Kiddy,” he chuckled softly, reaching behind him to give your head a light pat.

“You’re the best brother a girl could ask for.”

“Do me a favor and remember how you feel now so you won’t get mad when I tell you this next thing,” he winced and you pulled away from him, raising a brow when he turned around. “Chris isn’t going to drive you to work anymore, I am.”

“Ma freci la icre.”

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Part 5A

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey I really love your headcannons and reactions. So I was wondering if I could get a request for how Seven and Zen would react to their MC having a existential crisis and stress breakdown that resulted in shouting and angry tears (not at them but just in general) due to over working and the fact that she tends to bottle things up until it gets to much for her to handle. (I have a tendency to do this quite a bit.)_ I understand if you don't want to answer this but thank you anyways ☺

i’m so glad you like my headcanons but oh man, you should remember to take breaks and talk to people if you are stressed :) i know it’s probably not going to convince you by a stranger saying that, but remember that my ask box is always open if you feel the need to rant to someone ❤

i wrote some short headcanons here about all the babes reacting to a stressed/overworked MC, maybe that will help slightly? it was therapeutic to write, at least  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • As he wasn’t exactly the most hard working student in his younger days because he found paper work boring, he had just made sure to give you space and silence to finish your work as he didn’t feel like he had much to contribute with
  • He had just arrived from a late night run, and after his shower he decided to check on you to see if you were finished soon, so you could head to bed together
  • When he walked towards the office where you were working, he heard soft sobs and sped up, worried and wondering why you were crying
  • “Princess? What’s wrong?”
  • You were stressed, tired, lonely and just feeling like utter crap
  • “I have barely seen you for days, and I miss you! You’ve been so busy and I’m scared you won’t have time for me anymore! I don’t have time to finish all this work! I hate myself for putting it off for so long, I hate it! Why do I even need to finish it, when it’s all pointless in the end anyways? We are all going to die one day, why do we exist in the first place?!”
  • Suprised by your outburst, Zen hugged you tightly and let you cry in his arms
  • “I’m so sorry babe, I should’ve asked you what you wanted instead of just leaving you alone. As to answer your question why we excist… Well, why do you want to exist?”
  • When you didn’t answer, he kissed your head and rubbed your back soothingly
  • “The reasons why I want to, is to love and be loved. To prove those who doubted me wrong, to find reasons to stay, to make people happy while I’m here. But most of all, I want to take care of you and make you happy. Do we need any other reasons than that?”
  • You sniffled and muttered “I guess not…” into his chest, and he picked you up gently and carried you to bed
  • “You are obviously too exhausted to keep working, just rest for tonight, at least. Next time you’re doubting yourself or anything else, just talk to me, okay? I hate seeing my princess like this”


  • Seven was being tsundere again and ignoring you, and instead of confronting him you just burried yourself in work
  • Several days passed by without you seeing your boyfriend even once, and the hurt combined with your stress and lack of sleep made you think
  • Was he even your boyfriend anymore? Had he ever been? He was a genius, maybe he had just made a hologram with a nice persona to keep you company? Was he even real? Were you real?
  • Looking hopelessly down at all the work you had done, you the tears started falling. Why did you even bother? Who cared anyways? 
  • Getting mad, you started scolding yourself, gradually letting go of all the fears and emotions you had built up for so long
  • What you didn’t know was that Seven was checking you on the CCTV right then, and when he heard you breaking down and practically yelling, he dropped his “not good enough for you” act and went to you
  • “MC, come here please”
  • Before you could even answer, he took your hand and led you to the roof of the bunker, where he sat down and pulled you into his lap
  • “I know I’m a shitty person and that I’m probably the last person you want to talk to, but please tell me what’s wrong”
  • The fresh air, the sight of the night sky and the feeling of his arms around you calmed you down slightly, but you didn’t know where to start so you just asked him if this was all real
  • “Is anything real, MC? Do we have proof of anything? We could all literally be video game characters in a game played by God, and we wouldn’t even know. But I think that if we knew everything, life would be way too sad for me. I think that part of the charm of being alive is that we are able to think and accept things as you see them, without it neccesarily being real. We don’t really need a reason to exist, we just need a reason to wake up every morning”
  • He looked hesitantely at you, and you could see his golden eyes glow in the moonlight
  • “You probably won’t believe me and that’s fine, just please don’t laugh or hate me… I kind of think that you’re my reason”
  • You felt a smile grow as you played with his fingers, still intertwined with yours
  • “If you want my honest opinion thought, I think you should just take every thing as they come, and accept them as real if you feel like they are. YOLO, isn’t that what the kids say these days?”
  • He smiled softly and nudged your shoulder, making you laugh
  • “I guess it is. Are you really living by that?”
  • Shrugging, he leaned in and kissed you
  • “I think I will from now on”

oliviaisnotlistening  asked:

Could I get a hc where you and Ethan are dating, but are super mean to each other on camera? So in a livestream someone asks why they hate each other and they start being super fluff? Please and thank you.

-everyone on teamiplier knows you guys are dating
-but you decided to keep it off the internet because fans can be crazy sometimes
-so you’re always super mean to each other, like during the arrow dodge challenge
-you both didn’t hold anything back and it looked like you intended to kill each other
-but after Ethan could not stop apologizing and saying how much he loved you and never wanted to hurt you again
-now you’re both sitting on the couch nagging each other like normal when mark reads a tweet
-“why do ethan and y/n do so many videos together??? They hate each other!” Mark just had like a ‘oh shit look’
-you and Ethan stop and just look at each other, and mentally communicate if you want to tell the truth
-you both nod and Ethan starts smiling, “I don’t hate y/n at all! In fact, we’ve been dating for months and we couldn’t be happier!”
-tons of nice and supportive tweets come out, and you’re both so happy
-so for the rest of the stream you guys hold hands and act like the cute, sweet people you are

✧Leave ideas for headcanons in my ask box✧
Of Books and Dirty Cash pt. 10

Please read part 1, part 2,  part 3 , part 4 , part 5 , part 6 , part 7 part 8 and part 9 so this will make sense

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

The room you sat in had cleared out considerably. There were two left now, you sitting with your hands tied behind your back, and Jackson sitting across from you. He had spun the chair around so he could sit backwards and facing you, his chin resting on the back of the chair. He held a gun loosely in his right hand, dangling almost out of eyesight, but not quite.

Jaebum’s conversation with Yoongi had ended what felt like hours ago, but it was hard to tell exactly. Jaebum had been very clear that he had until 3am to show up with everything that had been requested. You weren’t sure what Yoongi said—if anything— that caused the second slap to your face, but your cheek throbbed where you had been struck.

Jackson was watching you intently, as he had been since the others had left the room. It was starting to get unnerving.

“What?” You finally asked.

“I’m supposed to make sure you don’t escape.” Jackson said simply. “Also I’m trying to figure out what it is about you that Yoongi likes so much.”

“Why do people keep saying that?” You muttered.

“Probably because most of us have known him longer than you have. It may not be obvious to you, but we know him. He’s not very subtle if you know what to look for.”

You shifted uncomfortably. Your right arm was going numb, and you were pretty sure you were getting blisters from where the ropes dug into your wrists. “Did you go to school with him too?” You asked, remembering that Yoongi had told you he had gone to school with Marcus. You were also trying to distract yourself from your predicament in any way possible.

“Is that what he told you?” Jackson laughed. It was high pitched and felt out of place in the situation. “You really don’t know him, do you?” Jackson said when he calmed down.

“And how do you know him so well, then?” You snapped. You knew it wasn’t a good idea to lose your temper at the people who could literally put a bullet through your skull, but there was something about Jackson that simply wasn’t intimidating.

“We grew up together.” Jackson said, and you tried to keep the surprise from showing on your face. “All of us did. We were all on the same side until old Mr. Kim died. Namjoon was left in charge, and Jaebum wasn’t too happy about it. I don’t remember why. We had to choose sides, but years of knowing someone doesn’t just disappear overnight.” He ran a hand through his hair. Outside the door, someone was yelling for Jackson and he stood. You watched as he walked over to the door, turning back to you briefly.

“I’ll be back in a few. Do me a favor and just sit there, love. I’d hate to have to kill you, it’d really put a damper on the rest of the weekend.”

You felt your stomach turn as he left the room, and began pulling at your restraints with renewed vigor. There still wasn’t any guarantee that Yoongi would pay the ransom, and you weren’t about to just sit there. Just when you thought the knots might be loosening, Bambam walked into the room.

“You’re in luck, princess. You’re knight in shining leather showed up, and as long as he has what we want, you’re good to go.” He walked over to you, leaning down so you were eye to eye. “Do you know what would have happened if he hadn’t?” He asked, a smile on his lips. You shook your head even though you did, and his grin widened. “Bang.” He said before standing. “It’s too bad you and I didn’t meet under different circumstances. You’re cute.”

Jackson and Mark walked in then, both armed. “Hurry up, Bambam.” Jackson said, and Bambam just sighed, walking behind you and untying your wrists with ease. He told you to stand up, then retied them.

You winced as he pulled the rope tight. “You know,” He said near your ear. “It wouldn’t be nearly as painful if you hadn’t rubbed your wrists raw trying to escape.” You didn’t say anything, just allowed yourself to be directed out of the room and down the hall.

Outside of the building stood Yoongi, and you were fairly sure you had never been so happy to see anyone in all of your life. He didn’t even look at you, however, his eyes too focused on Jaebum. The latter stood smirking at him as you walked out, Mark’s gun once again pressed into your back.

Yoongi was standing with two other men, neither of whom you recognized.

“You know, for a second I thought you might not show up.” Jaebum said, glancing at his watch. “But I should have known I could rely on you, old buddy.”

“Cut the bullshit, Jaebum.” Yoongi said flatly. He held a briefcase in one hand, and still had not taken his eyes off of the other man. “I have all the files you wanted, the deeds to the shipments, and the cash. Hand her over.”

Jaebum ignored him completely. “And Namjoon! It has been a while. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“Quit acting like this is some kind of family reunion, Jaebum.” The man you assumed must be Namjoon said. “We’re here to do business.”

Business? Is that what you were, a business transaction? You bit down your irritation, noticing how calm Namjoon was. It was much like how calm Yoongi was, and you wondered if it had something to do with being in the Mafia.

Jaebum rolled his eyes. “Fine, be that way. Yugyeom.” He snapped his fingers, and a young man stepped forward, walking over to Yoongi. Namjoon and the other man standing with him instantly had guns aimed at Yugyeom, and he froze.

“I’m just going to check that it’s all there.” He said, holding his hands up. Yoongi threw the case over to him, and it hit the ground with a thud. He opened it, and after a moment closed it back again. “Looks good, boss.” He said, picking it up.

“And I’m sure you already know, but if it turns out that any of this isn’t legit, the girl will meet an unfortunate end.” Jaebum said with a pleasant smile. Jackson nodded for you to start walking, and a man you were fairly sure was named Jinyoung gave you a shove forward. The unexpected impact made you lose your balance, and your knees collided with the concrete. As you stood, you looked at Yoongi. His calm façade had shattered, and he was positively livid.

“You’re going to regret dragging me back into this life, Jaebum.” He said as you staggered over to him. Namjoon untied your hands quickly, before putting an arm around you and pulling you towards a car. You looked over your shoulder to see that he was pointing a gun at Jaebum, with another ten guns pointed back at him.

A/N Jaebum better watch out, Yoongi is angry and going to be looking for payback! Lol, I didn’t get a chance to really introduce Hoseoks character, but I plan to in the next part! Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think! <3

things you should all know about the lightning thief musical and why it was amazing:

  • they stayed true to the books ( some people may ask me why I say this, well… the movies are nothing like the books )
  • lots and lots of Luke. like, seriously. Luke was very much present in the musical and it was such a nice change of pace cause these days so many people forget Luke and his story and why he’s so important to the pjo storyline
  • the characterizations were pretty accurate !!! ( I’m gonna do a writeup on this later ) and not only did we get Annabeth / Percy / Grover but we saw Katie, Silena, and Clarisse as well
  • for those who couldn’t see it, the musical had little dialogue / plot drive outside song !!! so look forward to that CD coming out since the songs themselves are absolutely amazing and pretty spot on
  • they reference the other books. at one point theres a joke about “you don’t see a son of Hades or a daughter of Zeus running around now do you?” and the dam jokes are, indeed, present — among others! ( plenty of humor for adults to which good shit )
  • there’s this really great song that takes place around the campfire which basically summarizes to “fuck the gods” cause everyone complains about their parent, including our favorite horse man
  • while the storyline moved very fast, it was also very fluid
  • theres a song about Thalia and the way they had it acted out honestly made me tear up and Percy’s reply to it was “wait I’m not the only one” which broke my heart because Grover just went “she died”
  • when Percy first sees Annabeth after he fully wakes up he yells “THATS MY DREAM GIRL !!!” at her then realizes what he said and proceeds to half trip over himself
  • have I mentioned Luke ??? well, in the end he basically hijacks the tune to Good Kid ( which does have a reprise in Hades ) to tell Percy he’s basically useless then literally stabs him in the back I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Percy: why does he hate me what did I do? // Mr. D: you were born
  • [ Luke voice ] protip, if you’re a son of Poseidon and you want to be alone, don’t sit by the lake.
  • Percy straight up called Grover a furry
  • the song with Charon actually killed me I want it on repeat for the rest of my life
  • [ Hades voice ] one does not simply walk out of Hades actual quote
  • if that wasn’t Bianca I’ll eat a shoe
  • Annabeths song ??? literal wonder I am so happy it happened and it really gave something to grab onto for her which I didn’t expect and totally approve of. it also strongly spoke of how she wants to build something permanent without straight up coming out and saying it so tbh really well done
  • right after the show the twitter dropped a news bomb that suggests a second musical next summer and I screamed ( they also came back on stage after the performance )
Our True Love - Chapter 9

A/N: Yay! Chapter 9! Internet is driving me crazy, so I quickly want to post this before it goes out on me again. I hope you enjoy this chapter! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,769
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I balance myself on the edge of the fountain.

I watch the fallen leaves in the water creating small ripples as the wind pushes it over on the surface. I can see little coins at the bottom of the fountain. Whoever threw them in must’ve thought it would grant their wishes.

Night is crawling over faster now with autumn almost over. It is getting even colder too. Parents are calling their children over to get home. Dogs panting as they jog with their owners through the park. People walking side by side, enjoying the company. I pull my jacket close into me.

“Y/N, don’t do that, you’ll fall.” Bucky says holding onto my hand. I look at him before looking at my shoes. The edge is wide enough for him to sit, what makes him think I’ll fall?

“I’m fine, really. No need to worry.” I say as I continue on my little steps. He lets my hand go with a sigh.

“So, you learned your lesson?” I ask, still my back facing him. Bucky scoffs.

“Not a great day to be strapped to Richard, but we managed fine anyways.” He answers. I look at him before stepping over the small crack. I kick a dried leaf away down to the ground.

“Good. Now don’t do that to each other anymore. You’re family after all.” I say with a sigh.

Family. Come to think of it, I haven’t called my parents for a while now. With everything that is going on, I completely forgot about the ones I know who would fly over the second they hear the words, “I’m a little sad”. Even if it is just over a book I couldn’t find. I should probably ask them how they are doing tonight.

“Family. Such an odd thing.” He says under his breath. I look at him.

“What do you mean? You wanted it didn’t you?” I ask turning my body around to look down at him.

“I know. But it is not what I expected, really.” He looks out into the streets. Lamp posts flickering into life after darkness wraps around the park.

“What did you expect it to be like, then?” I ask, curious. He looks up at me.

“I don’t know. More than what I have, I guess.” He runs his hand through his hair. His metal hand is hidden away in his glove. I watch him before sighing.

“Not everything is really supposed to go as expected. That’s a part of the thrill to life. You just have to find the beauty in it in your own way, you know?” I answer, letting half of my feet hang on the side of fountain.

Without a warning, someone sweeps me off my feet and takes me down from the edge. I look up at Bucky surprised. My body tenses against his arms. Bucky stands me up on my feet before looking at me with an irritated look.

“You’re making me nervous, Y/N. You can fall at any second if you do that.” I raise an eyebrow.

“Why are you so worried? I’m completely fine.” I say. He just gives me a look. I let out a sigh before running my fingers through my hair.

“Fine, fine, Sergeant. I gotcha.” I answer while looking at the passing cars near the entrance to the park. My heart still racing after Bucky carried me like that.

“What about you?” He asks looking at me.

“What about me?” I ask while looking back at him.

“You don’t want a family of your own?” He asks. My body shivers from the mention of it. Or it could probably from the cold breeze. I tuck my hands in my pocket.

“Not yet, I suppose.” I say. He raises an eyebrow.

“Why not?” He asks curious. I look up at him.

Because I was hoping to have it with you.

“Just not the right time or place.” I brush my fingers through my hair after the breeze put it out of place.

“Maybe. You are still young. Maybe you need to learn what it means to love someone first.” His answer felt like a slap to my face.

“What do you mean I need to know what it is like to love?” I ask looking at him. Curious and upset at the same time. His brows furrowed.

“You’ve never been in love, have you? I mean, the times we were together, you were always alone.”

Yes, because I was in love with you, idiot. How can you not notice? But I shouldn’t be too angry. It is my fault for not telling him anyways.

“And I suppose you know everything about love, then?” I ask with a hint of anger in my tone. He caught that.

“More than you do.” He answers. I feel my insides shake with anger. No you don’t. You don’t know at all.

“Right. You marrying Rosaline doesn’t make you an expert in love, Bucky.” I say crossing my arms over my chest.

“No, it doesn’t, but I’ve had many experiences.”

“Yes, before the serum. But you haven’t had any yourself after it didn’t you? The brainwashing wiped your memories away of it.” I ask him straight on.

“I did remember some before and I do have some memories of it when I was Winter Soldier. With Rosaline. I remember it. I saw them in my dreams.” He answers. Sting. Stinging pain in my chest.

“Like what?” I ask.

“Giving me warm glass of milk and honey to help me sleep. And the lavenders. She would put the scented beads above my head. She held me when I cried and comforted me. But the most is feeling her hands in mine. The way her hand holds mine to give me comfort. Is that not love?”

The colour of my face drain away. I felt as though it was my soul that had been ripped apart this time. He’s talking about memories of us together. Of me doing all of that for him… Only he mistook me for Rosaline. My head spins and I feel myself breaking down into pieces.

My heart aches as though Bucky had betrayed me. His mind is too messed up to even remember our nights together. The effects of brainwashing had caused for Bucky to forget all the things I had done for him. No, he didn’t forget them. He replaced me with Rosaline in those memories. This pain is even worse than the heartbreak… How could Bucky do this to me?

I doubt he even remembers that night when he came over.

“Y/N?” He looks at me a little worried. Tears are streaming down my face. He looks at me surprised. “What’s wrong?” He holds my arms. I look up at him, still tears in my eyes.  

“What memories do you remember of us, Bucky?” I ask him behind my shaking voice. Bucky takes a moment to look at me. If he doesn’t even remember me in those memories, then what memories does he hold for us?

“I… I don’t remember so much of us. Just bits and pieces.” He says a little hesitantly. That continues to shred my soul into smaller pieces.

“Then why do you always get so angry at me? Always getting jealous when you see Richard together with me? Getting angry at me when I don’t talk to you?” I ask, half yelling at him. Yes, why does he do all of those if it’s not because of our past?  

His eyes search around my face. I seem to have made his mind spiral into an abyss. Bucky blinks before clutching his temples. He backs down onto the edge of the fountain again to sit. I stand there, still with tears streaming down my eyes. I’ve really hit a dead end with this.

“I… I don’t know. I just. For some reason I can’t bring myself to leave you alone. I don’t like the idea of you being away from me. And I hate the very idea of another man making you happy… It’s just, I… I don’t know why I feel this way.” He says before resting his hand on his chest. I glance over at him before running my fingers through my hair to push them out of my face.

“I… I don’t think there’s a reason for us to continue this friendship then.” I say. Whatever piece left to my heart, I shredded it along with the others. Bucky looks up at me surprised. I couldn’t read the expression on his face.

“What do you mean?” He asks. I laugh softly behind my tears.

“You don’t even know why you want to keep me around. You don’t remember anything about us. You… You don’t even care.” I accuse him behind my laughter.

If he doesn’t remember anything about our nights together, it shows that he never cared about them. Not in ways that I did. He only remembers the things he cared about. Which is why his memories with Steve never faded away.

“Y/N…” Bucky calls out to my name. I look at him, waiting to hear what he has to say. He bites his lower lip before opening his mouth. His phone rings in his pocket suddenly. He looks at me for a moment before answering his phone.

“Hey, Rosy. He’s there? Yeah I’ll be home soon.”

My chest tightens at the mention of her name. I wait for him to end the call. He stares at the phone a little before looking up at me. When I can see that he has nothing to say, I speak up.

“Just forget this, Bucky. Forget whatever you’re feeling for me now. It must be nothing that you’d even forget about the times we spent together, right?” Bucky gets up on his feet, grips on my arms and look straight at me. I wince from the pain of his metal fingers digging into my flesh through my coat. He looks rather upset at me.

“It’s not nothing! I know it’s not! I just… I just need to sort out my mind. I just need to remember better. I know that there’s more to us than what I can remember. I know it in my heart but I…” I jerk my arms away from him. Enough. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

“Just forget it! Okay?? Whatever you have in that mind of yours is probably what you believe anyways! Stop giving yourself a headache and believe what you want to believe in!” I shout at him angrily. Why is he still insisting for me to stay?

“You know my mind is not normal, Y/N! How can you say that? You’re getting angry at me when I can’t even control my own mind! You know what I’ve been through! You know it when you were the one giving me comfort from my nightmare—” He stops. I widen my eyes. His lips quiver as he backs away a little.

Did he just suddenly remember of it?

Bucky runs his hands through his hair again, looking down at the ground confused. I brush the wet tears away from my cheeks and breathe out a sigh. Is it even worth it to keep fighting with his mind like this?

What am I fighting for anyways? Do I still believe that we have a chance together? Or do I just hope that we will continue our friendship like normal? I can’t even do that without Bucky getting jealous if I hang out with any guys other than the ones he approves of. Why is he trying to control me like this if he doesn’t even have feelings for me?

“Go home, Bucky. Rosy is waiting for you. We’ll talk later.” I say looking at him. As I was about to walk, Bucky’s hand grabs onto my shoulder, turning me around and pulling me into him. He wraps his arms around me tightly, not letting me go.

“Bucky! Let me—”

“Please don’t leave me.” His voice shaking against my neck. We both gasped at the same time. Memory hitting us hard.

“Please don’t leave me…”

His voice echoes in my head. The same exact words he said one time. Bucky probably even remembers it from how tightly he is holding me. I move my hands up to his sides to hold him back. I don’t know what to feel right now. I never do with Bucky’s mood swings like this.

I’m sad, angry, confused… why does he play with my emotions like this? I can’t even decide on what I feel or think because Bucky couldn’t with his. Is the change in his emotions also the cause for the shift in mine? Why can I never just stay with an emotion and go with it? Why does mine have to change because his did?

“Y/N…” Bucky says as he loosens his grip on me. I look up at him. The familiar sad blue eyes staring down at me. I turn away from looking at him. I can’t. Not right now, please.

“Give me some time… I know that there’s something more to us than what we have right now… I just… I just need to sort my memories out. Please…” He pleads with me. I keep my eyes away from looking at his. He lifts his metal hand to pull my face up to look at him.

My body grows a little limp. The same sad eyes, same quivering lips, same worry lines on his forehead and same messy hair: all still the same old Bucky. But, I know that deep down, he’s already a changed person. A person with the love for another. I reach up to tuck a side of his hair behind his ear.

“Okay…” I say quietly. He wraps his arms around me again. I wrap mine around his neck gently.

Why can’t I just end this here and now? Put a stop to this constant push and pull between us? Pack up my bags, get on a flight and leave. Simple. That’ll be the end of it. It’s not like he’s going to run after someone he doesn’t even remember sharing countless nights together. It’s not like my leave would impact anyone’s life so tremendously.

But I can’t do that to Bucky. I can’t do that to Steve, Wanda, Sam, Tony, or anyone. I shouldn’t push all of them away again just because I can’t sort my own mind out. They are my friends after all.

Bucky loosens his arms around me. He reaches down to hold both of my hands tightly. His eyes staring down at them. He smiles a little.

“Why do I have a feeling we’ve done this before?” He asks. I look at him.

“What do you mean?”

“Hold hands.” He says as he shifts his gaze up to me. I force a smile.

Because we always do when you needed a reminder that you are no longer alone.

“That is for something you to figure out.” I say instead. I brush another of his lock away from his face before letting out a sigh.

“I won’t leave you, okay? I’m here for you.” I say before pulling him down to leave a soft kiss against his cheek. He nods.

“Even though my mind couldn’t remember the reason, but in my heart, I know my whole world will shatter if you’re no longer with me.” I gasp at his response.

He brings my cold hand up to his face, nuzzling into my palm. He closes his eyes as though remembering the sensation of my hand against his nose, lips and cheeks. My heart races. The curve and edges on his face is something I already know. Something I’d never forget.

“I feel… really at peace…” He says into my hand. His blue eyes staring right at me. My heart beats with both happiness and pain. I pull my hand away from his face carefully.

“Go home and see your wife. We’ll talk later.”

With that, I turn around and make my way home. Inside, I was happy to relive the feeling again of his hands in mine, but also broken that he did it. It was our very own thing. Our sweet little secret that we share.

But it is also a painful reminder of my broken heart when he married Rosaline. 

★ ★ ★

A/N: Okay~ I love this chapter so much. Shows a little bit of Bucky’s feelings about their friendship. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think. <3 Thank you so much for reading. <3

Next chapter coming soon!

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SO ask to UT/UF/US/SF Sanses the permission to touch theirs cheekbones, with that lovely puppy and childish face, saying how Sans looks like a marshmallow and seems so soft to the touch, then they squeeze one of his cheek (if it is possible) acting like a grandmother with her grandson. How frustrated they become?


++ Sans ++

When you go up and ask with the most adorable expression to pinch his cheeks, he gives you the most unamused expression ever. Really? REALLY? He sighs, letting you do it, and glances away as you do. Papyrus used to do this to him aalllll the time, it took Classic forever to get him to finally stop. Since his bones aren’t technically bones (they’re magic), they adorably squish. You giggle and kiss him, and only then will you get a small little smile out of him.


++ Sans ++

Red, like Classic, is VERY unamused. Really? Are you serious? You’re gonna be like THAT? He doesn’t let you pinch his cheeks- he childishly smacks your hand away every time you try. You actually start crying laughing every time he does it because it’s so funny seeing the little marshmallow of a person get so worked up about it. He’s mad at you, but don’t worry, you make it up to him later.


++ Sans ++

As you go up to ask Blue about pinching his little cheeks, he just kind of stares at you. He doesn’t really have a specific emotion toward it, he just adorably looks at you with his big, sparkly eyes as you do it, and it drives you nuts. When you let go and start fangirling/boying by yourself about it, he just… slowly… keeps doing what he’s doing. Blue expects you to do it again at some point, judging from your reaction.


++ Sans ++

Berry says no, absolutely not. He is NOT some child that you can just- oh. You already did it. While he was going off about why you shouldn’t do it, you pinched his little cheeks, and he just stares at you. A full out death stare. You giggle and let go, apologizing over and over, and he refuses to talk to you for the rest of the day. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?! Now he’s blushing once you say it was super cute! GREAT!!! NOW HE WANTS YOU TO DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE IT MADE YOU HAPPY!!!! EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!…. he hates this.

Explanations // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1181

Summary- Jack hates you and you don’t know why


Seven months ago

Your parents weren’t very happy about you moving out of the country.

“Y/n, sweetheart, you need your parents in your life. You’re only 22. We can’t help you if you leave the country,” your father, Y/f/n said rubbing his eyes. You three had been arguing for the better half of two hours.

“I’ll be fine! This is an amazing opportunity!” you exclaimed.

“Do you really want to be a reporter for the rest of your life?” your mother, your biggest idle questioned.

“Yes! I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid. You both know this.” You sighed, your older sister had become a surgeon and your parents kept pestering for you to follow in her footsteps. You stood up, “I’m not Y/s/n/! Okay? This is what I want to do, and neither of you can stop me!” You began walking to the door, keys in hand. That is until you heard your mom say the one thing that made you rethink everything.

“Y/n if you walk out that door, don’t contact us again.”

You let out a long, slow breath, lifted your head, and walked out the front door.


Now you were happier than ever. You had moved in with your friend Mikey Pearce who you meet through an interview. You too clicked instantly, but platonically. Through Mikey you met the buttercream boys. They soon became your second family… well first.

However, there was one boy that just never liked you. Out of all seven of the boys, the cutest one absolutely hated you. Jack freaking Maynard.

So here you were filming a video with Mikey, Jack and Josh.

“Right, so hello guys,” said your roommate. “Today I’m here with 3 guests. Y/n, Jack, and Josh. I thought it’d be fun to play Roommate vs. Roommate.”

“We’re so gonna win this,” Josh said to Jack.

“Yeah right! I know Mikey better than any of you!” you playfully shouted at Josh.

While Josh laughed, Jack had a different response, “Oh just shut up. For once, please!” he barked.

“Mate…” Mikey said slowly, “Is that necessary?”

“She’s so bloody annoying!”

You lowered her head and began playing your thumbs.

“You agreed to do this! Why are being such a dick?” Mikey asked.

“Whatever, can we just start the video.” Jack said, obviously annoyed.

After Mikey finished explaining the point of the video, Josh asked the first question. All was going good until it was Jacks turn to ask you two a question.

“Okay Mikey, how many boyfriends has y/n had?” he had a smirk on his face.

“3, 2, 1!” Josh yelled.

“Two!” you shouted.

“Two.” Mikey said.

“Yay!!” you screamed hugging your roomie.

“Twenty two years old and you’ve only had 2 boyfriends… that’s pathetic.” Jack muttered, handing the phone to Josh.

You stood up, done with his bullshit. “I have done absolutely nothing to you. I’ve dealt with your rude comments, your dirty looks, you hatred for me; but don’t you dare call me pathetic. I’m not the prick who’s being an asshole for no reason at all!” you screamed, not breaking eye contact with the blonde. You turned on your feet and walked out of the apartment, wanting your bed more than anything. Mikey didn’t return home for another few hours, by then you had calmed down enough.

“You alright love?” he asked, sinking into the couch, two beers in his hand.

“Yeah. Just confused honestly.” You replied, grabbing one of the bottles.

“I had no idea why he was being so mean to you. Josh and I had to bring Conor to knock some sense into his thick head.” Mikey laughed, trying to make the conversation less awkward.

You chuckled, “how’d that go?”

“Well, he admitted why he was being such a prick.” He glanced at you, noticing your eyes widen.

“And..?” you suggested him to continue.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Mikey looked at the door. “You can come in now!”

“What? Who are you talking to?” you asked but soon connected the dots as you made eye contact with the blue eyed boy.

Mikey got up and went down the hall, the sound of a door shutting hit your ears a few seconds later.

“Hey,” he said first.

“Hello.” You stared at the rim of your bottle.

“Listen, y/n, I’m really sorry.”

“For?” you looked at him.

He sighed, “For being a complete dick to you. You didn’t deserve it.”

“Why?” you simply said.

“Honestly? I didn’t like the fact that every time you walked in the room, the boys stopped everything to listen to you. They haven’t been the same since you arrived. I miss my friends.”

You began laughing, “I didn’t know you were so full of yourself.”

“No! Not like that,” he began laughing as well, “I… Honestly don’t have a legitimate reason. I guess I’m just having trouble adjusting.”

“I think I can solve that problem.” You looked into his eyes.


“How about this, we all go out tonight, first round on me. I’ll show you I can be one the guys. Help you relax.” You whispered the last part into his ear, running your hand up his thigh.

“I… uh… Like that idea.” He stammered.

“Great! I’ll go get ready. You tell the others. We’ll leave at 10.” You jumped up innocently, Jack visibly tensing at the lack of touch.

Once he left you began getting ready, making sure to shave extra carefully. You had a feeling you might end up in a certain blonde hair, blue eyed boy’s bed tonight.


After the third round of shots, you decided it was time to dance.

“Someone dance with me,” you shouted, running off to the dance floor.

“That’s your sign mate,” Joe laughed, point at your dancing body.

“What?” Jack asked, taking another drink.

“Go dance with her!” they all shouted.

“Yeah okay. I got this,” he gulped down the rest of the drink, searching for you in the crowd.

Once he located you on the dance floor, he knew he was whipped. You were perfect. He needed to be with you. So he walked up, casually dancing next to you.

“Jack!” you giggled, falling onto him. “Do you want to dance?’

“Sure,” he smiled. You turned around, confusing him. You back your ass to him and began swaying back and forth.

He froze. He didn’t know what to do. Normally he’d help guide the girl in front of him, but he felt gross doing that with you.

“Y/n,” he tried to get your attention.

“Yeah?” you asked, leaning you head back.

“I can’t do this,” you stopped dancing.

“What? What’s wrong?” you turned around, searching his eyes for an answer.

“I don’t want this to be purely physically,” he said, holding your hands. “I want to be with you for you, not your body.”

You smiled, “Okay, but my body comes with being with me. So stop being a pussy and dance with me.”

With that said, you and Jack danced for the rest of the night. And not just at club.

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6 with jason and reader ? :))^ I LOVE UR STUFF

“No, don’t cry, I hate it when you cry”

So this is gonna be super fluffy and super short!!


This was something that you had always dreamed about, something you thought was out of reach.

“Y/N, will you marry me?”

You’re in shock, so much so that you can barely even process what’s going on. Onetrembling hand raises up to your mouth, and tears build up in your eyes.

“No, don’t cry, I hate it when you cry” Jason stands up, cupping your face and using his thumbs to gently brush the tears away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to start crying, I just- I just …”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me, love. If you aren’t ready, all you have to do is say …”

“That’s not it! Of course I want to marry you! Of course I do!” You take a shuddering breath, “I just never thought that you would want to marry me. You could have anyone you want, and I always kinda thought that you would …”

“That I would what? Leave you? How many times do I have to tell you that I will never leave you, that I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if that’s what you want too”

“Yes! Yes, I want to marry you!”

Jason grinned and scooped you up, spinning you around. He started to pepper kisses all over your face, “I love you”

“I love you too Jay. Love you forever”

“Me too, sweetheart. And one of these days you are gong to believe that”

Pressing a chaste kiss to his lips you rest your forehead against his, “As long as you’re here to tell me that everyday, I think I might start to believe it”

“I’ll tell you everyday for the rest of our lives.” Brushing away more tears, Jason whispers “Why are you still crying?”

“They’re happy tears, Jay. I’m happy”

“I still hate it when you cry”

“I know you do, but I’m just so happy that I can’t stop”

Jason just smiled and pressed a kiss to your forehead, tucking you under his chin.

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So stop acting like to know everything about the industry because you don't. And if you did then you'd realise that jen and Darren are in a relationship. You'll block me and try and act like this hasn't bothered you but you know deep don't that all the joshifer stuff you say is fake. Your trying to convince yourself of something that never happened. Have fun blocking me but if I've at least made you see that your ridiculous and sad that I'll be happy. Also get a job your 40 years old!!

You sent me 5 messages. FIVE.

One. Two. Three. Four. FIVE.

Five messages about how I am wrong and I don’t know anything and you know everything and you are right.


This whole message was really just art wrapped in hand wringing and nervousness. You should probably check why someone having a different opinion than you bothers you so much. 

Also, you should have tried to insult me with adding something about taking care of some kids to really drive home your heternormative sexist world view.

Also when I am 40 I will be happy with the knowledge that I never sent anyone some anonymous hate about two celebrities, which is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. So when you are 40 and doing whatever it is you want to do with your life you’re going to think back on this younger version of yourself and be like jeez who the fuck cares, why did I do that to someone I didn’t know? Why was I such a little asshole to people over something that doesn’t even matter?

Because you have the choice to just move on from a website that has a different opinion than you do. You make the choice to go and try to hurt someone. That says a lot about who you are as a person. But I have faith that you’ll grow as a person and when you are 40 you’ll be a better version of yourself.

You didn’t hurt me, you should really fear 40 year old unemployed people who have access to the internet, they are more resilient than you.

But I hope you have a good day.

Prompt Collective.

I’ve decided to post a numbered post collective! You can request a player along with as many numbers as you would like and I will write a prompt based on your choices!

Prompts 1-54 are Angsty. Prompts 55-94 are Love and Fluff. The rest are just different general prompts. So if you want to see a certain player but weren’t so sure what you wanted, here are some ideas!

The post will also be linked in my description.

Happy Requesting!

  1. “Give me a chance.”
  2. “Not you again…”
  3. “Leave me alone.”
  4. “Why do you hate me?”
  5. “I don’t love you anymore.”
  6. “I thought you loved me.”
  7. “I lost the baby.”
  8. “Don’t leave me…”
  9. “We can’t keep this up forever.”
  10. “I never meant to hurt you.”
  11. “Are you upset with me?”
  12. “I wish I’d never met you.”
  13. “I’m going to kill you!”
  14. “Please don’t hurt me like this.”
  15. “Thanks for nothing.”
  16. “Don’t call this number again.”
  17. “You need to leave.”
  18. “I wish I’d never met you.”
  19. “I thought we were family!”
  20. “There was never a us.”
  21. “So that’s it? It’s over?”
  22. “I fucked up.”
  23. “I came to say goodbye.”
  24. “About the baby… It’s yours”
  25. “That’s starting to get annoying”
  26. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
  27. “You can’t just sit there all day.”
  28. “I’m too sober for this.”
  29. “Well, that’s tragic.”
  30. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”
  31. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
  32. “I don’t want to hear your excuse.”
  33. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”
  34. “I could punch you right now.”
  35. “Are you going to talk to me?”
  37. “You’re not interested, are you?”
  38. “Help me pack or get out. You’re in the way.”
  39. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  40. “Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry”
  41. “Stay with me”
  42. “Walk out that door and we’re through”
  43. “Well. Yell, scream, say something. Anything”
  44. “I can’t breathe”
  45. “I hate how much I love you”
  46. “Why are you so jealous?”
  47. “Where do you think you’re going”
  48. “Just leave me alone”
  49. “I need some time”
  50. “Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself”
  51. “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”
  52. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”
  53. “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”
  54. “Just talk to me”
  55. “I’m so in love with you.”
  56. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”
  57. “Will you marry me?”
  58. “I’m pregnant.”
  59. “I need a hug.”
  60. “You’re special to me.”
  61. “I’m going to keep you safe.”
  62. “Do you trust me?”
  63. “Can I kiss you right now?”
  64. “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
  65. “I’ve liked you for a while now.”
  66. “Let’s have a baby.”
  67. “It’s lonely here without you.”
  68. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”
  69. “Shut up and kiss me already.”
  70. “Are you flirting with me?”
  71. “Is that my shirt?”
  72. “You’re making me blush!”
  73. “You’re teasing me again…”
  74. “This is why I fell in love with you.”
  75. “They’re going to love you, don’t worry!”
  76. “Are you jealous?”
  77. “Hold me and never let me go.”
  78. “Stop hogging all the blankets!”
  79. “I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me”
  80. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy”
  81. “Why are you so nice to me”
  82. “Choose me”
  83. “We’ll get through this, I promise”
  84. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”
  85. “You’re mine. I don’t share”
  86. “If we get caught I’m blaming you”
  87. “Make me”
  88. “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now”
  89. “I think I forgot how to breath”
  90. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”
  91. “You’re blushing”
  92. “I missed something didn’t I?”
  93. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?”
  94. “Catch me if you can!”
  95. “I’m fine.”
  96. “Are you drunk?”
  97. “Don’t touch me.”
  98. “Well, that’s pretty rude of you to say.”
  99. “Get that thing away from me!”
  100. “You owe me.”
  101. “Don’t make me come over there myself!”
  102. “Let me help you with that.”
  103. “Was I really that drunk?”
  104. “Give me back my phone!”
  105. “I can take care of myself just fine.”
  106. “Since when have we ever been friends?”
  107. “What on earth are you wearing?”
  108. “Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.”
  109. “Put me down!”
  110. “There’s only one bed…”
  111. “It isn’t what it looks like! Okay. Maybe it is…”
  112. “This is awkward.”
  113. “I’m not here to make friends.”
  114. “I need a place to stay.”
  115. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”
  116. “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”
  117. “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”
  118. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”
  119. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
  120. “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”
  121. “I’m late.”
  122. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”
  123. “Enough with the sass!”
  124. “Show me what’s behind your back.”
  125. “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”
  126. “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”
  127. “Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.”
  128. “You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.”

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royalweirdonj  asked:

1. Do you have a favorite episode of Buffy or Angel you like but the rest of the fandom hates? 2. Why do you prefer Ats over Buffy?

Hey! I love asks! Thanks :)

1. Do you have a favorite episode of Buffy or Angel you like but the rest of the fandom hates?

For Buffy, I Robot, You Jane is hated but I like it. I also like Some Assembly Required, Killed by Death and Go Fish. 

For Angel, there are some season 1 episodes like Sense and Sensitivity and Expecting that I like but others don’t. However, I think the biggest episode that I love and people genuinely hate is Happy Anniversary. This episode is often on people’s lists of least favorite episodes but I don’t get why at all. I quite love Happy Anniversary, particularly Angel and Lorne in it. I also like the sci-fi subplot even if it isn’t amazing. 

2. Why do you prefer Ats over Buffy?

Let me start by saying: I appreciate Buffy, I enjoy discussing it, admire the character development and the writing, but I don’t have the same connection to Buffy that I have with Angel. I love every single one of the AtS characters (with some exceptions) and they feel close to me. I’m invested in the show as a whole and not just a few of the seasons. Actually, the more I watch Angel, the less I like Buffy. I love the high school seasons mainly because of Bangel and Angel. I used to love it for the other characters and ships, but I no longer care very much about them. 
Buffy has entertainment value and there’s so much to analyze and understand. However, I feel kind of hollow when I’m watching it. I don’t relate to the characters and their journeys aren’t moving to me. I can’t put myself in Buffy’s place (or in any of the other characters’). They don’t feel very real to me. Things work themselves out too well on Buffy. Everything is eventually fixed and they don’t let their characters (especially Buffy) make enough mistakes. Buffy as a character is a hot chick with superpowers, who has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I don’t relate to that. The writers try to emphasize her loneliness and struggles, but it’s unconvincing and insincere. She makes friends and relationships too easily, she doesn’t have to work for it and she always wins. Even her deaths always mean something, her sacrifices and her pain are never meaningless and I find that the absurdity of life is an important aspect of reality. Things get ‘dark’ in the later seasons but it’s faux darkness or border-line soap opera. Spike nearly rapes her? Ok, he gets a soul and they become best friends. Relationships are hard. Case in point, this dramatic failed wedding. Substance abuse is bad? Don’t worry, Willow kills a guy but never relapses; in fact, she becomes a good witch in the end.

Angel is just a really rich show. It keeps growing on me. The characters are wonderfully complex, flawed and real. Angel may be a champion for humanity and hot as hell, but unlike with Buffy, that doesn’t make you admire the character. He doesn’t always save the day and people don’t go around falling for his charms and wittiness. His struggles are more human and relatable than Buffy’s. Just to name a few:
1. Depression (the kind that doesn’t magically fix itself at the end of the season). It’s a recurring theme with Angel. He suffers a depressive episode in every season, which is how depression often works. Many people struggle constantly with it.
2. Existential issues, such as finding his place in a world that doesn’t want him, choosing to live when it might be best for him to die.
3. Relationship issues. Some of Angel’s friendships were natural (Cordy, Doyle), while others had a lot of ups and downs and required forgiveness and time to be fixed (Wesley).
4. Redemption. Most people don’t have that many mistakes to pay for, but it’s also about forgiving yourself and accepting your past and your guilt.

Character wise, AtS is superior to BtVS in every way. I don’t believe that Cordy and Spike were the characters which changed the most. I think those changes were predictable (Cordy was obviously going to become a hero and Spike was barely written as a soulless vampire to begin with). I do believe that Wesley, Angel, Faith, Anne were all characters that evolved beautifully on Angel.
I also appreciate the AtS relationships more. Weslah is just a master-piece, Angel and Connor are more endearing than Dawn and Buffy (and Angel’s negligence as a parent actually has consequences), Angel and Wesley is the most complex, amazing friendship of the verse.
W&H is an amazing villain. Lilah/Angel is one of my favorite dynamics, Hamilton is frightening, Manners is brilliant. These Big Bads are genuinely Big Bads. The realism of W&H and how it’s used to affect more than one character also puts in a league above the BtVS Big Bads. Plus, Holtz, Skip, Jasmine, Darla are all complex villains that influence the characters (and not just Angel) directly. Most of these villains are better than The Master/Angelus/The Mayor/Adam/Glory/Dark!Willow/The First. The Buffy Big Bads may be entertaining and charming but they are mostly one-dimensional and lack the depth of the AtS antagonists.

Angel is also a show that enriches me. I feel fulfilled after watching an episode. Some episodes are so deep and human that I feel a bit more complete after watching them (like Five by Five, Reprise, Epiphany). I never get that feeling with any other show, only some movies. 

Failure - Tony Stark x Reader

Just a short lil imagine bc I’m having serious Tony feels tonight. :)

Warnings: language (@ Steve)

Word Count: 736

Originally posted by luvindowney

You had always been told that Tony Stark was bad news. So you tried to stay away from him. It wasn’t your fault that the idiot made you fall for him. With his sarcastic comments and stupid, perfect face. He caught you in his trap and he didn’t even know he was doing it. 

You kept your feelings hidden away. It’s not that you were scared Tony wouldn’t like you back if he knew, you were scared that he would. Because if Tony likes something, he needs it and he gets it. And Steve would not like that. 

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requested: part 3 of jon hating your child with ramsay


as requested by an amazing anon: Hey can you do a part 3 to the Jon hating ur (& Ramsey’s) child thing? Maybe where the girl becomes sad, quiet and eventually eats very little bc she feels like she’s no longer good enough? Then her son goes to see Jon about it calling him father - which he snaps at - but ur son doesn’t back down and yells a Jon ‘Mummy is not well! She doesn’t eat and she always cries’ You can choose whatever ending. Sorry if it’s long a complicated 😁

hope yall appreciate it xx

part 1 ◇◇◇ part 2


Weeks has come and you haven’t slept beside Jon. You stayed away from him after that night, and you always beside your son. The servants saw this pattern and willingly laid your food for you to eat in your chambers, and they would leave it for you and pick it up in the morning even if it’s untouched. Erik came up and down to be with you and sometimes quietly follow Jon everywhere he goes. Erik would sometimes fill the room with his stories about his day with Jon. 

He laughed, as you stroked his hair. “Then, Father would make jokes around Tormund, but he would always find me laughing the hardest,” he said. “But sometimes Father would ask me to go away. Ghost sometimes comes with me, but Father doesn’t let him.”

You nodded softly and kissed him on the forehead. The night was dark and cold, as always. “It’s getting late, my love. Why don’t we sleep?”

He looked at you, his eyes big. “But, I’m scared, Mother.”

“Nothing to be scared of. Guards protect your room, remember?” You brushed his face, your hands thin as ever and your body weak. “I’ll see on the morrow.”

He left you and you walked to the open window, the cold air familiar on your skin. You feel tears fall again, night after night. Jon hates my son, you thought. No matter how hard you bury that thought to the deepest core, it always digs its way through your mind. You weep your tears and turn your attention to the table with honey and stale bread. They have brought it up, but you have no appetite ever to eat. Swallowing some ale did you good, a sip for the day. You went to sleep with tears painting your face and your bony hands feeling the empty space beside you.


Jon woke up through the chilly nights with a soft and repeated bangs on his door. He stood up groggily, sleep still evident on his moves. He pulled on his robe tighter around his body. He opened his door and saw no one until a small cold and wet hand enclosed on his bigger hand. Erik stood before him and his eyes, red. “Father.”

He held his hand and released it. “Go to sleep.”

“Father,” he repeated that word over and over again until it annoyed Jon.

“What?” Jon snapped at him and he saw, Erik’s scared face.

“Mother,” Erik tugged at Jon’s hand harder this time.

Jon was irked by the boy and he flicked the boy’s hand away and pointed to the stairs. “Go to your room. Your mother is at her room.”

The boy stomped his foot and cried. Ghost woke up and immediately took the kid’s side. “It’s mother!” Jon was surprised the the boy screamed at him. He was going to shout at him, but he didn’t. “I’m scared! She doesn’t eat her supper! She cries every time!” he spat. “And I know.”

“Know what?”

“You’re not my father,” he started, his eyes becoming red again. “You hate me.”

He crouched down at his level and saw Erik’s blotched face. His voice softened, as he remembered when he came into this world. How his wails annoyed him, but he cherished them. He was always the one to be there to calm him down while you go rest. “I don’t, Erik.”

Erik cried louder, “Yes, you do! That’s why Mother isn’t happy anymore.”

He soothed Erik and took him in a warm embrace. He let go of him again, and he suddenly saw the baby he loved. He saw Erik when he was still near his wife’s breasts. His wails annoyed Jon but he cherished them. Jon caressed his face and wiped his tears. He carried him and to bring him back to his room. Going up further, Ghost ran quick and stopped at your room. He scratched the wooden door and gave out the lowest and saddest wail. Jon laid Erik down, “What is it, Ghost?”

Jon opened the door and saw you sleeping. Ghost leaped on the mattress and licked your face. You didn’t awaken. Jon scrambled next to you and kneeled to your level. He laid his head down between your breasts and he listened to your hollow breaths. Erik started sobbing and tugged Jon’s clothes. “Get Maester, my love.”

Erik ran out of the room and woke the castle with his screams. A guard turned up, “Is something wrong, Your Grace?”

You pointed at the door while the other propped you up. “Get Maester, and guide Erik in the dark.”

Jon cradled your body and let a few soft tears. He saw the untouched food, and how skinny you got.

“My queen,” he sobbed quietly, “I’m here.”

He sobbed some more until the scholar went in with some servants. He asked Jon for space, and space he did give. He saw Erik crying and he swooped him up for an embrace. He swayed his son, back and forth just like how he used too. It always calmed him down, together with a little hum. He hummed for his kid and carried him to walk around the hallways. Erik held tight on Jon, and embraced him tighter. “It’s alright. Mother is going to be okay. She’s strong.”

“Is she?”

Jon looked at Erik, and saw none of Ramsay. He saw an innocent child, like he was when he was younger. He saw love and kindness in the kid’s doe eyes. He saw gentleness, and Jon sobbed. He felt guilty for how he felt for him before and the pain he inflicted to his other half. “She’s the strongest,” Jon said. “You both have my heart. Remember that. My whole heart.”


The morning was bright and warm. You saw Ghost sleeping next to your feet, and Erik beside him. His tousled curls, covering half of his face. You felt stronger this time. You looked at the open window and how the sunlight entered the room. You felt the weight of the mattress shifted when you saw Jon beside you. He smiled down at you, his eyes hollow and red.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“Why are you here?”

He laid closer to you and held you close to him. You smelt his familiar scent, his favorite lavender oil, mixed with earthy smell. He closed his eyes, and you saw a tear fall. You wiped it with your hand and he quickly kissed it. He sobbed more, when he felt your bony hands around him. He never saw you this thin. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” he sobbed. “I’m sorry.”

“Hush now,” you croaked out.

He held your hand against his lips and kissed it. “I should’ve been with you. I regret everything I said. I regret every thing I have said about Erik,” he nodded. “I will raise him, just like as if he was my own.”

He continued on and rambled incoherent words, his cries muffled his voice. “I’m sorry.” He kissed you on the forehead and on your lips.

You kissed him back. “I’m sorry too,  Jon.”

You smiled at the sight after you, your husband and Ghost, and the sleepy boy. You kissed away his tears., and hugged him. “It’s a nice morning.”

He laughed, “It is,” he said. “It really is.” He looked at you again, deeply. “You have my heart, always.”

“And you have mine, always,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry too.”

“Let’s put it all behind us,” he breathe out. “I want to have you and Erik beside me. Let’s start a family, again.”


thank you so much for reading xxxxxxxxxx i hope you liked it!!!!!

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Casino Night

Burakovsky had ‘Pre-Casino Night’ while Wilson gets ‘Casino Night.’ And boy do I love writing Tom Wilson one-shots. (I just picture him as that asshole boyfriend that can be romantic [in his own special way] when he wants to – and I love it.)

I actually tried writing this one-shot a few days ago (under a Casino Night location also), but I completely screwed up his character - which is very bothersome for me, so I had to scrap it all.

Anyways, as a side thing, I was requested a Michael Latta one-shot &… Can anyone familiar with the Caps tell me how he is as a person/player? I try to watch many videos of various players to get a feel for them, but I just couldn’t get a feel for Latta & I don’t want to screw him up. (In the meantime, I’ll try watching more vids.)



more Tom Wilson! maybe one about being at a formal event or something and teasing each other the whole time before sneaking off together? your imagines are really, REALLY amazing btw!! <3


“I am here at the Washington Capitals’ annual Casino Night, where all the money made today goes to charity. And – cut.” You smiled at the cameraman as he turned off the camera and pointed it down. “How was that?”

“Everything was good…” His voice trailed off and your eyebrows perked suspiciously.

“There’s an ‘except’ coming along,” you mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest. “What is it?”

“Tom was, um, in the background… er, doing hip thrusts at you.”

You threw your head back and was about to groan when a pair of hands landed on your hips, causing you jump and shriek. You spun around to smack the culprit, and when you saw that it was your boyfriend, that was exactly what you did. You smacked him upright the head.

Ow,” Tom whimpered, rubbing the back of his head while giving you his infamous boyish smile that made all the girls swoon. “What was that for?”

“Scaring me, but mainly for the hip thrusts.” You gave him another smack and he pouted.

“I’m bored and you won’t pay any attention to me.”

“Go talk to the guys or something,” you retorted, crossing your arms over your chest, as he wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you into his chest. “I’m trying to work.”

He kissed your cheek then under your jaw then your neck. “But none of them are wearing sexy dresses like you,” he mumbled, his lips moving against your skin. You knew you should be stopping him, but you liked it too much and he knew that. “You should be walking in with me when the event start. Everyone else are walking in with their dates.”

You had to pull away… You had to pull away… You gently placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back, frowning. “You know I can’t, Tom. I have to be conducting interviews and giving an overview of the event… Walk in with Latts, or something. He doesn’t have a date tonight.”

I have a girlfriend and he doesn’t,” Tom retorted, officially irritated. He let go of you to cross his arms over his chest. “I want to walk you in, Y/N.”

“Tom, I’m not going to start a fight with you,” you responded, gripping his forearm while going on your toes to gently kiss his lips, careful not to stain him with lipstick. “I only have to be on the red carpet to interview a few players then give a little tour of the event. I’ll be able to be at your side for the rest of the night.”

When he wasn’t happy, you kissed him again (a little firmer this time) and murmured, “I know you hate big events like this. We can sneak out early and do anything your heart desires.”

His eyebrows raised as a pleased look spread across his face. “Anything?” he echoed.

Anything.” You smiled and stepped back. “Now, why are you even here? Go find Latts and I’ll think about interviewing the two of you when it’s time to walk down the red carpet.”

“I dropped you off, stupid,” he retorted, rolling his eyes. “I’ll text Latts to meet me in the back. We’ll walk around to the front.”

“Good idea. Now, I need to get back to work. I’ll see you later.”

He pursed his lips and kissed you once more before reluctantly walking off, pulling out his cellphone.


“And here we have Michael Latta and Tom Wilson standing around on the red carpet,” you told the camera, smiling charmingly at the lens and holding up the microphone to your lips. You immediately rested a hand on Tom’s shoulder and leaned in, smiling. “Hello, boys.” You turned your head and found yourself face-to-face with your boyfriend.

“Hello, Y/N,” Latts greeted as an arm wrapped around your waist.

“So, are you boys excited for tonight?”

“I am,” Tom immediately responded, a sly smile making its way to his lips, and Latts added, “Yeah, same. It’s good to be doing fun stuff like this to raise money for charity.”

You looked over at Latts and asked, “Are you in charge of any of the games tonight? Or is it just going to be a surprise when you walk inside?” You held out the microphone to him, doing an amazing job ignoring the soothing circles Tom’s fingers made against your hip. It was most likely going to appear on camera, but hopefully the cameraman was recording above the waists.

“Well, last year I was in charge of blackjacks, so I hope I have the opportunity of doing that again.”

“Are you going to show this youngster the ropes on these big boy games?” you asked, squeezing Tom’s arm. You stole a glance at him before looking back at Latts. “I mean, he did just turn twenty-one this year.”

“Trust me, I don’t need this old man’s help,” Tom interjected smoothly, looking over at you with a lopsided smirk. “It can’t be too hard to play a silly card game like blackjacks.”

“Is that a challenge?” Latts inquired and you grinned, saying, “Yeah. Is that a challenge, Mr. Tom Wilson?”

Your boyfriend held up a fist to his teammate, his smirk becoming more smug. “It’s on.”

“Well, have fun tonight, boys.”

“Thanks, Y/N,” Latts replied, smiling cutely at the camera.

You looked at the cameraman and sang, “Cut.” You slid your hand up your boyfriend’s arm and draped your arm around his neck, pressing your body against his. “And that was my last interview,” you told Tom, smiling up at him. “I just have to do a quick little tour of the event then I’ll be yours for the rest of the night.”

“And we’ll do anything I want?” he responded, sliding his other arm around your waist.

“Only if you behave while I do that tour,” you said pointedly.

He groaned and kissed your lips. “Okay, Mom.”

You looked over and smiled sweetly at Latts. “Can you please keep an eye on him for me?”

“And we’ll do anything I want?” Latts inquired and dodged the punch aimed his way. He laughed, stuffing his hands into his dress pants’ pockets and smiling cheekily at you two. “Of course, Y/N.”

You patted your boyfriend’s arm and gave him another kiss then pulled out of his arms and walked inside with the cameraman.


You groaned against his lips while Tom pushed you into his apartment, hungrily running his hands up and down your bandage dress.

“You really don’t deserve this,” you grumbled against his lips, barely able to remember why you were pissed off at him in the first place. “Latts was supposed to help me, not you.”

He momentarily let go of you to turn around, slip a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door, then close the door and lock it. He turned back and lifted you into his arms, hungrily attacking your lips again. “Those were golden moments that fans would love to watch over and and over… and overagain.”

You skillfully (and hungrily yourself) unbuttoned his shirt and shoved it off his body. “Fortunately, I recorded some stuff before when you were gone, so I could just use your shit as bloopers.”

Fortunately, you don’t stay mad for long,” he chimed, found the zipper on the back of your dress, and hurriedly unzipped your dress to – just as hurriedly – push it off. “Can we shut up now?”

You smirked against his lips. “Fine.”