why do so many thing happen today!

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2016-08-11 - Yama No Hi ☆ 29th

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Note: Yama No Hi - New holiday in Japan celebrating mountains on August 11th XD Best date for a holiday! lol

Today, at Hitotsubashi Hall
Was “Innocent” Release Event!

Everyone who visited.
Thank you very much.
At the same time, I celebrated my birthday
Thank you very much!

I became 29
To be able to celebrate with so many of you.
I feel happy.
I can’t imagine, such a thing.
This, to be involved as a Seiyuu, a singer for work.
Such a thing, will never happen in my next life.

That’s why
With this life in this lifetime
I will deliver my sincere gratitude
Through songs and play, on stage.

Aoi Shouta Level 29.

From now on too yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

The thing that people really don’t seem to get about BPD is that there really doesn’t need to be a reason behind my suffering. BPD is the reason in itself. 

“Aw, what’s wrong?” people will ask. With all the very best intentions. Not realising that I now feel pressured to find a reason. When, in actual fact, my insufferable despair and overwhelming sense of melancholy has no fucking root cause whatsoever. I just woke up that way.

“Why do you want to kill yourself?” I don’t know, I just really really want to die right now.

“What’s happened to make you feel that way?” Literally nothing, it just happened.

Like, seriously, it is one of the worst things, just feeling so fucking awful for no reason at all besides that your own brain decided today was the day to suffer.

And people wonder why so many of us have substance abuse problems.

anonymous asked:

I notice you answer many peoples asks, so why don't you tell us how you are doing? How was your day? What's something that happened to you that made you smile today, or that you're proud of? :)

Hi love :) 

I’m managing. Ups and downs and trying to find the good in the small days, trying to find the hope in the future and trying not to be annoyed by the little things.

Today wasn’t great. I forgot to take my meds last night and so wasn’t feeling right all day, realised I hadn’t taken them an hour or so ago so now I’ve taken them I do feel a bit better, bit more level and a bit more “normal”. 

Chris shaved his beard and my lord it didn’t look right, I’ve gotten so used to him having a beard and so seeing him without one did make me giggle. 

I’m proud that I cooked dinner even though all my body hurts and the heat makes cooking so very unbearable for me.

Thank you for asking about me, it’s so sweet of you.

- Hannah xx