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Hey guys, gals, n nonbinary pals. I've never been one much for exercise, but when people think about trans guys a lot of them go to the stereotypical "ripped with a six-pack" sort of person. How do I get people to take me seriously when I look more like four limp noodles stapled to a peanut?

Manhood embodies so many things. I think that we are trapped in what the world says masculinity should be instead of just living as the men we are.  Why is it that we have to choose to appeal to others when we as ourselves attract others through strength not muscle? I love my Trans identity because no one wants to claim it and I claim all of me!!!! So I define Me.

Today I have created a space where your masculinity belongs to you. You own it. You be it with integrity. And you Love yourself regardless of what the world says. There is no one way to be a man and if there was that would be boring!

Rant incoming

Okay okay so I have a friend..Let’s call her Janet. So Janet suddenly like BTS and Jimin. That’s great that Kpop is getting the recognition it deserves and spreading. The thing that bothered me is not too long ago she said things like ‘Kpop idols are gay. Why do they wear makeup? They look like girl’s? Shut up about your Chinese music?’

I think it’s so sad that 16 year olds have this mentality and think it’s okay. Why can’t people just appreciate music and culture for what it is? It’s Kpop so it’s different and unique which attracts so many fans. Why put it down because you don’t like it and others do?

If you’re one of these people, please stop. It’s annoying, unecessary and damn disrespectful. Those idols didn’t work their butts off just to he shat on by some ignorant teenagers.

I drew this waaaaay back when Mark and Jack first dyed their hair after Marks charity livestream..it has gotten a little over 400 favorites on my DeviantArt and to this day I still can’t help but wonder…why?

Why do so many people like this simple little drawing?..it’s not that good (but not that bad)..it’s just a drawing of two dorks looking dorky with their bright colored hair

I guess as an artist I always wonder why people are drawn to my art..there are so many other great artists (that even I admire) that are younger than me and are twice as good..but I like my art, and I like to draw, and it makes me happy when someone likes my stuff and they say nice things about it 😊…I may never know why people like this little doodle but it makes me happy knowing it makes them smile ❤️

you know what really pisses me off? like super gets my goat? how like everyone always talks about how they want an alternative to disney animation and how they love dreamworks movies and want to make sure they don’t go under,

and then just totally ignore their movies and give them no chance. 

like. dreamwork’s advertising is absolute shit, i know, but like??? if people know that why do they constantly keep BELIEVING the ads? So many other companies make garbage advertisements (even disney. their inside out adverts looked like shit) and not going to see/judging the films they make on their own merit? Any company is able to produce a shitty advert and an amazing movie or a amazing ad and a shitty movie, but it just seems dreamworks gets a bad rap before anyone even sees the movie?

it just feels that like people are saying one thing and being a bleeding heart, but then totally ignore/forget about Dreamworks? Like so many of their honest-to-god great movies fail because people don’t go see them, and then they wonder why dreamworks is laying off so many animators and it doesnt do as well as disney does. its so frustrating??? like

im not saying they’re perfect, or that disney is some big evil, its just like??? people cant pretend to care about dreamworks and then when they make a product just completely ignore them. 

its the worst bc people are aware of the problem but think other people will do something about it for them. its like the bystander effect and I’m just angry that good movies get swept under the rug, and though Dreamworks has proved itself capable and good time and time again, people are still apparently SURPRISED when they make a good movie??? Even though they made amazing stuff like Trolls, Voltron, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Madacascar, Spirit, Megamind, Monsters VS Aliens and The King of Egypt just to name a few??? like… i just don’t get it 

When people hate people without even knowing them personally is ridiculous. They could be the sweetest people, but you wouldn’t know that because you judge them by their appearance, because of what the media perceive them as, or what the majority of people think of them. Nobody can choose what they were born to look like, so why judge someone off of it? You don’t know anybody until you know them personally, so do not judge unless you know them! Someone could look sweet but be rude, someone could look rude but be sweet, too many people think they know everything or think they are better than others these days. When you learn how to live in peace is when you discover what happiness is. Let go of the unnecessary and unneeded drama in life. Focus on your goals, life is about completing as many as you can, respect others, push yourself out of your comfort zone here and there, and love others. No matter what you look like, if you have a good heart, you’ll always be the most handsome/beautiful person ❤️

My favorite thing about language is when the name of a place acquires a regional pronunciation. For whatever reason, a name gets pronounced a certain way in a certain region and only people from around that region say the name right and then an out-of-towner says it wrong and the natives give each other a knowing look.

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How about not bashing communities you don't agree with. I realize you have your right to an opinion. But I'm cool with whatever others choose to do with their life. Try helping others and not open your mouth about your dislikes on a public page when you are just a mod.

i’m?? not sure where this came from because I haven’t posted anything regarding other communities recently that i know of? 

if you’re talking about the cgl/kink community all i’ve done was ask people not to interact or follow and explained why it makes me uncomfortable. i understand stimming helps a lot of people so they’re free to look at my blog and whatnot but there are reasons i and many other people don’t want them in the community (meaning interacting with stim blogs)

it’s awesome that you’re cool with what other people do with their life! however cgl/kink blogs make some people uncomfortable and, like you suggested, i am trying to help others (specifically neurodivergent people). that means making those people feel safe in this community even if it’s at the “expense” of cgl/kink blogs

also this is my personal blog so i can say what i want on it! if you don’t like my blog I’m sure you can find another stim blog out there that you can follow

Why is this the image in everyone’s mind of the average Redditor/MRA/Meninist? Why is this the way these people get imagined, including in memes that circulate about them?

So much discourse and so many stereotypes about, specifically, MRAs and Redditors rely on stereotypes of them liking Mountain Dew, Cheetos (or other ‘unhealthy’/’junk’ food) and having neckbeards– a term that feels specific to fat people like in the image. This is the image a ‘neckbeard’ is meant to evoke, even though there are plenty of thin people who grow hair on their necks as well– and many fat people who don’t.

But what do these people actually look like?

A Google search of MRAs and Redditors finds few images of people who are actively, publicly self-identifying in either way. These are the closest I could find:

Yeah, a lot of these people are a little chubby. One of the people in the second picture even looks a little bit like the cartoon above. But they are all, for the most part, on the smaller side of fatness (fairly subjective). I also think it’s important to note they are all white. These are the only pictures I could find of real people identifying as anything resembling an MRA. Everything else was either a costume or a meme relying on fat-hating stereotypes that are too terrible to show.

And what does a Google search for Meninist show?

And really what is a Menininst but an MRA by another name?

I am really not here to defend any of these disgusting and evil misogynists, but rather to ask why is the stereotype for this mindset a fat, hairy, naked man rather than thin, young, white, affluent, suburban blond boys? A simple search shows that this is really the public face of the movement. So why the stereotype? Why the memes?

Because they easily buy into fat-hating stereotypes about fat people as lazy, ‘unintelligent’, unhealthy, bitter, and deserving of any misfortune that comes our way–including the ways we are treated by other people.

Again, I am not here defend the ideologies of MRAs, Meninists, or Redditors, but to merely point out the things that these stereotypes are implicitly upholding. They are informed by strong cultural messages about fatness and fat people at large– these messages that are actually hurting a population that is not representative of who seems to actually be being targeted.

Please, please, please hate MRAs, Meninists, and Redditors. Please defend yourselves and prove them wrong. But be accurate, and specific. Our words and actions have meanings and histories, and larger implications than we can sometimes see.

Grahamfield hate

Look, I don’t ship grahamfield, but I have no problem with the ship itself and I don’t know if I missed something but why do so many people hate the ship that much? Or Hate Warren especially, he doesn’t look like a “nice guy” to me and just because he looked for like 2 seconds at her window, doesn’t mean that he’s a creep, he was just waiting for her. 

The only reason I don’t ship him with max in a romantic way is their friendship. I like how they support each other like Max helping him with his project or him protecting her (and Chloe) from Nathan. 

I don’t understand why so many people are still salty about people shipping them, I don’t think that they’re a bad couple, it’s not an abusive relationship or something like that, Warren understands Max. And unlike Chloe he doesn’t even need proof, that max says the truth about timetravelling and stuff, he believes her.

Warren is such a good and supportive friend and even if I chose Chloe, he was respecting that and even supports Chloe and Max together. 

I will never ship them in a romantic way just because I think they have a really strong friendship and I don’t want to ruin that, I also think Max is more interested in Chloe, even if you don’t kiss her. Shipping Pricefield makes just more sense to me personaly (I also love Chloe so…).

But even if people ship Max and Warren romantically, let them. Grahamfield is a good ship and nobody should have a problem with it.

And even if I don’t ship it, I just want to say, that I will always support grahamfield shippers because in my opinion, they don’t deserve the hate they get, I understand it, when caulscott shippers like me get hate sometimes, because people always misinterpret why I ship it, but Grahamfield is a non-toxic ship. 

I’m so sorry for all the grahamfield shippers getting hate for doing nothing. Some shippers (especially Pricefield) are such assholes and can’t be happy with their ship, no, some of them need to tear other people down. It’s really getting annoying and I am really sorry for all the hate you get, please don’t forget not all of us are like that.

Hiya!! So I’m new to tumblr.. I don’t know if this is a community thing like a lot of other social medias I’ve been on are? (I mean, I’ve only been on fandom based forum social medias, really, and Pinterest, so I don’t really know much). Maybe I should say some stuff about myself? Sure, why not.

Um, hi! My name is Emil. Emil Braith, or at least that’s what you can call me. I’m known by a lot of my peers as “Inspibraithional”, hence my url. This is because everyone on my sites know me for my random inspirational posts. I’ll be sharing quite a few of them here, and writing quite a many more. I’m a 13 year old who believes I can change the world. I’m a boy, although I’m assigned female at birth and closeted in real life. I believe in a world where fear and hate and being ashamed of anything isn’t real. Depression is accepted as something that is real and valid, despite it not being good. Sexuality and gender and not hetero and cis normative, and the world understands everyone. I know that world is not here yet, but I do believe that I can at least put the world on it’s course to getting there. In fact, I believe everyone can. We all have voices. They may not talk in the same way, but they are still voices. I talk with writing, while others may talk through paint or music or smiles. And all of those ways are perfectly valid and real. I may “just be” a 13 year old boy with big ideals, but I refuse to believe they are naive and impossible. : )

Anyways, that’s really it for me. I’m looking forward to meeting new people here!! :D I’ve heard a lot about this place, and my Pinterest is full of many text posts from here, but I guess now is a great time to start it myself! Looking forward to whatever this place has to offer me. Plus, feel free to send me a message if you feel down or want to talk. You deserve someone who will listen to you no matter what you are feeling. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. : ) Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind giving me a break down of this site, that would be great. >~<

the way people are reacting to this amber heard/johnny depp thing bothers me so much because even if you don’t believe it (i DO believe he abused her) you should not make hashtags like #westandwithhim or try to make up rumors to make ur fav look better because that’s the same shit that discourages other victims from coming out about their abuse. this is the reason why so many victims are afraid to come out (especially when it deals with people in power or fame) because they will be attacked and/or called crazy. Just want you guys to know you’re contributing to that culture. disgusting

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I noticed a lot of people like to call Sakura "flat chested" and they say she doesn't have boobs but I don't remember this ever being said or implied in the manga, in fact in the manga Sakura probably has the most feminine figure in the entire show so why do people like to call her flat chested? How does her chest look any different from the other females lol?

You can add that to the huge list of things to blame on SP and the anime. They made a thing of having her display this “A-cup angst” nonsense that was non-existent in the manga. And you know how so many people are anime only, and think that everything that happens there is gospel, whilst completely ignoring the source material:

Kishi gave Sakura a rather curvaceous and feminine figure in the manga, complete with a decent chest as well. SP didn’t seem to care about following his example… As they tend to do regarding Sakura.

To the haters

These stupid posts like “OMG so many rainbow flags during Russian performance ahaha shame on you Russia” or “U’re singing about peace?! YOU?!” make me facepalm.

Why doesn’t anyone understand that there are MILLIONS of awesome, great, TOLERANT people in our country, why do you judge us by the news shown in your countries?! Why are you so sure we are the meanest nation ever?!

Just come to our country, see these people, see that we are NORMAL. Idiots live in every country, not only here, so please look at your country first, and then judge the others without KNOWING the situation but just watching some freaking news and thinking that you are SO COOL talking weird things about us.

You just make fools of yourselves doing it. Really. Please, understand that and don’t behave like toddlers who’s daddy (the news) says who is good and who is bad. Think using your own brain.

Thank you.

Alright, RvB fans, it’s time for us to have a conversation about something nobody ever seems to want to talk about. Namely, Eurocentric Beauty Ideals in Fanart, AKA “Why do all the POC look similar to white people in one way or another?”

Alternate titles are: “How come so many characters look like Ambiguous Brown Person #1?” and “Where are all the smaller details that can be used to define a person’s race?” but I’ll speak more on that later.

For now, let’s speak of Eurocentric beauty ideals and what they are. Here are some examples:

- Light skin (with or without a slight tan)
- Light colored eyes
- Double eyelids
- Straight hair
- Straight nose
- Smaller lips

These are all beauty standards typically found in white people. Individual ones can be found in other races, yes, but on the whole, they are generally considered Eurocentric features.

Now, let’s look at minorities in rvb, both canon and fanon. In this post, I’ll largely be discussing the follow characters: Lavernius Tucker, Dexter and Kaikaina Grif, Locus, and Vanessa Kimball. For half of these characters, I’ll only be discussing headcanons where they are poc (obviously), so I will be ignoring the ones who headcanon them otherwise.

First, we’re going to take a look at Lavernius Tucker. In canon, we have no idea what he truly looks like, except that he’s black, which gives artists a lot of leeway when drawing him. However, a few details seem to pop up fairly often in fanart.

For instance, the fanon of Tucker having light colored eyes. It’s a very popular headcanon, and typically, he is given either eyes that match the color of his armor, or some other shade of blue. 

Another image (which is thankfully lessening due to the popularity of dreadlocked!Tucker) is that of Tucker with straight, flowing hair, almost as though he were requisitioning relaxers to the base whenever he could.
Combine that with the sporadic images of him with small lips and a straight nose and you start to see a certain pattern forming that really shouldn’t be.

Similar things happen when you look at pictures of Vanessa Kimball. She is frequently drawn as ambiguously brown, with straight brown hair and light blue eyes, as is Locus, though he gets to have green eyes instead – along with occasionally being drawn as a darker-skinned man, which has its own problems attached as a result of him being a villain.

Dexter Grif and Kaikaina Grif get the same issues. While they are often allowed darker eyes (though I am told that blue eyes are also popular), they still get the same details when it comes to facial figures. Straight noses. Small lips. Straight hair.

There’s no easy way of telling their race. They don’t have the fuller lips of some minorities, nor the curly or kinky hair of others. Their skin is brown, but not “too” brown. Their hair is often straight, the way an asian person’s might be, but they tend to lack epicanthic folds. In fact, if you strip them of their skin color, you would have a hard time setting them apart from characters who are headcanoned as white.

And that’s a problem. I shouldn’t even have to say that it’s a problem, but apparently I do.


English is my third language. My family comes from a
mountain town near the Andes Mountains and we
speak Spanish and also Quechua.
It hurts me when I see people complaining about the
Andromeda character being white. I am light skinned.
There are many like me where I come from.
We come in many shades. Why is that so
hard for some to understand?
Its sad that the schools in Amerca do not teach
geography because so much can be learned.
More education would stop people from labeling
others. I am sure there will be ways to make Ryder
look different like how there are so many beautiful
But Ryder means alot to me. She looks like me.
Im not good at putting my thoughts in English but
I hope its understandable.
I just wish people would think before they speak.

MOD NOTE:  Confessor you are more than welcome to send this in your native languages  (As long as there is a translation we can post..We will make the confession in your native languages and post the translation in the caption area

rant time

you know what makes me so mad?? that people do all they can do to hurt ashton. like if you hate 5sos you come for ashton ike you come for his “daddy issues” or his looks it makes me SO MAD cause daddy issues are NOTHING to joke about  and that he “cant sing” LOL u thought bitch have yall heard him in broken pieces just saying dont stop and wilay and many others. and he takes all this to heart yall know that thats why you stay coming at ashton. people who come at ashton disgust me all he wants is your happiness and to like to make good music for us and you guys STAY coming at him he has such a big heart oh yeah and you guys come at his old mental health issues too which ISNT FUNNY AT ALL. its such a serious thing. hes just such an important person and he needs to be appreciated SO MUCH MORE than he is. hes amazing and he loves every single one of us unconditionally and it honestly breaks my heart when i know hes sad cause of us so before any of you come for ashton think before you say anything cause he sees it too and if i see ashton hate on my dash ur gonna be blocked. keep your disgustin opinions to yaself buhbye

Demi vs PTX

Ok guys, let’s NOT fight with the Demi stans. There’s a reason why we’re considered the nicest and sweetest fandom. We have to keep it that way and not stoop low like what many of the lovatics are doing.
Just think about it, we represent Pentatonix. We don’t want to represent them by looking like conplete idiots and throwing shade to other fandoms.
So please please please, stop fighting and arguing with people just because you want to prove that Pentatonix is talented and successful.
It’s already given. Sooner or later, people are gonna realize how talented ptx really is.
The only thing that we can do is to continue to respect demi and her fans (no matter how annoying they’re getting) and KEEP STREAMING!!
I don’t want us to turn into one of the most hated and annoying fandoms in the world.
PTX wouldn’t want this to happen and we surely don’t want to be representing them the wrong way.
And besides, more people will start liking Pentatonix more if they realize that they’re fans are as equally qenuine and nice.
We have to bombard them with our kindness..
That’s the only way that we’re going to stand out as a fandom and not make Pentatonix look bad.

Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe That Riley Actually Likes Lucas?

I mean I have complete dedication to Ri**kle and I do think they will be together but you can’t just dismiss Riley’s relationships with other people. Yes, Riley noticed how he looked first…Ya know like most people do but they knew each other for almost a year before they went on an actual date (That he asked her out on). She loves talking to him, they support each other (At times). They have the others best interest a heart. Why are so many people against two people being happy like damn.

They make each other happy. They care about each other, they started over as friends (Which I think is very important). They are 14/15 I don’t expect them to have some ride or die relationship. You don’t have to like Rucas but the least you can do is respect the relationship instead of saying Riley fell in love with a concept and completely forgetting the fact that it isn’t just Riley in the relationship. Lucas is there too and I don’t know if some of you know this but he does like her.

Ezra Fitz

The constant hate for every little thing he does is pathetic at this point. I’m not even going to get into 4B again, people know my opinion and view of it. But the people who still do use that against him, when you take that one storyline out of the entire series, why don’t you look at the kind of guy Ezra always is. He cares about people, he helps people, and as Aria once said: “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body”. 

You don’t have to like Ezra, not even at all. But it completely baffles me how so many over look other peoples actions on this show, yet ridicule everything Ezra does. Even though he knowing admitted he did something horrible. He regrets what did. He apologized for what he did. He’s done nothing but change and make it up to the people he affected. Yet people glamorize characters like Mona and Jenna. I even love Mona, but this girl was the original A. She tormented the girls, she bullied them, harassed them, stalked them, she physically tried to hurt them. And their families. Then even after the girls found out she was A, she played them so many times and continued to go against them. And from my knowledge never properly even apologized other than in 512 (5 SEASONS LATER). Then you have Jenna, who actually forced and raped her step brother. Yet these two girls are considered angels to the PLL fandom.

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I saw that this blog is having a giveaway beacause you've reached 20,000 followers, and I just wanted to let you know as soon as I saw the post about it, I started crying. I just couldn't (and still can't) believe how many other ace people there are! I was in absolute tears because I can't even imagine what 20,00 people look like in a room, let alone know that all of them are ace just like me! Thank you so much for this blog, thank you thank you thank you thank you

This right here is why I do this.