why do ppl vote for you

got7 goes to the movie theater!


  • drives them there in a red mini van
  • drops everyone off at the front, and parks the car himself 
  • tells everyone to silence their phones in the lobby
  • contemplates on and off throughout the movie whether he should leave to get nachos
  • shifty in seat
  • his phone rings ◉-◉


  • definitely does not want to take pics in the face cutout cardboard movie promotion thing 
  • what if! we play a quiet game during the movie! 
  • loser gets a punishment (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞
  • ~credits start to roll @ the end of the movie~ already in the car
  • texts the group chat to make sure everyone throws their trash away


  • has a list on his phone of all the movies they should watch together 
  • adds more throughout the previews
  • sits next to youngjae bc emotion is so easy with that boy
  • asks jb who that guy is and how he knows that other person (jb: the movie just started 2 min ago)
  • whispers to jb the whole time bc youngjae is just as clueless 
  • ಠoಠ 
  • starts the clapping at the end of the movie 


  • yugyeom shouldn’t have a vote on choosing which movie because he’s too tall and not everyone has that advantage in life
  • jk yugyeom, you can have a vote bc I’m good mom
  • made the executive decision on which movie 
  • keeps falling asleep (mork slightly nudges him when he starts to snore)
  • how to end the kid that’s kicking his chair????


  • stares at a mom that has a smol child on a literal leash 
  • why do ppl do that
  • snuck in corn on the cob bc what a great snack amirite (jinyoung & mark: corn has no nutritional value)
  • doesn’t get how that teen couple could still be making out when the dog just died 
  • laughs at inappropriate times (got7 & everyone: stares)


  • insists on the group sitting 2/3 of the way back and in the center
  • but he has to be in the center of the already centered group 
  • put m&ms, sour gummy worms, and snocaps in his popcorn (yg: wau that looks so good)
  • yea, saw it on instagram once
  • sprints out of the theater into the parking lot when a scary thing popped out during the previews 
  • giggles at slight nudity 
  • no we have to stay to watch that post-credit scene (got7: we are concerned mark may leave us here tho)


  • buys a large coke slushie and drinks it all before the movie starts (jb: you might regret that)
  • hahahahaha we’re in theater #7
  • thinks it’s funny because they are got7 
  • has to pee the entire time bc of the slushie (jinyoung: jb hyung told you so)
  • i think chris brown would really enjoy this movie; I hope he watches it soon

okay yall listen up its not over

2 days ago we were at 45% and then went up and were leading for whole day with 51/52 % and we will do that again.

now its night for people from europe, some of us are staying up and in the morning i hope we will be close to 50 again. please be here in the morning (europe ppl), be here when you can and vote non-stop for an hour, 2 or 10 even if you can.

we’re not giving up, not until poll is over.

they legit never ever have been gaining 9k votes per 20 minutes, not in finale, not before. and yall fuckin know why they got so many votes because we ARE voting against 2 fandoms and not 1. we still did good though we had 6k per 20 min which is huge.

the poll ends tomorrow at 2am CET, 1am UK time. please be here - for last 4 hours we NEED EVERYONE to vote in this poll. (if u can though be whole day here tomorrow)

do it for him


anonymous asked:

can white people stop making posts about how stupid liberals nominated hillary clinton against the desires of the poor masses when clinton won the primary fair and square AND was way more popular among poc than sanders was? thats a huge reason why she won over him! why do you NEVER acknowledge this?? its incredibly insulting (and racist tbh) when you act like the ppl who voted for clinton were all just evil and/or stupid liberals, instead of ppl who genuinely preferred clinton to sanders.

can white people stop making posts about how stupid liberals nominated hillary clinton against the desires of the poor masses 

clinton was overwhelmingly the candidate of the rich with support of people who earned $75,000 or more whilst sanders had those on less than $50,000.

as way more popular among poc than sanders was? thats a huge reason why she won over him! why do you NEVER acknowledge this?

because it’s not true. clinton was more popular among black people largely because the black vote skewed older and clinton did better among old people generally, as old people tend be more conservative.  black millennials, however, preferred sanders 59-31. hispanic and other people of colour prefered sanders too.

its incredibly insulting (and racist tbh) when you act like the ppl who voted for clinton were all just evil and/or stupid liberals, instead of ppl who genuinely preferred clinton to sanders.

those are not actually contradictory positions and perhaps the actual racist position is to assume that a dumb liberal can’t be a dumb liberal because they’re black. 

what’s funny about this ask (and why i’m not mad and actually laughing irl) is it would be entirely fucking stupid 3 months ago let alone now, when we’ve seen clinton lose the election to a clowncar fascist that ran a campaign so bad people were suggesting he was trying to lose. if you voted for clinton in the primary you are definitely a stupid liberal because she lost the election and you could’ve voted for bernie, who, as we all know, would have won.

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May I ask you a question? Do you think it could be possible that Mayumiko becomes a thing? IDK if my ass is getting baited or not. Like they aren't really together in a lot of merch - unlike the hetero one's -,if they are they don't look close and they lost the poll (why do ppl want mikorin alone?) by 2000+ votes. Is there a hope or better not?

I am sry I am the anon from earlier there is smth I forgot to ask ehm do you perhaps know what sensei said about the poll results on the pics and in her tweet from Nov. 2016? Thank you ;;

Okay so.

First of all, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is mostly a gag manga that parodies shoujo, which is why even with how adorable all the pairings are, there isn’t actually a single pairing that looks to be actually canon. Sakura continues her unrequited love, Kashima’s feelings for Hori continues to be confusing, and Seo continues to be a mystery. MayuMiko IS already a thing, in that perspective. Sensei knows that, since she’s weaved Mayu’s story into Mikorin’s.

But Mayu isn’t a main character. Not yet? He’s been appearing more but he appeared way later than the others. He’s not in as much merchs because of that. But in the ones with him, he’s almost always with Mikorin. (Mayu was literally made for Mikorin’s character??)

also consider this drawing sensei made, and think about the conscious choice to make a freaking blanket with mayu on one side, hugging the thing, and mikorin on the other side, looking in front semi-shirtless and exuding eros. like… that’s just… a pretty damn obvious move.

Anyway, more importantly, gsnk is a yonkoma that leans more on the comedy than the outright romance. I wouldn’t expect anything serious.

As for the poll!!! They didn’t lose the poll. If anything, it felt like a win to me because the question was “Should I introduce a new girl to be Mikorin’s love interest?” Everyone’s reaction was almost halved between “no, he’s better off without a partner” and “Mayu’s there already”. That sounds like a pretty big win to me personally??? No one wants Mikorin to be forced to flirt with a girl, since a pretty big running gag in the manga is him being alone while everyone has a pair. And when he’s not alone, he’s with Mayu, having blatantly shoujo-like moments together (texting anonymously!! going on a group date and saying “he’s mine”!!!).

I’m not sure which tweets you’re pertaining to? link me or copy/past it for me?

txmriddlx  asked:

That's the power of young people voting! Power feels good... I wonder if the conservatives are going to miss it? 😂

ikr!! they said a few minutes ago turn out in young ppl was about 72%!! we did so good

my Fave moment was last night when they were interviewing a tory MP n she said something about labour doing well bc of young people voting and they go ‘why do you think your party doesn’t appeal to young people’ how iconic she set herself up for that

hanjihoons  asked:

3 & 4!!

3. A trainee that made it further than you expected?

Lai Guanlin, I really don’t get the appeal that he has to the public, but I probably have a different taste so…

What do ppl see in him? Potential. He has a lot of potential to bloom and be really good in terms of skill, that’s why I think a lot of ppl vote for him due to this in addition to the visual appeal he has.

4. A trainee whose elimination surprised you?

Woo jinyoung, I still don’t get why he was eliminated at all. He was extremely talented and his rap skills are no joke. Broduce definitely lost a gem.

send me a number and I’ll answer!

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ifans are just as biased as kfans. i hate when some of us ifans say "why are knetzs sleeping on [trainee]" when theyre doing the exact same to some of the boys. i know kfans are the ones voting but still it annoys me. i love the nu'est boys, daniel, seungwoo, sewoon, and such (as im sure we all do ❤️) but those seem to be the only ppl ifans focus on. why dont we stop sleeping on the others too??? agh, dunno reading the recent youtube comments and i needed to rant sorry

It’s okay, buddy~

I don’t think you can force people to focus on others, though. And the amount of focus you see someone getting is subjective to who you follow (on tumblr and twitter) and what you read. 

That being said, I do wish there were more, say, Sangbin blogs or more Yongjin blogs, but I can’t expect everyone to like the trainees I do with the same intensity. I encourage you to be vocal about your favorites by making posts about them so that they have more exposure in the produce 101 tag and in their own tag and leaving comments about your favorites on youtube. Like in the show, exposure goes a long way in getting people to notice who you like and maybe get to like them as well- as long as its respectful and not spam, of course. 

this is why lesser-evil democracy is bullshit btw and why it’ll always exist so long as you support it by demanding ppl hold their noses and vote for your preferred evil. because it quickly becomes abundantly clear that you will actively work to keep them that way, actively ignore or even condone the disgusting shit they do because at least they’re not doing it while being a conservative!

you can’t have it both ways yeah? you can’t be like “every vote is incredibly vital and if you don’t vote for my pick you are just as bad as whoever gets in instead and whatever happens next is all on your head!!” AND completely wash your hands of any vile corrupt shit your own candidate does as nuthin’ to do with you.

To asexuality blogs reblogging the “do not support asexual day of visibility” post:

  1. Please love yourself omg
  2. The date is being voted on so its not so close to trans day of visibility/blackout
  3. It’s called ‘ace day’ not ‘asexual day of visibility’ 
  4. Claiming ace ppl can only show pride in one assigned week of the year and have to wait their turn is problematic as fuck like why would you think that or reblog a comment that says that???
Think before you act

I think this fanwar is over, but anyways i want to talk about this issue btw Directioners VS. KPOP.

*Plays Fantastic Baby intro*

Directioners, next time 1D is against a KPOP group (Yes i said KPOP, which means KOREAN POP not Ching chong, Ok?) think carefully because if you insult the ENTIRE KPOP COMMUNITY with your butthurt mouth, You can’t win anymore.

“But, why?” Easy, you just insulted millions of groups with millions of fans. How can you win?

I’m telling you, do not insult the entire kpop community because you will flop hard.

Now a message to KPOP fans: Do not waste your beautiful time with useless ppl that are butthurt all day everyday, calling your bias racist, ugly, chinese, irrevelant, and many other ridiculous words.

NOW MESSAGE TO BOTH: fan army face off is the most ridiculous poll ever made. “Why?” last year they restarted the poll because a kpop group were slaying the hell out of everyone. In the end we still won with 9M votes. “How did that happened?!” Well, that group are legends in kpop plus all the insults Echelons said about kpop and how we were cheating, made us win.

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im so tired. why do ppl even vote for wings? the awful production, maknae line’s tragic vocals, the tragic rap, the plagiarized cypher, the tragic title track which sounds like any white ppl festival song… thats what y’all call music? revolutionary? best kpop album? lmao this is why kpop will never get worldwide exposure. bc koreaboos have such bad taste they let absolute trash albums win. im so sad.

anyway make sure you vote for bts for best male group, best male group dance performance, best music video and hotels combined best song of the year at mamas!!


current things that are annoying me:


- i cannot get a job like ?? the job descriptions are all like “u gotta be a junior and work the cheapest rates but u gotta have 10 years of experience… btw u also need to be 18… have ur license… and ur own car… and people a fully qualified barista… but u gotta be a junior btw”  like mate

- thirst af boys won’t leave me alone even when i told them to feck off

- still can’t breathe through my nostril

- how come everyone is like “VOTE BERNIE” but they don’t actually go and vote themselves?? like wtf is america. in australia, you get fined if you don’t vote. all these ppl saying ‘bernie is the best’ are LIARS BC THEY AREN’T GOING AND VOTING AND NOW IT’S BETWEEN SATAN (Trump) AND A LITTLE LESS SATAN BUT STILL KINDA SATAN (Clinton)


current things i’m happy bout:

- got a new bra and wow magnificent 

- t’challa is a gift from god and i hope he’s doing good 

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Asian WOC from the US here - I think that white Latinx ppl do experience racism (maybe misaimed racism?) bc of the misperception that Latinx is a "race" and all Latinx are "brown". (Also maybe Caucasian ppl who are misunderstood to be nonwhite Middle Eastern?) They may technically be "white" but are not considered or treated to be and may be called racial slurs. I wouldn't coercively ID them as POC, but I could understand why they wouldn't feel "white".

 Short answer: White Latinxs are white people. They don’t experience racism.

Slightly longer answer: While white Latinxs may experience xenophobia in the U.S., they will never experience racism. It’s not that they are “technically” white, they are white. They actively have white privilege and benefit from systematic white supremacist structures in the U.S. in a way that Latinxs of color never will. It’s not coercive, wrong, violent, etc. to call white people white, no matter what their ethnic or cultural backgrounds may be. There are tons of Latinx blogs / Latinx-centric blogs that have explained this in detail, which I suggest you read through again (your ask implies that you have already seen these resources). Try reading through reclaimingthelatinatag or thisisnotlatinx. fyqueerlatinxs also wrote this great post explaining why white Latinxs are not racialized as nonwhite in the U.S. You should also check out this ask we answered about white, white passing, and light skinned Latinxs

Furthermore, this ask makes me really uncomfortable, and I’ll tell you why. 

Unless you are Latinx*, your opinion on this matter is irrelevant, and I’m really trying to understand why you even felt the need to send this in. Just because you are a WoC doesn’t mean you get an automatic vote about another community of color you aren’t a part of. Stay in your lane. 

I also don’t know what you’re trying to say with “also maybe Caucasian ppl who are misunderstood to be nonwhite Middle Eastern” at all, but Caucasian does not mean white. 

- Jennifer 

*Asian Latinxs definitely exist, and I’m assuming you do not identify as such because you didn’t say you did. 

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holy f*** why do some ppl think it's so cool not to vote? Harper might get back in if all these ppl are going play dead and think it's so rad

Its beyond me.

Regardless of how you feel about politicians, they dictate laws that affect everyone. And it is 100% fact that if Harper was not elected in 2011 that bill C-51 would never have happened. Bill C-24 would never have happened. First Nations people would likely have an inquiry by now. Science funding would likely be restored and real action taken on climate change.

Voting does matter.

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why do ppl hate tony abbot

I was going to answer this, but then I thought it would be better and more effective to let him answer for me.

‘Abortion is the easy way out. It’s hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations.’

'We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice.’

'I probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality), as so many people do’

'If you want to know who to vote for, I’m the guy with the not bad looking daughters.’

'I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas ’

'I’m not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment.’ (while describing same-sex marriage)

'Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’

'There may not be a great job for (Aboriginal Australians) but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done.’

'The climate change argument is absolute crap’

'I’m getting a clear message, alright, let’s have a bloke’s question’ (when asked by school-aged children about why he was so against same-sex marriage)

'If half the effort were put into discouraging teenage promiscuity as goes into preventing teenage speeding, there might be fewer abortions, fewer traumatised young women and fewer dysfunctional families.’