why do perfect blogs send me those

hyyhyf  asked:

You’re my: the cool mutual that i love a lot 💖💖💖
How I met you: i think we started following each other because of the gc? probably asdfghjk i have such a bad memory for this stuff
Why I follow you: you are really cool kpop blog with great aesthetic and also funny af????
Your blog is: amazing
Your URL is: perfect
Your icon is: a piece of art ✨
A random fact I know about you: u are a language master asdfghjk
General opinion: you are so sweet and your posts are the best, TEACH ME
A random thought I have: one of those mutuals that i have no clue why they follow me asdfghjk i love you ❤💝💓💕💖

Mutuals send me “♧“ and I’ll do this!