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For some reason my co workers that prep the food don’t think they have to clean up after themselves.. so my manager asked why the bread slicer wasn’t clean and I told her that the people who prep never clean it and another coworker gave me a dirty look and told me I shouldn’t say that about them... bitchhh why not since they don’t clean it I have to.

Coworkers that don’t clean up after themselves are worse than customers. They know better. They have experienced the woes of having to clean up after grown ass adults who SHOULD know better, which is WHY they should know better because they have basically momed up the place before when cleaning up after a customer. So why the FUCK do they then do the same to a coworker by not cleaning up after themselves?! Don’t fucking like being called out on your laziness? THEN STEP THE FUCK UP AND DO YOUR JOB! If you don’t want to then give part of your paycheck to the people that are doing part of your fucking job then fucking DO YOUR JOB. They are paid to do theirs and theirs alone, not yours. Grow a set(balls or tits, whatever, they all own their shit) and do what you are supposed to. -Abby

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I know i shouldent talk about it here, or Even write it in an ask, but i just wanted to talk to someone, or something... People keep teasing me at school, and i dont know what to do. I end up shouting at them and crying, but i know that wil Just make them do it more.. I do it automaticly so i cant do anything about it... Do you have any tips on what to do..? I know this is not the best place to talk about this..

*You’re right. This isn’t the right place to be talking about this stuff. 

Instead, why don’t you go talk to real people? People you trust. People you know you can tell your problems to? Maybe a family member, a friend. Or even staff of the premises, Principal, Teacher, Classmate. Reach out to someone, man! Cuz even if you think talking about it won’t stop them from teasing you, at least you have someone on your side who can help make you feel better. 

Listen to the good folks than the bad ones. Cuz let’s face it, human…they ain’t worth your time. You got better things to do, more people to meet. Breath in and Bulk up, You’ll survive this.

I’ve noticed people already starting to archive my work…………… which is why I didn’t want to give forewarning but I can’t really do anything about it or people who take and repost my work when I’m gone but I wanted to say I don’t condone it I’m not okay with it and it makes me sad but I hope you guys know me well enough to know my writing voice if I ever do return under a dif url/name

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no i was being serious im new to the fandom why do people love dan so much..he seems douchey but maybe i just dont know him like you

The “he seems douchey” was an entirely unnecessary dig at Dan, so refrain from sending me those kind of opinions. I’m only publishing this because you seem to want to understand.

Dan is talented and sweet. He tries really hard to be inclusive/understanding even when he doesn’t actually understand diversity issues. When he slips up, he often corrects himself immediately without trying to justify saying something exclusionary or shitty.

He is incredibly passionate about his music and about his fans. He’s incredibly humble (when not joking) about the lengths people go to to support his endeavors. He actually cares about what he’s creating and what he’s putting out there for people.

Because he’s older than the average Youtuber, he’s reached a point of self-love and understanding that allows criticism to roll off of him and lets him engage with the community without being burdened by it. He has a lot of insight into life and shares it without trying to be an authority. 

He’s just a really chill dude who is super grateful to be doing what he loves. He’s also really well spoken and has led a fascinating life. 

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I feel like you are just drawing other popular artist's oc to get more attention (srry if it too harsh man)

Oh…. is that how people see me? Is that really what you think… that’s not my intention at all…. I just love their characters and I love being able to interact with them. I love seeing fanart and stories about my character but maybe that’s not the same with everyone else. I couldn’t care less if I get noticed or not, I just want them to know that I’m thinking of them and that I love what they do.trying to do something to make them smile, that’s why I make art, not for followers or popularity but to make people smile and laugh. I’m not begging for followers. I’m sorry if it seems that way. I’m sorry if I’m annoying or a buggy person…. I’ve been told that before… I’m just excited that I’ve created something and that I get to interact with such amazing people… I didn’t know that was a crime. I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry guys… I guess I am just trying to get attention because the people in my family don’t really understand why I draw what I do… I don’t know. I’m sorry guys…. I don’t know what to say….

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Why do you think horror fascinates people ??

Because there is a beauty in horror in a way, at least to me. I think it’s only natural that it fascinates the fears we have and only makes us want more. For instance, and this may sound wrong but when you watch a horror movie and one of the characters get killed you urge to want to know more because you want to find out what happens next. There’s also an excitement to your mind when you get scared, sometimes even though it may not excite your self, but your fears feed off of it and want more.

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I have this weird thing about empathy that I've yet to find someone who gets it. My reaction to people being upset is basically, "I don't know what you're feeling, and I don't know why you're feeling that way. All I know is that you're showing signs of distress and that's making me distressed because I don't know how to fix it. How do I make it stop?" I don't like it when people are upset since it makes me upset and I want it to stop. Is that empathy? Or just me being weird again?

Okay, so as autistics we struggle a lot with empathy. Having empathy that does not work the same way as it does with allistics is one of the big indicators of autism, and one of the things they look for specifically.

When you say, “I don’t know what you are feeling and I don’t know why you are feeling that way,” what you are talking about is cognitive empathy. That is, your ability to understand and feel the other person’s emotions.

Cognitive empathy, like most things, exists on a spectrum. Some of us just don’t have it at all, and some of us have a lot of it. Some of us have it but simply don’t understand what it is or how to respond.

Alexithymia - the inability to recognize, interpret, and understand our emotions - is very common in autistics.

From what you describe, it sounds like you do have cognitive empathy because you are responding to what other people feel - but you have troubles recognizing it, interpreting, and understand that emotion. You end up distressed instead.

That is not the entirety of empathy, however. There is also affective empathy. This is the what we call it when you express emotions on behalf of other people.

When you say, “How do I make it stop?” it you expressing affective empathy. You may not understand what they are feeling or why, but you do feel distress with them (cognitive empathy) and you also express that you want to lessen that distress - yes, some of that distress is yours, but it is also a response to their emotions. So when you express that you want to make it stop, that is affective empathy.

So to answer your question, yes, you are expressing empathy in this example.

In this example it is pretty clear that you don’t understand empathy, and that you are expressing it in a way that is common in autistics and not generally seen in neurotypicals.

Empathy is confusing, hard to figure out, and exceptionally complicated. A lot of us struggle with it - including myself. I literally had to teach myself how to express affective empathy, and I still struggle in a lot of ways with cognitive empathy.

It’s also okay if you don’t get it figured out. Like, we’re autistic. Empathy is just hard with us a lot of times. It’s just the way we are.

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I think that some social variants try to include so-blinds in their activities because they think everyone wants to fit in as bad as we do. So they see someone chilling alone and they think "oh, this person is probably shy and that's why they're not joining us, not because they don't want to" because it's weird for them that not everyone thinks like that. I've tried to include people out of politeness even if I know they don't want to. I can see why it's annoying to so-blinds though lol


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Hi um how the HELL do you get followers? - sincerely, someone who needs help getting more followers

If I’m being honest, I don’t really know? I have no idea why people keep following me, like I’m just a weird nerd idk why people find that entertaining but okay. I’m pretty sure that when people follow me it’s sorta like when you see a sideshow act at the marketplace and you stand by to watch because what they’re doing is so weird that you have no choice but to watch and maybe throw a couple spare dollar bills in the hat because you want these poor strange circus performers to be able to feed their children

hiatus end.

     [ Yo everybody! I’m finally back from my four week/month long hiatus! That was such a long time to be without Nnoitra holy shit… I was so lonely. I wanna say a big THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me! It’s so nice to feel that I’ve been missed, and to know that people would think about me without seeing me on their dash. And, thank you to everyone who left me a nice message on the hiatus post, wishing me good luck and stuff like that! - Clenches heart - You guys are too precious. The whole reason why I went on hiatus was because a doctor wanted me to try some medication + no typing, to try and get rid of some inflammation that was making my condition worse… But, what do you know… I only got worse and so I probably don’t have inflammation after all. So that was four weeks wasted r i p . But it’s alright because I can finally write again! Expect lots of activity bc I missed my boy so much <5 !!!!!!!!! ]


August: Why does everyone hate me?

Grace: What do you mean sweetie nobody hates you.

August: Yeah they do. I have no friends and nobody ever wants to play with me or talk to me, I just don’t get it. What did I ever do to them? I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know why I don’t fit in…they make me feel like I’m different.

Grace: Have you actually tried talking to them?

August: Well…no.

Grace: Sometimes you can’t just wait around for other people to come to you wanting to be friends. Sometimes you gotta go to them first. Why don’t you ask some of the other kids tomorrow if they wanna play with you at recess? I’m sure they’ll say yes.

August: …Okay.

Grace: Good. And one more thing. There’s nothing wrong with being a little different okay? What makes you different makes you unique.

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if you have something to say in opposition to a post why do you put it in the tags instead of actually adding it to the post?

it’s tumblr language for “i disagree with this thing, here it is for reference, but i’m not necessarily committed to getting into a big debate about it, i just want to give my opinion passingly”

putting it in the tags lets people know i disagree while letting the op know i’m not looking for an argument. generally, you only comment in a reblog if you expect the person to reblog it back with their argument, or if you’re okay with your followers reblogging the response with your url attached and potentially getting a thousand angry people in your inbox over an opinion you might not wanna even really care enough to start shit about.

commentary in the tags is common courtesy. commentary in reblogs is sayin ‘i’m ok with whatever hate or debate i get for this because it needs to be said’. that’s why it’s considered a faux-pas to reblog and add “needless commentary” like “this!” or “i agree”, because, obviously, if you reblog without comment, you agree. reblogging with disagreeing tags is like saying “this is just my opinion on this thing and i’m not really looking for a fight about it”.

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Do you think that sometimes anti-os will look too deeply into something and find a meaning where there is no meaning? I'm an anti o myself, but sometimes I think you guys look too much into things. Plus, we as anti O's are predisposed to think Onision and everything he does is shitty, so we tend to have biased opinions on how shitty Greg is. I dunno, sometimes it really sounds like the Marina Joyce kidnapping debacle. Just wanted to know what your thoughts were.

I do think so, personally I find it difficult to see anything he does as innocent because of the his history of using even the smallest things as a way to manipulate people. Also when you spend enough time around his negativity anything can start seeming terrible too. He could send thank you cards to his fans and I’d be really suspicious about why he would. I think some days I’ll need to pay extra attention to think objectively so I can focus on what’s actually important. Greg has so much wrong with him that I don’t need to worry about the little things unless it’s a post about how all those little things adds up to something more (making sure it isn’t too conspiracy-like haha) Thanks for the ask :)

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Hey Becks you never shared the name of the balcony song, did you forget? Btw. you were there with various bloggers but nobody ever mentioned this balcony staring and heart pointing. Why? Didn't they want to stir a shit? It's nice detail but nobody else mentioned it but you.

I know i wanted to look through the videos but I haven’t had time yet to do so…

And tbh it’s because you can’t win in this fandom, if you say what you see ppl come after you if you say nothing shit gets made up… It’s always the same. I know that the people I was with at the concert saw it too so maybe you have to ask them directly or via DM…

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That picture of his child's room on his twitter is slightly weird. Do modern parents have cameras in their child's room these days? I don't know why you'd want people to know what your child's bedroom looks like (which wasn't the purpose of the pic but anyway) Maybe I am the weird one.

They have a nanny with their kid - most likely all alone - all day, while he works and god knows where pants goes and what she does. I think having camera’s is smart. 

I’m not sure when everyone decided it was okay to think they were better than someone or that they deserved better than someone else… I hate to be the one to crash you down, but you’re not, no one is. Do we not realise how beautiful life could be for everyone if we all had each other’s backs? Or if we were always cheering each other on? Or if we were just happy for each other?

This world is already hard enough to walk through each day without having other people trying to drag us down for being happy.

We have all had struggles and we have all had bad days, we know that feeling so well… why would anyone ever want to create that pain for someone else?

It literally blows my mind that this is a concept that keeps happening.

It’s okay that we are all living differently, it’s okay that we are all learning lessons at different paces and it’s okay to be different.

Try and remember the happiest you have ever been, hold onto that feeling and try to think about how you feel if someone took that moment away from you.

Imagine how much that would hurt.

Castaways (deserted island au)(Jadore)~Mistress

The first of possibly many jiadore drabbles written For eevee who wants more people on this ship. I know both adore and jinkx are nb irl but this is my fic and they/them pronouns are confusing enough when only one party uses them. Adore is she/her and cisgirl! here.

jinkx has been alone on the island for a long time…they’re about to find out they are no longer alone

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My god his own sister suffers from anxiety and mental health issues. He himself said he's an over thinker and a nervous wrack most of the times. I'm pretty sure Harry knows a fair lot about mental health especially since he's closeted. Some anons really look for stuff to twist their ways.why comment on it?

I’ve said to other anons who wanted not to be published that I DO think Harry suffers from anxiety at the very least. I don’t think you make comments like he does about wanting to be “safe” when he watches movies if you don’t have some anxiety. I think people want to find reason to criticize. Mind you, confirmation bias is real. If you’re looking, you’ll find it.

I feel like I want to make some people SHOOK today, so here is a free mini-lesson for everyone (P.S: If you’re American then please pay close attention):

-There isn’t a single country in the Middle-East that has the word “stan” in it. Not a single one.

-And yes, that includes Pakistan & Afghanistan.

-Yes you heard me correctly, both of Pakistan & Afghanistan are not in the Middle-East, but instead they’re in South & Central Asia.

-Muslims don’t wear turbans, at all.

-Arabs/Middle-Eastern people also don’t wear turbans either, at all (In some Arabic countries there ARE types of traditional headwraps and they’re called “Emamah”, however they’re not called turbans and you can easily tell the difference between them if you bother learning).

-The only Religion/Culture whose people do wear turbans are called Sikhs, follower of Sikhism religion. And no, Sikhs are not from the Middle-East either, but are primely from India.

-There are over three muslim countries in Europe. And no, the muslims there aren’t immigrants but are in fact native white Europeans who are also Muslims (Yes white European muslims exist, since you know, Islam is a universal religion not an ethnicity or a race)

-There’s over 50 Muslim countries in this world and aside from Iran there isn’t a single muslim country in this globe that forces women to wear Hijab (Headscarf) By law. 49 out of 50 muslim countries don’t have laws forcing women to wear Hijab or face veils.

-A Muslim woman wearing a Burqa is an extremely rare thing that can hardly be found in any Muslim countries, so if you see a Muslim woman covering her face with a type of cloth then that piece of cloth is most likely a Niqab NOT a Burqa (Seriously, don’t bother saying Burqa cuz 99.9% of the time, the thing you want to describe is probably not a Burqa)

-Only 23% of the world’s Muslims population are from Arab/Middle-Eastern countries. Yes, there are more non-Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims than there are Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims.

-Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha wasn’t 7 when she married him, but was actually 19 at the time of the wedding (And this have been debunked for centuries now, yet it’s still used by Islamophobics till this day).

-Almost everything I have said in this post have been true for centuries actually, so if you didn’t already know at least one of the things from this list then you really have no excuse to be this deep in the dark.