why do people unfollow me


it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY

So tired of the aphobia here…

It’s 4:28 AM and I’m crying because I cannot put into words how much Twilight means to me when someone asks me. I cannot explain the atmosphere and the pull that comes from these books. I cannot explain how when I read these books none of my problems seem to matter anymore. I cannot explain that in my life I have never seen first-hand, unconditional love from any two people (who aren’t related) in my entire life. So when I think of what love really is this is what comes to mind. I cannot explain how when it rains it makes me feel at home, even though the “home” I’m thinking about is thousands of miles away and I’ve never even been there. I cannot explain why I get so utterly frustrated when people bash what I so dearly love because they don’t understand it like I do. I cannot explain why I have not been able to properly read a book since I’ve read Twilight because whenever I try, I just get so bored and want nothing more than to put that book down and read Twilight. I cannot explain why whenever I see a Volvo or an older truck my mind just goes, “Oh hey, there’s Edward/Bella.” I cannot explain how these books came into my life in a time that I needed an escape and didn’t even know it. I cannot explain my love for these books because there’s just something so special about them and not everyone sees it. So it is impossible for me to explain something that someone cannot see.

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Dude, when is telling someone who's emotional to "chill" ever work? It's like putting gasoline on a fire. Everyone's opinions and feelings are valid and have the right to be stated. (Even when we disagree w/ them) If you don't want to hear them there's a wonderful thing called "Tumblr Savior" where you can /BLACKLIST/ tags because /MOST/ Tumblr users are great about that or you can unfollow. (I'd like to point out that /your/ post about the discourse was NOT tagged as such, so tyvm)

Yeah, you need to chill, too. Because that was not what I meant. Also (like you said to me), you don’t like my post, you can easily unfollow me. Why do I have to deal with people like you every time I post something?!? Wtf

I need to follow other blogs that don’t just post fob stuff, so if you post things about

My Chemical Romance

Twenty One Pilots

Panic! At The Disco

Sleeping With Sirens

Tonight Alive

We Are The In Crowd



Set It Off

Pierce The Veil

Ryan Ross/The Young Veins

basically anything in that genre, reblog this and I’ll look at your blog. 

why do people unfollow me?

Too much homestuck? not enough homestuck? more boobs? less?

Do you want memes? goats? cumminism? danish princes? random song lyrics? tell me.