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your Keith post gives me life !!! do you think you could do one for lance too ?

Sure can do! :D I could probably do one for every paladin tbh, I love them all so much. Anyway, here, have some of the reasons why I adore Lance:

  • is flirty
  • it’s a good flirty though??? he only ever compliments people, makes finger guns or talks himself up. nothing gross about it
  • used to sneak out of the garrison regularly
  • the most innocent laughter
  • does the eyebrow thing
  • is a good strategist and confident in his abilities!!
  • befriends people super fast
  • presumably can knit
  • feels insecure about what he contributes to the team despite being confident in his abilities
  • calls Blue “Beautiful” and is very happy with her
  • has the worst jokes
  • and even worser comebacks
  • loves his friends!!!!! so much!!!!!!! he brags about them to other people!!!
  • long limbs,,,,
  • always tries to diffuse tension
  • the more tense the situation, the more annoying he gets (probably in an attempt to distract people)
  • instantly becomes serious when the mission starts
  • is afraid of ghosts
  • can do A+ impressions of other people
  • moves his entire body while handling the controls for the fighting drones
  • he :3
  • knows the altean time measuring units and what they translate to
  • has absolutely no control over the volume and/or pitch of his voice
  • presumably has an exceptionally good relationship with his mom
  • s h a r p s h o o t e r
  • always gives new people the benefit of doubt
  • knows how to thread the needle
  • is bilingual
  • drapes himself across anything
  • is ambidextrous
  • has no understanding or interest in fancy words or math stuff
  • his first reaction to becoming a paladin and ‘protecting the universe’ was shock and fear
  • overlooks the most obvious things and is #shook when he finds out about them
  • is surprisingly analytical and knows how to read people
  • actively uses these skills on his friends - never against them of course, just to get to know them, calm them down or push them to overcome their fears
  • is the biggest dork
  • is afraid of dying
  • but did not hesitate even a second to save Coran from the bomb
  • he’s self-sacrificing that’s what he is
  • and homesick
  • is competitive to the point that he started a rivalry with Keith who barely even knew/remembered him
  • usually becomes useless around pretty girls until they open his eyes and screw him over
  • is so honest about his feelings in a private setting??? but only then
  • makes use of altean clothes
  • missed 10 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that he never really had
  • is probably really good with kids and animals!!!!!
  • freaks out easily
  • randomly dances sometimes when he’s happy
  • was fully on board with collecting coins from a fountain because Pidge wanted that one video game that he couldn’t care less about
  • loves water!! and the ocean!!! is probably a really amazing swimmer!!!!
  • is the quickest to call shotgun
  • arguably has the best fashion sense
  • puns are good if he makes them,,, but only if he makes them
  • exaggerates most of his movements
  • food goo,,, face masks,,,,,
  • always wrecked the garrison simulator back on earth
  • confronts anyone - no matter how much he looks up to them or wants to impress them - if he thinks that irrational decisions are being made

CONCLUSION: Lance is a good kid!! I love him!!

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John Mulaney Sentence Starters
  • : Here's how easy it was to get away with a bank robbery in the 30s: as long as you weren't still there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it.
  • : It's 100% easier to do things than to do them.
  • : I was once on the telephone with blockbuster.
  • : I think Emily Dickinson's a lesbian.
  • : Being president looks like the worst job in the world.
  • : Why do people shush animals? They've never spoken.
  • : Things don't exist until they exist.
  • : You have the moral backbone of a chocolate éclair.
  • : You all have a relative who is an expert even though they really don't know what they're talking about.
  • : Sometimes babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all.
  • : I definitely look like a toddler.
  • : You will die on August 7th, 2037.
  • : Everyone get out of the way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds.
  • : One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet!
  • : Anyone who's seen my dick and met my parents needs to die.
  • : They haven't let their minds wander since Egypt.
  • : Adult life is already so goddamn weird!
  • : This is an on fire garbage can.
  • : I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like twenty-eight years.
  • : In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
  • : Would like an old turnip that we found in a cabinet?
  • : Quack quack!
  • : I'll keep all my emotions in here and one day I'll die.

Ken Penders is going to purposely stir the pot to drive controversy for attention because of the breaking information that Archie was canceled through Sega.

Why do you think he’s suddenly pumping merch and pages for his comic?

He is using the breaking information to get YOU to throw up his controversial content, so he can get people to check him out, because he, in and of himself, has to ride information because he, in and of himself, isn’t actually worth your time.

I am offering some advice, do what you will with it-just a list:

Stop blogging him.

Stop spreading his comic.

Stop reblogging people who do.

And let him die in obscurity.

Unfollow him on Twitter.

Ignore him as he controversially stirs the pot.

Throw water on his little fire and let the toxins wash away.

If the last twitter he made didn’t determine that his acts of prejudiced nature are obviously sensational to you, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Don’t let his demonstrably unreasonable derailed actions get traction.

Show solidarity and focus on something else.

I don’t know why people want to talk about it in the first place, but what would I know, there’s reasonable doubt that my content is nearly as interesting since I am only giving available to you simple art that is sporadic and instantly discardable.

And I’m not even talented.

So maybe it’s because I don’t offer wide reach news on actions within the community. However this Ken Circus that seems to make it to my dash whenever he does something extremely trivial has become extremely noticeable as of late and it’s interesting to me the timing of the slew of new content.

I only have one kind of content, and maybe other people on here need something to talk about between information getting put out otherwise which is why they give attention to broad unimportant controversial actions cultivating attention being given to a small minority within the community in favor of whatever else they could be doing with their own time. To me though this feels like it is just legitimizing content that focuses on aspects of the community that spread a sentiment of a part of the Sonic community that I would honestly rather assume everyone would desire to move on from. In other words *I want this to end*

In fact I would even argue the constant chatter existing around the external actions of a person who has easily become irrelevant actually has only made him relevant, and even continues to encourage him.

I want to ask why.

Why do we have to constantly drag this out?

Is there not content identified within the colmnulitive existence of the Fandom that could benefit from the amount of attention we grant Penders on his every waking tweet?

Ken Penders is designed specifically to be reported on, but it kind of reminds me of another person that states controversial things to stay in a spotlight.

Not to assert it’s necessarily the same, but akin to a smaller group Ken serves a specific capacity of wasting our time just as much as Trump does to a much larger group.

Personally I’m not going to ever be talking about this man again, I won’t be rebloggimg or discussing him, because he’s robbed me of my time. I want to protect my time proportionally to what I believe it’s worth and Ken Penders just doesn’t really come to mind when I think of something I could be doing with it-from here on out-

That is all I have to say about that.


Seokjin: *ignore the text* “But you’re mine, everyone wants you but you’re mine!” He yells as you are out in public and guys are checking you out. You calm him down and bring him to the nearest food court. 

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Yoongi: It was turning summer so you were wearing something more revealing. He would turn around once he heard someone talking about how hot you were. “What did you just say? Or do I need to clean my ears?” He would ask as he moved you to stand behind him.

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Hoseok: “Yah, why couldn’t you be ugly so I didn’t have to worry about people stealing you from me.” He would sigh. “I am ugly though.” You respond. “Well the whole population of the world and I all think you’re drop dead beautiful, so.”

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Namjoon: He would be waiting outside to pick you up when he saw a post on his phone by a fan saying vulgar things they would do to his girlfriend. As you get in the car he would list all the things that are good about you so you would feel good about yourself and not feel like you’re just a mere object in (some) fans minds.

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Jimin: “I’m happy that out of everyone that wants to date you, you picked me.” He smiles. “Well duh, you’re perfect.” You laugh. He winks and bites his lip at you which causes you to roll your eyes and laugh even harder, loving the dork you’re stuck with.

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Taehyung: “So you really aren’t interested in all the hot idols that want to date you?” He asks in a serious, innocent tone. You grab his face in your hands, squishing his cheeks, “For the hundredth time, yes Taetae, I only love you.” You let go of his face and he smiles at the answer you gave him.

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Jungkook: You are at a fan meet and you are answering questions from fans, your boyfriend tagged along, but he wasn’t answering any questions. “Everyone wants to date you, but I think I’m your perfect match. Please give me a chance!” A fan yelled out. Jungkook looked over at the fan who blurted the unnecessary question out, the fan knew he was in the room, but said it anyway. It burned a fuse in Jungkook. He sat there, staring the fan down so they wouldn’t try anything with you.

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I Like Girls (Veronica x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do something where Archie (or another victim of your choice) tries to kiss the reader or something, but it turns out they are a lesbian. And so Veronica finds out they have a crush on her and teases them and lots of fluff. (Lol if you don’t do stuff other than jughead that’s fine)

A/N: Literally love this idea so much as I have such a crush on Veronica anyways. I’m going to use Chuck as my wonderful victim. I thought about using Archie but that boy is clueless with everything. Requests are Welcome!


I Like Girls (Veronica x Reader)

For the past 10 minutes, Chuck has been trying to hit on you while you stared at him with a bored look on your face. You knew you were gay. You’ve known for the past 4 years but as fresh meat in Riverdale, not many people knew that.

Kevin, who was standing next you trying not to die laughing, knew you were gay the second you walked in the school doors. He compliments that he has a great gaydar when in reality, he caught you glancing at Cheryl Blossom’s beautiful ass. (oh my god that ass of hers is heaven)

“So You, Me, and Pop’s?” Chuck asks as you glance at Kevin, who’s actually dying against your locker.

“Um, Chuck, is it? I’m sorry I’m just not interested.” You shrug as Kevin lets out a snort, making you giggle a little.

“Oh Come on, Baby. One night with me, and you’ll be interested!” You and Kev share a look. Should you let him entertain the thought that you could possible like him or tell him there’s absolutely no way you could like him if you tried?

You were too nice and too gay to lead him on so you speak up, “Chuck. I’m gay. Like SUPER fucking gay.” Kevin laughs. “Like I would rather date Cheryl or Veronica than you or any other guy.”

Chuck pauses and the smile drops on his face. “You could have just said you weren’t interested.”

You roll your eyes and turn to kevin as Chuck walks away. “Why do all guys do that?”

He smiles down at you. “Cause they’re all clueless idiots.”

“So True.”

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BTS reaction to you being shy


If he knew you were shy, Jin would always make sure you never had to talk in public if you didn’t want to. He’d order your meals for you and ask questions at stores for you. Anything to keep you comfortable. He would just make sure that you’re safe and that you’re happy with him. “Don’t you worry! You won’t have to say a word if your uncomfortable! I’ll keep you safe, princess!”

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Yoongi would understand why you’re so shy. People are just terrible, and both of you know better than anybody why. He would tell people to leave you alone if they were bothering you or upsetting you. He would like that you only opened up to him. “Don’t you be shy around me, though, okay? We’re safe together.”

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Hobi would try to get you out of your comfort zone while trying to respect your shyness. He wouldn’t push you too far, but try to encourage you to talk more. When you did he would praise you happily and make a big deal about you moving forward. If you said no, he would nod with a comforting smile and do all the talking for you. “I can talk for both of us when we’re with people! Don’t worry!”

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Namjoon is rather introverted himself, so he would understand. He would think it’s cute how shy you were and always try his best to keep you out of uncomfortable situations. He would rub your back and make sure you knew he’s right there for you. “You got this, baby. Don’t worry about them. Just pretend you’re talking to me.”

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Jimin would be the cute protective little mochi he is. He would be super defensive for you and wouldn’t let anybody pressure you into talking. He knew if you wanted to talk, you would. When you didn’t, he made sure that everybody knew that they couldn’t make you. “They won’t force you to talk if you don’t want, princess. You just keep looking cute~!”

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Tae would try to push you to be more outgoing, too. He would try to make you dance with him in public, sing and be a little more loud than normal. He would just try to let you be yourself around everybody like you were with him. “I love how you are, jagi~! You should let everybody see how amazing you are~!”

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He wouldn’t mind that you were shy. He knew how you were with him and how comfortable you were with only him. It made him feel really special that you were safe with him. Jungkook would make sure you were comfortable when you were out and always tell you comforting words. “Shhh… I’m right here. I promise.” He’d say, giving you a soft kiss.

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Sinful Delights(Christian Yu x OOC x Jungkook AMBW)

SOOOOO Of course I have a thing for pissing of my best friends and really fucking them up when I need payback. I had to get payback against this little hoe for lying to me about a certain someone. BUT ALSO i saw a LOT of people talk about both Christian and Jungkook so I thought why not do it? But this is for her. For my.. “Angel” ;) @silhouetted-beauty

A light knock on you and Christian’s shared apartment door alerted you that someone had come to see you both. Though you didn’t know of anyone coming to see you and your lover it appeared his friends tried to pop up all the time to hang out with him, and occasionally you had a friend who came over to visit you but never as much as Christian. Pushing down the hems of your shorts and your ‘borrowed’ shirt that you stole from Christian you opened the door smiling a bit too widely once you saw who was on the other side of the door.

“J-Jungkook?” You asked softly as you opened the door wider. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you preparing for tour? Or your comeback?” You hurled questions at him left and right causing the male to laugh as he looked down at you.

“Noona you’re always such an eager girl.. Aren’t you?” The way he asked that, or maybe it was how he looked down at you. Regardless your nose flared as you watched the male cursing your height for a second.

“Whatever Jungkook. What are you doing here?” You asked again crossing your arms over your chest.

“I came to see your boyfriend.. I know he is here because I just texted him. Could you let me in?” He asked taking a step towards you but you blocked him shaking your head.

“No, unless you answer my questions first.” You said in a matter of fact tone. Jungkook seemed a bit surprised but it didn’t stay there long before he was shoving his hands into the confines of his pockets and you had to admit he looked good. Baggy blue jeans, an open plaid red and black shirt with a black V-neck under it and his beloved timberland boots.  His brown hair curly and some fringes falling into his eyes.

“To answer your questions, I already told you why I’m here. There is no tour for another month but we are preparing noona we are BTS and we are ready. Also, the comeback isn’t happening until next month so can you please relax for me? I mean I know I’m your bias and all but you don’t have to be so worked up over me.” Jungkook teased brushing past you to slip in the house as you tried to collect yourself from falling over or having your mouth drop on the ground.

“USED TO JUNGKOOK! YOU USED TO! I LOVE YOU ALL NOW!” You shouted at the back of his head as you shut the door walking into the apartment. You were going to kill your friend the next moment you got your hands on her.

Christian looked up at Jungkook as soon as he entered the front room. He smiled widely and reached a hand out to slap with the younger male’s and you moved to sit on the couch right beside the table Christin was positioned at. They started to chit chat among each other while you were furiously sending death threats to your best friend as fast as your fingers would move on your iPhone 6s plus.

“Hmm. I see your dilemma. Angel can you give us some time alone?” Christian asked and you stopped looking up at the both men. Christian used that nickname of yours always knowing that you loved it and you would always respond. ‘I have wings’ right back to him. You tilted your head watching them both huffing as you shook your head feeling like you wanted to stay around both male’s. You did love all of BTS but Jungkook did used to be your only bias and you had to admit he was fine though you hated to say that to anyone most of the times.

“Do I have to?” You drawled out looking up at Christian letting a pout grace your lips because usually he gave you whatever you wanted. Including your way.

“Well, no you don’t but since this is personal I will be stepping inside the room with Jungkook. If Lori wakes up I’ll bring her in here.” Christian said about to stand when Jungkook grabbed at him shaking his head appearing anxious as his eyes shifted between the pair of you.

“Hyung we can let her hear. I actually wanted her input on things as well.” Jungkook seemed afraid to really read your gaze but he looked in your face when he wasn’t so nervous. You found him to be cute and endearing. Christian noticing the way you two seemed to look at each other he sat back down. It was no secret you used to have a crush on Jungkook. Well it was to him until he heard you and your best friend arguing, about the male and you had denied him for so long.

“So, what is this about?” You asked sitting up and throwing your phone to the side giving them both all your attention and deciding to wait to finish chewing out your friend. Christian looked at Jungkook smirking slightly and though you didn’t like that look you weren’t going to say anything to him about it now.

“Jungkook here just had some concerns about sex that’s all.” Christian said testing the waters.

“What? I thought you got a lot of action the way you handle yourself on stage.” You teased not really registering what you were implying. Christian’s eyes grew wide and Jungkook choked on his spit but he felt proud nonetheless.

“Have you ever heard the saying sex sells?” He teased as he watched you. “I’m not a virgin by any means but I don’t have the time to just go out and get myself laid with how much I work. But like now I occasionally find free time to get out of the dorms and sneak around.” Jungkook explained to you as he relaxed a bit feeling more comfortable now that he was talking to the both of you.

“That makes sense. Well, what are you really worried about? Sex is best learnt through experience.” You stated with a soft smirk on your lips thinking about all that you and Christian had done in the time that you had been together.

“Well that’s the point, I don’t really have anyone..” Jungkook mumbled as he played with his fingers and you continued being quite oblivious to what was going on.

“I’m sure you can find someone! Jungkook you’re handsome, an idol and I’m sure you could make one post or even look at someone and they would be ready to give it to you.” You smiled comfortingly not seeing the daggers that Christian were giving to you.

“Well if that’s the case. Why don’t you help him out?” Christian asked reserving his facial features. You couldn’t believe what he was saying. You stare at your boyfriend with almost wide eyes tilting your head.

“Excuse me? Why would I when I’m dating you?” You said rolling your eyes as if it was common since.

“Well that’s the beauty of it.” Christian stated sitting up to look at you. You were beyond done with the male at this point and you had so much to say to him. Before you could get a word out Jungkook was pipping in cutting off your oncoming fighting match of volume.

“Yeah noona because I was thinking.. Like you said those girls would be my fans. And I don’t want to risk having a one-night stand with them or anyone else even if they are famous. It can lead to a scandal and the groups image as well as mine could be ruined.” Jungkook was speaking lightly but when he saw you weren’t really buying it he sighed softly. “Noona you are dating Christian which is why I know you wouldn’t go tell on me or to report anything because it would hurt you and him. And I’ve also told hyung this a lot but you’re very.. Beautiful. It only helps that you’re his girlfriend. I had honestly thought about this for a while but I didn’t know what you or he would say until he brought it up to me that you were a fan.” Jungkook said wrinkling his nose as he watched you. Your eyes shifted to Christian and back to Jungkook before you pushed a hand through your puffed up curly hair.

“And you’re okay with something like this? We aren’t inviting a girl into the mix.” You replied frowning as you stare at him and he chuckled shaking his head.

“I mean, of course I was against it. But I know that you used to have a crush on him. And I want to give you anything you want angel, I also want him to be safe and do it with someone he trusts. Considering he doesn’t go out and explore much I thought it would be kind of hot to see you play with someone. But I get to make the rules. I get to tell you both what to do and when and if I don’t like it I get to say stop. And you can’t cum inside of her. Anywhere but in her mouth or her pussy.” Christian said as he looked at Jungkook and then back at you.

“Okay but I don’t even bias just him! I bias all of BTS!” You tried to reason again cursing everything to hell at this point.

“Well if you can’t do it for me or yourself or him. How about you do it for BTS?” Christian said with a smirk dancing on his beautiful lips. You sat there and thought about it for a second and you were torn. Yes, you wanted to do it and yes you knew it was once in a lifetime but you were unsure about the consequences afterwards. Having more feelings for Jungkook when you fought so hard to get rid of them. Both men watched you, waiting for you to give the final verdict.

“Alright then. If you really don’t have any problem I don’t mind helping out.” You finally gave in with a sigh leaning back into the couch. As soon as those words left your lips, Christian got up to shut the bedroom door so that Lori couldn’t get out right away if she woke up. Christian moved back to sit on the chair beside Jungkook as they both watched you.

“Stand up and strip off your shorts and panties.” Christian said a bit too eagerly. You shook your head laughing as you stood up. You were slightly nervous but you didn’t want that to show now because you wanted Jungkook to think you were so sexy and such a different girl from all the rest that he has had or will have. You gripped at your shorts and undid the buttons before the zipper letting the fabric fall off your chocolate smooth thighs and onto the floor. Next were your white lace panties that were slightly see through. You bent over to pull them off before you sat on the couch once again.

“I want you to touch yourself, get all nice and worked up for us.” Christian said with a husky voice and you knew he was becoming excited already. You stared at him for a second before you lifted your legs to place against the end of the couch and spread your legs wide. You brought two fingers up from your left-hand sucking on them and getting them wet letting your silver and pink tongue piercing glide over the digits and once you were satisfied with how wet they were you moved them down to your pussy and started to immediately rub your clit moaning softly. Your head rolled to the side as you watched them, your toes curling as your fingers started to rub harshly against your clit and you cried out softly. Your hips pushed up against your fingers but you didn’t keep them there for too long. You moved one down to dip inside of your pussy causing Christian to groan and shift in his seat as Jungkook pulled at his pants trying to adjust himself. They were both getting excited watching how you fingered yourself, your free hand moved to spread your pussy lips wide so that they could both see your digit dipping in as deep as you could make it.

“Come on angel, I know that you can take more than that. Don’t be shy in front of Jungkook he’s a big boy who knows what you can give him. Be good.” Christian taunted and though your cheek were red you nodded, adding another finger inside of your pussy thrusting them both in and out of your pussy curling them as you cried out in pleasure. It wasn’t hard for you to find your own spot because foreplay like this was something you did from time to time and it also helped that you got off when the male was gone at work or out with his friends.

“Jungkook. Go eat her out.” Christian said softly after he watched you for a few more minutes. He wouldn’t admit it but he was growing impatient already and he wanted to get a taste of you for himself. You let your fingers move faster inside of your heart becoming more turned on by the command he gave to the male who was eager to get up and fall onto his knees in front of you.

“Jungkook.” You moaned softly as he grabbed onto your ankles to pull your legs further apart. Jungkook moved to push the long shirt up around your waist making sure he could see your pussy better. He gripped at your wrist pulling your fingers from inside of your heat and he started to suck on them, making sure he cleaned your juices off your fingers sucking on them until he was sure that he cleaned them off. He placed your hand beside your body and he moved to place a kiss against your pussy, your hand was quick to grip at his brown locks as you pulled him closer. He moaned against your heat, the vibrations caused your hips to shake lightly and buck against his face. Jungkook let his tongue slide up and down your pussy lips French kissing them before he dipped his tongue to flick against your clit. He nibbled slightly on the bud pulling it against his pink lips, his eyes locked on yours. His tongue was eagerly lapping up and down your slit and tapping at your entrance. Your hand pulled harder at his hair and Christian hummed standing up to get on his knees beside the male.

“Here she likes it like this.” Christian said softly, he pushed at Jungkook’s face gently careful not to hurt him. Jungkook got the hint and moved back watching as Christian caressed your thighs and slapped them once before he slid his tongue inside of your warm wet pussy. Your silk velvet walls wrapping around his thick pink tongue that was eager to taste you and fuck you until you were crying his name. His tongue grinding against your walls the tip of his tongue eagerly grazing your spot and then missing on purpose. He had you writing against the couch as he vibrated his tongue inside of you and moved to pull back with some of your juices on his face. “You think you can keep up with me?” Christian asked Jungkook as he slapped at your wet pussy twice causing your hips to push off the couch. Jungkook nodded his head and Christian gently pushed his head back towards your pussy. “Eat her out with me.” Christian winked up at you as the both started to slip their tongues inside of your pussy. Slurping and pushing their tongues deep inside of your pussy. Sometimes one of their tongues pressed against your clit, sucking and nibbling on it. You didn’t know who was doing what, but both of their tongues were magic to your pussy and you urged them both to push away but Christian pushed your thighs down against the couch diving face first into your heat and Jungkook followed his lead until you had one hand gripped into each of their head’s crying out as you came on Jungkook’s tongue. The lewd sounds of your pussy being munched on as they moaned against your heat was like music to your ears and as you were pinned down to take it all Christian helped you ride out your orgasm as your hips calmed down. You reached a hand up to shakily graze through Jungkook’s hair with a soft touch. He pulled back from you both of their lips and chin dripping with your essence that they each cleaned up.

“Jungkook, I want you to lay down on the couch and eat her out while she sucks your dick.” Christian said with arousal thick in his accent. You were shocked to find out he was so willingly and demanding with his wants for you. Jungkook who seemed more eager to comply now, he stood up and started to undo his pants and push them down his legs. You were a bit shocked to see that he didn’t have on any boxers. He took off his shirts as well and lifted you up, positioning you to bring your pussy over his face, one of your legs seemed to be trapped under the cushions at the back of the couch as your foot from your other leg pressed down against the floor. You looked down at his thick organ, you gripped at his shaft pumping him slowly watching him seem to swell up in your hand. Your hand moved against him before you leaned down to swipe your tongue piercing up and down his slit. He moaned out against your pussy, shuddering warm breaths against your pussy lips that caused you to moan out loud as you played with his head. He started to suck and flick his tongue against your pussy until he pushed it deep inside of your pussy. Jungkook moved his tongue up and down the expanse of your pussy making sure he left no area untouched while you worked on starting to suck on his thick shaft, it was big filling your mouth but you didn’t care one bit. You moaned around him, letting your tongue flick against his veins or any inch of his skin that wasn’t coated with your spit yet. You praised having piercings because it made men lose their mind whenever you went down on them. You felt your ass cheeks being slapped and kneaded and soon you were being spread wide, you didn’t have time to focus, your hands playing with Jungkook’s balls you felt a squeal leave your lips causing you to choke on Jungkook’s dick as Christian slid his tongue against your puckered asshole. He played with the rim, flicking at your asshole until it was wet and slowly he pushed his tongue inside of you groaning at the tight space there. Christian ate your ass out as Jungkook worked on your pussy, their slick tongues invading both of your holes and you continued to choke every time you moaned against Jungkook’s shaft. He groaned softly slapping at your hips and your thighs sometimes dragging his nails down your skin as well.

Christian played with your ass teasingly dipping his tongue in and out your ass before he felt you tighten your holes around his tongue as well as Jungkook’s. With one hand rubbing at your clit and your spot continuously being played with you couldn’t help but find your release again your eyes rolling back as you started to swallow around Jungkook who was breathing hard. Christian pulled back slapping at both ass cheeks before he bit onto them moving around the couch to grip at your hair forcing your head off his shaft as Jungkook helped you ride out your orgasm.

“I want you to ride him. Be a good girl and bounce that pussy on his dick do you hear me?” Christian asked growing against your lips as he kissed you hard on your lips. He slipped his tongue into your mouth letting your tongues battle for dominance as you moved yourself to pull down onto Jungkook’s lap. Your hand gripped at his shaft as you made out with Christian. Slowly you rolled your hips up and down on his shaft, coating his dick with your pussy juices you teased him and Jungkook didn’t know what was hotter, looking at your chocolate sweet pussy tease his dick, the way your ass cheek tightened up when you felt pleasure or how you were lip locked with Christian who showed so much dominance over your body.

“Noona don’t fucking tease!” Jungkook almost growled at you, Christian smirked moving his hand to slap at your ass cheek causing it to jiggle from the hit and he gripped at the flesh harshly pulling back to bit and suck on your bottom lip.

“Be a good girl and treat him right baby. Don’t get distracted by daddy.” He teased talking to you like you were younger when you were the eldest out of the both men. Nodding your head, you steadied yourself against his shaft slowly moving yourself to drop down on his dick. You moaned out his name softly as you watched Christian holding his eye contact as you sunk down onto his shaft holding him deep inside of you. Christian watched you for a bit as you rolled your hips and started to pick yourself up and drop yourself down onto his shaft. He was impressed with how you were doing so well for him. Jungkook moved to grip at your hips starting to slam you down as his hips bucked up. It seems his was tired of playing around, fucking you deep and hard he started to roll his hips up against yours fucking your wet heat until your juices were sliding out to rest at his balls. Christian moved back to strip himself of his clothes and gripped at your hair once again as well as his shaft. He tapped his dick against your lower lip watching as you opened your mouth trying to take him into your mouth. He chuckled softly before he was slipping his dick past your pink lips and you took the initiative. Starting to bob your head up and down his shaft quickly trying to get him off as quick as you could you used your hands to rest against his thighs knowing that he loved it the most when you only used your tongue.

You deepthroated him starting to pick up the speed as he rolled his hips forward burying himself deep into your warm wet cavern. Your spit started to slide down your chin as he face fuck you aiding with you to suck on his dick more eagerly. Jungkook continued to rut his hips against yours groaning in pleasure at how your ass bounced against his hips, he could feel his lower stomach tightening up because of how well you used your mouth on him and now your warm walls were sucking him and you were a beautiful sight to see before him. How you were taking both dicks to him was something so erotic he knew he would never be able to get it out of his mind.

“Christian, I’m about to cum!” Jungkook groaned out hoarsely and maybe you were provoking him by continuing to squeeze tightly around his dick eager for the curses and moans that slipped past his lips. He gripped harshly at your hips enough to bruise as Christian pulled away from you. Jungkook slipped out of you slowly and Christian picked you up as if you didn’t weigh a damn thing and moved to put you on your knees in front of the male. He slapped at your ass and aligned himself up with your pussy, slowly sliding back inside of you causing you both to groan out in pleasure.

“Clean off his dick. Use that mouth of yours to make him cum, I know you can do it slut.” Christian taunted in your ear as he pressed his chest against your back watching as you stroked Jungkook’s organ and went back to work sucking him off. You bobbed your head up and down trying to get Jungkook off watching how his chest heave and tighten up as he got closer to an orgasm. Jungkook moved to pull your head off his cock. He stroked his dick off in your face, quickly his dark eyes looking down into your eyes as Christian pounded into you from behind. He let your hips smack together as he swirled them and searched for you spot. Christian could feel his own orgasm approaching but he wanted to get you off first. His hand moving around your body to rub at your clit. He brought his free hand up to his mouth sucking on his middle finger and he slid it inside of your asshole that he had already stretched out with his tongue and he started to finger fuck your ass with his finger sometimes holding it deep inside of you to give you to feeling of being full. His hips snapped and rocked against yours, and your eyes started to roll back as you became incoherent with your words and moans. Jungkook was quick to slide to the end of the couch and he slowly released his white cum on your face in thick ropes making sure to miss your mouth like Christian wanted. He moaned out your name as he came stroking his slick shaft until nothing was left.

Christian thought the sight was so erotic, and he rubbed harder at your pussy slamming against your spot. Your ass was jiggling and bouncing back against his hips as he brought you to your end. Your mouth hanging open as your body started to burn and shake from his thrusts. You were a ruined mess cumming on his shaft and your hands were eager to grip onto Jungkook’s thighs to steady yourself as you got lost in pleasure. Christian was next to follow you cumming deep inside of your pussy holding you close with one arm around your waist. He groaned as he gave you a few extra deep thrusts making sure to bury all that he had inside of you. He slid his finger out of you and pulled you down with him onto the floor. Jungkook got up on wobbly legs disappearing and you were eager to know how he tasted so you licked off what of his cum landed close to your lips shuddering softly.

“You’re such a fucking slut.” Christian growled against your ear making you feel flustered but also extremely proud as you felt the twitching inside of you.

Jungkook came back with a warm towel rubbing your face off making sure to clean you off all the cum and he kissed your lips sweetly giving you a light make-out session. “If I ever need lessons again I know who to come to. Thank you, guys, but I snuck out so I have to go.” He gripped at his clothes and changed in front of you both before he left you both on the ground.

“So, what do I get another round with you all to myself?” He asked and you could hear Lori scratching on the door causing you to laugh.

“Sorry baby I think we woke princess up and she needs her daddy a bit more than I do.” You teased as he slipped from inside of you scrambling to get clothes as he yelled at his door telling Lori to calm down and you used this chance to grab at your phone and your clothes running to the bathroom to shower and get yourself off one more time.

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No but really this was great and I’d love to read more of it, I find the idea super interesting, like sirens are such a common and wellknown threat that lifeguards are hired specifically for their ability to resist them, super cool!

Sorry it took me a little while to respond to this, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to draw a lil smth for it

There was a time of the evening when it was easiest to strike. Sock had gotten it down to a science. When it got darker and cooler, the crowd on the beach thinned, and so too did the number of lifeguards. Three, two, and then just one, standing watch over the tourists still milling about on the sand and splashing around in the shallows. One life guard, however watchful, couldn’t keep track of everything at once, and there were blind spots to be exploited if you knew where they were.

Needless to say, Sock did.

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I’ve killed many people. Never bothered me much. That’s why I was good at it. I didn’t like them suffering, though. Took me years to figure out how to do it quickly, painlessly. But if you don’t tell me, I’m gonna forget all of that. Understand? And I’ll make the last three minutes of your life last forever.

About stuttering

Hey, writer folk: 

I’m gonna drop a little education on a speech impediment I have: a stutter! 

Why? Mainly because most people write stutters terribly and it annoys the heck out of me.

So, let’s start with the basics: 

Stuttering is a speech disorder. Most people think of it as being where the flow of speech is interrupted by the involuntary repetition of sounds, words, or phrases (this is the sterotypical stutter you see in movies, though even that’s inaccurate which I’ll get to later). However, it also involves involuntary prolongation of sounds (I call it getting stuck on a sound, cuz that’s what it feels like. when this happens for me it is like I lengthen a word for no apparent reason. “geeeeeeting mmmmmilk. Want some?” type of thing), and involuntary stops (it’s like my mouth just dammed up the flow of words here - I know exactly what I want to say, I just can’t get my mouth to say it. This is the most frustrating because when I can make words I can still speech-communicate but if I have a stubborn stop I can’t at all - autistic loss of words feels very similar but more long lasting and also sometimes involves language structure and word retrieval as well). Lastly, it can also involve involuntary insertion of meaningless sounds - ums, ahs, and ers are pretty common. Some stutterers, me included, often curse when we’re having trouble as well (and I dunno why but the curse for me usually comes out pretty easily even though the sentence itself is not. Don’t ask me why, but it happens - I think cuz speaking with a stutter is like trying to hold onto a handful of sand where the harder you try to say something, the harder it is to say.  

Now, how does stuttering happen in real life

For one, people who stutter usually have more trouble at the start of the sentence, and less as it goes on. Movies almost always get this wrong. A person who writes stutters well would write “I have a stutter” with a severe stutter less like this: 

“I-I-I-I-I h-h-have a-a-a-a-a st-st-st-st-stutter.” 

And more like this: 

“I-I, uh, I have, uuuuh, I hhhhhh- fuck - I hhhhaaaaa, um, I have- I have a- um, I have a stutter.” 

Do you get the difference? It starts off with a lot of trouble at the beginning, and gets smoother as you work through. 

Secondly, stutters are variable. Meaning they change depending on the situation. For me, the more anxious I am, the more I stutter. The more angry I am, the more I stutter (often, I can’t communicate aloud at all if I’m furious, my involuntary stops get so bad. I can have a whole speech I want to say in my head and nothing can get out and it just makes me more furious). On the other hand, if I’m calm or relaxed, I often don’t stutter at all. That movie or book character who has a severe stutter always and forever without ever changing? Doesn’t really happen very often. There are people like that, but not many. Far more common are people like me, who can talk effectively - maybe not completely fluently, but who can make effective communication in a fairly efficient manner - some or even a lot of the time, but who in some situations can’t talk well or at all. And sometimes, there’s a person who doesn’t seem to stutter at all (probably does but not in a way that people who don’t know stutters will notice) a lot of the time, who will in a high stress situation suddenly have a really hard time communicating. 

Thirdly, a lot of people with stutters have more trouble with certain phrases or sounds than with others, and will try to rephrase their thoughts if they know that what they’re about to say is going to hit a lot of trouble. This is why I am absolutely terrible at oral exams - the stress of the exam drives my stutter into overdive (though I can give a talk without stuttering, go figure - I imagine because it’s scripted cuz scripts seem to help for me), and sometimes I literally can’t give the correct answer because I can’t say it, and instead of just giving the oral exam, it’s like I’m doing a second exam at the same time trying to figure out how I can actually get what I want to say out around my stutter. 

Fourthly, stuttering is not just a kid thing. People of any age can stutter, and less than 1 in 5 of those who stutter past age 5 will stop stuttering before adulthood. Toddlers, however, very often start stuttering and then have their stutter resolve on its own within two years. Teenagers and adults who stutter will never not stutter. Those stutters do not resolve - though they may reduce in severity. However if your story has the main character magically not stuttering anymore ever? Not going to happen. Learning to make peace with their stutter and communicate effectively around it even when it’s acting up, on the other hand? Actually happens. 

Lastly, how to help stuttering: Drawing the person’s attention to the stutter, teasing them, pressuring them to speak more quickly, advising them to stop and take a breath or take their time or what have you, and in general applying negative social pressure to stuttering are all counter-productive. By which I mean they make stuttering worse, and make it harder to speak smoothly. 

What actually does help? On a one-on-one basis, basically shutting up and letting the person with a stutter do their thing to get the words out without input or judgement. If what they want to say is obvious, you can substitute a word now and then (sometimes it helps me get past a block for someone to do that), but don’t play 20 questions and definitely don’t do any of the stuff in the previous paragraph. 

Additionally, I am told that modern therapy is helpful. Speech therapy I had as a kid was overall less than useful (with the exception of teaching me to try to re-phrase stuff I was blocking on which actually did help with real communication but the “concentrate on your mouth to make the sounds” stuff just made it worse honestly), but apparently it’s changed since then. 

And all of that ^^ should give you a start on how to write stuttering properly - though you should still do a lot of research on it and talk to people with stutters about their experience with stuttering stigma and stuff like that about how to deal with it.

EDIT: I should note that a user messaged me with a good point that I thought should be included, and that is this: not all people with stutters find the same things helpful. Frex, I find it useful if I’m completely blocking on an obvious word for someone else to substitute it, but this user absolutely hates that. If you know someone who stutters, ask before you start substituting words or anything like that - they’ll tell you what helps them. 


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As I sit in the back of the classroom, I watch her. I watch her as she works on her math homework two rows in front and three sets to the right of me. And I wonder why I am so captivated by her. It’s because Y/N Y/L/N is perfect. Her hair is beautifully styled and her clothes compliment her body gorgeously.

“Jug snap out of it. You’re staring again,“ I turn to my left to see my friend Archie talking to me.

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Scorpio's Opinion of the Signs
  • Aries: I like how passionate you are, but like could you maybe love me more? Or maybe like tell ME WHAT YOU FUCKING THINK it's annoying when you just shrug off important things.
  • Taurus: You're pretty okay, and when things are good, they're great. However, when things are bad they're fucking hell. Could you not hold a grudge for 3000000 years please?
  • Gemini: I mean, when we first started talking it was alright, but the second we became closer it was like "what are you and why don't you ever talk about anything even slightly important" You're funny tho
  • Cancer: I LOVE YOU, except for when you get really pissed off at tiny things. However, I really like how you know how to talk about things seriously and you can also be really sweet. You're so generous and caring.
  • Leo: Honestly, you're not all that too bad, until we start arguing. I only have problems with Leos who don't agree with me. When they don't, it's like world war 400 up in this bitch. But you're super funny, and I like your passion.
  • Virgo: Your attention to detail is appreciated, but I don't like the way you are stuck in your ways and can be stuck up. You're good for deep conversations and cuddles though.
  • Libra: As best friends, I love the shit out of you. As for a partner, you're way too flighty and change your mind too much and don't commit enough. I like how you see the good in everything.
  • Scorpio: I love other Scorpios, until we fight. An argument between two Scorpios will go on for literally years because neither one will give up. Sex between two Scorpios is hecka great though
  • Sagittarius: I like how unique you are. I like how much you like to put yourself out there and be seen, but sometimes it can be too much like narcissism and I don't like that. Also try to stop exaggerating.
  • Capricorn: Do you understand that ignoring people all the time is really annoying? Also stop trying to compete with me. I mean, besides that you're pretty good to talk to and you have a nice sense of humor.
  • Aquarius: I don't understand you, I don't understand why you don't feel things and that when you do you won't just say it, because talking about things helps so much. I like your mind though, I can have very intellectual conversations with you for hours.
  • Pisces: I adore you, until you're mad. Your look at the world is so dreamy and romantic, and I love that. I love how you can talk in depth about literally anything with me. I just don't like how you are such a demon when you're mad. It's like chill, you're a baby fish, you're not a swamp demon and you're not fooling anyone.
My love, my life, my always.

REQUEST: Omg so I really really REALLY love your writing and I was wondering if by chance and when you have time, to maybe write a blurb or something about Harry not really liking PDA and Y/N is comfortable with that, but there are articles out saying how their relationship is about to be over and Y/N never usually pays attention and she finds herself a bit hurt by it, with maybe a little argument but lots of fluff at the end?? Thank you in advance if you do this! have a great day xxxxxx

I literally sat down & wrote this all in one sitting after receiving this prompt because it gave me all the feels. Hope you like it, beauty. Much love. xo

You and Harry had been dating for about six months now.

You had met completely by chance. You were spending the weekend in LA with one of your old friends and he happened to be there. All you did was walk up to him and ask for a picture—a picture turned into a conversation, a conversation turned into drinks, drinks turned into lunch the next day, and the two of you just…took off.

You never expected to fall in love with each other. Yeah, you were a fan and you loved him like any other, but you weren’t expecting him to love you back. You didn’t think that he would look at you, the high strung little human being that you were, and say “hey, I’m in love with this girl.” Not when he could choose basically anyone he wanted.

And then there were the things that you didn’t expect.

For example, as soon as you two became public at about four months, there was an absolute uproar.

You weren’t the slimmest of people. There was pudge on your belly and stretchmarks on your hips, there was absolutely no thigh gap in between your legs, and you were incredibly insecure about your arms. For the most part you felt beautiful and good about yourself, but as soon as you and Harry became public people began looking for things to tear apart.

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I keep wondering why it’s so hard for me to connect with people. I’m not good at making friends, or romantic partners. Even though I am nice, loving, and take interest in others, it more than likely turns out to not be reciprocated or they have tons of other friends so I’m near the bottom of the list. I do have one best friend, but he’s long distance and we don’t talk as much anymore because he’s busy. I am scared of fading away into my existence and no one even noticing or caring. It hurts.

Ok but can we please talk about Gryffindor Lee Chan?

• Lee Chan whose parents are quidditch players

• They are both beaters for the same team, that’s how they met

• Lee Chan who was practically born in the quidditch field

• His first Christmas gift was a mini broom that levitated a few inches above the ground

• Lee Chan who counted the days until he received his Hogwarts letter

• And then counted the days until he got into Hogwarts

• That’s just how excited he was

• Lee Chan who walked into the train station a little bit uncertain

• It didn’t help that people kept whispering about him and his parents

• But soon he found Jeonghan

• And then Hansol, and then Hoshi

• And soon enough, without even noticing he was sitting with twelve other boys

• By the end of the trip all of the boys had about a hundred galleons on which house he was going to get sorted in

• Hoshi and Seungcheol were the only ones who got in right

• Lee Chan who sat down for 0.2 seconds with the hat on his head

• Because let’s be honest this kid is nothing but a Gryffindor

• The whole Gryffindor table was going wild

• Because “This boy is a legacy and he will ruin your asses at quidditch!”-Choi Hansol probably

• He wasn’t wrong

• Lee Chan who got into the Gryffindor quidditch team first year

• He’s best seeker Gryffindor has ever had

• Like Harry Potter who?

• Lee Chan who has an affinity for Care of Magical creatures

• And by affinity I mean he is obsessed with it

• His favorite book is fantastic beasts and where to find them

• Wonwoo gave it to him for his fifteenth birthday

• He has read it about a thousand times

• Chan even got it signed

• Lee Chan who is sure Jeonghan charmed him into admitting he was his baby

• At first it didn’t bother him

• But “Dammit Jeonghan I’m a fifth year! I’m too old for this!”

• “Then why do you keep saying it?”


• If you ask Jeonghan though he would say he’s never charmed anyone into doing something they didn’t want to do

• Lee Chan who blends in with people from every house and every year • He hangs out with everyone, that’s just his personality

• Lee Chan who Seokmin sucked into video games third year

• It all started when Seokmin smuggled a few Nintendo games into school

• He now is addicted to them

• Lee Chan who gets in trouble all the time because he can’t not talk back

• “Lee Chan can you stop showing off and catch the snitch?”

• “I don’t know Soonyoung can you stop telling me what to do and mind your own damn business?”

• Needles to say Seungkwan’s commentary goes wild every time Dino goes savage

• Again Harry Potter who??

• Lee Chan who by fifth year already had five quidditch teams pinning after him

• He decided to graduate first though

• Saying that he wanted to have a normal life

• As normal as he could have when he was constantly getting dragged into the schemes of twelve other boys

• Lee Chan who actually discovered how to make the marauder’s map work • Don’t ask him how though he has no idea

• He doesn’t use it often (mostly because Minghao practically monopolized its use)

• But when he does is mostly so he can sneak into the kitchens at night

• Lee Chan who spends Christmas at Hogwarts because every year at least one of the boys has to stay and he doesn’t want to leave them alone

• The boys just think he doesn’t like going home for the holidays

• But little by little they started catching up to it

• They never mention it though

• They know Chan doesn’t really like it when people thank him

• Lee Chan who will literally take the blame every time one of his friends is caught

• Because he has the trouble maker reputation and it won’t personally affect him

• Lee Chan who is the definition of Gryffindor’s golden boy


Ravenclaw Wonwoo   Hufflepuff Seungkwan   Slytherin MinghaoRavenclaw Jun  Gryffindor Hansol   Hufflepuff Seokmin Ravenclaw Jihoon  Hufflepuff Jisoo  Gryffindor Chan 

*Loyal & Brave* Newt x Reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing. Do you think maybe you could do a Newt Imagine where the reader is insecure and he finds out somehow and he makes them feel better?? Thanks lovely

Walking down the hallway, you pushed past all the other students as you tried to make your way to your favorite spot out by the lake. You had been attending Hogwarts for three years but you just never seem to fit in all that well. Yes, you had friends but they weren’t what you’d call ‘close friends’. Most days you spent alone or away from everyone else. You always felt out of place and like you didn’t fit in. You weren’t popular but you also weren’t unpopular. No one bullied you or bothered you…. they just simply let you be. As much as you tried to convince yourself you were okay with it, you secretly weren’t. 

Placing your books down on the grass you sat beneath a tree and looked out at the glistening water. It was a fairly warm March afternoon and this was your favorite spot to sit and relax during your break in between classes. 

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I swear to fucking God, I can’t scroll down the fucking HZD tag without someone posting ship hate about Erend or Nil.

And it’s not even them talking about how they may or may not be compatible due to their personalities and belief systems. Nope.

Whenever they talk about Erend, they always talk about how he’s just another bland “ Bland piece of white beard,” who’s “ Too old, fat and immature.”

Whenever they talk about Nil, they just talk about face value bullshit without even thinking about the complexity of his character.

Then they talk about how they KNOW why people don’t ship Varl or Vanasha.

Well since you fucks are having trouble understanding why people like them, let me try explaining why I like them:

I like Erend because he was the first person who treated Aloy as an equal right off the bat. She didn’t have to do anything to gain his approval or earn his respect. He was nice and flirty when Aloy felt out of place and unwanted by the Nora.

He welcomed her into the city and helped her even though he was grieving over what he thought was his sister’s horrible murder.

(BUT HE WAS DRUNK!) Yeah, if I thought my sister had her face fucking bashed in to the point of no longer existing, I’d fucking drink myself into a stupor too.

He acted like a real person desperately asking Aloy to help him find the killer and some sentiment of closure.

He never doubted Aloy even though he couldn’t see what she could. Trusted her completely, and thanked her for giving him hope and then thanking her for giving him one last moment with his sister before she died.

Then he has a growing moment, instead of killing his sister’s killer, he obeys his king, like she wanted. He’s hurting, but he’s going to grow up and be the man his sister wanted him to be.

This is made clear when he talks to Aloy. Before he thought he was just a big shot talking to a pretty girl, now he knows that he was just a lucky little shit who didn’t know who was standing in front of him, and how he was lucky enough to just get a few minutes of her time.


Yeah, he’s immature. We’ve established that. But instead of staying that way, he’s making conscious decisions to be a better man. Yes, it’s going to take time, people don’t change in an instant. I’m sure by the DLC or next game Erend will be a different man.

Here’s why I like Nil:

He’s an interesting character who’s entire background is shrouded in mystery.

You learn that he was a soldier with a dark past, he’s honorable and isn’t just a mindless killer with a sword.

He follows rules to the fucking letter, and he never pressures anyone into anything.


Yeah, and by doing so, he helps the people settled around their encampment, makes the roads safer to travel, and deters other bandits from settling in.


There really isn’t. When Lonelight was constantly getting attacked by Glithhawks, the guards stopped even trying to fight them. The townspeople had to get help from the Hunter’s Lodge.

The guards aren’t going to go out of there way to defend a settlement, the only way they’d deal with the bandits is if they’re close by to the city, or if the bandits are wiping them out.

Nil doesn’t need a reason or a reward, he does it as soon as he knows where to go.


He’s constantly isolated from human interaction. Of course he comes off that way, with nothing else to think about, and no form of positive or negative responses from people to shape him, what do you fucking expect?

But if you actually pay attention to him, he actually changes the more you talk to him. The very last time you talk to him, he seems almost ‘normal’. He even comments on Aloy’s look, saying that he can tell she’s been through some hard times, and that he hopes it ends quickly for her.

When you decline the duel, he changes and helps you during the final fight.

Nil is so interesting to me because he’s a disturbing individual who channels his bloodlust in a way that helps others. Nil is so interesting because he’s living with the side effects of isolation.

Nil is so interesting to me because he speaks intelligently, wears a soldier’s armor, admits to all of his wrongdoings, follows the rules set before him, and respects your boundaries.

If you say yes to his duel the first time, he asks for your consent again, saying that he doesn’t want to push you into it. But if you say no, that’s the end of it. That’s all it takes.

He’s heartbroken, but he doesn’t lash out or hate you for it.

Nil is a fucked up person, but he’s not and evil person. (I also have a voice kink, but that’s besides the point)




OH! And Erend isn’t fat, he has a muscle man physique, and his armor is an inch and a half of hardened leather with steel rings attached .

Heart Eyes [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

Heart Eyes

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @mus1ck1ll3r 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“[Y/N]!” shouted Ben, barging into your dorm room with Evie, Jay, and Carlos.

“Duck!” you exclaimed, getting on the floor.

Your friends all did the same. Being Cupid’s daughter meant you had to practice archery with love arrows… which is exactly what you had been doing. The arrow bounced off the walls a few times before landing in the middle of your target.

You stood up, and smiled, “I’ve still got it! Remind me to thank Queen Merida later. Now, what do you need?”

“We need you open the magic barrier, so we can bring Mal back from the Isle,” answered Evie.

“Why can’t you just use the remote?” you asked.

“Because there’s only one,” mumbled Jay.

“And Mal took it,” continued Carlos.

You sighed, “Alright, what could go wrong?”

- - -

“Would you look at that, Ben? Something went wrong!” you gasped, sarcastically. “And on the Isle of the Lost, where we shouldn’t be. Who knew?”

Ben glared at you. You had chased after him when said she wasn’t returning to Auradon. The two of you had left for a few minutes and were immediately surrounded by Uma’s crew.


Ben moved closer to you, and whispered, “Mal and the others will come for us.”

“I know they well, Ben,” you whispered, “but what happens until then?”

Ben was going to reply, but stopped when a hook appeared in front of your face. The person behind you rested their chin on one of your shoulders.

“What are we whispering about?” the person whispered.

You rolled your eyes, and replied, “Back off, Sea Urchin.”

“The name’s Harry Hook, actually,” greeted the teenager, stepping between you and Ben. “Who are you, love?”

“I’m in charge of Valentine’s Day,” you glared, “so take a guess.”

Harry only grinned at you. The group of pirates stopped in front of a tunnel.

“Go on, you two,” said Harry, gesturing to the tunnel.

You looked at Ben, and sighed, “I’m not going first.”

- - -

Uma smirked, “Do you wanna know what I get if I win?”

Mal rolled her eyes, and replied, “Still dreaming.”

The two proceeded to have an arm wrestling match; both of them wanted different things. Uma, unlike Mal, had a strategy. She would make Mal lose by surprising her. Uma waited, watching as Mal’s eyes began to glow a bright green.

“If I win, I get two things,” said Uma. “First: Your friend, Heart Eyes, stays on the Isle. Harry seems to like her–”

Mal’s strength faltered for a moment, but scoffed, “Leave her alone, Uma. She belongs in Auradon, not here.”

Uma smirked, “Second: You bring me Fairy Godmother’s magic wand.”

Mal’s eyes stopped glowing and she gasped. Uma took Mal’s moment of surprise; she forced Mal’s hand against the table. The villains around the two cheered loudly. Uma smirked at Mal, who stormed off.

- - -

“You know, if you weren’t on Uma’s side, you’d be kind of cute,” you said, looking at Harry, who had been watching you for a few minutes.

Harry let out a chuckle. He was put in charge of night watch by Uma. You couldn’t sleep. Because of this, you decided to talk to Harry. Though you hated to admit it, he was rather nice when he wasn’t around other villains.

“Whatever you say,” he sighed, looking at his feet.

“Why do you stay here?” you asked, noticing his change in demeanor.

“Where would I go?” he asked.

You hesitated for a moment: “You could go with me.”

Harry scoffed, “I think people would notice if I just showed up in Auradon.”

“Not if we can convince Ben,” you said, nodding to the sleeping king.

The idea seemed to be going through Harry’s head. He felt something for you, but he didn’t know what that feeling was. Little did he know, you felt the same way.

Harry nodded, “Okay. Mal is coming tomorrow. I’ll go with you.”

You smiled at him. And he smiled back.

- - -

“Jay, no!” you shouted, your sword clashing with Jay’s as he tried to fight Harry. “He’s coming with us!”

A sword fight behind when Mal and the others gave Uma a fake version of Fairy Godmother’s magic wand.

Jay stared at you with confusion, “What?”

“Jay, I’ll explain later,” you said. “Just take him to the limo and don’t let Uma see you!”

Jay sighed, “Okay.”

Jay began leading Harry through the crowd. Every few seconds, Harry would look back at you. You turned away to join the fight once more.

- - -

Your friends, excluding Jay who was driving back to Auradon, all stared you and Harry–even Dude! An awkward silence had filled the limo once everyone else saw Harry. They didn’t really know what to think of him.

“So… how have you all been?” you asked.

“Oh, you know… saving the kingdom,” answered Mal.

Another silence.

“You really want to live in Auradon, Harry?” asked Evie, trying to end the silence.

Harry looked at you, but answered her, “Yeah, I do.”

You smiled at him.

“You two are kind of perfect for each other,” admitted Ben.

The others nodded in agreement. They all watched as Harry took your hand in his own.

Yeah, you were perfect for each other.

A Timid Lie - Cheryl x Fem!Reader request


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53 @redhairedoddity

Anonymous said: hey, do you think you could do a archie or cheryl (whichever you’re more comfortable with) xreader where archie/cheryl gets really flustered around the reader and kind of rambles on about stuff which always makes the reader laugh, but that makes archie/cheryl kind of put down so they start to avoid the reader until the reader confronts them about it and they admit their feelings while the reader admits that the only reasont they laughed so much was because they were so happy around them?

A/N: I changed the prompt slightly but hope you like it.

“Oh my god….”

Y/N looked up from her book catching her friends eye across the table. “What C?”

“I mean just look at her outfit…I can’t understand how that Muggs girl leaves the house like that…”.


“Yeah yeah, I know. Be nice. But come on, that’s a cry for help over there!”.

The girl sat there and sighed, a bit disappointed in her friend. She knew Cheryl had a dramatic side - it was what partially drew her to the red headed bombshell. But sometimes Cheryl could be harsh for no reason. A reason that Cheryl herself would later admit.

Keep reading