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  • Symmetra: *Wakes up in a pool of blood* What... What happened? I thought we all...
  • Mercy: Died? *laughs* Heavens no! ... Well, yes. But only momentarily! Your hearts barely had time to stop beating! After Reaper broke my staff, he merely drained all of your blood. So! I just put it back in! *Pouring blood into Junkrat's chest*
  • Symmetra: I refuse to believe it's that easy.
  • Mercy: I know! Why do people even go to medical school?
  • Symmetra: Wait, how'd you separate out all the blood types?
  • Junkrat: Ha! "Different types of blood"! Sym came back stupid!
  • Mercy: Ha! Yes, what foolishness... *Whispering* Satya, I've been using my own underwear to sponge blood out of puddles. Trust me. The type is the least of your problems.
  • Symmetra: Oh God... Are we going to be okay...?
  • Mercy: I would drink plenty of water. Oh, and blood if you can find any.
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New Carver/Merrill ship blog!

Do you ship Merrill/Carver? Struggling to find fanart or fanfic for the pairing for you to enjoy? Or have you created art or fic for the pairing, and struggle to reach other people who also ship this rare pair?

Then look no further – @carvermerrill is the place to come for all your shipping needs! We’ve only been around for a few days, but we have some great content lined up to share with you – so come and check us out! 

1) What will you be featuring?

Fanart, fanfic, headcanons, meta, you name it! The goal is to feature works that have Carver/Merrill as the primary (or only) pairing, because it is so hard to find, even though there’s plenty of it out there.

If you have ever created anything Carver/Merrill ever, please do submit it to us or drop us a message and we WILL feature it! 

In time, we are also hoping to run fic and fanart giveaways and events. Drop us an ask (anon or otherwise) with any suggestions for what you want to see!

Please note we will NOT be posting anything that only has Carver/Merrill as a background ship or background mention. There’s enough of that on AO3.

2) Why have you created this blog? 

Because they’re my rare pair OTP, and because people have complained that it’s almost impossible to find content for this pairing, even though there is plenty of content out there – it just gets drowned out by other things, or lost.

For example, at this point in time, out of the 179 fanfics currently in the Carver/Merrill tag on AO3, only 72 are actually Carver/Merrill fics. That’s only 40% of fics tagged Carver/Merrill that relate to the pairing – making them EXTREMELY difficult to find for people who want to read them. 

Also, there are so many ship names for the pairing that finding fanart is tricky. I personally am most familiar with the ship name “Carrill”, but I’ve also seen things tagged “Merver”, “Carvrill”, “Carvermerrill” and “Marver”. 

So… after the fourth or fifth person who lamented to me that they’d been looking for Carver/Merrill content for ages but just couldn’t find it, I decided to create this blog to keep it all in one place! 

3) Will you tag, and if so, what? 

Anything that depicts Carver/Merrill as the primary pairing – and in a positive light will be featured, so Templar Carver, Warden Carver, Act 1 Carver, or AU Carver and Merrill – all of it will be featured and tagged appropriately. 

Background pairings/ships will also be tagged, so that anyone who wants to filter out a background NOTP is free to do so! No ship hate for any other ship here! Just let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to tag. 

NSFW fanart or fic will be tagged as such, although we’re currently debating how explicit we should allow, content-wise. 

4) All sounds great! Where can I find you again? 

Awesome! Come visit and follow us at carvermerrill.tumblr.com, and we will be delighted to have you! 

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You're so sweet & nice & polite & it makes my heart melt 😭💕 I know some blogs who can be rude to the people submitting asks but you're so kind & sweet, even to anons! I just want to thank you for that <3 Its one of the reasons why I love this blog! Not just for the amazing writing but for the awesome person(s?) running it :)

Oh my, thank you so very much for your kind words lovely, that makes me really happy! <3 And I personally don’t make a difference between people that are on or off anon, and I will do my best to treat everyone who requests things with respect. And it’s just me who’s running the blog XD Thank you for the time you took to let me know about this! <3

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Don't know where the other anon was getting their info, but block-this-anti DOES fact check. They go to the submitted blog and search the related ship tag, if they find ship hate they post the ask, if they don't it's deleted. Sure it's not detailed checking, but they do make sure they're not posting the names of people without reason. And the mod has a personal policy to never remove names to protect shippers from any future hate by the submitted anti, even if the anti has deleted their hate.

(Block-this-anti support anon again) That’s why block-this-anti asks that a submitted post has the anti blog name with the targeted ships next to it, so they can fact check. If no ships are submitted with the name, the ask is deleted because they can’t check.

And there you have it. I submitted paladins-against-shaladin for their biphobic shittery and I wouldn’t have done tht if I thought it would lead to harassment.

KHR Kink Meme AU

I told myself I won’t submit any more tonight, but this came to me and why do I come up with these things when I need to sleep

The AU in which Tsuna and the rest discover the kink meme about them and become anons.

  • Tsuna: anon who checks the kink meme out of curiosity and freaks out because why is he paired with bloodthirsty people? Arcobaleno in baby form? even Leon?! but cannot stop browsing (it’s like watching a train wreck) and oh wow this was descriptive he did not know people could bend that way how is this possible a hand can’t fit in there wait these kind of fetish exist? this is a done thing????

  • Gokudera: requests a lot of prompts for Tsuna one character and probs enjoys the fluff section, supernatural prompts, and the delinquent AU. likes to spazz comments and the guy who goes wait what what kind of shit is this this is not proper sci-fi no your science info is wrong that hypothesis is incorrect. i think he fills prompts of himself and Tsuna paired together???

  • Yamamoto: the cool dude anon who is completely calm and cool like ice with the prompts. fills a lot of prompts because he isn’t picky and tends to write sounds (fwoosh! the ball went bam! to the wall kringggg!) says things like hahaha look at that whoa i’m paired with a wall. cool.

  • Ryohei: the anon who doesn’t understand a lot of things and thus, the genius of prompts and fills are lost to him. fellatio? enema? felch? rimming? that was a nice read but what are those things i EXTREMELY don’t understand also sends sports and school AU prompts

  • Lambo: author!anon with poor grammar and spelling. everything he writes is painful to read. takes self-insert/OC prompts and the protagonist is eerily similar to him, only made badass. tends to de-anon by accident because of bragging how he writes awesome stories

  • Mukuro: troll!anon who keeps sending nonsensical prompts so people have a hard time navigating the meme and picks up a prompt, fills it halfway, and leaves it. most internet people think his writing is hell-sent god-sent but would rather not make him write bc he doesn’t finish

  • Chrome: fujoshi!anon who enters the darkest parts of the meme. nuff said.

  • Hibari: everyone thinks he’s the bdsm!anon but is really not. the anon who submits heartwarming fluff prompts. fills a lot of said prompts gokudera follows his prompt fills w/o knowing it was hibari they are like internet fluff fic bffs

  • Reborn: the crack!anon like he takes serious prompts and fills it with lots and lots of crack. mysteriously, the crack he writes always has plot. also the anon who gives proper criticism to other dude’s or dudette’s fills

  • Xanxus: rage!anon who probs sends threats thru the net to author!anon trash who won’t bother to update Mukuro and is prone to rage spazz on comments y u no update i know wer u liv imma gonna throw wine glass at u bitch

  • Squalo: the awesome author!anon. his writings are lengthy and adventure-awesome with lots of shounen manga feels into it. instead of rage spazz comments he has rage spazz author notes along with his prompt fills

  • Lussuria: the source of the dandiest, sassiest, and darkest parts of the meme. pop idol AU harem AU necrophilia fics everyone is gay AU everyone loves lussuria AU

  • Levi: anon who makes prompts shipping himself and Xanxus anon who sends a LOT of Xanxus-centric prompts. also sends prompts where Xanxus is glorified, he is the loyal subordinate that Xanxus needs, and every other character is bashed

  • Byakuran: anon who reports fics he doesn’t like so it could be deleted (they are the enemy! must. get. rid. of. their. fills). no one likes him. sends the comments that turn away other internet anons. also a source of angst prompt and angst fills

  • Enma: OP!anon who sends prompts for side characters/side character-centric prompts. also comes up with rare AUs sky flame Enma earth flame Tsuna please

  • Kawahira: moderator!anon. the randomly commenting anon who creeps everyone out

Yeah, this is pretty much it I got nothing else.


i love you you beautiful person

-Admin Lazy

I’m sick of people who go to community colleges and take school way too seriously. If you’re smart, why do you even go to community college?

Junior Business Major, I told her that one of my closest friends go to a community college and rejected Yale because he couldn’t pay for it. To this, she responded, “Well, he could always work. It’s not like it’s very hard to save up for it.”

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I don't know who that other anon is but I gotta agree with them, you're ridiculously salty. Automatic block.

Honestly?  Good. Thank you for blocking me. Saves me some pain. 

But why is asking for questions asked off anon so that asks don’t clutter the blog and don’t get deleted automatically in the inbox considered a bad thing that makes me a “salty” person? Do you guys even know what that term means?

Would you rather I just shut down the blog? Because, trust me, I’ve been considering it lately because this site is honestly a toxic dump full of people who abuse the anon button.

Or would you rather I just turn off anon completely, causing the amount of submitted prompts to decline dramatically?

Or, maybe, would you just consider being kind, cooperative people who respect my wishes? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really don’t understand why so many people are criticizing the animation of SMC. The animators are given an _extremely_ short amount of time to animate each episode, and I’m actually surprised how much of a good job they do with the time given. Also, they’re actually going back and IMPROVING the animation for the DVD/Blu Rays, so what does it even matter?

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I’ve drawn this for @skribblie
I know it’s a bit too late for this, but I think a bit of an encouragement can’t be that unuseful?
I’ve done this to show you that you do matter, that you are loved and that you’re not pathetic. That it’s okay to cry, to need someone to talk to or to care about you because you can’t do it yourself. To need someone in general.

Also, the people I brought in as examples for as those who love and care about you, are
Male anon with two BEAUTIFUL eyes (the one is yellow, the other blue. I’m so proud of the eyes hehehehe)
@Female anon with beautiful green eyes ( I drew one open and the other closed because I can’t draw. I do that way too often, as you can see.)

Just don’t forget that you are loved, even when some people don’t show you because they’re too shy.

I have no problem with people not liking Crystal, but I don’t like the way they make people feel who do enjoy the series. I’m NOT stupid or ignorant or anti-feminist for doing so. I like the art, the characters and the plot and not because I don’t know any better but because it appeals to me. Even if I didn’t like Crystal, I wouldn’t belittle people who do. I would ignore it and not waste so much energy to point out flaws or write whole essays why Crystal sucks. Your opinion won’t change mine.

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I really don’t understand why people are complaining about the animation in Crystal. Do they want the low budget, corners cut, we-only-have-one-shade-for-each-color production that was Sailor Moon Classic? Even having Viz remaster the 90s anime can’t fix things like Sailor Moon going from laying on the floor to an upright position in two frames because Toei couldn’t animate her standing up. Crystal might have some off-model anatomy in the early episodes, but at least that can be fixed for the DVD release.

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