why do people breathe

  • people: ugh the girl squad this seasons haven't been good friends to sana at all!! vilde is so fake!!! noora is so fake!!! snakes!!!! ugh i can't stand sara and the pepsi max squad. they are such snakes.
  • isak: *looks at sara & the girls* ugh girls. (as in sara & the pepsi max squad) fake fake fake.

Me: Okay, I have 5 miserable orbs, let’s try summoning Ryouma.

The game:

Athena: “You are nice.”

Me: *screaming insults and promises of sacrifice to her face*


Only Fools

I entered this in a contest. This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it!! ANY feedback would be appreciated as I am new to tumblr. 

Summary: Jungkook and Namjoon both like you and it threatens their friendship and the band’s success.

It was Sunday night and it was pretty late when you came to think about it, but you had a week off this semester so you didn’t care. The clock read 2:57 AM and you decided to air dry your hair while watching some cartoons. Just because your 20 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some quality entertainment. It was better than watching the news. You put some water to boil so you could have some relaxing tea, yes, you were so ready for this vacation at home. 

That was until you heard screaming outside. But this was the city so you paid no mind to it. It was probably just a group of drunk New Yorkers out having the time of their lives. Or so you imagined. What really made you jump was the knock on your door. Actually it was more like repeated non stop banging. Realizing the person was not going to stop after, about 5 seconds you walked toward the door with a bat already in hand. With little fear, you opened the door. 

Before you could say anything he said, “Please let me in I’m being chased!”. Being a New Yorker you wouldn’t have believed him but the fear in his eyes showed that he was telling the truth and you weren’t scared of him. You were ready to fight him if he tried to do anything. 

As soon as you said “Okay”, he practically threw himself inside which made you go on defense mode but he just stood there holding one arm. As you look at him with shock and confusion, it’s evident that he’s shivering and is legitimately frightened. Small beads of sweat were visible on his skin.

 “What’s going on? Someone’s chasing you?” you questioned. “Yeah, a few people” he replied catching his breath. “Why? Did you do something?” you asked, ready to hit him if he revealed he was a criminal of some sort. “No, I’m not dangerous I promise. I lost my way back to my hotel and I don’t know how they recognized me.” He looked at your eyes and you knew he was telling the truth. 

“Who’s they?” you asked. He avoided your gaze and said, “Fans I guess.” That’s when it registered in your head. He must be famous. Those people screaming were chasing him. Of course. Why else would there be so many high pitched screams annoying your relaxation time this late. But as you looked at him you didn’t recognize him. He did have a pretty face but you didn’t know who he was. 

“So your famous? Oh okay I get it now…Well no one’s getting in here so I think you’re safe.” You looked out the window searching for fangirls creeping out in the night. “Yes thank you. I lost them around the corner but knew they would find me if I didn’t have a place to hide. I saw your tv screen glaring through the shades and hoped someone would open.” He looked exhausted and annoyed. “Can I borrow your phone?” he asked. 

You walked to the kitchen, leaving him in the living room to make his phone call. you wondered how crazy your luck was that some famous person found refuge in your home. Bringing him a cup of tea, he began apologizing profusely for bothering you at such a late hour. “It’s fine don’t worry about it” you assured him. “My friend can’t pick me up. He’s not allowed out the hotel anymore. The fans found out where we’re staying” he said with annoyance. “You can stay here. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can sleep on my bed” you offered. “No, I can sleep on the couch. You don’t have to do that” he started making himself comfortable on the couch. “No it’s okay. The couch sucks to sleep on. You’ll wake up with aches everywhere. I just washed the bed set so everything’s clean and super soft. I’m just being hospitable” and you took his arm and pulled him off the couch. 

He looked at you with an uncomfortable look but didn’t argue. It was then that you realized he must not have had a lot of experience with nobody’s like you. “Are you okay?” you asked. Before he could answer you reassured him “It’s okay. Im not going to tell anyone your here.” “Thank you…I’m sorry, what’s your name?” he asked as you both realized you didn’t introduce yourselves. “I’m Y/N.” you said, sticking out your hand. He took it and slightly bowed as he said “I’m Jungkook.”


The next day it was 10 in the morning when you eyes decided to open. Considering it was super late when you went to sleep and it was way to early of a wake up, you walked to the kitchen and started making breakfast to revive your energy. You turned on the radio and started cooking. 

Or tried to at least, because you dropped the blueberries when you heard an angelic voice singing along with to the radio. “Holy crap” you said as the plate flew up and you caught it but the blueberries flew into the sink. Startled you turned around and felt dumb for forgetting you let some stranger into your house. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you” he said but there was a smirk on his face. “Your voice is amazing” you say still in shock as to how good he was.

“Thank you. I still feel like I have a long way to go though” he said and you were in even more shock. Surely he had to be kidding. He’s never heard you sing before so he’s probably confused about how talented he really was. You passed him some toast and fruit. “So tell me more about your fame” you were curious, “must be super nice” and then you felt stupid because you just saw him go through a bad night because of his fame. 

“Yeah but sometimes I wish it could all go away.” He began eating and you felt embarrassed watching him eat because he was very cute. There was no way you can shove half the toast in your mouth like you always do when he was sitting right there. You took out glass cups instead of the styrofoam cups you always use to avoid dishes. 

“What time can your friend pick you up?” you asked him. “Not until 5. It that okay? Do you have somewhere to be?” he asked with concern in his face. “No I’m on vacation” you replied, but he looked confused. “You’re vacation is at home?” he questioned. “Yeah…” you said embarrassed, “can’t really afford to go to Italy or Korea or anywhere” you added with a nervous chuckle. He looked surprised. “I’m from Korea” he said, and another light bulb went off in your head. No wonder his skin is so clear. 

“I’m in a kpop group” he added. “You have a nice house, how come you can’t afford to go on a vacation?” he asked shyly. “Oh well I work for tuition so I don’t have a lot of money left after paying for school.” You realized he must not go to school. “Wow, school. What’s it like?” he asked. “Probably not as fun as they make it seem on tv. It sucks.” you told him and he laughed.


“Trust me. No ones going to recognize you.” You walked Jungkook to the corner store and the guy at the counter didn’t pay any mind to either of you. “Are there cameras here?” he asked. “Of course, but don’t worry about them. It’s only for safety purposes. People only look at them if there’s like a robbery or something.” You pulled him to the back of the store and kept telling him no one is going to recognize him in the ugly sunglasses you picked out from your sad accessories, and old hoodie that looked like it came from the thrift store…because it did. 

“Look shrimp chips and choco pies” you pointed at them and his eyebrows rose. “I haven’t had these in like a month. I can’t believe they have them here” he grabbed the items and started to look around the store for more stuff he could buy. “Those are the only things I know from Korea. Oh and these face masks I got to make me beautiful” you said and started laughing. “You are beautiful” he said and your breath hitched. “I’m sure you look better in a face mask than I do.” you said and you both started laughing. Inside you were embarrassed but flattered. You walked back home and he told you about Korea and his group. You were fascinated but when he asked you about yourself it felt weird. 

He would ask the simplest questions like “what kind of movies theaters are here?” and “do you go to the amusement park all the time? I saw the Coney Island was here.” “Why don’t I take you there?” you said and his eyes went wide. “I don’t think that’s a good idea” he said smiling. “Well it’s fall and the winds picking up. Today…it seems like not that many people are going to be there. I’d say today’s a good day to go.” 

He looked at you and it seemed like he was searching your face for any sign of doubt. “Are we gonna take the train?” he asked and you knew he wanted to go. “Of course” you said, happy that he mustered the courage to trust you. There’s no way you were going to jeopardize his safety so you stepped up his disguise with green hairspray that washes off with shampoo. You styled his hair so that his mushroom cut wouldn’t be a dead giveaway that he’s not from here. He looked like a cute emo guy and you applauded yourself. 

At Coney Island it was like unleashing his inner child. His smile made you die on the inside. Jungkook ran to the arcade first and won so many tickets he got a huge stuffed green alien. “Here you have him. I can’t keep him anyway. I might lose it during all the traveling I have to do.” He handed you the huge thing and you felt a small sadness. You guys walked on the beach and the wind started to pick up even more. It was getting cold so you headed back quickly. You smiled at him as he was so excited being on a New York City subway. You hated the train but with him there it was alright. 

When you arrived to your house there was a guy standing outside your door. “Hyung!” Jungkook said, waving to the guy. “What the hell were you thinking? You could’ve gotten hurt last night. They found out where we’re staying!” the guy said and then caught your eyes. “Oh hello. Thank you for helping out my friend. We’ll be going now.” He started pulling Jungkook away. “But wait!” Jungkook said and ran back to you. The other guy hadn’t taken his eyes off of you. “Here’s my number. Thanks for helping me out. I had a really great time.” Jungkook said shyly, and you were still trying to process that this was goodbye. 

“Jungkook” said the other guy sternly, still staring at you. “Namjoon hyung please.” Jungkook whined. Bye Y/N! I hope to see you again.“ you smiled at him knowing that it was highly unlikely “Bye Jungkook”. Your goodbyes lasted thrift seconds but you thought about the past few hours for the rest of the night. It was a different experience than how you thought your vacation was going to start.


The next few days you spent looking up Jungkook and his group on the Internet. He was gorgeous and so were the other guys in the group. Namjoon was apparently the leader and Jungkook was the youngest. They’re a really cool group you thought. Embarrassed that you started to fangirl, you thought about texting him. You didn’t know if you should text Jungkook but when you finally did, he never replied. He didn’t have his phone when you were with him because he forgot it at he hotel. 

But now that he’s back he definitely had to have his phone. So why wasn’t he replying? Two days. It took him two days to reply. 

[hey! Sorry I took so long..my schedule has been packed! I got to go to coney with the guys for work so I got to show them all the cool games you showed me]

 The next day he texted you that he was leaving the country. You couldn’t help the hurt you felt. You didn’t want him to leave, he was your friend. Or you considered him to be your friend at least. 

 [aww! When are you coming back?] 

and your heart tore a little when he replied, 

[i don’t know :/ ]

He assured you that you would always be able to text him and that he would try to FaceTime with you once in a while. You knew that would be hard considering the time difference and with school starting again next week, you didn’t want to do anything but laugh with your new friend all day long.


The day he was leaving you received a knock on the door assuming it was him coming to say goodbye for real. You thought it was weird that he would be there considering you already said an awkward goodbye. To your surprise, when you opened the door it was Namjoon who stood there. 

“Oh hi.” you said as you opened the door to welcome him in. However he didn’t want to come in. 

“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Jungkook. It could’ve ended up really bad if he didn’t find you. You know that we’re leaving now so I just wanted to say something.” He looked seriously at you and it only made you more confused. 

“Don’t try to contact him anymore. He’s been acting strange lately and I don’t think you’re helping. He keeps talking about taking a break. He’s being selfish and thinking only about himself. I think it’s best if you leave him alone. I’m sorry.” He walked right back to his car and didn’t even look back at you. 

You stood there trying to hold your anger in and shock. Who does this guy think he is? You weren’t happy with what had just occurred so you texted Jungkook.

[whats wrong with your friend!?] 

But he never answered. Somehow you knew that there was a strong possibility that he would never reply. What could you do now but understand that he’s busy and maybe Namjoon was right. It’s been a week since you texted him and all hope was lost. You were sad that you had to forget about Jungkook, your friend who was famous but seemed so cool just hanging out. Scolding yourself for thinking about him so much, you decided it was time to get some homework done.

____  *three weeks later* 

You sat in the school library studying for the next calculus test when your phone buzzed. Only having one friend, you assumed it was her. You choked on your coffee when the notification said Jungkook. 

[what are you talking about? Namjoon? What did he do?] 

You explained to him the situation that occurred, hoping that it wouldn’t cause trouble between them. 

[i can’t believe it. Don’t worry about us Y/N, we’ve been conflicting as a group for weeks.] 

[why does he think I have something to do with you? He’s acting like you don’t control your own behavior. Are you okay tho?]

[im fine. I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about my life. He’s to scared to admit his feelings. We all feel this way. I’m just not afraid to say it.] 

Jokingly scolding him for taking three weeks to respond, he thanked you for understanding that he won’t always have time to respond quickly. It was nice texting him. 

[next week I’m coming to New York again for a photo shoot. I hope we can go to Coney Island again] 

[hmmm…it’s too cold now. And they closed it last week] you told him. 

[ohh that sucks. Well then let’s go get something to eat.] [ok how about fast food] you questioned.

[if there’s fries, I’m in] 

You aced your calculus exam and were so excited to see Jungkook tonight. You wanted to take him to Burger King since it’s usually completely empty most hours. Since you guys were probably going to get there at night, you could guarantee it would be a ghost town. It was noon so you decided to shop for some new clothes. 

He texted you that he could meet you at 10 so you just ate lunch at the mall and decided to skip dinner. Trying to look presentable, time flew and it was already 9:30. The taxi ride was about thirty minutes so you arrived at BK at 9:55. You ordered two whoppers, two medium fries and drinks. Hopefully he was okay getting medium fries and not large, you wondered. 

Taking the tray and drinks to a table away from the windows for extra precaution, you happily waited for Jungkook to arrive. But then it was midnight and you had no idea where he was. He wasn’t answering his phone either. There was only one staff person now at the 24 hour restaurant. You were embarrassed to be there a lone with her as you were clearly waiting for another person and she knew. You subconsciously started to hate her standing there doing her job. The place was empty but she flipped those fries nonetheless. You started to get angry but then calmed down.

It’s probably not his fault he’s late. You knew you had to be understanding. You started to really get into a game on your phone and started eating some fries while you waited for him. 

“You’re eating our fries!” he said as you looked up to see him standing there. “I got you your own” you pointed at the food in front of him. He grabbed you finger and hand. “I’m sorry I’m late. I thought you would’ve left by now. And now the foods cold and it’s all my fault. I can buy more if you want.” He said, waiting for your response. Taking your finger back you looked down. “It’s okay Jungkook. I’m not mad, I was fine waiting.” You looked at the girl flipping the fries and stuck out your hand. “Give me some cash, I’ll go order you another set.” He smiled at you and handed you the money. “Thank you Y/N” he said with a sincere smile. 

When you came back he threw a fry at you. “You didn’t have to get all dressed up for our date you know,” he said with a playful smile. You tried not to choke and looked away from him. “I didn’t get beautiful for you. I just felt like getting ready today. Don’t look if it’s too much for you” you said as smoothly as possible trying to hide your blush, but he just laughed. “At least you didn’t deny that it’s a date.” he said and looked away. Shocked you looked right at him as he looked back at you trying to search your face. 

“Is it a date?” you asked him quietly. He started tapping his foot and straightened up. “I would like it to be.” He said seriously and then he held up his index finger, “even though I was late I’m happy you didn’t leave.” 

“Okay, it is a date then.” You threw a fry at him but he caught it. “Thanks” he said as he took a bite and you both laughed. Instead of getting a cab back home you took him on the train back to his hotel. He didn’t have a full on disguise but it was fine since it was 2 in the morning so the train was empty. “I’m sorry it’s so late. You must be tired.” He said and you looked up the skyscraper he temporarily called home. 

“I’m fine” you said looking back at him. He looked into your eyes and you stared at his beauty. “I really like you,” he said “I know this is very sudden but I like being around you. I feel normal around you. I’m sorry if I don’t reply fast enough and I know that waiting for me tonight must have been annoying. But I want to keep seeing you if that’s okay. Before you say anything, think about it. I want you to really think about it.” he said as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug. “Goodnight” he whispered and then turned around before you could say anything. 

Your heart raced as you watched him go inside the doors of the hotel. During the cab ride back home you realized that he was worried about you. You did have to think about Jungkook. Did you really want to start something with him? You would have to wait days or weeks sometimes to talk to him. It would be a real long distance relationship and obstacles would always be present. You were a private person, so what if somehow people found out about you guys? Did you really want to risk your privacy as well? The more you thought about it, the more you saw that Jungkook was right to be worried. 

The next day you got up to check the mail in the morning and you felt a little tired. You saw a weird envelop with an address and ticket of some sort. The note read “text me if you can make it - Jungkook”. 

You texted him immediately, [you’re not luring me into some murder right?] 

An hour later he relied [i just want to kill you with my handsomeness] 

When you arrived at the abandoned factory, there were a lot of people there. They looked like they were setting up to film something. You showed someone your pass and they led you to wardrobe. There you saw Jungkook tying his shoe. You wanted to scare him so you sat right behind him as quietly as possible. “You take forever to tie your shoes.” You said and he turned around surprised but not scared. “Aww I thought you were gonna get scared” you pouted, and he took your chin in his hand and made you look up at him. “You look very cute when you pout” he said making you melt for a second. 

You grabbed his hand and spun him around as you whistled and said “someone else looks really cute today. You were right, your handsomeness is to die for.” He smiled clearly embarrassed and started to pose. “I have a photo shoot with the guys today. They’re in the other room getting make up done but I don’t need to” he said smugly and you both laughed super loud. That’s when Namjoon walked in at stared at you guys in shock. 

Jungkook became serious and you looked down. Namjoon came up to you guys and looked at Jungkook, “are you serious. So thats where you were last night” he looked at you “you’re not supposed to be here.” That’s when Jungkook took your hand and moved you behind him. 

“I invited her. She has every right to be here” he said and Namjoon looked amused. “You’re really overstepping your boundaries Jungkook.” The rest of the guys walked into the room and they froze. They looked at you only. It looked like they already knew who you were since there was no confusion in their faces. You felt small so you decided to speak up. “Jungkook, I think I should go.” 

He turned around to face you. “Did you think about what I told you? Do you want to be with me?” he whispered so that only you could hear. You looked up at him. He was your friend but you couldn’t deny how warm it felt to be around him. If he was to go away now, you’d feel a slight hole form in your heart. But you were scared and his eyes looked into yours promising he was ready to take the next step. 

You squeezed his hand and nodded. With that he turned back around to Namjoon and the guys. “This is Y/N. She’s my girlfriend now.” he stated and Namjoon sighed as he rolled his eyes and walked out the room. One of the guys left to find Namjoon, and the oldest?, with plump lips and a killer Adam’s apple stared with his mouth open. Another with beautiful eyes, V was his name as you remembered reading, smiled with the rest at Jungkook in a teasing way. ______________________________ 

Part 2

  fear the walking dead sentence meme:
     episode 1 – 3.

  • we’ve got to go.
  • call 911! someone call 911!
  • he needs an ambulance!
  • did i say come in?
  • should’ve got your ass out of bed thirty minutes ago.
  • ye of little faith.
  • heroin’s his drug of choice.
  • you said someone got hurt.
  • i don’t know what “viscera” is.
  • tell us where you scored.
  • you could’ve died. 
  • could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.
  • did you try to hurt yourself?
  • you definitely can’t help me. you can’t do shit.
  • can you just let me go?
  • i’m not trying to help.
  • the hard part comes now.
  • he’d be there for you.
  • i can’t leave him like this.
  • did you just throw up in your mouth a little?
  • thought you were another victim.
  • empty your pockets.
  • what’s the blade for?
  • it’s safer in numbers.
  • please, don’t screw yourself like this. you’ve been working your ass off.
  • can i get my knife back, please?
  • they don’t know if it’s a virus or a microbe – they don’t know, but it’s spreading.
  • you need to spend less time online, okay?
  • i’m not with you because you’re smart.
  • you think that what you saw was a nightmare?
  • you think i’m dangerous?
  • when i went down, everyone was dead.
  • i really don’t want to be insane.
  • i don’t compare myself with crazy.
  • you repeat the same behaviour and expect different results. that’s merriam-webster crazy.
  • something really bad happened there.
  • bad things happen there.
  • i want to help him.
  • one more year and i’m gone.
  • i just need to not be here.
  • can you build a fire?
  • he’s trying to teach us how not to die.
  • nature always wins.
  • he doesn’t want to be found.
  • i’m just tired of waiting on the call from the morgue.
  • killshot, bitch!
  • you need to get some food up in you.
  • was it laced?
  • it was a bloodbath. it was a horror show.
  • i did – i did a bad thing…
  • he pulled a gun on me and he tried to kill me.
  • he was – he was here. he was here. right here.
  • he’ll kill you!
  • you’re hurt. you need help…
  • this is a catastrophe of biblical proportions.
  • no one’s talking about this. no one’s saying anything.
  • we need to get away from people.
  • he’s sick. he’s really sick.
  • what’s wrong with you?!
  • it could be contagious.
  • are you psychotic?!
  • i’m not leaving you.
  • you gotta go.
  • it’s like it’s not real.
  • i’m about to step into a world of shit. you know that, right?
  • tell him to get his ass home.
  • we’re gonna get your medicine, okay?
  • the longer we leave him, the worse he gets.
  • do not leave the house. promise me.
  • i’ll look after him.
  • that man never hurt a fly. that man was unarmed!
  • this is a crime scene.
  • you wanna go to jail?
  • i’m an asshole.
  • you don’t get what it makes people do!
  • you don’t know what i had to do!
  • don’t do this to me! not now! don’t you do this, you stupid son of a bitch!
  • why do i bother speaking? seriously, why do i waste my breath?
  • people are getting sick. they get sick and they get violent.
  • i hate you.
  • it’s all gonna go to hell.
  • when civilisation ends, it ends fast.
  • this is what you taught me. we stand up for people.
  • please, it’s not safe out here.
  • they’re not letting anyone leave.
  • we just need somewhere to ride it out.
  • what have you seen?
  • i’m gonna wait for you.
  • what are you doing?!
  • we’re safe inside, okay?
  • they’re breaking in.
  • what happens if what’s out there gets in here?
  • we run.
  • i’m gonna wipe the floor with you guys.
  • this game’s evil, dude. kindergarten capitalism.
  • you’re going into shock. stay with me.
  • you’re hurting her!
  • i can’t sleep when i’m waiting for someone to come home.
  • you can stop keeping score.
  • what do we do if he doesn’t come back?
  • i’m not trying to be an asshole.
  • i don’t think that’s his blood.
  • someone’s inside our house.
  • put the gun down!
  • was she bitten?
  • you know how many times i’ve had my nose broken?
  • you got anything i could give her for the pain?
  • this thing’s getting worse, not better.
  • if you burn him, the sickness will not spread.
  • it’s true what you said. they don’t die. they keep coming back.
  • turns out i can do a lot more things than i thought i could.
  • infection will poison her blood.
  • this is the wrong time to be in someone else’s debt.
  • if i ever end up like her, i need you to take care of it.
  • the more he knows, the safer he’ll be.
  • you know how i feel about guns.
  • the gun doesn’t care how you feel about it.
  • what if there’s even the smallest chance that she can be helped?
  • i don’t need you. i need my medicine.
  • this is insane.
  • tell me what you’re afraid of.
  • good people are the first ones to die.
  • it’s gonna get better now.

artykyn  asked:

The other day I was reading about how athletes drink pickle juice shots because somehow it's hella good at relieving cramps and no one is 100% sure why. After athletes started doing this, people found other benefits like better breath and, apparently, it helps regulate blood sugar levels, especially for folks with Type 2 Diabetes. Anyway idk how you feel about pickles but I thought that was interesting, and maybe you'd be interested in reading about it too.

oh, pickle juice is full of electrolytes, which are really good against cramps indeed. also i fucking love pickles but havent bought any in ages so this is great news! also apparently the active component of pickles that make em alter blood sugar is vinegar, which is also a good thing cause i love vinegar so ill start using more in my food. thanks a  lot for the info!

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Underwater world building? Any advice?

Not specifically on underwater, but I have this. 

For this, I suggest just making sure that you really deeply build the biological makeup of your people. How do they breathe underwater? Why the heck are they there? How do they swim? That kind of thing!

Touchin, Lovin part 2

To everyone who wanted a part two. Thank you for your suggestions. I bet you can’t see it coming. I got you all fooled. Don’t get mad though.

~Admin Kirsten

This is not a Smut sorry

Originally posted by jjungkook

Part 1

You sit in your cold room. No music playing just the rhythmic sounds of cars passing by outside.

You hadn’t spoken or seen Jungkook since that happened. Images of him trying to console that girl still play in your head. You wondered if she took him back. You wondered if you would have taken him back.

It’s been weeks since you’ve been dancing and have listened to a song. Although you can’t escape the melody of your everyday life. You can’t bear to listen to music without having to burst into tears at the events that happened.

You had called your dance teacher and told him that you were quitting the class. He had tried to talk you out of it. That it wasn’t fair to your partner, Jungkook. You couldn’t help but to let out a bitter laugh. As if your ‘partner’ played fair.

You slowly got up and started your daily routine. You didn’t focus as you put on clothes, made breakfast, and left the house. You finally snap back into reality as you walk down the street. You didn’t have a destination in sight. All you knew is that you needed to breathe. You couldn’t though.

Your mind still raced with unanswered questions and the hurt of knowing that he wasn’t faithful. You didn’t think you’d get over what happened not knowing those answers.

Eventually you found yourself in front of his door. It looked like any normal house, no fancy decorations, no extravagant markings. Just a regular house that held some memories inside. You weren’t sure if you wanted to relive those memories. Hesitantly you raise your hand to the door deciding on whether or not to knock. To find out why. To know if he was in pain also or not.

Standing there for what felt like ages you drop your hand and turn away from the door. Walking towards the street you are stopped by the door opening and a voice calling you. “Do I know you?” She asks you.

You turn to see the girl Jungkook had cheated on. You didn’t know how she would react or if she still remembered your face.

Clearing the frog from your throat you say, “We haven’t really been introduced. I’m Y/N.” You see pain flash across her face as you say your name. Pain that surely reflects your own. The hurt and betrayal. “I just came because I wanted some answers”, you continue and look away from her face guiltily.

“He cheated on me with you”, she states. “You didn’t know did you?”

“No”, you let a huge breath out. “I’m so sorry.”

“He’s gone. I’m sorry too”, she says. “I’m Nathalie.”

You nod and stand there not knowing what to do now.

“He said that he was going to break it off and leave anyways”, you hear her say. “He was going to leave me………. I don’t blame you, you know. I would take him back though, if I were you.”

“I wasn’t planning on it”, you tell her honestly. “Thank you for telling me. I wish you the best and I’m sorry.”

“I wish you the same. Goodbye”, she says as she gives you a sad smile and disappears inside the house.

You turn your back towards the house and memories and walk away. The farther away you walked the easier it was to breathe. You took in deep breaths after deep breaths.

“Y/N?”, a voice calls you and freezes you in place. Turning you see Jungkook. His warm chocolate brown eyes meet yours and for a second you loose yourself in them once again. Blinking you look at them again and they were just brown, no longer an illusion of something special.

“What do you want?” Your voice sounded harsher than you meant.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was going to end it with Nathalie, I swear”, he starts and opens his mouth again but you cut him off.

“You’re not worth my time to dwell on”, you state simply and take another look at him. How your mind had played a trick on you. Making him seem perfect all while cheating on you. His mouth shut with nothing else to say. Knowing that he had messed up and had lost you too. “I just wanted to know why.”

After a long pause he just answers with a “I don’t know.”

“Goodbye Jungkook”, you say and leave him standing there alone.

You didn’t get all the answers you wanted but enough to let you breathe and continue your life again.

Why do people cheat? What is their goal? To hurt people? Do they not care about the others that get hurt in the process?

Would you take the person back?

That last question you got your answer to. No you wouldn’t.

You pick up your phone and dial the number for your dance teacher. It rings twice before he picks up,

“Hey Y/N. Is everything alright. Are you going to continue class?”

“Yeah. I need a new partner though. Long story”, you tell him.

“No worries. I have someone that you are most likely to get along well with. Let me give you his number and you guys can talk.”

“Sounds great. What’s his name?”

“His name is Jimin.”

Draw Characters However The Fuck You Want.

I don’t care if I get any hate for this, in fact, I don’t care what a lot of people have to say to me after this, but the thing with Zamii, pissed me off.

Why? Why are people so pissed about how someone draws a character? A character who isn’t even real or breathing like she is? Why? 

Why? Why do people think it’s funny to mock someone to the point they get hospitalized. Whether it is real or not, don’t you think when it gets to this point we should all just, stop? 

If you wanna draw Rose Quartz fat, do it. Skinny? Do it. Black? Do it? White, do it? 

Why be so critical of what could be wonderful creativity?

How about instead of bitching about your insecurities within a fictional character (by this I mean all of the people who apparently feel oppressed by seeing Rose Quartz skinny like are you for real, it’s Rose Quartz not a picture of you), you actually get off your ass and fix those insecurities yourself (by this I don’t mean anything cruel I mean just go see a doctor or a therapist instead of crying like a child on tumblr).

Picking on people doesn’t help your self-esteem, it only passes on your misery to other people and well, I’m sick of that with people in this world, I’m sick of people who think acting like an asshole to other people is cool or fun or hip. 

How would you feel if someone mocked you every single day, or masses of people? All the time, 24/7. How would you feel?

@zamii070, you get well soon. You chin up, you deserve to be happy now.

So kindly, if people could, could you all just let Zamii draw how she wants to draw? If you don’t like her art, go away, unless you are critiquing her artwork in a beneficial way, you can just kindly piss off.

Water Stains

Requested by @potter-at-the-disco

Based on the phrase “She’s everywhere”

[She’s nowhere]

They’re second years when it happens:

A girl dies in the second floor bathroom, locks eyes with the basilisk and only has time to manage a bloodcurdling scream – She isn’t saved and she isn’t mourned, but black is draped throughout the castle and knots of teary eyed girls who’d said maybe a word to her in passing hold tissues to their noses in class and a funeral is held beneath the weighty boughs of the trees on a sweltering summer day.

The world doesn’t change. There is no grand reconfiguration of the star’s alignment or the tilt of the axis or the bones of their skeletons and Draco –

Draco forgets.


It’s noon, and ghosts are swarming in the autumn damp walls of the castle, all voices and no bodies, all clinging to Draco’s skin.

And he’s running. Down the hallway and towards the bathroom, tugging at the tie tight like a noose around his neck because he’s shot down an albatross and nothing has seemed to go right since.

There’s a mark on his arm. A task on his shoulders. A reflection in the mirror that he can’t quite bear to look at, not when there’s blood on his hands that no one else can see yet – a prophecy and a foretelling and a waking nightmare.

He stops in the second floor bathroom, shoes sloshing against puddles mottling the tile floor. A faucet is leaking in time to his heartbeats. Thump. Drip. Thump. Drip. Sobs that are torn at the edges and hanging in tatters around Draco’s ribs. He’s sixteen and he’s a ghost that can’t quite escape the things that are haunting him.

“Are you all right?” a voice – honeyed and soft – echoes against the chipped wall tiles.

Draco whirls around. Claps an instinctive hand over his forearm and stares at the girl, at the voice, at the ghost.

She doesn’t look twelve, no, not at all like the last time he’d seen her; all gap toothed smiles and bouncing pigtails. He’d never said a word to her. She’s sixteen, now, wide bright eyes and an inquisitive smile and hands that fluttered like wings as she stepped closer. She’s insubstantial, wispy, a pearlescent memory that’s managed to make itself real.

“I’m-” he shakes his head, is unsure of just what to say.

“Not fine, clearly,” the girl informs him. Folds her fingers over her hips. She’s still wearing the school uniform. “I know you,” she says, then steps closer. Till he can see the flickering film of her body and – oh why do people insist on breathing life into dead things?

And Draco does the only thing he can think to do –

Draco runs.


Some facts:

1.      Draco Malfoy is a ghost town

2.      It’s a coin to pass the river Styx

3.      They can’t quite see through the stones on their eyes

It’s a week before Draco goes back again, before he’s mustered up enough courage to do precisely what he wants to. And what he wants

Blood simmers beneath his fingerprints. Secrets lurk in his eyes. There are so many things he wants to say only his molars are super glued together and he can’t, he can’t, he can’t.

And he’s not quite sure why he feels the need to return to that bathroom and talk to that girl – ghost – only knows that she’s lurked in the fuzzy corners of his dreams and coiled herself tight around his lungs.

It’s nearly midnight the next time he goes back to the bathroom. Shadows are dancing against the walls and gossamer has festooned itself across the window panes. The skin around Draco’s bones is inordinately tight as he peers into the dim puddles and empty stalls, calls out, tentatively and wavering, “Hello? Anybody there?”

There’s a moment of static silence. A dripping faucet. Winds that shudder as they grip the stall doors.

And then –

“You’re back,” she says, curling in like a summer wind. Strawberry stains like blood oaths against her fingers and vines tangling around her ankles. “I didn’t think I’d see you again.”

Draco smiles. Takes a moment to scrutinize the way that he can almost ache her into realism, forget for a moment that she’s dead. “I should really be the one saying that, don’t you think?”

She giggles. A wind chime sound that echoes in his ears and plucks at his heart strings. He doesn’t remember her giggling while alive, doesn’t remember much, actually. “It’s not as though ghosts are unusual around here.” He thinks he can detect the peach ripe tinge of an accent. “And besides, you’re the one who ran away the other day.”

“I know,” he says, collar brushing against his jaw, starch stiff.

“You’re the one who was in here crying the other day,” she says, softer this time.

He thinks he might have taken offense, had it been anyone else. But it’s her and for some reason – one he can’t quite dig up out of his gut – she’s a better option than sullen Blaise and smothering Pansy, indifferent Theo and dull Crabbe. And the word stuffed parchments that he quietly rips up and tosses into the fire don’t seem to help, anymore.

“Which, of course begs the question, why are you here?”

He doesn’t know quite how to answer.


[She’s everywhere]

It becomes a habit. The nicotine stab of addiction in his lungs and the alcohol swirl of need against his teeth.

He visits the bathroom numerous times a week, sneaks out of the common room when the grandfather clock has struck midnight or in the suffocating haze of late afternoon, finds himself telling her things he’d resolved to keep under lock and key.

He rolls up his sleeve the day before term ends, feels guilt pool bitter sweet/ bitter sour in his mouth as he thinks about Katie Bell and Ronald Weasley and the list of victims that was supposed to have been only one.

And Y/N only blinks at him. Crosses her legs and offers a smile that wilts at the corners.

Her toenails are still painted a shimmering green.

“We all make mistakes,” she says, soft as a lullaby. Draco’s never been more awake. “It’s never too late to make things better.”

He wishes that he could hold her hand.


He reads Hamlet over Christmas break in the damask curtained dark of the library and traces his fingers over the wailing hymn, rosary clutched words of Ophelia; thinks about ghosts and haunted houses and things that can never quite be bleached out of your bones.


She tells him who killed her the day he comes back to school. Light is popping like soap bubbles against the wall as he watches lazy wisps of light imbue the end of his wand, murmurs incantations while trying to ignore the dull throbbing in his ears.

Because Tom Riddle had set the basilisk on her, was the beginning and the end of everything.

Because he can’t quite untangle himself from the spider web stick of the mess that he’s made.

“I think I made a mistake,” he tells her. Hands shaking and jaw aching and magic trembling in his bloodstream.

Her fingers linger over his. “I can help you,” she says.


She’s the one that he doesn’t have to die for.

arranged marriage kawoshins

For the anon who asked for an arranged marriage AU: an alternate universe where this time, Karl gets to playground marry Shaun, and Shaun is kind of a bridezilla. Part two of the fics I had written for shinkawo day.

“Well obviously, neither of us want to marry you,” Touji told Asuka. Behind him, Kensuke nodded vigorously. “You’re too mean.”

“Good, cause I don’t wanna marry you either.”

“Yeah! And neither do I,” said Hikari, adjusting her stance to match Asuka’s.

This was going nowhere.

“Obviously,” said Asuka, officially stepping into the metaphorical Bossy Pants (+5 authority, +5 negotiation), we have to select a neutral third party from each of our friend groups as a representative. I nominate Stupid Shinji.”

“Oh, that’s a little harsh,” giggled Hikari. “But I guess if he can put up with being friends with you, he can put up with anything.”

“Shut up.”

“Fight with them, not with me.”

“I thought the whole point of this was that we decided not to fight anymore,” Kensuke said nervously. “Touji’s parents are gonna be really mad if you egg their house again.”

“Yeah, that was a good time,” Asuka said in a dreamy voice. She moved that particular memory to the forefront of her mental “things that need attention” pile so as to admire it in greater detail later. “Anyway, who are you gonna pick?”

“Ummm, we could ask Ayanami? She gets along with Shinji pretty well.” Kensuke suggested, glancing up at Touji for approval.

“Nah, she’s still in the hospital. We should’t do that to her.”

“Ooh, doesn’t she have a twin though? That’s like… pretty much the same thing. Right?”

It was not pretty much the same thing. The difference between them that made itself immediately apparent when the four of them visited the Ayanami residence was that Kaworu was more talkative than Rei, albeit in a parrot-y sort of way  (admittedly, being more talkative than Rei was not a difficult feat to accomplish in the first place).

“Sooooooo Kaworu,” Asuka began when he answered the door, “good news. We have nominated you — yes, you! — to be the representative of House Ignoramus,” here she gestured to Touji and Kensuke, pleased, as she usually was, that she knew vocabulary that they didn’t and could thus get away with subtle jabs like this (all those accelerated classes had to be good for something, after all). “As such, your role in the truce between our two houses is to join the representative of House Prodigious in matrimony.”

Kaworu rubbed his nose with his finger. “Why?”

Asuka huffed. “Because that’s what people making truces do.”


Asuka sucked in a large breath to puff herself up a little. “Because I’ve seen it in movies and also I’ve read it in books because I’m in accelerated classes and I’ve read more books than you so I would know.”

Kaworu blinked, unfazed. “Why?”

“Because I’m smart and someday people like you are going to work for people like me so you should do what I say to get the practice.”


Hikari could hear Asuka beginning to grind her teeth and jumped in to rescue Asuka’s molars from the jaws of… well, her jaws. “What if I told you the other boy was really cute?”

“Speak for yourself,” muttered Asuka.

Kaworu appeared to consider this new information. “It’s another boy?”

“Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah,” said Kaworu. He wrinkled his forehead as he thought about it a bit more. Then he chewed on his lip and thought about it some more. Then he thought about it some more until he ran out of physical indicators that he was thinking about it some more. Finally, whatever hoops the offer had had to jump through during processing in Kaworu’s mind emerged on the other side when Kaworu hesitantly said, “… And you promise he’s cute?”

So cute. The cutest,” Hikari was quick to say. “Right, Touji?”

“I dunno, I’m not into guys.”

Right, Touji?” she asked again, reaching up to grab Touji’s ear and twist it.

“Super cute,” Touji agreed hastily.

“Will I get to kiss him?”

“Well, duh. That’s what you do when you get married.”

“Mmmmmmm…” Kaworu hummed as his mind went back into computing mode, and Asuka thought she could see a little progress bar slowly filling up in his eyes. “Mmmmmmmm… okay.”

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anonymous asked:

A multishipper... *puts hands together* B L E S S. Multishippers are honestly some of my favourite people in fandoms because like?? They tend to be open-minded in understanding why different people ship what they do, which is such a breath of fresh air from "I ship this and everything else is invalid!1!". At least from my experience haha. Sorry if I rambled there for a sec lol, I think you're pretty cool person Laney!

asdfghjkl THANKS AHAH!! I don’t think i’ve ever been complimented so highly for doing this omggg! Yeah I really don’t understand when people start fights over things like this or make fun of other people, this is supposed to be a fun time!! Let people like what they like! Yay for aaall the things! Multishipping is so fun aahh cuz theres really good stories that go with every pairing?? And I’ve been in fandom waaay too long to start limiting myself lmaooO! Awww thats so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me cx And I’m the rambling queen omg don’t apologize!!