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Shipping Pride Month 2017

Yes, it’s back! Yes, I know it’s April but a lot of people were dismayed that they either didn’t have time or didn’t know about Shipping Pride Month until September. And I’ve had a few people ask for this year’s list already so I’m getting an early start on this. 5 months early! That should give all of you time to do something for every single day!

For those of you new to the fandom, last year I proposed doing a Shipping Pride Month to promote fandom unity. It was a huge success and generated a lot of new content for the fandom! So I’m doing it again! As for how it works, a ship is assigned to each day in September and beyond that, there are no rules as to how you can celebrate each ship. Make an animation, write a story, draw some fan art, do some voice acting, or just write why you like the ship or what you think of it! Do whatever you want. Your portrayal of the ship can be romantic or platonic. If you see one of the ships as a BROTP, by all means, make it a BROTP. It’s completely up to you what you do.

Ground Rules (looks like a lot, they’re all self explanatory and non restrictive):

1. Tag your ships properly, especially if you are doing something romantic. Not everyone likes the same ship you do. Please be respectful to non shippers. This goes double for people with controversial ships.

2. No pedophilia. You can absolutely do romantic Frans or Papyrisk if you want but If you do, please either make them both children or age Frisk up. This only applies to romantic portrayals; platonic ones can keep them the same age.

3. Use appropriate tags if you choose to do art or stories that are not safe for work. There are underage people here and simply people who don’t want to see that kind of material. Please be mindful of them.

4. No ship bashing. If you don’t ship something, do something platonic or skip the day. If you want to say why you don’t ship it, you absolutely can but please be respectful. Not everyone shares your opinion and some people really love that ship you don’t like.

5. No shipper bashing. Speaks for itself. Respect is important. This is supposed to be fun and it won’t be fun if you’re calling out that one guy who hated on your ship or posts hate in your tags. That guy’s a jerk. Don’t be that guy.

6. No cross tagging. I.e. don’t tag Alphyne in the Undyrus tag because you don’t like Undyrus. That’s basic tumblr etiquette.

I tried to space the ships better this year. One of the issues with last year’s list was that the popular ships were clumped at the start. That’s why I put a few popular ships later in the month so there would be more of an incentive to go up until the end. You can do as many or as few as you want!

1. OT3 Day (This is the day for people who ship polyamorous ships)

2. Asgoriel (Asgore/Toriel, aka ToriGorey)

3. Bratty/Catty

4. Papyrisk (Papyrus/Frisk)

5. Alphyne (Alphys/Undyne, aka Alphydyne)

6. Hotland Girls (Fuku Fire/Skateboard Girl, don’t know the ship name)

7. Salphys (Sans/Alphys, aka Alphans or Sansphys)

8. Grillfet (Grillby/Muffet, aka Muffby)

9. Alphore (Alphys/Asgore, aka Alphgore or Alphygore)

10. Chariel (Chara/Asriel)

11. Sansby (Sans/Grillby)

12. Mettablook (Mettaton/Napstablook)

13. Flowisk (Flowey/Frisk)

14. Papyton (Papyrus/Mettaton)

15. Free Ship Day (You can do any ship or combination of ships you want!)

16. KingDings (Asgore/Gaster)

17. Frans (Frisk/Sans)

18. NicePants (Nice Cream Guy/Burgerpants)

19. Muffeton (Muffet/Mettaton)

20. Papysans (Papyrus/Sans aka fontcest)

21. Friskriel (Frisk/Asriel)

22. Dogi (Dog Marriage)

23. Charisk (Chara/Frisk)

24. Royal Guards (those 2 Royal Guards who got Nice Cream together)

25. Soriel (Sans/Toriel)

26. FriskKid (Frisk/Monster Kid)

27. Mettalphys (Mettaton/Alphys)

28. Shyrablook (Shyren/Napstablook)

29. Undyrus (Undyne/Papyrus aka Papdyne or Papydyne or Fishbones)

30. Secret Ship Day (Got a crackship or that one ship you like a lot but are a little embarrassed to admit? That’s what this day is for! Perfect for fandom crossover ships or ships including OCs!)

The tag is #utshippingpridemonth this year to make it easier to find new posts but you can tag it however you want.

Also AUs are not included because you’re free to do anything from any AU on any day. Last year, someone did the entire month in Underfell so really, do this however you want. It’s up to you!

Since this list is out so early, be sure to mark it down so you don’t forget.

Ship away, everyone! :)

#ChoicesCreates Carnival

This is a fandom activity I’ve been thinking about the past weeks. There’s so much creativity in the fandom from fan fic to artwork. There’s also a lot of *potential* creativity - comments from those who want to start writing/drawing but don’t know how to start or are mustering up the confidence to share their work. So with that, I thought about putting a weekly creativity carnival together inspired by our favorite game.

What is the #ChoicesCreates Carnival?
It’s a weekly challenge where a prompt is given to the fandom, and you have free reign to create what you want based on the prompt – a short story, illustrations, a comic strip, a poem, etc. The creative choice is yours.

What is a prompt and what are examples of prompts?
A prompt is a thoughtstarter for your work. It can be the topic the work is based on, or mandatory part of the work (see last example). :
“Your favorite ship is stuck in the rain during a hike, forcing them to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” that gives way to some surprising revelations about each other.“
“An Endless Summer character’s favorite childhood memory.”
Incorporate this line in your artwork/writing: “It was snowing when she left me.”

Who chooses and announces the prompts?
I will choose and announce the prompts in collaboration with the Carnival Host (see more details below), but everyone is welcome to submit a prompt via my Ask box. Please specify that it’s for the #ChoicesCreates carnival.

Where do I publish my work?
On your own blog, with the tag #ChoicesCreates.

How long do I have to create my work?
5 days. The prompt goes up every Monday 4pm Central Time (CT). Deadline to publish your work on your blog is Sunday, 4 pm Central Time. This gives the Carnival Host time to track the entries. Why track? See next question.

Why is it called a Carnival?
When the Carnival Host has collected all the entries, they will publish a list of ALL that week’s carnival submissions in one entry. This way, we see all the creative work inspired by that single prompt. 😊 The list will be published by Monday, 4 pm CST, also when the new prompt and next Carnival Host will be announced.

Think of the #ChoicesCreates Carnival as going from one ride to another, one booth to another. You’ll have different creative experiences even if the theme for that week is the same.

Can the Carnival Host change?
Yes! I’ll manage the first few rounds but will definitely have others host it. If you’d like to host a carnival, do let me know. I do request that the Carnival Hosts be diligent with the tracking and the publishing of the final list. 😉

Why should I host?
It’s a great way to take care of and celebrate the creativity within the community! Plus, if you’d like more folks to connect with you, hosting is a great way to do it.

Any rules with what we publish for the carnival?
The creative freedom is yours. So far I can only think of 5 guidelines:
If you are submitting fanfic, label it accordingly (T, M, MA).
If there are triggers, indicate it in your introduction.
This is only for tumblr blogs.
All stories should be Choices-related.
Tag work with #ChoicesCreates so your submission for the week can be tracked.

I’m so excited! When do we begin?
Let’s wait for feedback first! I’d like to know what you guys think of this fandom activity. 😊 Suggestions are welcome. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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Simblr Book Club! Here's what you do: 1. List 5 writers & their story that you've been following (bonus: why you love them) 2. Tag 3 people you want to read those stories & do this tag!

this is a super cute idea omg!! i love it! not sure how i’ll only be able to choose five but!! here we go!

Tinsley Legacy by @maxvillareal - okay first of all the amount of work kedra puts into everything is just!!! amazing!! kedra’s edits and legacy posts are all so beautiful nd look perfect and i’m also so invested in her story as well??? she’s also a major sweetheart that has helped me so much especially when it comes to picking songs for posts and stuff!! 10/10 gr8 blog and person!!

Woods Legacy by @bratsims​ - the Woods legacy was acc the first story i started following, even before i had a simblr and!! i just love it so much!! tbh it inspired me to start a simblr! plus brat is super nice and lovely!! the gifs are cute, all the characters are so perfect nd i’m honestly so attached to all of them especially arthur tbh and it’s also rlly funny just,,,,check it out!!! really do u won’t regret it

The Cross Chapters by @soleilsim - ellie honestly puts so much time and effort into her story and it shows in her top notch posts!!! not only is she talented af but also super funny and nice and just!! a good friend and a great simblr who has helped me so much!! rlly worth the follow!!

Mayfield Legacy by @ratboysims - i’m in love w/ all of the characters!! (especially Leo and Leah tbh) every post is super funny and honestly they just brighten up my day nd make it 10x better! i honestly can’t even explain how much i love this legacy it rlly rlly is worth checking out i promise u

Sparks Legacy by @peonypyxels - ugh the editing is inspirational honestly and her sims????? also inspirational and beautiful! i’m fr a lil bit in love w/ athena tbh nd i just can’t wait until she has her kid!! just such a lovely and nice blog and person???? check it out it’s amazing

all of these are fantastic stories, simblrs and people that are well worth the follow!! 

i’m gonna tag @drunkpixels @voidcrittersandplumbobs and @simonmars <3

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Who are your favorite poets on tumblr right now? And why?

Hey, sorry it took me some time to reply. Had to ponder! Perfect timing, actually, because just yesterday I was going through the list of people I was following and realized that a lot of my old favorite poets haven’t been active in months. So sad! So a good time for a new list.

They are in no particular order and I could actually spend half of the day listing more, but here are 5 that I really like…

1. @themagicinmypen - Not only do I love her writing for her simple flow and easy reading, but I love her personality and admire her work ethic. She puts a lot of effort into her writing. Plus, she has a tag page where you can see how she categorizes her writing. Really neat! http://themagicinmypen.tumblr.com/tags 

2. @wind-some-light - I’ve been a fan of this blog for quite some time. Why? I don’t know, I just love the poetry. I tend to like poetry that comes off as organized or neat and easy to follow. Easy to find inspiration in. They have great flow.

3. @mikefrawley - Can’t have a list without OG Mike! His words and poetry strike the hearts of many on tumblr, and I am no exception. I love the fact that he isn’t afraid to RHYME once in a while! I love rhyming poems, and his are top tier. 

4. @goodtwitch - In an effort to give this short list some variety, I felt it was good to add in my favorite short poem writer. Goodtwitch writes a lot of short quote-style pieces that are always interesting! Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to say it all, and I’m impressed with how much is said in a couple of lines.

5. @teacup13 - I honestly love whenever teacup takes place in a PardyPrompt because the pieces are always beautiful and well-loved. On their blog, they also do a lot of random anonymous kind of prompts, so that’s really cool if you’re looking for someone to put together some words about how you’re feeling.

So guys, that is just a super short list of some of my favorites! NOT ALL! It would take too long to list them all. Not only do I recommend the blogs above, but I recommend basically ANY blog that you see me reblog here on my blog. There is a lot of talent on tumblr, and please don’t be discouraged because you didn’t make my tiny little list. I know in the past I have made lists and that made others feel left out, and I certainly don’t want that! If I’ve shown your blog love, you deserve to be on this list just as much as anyone else. Remember that!

Plus, if I answered this question tomorrow, it may have come out differently. :p 

Who are your favorites? 

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here's a fun thing: YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Let's talk about your story! Here's what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What's your favorite story/favorite post you've written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblr that you've been reading!

OMG what the hell, what a fun tag! I’ve never seen this one before :o 

Story Tag

1. How many stories are you writing? 
Well, currently just A Little Mouse. Dreams in Pastel Pink is on hiatus since I have the attention span of a doormouse and I can only work on one thing at a time. 

2.  What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written?
That’s really hard. Well, Life and Times was my favorite sims story to write, but so far I think ALM’s prologues are my favorite posts, because I feel like they’re really good benchmarks for what I’ve learned as far as storytelling through the sims, which takes into account both my photo editing, and my ability to tell a story in a different way then I would usually. 

3. Who do you personally ship in your story?
Ahhhhhhaha. I don’t? I don’t ship my characters. I ship Laney and Klein the sims, I think they are cute simmies, but as characters in a story I hate them together. ALM isn’t really shipping friendly either. I suppose I ship Roen and his rebound, lol.

4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why)?
So, in Life and Times + Dreams, I think that would be Roen, though that has yet to be seen so I can’t talk about it (spoiler alert). Laney’s story is primarily about regression, so by design she’s not developing at all, or moving backwards. Klein just sort of stagnates. But sometimes I think it’s more fun to hone on the reality of going fucking nowhere than actually developing as a human, because that’s what I constantly deal with in my own life. I think by the end, Laney and Klein will still have much shorter development cycles, overall, than Roen. 

5. Tag 3 story simblr that you’ve been reading!
Okay, well I’m tagging way more than 3 because I love this tag, and I want to see everyone do it. So: @pixeltrashcan @7xsims @furiouslydecaffinated @lovelychooser @neutralsupply @neopixiesims @simwithsparkles @cinamun @josiesimblr @simflowerseeds @lunarian-sim @charmedsims

I was tagged by the lovely @waylandclarys. Thank you so much, I love these!

rules: tag 20 people, answer 20 questions

nickname: li/ ali/ lice (those only work in portuguese tbh)
zodiac: capricorn 
height: 5′8
last thing i googled: how to do this awful physics exercise
favourite music artist: taylor swift 
song stuck in my head: don’t really have one right now
last movie i saw: wonder woman FucKiNG maSTErPieCe
what am i wearing right now: jeans and a sweater
why did i choose my url: isak valtersen is my babe, i love him deeply and will never get over him. 
do i have any other blogs: nope, this one takes all of my time lol
what did your last relationship teach you: wouldn’t know, never had one
religious or spiritual: my beliefs are very unconventional, not sure how to answer
favourite colour: blue, green and pink
average hours of sleep: 7 i think
lucky number: 23
favourite characters: IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION. ok, let’s mention a few. amy santiago, brooke davis, hermione granger, lexie grey, noora saetre, sana bakkoush, sun bak, chandler bing, farkle minkus, harvey specter, isak valtersen, jake peralta, michael scofield, nathan scott, peeta mellark, percy jackson, richard gansey III, will gorski.
how many blankets do i sleep with: lol 3 (and i live in brazil) 
dream job: why can’t i answer this? i have no idea. 

I’m tagging @killianruby @sleeplessbutdreaming @elizabetbenneth @vildenooras @mikesmatthews @chandlebing @tarjeisandvikmoe @leethompkins @persuesjackson @nessa007 @kirayukimuras @halla-even @jahcobperalta @rafaelsolano @hannahbaker @njmphadora cause i’d love to know you lovely people better <3 

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hi! i got recced y'all's binders for being the most successful at flattening Large Chests &fitting fat folks. i've gone thru y'all's plus size tag, but i just wanna check - i'm an L cup, so 12 inch difference between bust and ribs. i'm also petite, despite being 'overweight.' ...will it still work for me? and if so, what should i shoot for when ordering/how do i order specifications? bonus Q: does the zipper under the arm get annoying at all?

actually also more Q’s - why are some colors on the nude binders $5 less and only come in mesh? what’s the difference/why? and for Large Chests with the insert - what is it? what does it do? how does it work? and do you notice it while wearing it? it says it’s stiff, but what does that mean? how does it provide a flatter chest, where does it fit, and does it matter what size it is? i don’t really understand it & can’t find too much about it. please&thank you!

Hello! Thanks for asking, first of all, all good queries. We’ve successfully bound up to an N cup, so with your measurements (as taken according to here!), we’ll be able to make you a binder. It may not fit the first time, which is why we always offer one free re-fitting; we want to work with you until it does.

The zipper under the arm got a bit annoying for me when I wore it with tank tops. Now that I wear it with full-sleeved shirts, I never feel it. YMMV!

Mesh-only binders are $5 less because they take less material to make; all other binders have the mesh, plus an extra layer of fashion fabric to look good.

The stiff insert is an 8″-10″ wide strip of flat knitted elastic, sewn only across the binder front. I notice it while I’m wearing it as a solid presence like a piece of chest armor. I inhale, and the back of the binder stretches more than the front.

Hope this helps!

- Ark

Story Tag

I was tagged by @beverlyallitsims

1. How many stories are you writing?
Only one, “Artist”.

2.  What’s your favourite story/favourite post you’ve written?
I love all chapters, coz I think I’m genius (lol)

3. Who do you personally ship in your story?
Dan, 11 years my favourite ship xD

4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why)?
Dan xD Потому что гладиолус.

5. Tag 3 story simblr that you’ve been reading!

@adelajde21 @pixelsinmyveins @eslanes

anonymous asked:

how did you get so popular here on tumblr? i really like your work btw! keep it up!

I’ll try to give you a concrete answer:

The folks who get popular here are either bloggers with entertaining personalities, or creatives with amazingly good visual content. Then there’s people with ok art who apparently get a lot of recognition, and everyone’s just like “Why are they so popular?”

To put it in few words, there’s a huge difference between being skilled and knowing how to present your art. I’m aware I’m very commercial but I didn’t plan to become ‘popular’, I just used to have a lot of fun experimenting to see what people liked, and it kind of grew on me, considering art is gonna be my job so getting people to know me was kind of a big deal to me.

I wouldn’t know how to teach you since it really depends, so I’ll give you some tips, based on my personal experience:

  • Observe what other people do. Never copy them, but understand why certain things work more than others do
  • See what people like and want, and look for what doesn’t really get made or gets enough attention
  • Tag your drawings in the right way. The first 5 tags are the only ones showing up in the tumblr /tagged/, so use them carefully instead of filling them up with #this sucks i know im sorry, #i did this very quickly, #im so tired, and so on
  • Post a lot.
  • No matter how many times you reblog something, if people don’t like it at the first or second reblog, they just won’t. Filling your followers’ dashboards with the same drawing over and over will just make you look annoying and needy, and very rarely will work
  • Don’t rant all the time, it’s super annoying and most people get tired after a while (I sure do)
  • Be very careful to what you say, especially regarding hot topics
  • Give it time
  • If you don’t care about art but only care about the notes, pick a different field. Art requires too much time and effort, and if you don’t like it for real, you won’t be able to keep it up for more than a year.
  • And most importantly tbh,
    Everyone thinks that we’re perfect
    Please don’t let them look through the curtains

    and I know this sounds like a shitpost but yea, you’re behind a screen, why would you want people to think you’re an asshole? Be nice

I’m sorry this got super long, but I really wanted to answer this properly, for once. Thank you for the compliments too!

Wanna know how my evening went
  • Me at 5PM, a simpler, more innocent, more naive me: Well, I've only 5 more lines to record for this thing, I should be able to get started putting it all together tonight.
  • Me at 10PM, jaded, disillusioned, having recorded nothing new, re-recorded three lines over and over again, and still don't have the third one quite right: Why do I do this to myself?

biblionerd07 replied to you post “When will the tag “Mickey uses his words” die??…”

I think the tag started before season 5, when people were working with the rougher Mickey who really DID have trouble using his words. But you know, fandom ain’t great at not latching onto one trait and making it the character’s ONLY trait.

And I get that, I do. Mickey did have a problem with communication and speaking his mind (”not everyone can just blurt out how they fucking feel every minute”). And you’re right, people latch onto one thing and then that’s it and I hate that people ignore his development with this. He did learn that it’s okay to talk about things and express himself and he tried to communicate with Ian frequently. He’s grown so much in that aspect alone.

If you’re writing a canon compliant fic before season five, then sure, you can use that tag if you really fucking want too, but besides that I just find it demeaning, especially the “Mickey uses his words like a big boy” :\\\\

XY&Z episode 41 drawings (isn’t a troll link this time)

Like some of my followers/friends know… time ago the episode 39 version of these was reposted WITHOUT CREDIT/PERMISSION in a Pokeani Facebook Fanpage (aaaand here starts my headache) i had to read comments like “we don’t care” “the guy who posted in this page is the artist” “why you don’t put a watermark” (lmao i don’t do that except if is a collab ok because the tool clone in photoshop is really easy to use for delete watermarks ya know) and more rude stuff when i tried to tell them to deleted it.

So i decided to do this last one (was 3 days work for page anyway) and not for 42-43 (except a Satoshi/Greninja scene lol)

Jolymes Week 2016 - Monday, November 14th to Sunday, November 20th!

Foreword: Lots of love to the people who helped me choose the prompts! You’re all amazing and wonderful and make this so much easier for me. Thank you!

Anyways, hello! I’m happy to finally make an official post. This is a whole week dedicated to everyone favorite anime prison girlfriends, Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello! These two ladies definitely deserve some fandom love imo and I noticed nobody else was making a Jolymes Week so hey, why not me? its my otp after all whoops Every day has two or three prompts to act as inspirational guidelines for your drawings or fanfic. You don’t need to follow them, let alone in the order they’re listed. Day One is November 14th and the event extends through November 20th, AKA Day Seven/the final day.

First things first, I’ll give the prompts and include extra information under a read more. I highly recommend you read the information so you can understand the rules and the event to an even greater extent.

Day 1: Confessions || First/Last Times || Fluff
Day 2: Date Night || Wedding || High Fashion
Day 3: Extended Family || Creating a Family
Day 4: Stands || Fighting (As in, fighting side-by-side or maybe sparring together, not fighting against one another)
Day 5: Young || Crossover || Music Inspired
Day 6: Foolymes (Jolyne x Hermes x Foo Fighters) || Prisonmates
Day 7: Post-Stone Ocean (Alt. Ending) || New Universe/Universe Reset (Canon ending)

Read the information under the cut if you have questions. If your question isn’t answered please feel free to message/inbox this blog!

Keep reading

emilyrosedgxo  asked:

Well, I'm 5'7, around 124lbs now. I've always been active, latin/american&standard dancer, tennis player, overall working out freak. I've started working out for real about 4-5 months ago- I may say I can see changes, but this year I would like to impact my glutes the most, abs and legs following- So, if you can give me some advices how to built muscles faster(I know it all takes time, but I'm kind of slow- so maybe not working hard enough)- if you could give me some work out plans for glutes,

You’re a pretty active woman!

Routine / training:
Since you want to build glutes, create abs and legs you first need to do the correct exercises. Some glute exercises like squat are actually more focuses on your quads than on your glutes. But then again if you go below parallel (with good form) you’ll be able to hit the glutes. The best exercises for the glutes are
• Hip thrust !!!
• Barbell glute bridge
• Single leg glute bridge
• Hip bridge with feet elevated
• Kneeling squat
• Step ups (w/wo kickbacks)
• Box jumps
• Bulgarian split squat
• Hip abductor
• Glute isolator
• Cable donkey kicks
• Cable leg lift
• Front squat
• Stair master
• Split box jumps (plyo)
• Cable pull throughs

It is very important to use resistance when you want to build. Pick a weight you can lift between 12-15 but not more than 15. Try to aim for 4 sets of 12 - 15 reps. With most exercises it’s very important to not rush through the exercise. With bulgarian squats, hip thrust, glute bridge you need to push thru your heels to really hit the glutes. With hip thrust you can also do an isometric hold at the top where you really squeeze your glute for 5 seconds.

For legs lunges (reverse, front, side, walking), squats, leg press, cable kickbacks, jump squats, jump lunges are great exercises. Goblet squat and deadlift are both focused on glutes and legs.

When building abs you can do v-ups, the wallet, toe touchers, reverse crunch, kick downs, plank, russian twist, knee tucks, mountain climbers, plank jacks, bicycle, one arm to knee, pike ups, suitcases and so on.

The only work outs I have are my own and can be found here: www.bundleofthickness.tumblr.com/tagged/wod - i post almost all my wod’s there.

Possible reasons why you don’t see results:
1) You are training 30 minutes every time you train legs. You already stated that you might not be going hard enough so there’s your reason. I personally find 45 minutes to 1h 15 a great time range to train if you want to build.
2) It’s possible that you’ve been doing the same routine for too long which made your body used to the exercise what cost it to stop changing. If you want changes you need to shock your body.
3) You’re not increasing you weights. This is basically the same thing as no. 2. You need to continually add resistance in order to grow. Only adding 1-2kg a week will be more than enough.
4) You’re using the same training technique for too long. Other training techniques are diminished-rest interval training, drop sets, back-off sets, pyramids, pre-exhaust training, hypertrophy training, inverted sets and reps, training to failure and so on.
5) You might be over training and not give your muscle enough time to recover. Muscles are broken down in the gym, feed thru nutrition and build during rest. Training one muscle group every other day or three times a week is the best option.
6) You’re eating too little. If you eat less than you need you’ll not build but lose muscle. You can also have a low protein intake.

Try to aim for AT LEAST 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Have two snack moments between those big meals.

You need to eat before training (preferably carbs) so you have enough energy for your work out. Make shure to not eat 30-45 min before training tho. 15-30 minutes after training you can consume you’re protein drink to kickstart muscle repair and recovery. After a workout, muscle proteins degrade and rebuild faster than normal. Also eat a meal after training you can simply calculate the protein you need with this formula ” your body mass in kilograms x 0.4/0.5 “
(So you are now already in 4 meals a day)

Try to consume mostly protein, healthy fats and then carbs. When u think of protein you can think of fish, meat, beans ect. Healthy fats can be found in nuts (great snack idea) and olive oil and carbs in pasta, rice, oats, sweet potatoes and such. If you have trouble getting enough nutrition in you can make an extra protein smoothie with fruit and 3 tbsp of olive oil.

That covers pretty much everything you asked for i think.

Hello there ☽♡☾ all my wonderful followers! 

Since a few days ago, I’ve been going up and over 3k followers, and I wanted to do something special to show how much I appreciate all your support and love ~ Although I do not have the materials or money to host an actual ‘item’ oriented giveaway, I am offering something a bit more personal ~ A drawing by me, just for you! 

↝ See a few examples of my art here 

So here’s the details :

  • For 5 winners, I will create a pen drawing of your choice; be it your witchsona, a picture of you or a friend, something witchy, or just something that you enjoy. This will not be shipped to you, but the winners have my permission to post it anywhere they wish, with some form of credit
  • This giveaway is currently set to end on July 1st
  • Please do not tag this post as giveaway; Tumblr will remove it!
  • All the images in the link are my own work, for your reference. Do not repost or claim them anywhere ~ 

To Enter:

  • Be following me!
  • Send me a fanmail or message explaining your favorite magick-related experience, how you discovered witchcraft/magick, or why you enjoy magickal things/practices. It doesn’t have to be long, but it can if you want it to ~
  • Reblogging this post will not count towards a winner, but it will certainly get you noticed further!

And although I will only be picking 5 winners, know that I appreciate and love each one of you! Everything I have learned and experienced from all of you, and your kind words, are something I treasure very deeply. I’m so glad I got to meet the people I did, and inspire so many others ~ Thank you! ♡♡♡

Please message me if you have any questions or comments about this giveaway. Just to make it clear ~ You submit an entry by sending me a message or fanmail (explained above)! My ask box has been opened, so both messages and fan mail are encouraged

➺ Rainy

HMFTOW? (2/?)

Description: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.Things won’t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Tags: BJ; Praise Kink; Shower Sex; 

A/N: Kind of late. Fight me if your angry I got a lot of super important work to do nearing the end of the school year. (5 more Tuesdays yo)

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