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Nicknames: G 
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5′10″
Last thing i googled: Photoshop tutorials. But @manseyfuls-patronus is the only Witch capable of working that magic.
Song stuck in my head: Darkest Hours by Charlotte OC
Last movie i watched: The Dressmaker
What am i wearing right now: Lazy dayz clothes
What do i post: Harry Potter and RP trash (I’m keeping Lore’s answer)
Why did i choose my url: I’m sexy and I know it
Religious or spiritual: Spiritual (raised religious)
Fave color: purple, blue, black
Avg hours of sleep: 9 hours
Lucky number: 33
Favorite character: Let’s just limit this to HP…nope, can’t do that either.
How many blankets i sleep with: Get them off me!
Dream job: Living the dream.
Tagging: I tag YOU! You, who wishes to be tagged.

HMFTOW? (2/?)

Description: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.Things won’t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Tags: BJ; Praise Kink; Shower Sex; 

A/N: Kind of late. Fight me if your angry I got a lot of super important work to do nearing the end of the school year. (5 more Tuesdays yo)

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