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A/N: So this is a badboy/fukckboy/highschool!Luke thing. Let me know what you think.


I sighed as I pushed through the door. It was the first day. The first day at my new high school. Dad’s new job meant the whole family was uprooted and moved to Sydney. I had to leave my friends behind, granted I didn’t have many, but the time zones meant that I wouldn’t be able talk to the ones I actually did have. As I walked through the hall, I had no Idea where I was going and I wasn’t going to ask anyone.

There were students everywhere. It may have been paranoia but I could swear they were all staring at me. It must have been obvious that I was new and didn’t belong here. I made my way to the administration office. When I got there some old woman droned on about how I would love it here and gave me my timetable. She then insisted on escorting me to my first lesson, which was maths. At least it was something that I was good at, although I didn’t like the idea of her taking me to my lesson. The hallways were empty. Great I would have to walk in late.

The woman, whose name I don’t remember despite her telling me, opened the door and ushered me inside. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. I looked down at the floor. “Everyone, this is Y/N, she’s new here so I want you all to make her feel welcome” she said.

Mr Evans, I assume by what is on my timetable, tells me to take a seat. I look up, the only available seat was towards the back of the room, next to the window and a blonde boy that was wearing all black and a leather jacket.

I walk to the back, sit down and quickly take out my notepad and pen. Mr Evans continues to teach, I look up at the board and realise that he’s teaching stuff that I had already learnt last year. I sigh, beginning to doodle in my notebook, barley listening to what he’s saying. As I doodle I can feel the gaze of the boy next to me. I ignore it and continue to doodle in my notebook.

“Y/N” I hear Mr Evans shout from the front of the class. I look up to find the whole class turned to face me. Mr Evans is glaring at me. “I don’t know how it worked at your last school but in my class, you pay attention.” He said sternly. “I am paying attention” I respond. “Really? So you should be able to answer this problem then” he says writing up a problem on the board. I may not have been paying attention but I knew that he hadn’t explained how to work it out yet. I could solve it, I haven’t been doing advanced maths for three years to not know. Any other subject and I wouldn’t have this amount of confidence, but no one shows me up when it comes to maths.

“Yeah” I say. There are a few snickers from the girls at the front, I only had to look at them to realise they were the popular cheerleader type, after all they were wearing cheerleader uniforms. “Well then, do show the class” he smiled, he was trying to make me look stupid. I think it was the fact that I knew none of these people, and my fresh start here was a chance to reinvent myself, that I was so confident as I would have never done this back home.

I stood up and marched to the front of the class. I started to write my working frantically on the board. Normally I wouldn’t have to write this much but I wanted to make a point. I solved the problem quickly, underlining the answer twice, because why not? I dropped the pen on the desk and walked back to my seat. Mr Evans stares at the board in disbelief. The whole class was in stunned silence. “Fucking nerd” I heard one of the girls at the front cough. Her friends proceeded to laugh with her. I felt like I was back at my old high school again.

I could still feel the boy’s gaze on me. I turned to look at him. He had bright blue eyes which were captivating, his blonde hair was pushed back from his face. I couldn’t deny he was attractive. He looked me up and down he bit his lip with a cocky smirk. I immediately realised his type. He was attractive and fully aware of it, defiantly used to having girls worship the ground he walks on. I rolled my eyes, ignoring him and continuing with my doodles.


The class eventually ended. I could have taken a nap as I learned absolutely nothing new in that lesson. I try to track down my locker before my next class. My bag was heavy with all of the stuff mum packed in it before I left the house. ‘You have to be prepared for anything’ she said as she shoved a library’s worth of textbooks into my bag this morning.

I eventually track down locker 257. I notice the blonde boy leaning against it, three of his friends surrounding him, all dressed similarly to him. Great he had a gang. “Excuse me” I mutter, walking towards him. “What can I do for you sweetheart? I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from me” he smirks cockily. I roll my eyes as I sigh deeply.

“Actually you’re blocking my locker” I say nodding towards the locker that his shoulder was resting against. “But I’ll tell you what, if every other boy on this planet dies, then I’ll give you a call” I say with a smile. He steps back and stares silently at me. It was clear from his expression that he didn’t expect that from what he thought was ‘the nerdy maths girl’ and he defiantly wasn’t used to girls denying him.

I open my locker and put my things inside. “Maybe not even then” I speculate more to myself, acting as if he wasn’t there. I just wanted to toy with him as it was quite amusing that he had nothing to say. He opens his mouth to speak but closes it when no words come. I give him a small smile before closing my locker and walking away. “Luke what the hell was that” I hear another boys’s voice from behind me. I’m guessing that Blondie’s name is Luke and that it’s one of his friends talking to him, but I was facing the wrong way so I didn’t know for sure.


I went to my lessons. I was dreading lunch as I didn’t know anyone and would end up sat by myself but I met a nice girl, Abby, in chemistry. She said I could join her for lunch, which I was thankful for. Lunch came and I met the rest of her friends, they seemed like nice people, all down to earth. They reminded me a lot of my friends back home, which I found welcoming. Maybe I could make friends here. Lunch ended and I went to the rest of my lessons.


Soon enough the day had ended and I was walking home. I got to my new house, there were no longer boxes on the front lawn like there were this morning. I still had a lot of unpacking to do and the thought made me groan as I just wanted to lounge on the internet all evening. I dig through my bag to find my keys.

“Oh hey princess” I heard that cocky voice. I turned and looked to the house next to mine. Blondie was walking up the steps to the porch, he unlocked the door to the house. “Looks like we’re neighbours” he smiles mischievously at me. “Great” I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm as I faked a smile. I quickly walk into my house, shutting the door with a little more force than necessary. Of course he lived next door.

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Swipe Right

Mulan isn’t down for a Tinder date, so Belle swoops in and claims it as her own.

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Belle was more than a little tipsy, but it was fun as hell. Her friend Ariel had thrown a party at her apartment, and Belle was sitting on the sofa with her friend Mulan flipping through guys on Tinder for her. They were drunk and giggling, and it was going to be a good time.

“What about this one?” Belle asked, flashing the phone to her friend. “He’s cute.”

Mulan wrinkled her nose and tilted her head to the side as she considered the man on the screen.

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Okay. Why did I do this to myself?! Why did I draw this if it made me cry?

Do I enjoy suffering?


So, the concept of this is the Yooran had gotten into a quarrel, thus breaking up. Yoosung had told Saeran, even when they broke up, that he still loves him. However… when Saeran confront Yoosung to apologize and in the hopes of getting back together, he sees Yoosung with none other than……

Next part coming soon~
I stayed behind in class today to catch up on work, and to use the tablet there. I did a pen sketch of this before and decided to try out the tablet and re-draw this!In an RP with my friend, we came up with the idea that Yooran’s song would be the ‘You are my sunshine’. When Saeran sings this song to Yoosung, he replaces the “You” with the nickname he gives Yoosung, “Yoo”.                                                                                                                                            

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Why Marvel or DC don't give you a job already!? I need that new davidmann95 penned 90 page superman annual giant featuring the death of adam hawke (or whatever the hell he was named)!

Probably has something to do with my not having any formally published material aside from a few Sequart articles a couple years ago I’m none-too-proud of now - though I’ll work on rectifying that (and anybody on either side of that aisle, feel free to give me a call)! Since I appreciate the gesture of faith on your part though, just for you, I’ll make sure that if I ever get to write a multiverse-rending DC Crisis-scale book, it’ll have a panel set on Earth 32 showing Adamm Hawke’s grizzly and infinitely earned death.

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Ecclesiarch, is it true that our Holy Book, the Lectitio Divinitatus (pardon my spelling) was penned by the traitor primarch Lorgar? If true, why do we follow it?


It is indeed true that the work of the fallen Primarch is indeed a basis for some of our scripture. The reason it is still used is that the Lorgar Aurelian was not always touched by the power of Chaos. In fact none of the Primarchs that turned were until they were turned. Thusly, their works while they were loyal are no less loyal.

Tactical treaties by Horus and Perturabo are still used today. Even built upon by the current Lord Commander in the Codex Astartes. Is that great work inherently corrupt? Most assuredly not.

The Lectito Divinatus is from a time when Lorgar looked upon his father and thought he was clearly something more than just a first among equals.

Adept Rhinehardt - Adeptus Ministorum

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Hi! So... First of all I love your blog so much... Half the time I'll be reading a recc'd fic instead of doing my college apps :) Secondly, I was wondering if I could have an update on the doctors and nurses tag? Thank you!!

Hottie McHot Nurse by Blueeyedbeta24 (complete | 3,220 | Rated T)

When Scott is injured in a motorcycle accident Stiles is sure to remain by his side until his friend recovers.

It doesn’t hurt that Scott’s nurse is a male model in maroon scrubs.

While the Scott is drugged the Stiles shall daydream about hot nurses. Seems fair.

Lay a strong enough foundation by Mynuet (complete | 12,000 | Rated T)

Stiles is the single father of a brand-new preemie; Derek is a nurse that works in the neonatal intensive care unit. They fall in love, and then magic happens.

Code Silver by captaintinymite (complete | 15,541 | Rated M)

After getting burned by his last partner, Detective Derek Hale, newly returned to NYC, kept his private life completely separate from work. So he was reluctant to share any details with his new partner, Chris Argent. He had a loving fiance, Stiles, who worked as an Emergency Room doctor at Emissary Medical Center in NYC. Everything was going great until one of his and Argent’s cases intersected with his personal life in the worst way.

No Words Left Unsaid by countrygirlsfun (complete | 7,776 | Rated G)

Derek makes the appointment himself. That in and of itself is a big deal for him.

It’s been ten years since he got his family killed. Six years since he let Laura, his sister, get killed, leaving only himself as the sole survivor of the Hale family.

And it’s been five years, eleven months since Derek has spoken.

Fight Me? by nerdyderekhale (complete | 1,614 | Rated T)

In which Stiles is sick and cranky, Derek is hopelessly endeared, and everyone else definitely knows that Stiles means a different kind of fighting.

Keep me on my toes, keep me in the know by nesselberry (complete | 3,277 | Rated G)

In which Stiles is sick and cranky, Derek is hopelessly endeared, and everyone else definitely knows that Stiles means a different kind of fighting.

doctor’s orders by wearing_tearing (complete | 1,639 | Rated T)

Derek sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Can you just get me a beer?”

“I should be getting you to bed,” Stiles says, and his lips twitch the moment he sees Derek’s ears turn a bit red. “But yeah, sure, coming right up.”

Can You Hear Me? by EverGreenUrsa (complete | 1,899 | NR)

Derek gets hurt and Stiles has a mini-meltdown after everyone has left and Derek is in bed recuperating.

until the clock strikes midnight again by decideophobia (complete | 5,072 | Rated T)

Derek stumbles upon a test then, towards the end of the magazine, and before he realizes what he’s doing, he’s reading out loud, “Are you good in bed?”

Stiles drops his pen.

My Mother’s Recipe by captaintinymite (complete | 2,872 | Rated T)

Why did Derek volunteer to make cookies for the sick kids at work? Because he liked children. Why did he volunteer to bake ten dozen on Christmas Eve and have them ready for the next morning? Because he had problems saying no. That’s why.

Short on time and supplies, Derek is at his wits end. With none of his friends available to help, Derek turns to his neighbor whom he just happened to be head over heels for.