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Can i request a Jaypark smut where you're in charge for the night and you overstimulate him (maybe some post-orgasm torture) and he's begging and a mess and y/n is darkskin plus sized girl? I love you're writing!


Eyeing Jay, you could feel yourself getting more upset as he stares at the girl in front of him. You were going to let it go until he licked his lips and that’s when you had enough. Letting his hand go you walked away from Jay and he snapped out of his trance calling your name but it was too late. You didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say anymore. Smirking wickedly as you flipped your hair back over your shoulder swinging your hips you made sure by your walk Jay knew what he did was wrong.

Sitting back at your house, you pondered over what to do to the male. Biting on your lip, you drummed your fingers against your leg humming softly. You loved Jay and there was no question in your mind that he loved you, he just had a habit of looking at everything with legs. Which was not a bad thing, you had caught yourself eye fucking the shit out of Simon for a week straight when Jay wasn’t there or he was busy and you were stuck with Simon, but when he was there your mind stayed focused on him. He struggled with that, yes you were over-weight but you weren’t some horrid creature. You were just curvy and yes you were black it shouldn’t be a surprise, that’s why he was drawn to you because you had what he wanted. But sometimes his mind wandered and for the first month of your relationship you argued about if he wanted you or not. It was so bad you almost broke about it so you agreed for his sake that you would be more confident in yourself. He didn’t always act so rash when it came to looking at other women but in your mind maybe it was time to spice things up a bit. Standing up, you walked towards your bedroom looking at your phone lighting up once again. With a soft laugh, you texted Jay the command to come over night giving him any other insight or explaining yourself because you knew he would be here.

Moving around your room you started to dress yourself slowly in favorite things you knew would make him loose his mind for. Getting out a black lace one piece outfit that had strings along your back keeping it out, you reached your hand down to tie it into a bow around your ass. Your breast stood proudly against the lace, your nipple piercings rubbing against the fabric gently. Shuddering you pulled up some thigh highs that were silk white with bowties on the middle of them. Grabbing at your favorite pair of red pumps you placed your makeup on slowly and sat in your black desk chair waiting for him.

Jay got to your house in under thirty minutes he had been worried and slightly annoyed with you for not returning his phone calls and he had a right mind to put you in your place. He unlocked your door with the keys you gave him, taking off his shoes and setting down his overnight bag because he wasn’t leaving again unless you two got into a horrible fight but he tried to think positive. Jay walked down the hallway slowly, wondering why there was nothing on because you were usually in the kitchen or front room. There was no smell of a cooked meal, and he had to admit he felt a bit empty. Jay saw the light peeking out from the bottom of your door as he advanced down the hallway, pushing it open his eyes met with yours as he took a wordless step back. He knew something was up and it was confirmed with how good you looked in that outfit that you rarely wore.

“What is this?” Jay asked coming inside after collecting himself. His eyes dashing over your plump thighs that he wanted around his waist, how he wanted to press his tongue against your breast. Hold you close and fuck you nice and hard until the bed was protesting from how he slammed into your brown voluptuous body.

“Come in.” You said softly beckoning him forward with a finger. Jay stepped in a bit closer. “Sit.” You pointed to the bed and Jay frowned but sat down nevertheless. Your eyes roaming over his defined figure, a black polo on his body and baggy jeans but fuck did he always look so good to you.

“How are you?” You asked teasing him playing with your nails crossing one leg over the other flicking your tongue across your bottom lip.

“I’m worried and wondering why you’re acting like this.” Jay sighed ruffling his hands through his long black locks. “Why did you leave like that Y/N? I was so embarrassed.” He groaned softly looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Well that makes two of us.” You cut in eyes glaring at him before you lifted your hands in the air taking deep breaths.

“Excuse me?” Jay asked sitting up straight looking at you as if you had slapped him.

“You heard me. I was really disappointed in you Jay. I thought to myself, damn not this again. My man is doing it again? But anything for a fat ass, right?” You asked laughing softly. Realization slowly etched onto his face as he crumpled and leaned forward trying to explain himself.

“Baby-“ You cut him off lifting a hand up and Jay could feel his cheeks heat up at how you were acting.

“Nope. No baby this and baby that. You do the same thing every time and you expect me to be okay with it. I had to look in the mirror and tell myself it wasn’t me. Because it’s not, and I would hope if you were bored with me then you’d know not to let the door hit your ass on the way out.” You said simply placing your hands down in your lap crossing them as your eyes roamed his figure.

“Of course you know I’m not bored! Or I wouldn’t be here!” Jay shouted and you nodded your head smirking.

“See, you’ll tell me whatever I want to hear just to keep me happy and get your dick wet huh?” You asked as your eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Alright fuck this I’m out if you want to act like that I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jay got up to leave and you waited for him to get to the door, anger washing over you as you tried to control it, taking one deep breath you called out his name.

“Park Jaebum. If you walk out that door you are never coming back, not tomorrow or next week. And I’m never going to find you either. You can start packing up all your shit if that’s the case because baby I don’t need you.” Getting up out of the chair, you pressed your hands down against the dresser pushing one leg back from the other. You knew he loved these games of push and pull, usually he was daddy for a good reason but tonight you wanted to change that. It was risky, and you didn’t know how it would go but seeing him freeze and turn around to look at you with pleading eyes that held a fire you knew you were doing good.

“What do you want me to do then Y/N? You’re basically calling me a liar and trying to say I don’t love you when I damn well know my heart.” Jay half raised his voice as his face turned red.

“You’ll do anything I say?” You asked arching your back a bit bouncing lightly on your heels back and forth, Jay couldn’t help how his eyes trailed down to your plump bottom that he wanted to smack, he was almost at a loss for words thinking about how it would be to have your ass bouncing back on his dick as you wrapped your silk like walls around him.

“Baby, my eyes are up here.” You teased him but pressed your breast together giving him a wild smile as your hair fell into your eyes. Jay was hooked, sighing he leaned against the door frame.

“Yeah, whatever you want I will do it.” He lifted his hands in defeat.

“Strip then.” You commanded. Jay looked at you, about to ask if you were serious but he saw the look on your face. Rolling his eyes, he stripped off his shirt throwing it onto the floor, his muscles and abs on display decorated by dark ink.

“Good boy. Pants next.” You nodded with your head and Jay rolled his eyes.

“Fuck that you’re not treating me like a child.” He said at the door way.

“Saying the man acting like a child. Either drop those pants or get out. I’m sure Simon would love to do it for me.” You hit below the belt and in the back of your mind fear screamed for you to shut up because if he left you would be a sobbing mess on the bed. Jay was livid beyond words, looking at you for a long hard time and he almost made you back down. But you remembered a few words is nothing compared to a few looks. Tilting your head, you looked in his eyes waiting for his move. Jay shook his head undoing his pants he dropped them down to the floor stepping out of them.

“On the bed, please sir.” You tried a different approach until you got him where you wanted him. Jay watched you before he slowly took his time to get on the bed, moving to lean his back against the headboard.

“Gotcha.” You thought as you moved towards him slowly, straddling his waist you cupped his cheeks softly looking in his eyes. Jay leaned into your touch but you saw the defiance there. Licking across his bottom lip you initiated a kiss between the two of you that was anything but slow and gently. His plump lips smacking against yours, his teeth clamping down on your bottom lip calling your submissive side out with his actions. Your hands tangled in his hair for a bit pulling on the strands as you kissed him back. After a while you rolled your hips down against his, creating a soft friction for the both of you. Your hands moved to grab at the handcuffs you placed under the bed. You lifted his left arm up, taking a somewhat deep breath against his lips you handcuffed his left arm to the headboard. Jay was caught off guard cursing giving you time to reach over to the other side and grab the other handcuff almost running out of time as you struggled to cuff him down. Rolling off him you watched as Jay looked at you with a death glare.

“Is this funny to you?” He asked and you shrugged.

“I’m all about being serious right now. I’m punishing you to deny you of the things you really want. Because I can’t break up with you I fucking love your dumb horny ass too much but if you don’t get it right this time then I will let you walk out that door and never come back.” You admitted as you walked to your desk grabbing a long white feather. Jay kept his mouth shut, though he was feeling angry he told himself that no matter what it was better than a breakup. “All the things I’m going to do to you.” You admitted sitting the feather down on the bed. You walked out of the room making your way to the kitchen grabbing your cup of ice from the freezer. Smirking you moved to turn the stove on low heating up food you had cooked for Jay much earlier in the day tricking him into thinking he had nothing because you were sure after this he would have an appetite and you may not have legs. Yours hands searched the fridge for your whip cream and a cherry popsicle that had ice cream on the inside of it. Making your way back to him you put everything down crawling on the bed between his legs. Spreading them open you pulled down his boxers until he was left in nothing, Grabbing the popsicle you unwrapped it looking at Jay.

“My baby isn’t hard yet so, we need to fix that.” You cooed out, licking on the frozen substance until it started to melt you placed it on his lower stomach close to the base of his dick. Jay bit harshly on his bottom lip jerking at the cuffs but you tried not to focus on what he was going through. Your hand grabbed at your feather, running it up and down his abs and over his nipples. You watched his body become littered in goosebumps soft reluctant moans falling from his hips as his head rolled back. Smirking you pressed the feather against his twitching member, rubbing the tip of the soft item against the opening of his dick head. Jay cursed jerking his hips and you enjoyed every moment of it, circling the feather around his tip as his member jumped. Your free hand grabbed at his balls and you played with him watching him moan and writhe against the bed.

“Does it feel good baby?” You asked him with a wicked smile, he growled at you, wanting to say more but you started to drag the feather up and down the underside of his dick near his sensitive spots and veins. The popsicle slowly melted on his skin, you leaned down to lick up some of the sticky substance letting your tongue lick around his base. Letting your hand go from his balls you gripped at the popsicle rubbing it up and down his shaft coating him with it before you let your tongue lean down to flick across his balls quickly. Wrapping your lips around them sucking on each one, gently nibbling on the sack as your tongue drug across it. Jay was bucking his hips up into nothing but air, the feather tickling him and making his back arch. You moved your mouth to lick under his dick attacking his personal sensitive special spot sucking on it. The feather went to his balls, Jay rolled his back as precum oozed from his tip. You licked your way up to the top licking him clean and nibbling on his head, wrapping your lips around him to give a few sucks before he was cursing out your name spilling his cum into your mouth. You were shocked at how easy he gave it, but greedily you lapped at the bitter sweet substance that painted your tongue.

Pulling back, you sucked a bit on the popsicle rubbing the rest of it up and down his chest until it was all smeared. You leaned forward to lick it off your tongue dancing across his skin that was still shuddering and trying to calm down. You moved the feather to tickle at his limp member getting it hard again. Reaching over for an ice cube, you rubbed it around his tip causing Jay to cry out in short pain, the freezing block of ice hurting a bit. You loved it so much, he shook his head no not wanting the stimulation but you kept it there until it was melted water. Leaning down you lapped at it licking the water from his tip. You gripped at another ice cube but pressed it into your mouth this time. Sucking on it letting it melt on your tongue you blew cool air onto Jay’s penis watching the member becoming even harder and red at the tip. Smirking you opened your mouth letting some of the water fall onto his shaft making a loud slurping noise. Jay groaned shuddering and watching you, his hair starting to fall into his eyes. You waited until the cool ice was gone, instantly leaning down you wrapped your cold lips around the hardened shaft. Bobbing your head up and down you worked yourself up to deepthroating him and letting him rest at the back of your throat for periods of time. Swallowing around his shaft and hollowing his cheeks. You took your mine with him, your tongue moving to lick from side to side under his dick, wrapping around it and licking across his tip. You loved how he cried out for you, how his hands fisted and he lightly pulled on the handcuffs. He was moaning your name louder, his chest rising and falling quickly, little beads of sweat collecting on his body and you were more than proud with what you were doing. Staring to make slurping noises on him you bobbed your head up and down faster, your cheeks hollowing out some so that you could create a tighter suction space for him. He was trying to not rut his hips but you encouraged him grabbing one of his hips to help him push up against your face. Gripping at an ice cube you placed it against the underside of his dick rubbing it down to his balls and back up, the spit from your lips dripping down to the base of his shaft, and against his balls. Jay’s head rolled back, mouth agape as he gave out another shuddering cry and came again, his hips snapping up against your face as he emptied his load.

“Baby please.” He stared in a cracked voice, his mouth falling open as you pulled back and cleaned him off for a second time. You shook your head getting of the bed going to get your vibratex from the closet. Pulling it up into the wall beside the bed, you let the setting rest on high, rubbing it up and down the underside of his dick. Jay cried out as his body became red, you knew it was probably hurting him because he never came so much back to back and it was going to get harder for him to do so.

“It hurts baby please, I’m sorry.” Jay begged but you weren’t listening. Climbing back on the bed you grabbed at the whip cream, shaking it up you popped the top off spraying some on his chest and on his thighs. Your tongue slowly flicking across his skin, marking your territory with your teeth as you bit down on parts of his body. Your mouth playing with his nipples. Leaning down you cleaned the white substance from his thighs pressing the vibrating head against his balls watching his feet plant into the bed as he lifted his hips. Your mouth planted wet kisses along his skin until you were breathing in his scent at his neck, sucking little hickeys on each side, finding his spots easily you played with them moaning against his ear to tease further.

You pulled back, looking down at an angry red shaft, you gripped him by the base of his dick pressing the vibrating head fully against his slit opening. He gritted his teeth you could see the pain from the overstimulation in his face. He wanted relief and to not cum again but you had plans for at least two more rounds. Letting his dick go, you grabbed at the feather rubbing it up and down his dick to tickle him. Your hand dropped the feather, gripping his large appendage with your hand you jerked him off quickly, letting the vibrator stay against his head. Jay couldn’t help but snap his hips up though he was hating this. He could feel his lower stomach tighten up and he tried to tell you in so many cluttered words to stop but you weren’t listening. Having too much fun and enjoying his pleas of cries for you to stop. You leaned down licking across his lower stomach biting on the skin and nibbling at his hips, you pulled back the vibrator from his tip watching as the cum spilled from his dick. You groaned softly leaning down to lick it up slowly, turning the vibrator off you stood up and started to undress yourself slowly. Jay shed a single tear, his body shaking as he took deep breaths and tried to steady himself.

You moved to take your clothes off piece by piece, until you were just left in your thigh highs moving to straddle him again. You placed his tip against your soaked folds, rubbing your wet slit, you mewled in pleasure rolling your head back, you were enjoying it too much to the point you were going to cum like that. Moving to lower yourself onto him, moving to grab the key from under the pillows you started to free him but it was a bad mistake. Jay flipped you over and he started to pound deep into you, his hands gripping onto your hips into a bruising manner.

“Fuck this shit hurts so bad, but I’m going to fuck the hell out of you I promise.” Jay growled, slapping his hips against yours. His mouth leaned down latching onto your nipples he sucked on the plump flesh, moving to grab at your ass cheeks slamming you down onto his shaft. His hips connected with yours he made sure that he didn’t break the contact with you. His dick brushing against your silk walls as you wrapped tightly around him. He groaned out in pleasure as he slammed deep into you. Your hips felt sore, your hands moving up to scratch down his biceps as he pressed against you. He leaned down connecting your lips, his tongue shoving into your mouth to create a heated frenzy. His hand moved to slide against your clit up and down the pink bud harshly. Your hips bucked up against his, little cries escaped your lips as you felt your orgasm approaching your body. Your hips rolled against his as he fucked against your spot, your body was becoming succumbed to the pleasure, your hands moved to scratch down his back, pulling him close to you as he pounded you into the bed.

“Jay-Jay!” You cried out shaking under him, as your orgasm ripped through yourself. You shook under him squeezing around his shaft as he milked you for everything you had. He buried his head in your neck, continuing to rut his hips against yours he spilled his cum inside of you, only a few thick ropes coming out due to how many times he had came. He rocked his hips slowly against yours before he fell on you. You smirked rubbing your hands up and down his back kissing on his jaw slowly. He rolled off you pulling you to his body.

“How do you feel?” You asked softly cupping his cheeks peppering him with kisses.

“Like if I cum again all that will come out is a white flag with the words bang on it.” He admitted with a soft chuckle and you covered your face shaking your head.

“Then we don’t have to do it for a while, I made you food.” You smiled drawing your fingers against his tattoos.

“Oh baby girl.” Jay said gripping at your chin making you look in his eyes. “You better hope that after I eat my body doesn’t feel replenished. Because I’m going to make sure that you’re crying when I’m done.”

||Beautiful|| Theo Raeken Imagine *Smut*

{Requested: Could I request a smut with either Isaac or Theo in which y/n is having a hard time feeling confident in her body and he finds out, so he takes the time to show her how much he loves her and how beautiful he thinks she is? I’ve been struggling with confidence lately, and I think that this would make me and others like me feel a whole lot better. I love your blog, btw! You’re an amazing writer!!}
*Warning: Smutty smut smut*

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, how could someone have so many rolls and fat on their stomach? I felt hot tears trickle down my cheeks as I pinch the fat, wiggling it. I glare at myself, how could someone, let alone Theo love me if I can’t love myself?
“(Y/N), are you ready?"My mom screamed from downstairs.
"Not yet!"I yelled back.
I grabbed a somewhat lose shirt so my rolls wouldn’t be as prominent and skinny jeans. I walked downstairs and saw Theo eating pancakes my mom had made for him and I.
"Good morning babe."I whispered as I pecked his lips.
His lips tasted like syrup.
"Morning baby."He mumbled, covering his mouth.
"Mom I’m not really hungry, could I have strawberries instead?"I asked.
"Sure honey."She answered.
I grabbed a few strawberries and washed them before eating half of it. I left the rest in my plate and walked with Theo to his truck.
"You ate like eight strawberries, get back in there and eat pancakes."Theo ordered as he dragged me towards my house.
"I’m not hungry Theo."I mumbled, making him tilt his head.
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Y/N)-”
“Theo I said I’m not hungry, now could we please get going before we’re late to school."I muttered, making him sigh.
The whole day at school, I had tried to avoid Theo’s touch. He always had this thing with touching me, my back, my thighs, my arms, and my belly. I couldn’t stand the idea of him being disgusted with me, I didn’t want him to be disgusted with me like I was. Theo noticed which made him ask questions, but of course I dismayed them. Lunch had came, he and I sat together as usual, but I didn’t eat lunch. This went on for days, for a week until Theo had enough.
”(Y/N) don’t underestimate me, I will shove food down your throat if you don’t eat. It’s not healthy.“He spoke up, making me clench my jaw.
"I’m not hungry-”
“You can’t lie to me, I can hear your stomach growling. You’ve been starving this whole week and you’ve barely ate anything. Why are you doing this?"He asked, making me look down at my stomach before looking at my hands.
"Is this because of your weight?"He asked, making me freeze.
"It is, isn’t it? (Y/N), you can’t stop eating because you feel fat-”
“I don’t feel fat Theo, I am fat!"I snapped, tears brimming in the corner of my eyes.
"You’re not fat. Besides, if you were fat, that wouldn’t make you less attractive."He stated, making me scoff.
"Of course you would say that, you don’t understand Theo. You’re fit, your body is a masterpiece, it’s art at its finest."I spat.
"You’re art at its finest, you’re priceless."He whispered as he began kissing my neck.
"And if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you."He muttered before pulling me up from our table.
Theo stormed off, dragging me with him to his truck.
"Where are we going?"I asked as he sped off.
’‘My house, where I’ll show you exactly how beautiful you are."He answered, making a smile creep up on my face.
Once Theo and I made it to his house, Theo carried me into his room upstairs and threw me on his bed.
"Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’?” Theo asked as he stripped me of my clothes.
I nodded, I’ve certainly read it before.
“Do you know what it exactly means?"He asked, making me shake my head.
I’ve always wanted to know, but never had the time to find out.
"It means, beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another."He answered.
"And I find you breathtaking (Y/N)."He whispered as he stared down at my nude body.
His thumb lightly ran over my lips, making me nervous.
"Your lips, plump as can be. You’ve got very attractive lips, and I’m not just talking about the lips on your face."He stated as he looked down at my throbbing core.
He let his fingers rake down from my lips to my neck, immediately stopping there.
"And your neck, I don’t know why but your bare neck just gets me hot. I feel like leaving soft bites all over it."He continued before he attached his lips to my neck.
I moaned at the pleasure I was starting to receive. After awhile, he pulled away from neck. I didn’t have to look to know that he had left purple-reddish botches on my neck.
"Your breasts make my mouth water, they’re quite large. Who doesn’t love large breasts? I certainly do."He mumbled, massing my left boob with his hand while he suck on my right boob.
I could feel myself starting to get wet, I had a weakness when it came to the feeling of my nipples being sucked. I grabbed a handful of his hair, slightly tugging at it. That was one of his weakness, he loved hair pulling. Theo immediately let go of my breasts and let his hands run onto my stomach.
"Your stomach is beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful because it belongs to you."He whispered before leaving a trail of kisses from my stomach to my core.
I tensed up as he placed a soft kiss on my lips.
"God, do I even need to explain how beautiful your lips are? I absolutely love the feeling I get when I’m inside you, the taste of you when I go down on you."He muttered as he let his tongue glide against my folds. I pulled tighter as his tongue worked magic on my dripping core. He kept going at it until I reached my climax, screaming in pure bliss. He grinned down at me as he helped me sit up, my body still trying to come down from my high.
"And you’re eyes are warm and filled with love, just like your smile. As much as I love your looks, I love you’re pure heart. There’s a light inside of you that makes me drawn to you. I love everything about you (Y/N)."He whispered, caressing my cheek with his thumb.
"You’re beautiful to me, and if I have to, I’ll keep doing this to remind you how beautiful I know you are."He stated, making me grin.
"I wouldn’t mind that."I spoke up, making him grin.
"Good because I intend to keep reminding you just how beautiful you are.”————-
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day/night!

Making a Fat Piggy

Charlie licked his lips as he scanned the computer screen. He scrolled through the many pictures of his friend, Tom Nevin. Charlie had a crush on Tom. He loved Tom’s slightly chubby belly. Charlie come across a picture of Tom where he was on the floor with his belly showing. This really turnt Charlie on. He just wanted to fatten Tom up and play with his belly. Charlie smirked. He knew exactly what he was going to do…

Tom was sat at his desk, trying real hard to ignore the fact that he had work to be done. He sighed and turnt to talk to his friends.
‘Im so bored’ moaned Tom.
'Same’ replied Jack, who was sat next to Tom. 'I dont understand anything on this sheet’
'You can say that again’ Groaned Charlie, who was sat behind the two. Suddenly, the bell rang. All the students started to pack up and leave.
'Make sure you finish the work at home. I will be checking next lesson’ said Mr Ford as the students started to leave the class. It was time. As Tom placed his backpack on, Charlie turnt to him.
'Hey Tom’ Charlie gulped 'Doing anything tonight?’
'No, probably going to play Fifa or something, why’ Replied Tom.
'Do you wanna come round mine?’ Asked Charlie.
'Sure, why not!’ Smiled Tom as he left with Charlie, unknowing of what is going to happen to him…

Charlie and Tom reached the house. Charlie opened the rusty gate and reached the door. He placed his key into the lock and pushed open the door.
'Cheers’ said Tom as he entered the house. He threw off his bag and Charlie shut the door.
'So, want something to eat?’ Asked Charlie, trying to hide his smirk.
'Yeah, go on’ Charlie gestured Tom into the living room.
'Just sit on the sofa while i go see what we got’ Said Charlie as Tom sat down.
'You sure your Mum and Dad wont mind?’ Asked Tom as Charlie stumbled into the kitchen.
'Nah. They dont care.’ Charlie smirked as he started to fill a wheelbarrow with cakes, pizza, cookies and other fatty foods. Tom glanced round the living room. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his girlfriend Becca:
-'Hey Babe. You up for meeting tonite? Xxx’-
Tom replied:
-'Sorry babe. At Charlies house. Text yah when im home. XX’-
Tom locked his phone when he saw Charlie enter with a wheelbarrow full of food.
'Isnt that going overboard Charlie’ Asked Tom, dazed by the sight.
'Nah. You’re going to eat it all though’ Smired Charlie as he stuffed a cupcake into Tom’s mouth. Tom tried hard to resist swallowing the food. He whacked Charlies hand which allowed Tom to spit out the food.
'What the fuck Charlie!’ Screeched Tom as he tried to sit up. Charlie quickly pounced on Tom, pinning him down onto the sofa by sitting on his legs.
'Oh calm down’ said Charlie as he started to unbutton Tom’s shirt. Tom tried to push Charlie off, but failed.
'What the actual fuck!’ Screamed Tom as Charlie ripped the shirt from Tom’s body to reveal a small plushy belly. Charlie squished the roll of fat.
'Oh im going to make you so fat!’ Laughed Charlie as he squished the small squishy belly.
'Charlie!? What the hell is wrong with you!’ Cried Tom as Charlie continued to run his hand across his tummy. Charlie shoved a cupcake into Tom’s mouth with a larger force than last time. Tom tried to hold back from swallowing the food, but failed. As soon as the cupcake was swallowed, another was shoved into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he continued to try and free from Charlies tight grip, but it was too hard. Charlie smiled as he continued to fill up Tom’s mouth with food.


Tom groaned as Charlie squsihed Tom’s belly.
'Look at it! It’s getting bigger!’ Smirked Charlie as he poked Tom’s flabby belly. His belly was now bigger. It took on the size of a small soccer ball. It was flabby and started to hang over Tom’s tight trousers. Tom now started to grow moobs, which took the shape of small mounds. He also started to get large love handles. Charlie got off Tom’s lap and made Tom stand on all fours on the floor. Charlie placed a large chocolate cake infront of Tom. Charlie sat on Tom’s back.
'Eat all of it’ Said Charlie as he spanked Tom’s round butt. Tom groaned nd took a large bite out of the cake. The chocolate icing smudged around Tom’s face as the moist texture of the cake melted inside his mouth. Charlie rubbed Tom’s bubble butt which strained against the tight trousers. Suddenly the Trousers ripped down his backside. Tom groaned at the feeling, which caused cake crumbs to fall out his mouth.
'Oh my…’ Blushed Charlie. 'My piggies gone and ripped his trousers! You are getting so big piggy!’ Charlie spanked Tom’s bum, which caused a ripple across his body.
“Im getting so fat” thought Tom as he continued to demolish the cake “Why is Charlie doing this to me?”
After another ten minutes of Tom eating, the cake was completely consumed. Tom spluttered as he started to breathe heavilly.
'Well done my giant piggy!’ Smiled Charlie as he got off Tom’s back. 'Hope you up for more’ Charlie place another four large chocolate cakes infront of Tom.
'No. Please’ Spluttered Tom as he started to pant heavilly.
Charlie sat back on Tom’s back 'Eat them now piggy’
'Too. Full’ Groaned the bloated piggy.
'Eat them now or im going to call over your entire family to see what a fat pig you’ve become’ Charlie smirked. Tom sighed as he took a bite out of the first cake.
'Good piggy!’ Laughed Charlie as he ran his finger down the rip of Tom’s trousers.


'Wow!’ Squealed Charlie as Tom’s trousers completely ripped from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as the trousers ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear as the last piece of clothing on his body. Tom turnt to see his large butt was on show which had a pair of boxers so tight on his body. They were so tight, his fat cheeks started to flow over them, looking like his ass was eating them.
'Damn piggy!’ Charlie blushed as he squished Tom’s butt 'They flew off! Looks like you’re boxers have become a thong! They look so tight on you Piggy!’ Charlie smacked Tom’s right butt cheek which caused Tom to moan. 'Continue eating your cakes piggy! Only one and a half left!’ Tom moaned as he continued to fill his mouth with cake.


Tom took the last bite of the cake in front of him. Crumbs fell from his mouth as he chewed the last bite.
'Well done piggy!’ Exclaimed Charlie as he sat on Tom’s back. 'I knew you could eat all them cakes!’ Charlie got off Tom’s back. 'Sit up piggy!’ Tom struggled, but managed to sit upright, leaning his back against the sofa. Tom’s belly hung over his underwear and his thighs. Hhe had a few rolls on his belly which rolled like a rolling pin. Tom’s moobs now took the appearance of a girls pair of boobs. His thighs nearly tripled in size, they were now soft and squished on the floor. Tom also had a number of chins which hung under his original.
'Look at you know piggy! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s love handles and shook, causing Tom’s whole belly to bounce. Tom moaned as Charlie continued to bounce. Then there was a knock at the door.
'Be back in a sec my piggy’ smiled Charlie as he stood up and left the room.

Two minutes later, Charlie returned with eight pizza’s, eight portions of fries and tons of burgers.
'You ready for more my piggy?’ Chuckled Charlie as he placed the food on the floor.
'No. Please’ Tom tried to get up, but struggled.
'No point trying to escape my piggy!’ Said Charlie as he sat infront of Tom. 'You are going to eat and thats it’
'Too. Fat’ Moaned Tom as he placed a hand on his tummy. 'Im so. Big’
'Thats it, touch you’re body. Look and feel how fat you’ve got. Look how big you’re belly is. Look at the way it sags down over your underwear. Look how big  you’re tits are, they are bigger than your girlfriends!’ Charlie moaned 'You are getting so fat! But not fat enough!’ Charlie picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as the cheese flavour spread across his mouth.
“Im so fat” Thought Tom as Charlie placed another slice into his mouth. 'Ive gotten. So big. I cant even. Move. Im too. Big.“ Charlie continued to stuff food into Tom’s mouth. Tom was now helpless. He was too fat to move, being stuffed non stop and was being sat on the lap by his 'friend’. Tom moaned as Charlie smiled.


'Last burger piggy!’ smirked Charlie as he placed the last burger into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he chewed and swallowed the meaty burger.
'Well done piggy! You ate everything!’ Smiled Charlie. Tom groaned. Tom was huge. Tom’s belly now pushed his legs apart and was touching the floor. His moobs were now the size of a large breasted woman. His moobs sat ontop of his flabby belly. His thighs were thick and huge and were squished against the floor. Huge love handles formed on Tom’s hips, followed by rolls up the side of his body.
'Damn Piggy. You are so big!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s belly.
'Ooh’ moaned Tom 'Stop. Please.’
'Look at you! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie moaned. Suddenly Charlie lunged ontop of Tom and kissed him. Tom pulled back and their lips disconnected.
'Whats wrong piggy? Dont want to be my piggy?’ Charlie leaned in to Tom’s face 'Kiss me back now, or else’
Tom sighed and leaned in towards Charlie. Their lips both connected as they kissed. Charlie’s tongue broke into Tom’s mouth and danced around. Tom moaned as he did the same with his tongue.
"Why is he doing this” Thought Tom “And why am i kissing him back?” They continued to kiss as Charlies hand squished and played with Tom’s fat, moving around his fat body. Charlie pulled away from the kiss and smirked. His cheeks were red and he was sweating 'Ive been wanting this for years Tom’ Tears started to fall slowly from Tom’s eyes. He is now Charlie’s piggy.

To the Hommie who asked me about Jimin’s and Jk’s Dongers...(My Opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

Okie so for starters I personally think that Jungkook is bigger than Jimin but Jimin is still above average .. how/why you ask?

Exhibit A:

Jimin has these Vienna sausage looking fingers although they are adorable they are shot(not small if that makes sense ) and fat …..

 Like I see no difference…. 

This proves that he is thicker but not longer.. don’t believe me??… 

How about now?

look at it!!! are you looking at it…??!?!?!

it’s all about the girth …..JIMIN… has a Chode ( wider than he is long)

….. guys I feel it in my soul…. 

That doesn’t mean he is small by any means he is bigger than most….

but not huge like Jungkook…

Why do I say that?….okie first of all 

Kookie has these wide,long and large porcelain hands… 

Honestly what are this….

Exhibit B:

Their height difference.. 

Jimin is very stocky and muscular it makes sense for him to be wider than longer becuase he is shorter and no one will convince me other Wise….

 While kookie has a Bat dick I mean come on like even when you can’t see it you can see it…


Jimin himself hinted at it in the video Boy in Luv:

Exhibit C:

  At 1:59-2:00 minuets when Jimin looks down at Kookie. and smiles ..what is bighit trying to say???….Rather what is Jimin implying… 

idk maybe that Kookie is huge…

In conclusion Jmin has a chode meaning he has more girth than width but he is still  above average lenght…. 

While Kookie on the other hand has a bat dick like you can google it but just know it means huge like huge huge ….

Still don’t believe me?… jsut look at their feet…!!!




…..I think I rest my case….


Like I said in my Tae post  I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

To the perosn who requested this sorry it took so long to post I had to collect my evidence and make sure it was accurate..but here you go…

 Again this is all the proof I have and if you have any opinions feel free to share… I wonder how big the other members are tbh ..

Take a Picture- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by yourhockeyboys

(Look at that smile!)

Ok so as a plus size girl myself… I hate taking pictures. So it translated into this imagine for you guys! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: body insecurities

Anon Request: hey!! was wondering if you could maybe do an imagine where the reader is kinda chubby and dating auston n gets kinda insecure about not bein ~conventionally attractive and comfort ensues (dont @ me a thicc girl can dream ok lmao)

PS- Girl! Thicc girls can do whatever they damn well please! You go boo!


              Auston was laying on the couch, his head in your lap as you vegged out watching cooking shows on the TV. Auston was scrolling through social media and chuckling at all of Mitch’s stupid antics.

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Chapter Five

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 2959
Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Garry being an absolute shit.

Three days went by. Three days in which you spent almost more time with Garry than you did with Steve. Three days in which you were so rattled by what Bucky had said to you, you’d taken to avoiding him as much as possible. Something easier said than done even in a compound the size of the one you were all living in, and it was messing with your head.

It was like he had two personalities. When he was around everyone else he was the same old Bucky, the good natured friend, the laughing, teasing jokester you’d always had fun with. Then, when he’d catch you alone, it was a lot less harmless. It was flirting and sly glances, comments that would normally seem harmless had taken on completely new subtext. He made you uncomfortable but never more than that. He didn’t touch you beyond what was normal, yet still, he was freaking you the freak out!

It all came to a head the morning of the third day when, on your way to see Tony in his lab, you ran into Bucky in the hallway.

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You’re Perfect

A/N: Hi there everyone I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I lost all of my work except for 3 lines from this imagine so I do hope you’ll forgive me if the one you requested isn’t up yet. 

Self-conscious and Paranoid is one way I could describe myself. If handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds probably asking for a second page while I’m at it. That’s just how I have always been. I’ve always felt disgusted at how big my thighs look or how my stomach gains an extra roll when I sit down. I’ve never known what it feels like to not have my thighs touch or my stomach bulge when wearing tight clothing, its just always been like that for me.
Lately my insecurities have been gnawing away at my sanity once again, creating doubts and destroying whatever confidence I had built up after being admitted to Arkham.

“Hey! Are you even listening?” Barbra said shaking me slightly, I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked at her with a smile. “Yeah sorry, I’m just tired” I lied as I stabbed my food with a spoon, she shook her head and continued talking about a someone named Lee and her Ex Jim. I zoned out and looked down at my thighs hoping that my gaze would somehow shrink the fat that surrounded the muscle. I was jerked out of my thoughts when a hand rested on my middle back, I was about to snap at the person for touching me until I noticed it was Jerome. I offered him a small smile but I could see he was concerned with my behaviour, normally I wasn’t as quiet and reserved but lately I have been retreating into my shell ever so slightly. I guess it was because of Greenwood constantly comparing me to Barbra. 

“Barbra you do look ravishing today, unlike someone over here” Greenwood said shifting his stare over to me, “You look like you just came out of a pie eating contest” I furrowed my brow in confusion before wiping my face. ‘There is nothing on my face so why did he say that?’ I wondered looking at the spot on my arm where I rubbed my face. “Why do you say that?” Barbra asked genuinely interested, she hadn’t heard this one before. “Because her cheeks are fat and her belly is bulging” He said nonchalantly sitting down across from Barbra. I instinctively covered my stomach with my arms and tried to make myself as small as possible. 

Jerome looked at him with disbelief before sitting down beside me, in a matter of seconds I was pulled from the seat and positioned on Jerome’s lap as he hugged me from behind. "Why do you care about how she looks? You’re not her boyfriend I am” Jerome stated glaring at greenwood, I buried my face in my hands and let out an embarrassed groan which prompted Jerome to continue. “You think she’s fat, I think she’s slightly chubby and curvy in all the right places” he paused for a second before pointing a finger at Greenwood “unlike you” he said childishly before laughing at his own remark.

“And besides, who cares if she has a little extra meat, it just means more places to kiss when we-” a tinge of scarlet coated my cheeks “JEROME” I yelled getting flustered at his blunt words. Greenwood’s smirk fell from his face and was at a loss for words, Barbra stood up and cracked a smile, “I’m gonna call Jim!” she announced before striding off towards her cell. Jerome shook his head before burying his face into my hair. “You are perfect just the way you are, I love you and your body. Every little thing you see as a flaw or imperfection I see as something more to love” I smirked; shifting in the embrace I looked up at him and kissed his jaw, “you’re turning soft~” I said jokingly knowing that he was only like this with me. He grinned before lowering his lips to my ear “I thought about stabbing him repeatedly but I knew that It would mean less time with you” I laughed at his reasoning. No matter how bad I would ever feel about myself Jerome would always be there to stab or shoot my insecurities down and rescue me from my own deep thoughts.

I used to think that if I was handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds, but now I’m not so sure. After that little incident with Greenwood at breakfast Jerome made sure to show me just how much he loved me, in more ways then one.

Tell him you're pretty

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smutty
Rating: Mature
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts
Requested by an Anon and also part of what I already had in mind

Covered by the soft down comforter, your face buried in your arms; only the back of your head could be seen. Your hair was thrown over the pillow. He sat on the edge of the bed, grasping the back of your neck.

“What’s going on?” Your boyfriend Namjoon asked quietly, pressing the tips of his fingers firmly against the sides of your neck. Your body shuddering from the tears was the only response you gave. He squeezed tighter. “Tell me.” He said.

You shook your head. He slid his hand up your neck to the back of your head and grasped your hair in his fingers, firmly pulling them and lifting your head up. You whimpered and struggled, a movement which only made him tighten his grip in your hair. He pulled you harder and led you onto the floor. You knelt before him as your head was being held in place by his fist in your hair. You averted your eyes and he tugged your hair.

“Look at Daddy.” He said. Your eyes caught his, briefly, then you looked away. He yanked your hair again. “I said look at Daddy.”

This time you held his gaze. “Tell me, baby girl. Tell Daddy what’s wrong?” He said.

“I…” You tried to look down but his hand kept your head where he wanted it.

“I hate my belly!! And my breasts. My thighs. They wouldn’t fit in the dress I bought! I look ugly and fat and I hate it!” You confess.

He pulled you up and flipped you over his lap. “I will not allow anyone to speak negatively about you or your beautiful body, and that includes yourself.” He smacked you bare bottom five times, quickly and sharp.






You screamed out and tried to cover your bottom.

“Why? Why do you do this? You need to see what I can see. What everyone can see.” He slapped your bottom again.


“I can’t!” You yelled.

He sighed. “Why are you yelling at me?” He asked.

You were silent. He slapped your bottom again. “I asked you a question.” He stated sternly.


“I don’t know.” You muffled a response.

He slid his hand down your bottom and pressed your thighs open. His fingers brushed your labia and he felt the heat coming from your pussy. You hated the spanking, yet loved it. He started lightly stroking your labia. Barely going inside and not touching your clit.

Despite your tears and the pain emanating from your warm bottom, a small noise escaped you and you tried to press into his fingers. He didn’t allow it and continued to stroke his fingers up and down. He felt your wetness seeping out.

“Tell me you’re pretty.” He said.

You moaned as his fingers found your clit. He stroked it hard and your hips started moving with his fingers.

“Tell me you’re pretty.” He repeated.

“Noooo…” Your voice was strained and quiet.

He rubbed you until you were quivering and gripping the sheets.

“I said, tell me you’re pretty.” You didn’t respond and just as you were about to cum, his fingers went still. You cried out at the loss of stimulation.

“We are going to get this into your head. And that starts with you saying it. Say it, my love. Say: I am pretty.” He gave your clit one stroke and your hips jumped.

“Say it.” He instructed.

“You want me to LIE?!” You yell at him.




Tears filled your eyes and you whimpered. “Daddy, no, please stop!” You begged.


“I’m pretty Daddy! I’m pretty!” You started.

“How are you pretty?” He asked you.

“I have pretty hair. And I have pretty eyes. My bottom is round and full, just how Daddy likes it. I have a… A pretty smile.” You confess

“How else?” He questioned again.

“Ummm…” You trailed off as his fingers slipped between your swollen, wet lips again and found your engorged clit.

“Tell me.” He instructed.

“I have a nice shape. I’m curvy and soft, just how Daddy likes me.” You whimpered.

He rubbed your clit harder and faster. You cried out as the fluid gushed out, covering his fingers. He pushed two fingers inside your tight pussy and felt the walls clench around him.


He filled you up with his fingers. You were screaming and thrashing around as you squirted and gushed over and over, begging him to stop then begging him to keep going. The orgasms seemed endless. The pleasure he could bring you was unlike anything he’d ever seen. He removed his fingers and threw you on your back, touching the tip of his cock against the entrance of your body.

There was no hesitation from you as you screamed. “Daddy, fuck me please!! Fuck my pussy with your hard cock.”

He slammed into your tight cunt and you yelled out. You grabbed at him and wrapped your legs around his waist, thrusting up into him. He wrapped his hand around your neck and you came so hard that he had to push into you to avoid being pushed out of your pussy.

He tightened his hand and felt the build up inside him. He fucked you harder and harder, squeezing your neck. You were lost, the waves of the orgasms rising and falling until finally you felt his cock tremble and pulse. You screamed and came one last time as his cock spurted deep inside you.

The two of you collapsed together, and he kissed your shoulder. “My love… My Daddy.” You murmured.

His heart swelled and he gripped you closer. His baby girl. His love.

Mono (Embry Call Imagine)

The cold, salty air burned the back of my throat and there was a dull ache working its way up my legs. Tears stung against my eyes but I pushed myself faster and faster, my sharp inhales were barely audible behind the music blaring through my earbuds. The pain of his rejection left a deep pain in my chest as the memories played over and over again in my mind.

I had been reliving the moment time after time for the past 48 hours; vividly picturing the scene in my mind: my hands shaking and my knees wobbly, my palms sweaty, and my mind racing as I made my way up the steps to knock on his front door. I picked distractedly at a hangnail, tucked my hair behind my ear, adjusted my shirt, and untucked my hair. I was growing more anxious with every passing second, trying to remember my planned speech in my mind the way I had been rehearsing for the last week and a half. I tucked my hair behind my ear once more as I heard the light padding of bare feet coming quietly towards the door.

I stumbled, slipping on the slick, rocky beach and coming down hard on my knees. I didn’t bother to hold back the tears anymore as I clutched my stomach and let out a ragged sob.

I had been so caught off guard when Embry opened the door. For starters he was shirtless, which wasn’t exactly a new sight since we had been best friends since we were kids, but I couldn’t believe how much he had changed over the past week. He looked like he had grown almost a foot and he had seriously filled out…a lot. His shoulders and arms looked like solid muscle and he had somehow managed to develop abs while being “bedridden with mono”. I tried not to stare but I almost didn’t recognise the boy standing in front of me. He wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Was that a tattoo?

“Hey Y/n, I can’t really…”

“No, Em. I came to say something and you are going to listen. I don’t know what I did to make you push me away. I have been there for you through all the crap you have been through and you have stood by me too.” My voice caught in my throat and I swallowed hard. As my voice started to waver he finally met my eyes with a blank stare. “I have missed you so much and I really needed you this week. I just-” I had to clear my throat and take a deep breath to continue. “I- okay Em, I-”

He was just staring at me, or through me, I couldn’t be sure. But I knew he wasn’t hearing a word I was saying. “Nevermind” I muttered as I spun around and jogged back to my car, praying I wouldn’t cry in front of him. He just watched me go, didn’t come after me, didn’t even call my name.

I don’t know how long I had been sitting there, watching the grey-blue water gently lapping at the shore. I jumped when he gently tapped my shoulder.

“Hey Y/n, can we talk?”

My fingers were freezing against my puffy face as I wiped away a few fat tears.

“What, Embry? Why now? I have been trying to talk to you for weeks. What could you possibly have to say now?”

He looked like I had punched him in the stomach.

“I’m sorry Em, I didn’t-”, I started to reach for his hand but changed my mind, reminding myself of the gap that had grown between us lately.

“No, Y/n, you were right. I am so so so sorry. I thought I was doing what was best.” He reached for my hand, wrapping his warm fingers around my numb ones. Part of me wanted to pull away, wanting him to feel the pain I have had hanging over me. Instead, I interlaced my fingers with his and rested my forehead against his shoulder. At least he still smelled like my Embry. Like pine and soap.

“What happened Em? What did I do?”

“What?!” He slid a hand to my cheek, gently forcing me to look up at him, “You didn’t do anything! I was trying to protect you from-” now it was him that looked away, “Well I just didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Then let me in! Just tell me what is going on because I really miss-”

All of a sudden his lips were crashing into mine urgently. He brought one hand up to cradle my cheek and slid the other one to the small of my back, pulling me against himself. I had one hand lightly tugging at the hair at the nape of his neck, the other moving down his hard chest to his abs and I grabbed at the hem of his shirt, drawing myself even closer.

We pulled apart, breathing heavy and I could feel a dark blush working its way across my cheeks and reddening my ears. My lips tingled and I bit down on my bottom lip to try and keep myself from grinning like an idiot. When I looked up Embry was looking at me the way he had on his porch this morning. He had this dazed look on his face like he was dreaming or something.

“Hey Y/n,”

Oh no…here it comes…my smile faded and I looked down at my hands. I started to stand but he grabbed my wrist.

“No, please let me say this,”

I sat back down, still avoiding his gaze.

“Y/n, I know that maybe this isn’t what you want to hear from me right now…maybe it’s a little out of the blue…”

He stopped to clear his throat, his voice was deeper than I had remembered. “Y/n, I love you. I have for a while now and I know you deserve so much more than I could give you and I don’t want to hold you back but I just can’t imagine my life without you in it. I love you..” Finally, he looked up and frantically scanned my face, trying to read what I was thinking

anonymous asked:

how would jean react if his s/o got into a fight? you can do this as a scenario or headcanons, idm! :) if you choose headcanons though, can you also do headcanons for armin if his s/o got into a fight? thanks, keep up the good work, really appreciate this blog :)

Thanks, anon! I am glad you love the blog. I decided to go with a scenario since we don’t have a lot of those in comparison to headcanons. Hope this is what you were looking for!

“You got into a fight again?” your boyfriend questioned with a frown, his hand wrapped around your lithe wrist as he guided you toward the nearest chair in the barracks. “Why?”

“He was…” You hesitated, unsure if you should provide Jean with all the details lest he get even more pissed, and this time not at you. Knowing it would do no good to lie to him, you sighed. “He was making comments about my ‘fat ass’.”

Jean’s eyes practically bugged out of his head, mouth agape. “He said what?”

You could see the fire of anger burning brightly behind his eyes as he clenched his fists, and you could tell from the jerk of his body that he was on the edge of heading back outside to take care of the sexist pig himself. “I’m going to fucking kill–”

“Jean,” you interrupted, reaching out to grab his forearm tightly. You tugged him down and into the seat across from you. “It’s okay. I already kicked his ass.”

He seemed to calm, if only a bit, his eyes softening as they rested on your face. His eyes trailed across your cheeks and down to what you knew was a swollen and bloody lip. He dragged a careful finger across it and you couldn’t help but wince.

“Let’s get you some ice,” he whispered, lovingly running his fingers down the side of your face and stroking your cheek. “Hopefully you don’t have a black eye.”

“This wasn’t even from him,” you revealed, laughing quietly as you ran your tongue over your swelling lip. “I wasn’t very careful when I stood up after beating his ass.”

Jean couldn’t help but laugh as he brought you over some ice wrapped with a cloth. Dabbing at your lip, he sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Well, you could start with telling me how good my ass looks. I’m feeling a little self conscious.” You batted your eyes at your boyfriend with a lopsided, sly grin as you stood from the chair. You took the ice from him and pressed your other palm flat against his chest.

“I’d prefer to show you, if you don’t mind,” Jean replied huskily, settling his hands on your waist with a smirk.

“You’re still attracted to me, even with this?” you gestured with your occupied hand to your lip.

“Always, babe,” he answered, punctuating his sentence with a swift squeeze of the body part in question. “You sure you don’t want me to kick his ass again?”

“Trust me, he’s not going to be able to walk for a week.” 

Body Love

Anon: Can I please request something with B.A.P’s Himchan/reader? Also, could it be based of body confidence and loving your own skin and go from fluffy to smutty? Thanks in advance!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Himchan (BAP)/Reader

Word Count: 1226

Summary: Oppa helps show you how beautiful you really are.

“Jagiya?” Himchan calls for me as I was in the changing room. “Come on let me see. You’ve already tried on so many without me seeing any.” He whines.

“Yes cause they all look like poop.” He chuckles at my response.

“Please jagiya~” He whines again. I sigh as I look at the small black dress I put on. It wasn’t that bad but the way it hugged me, I didn’t like the curves it was showing. It made my little muffin top show way too much.

“Jagiya!” He whined louder and I shhed him. I peek out and he stood up looking at me. “Come on lets see.”

“Don’t laugh ok?” He shook his head.

“Lets see.” He smiled gently. I sigh and come out. I pull it down a bit since it was a bit short to my liking.

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Bath & Bubble

Request: “ahh hello, I love your writing could I request something? like newt or credence x reader and she is like super self conscious about her body cos she is like overweight / chubby? and like is super self conscious of her breasts and like vagina and stuff? I am sorry if this is super weird!” + “credence smut please? i don’t care what the situation is tbh, anything you write i’m going to love, thank you”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: self-loathing, weight issues, etc.

A/n: this is so horrible and not that smutty I’m so sorry idk why this was so hard to write (maybe bc i’ve had problems w my body in the past??) anyway, if any of u reading this are self-conscious about ur weight or how your body looks I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU and keep doing you, because you are a star and a valuable part of of the universe <3

Your face twisted in disgust as you gazed regretfully at the figure in the mirror. Bringing a hand to pinch at your sides, you sighed at the amount of fat you could pull from your body. You were dressed in a racy set of red lingerie, but you felt anything except sexy.

“(Y/n)? Are you home?” You heard Credence call as you could hear the front door close.

The jingling of keys coming closer to your bedroom made you lunge towards the wardrobe, sinking down behind the hanging clothing and closing the mirror door quickly. Your breathing was muffled by the closed space, but you could hear your heart beating rapidly in your tight chest. You grimaced at the thought of your boyfriend seeing you in your state, even though earlier today when you had bought the new underwear you had been far more confident. Once the reality set in, you were just not ready for Credence to see you like this.

Today marked 6 months of being together, and you had wanted to do something special for him. He had been so kind, understanding, and loving, but you were afraid that he was unsatisfied with your sex life. Every time his breath would hitch, or his pants would tighten, you were quick to recoil. It wasn’t because you weren’t ready; you had actually had many sexual encounters with him. You did your best to please him, but refused to let him touch you. You were just too scared that he would want to break up if he saw the lousy state of your body in its naked form.

“(Y/n)?” His voice sounded from inside the bedroom. You squeezed your knees to your chest, feeling your belly roll up as it was constricted against your thighs. Credence pulled back the door, finding you cowering in the dark. “What are you doing?” He asked concernedly, crouching down and placing a hand on your knee.

“Just… looking for something to wear.” You croaked. Tears had started to well in your eyes as embarrassment gripped your insides. The waterfall of emotion came crashing down, and you ducked your head into your knees. “Can you please close your eyes.”

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I love you for who you are (Peter Parker x Reader) (Requested)

Request: Imagine where reader has weight issues and Peter is in love with her(this was a message, so I don’t really know how to copy and paste).

‘Are you ready yet?’ Peter’s voice called. You were supposed to go out to a restaurant to celebrate your 8 months anniversary, but after staring at yourself in the mirror for half an hour, you didn’t really feel like going. You looked bad. The dress you were wearing accentuated the parts of your body that held more weight than the others, and your thighs looked extremely horrendous. What did Peter see in you that made him wanna date you? ‘[Y/N], are you ready?’ his voice was closer now. You knew he wanted to come in but didn’t because he also wanted to respect your privacy, but you also knew that he was curious about why you weren’t going out. You quickly changed into some jeans and a big t-shirt, feeling more comfortable and not so embarrassed about your weight. You finally left the room, seeing Peter wearing a tuxedo and looking handsome as ever.
‘Hey, are you ready?’ he asked, looking you up. ‘You look extremely beautiful, but we are going to a luxury restaurant and they are extremely strict with the clothing’ he said, a look of apology on his face. ‘Hadn’t you bought a stunning blue dress? I’m sure you look amazing with it’ he said, smiling at you. You couldn’t help it, and tears started to run down your face. ‘Hey, hey, have I said something wrong? If so, I’m so sorry. Oh my God, please don’t cry’ he begged, holding your cheeks in his hands.
‘It’s not you. It’s me. I-I can’t wear that dress. It makes me look fat. Even fatter than what I actually am. Why do you even love me Peter? I’m so ugly. Oh my-you pity me, don’t you? If it’s that, please tell me. I’ll understand, bu’ your words were cut by his lips pressed against your own, making you relax, focusing on the moment.
‘You are beautiful. What, you are not skinny? And what’s the problem? I love you for who you are, and to me, you are the most beautiful girl on Earth, and I love you, okay? I love you.’

BTS Reaction To You Being Insecure

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! The gifs aren’t mine and all credit goes to the original owners. :3 Admin Germane


Jin: “Jagiya? Why aren’t you eating? Do you not like the food?” Jin would ask as he noticed you weren’t eating the dinner he made. You would shake your head no, smiling a fake smile.

“It’s good Jin, I’m just not that hungry is all.” you lied. Jin would purse his lips at you as he stared at you.

“You said that yesterday and the day before too. Are you feeling okay?” he asked. The confusion that lined his face made you feel guilty, so you sighed guiltily.

“Jin, do you think I’m fat?” you’d ask him quietly. Jin started at you in shock as he took one of your hands in his

“No of course not jagi! Is that why you aren’t eating? You’re body is beautiful just the way it is, I promise. Now please eat for me?” he asked, gently kissing your knuckles.

Suga: “Y/N why are you wearing pants? It’s over 100 degrees outside.” Suga asked as you stepped out if the bathroom. You’d pout as you looked down at your pants.

“So? They’re cute.” you pouted, but really you were just insecure about your stretch marks on your thighs. Suga would sigh and pull you into his lap, rubbing his hands over your thighs lovingly.

“Are you wearing pants just to cover your stretch marks  Y/N?” he asked, his sad gaze breaking your heart as you nodded.

“Y/N, do you know how much I love you? I love you with every cell in my body. I love all of you, even your stretch marks that make your thighs even more beautiful and luscious to me. I love leaving hickies on those marks when you’re shaking with pleasure under me. So please don’t hide those thighs from me, because I love them just as much as I love the rest of your body.”

J-Hope: “Hey Hobi, do you think I should start wearing contacts?” you asked him one day. He’d look at you in confusion as he playfully pushed your glasses back up your nose.

“Why would you ask that Y/N? You look beautiful with glasses.” he’d ask you.

“Don’t you think they make my face look fat and squishier that it really is? Or that it makes me look dorky?” you asked, frowning slightly as you looked down to your hands.

“What? Jagi you’re glasses make you unique, not dorky. I love how they bring out your amazingly bright eyes and how they make your cheeks look super kissable.” he’d smile, making you giggle as he kissed your cheeks playfully.

“I love you just the way you are jagi, you don’t have to change one bit.”

Rap Monster: “Y/N, you’ve been staring at your hands for over 20 minutes. If you’re waiting for something to happen to them, I don’t think it’ll happen for a while.” Rap Mon would tease as he sat next you at the kitchen table.

“Can I ask you something Namjoon?”

“Ask me anything, love.”

“Do you think I have man hands?” you’d ask sadly. Namjoon would look at you in shock for a moment before smiling softly at you.

“Love, your hands are amazing. They fit perfectly into mine, see?” he pointed out as he held your hands in his own.

“Not to mention how great they feel tugging on my hair or how they leave the most beautiful marks on my back after we have sex. Your hands are the most petite and feminine hands I’ve ever held. So don’t think they aren’t perfect, okay my love?”

Jimin: “Baby! I’m home!” he’d call out to you. You wouldn’t answer, which was really odd because you’d usually run to him once he got home. He began to search the house for you and he sighed in relief when he found you in the bathroom, running your hands over your face. He’d hug you from behind as he watched you observe your face, not acknowledging his presence.

“Whatcha looking for?” he asked you.

“Nothing…just noticing all the ugly pimples I have.” you’d admit to Jimin. He’d tsk at you playfully and start peppering your face with kisses.

“What do you mean Y/N I only see beauty looking back at me, no blemishes in sight because even those are beautiful to me.”

V: “Y/N! Whatcha doing?” V asked, hopping into the bedroom with a happy smile in his face. He noticed that you were rubbing your upper lip with a certain discomfort in the mirror of your phone. V would cock his head to the side in curiosity and watch you until you spoke up.

“Taehyung, why must the gods curse me with such manliness?” you asked dramaticly, falling back against the bed. V would laugh and sit down next to you.

“What do you mean? You’re not manly at all.” he’d tease, poking your arm.

“Tell that to the moustache I’m growing.” you’d say, pouting slightly. V would laugh even harder, making you glare at him.

“Jagi, I have no earthly idea what you’re talking about. Your lips are beautiful, and trust me, there’s no moustache in sight.” V would say, pecking your lips softly. “I promise you.”

Jungkook: “Ooh! Jagi, those heels would look so good on you!” Jungkook would exclaim, handing you a pair of black Stiletto heels as the two of you were out shopping together.

“But Kookie, then I’ll be taller than you if I wear those around.” you’d say, pushing the shoes back into his arms.

“So? Who cares? I think they’d make your legs look amazing.” he’d smile, handing you back the heels. “Please try them on? Please?” he’d beg, giving you the puppy dog eyes that made you melt.

“Fine.” you’d sigh, slipping off your usual flats and trading them out for the Stilettos

“Jungkookie, you only reach my nose now. I feel like a giant.” you’d say as Jungkook beamed up at you.

“You look beautiful.” he’d say, leaning up a bit the place a kiss on your lips.

“Yeah but I’m so tall now, maybe I should just put them back…”

“No! Jagi, I don’t care if you’re taller than me. None of that matters. I love you and you love me, and that’s all I care about. Height isn’t a big deal. So what if in heels you’re taller than me? Heels show off those sexy legs of yours that I love so much. So c'mon, let’s go and buy you these shoes, okay? And I want you to wear them when we go out tonight.”

Beautiful - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

“I love your imagines and I was wondering if you would write one where the reader is really self conscious, and her and the rest of the pack go to the pool or something and she gets really uncomfortable l” + “Also maybe have her not eating for a while because some girls at school told her she ate too much and Lydia finds out. Btw reader is actually really thin so no one understands why she believed the girls” @imthechildoftwobadasses

Warnings: (I’m not sure if this would be triggering for anyone but) Body Insecurities 

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“Love Bites.”

[Love Bites; Rin M. x Chubby Reader]

Originally posted by ageha

“R-Rin, Stop.” You stuttered underneath the weight of your boyfriend Rin Matsuoka.

His hands continued to travel down your slightly larger stomach, grabbing onto the simple flesh. His warm lips trailed over the junction between your neck and shoulder, giving you small kisses.

You wondered How? How did you of all females end up with such a man like him? He was so perfect, so gorgeous, so wonderful. He was way out of your league, yet, he choose you.

“Stop what?” He questioned, glancing into your shimmering [E/C] orbs.

You looked away, embarrassed enough. “S-stop grabbing my fat, it’s kinda embarrassing” You replied.

Rin’s mesmerizing maroon colored eyes, softened at your request. His hands continued prodding and squeezing your stomach. Making you gasp.

“Why not, it’s sexy.” He replied placing his lips back against your marked up neck. Running his tounge over un-marked territory.

“Hardly.” You whispered.

Rin’s sharp teeth clenched the flesh against your neck, making you whine.

“Stop doing that.” He stated firmly. His large hands gripped your love handles as he moved down to your stomach. Lifting up your shirt, and placing small nips and kisses all over it.

“I love this. All of this.” He mumbled against your stomach, making you smile from How it tickled.

His hands began to grip your thick thighs, Rin sighed softly. “And these..? I can’t get enough of them.”

Rim grabbed your hand, placing it upon the bulge being restrained in his jeans. “Do you feel that?” He sighed.

You squeaked completely embarrassed. But, nodded, answering his question.

“That’s because of you and your body, you turn me on all the time. Sometimes even at practice, when you come out with that bathing suit on-“ He closed his eyes, making you palm his bulge “You don’t know how much I have to restrain myself from ravishing you have the time.”

You were in shock, Rin has always been straight forward. But, damn. That was so uncalled for. Not that you minded.

“I can’t hold back anymore.” He whispers kissing your stomach once again.

“B-but-!” You stuttered.

Rin placed a finger upon your lips, hushing you. “Rule one of the bedroom, leave all negativity that pertains to your body outside.” He spoke.

You nodded listening to his simple direction, losing yourself to pleasure as Rin showed you just how much he loved you and your wonderful chubby body.


You were aching from left to right, as you traveled to the bathroom. As you walked in, you instantly noticed the excessive marks upon your neck and body.

“R-Rin!” You shouted, your cheeks turning a deep shade of pink.

The male in question walked into the area, removing his soft maroon colored hair from his face. He gave you a tired glance;

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

You pointed towards the markings upon your neck “What am I going to do about this!?” You panicked.

He smirked showing his pointy teeth “It’s not my fault that you’re hard to resist-“ He shrugged “Besides I know you liked it.”

“I-I” You began to stuttered profoundly.

He wrapped his hands around your chubby waist, placing a small kiss upon your lips, shutting you up.

“You’re gonna have plenty more once we get out of the shower..” He mumbled into your neck.


What If

Summary: When Bucky finds out he’s going to be a father, he fears he may unintentionally hurt the baby.
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1,205
Warnings: Daddy Bucky feels
Author’s Note: If a URL is crossed out, it’s only because Tumblr is dumb and won’t let me tag everyone. Fic based off this fan art. If you know who created it, please let me know. It’s adorable and I frigging love it!

It was never of a question of Bucky wanting kids, he did. He loved everything about them; the richness of their laugh, the sparkle in their eyes, the indescribable scent on the top of their head. He couldn’t wait to have a few of them running around. But that was then, before the war and the super soldier serum, before he was an assassin under HYDRA’s control.

And then Y/N came along, bright-eyed, loving, and optimistic. She accepted him for who he was, metal arm and all. She made him feel safe and secure, like a human being and not someone… something to be used for an evil agenda. Despite all of that, Bucky didn’t feel exactly like he did before everything happened. So when Y/N told him she was pregnant, Bucky panicked. What if something happened and he ended up hurting the baby? What if he lost control of his arm and ended up doing more than just harming the child? It was enough to drive a sane man crazy.

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Need that shot

(Teamiplier x lilsister!reader)

 Request: can you do a teamiplier x reader? basically one where she’s helping trying to do something and everyone is like ‘for the love of god pls be careful’ and the reader thinks they’ll be fine but they end up hurting themselves and breaks there arm and ends up flipping out and crying and everyone is trying to keep her calm but it’s not working so they go to the hospital and like a couple hours later there laughing about what happen to make them feel better bc they feel bad? I hope this is okay 😅😅 

A/N: I made it a slight lil sis and teamiplier x reader hope it’s okay Thank you for requesting noonie. ❤️💕 

You slowly place your foot against the sturdy oak as you tried to climb higher and higher. You held the camera in one hand while holding the tree branch in the other, holding yourself up. No one had noticed what you were doing yet, as they tried to figure out how to get the shot they needed. “(N/N)?” Mark yelled looking around for you. “Up here!” You yelled waving as you sat on a tree branch legs wrapped around the base holding up the camera in one hand and waving at Mark with the other. “Oh my god, (Y/N) why are you up there?!” He yelled with a concerned face. “We need the shot!” You persisted. He sighed “fine, but please be careful.” “I’ll be fine, don’t worry I’m not fat like you Mark.” You joked and checked if the shot was good. Everyone laughed at that as they got into positions. When you got a couple of takes and shots that seemed to work it was time to move on. “Ok (Y/N) you can get off now come on, just please be careful,” Ethan told you as you handed him the camera. “I’ll be fine, I got this.” You said and began to stand up from the branch you sat on. Hugging the base of the tree you positioned your feet and leaned your weight against the branch. You didn’t hear the low creak the branch made or how it dipped from the amount of pressure put on it. Then it was sudden, a loud crack rang through your ears as you feel from the highest point of the tree. It was quick and you landed awkwardly. You almost didn’t feel the awful pain in your arm as your heart pumped from the adrenaline. As you tried to move pain shot in pricks and shots. Your scream from the fall had caught everyone’s attention, Mark was the first to sprint to you. You began crying the pain being too much. “Are you okay (Y/N)?!” Mark asked trying to look over your hunched frame. You didn’t answer the pain was too much. “What hurts (N/N)?” Mark asked in a concerned voice, you pointed to your arm and bit your lip. Everyone had crowded around you concerned “guys give her room!” Mark yelled in a panicked voice. They did and merely looked on. “It’s okay baby,” Mark told you as he tried to move you. You whimpered as you moved and sat up. Amy pushed your hair back from your face as Mark looked at your arm. There were scratches along your legs and your arm was bent at a weird angle down. “Tyler get the car, we have to take her to the hospital,” Mark stated and Tyler ran off quickly. Amy and Kathryn began getting everything together to put away while Ethan helped Mark pick you up. You whimpered and sobbed at every slight movement of your arm. “It’s okay bug, you’re going to be okay.” He soothed you as he laid you down in the car.

When you got the hospital it was a long wait, you rested your head against Marks’ shoulder and tried not to move your arm.

When the doctor finally told you what you already knew. It was a relief to finally get it fixed. You came out of the hospital in a bright blue cast. The car ride back was all laughs as Mark made fun of the fall you had. “No I’m serious, that was the quickest fall I’ve ever seen.” He joked as he looked at you with a smile. “Oh shut up.” You said rolling your eyes. “You said you weren’t fat like me.” He teased jokingly. “Guess I was wrong, at least I look thin.” You joked. He laughed “I’m glad you’re okay.” He said, “Yeah I know you were so scared you looked like I was about to die.” You teased him he rolled his eyes “you acted like it.” He lightly pushed you. “The crew okay? ” you asked, “yeah they went home and edited what we got.” He said. Mark had taken you to the hospital while everyone took the equipment home. Mark keeping them updated.

When you pulled into the office everyone hugged you and made sure you were fine. The night was fun you all laughed at the video and had a basically story time for the blooper reel. Mark kept you close and turned on big brother mode. It was so easy to guilt trip him into giving you anything you wanted. And the team teased him relentlessly for it.

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Can u do me a 51

51. “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

Work had really been stressing you out recently and instead of lashing out at people, you decided to comfort eat. 

You found yourself snacking a bit too much recently and when Harry had planned a night out for you two, the dress you wanted to wear wasn’t as flattering as it used to be. 

You stood in front of he mirror brushing your hands over the slight tummy you had recently got. 

“Hey, you look beautiful.” Harry winked from the bed, adjusting the cuff links on his sleeve. You fake smiled and looked straight back at your belly. 

“Can we just stay in tonight?” You rubbed your arm nervously.

“But I’ve made reservations? You alright?” He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You sucked in quickly but it didn’t go unnoticed. “Why did you do that?”

You tried to play it off with a classic. “Do what?”

“Breathe in when I put my hands on your belly?” He asked you. You stared at him through the mirror before letting a small tear trickle down your cheek.

“I don’t want to go out because I just look fat and feel fat.” You sputtered out before letting more tears fall freely down your face, shaking against Harry’s chest. 

“Where is this coming from?” Harry asked in disbelief. You turned to the side and pointed at your stomach in the mirror. 

“Look!” You pointed at the small podge below your belly button. 

“At what? That?” Harry asked incredulously. 

“Yes!” You whimpered. Harry pouted and wrapped his arms around you. 

“Baby, you aren’t fat. At all!” Harry stroked your hair. “You are so incredibly beautiful. I love you so much that it physically hurts. And seeing you talk yourself down like this is breaking my heart.” You sniffled lightly. 

“So what you’ve put on a bit of weight? It doesn’t change my love for you at all! Besides, I now have somewhere to rest my head.” He cheekily chuckled trying to lighten the mood. You let out a small giggle and stroked his chest. 

“How do you always have the perfect things to say?”

I’m your husband. It’s my job.”







I sighed as I closed my laptop and threw it on Nates bed. I was out visiting him in LA for the next 3 weeks and he has been posting about it non-stop. Most times, our relationship gets alot of support, but since I came out here, the hate seems to have gotten so much worse. Why do they hate me so much? What did I do? I mean I know I look nothing like Gilinsky’s girl, Madison(and trust me I am glad), but that’s who the fans always compare me to and it really hurts that Nate and I have been together for over a year and they still can’t accept me.

“Y/N!” Skate called walking through, the door of his apartment. “Lil'Mama, I’m home” He called walking up the stairs. I zoned out, ignoring his voice. I stared at myself in the mirror. I lift up my shirt and examine my body at every angle. I sighed, the fans are right. I’m not good enough for Nate. I mean, I’m not skinny. Far from it. I don’t deserve someone like Nate.

“Y/N?” Nate spoke quietly at the doorway of his bedroom. “What are you doing babe? Whats wrong?” He asks puzzled.

I looked at him, I saw the hurt in his eyes. I can’t believe I cause him worry. My eyes start to water as I look at his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I shook my head, “No.” was all I managed to get out before I ran to Nate latching on to him. He pulled me close, holding me tight and kissing the top of my head. Nate took my hand, leading me to his bed, while I sobbed into his chest. He sat down and put my legs on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him, hoping he’ll never let me go. We stayed like that for a while until I heard him sigh. I looked up at him to see him broken. “What’s wrong baby? Tell me Y/n.”

I breathed out, and spoke quietly, “They’re right, Nate.”

“Who’s right? About what?”

“Your fans. I-I don’t deserve you.” I said, trying to fight back my tears.

“Why would you think that Y/N, you know not to listen to half the bullshit they can say.”

“Look at me, Nate. You can do so much better. Im not skinny, and i’m far from perfect. I’m just some fat nobody that doesn’t belong with someone like you.” I looked down, ashamed to look at him.

He put his hand under my chin and kissed me. “Y/N, stop comparing yourself to other girls. If I wanted to be with someone other than you, why would it hurt me so much to see you breaking? Would I have stayed with you for over a year? I love everything about you. I look at you and see perfection. If anything I don’t deserve someone like you because you accept me for who I am. ”

I smiled at how big of sap he was being. I straddled him and slammed my lips against his. He knew how to make me feel special. His roamed my body and landed on my ass where they rested. His lips trailed down my neck, leaving sloppy kisses. He looked at me and smirked before plunging his head between my boobs, motor boating me. I squealed and started giggling. He knew that when he does that, I cannot stop laughing.

“NATE! s-ST-STO-STOP.” I managed to get out between laughs.

“See lil'mama, you’re perfect.” He smirked. “Your smile, your eyes and don’t forget about your curves. I love your curves.” He said before moving his hands along the sides of my body, “And my favourite part of your fucking amazing body is your ass, It gives me something to hold onto when we get wild. If you were a stick, how would I make you feel half as good. How would you make me feel half as good? hmm? You’re fucking beautiful Lil'Mama, its so hard for me to control myself around you.”

I looked Nate and smirked pushing him back on the bed, “Well let’s see how hard it will be to control yourself around me today.”