why do i want to enter a school


How do you enter?

Either reblog this with a reference of the character you want me to draw or submit one!

Oh, and you have to be following me!

What kind of drawings?

I will randomly pick five winners!

Three followers will win a 1-3 colored drawing and two followers will win a fully colored drawing!

What kind of characters will I draw?

I’ll draw basically anyone/anything! 

Just that MLP characters are a little bit boring to me cuz I’ve drawn them so much in the past. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enter with an MLP oc!

Winners will be announced on February 17!

Good luck, my friends! I love you all! ^^

anonymous asked:

This is all just super sad to me because I always thought these actors really liked working on the show and with each other, but it sounds like as soon as their contracts were up, a bunch of them are done....*sigh* And here I was thinking that the show would end when it became a terrible ratings performer but it's actually still renewable compared to the rest of ABC's drama slate. Darn you, 6-season industry standard contracts!

I don’t think the cast potentially leaving the show means they dislike each other or OUAT. Doing a 22-episode program is GRUELING. The hours are INSANE. It means working 14-16+ hours, 5+ days/week. And they shoot in Vancouver, which while nice, is far away from many of their families. 

Gosh now have two kids. Colin has one. Working such long hours isn’t conducive to family time, especially as kids grow older and enter school. Jen has other producing and directing opportunities. So, I get why they’d want to leave. It’s not a reflection on OUAT or their feelings towards each other. I think they’re just tired and ready to move on.