why do i use so many tags tho

Hanjoo shippers on Insta are annoying, BYE.

So, dear Hanjoo shippers,
Y'all still tagging Hansol under HANJOO related stuff on Instagram, congratulations for being disrespectful.
HONESTLY, how many Tumblr posts do we need to write before you realise TWO SIMPLE THINGS
1) Hanjoo makes Hansol feel uncomfortable, he dislikes it and therefore ASKS HIS FANS NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT
2) Hansol is not gay, so the whole “omo they r such a cute gay kpop couple” comment thing is not okay
Do you want him to BEG you to stop tagging him? Do you want him to delete his pictures and make his account private so he won’t be annoyed by it anymore?
Do you know that when Sangdo posted a picture of Hansol and Byungjoo and used HANJOO as a hastag (it was in Korean tho BUT), Hansol commented, “please, anything but Hanjoo”?
Do you know how many times he was called gay?
Really, come on, it’s not that hard. All we ask is to NOT tag Hansol in anything HANJOO related.

I don’t see why tagging him (or any other idol) is necessary at all tbh.


100% me as a Mercy hahaha
I literally throw myself trying to save my teammates but sometimes it doesn’t end that well hahaha Maybe most of the times hahaha Unless there’s a good guy that tags along with me and protects me and doesn’t leave me alone on the payload or things like those LOL

This scene actually happened in-game so I deided to draw Mercy with the Skin I use, the Devil one and Mei with the skin it’s user had, the Yeti one. (SO MANY DETAILS WHY DID I DO THIS AJKFBLAWGHEUI)

I had so much fun drawing beaten up Mercy tho, I made her the most comically injured as possible hahaha :’D

I hope it makes you laugh!

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

Yes I do spams, and don’t worry, I’m always in need of some chanbaek (Or baekyeol? I don’t really know what the name is) Anyways…-

[Omg the height difference tho]

[I get that this is cute and all, but whAT IS SUHO DOING?]

[What even?… Still cute tho]

[The way they look at each other, they could at least try to hide it]


[Why was that so in sync???]

[At least they tried…]

[THEY HELD HANDS!! It’s official Guys, they’re getting married]

[I have no words…]


btw, this is my first spam, so I’m sorry if it’s not that good.

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