why do i think these are both girls poses


Apparently a lot of you shit on girls who put their leg on something to take a selfie? I’ve heard people say, “Oh they do it to make themselves look skinnier,” and, “It just looks stupid.”

Stop projecting your own insecurities onto other people.

I think both of these photos look the same amount of phenomenal and it’s not because I’m magically thinner in one (I really don’t understand that argument) AND positioning your limbs and body in different ways creates a DYNAMIC SHOT. Ever heard of it? Standing straight up and down can be boring. Why am I standing with my legs apart in both photos? Not to give myself a fucking thigh gap (?????) but to use my space more effectively. Any girl who poses, positions her limbs, uses props, or anything like that is simply being creative. Moreover, it’s visually interesting to fill space as your body intersect with lines of interest according to the magic rule of thirds.

Sure, I don’t doubt that some of you have done things to make yourselves look thinner in photos, but that doesn’t mean that JUST because someone isn’t standing straight up and down in a photo they are trying to be skinny. Not everyone wants to be skinny!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously smell some ripe misogyny in all this business because my friends would tell me the exact same shit in high school. “Oh my god why are you posing your body?” “Selfies are so stupid.” Nah, fuck that.

Pose however the fuck you want and don’t let others be mean to you.

bitsy83  asked:

Have you heard about the controversy concerning the Verizon commercial and young girls interested in science? How, by discouraging girls to not be curious about sciency- stuff and encouraging them to be more lady like, we're taking away their chances of being scientists? How do you feel about this? A lot of people think it's saying that girls should either focus on being pretty or improving their minds; like they can't be both.

Focus on being pretty? What? Why would that be something to focus on?

I mean, what do  you do to focus on being pretty? After you fix yourself all up with…whatever, do you just stand around and pose? 

Here’s the thing, girls are pretty. They don’t honestly have to do that much. I don’t know why girls think they really have to put on a ton of makeup or fix their hair a certain way, or anything, to be pretty. It’s honestly not that hard. 

Get up in the morning, take a shower, brush your hair. Brush your teeth. Do whatever headband, ponytail, hair thingy you do, put on your favorite tshirt that rocks and then be scientists! 

Or artists, or cooks, or teachers, or architects, or mathematicians, or cops, or firefighters, or secret agents, or construction, or plumbers, or whatever you want to be. 

Trust me, you are pretty. You don’t have to focus on being pretty. It’s not something you have to do. It’s not something you have to just be and be only. It isn’t something that you have to live up to a standard.

Girls should  focus on being awesome.

“Move In With Me?” Niall Horan Wedding Series

Part 10/21 

Yawning, you blinked a few times to clear your vision of any sleep that was still in your eyes. You looked over to see the space on the bed next to you was empty, indicating that Niall had already left to head to the studio for the day which meant that you wouldn’t see him until around nine at his place which you’d arranged for that night. Sometimes, you thought about the possibility that he might ask you to move in with him considering you were constantly at each other’s flats anyway but the question never came.

You walked into the kitchen, stumbling a little as your body was yet to fully wake up. The warmth from your body seemed to have all been lost as you stood in the middle of the room in shorts and one of Niall’s long shirts, even though you knew you should probably have something else on considering it was nearing winter now. Opening the fridge, you groaned when you found it practically empty meaning that Niall had been eating your food again.

“That boy,” you muttered to yourself, grabbing the last slices of bread from the bag and the butter before slamming the door shut. The thought of going to the grocery store was one which didn’t appeal to you at all but you knew that it had to be done and you didn’t have anything else to do that day as you knew Y/BF/N had gone down to the studio with Harry for the day. You quickly ate the toast you’d made before heading back to your room, cranking up the heating on your way through. 

The shower you took was quick as you didn’t really have the energy to stand there for ages. You and Niall had been up until the early hours of the morning just talking about everything from what had happened in your pasts and where you both saw yourselves in the future. Drying yourself off, you wrapped your dressing gown around yourself before picking out your clothes for the day. You knew that you didn’t need to make much of an effort as you were only heading to the shops, so you put on some skinny jeans and a plain white tee before throwing on one of Niall’s hoodies. You made a quick plait with your fringe and pinned it across your forehead before placing your glasses on your noses and leaving your place.

The local supermarket wasn’t very busy, just a few people running around in the early morning. 

You felt like somebody was following you down the bread isle which made you slightly uncomfortable. Your fears were confirmed when you could hear two girls whispering behind you, talking about who was going to go up to you first and ask. If you weren’t a little uncomfortable by the fact somebody was following you, you’d have found the whole thing quite adorable as you weren’t scary, you weren’t going to hurt them. With a chuckle, you turned around to face the two girls who just shot you awkward smiles. 

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” One of them asked quietly. You glanced over her shoulder to see, who you thought, were the girls’ parents. Their mum gave you a thankful and sympathetic look as you laughed, shaking your head to tell her it was fine. 

“I am indeed,” you replied with a smile. “How can I help you love?”

“W-We were just wondering if you would take a selfie with each of us?” The other one stuttered, not meeting your eye. “We think that you’re great for Niall and you make him happy so I don’t see why the whole fan base isn’t happy but you know what they’re like.”

“Of course I will and thank you honey, they’re just worried that I’ll take him away from you guys or hurt him which I can assure you, I don’t plan on doing any of those things, I love him.” You posed for each picture with a smile before turning back to the girls.

“Thank you so much Y/N! You’re so kind,” the one said before they both went rushing over to their parents, smiles on their faces. You chuckled, throwing the groceries that you needed into your basket before heading to the checkout and then heading back home.

@R/T/N: We just met @Y/T/N and she is so, so lovely. Thanks for stopping and taking a photo Y/N!” You smiled as you replied before putting your phone to the side and grabbing your laptop from other the bed, deciding it was time to finish all of the work that you needed to get done before next week. You really enjoyed your job, you’d worked three years at uni to get it and you loved it, plus, a lot of it you could do at home which was an extra bonus. 

With a yawn, you rubbed your eyes as you closed down your laptop to get ready to head over to Niall’s for the night. You grabbed all of the paperwork you needed for the morning where you were out on a home visit for somebody, shoving it into your bag before turning off the lights and leaving your flat, locking the door behind you. 

November brought early nights with it which you hated. Walking down the street in the dark even though it was just coming up to nine wasn’t your favourite thing but you normally just kept your headphones in and walked fast towards Niall’s flat. Luckily, since the two of you were at either one of the other’s most nights, half of your stuff had ended up at Niall’s which meant that you didn’t have to take new stuff there every time you went over.

“Y/N! Is that you?” You heard Niall asked as you walked in through the door, dropping your bag into the living room, before you headed into the kitchen where Niall was stood at the counter, pouring out two drinks. “Hey love,” he greeted, kissing your cheeks before handing you a mug of what smelt like hot chocolate. 

“Hey Ni, thank you,” he smiled before lacing his fingers with yours and guiding you into the living room where he had the fire on and the TV on. “How was recording today?” You inquired, sitting down on the leather sofa. 

“It was good actually, we had a lot of fun!” He replied, wrapping an arm around you. “How was your day?”

“It was good actually, I went to the store this morning and these two adorable girls came up to me and told me some nice things,” you blushed a little as Niall chuckled, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “I’m glad the fans don’t really hate me,” you laughed as that had been one of your fears when you started dating Niall. Sure, you got hate but that was just normal and you knew that would happen but the majority of fans had really warmed to you and you liked that. 

“Me too love,” 

Silence dawned between the two of you, the only noise was the TV playing quietly in the background, it was a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s company. 

“Y/N, there’s something I need to ask you,” Niall said suddenly, readjusting the two of you so you were now sat opposite him, your legs crossed. 

“What’s up?”

“Well, I was talking to Harry the other day about the fact he’s going to ask Y/BF/N to move in with him and it got me thinking. I’ve wanted to ask you the question since our anniversary but I didn’t know what you’d think of the idea or if you’d think it was too soon but Y/N, will you move in with me?” He asked nervously. You felt a grin spread across your face as you nodded, you found how nervous he was rather adorable as he must have known somewhere that you wouldn’t say no to that. It would make things easier for the both of you after all. 

“Ni, of course I will! We’re always at each other’s places anyway, this will make it easier!” You shouted, leaning forward to kiss him before he wrapped his arms around you tightly and placed a kiss on the top of your head. 

“I love you Y/N, this is a big step for us.”

“I love you too Irish,” he chuckled, returning to your previous position and carried on watching the TV while you spoke about moving out and moving in together.

New Harry one shot tomorrow too!