why do i think these are both girls poses


Apparently a lot of you shit on girls who put their leg on something to take a selfie? I’ve heard people say, “Oh they do it to make themselves look skinnier,” and, “It just looks stupid.”

Stop projecting your own insecurities onto other people.

I think both of these photos look the same amount of phenomenal and it’s not because I’m magically thinner in one (I really don’t understand that argument) AND positioning your limbs and body in different ways creates a DYNAMIC SHOT. Ever heard of it? Standing straight up and down can be boring. Why am I standing with my legs apart in both photos? Not to give myself a fucking thigh gap (?????) but to use my space more effectively. Any girl who poses, positions her limbs, uses props, or anything like that is simply being creative. Moreover, it’s visually interesting to fill space as your body intersect with lines of interest according to the magic rule of thirds.

Sure, I don’t doubt that some of you have done things to make yourselves look thinner in photos, but that doesn’t mean that JUST because someone isn’t standing straight up and down in a photo they are trying to be skinny. Not everyone wants to be skinny!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously smell some ripe misogyny in all this business because my friends would tell me the exact same shit in high school. “Oh my god why are you posing your body?” “Selfies are so stupid.” Nah, fuck that.

Pose however the fuck you want and don’t let others be mean to you.