why do i talk to myself through tags

I just made myself sad

Why is it that whenever I browse through the yuri on ice tag i always get ideas for an au.

Anways the au i’m thinking of is an Ano Hana AU. If you don’t know the anime, lucky you. This anime will make you cry like a little bitch. Hell i keep putting off the movie because i don’t wanna cry again.

I dunno how to explain this au properly so i shall post a short summary:

It has been years since the last time Victor Nikiforov danced on ice. It’s been years since he heard his laugh, seen his smile and heard the music he made with his body.

As much as his friends and family urged him to move on, he did not want to. What he had with Yuuri can never be replaced. And it was hard to move on when the object of his affection decided to haunt him.

“Come on Victor, won’t you skate for me?”

In which Yuuri Katsuki died of a tragic skating accident after winning the Grand Prix and Victor is terrified of the ice because he’ll remember what happened. Yuuris ghost decided to haunt his ass because Victor was born to skate and dance and be one with the ice. ALSO very supportive yurio and other skaters.

@disheveledcurls you said something about missing Sherlock’s/Jonny’s hair in your tags and it made me think of something about Sherlock’s character that I really love.

I’ve already said myself that I actually prefer the way he looks now, bald, compared to how he looked clean-shaven through part of season 3. I know it’s just a matter of preference - I like men with scruff. Jonny without scruff looks…idk I don’t think he looks bad just not…right. Rubs me the wrong way. Most guys I prefer with scruff anyway.

But you mentioned they should’ve given him a wig which maybe you just said in jest but regardless the idea of /Sherlock/ choosing to wear a wig - if it wasn’t part of a disguise - just would not happen. The man has certain vanities about his intellect but I don’t think he’s the type to care too much about his personal appearance. Something @autisticsherlockinelementary said about his clothing choices made me think more about it - something about the constantly buttoned up collars being a source of comfort. Comforting in their constancy, or something of the sort (I’m on mobile I know I reblogged it recently tho).

And it reminds me of another favorite fictional character of mine - from a fantasy series by Jane Lindskold, I love it to pieces. Her name is Firekeeper and she was raised by large wolves who are equally as intelligent as people (more so IMO). And she had no vanity whatsoever when it came to her appearance - she saw herself as a wolf. And as part of a disguise she had to shave just the front of her head (it was a cultural thing; think women air benders in ATLA). And instead of covering her partly shaved head with a scarf like the other women did (who had to use the same disguise) she just shaved all of her hair off. It didn’t matter to her - her longer hair was an annoyance to her anyway. I read these books over 6 years ago and I still remember that. It just made me feel awesome for some reason, having a protagonist who just doesn’t care about something as fragile and fickle as female beauty.

So with Sherlock not caring about his shaved head, idk, it just felt nice to me. He’s not the type of person who cares about his appearance more than his identity as a person - he does ridiculous things for Everyone for the sake of the “greater good”, as I’m sure he would say himself. It’s not a big deal, I guess, but since some fans are still bringing it up I just wanted to put in my two cents. And it’s just what I think, I know others disagree and that’s totally fine!