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I finally did it, y'all tagged me ages ago I’m sorry <3 today I felt really good about my face and I’m waiting for the bus to kdance so I thought why not~

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Sherlock: -looks at John-

Sherlock: Why do we even have to take a wedding photo? I am never going to forget this event.

John: Sherlock…

Sherlock: I am being very serious, John.
John: Sherlock…

Sherlock: I know that it’s for both of us but still…

John: -gets an idea-

John: Shut up!

John: -quickly turns around to face his husband and give a quick and surprise kiss on the lips before getting back into position to try to take the photo once again-

John: Now..will you take the photo?

Sherlock: -still in a bit of shock-

Sherlock: ..Yes.

John: Good.

Sherlock: @-@

John: 😏


inktober day 10

references were monet and ophelia; this was meant to be a symbolic passage of time for link (but maybe the reference implies he’s dead??)

i used a micron, sharpies, and prismacolor marker

I fixed this way-too-whitewashed picture of the beautiful Zoë Kravitz

EDIT: I can’t find the source but I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for it to sound like the linked blog did it please PLEASE know that the poster of the original image is not responsible for the whitewashing sorry again sorry


‪More selfies before the green holiday is done! I am positively sure I am not model material. 😆

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 💚‬

Drakken's First IPhone
  • Drakken: okay Shego, say cheese... hold on, wait a second...
  • Shego: did you get it?
  • Drakken: yeah I think so... but there's a red button in the middle...
  • Shego: lemme see... you have it on video. Now take it. Its set on photo.
  • Drakken: okay, one... Two... It vibrated, shego. Why did it vibrate?
  • Shego: just take the photo.
  • Drakken: ooh, it did it again, Shego. Why is it doing that? Did I take the photo?
  • Shego: you probably got an email or something. Don't worry about it.
  • Drakken: how do I access the email, Shego?
  • Shego:
  • Drakken: Shego, where are you going? I thought I was taking a picture of you!

anonymous asked:

I do not understand why celebrities take nude photos and make sex tapes. They have the highest chance of being hack. I know if I was famous I wouldn't do that.


Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - The shoes photo from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David & Billie (or is it?)

The Photo in question:

Source of the myth:  I’ve posted the photo as part of a behind-the-scenes photoset, and many other people have posted the photo (and artistic variations thereof) as well, yet almost every time I see comments/tags from others who suggest that it’s not actually David Tennant and Billie Piper in the photo. Most of the time people suggest that these are cosplayers, not the real deal.

Breaking down the myth:  The main argument I see (aside from the fact that you cannot see their faces) is that Billie’s dress isn’t blue in the episode, it’s pink, thus this has to be cosplay – however on set Billie often wore a blue cover over her dress to keep the pink skirt pristine for filming, as seen below:

Mystery Revealed:  The fact is, back when Season Two aired, the official Doctor Who site would release a series of behind-the-scenes photos for each new episode, and the shoes photo was one of the official photos released as part of the promo materials for The Idiot’s Lantern.  The caption for the photo on the old official site reads “Fancy footwork from David and Billie” – so the photo is, in fact, David and Billie.

You can view the photo on an archived version of one of the old official BBC Doctor Who sites here.  A screen cap from the site is also available below:

So there you have it - it is indeed David and Billie. 

Disclaimer:  I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am happy to share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims.  I’m always open to other evidence that can shed light on the matter.

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