why do i tag it i don't want people to find this

this is just upsetting

so apparently my art has been reposted?? and i’m telling you it’s not a good feeling… 

why.. why would people even do this?? can’t they empathize with the artists and think how it must feel to steal all their hard work away and just.. do this??

well apparently not. where do they even find this if not from the source???

and don’t even give me the excuse that artists should feel “flattered” because no. this is NOT a form of flattery. reblogging from the source and adding cute tags that is a form of flattery. this just makes me feel upset and there is that feeling of regret in sharing my work.

well i guess it’s time to put in that huge watermark then because i really don’t want this to happen again.

Whatever this thing is supposed to be

So… Someone over @alexfierrno​ asked for aro-ace aphrodite children headcanons (or something of sorts) and, even though this isn’t exactly what they where going for in the first place, this small thing is what I came up with.

This is here because I’ll probably not be able to find it again otherwise… (so in case I ever think of using it, kind of properly worded of course. I’m not really sure why I’m putting this over here, to be honest)

  • A child of Aphrodite that came to camp already fully aware that love is not just related to romantic or sexual things, that thinks platonic love is just as important and even views it as more sometimes because it’s the only type of love they have ever experienced.
  • A child that doesn’t really get romance but sometimes gives rather decent advice about relationships because they think of them as a variation of friendship that implies more physical contact.
  • A child that sometimes doesn’t really get the way people talk about romantic love although they understand where those words come from as well as consider those feelings just as valid as their own, even though they can’t say that they have really experienced them in the past.
  • A child that views Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate all kind of love, although they celebrate it as one where they celebrate friendship and family.
  • A child that doesn’t really care if other people glance them in a rather weird way or imply they just need to grow up, that they’ll get someone, since they stopped paying mind to those while they were with their mortal parent, having grown up with the idea that they can be the only ones that can define themselves, not society or someone else.

I’m putting this in the main tag *sigh* because I feel this is something that sadly needs to be said.

I avoid the Diabolik Lovers fandom like the plague. For one reason or another, there’s always something going on and causing a rift between people. This may sound somewhat hypocritical coming from me since I’m not shy about distancing myself from others or even cutting people off entirely if they’ve done something to make me upset (that might be immature in some instances and I acknowledge that).

Anyways, I find it very sad that as a person who actually loves the series (not the newer games) that I don’t care for the audience. I keep asking myself why things got so bad or why things are this way. Every fandom has its problems and it’s naive to think that any fandom could be completely peaceful. But this fandom, in of itself, is a problem.

I think it all just boils down to a lack of respect. Even if that’s not the main issue, it certainly would help if we all respected each other a little more. This fandom is full conflicting opinions, viewpoints, and as a result, people fight, argue, and hate each other.

It’s really bothersome that some people in the fandom are hated and bashed into silence so others can freely flaunt their opinions as correct or live in the fandom without having to see something they disagree with. 

At what point, honestly, are people going to get tired of it and resolve to change it? To stop hating each other based on what we think? 

When are we going to start respecting each other?

When are people going to start respecting artists, writers, and translators? When are people going to start respecting people who create content and make content available to an audience that would quite literally be lost without them?

When are people going to start respecting those who have differing opinions? When are people going to start saying “agree to disagree” instead of being hellbent on dominating the fandom under a single narrative?

When are people going to make use of a blacklist tool so they don’t have to see posts they don’t want to see?

When are people going to stop taking what does not belong to them?

When are people going to stop stalking and harassing each other?

When are people going to stop fucking acting like they are some moral high place solely because they see the series in a different way?

I know there are people in this community who are troublesome, who do steal, who do lie, who do harass, and I’m at a loss for how to make them stop. Honestly.

But when are you, you who is reading this post or skimming over it, going to start respecting people?

If you ever want this fandom to be a better place, you have to start respecting others. You HAVE TO START RESPECTING the opinions of others and the things they do to contribute to the community, even if you do not like it.

I know, we’ll come across the trolls who really don’t deserve respect but a part of being on the internet is being mature enough to walk away. To hit the block button, reroute if you have to, and just ignore it.

Disrespect is what kills fandoms. And this fandom, by no means, is immune. 

**about b*nes dont want to ruin things for anyone tbh** ignore me

I’m so pissed about Wendell. I won’t even tag this post because I know how much people are suffering about the show ending and everything so I’ll stay out of the tags. But why?????? I mean, out of all the characters they could have given that ending to, they gave it to him. I am so sorry to say this but this season feels so random. I didn’t have that feeling at first because the first episodes seemed so well thought / well put together but as the eps progressed I just started not to understand what was going on.

Why would wendell do that. Out of the blue. If Wendell was Angela, I would be okay with it. But they never mentioned it. Wendell was so passionate about his job, he won scholarships and people paid for his studies. He was a working-class hero. Now he just can’t seem to find that passion anymore? Also because he can’t pick a dissertation topic (?????). I know plenty of people who’d drop out of school or change subject / major. I am one of them. I have no interest whatsoever to study what I am studying. But yet, If I ever was to leave, I’d do it now that I still have a few exams to go. It’s not like you finish everything, you do your doctorate (!!!!!) and then you leave. WTF man.

I know there’s the cancer card. Like yes, Wendell is alive and he should not waste time on something he doesn’t love. Yeah, yeah, I get it. BUT NOOOPE.

It feels like they just couldn’t give everyone an happy ending so they picked Wendell because, why on earth not. 

This is such a minor thing but it made me so sad. The little details are what’s to love about this show.


Also…My bet is that Aubrey is gonna be Wendell 2.0. Camastoo will get married, Hodgela will probably have another baby (off screen) and BB will stay together obviously. So that leaves out Aubrey and Jessica that imo will break up because he will go to LA and she will stay in DC. AND THAT MAKES NO SENSE EITHER. BRRRRRUUUUUUUUH.

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name: erin 

a four letter word: ears (I dunno why I had to google that smh)

a boy’s name: Eric

an occupation: an engineer 

something you can wear: earmuffs

a food: eggs noms lol

something you find in a bathroom: Epsom salts 

a place: England 

a reason for being late: engine blew out in my car (I stg if I just jinxed myself).
something you shout: EXACTLY! (Me af tho)

a movie title: ET

something you drink: energy drinks 

an animal: emu 

a type of car: escalade boyyyyy

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Okay so I just woke up to find Hanzo’s tag all messy because apparently Blizzard confirmed his legs aren’t prosthesic. Now, I don’t really want to be that guy but seriously? Why are people even pissed at that? Why the one billion posts explaining it can’t be??? And being this #tumblr obviously the insults started flying…. listen to me now kids, aren’t you tired of all this drama all the time? I mean do you want to believe Hanzo’s legs are prosthesic? Fine! Who’s literally stopping you from doing it??Did ever something being canon stopped anyone from enjoying an alternative way of seeing things? Tbh I never thought his legs where prosthesic but I didn’t hate upon anyone doing that, because you can enjoy and think whatever you please. I don’t mind at all, it’s somewhat nice to see art or content in another perspective so it’s also constructive. Buuuut don’t come out insulting people or bitch over the fact for ages because it’s first of all boring and second not very intelligent. Don’t make the rude ass one just because your head canon wasn’t confirmed because it’s so extra and unrequired. Enjoy what you please, don’t judge others and others won’t judge you. But for the love of god don’t write useless salty posts insulting whoever comes at hand.
You were nice, Overwatch fandom. Very nice. Don’t change that.

Why do I reblog people’s art/drawings you ask?  Because they put their time and love into that piece.  They were inspired enough by a prompt posted on this blog that they wanted to make something that popped up in their brain and flourished into something that they just had to get it out there.  And once they’ve done that, they’ve gone even an extra step and decided to share it with the world rather than keeping it to themselves.  Sometimes they don’t tag the blog in the tag section, but sometimes they put themselves out there even more and go for it.  Why?  Because they want to share it, they want to find other people with similar headcanons, interests, ships, fandoms, etc., they want to get a bigger audience.  They have made something that means something to them and they have decided to share it with us.

And that is why I am 5000% against people reblogging those works to write insults and degrading comments in the tags or actual post or actually send them rude, anonymous messages.  If I see you doing this/find out you have, you will be blocked.  No exceptions.  I’m not even close to fucking around, okay?  I am absolutely furious at what people do on this site, this sense of entitlement some of you have.  If you don’t like it/aren’t in the fandom/don’t like the ship/whatever, then don’t reblog it.  Talk shit, get blocked.

pyrooster  asked:

I've been wondering this and I couldn't find anything when I tried searching on Google, but do you know why Araki bothered making Dio's face shadowy in stardust crusaders until he was revealed? Like everyone already knows what he looks like from Phantom Blood, so there's not really any suspense there

It’s basically a distancing thing, it’s a dramatic device.  The protags haven’t met Dio, and Dio operates like a shadowy figure, sending out operatives to fight them but never showing himself until the end. 

It also reflects the fact that Dio’s denying your line of sight, he’s keeping out of view purposefully.  It’s how he controls people, showing them only what he wants them to see.  He’s also keeping his location hidden.  You don’t get to see Dio until he chooses to show himself to you. 

(imo he looks better in Pt.3 too so at least there’s a little suspense.)

How About This?

How about I ship Maleo because I want Stydia to happen?

How about I ship Maleo because I want Stalia to break up?

How about I ship Maleo because they have fantastic chemistry?

How about I ship Maleo because it’s HOT?

How about I ship Maleo because of all those reasons?

How about I ship Maleo because of some of those reasons?

How about I ship Maleo because sometimes I want Stydia to happen and sometimes because it’s fun to watch and sometimes it lets Malia shine where I don’t think she does with Stiles and sometimes I hate her and I want her to be with the bad guy and sometimes I like her and I want her to find her goodness by being attracted to this baddie and learn and grow and sometimes I want her to be interact outside of the pack and sometimes I want them to go tag team Stiles and…

How about I ship Maleo because I’m a grown woman who can do what I want?

How about you’re not the boss of me and if you spend your free time judging what people ship and why, you’re going to find yourself frustrated on the internet a LOT?

How about that?

ok I gotta go to bed but dON’T IMAGINE STEVE AND BUCKY ON THE DAY THAT PEGGY DIES DON’T DO IT. the knowledge that it had to happen and it had to happen soon but still somehow not being ready. steve getting quiet and empty because she’d been gone for months, honestly, but now she’s really gone, he can’t see her face and hold her hand and ask for her advice. bucky getting angry because of the sheer injustice of it, why are they here when she’s not, and steve’s not sure if he considers her or them luckier. and at first they don’t connect much with the other people to whom peggy was important - sharon feels grief is something she should deal with privately, nick’s off the grid and would never show his cards that way anyway, trip’s getting support from his family, both kin and shield, tony finds his childlike want to have aunt peggy all to himself resurfacing. but eventually!! maybe!! people start opening up and talking to the people who only know peggy through stories and history and shield tall tales and telling all their wild stories about her and her life, “remember that time peggy punched out that guy in the bar in paris” “when she taught me how to pick locks my dad was so pissed” “who could forget the howling commandos one-arm push-up competition. everybody had to buy her drinks for a month” “did you ever hear her sing? so terrible”