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Day 17 of #tsinktober for @thatsthat24
Illustrate a really happy memory of this year with an explanation

Okay so I almost skipped this day because I had trouble thinking of one, since I also went through a nasty breakup this year. Then figured that that was exactly why I should do this day.
This picture is from swimming with my dog Zoey and sisters at the beach. I have a lot of similar pictures from different beach days. They were all the highlights of my summer. It was so perfect to relax in such beautiful places across Ontario

Better Names for events:

50 free: stressful-as-hell-but-not-painful

200 free: is-this-a-sprint-or-what

400 IM: please-kill-me-now

200 breast: i-seriously-can’t-move-my-legs

200 fly: actual-death

1500 free: are-you-fucking-kidding-me 

Hard to Choose

Bucky x Reader
Summary You’ve got a crush on Bucky and are always teasing him when things come to a head by the pool one day.
Warnings Fluff!!! Sweet fluff! Maybe a bad word
AN This was written for @bladebarnes 2K challenge. My sentence prompt was She/He had a both a demon and an angel sitting on her/his shoulders, vying for attention. (Though I’ve changed it for second person narration.)I hope you like it!

You lounged on the chair by the rooftop pool watching the others behind your sunglasses. Sam and Scott were racing each other in the pool, Steve was cannonballing, and Bucky was sitting on the edge of the pool, just dipping his feet in. You realized you never saw Bucky swim and weren’t sure if he knew how or if it would damage his arm.

You turned next to you and looked at Wanda, “Hey Wan? Do you know why Bucky never swims?”

“I think he just doesn’t like the water.”

“But he can swim, right?”

“As far as I know. Y/N, what are you planning?”

You let out a little giggle, “Don’t you worry.” You stood up, smiling, “I’m going to get a drink, want anything?”

“Sure. Iced tea, please.”

You made sure to walk by Bucky as you walked towards the kitchen to get your drinks. “Hey Barnes. No swimming for you?”

He looked at you, warily, “Not feeling it, Y/N. You?”

“Maybe later. Want a drink?”

“Nah, thanks though.”

When you came back, you made sure to walk by Bucky only this time, you brushed up against his back, “Sorry, Barnes.”

After downing your drink you cannonballed into the pool, making sure you were close enough to almost splash Bucky.

“Oopsie,” you called out, “Sorry, Barnes.” You shot him a smile as you floated by, kicking water at him just barely splashing him.

You don’t know why you were antagonizing him, but when it came to Bucky, you had both a demon and an angel sitting on your shoulders, vying for attention, always teasing him and pushing his buttons. Mainly, it was because you had such a crush on him. Today, you knew you wouldn’t stop until you got him wet.

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Merperson Edition  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Watch the tail!”
  • “Let me out of this net!”
  • “You’re stepping on my fins!”
  • “Ouch! Your scales are sharp!”
  • “Stay away, you sea monster!”
  • “Step out of the water. Let me see.”
  • “I knew I saw something in the water!”
  • “I didn’t think creatures like you existed.”
  • “Now do you see why I always like to swim?”
  • “Are those scales? Are those actual scales?" 
  • "You can’t be real. Things like you aren’t real!”
  • “Don’t swim too close to me. My fins might hit you.”
  • “Okay, don’t freak out, but I’m actually a mermaid/man.”
  • “I heard you sing. It really was the most beautiful sound.”
  • “You don’t have to be afraid of me. I only want to see your tail.”
  • “Could you teach me how to swim? ‘Cause you seem like an expert.”
  • “How long were you gonna wait to tell me about the whole I-actually-have-fins thing?”
  • “I noticed you’ve been hanging around the water a lot, lately. Hoping to find a mermaid or something?”
Reverse Idol!AU — Wanna One Fic

part 2 part 3

i’ve always thought i was good at writing fluff, guess not oml

this was fun to write hahah; you are the same age as 2Park in this fic-

requested by anon!

genre: fluff i think im sorry omg

synopsis(?): where you’re a soloist and you’re on weekly idol with Wanna One and you’re known for your quiet and cold personality, but you slowly warm up to them

“Hey Y/N, I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Woah, what’s this? A pick-up line? Why?

Flashback July 23rd

You debuted at age 19 as a soloist a week before Wanna One and came out with your new song “Who I Am.” News came out that you are emotionless and the complete opposite of a chatterbox, making it difficult for you to make friends.

As you were heading back to your dorm, your manager informs you, “Hey Y/N, you have a Weekly Idol filming with Wanna One on the 26th, be prepared to communicate with them. Remember, be friendly.

Ok, it wasn’t that you aren’t friendly, you just have trouble socializing, so you opted to keep the cold image you’ve created.

Back to July 26th, the day of the filming

As Doni and Coni chats about the guests they’ve invited, you look at the pretty faces of the members of Wanna One. During the introductions of each member, you find them aggravatingly adorable as they show off their own unique charms to the camera viewers. ‘Ah, so they are the ones who saved the year. They seem okay.’

When it was your turn to be introduced, you didn’t know how to act in front of a huge group of guys so you forced an awkward smile onto your face;

“And finally our resident Ice Queen, Y/N!” You didn’t know what charm to do, and you couldn’t act cute otherwise that’d just ruin your whole cold concept. You resorted to smiling shyly and waving at the camera, what you didn’t know was your smile was saved in every 11 members heart.

‘Wahh, she’s so cute/pretty.’

Waterpark CF

You watched with a fluttering heart as they all filmed their commercials, occasionally silently laughing at the way Doni introduces the members. ‘Can I swim in your heart? What, why are you doing this, i’m not ready??’ You feel bad for the way they were teasing Minhyun, but couldn’t help but to laugh along.

It was your turn, and you have no idea what to do. You did the breaststroke and ended it with “Can I swim into your heart?” and a failed wink. You felt so embarrassed and hid yourself behind your hands, the members of Wanna One smiling at the very adorable action.

Jeojang and Thigh Sweep Dance

Doni and Coni told you to stay out of this and to judge this segment with them, you don’t think you can handle this part. These boys are starting to, I guess you can say, swim into your heart.

You feel you heart fluttering and melting, you’re squealing so loudly in your head, you’re starting to have a headache.


‘ONG????????? SROP.’

Random Play Dance

You went first, dancing to your new song. You were so nervous to dance in front of these handsome, talented boys, that you fumbled and almost tripped over air. You’re a clumsy person, and that caught their eyes. They felt like they wanted to protect you. When you finished doing your random play dance, they subtly asked if you were okay and if you needed anything.

You feel someone tap you and you turn and see Jinyoung;

“Noona, are you okay?”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine, don’t worry about me (:”

Finally, it was their turn. They looked so cool dancing to their songs, you couldn’t help but to admire them. ‘Awwww, omg Daehwi is so cute. HE’S HOPPING AROUND LIKE A BUNNYY.’ You catch Seongwoo’s mistake but don’t point it out. When they danced to Energetic and Burn It Up, you couldn’t help but notice the slight hip thrusts ehem ehem me too.

You couldn’t help but to dance along yes you know their dances, being pushed to join them by Coni the boys happily made room for you to join. You had fun dancing with them and actually wouldn’t mind doing it again.

When they succeeded the random play dance and won their chicken, you were so happy. You couldn’t help but to join their group hug and celebrate with them. ‘Am I actually hugging these adorable humans right now? Is it my time of death already?? I can die happily now omg.’ 

Rewriting Profiles

Before the cameras rolled to start recording, the boys made sure you were comfortable first before settling down themselves. You sat down next to Daehwi. You had to bite your lips to refrain from smiling and inwardly cooed at how sweet they are towards you.

The whole time Jisung showed off his imitations, you were laughing and simultaneously slapping Daehwi on the shoulder. You have this habit of hitting someone when you laugh when you’re comfortable. When Seongwoo imitated the haegeum (a korean traditional instrument), you found yourself slapping Daehwi’s shoulders, again. poor daehwi

Written on your profile are the words, “I laugh at any and everything, pick-up lines, puns, and jokes are my weaknesses”

Coni and Doni decided to create a new corner where all you say are pick-up lines. ‘Ah, I’m doomed. I don’t think I can handle 11 angels using pick-up lines on me. How am I going to survive??’

sorry not sorry 

Daehwi; “Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?”

Jinyoung; “You shouldn’t wear makeup! It’s messing with perfection!”

Jaehwan; “Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.” your religions minhyun

Sungwoon; “Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.”

Jihoon; “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

Guanlin; “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

Woojin; “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

Seongwoo; “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Jisung; “Is your name Ariel? Because we Mermaid for each other!”

Minhyun; “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

Daniel; “You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?” yes please 

‘CAN FILMING END ALREADY MY HEART IS ABOUT TO BURST. FJSKDJASNK’ Your face was as dark as a red apple or maybe even darker. You felt like you were melting, you wanted to squeal so badly but composed yourself. You were stunned and tried to say a pick-up line back but all that passed through your lips were jumbled words. ‘Dear Weekly Idol writers, please edit this embarrassing part of me out.’

As if hearing your wish, they concluded the filming and you have never been so relieved. Once cameras were off, you ran towards the waiting room and hurriedly packed your things, wanting to get out of there to prevent further embarrassing yourself. You found it hard to leave the building as someone was holding onto your arms. Turning, you see Jihoon with the rest of Wanna One behind him;

“Minhyun hyung wasn’t joking when he said he wanted your number. Actually, all of us do.”

‘Ah, scratch my initial thought, they’re not okay. They’re the definition of perfect and illegal. How can someone like them exist?’ 

“Y-yeah! Okay.”

unedited as always! why does fluff seem so hard to write now? omg is this even fluff?

apparently i suck at fluff too, im cryinG-

but i hope you enjoy my failed attempt at fluff! ( ´▽` )ノ❤️

i love pick-up lines, puns, and jokes so i hAD to insert it oOPS.

Mermaid-edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Okay, don't freak out- but I'm actually a mermaid/man."
  • "You don't have to be afraid of me. I only want to see your tail."
  • "I knew I saw something in the water!"
  • "Stay away, you sea monster!"
  • "I heard you sing. It really was the most beautiful sound."
  • "Watch the tail!"
  • "How long were you gonna wait to tell me about the whole I-actually-have-fins thing?"
  • "I noticed you've been hanging around the water a lot, lately. Hoping to find a mermaid or something?"
  • "Let me out of this net!"
  • "Could you teach me how to swim? Cause you seem like an expert."
  • "You can't be real. Things like you aren't real!"
  • "Now do you see why I always like to swim?"
  • "Step out of the water. Let me see."
  • "Don't swim to close to me. My fins might hit you."
  • "Ouch! Your scales are sharp!"
  • "I didn't think creatures like you existed."
  • "You're stepping on my fins!"
  • "Are those scales? Are those actual scales?"

Free! x Noragami 

I really liked this sequence of the Noragami op and I really like Free! so I got inspired:D

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Snowbaz Swimming Au

im sorry this is actually so bad its one of my first fics give me time and benefit of the doubt, and my apologies for any mistakes!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Baz POV now! Whoop (its probably sooooo ooc ngl)

Words: 1196

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