why do i suddenly ship this so much

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Many blogs I follow for positivity suddenly went to negativity tonight & I don't know why? The episode wasn't even that bad. This storyline is bollocks but that doesn't mean we have to completely give up. I love this fandom because we all struggle through together but right now it feels like there's so much negativity & I feel like I should be negative too but I'm actually okay. You blog is at least still finding humour and positives 😃 do you know any other blogs that are still positive too?

Yeah everyone is jumping ship tonight! It’s like the last scene in titanic!


Hopefully that’ll help find you some people cos I am awful at finding people.

What did I do wrong? - Chandler Riggs

Okay so this wasn’t asked for. But I’m hecka bored and I have nothing better to do with my life. This is gonna be a little cute.. imagine I guess? Let me know if this is actually something yall wanna see more of :) Ps. Please keep in mind I’m doing this on my phone and not on a computer, and there’s probs gonna be some spelling/grammar errors. * summary * You work on the set of TWD, playing the role of “Olive”, young girl who was found on her own and quickly become friends with Carl. After a unexpected scene, tension grows. While on set, and off (within the fandom) a ship name is made. But for some reason Chandler doesn’t seem to fond of it. ———- “Carl, please. You can’t go out there. Do you have a death wish?” I grab onto his wrist holding him from moving forward. He takes a breath and looks back at me. “I’m sorry. I have to.” He turns again and starts to walk away. My eyes start to water. “Wait!” I blurt out. What am I doing. Chandler turns to me confused. That wasn’t part of my scrip.We both know that.But nothing happens. He keeps his act up and stares at me. I run up to him and take my hands, holding his face. His face goes stiff as he keeps his eyes on me. Why am I doing this? Why is no one stopping me? Why hasn’t anyone yelled cut??? “Please don’t die.” I say. In that moment, without realizing it. I kiss him. He’s taken aback and pulls away after the kiss. “I won’t.” He says finally walking away. The cameras stop, the lights turn off and the entire room is silent. “Wow. That was… wow.” The director walks over clapping. “Just so you know, we’re keeping that in. Was priceless.” He says patting my shoulder. (2 WEEKS LATER) It’s been 2 weeks since I pulled off that kiss in set. Chandler won’t talk to me unless we’re recording, which I don’t understand. What did I do? I get that what I did was unexpected and uncalled for. But there’s no reason to just completely stop talking to me. The ship name “Carlive” took way not to long ago, practically leaving Chandler speechless. “Just go up to talk to him. He must have a valid reason. Ask him.” I was talking to Melissa. She’s always been my on set mom. “Alright. I just really miss him, his smile… laugh. The way he would look me in the eyes every time we would talk.. now he just acts like I’m invisible. Like nothing.” “Sounds like you’ve fallen Y/N” I sigh knowing she’s right. “Yea..” She smiles taking me in for a hug. “I think I saw him over by makeup” she says pulling away. Standing, I wipe off my pants and make my way to Chandler. I spot him sitting on one of the lounge chairs scrolling through his phone. Taking a deep breath I walk up to him. “Chandler.” Nothing. “Chandler?” Not a word. “Chandler. Come on.” Zip zap, bipiddy bap, would look at that. nothing. I sigh and take a seat in front of him. “You know what? I’m really sick your shit. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me, I don’t know what happened between us. You’re treating me like complete shit and I’m really not enjoing it.” I look at him still scrolling through his phone and that’s when I’ve had it. I take his phone out of his hands and shove it in my pocket. He groans and finally for the first time in 2 weeks, looks at me. “Can’t you explain. I just don’t understand Chandler. After what happened you’ve completely shut me out. What did I do!?” He quickly stands looking me dead in the eyes. “You wanna know what you did to me? You wanna know why I don’t talk or even look at you anymore unless I have to? You wanna know why I hate that fucking ship name so much!?” He’s suddenly got me pinned up against the wall his lips by my neck. My breath cuts short and I freeze. “Because you made me love you.” My eyes widen and I feel his lips ever so lightly touch my neck. “You made me love your eyes” kiss. “Your laugh” kiss. “Your lips” He looks me in the eyes placing his forehead on mine, then slowly kisses my lips. “You made me love all of you and the worst part is I’ll never get you… that’s why.” He pulls away and walks back to the rest of the cast. I let out a sigh and slowly slide down to the ground. “What the hell just happened?” —– OKAY SO YEA. idfk if that was any good. Probs not. IN WHICH CASE U SHOULD GO READ @strugglingfairy s STuFf cuz iTs acTuALlY sO gooD. Oh and this whole like… “What did I do wrong” type thing may or may not be very relevant to me rn cUz GUYS ARE CONFUSIBG YEA? anywhooo let me know if you want a part 2 or something? Idk. Kk love u bYe.

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WELP I DREW GRILLSTER. @mylifeforthelore told me to post it cause this is what happens when we talk. And we talk a lot. She’s also my editor. WELL THEN.

My Gaster doesn’t exactly understand his feelings much when it comes to cases of liking others. And that goes for Grillby. He’s ace and has always been so suddenly having thoughts about one of his closest friends is like “WAIT WHAT WHERE’D THAT COME FROM.”

Plus a tiny Sans. Everyone likes babybones. (pap isn’t made yet) Also have a Grillby butt. I’m in fandom hell aren’t I. (pst read the captions)

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I occasionally tap into the energy of my parents’ house to do a quick check on the wards there. When I did this a few months back, I noticed that there was a new presence hanging out in the pool. I finally got the chance to astral journey there and see what’s up.

I use my altar there as an access point to the house and step out into my room. I say hello to the land guardian who doesn’t even look up from the book that he’s reading as he sits on my bed. Leaving him, I make my way outside to the pool where a hippocamus with aqua-colored scales quickly swims to the far end away from me. His fishtail undulates through the water like a seahorse’s and his translucent, dark blue mane floated in the air like steam. As I sit down on one of the nearby chairs, he nervously glances over his shoulder multiple times as if to keep checking if I were still there.      

“Hello,” I finally say, breaking the silence. “Ah!! I’m sorry!! I’ll be leaving right away,” he skitters over to the edge of the pool and hastily throws his webbed hoofs onto the concrete trying to hoist himself out. “Woah, woah woah! You don’t have to leave!” I exclaim as I move over to him to try and coax him back into the pool. Up close, I realize how small he is, no bigger than your average-sized human. He doesn’t respond to my urges and instead keeps struggling to pull himself out, “No, I’m sorry! I don’t want to be a problem or burden!! Sorry to bother you, Captain, uh…?”

“Doom, Captain Doom,” of course I give him the name that I actually use with spirits and not the comical nickname that my friends gave me. I don’t think I’d be taken seriously if I went around calling myself “Captain Doom”. However, I’m entertained by how he called me a captain based on my pirate attire and decide to talk to him about my ship and the only crew member that I currently have. My stories calms him down a bit and he relaxes back into the water.

When our conversation reaches a lull, I ask where he’s from. “The beach!” he chirps. “The beach? What are you doing here then?” I question. The beach is only at most 10 minutes away from the house so for a hippocampus to choose to live in a small pool over the wide open ocean struck me as odd. “Because the pool is warmer,” he answers. I shake my head, “I don’t believe it. How can this pool be hotter than the ocean? I mean there’s the solar panels but I can’t see them helping that much.” Silly me forgot that while, yeah, a smaller body of water will lose heat faster than a large one, it’ll also gain heat faster. “It’s true! It’s true!” the hippocampus exclaims as he enthusiastically bobs up and down.   

“Aren’t you supposed to be in a herd or something? I can’t imagine a hippocampus would like travelling alone,” a voice from behind me interrupts. I turn around to see the land guardian leaning against a wall with crossed arms. “What?” he says, “I just wanted to see how you were going to handle the situation.” I step away from the hippocampus and approach the guardian, “And what is your opinion on it?,” I ask.  “I want him gone!” the guardian growls while cutting his clawed hand through the air, “He doesn’t belong here and I don’t need him bothering the residents.” The hippocampus speaks up, his voice weak and cracking, “B-But Mr. A and Captain Doom, I haven’t hurt anybody! I haven’t eaten anything and I don’t try to talk to anyone. I just like the warmth.” As he finishes, he meekly shrinks down into the water, nervously awaiting our response.

“You haven’t eaten at all?!” I ask in surprise, “But you’ve been here for at least two months! What do you even eat?” He quietly answers, “Kelp. That’s why I haven’t eaten anything.” The guardian impatiently beats his wings, “Don’t get distracted, Captain,” he says my title with mocking distaste, “This creature cannot be allowed to remain here.” He jabs a finger in the direction of the hippocampus and declares, “You must leave come the first day of summer. I think that’s a pretty generous date.” Turning back to me he says, “Captain, can you ensure that the hippocampus is gone by the first day of summer?” It was more of an order than a request but I would have said yes either way.

“Good! Then it looks like my work is done here. Ha! It seems like I handled the situation for you, Captain. Say, since when did you start going by “Captain” anyway?,” he plays with the feathers on my hat as he asks that. “There’s been a lot of changes since we last met,” I answer. “I’ll bet,” he steps back, spreads his wings, and takes off, flying away. I direct my attention back at the hippocampus who speaks before I do, “I’ll be gone by the first day of summer, don’t you worry!” He says that while looking completely worried himself. I wonder if he’s afraid of something at the beach or if he’s scared to be without his herd. I decide not to ask just yet and instead offer him food. I tell him that while not kelp, I do have nori in the house and fetch it for him. The nori is too thin for him to eat, he can’t chew it as he’s used to and it just sticks to his teeth.

I offer lettuce for him to try instead but he’s suddenly wary of my largesse. “Why are you giving me so much food? Do you have some devious plan?” he questions. “What are you talking about?” I ask in confusion. “You must want something if you’re being this nice to me,” he explains. He can’t bring himself to look me in the eyes as he states that but he still feels a little more confident than before, or maybe just serious. Since I want to make his future departure a smooth transition, I decide that having an amiable relationship would be a good idea. So, I hopped to my ship in the astral and my one-member crew and I harvested some kelp for the hippocampus to eat. I brought it back to him but he still regarded it with fearful suspicion. I decide to just to bet on time giving me the chance to improve our relationship and left.

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Um, why do you ship SasoSaku? I'm not saying this because I have anything against it, but I was just curious. Not a lot of people ship it. They mainly ship Sasori with Deidara. This may be because Sasori and Sakura's only interactions were during battle when they were trying to kill each other. Deidara and Sasori have a history together and ya know, opposites attract. I think Deidara's one sided admiration is cute, so I partially ship it. But why ship Sasori and Sakura? Please explain it to me.

Well, I don’t like it in canon at all; their age difference is concerning, as is the fact that he’s a puppet man… But I think it’s a perfectly fine pairing if it’s an AU where he’s around her age and not so distant from humanity :) Yeah, I’ve always kind of liked it… Never thought about it much though. Suddenly, I was like “Wow, you know what, these two look great together!” so I drew them a bunch! Was only going to do one pic, but so many people got excited, so I thought “well, why not?” And I really like how some of these turned out!

Their fight is the longest fight in the series (at least it feels like it) but I have to say, it’s probably my favorite fight too. Sakura got some development in her skills, as well as emotionally. I was rewatching Sasori’s death scene for references (for this really depressing mini comic I’m making about her afterthoughts on him) and I realized that it’s just about the only time that Sakura gets to use a bit of the “talk no jutsu”. Like, she tries to talk to Sasori. She gets angry at his distance from humanity, and you can tell that she is saddened by his loneliness and how he turned out. She feels so personally involved, because of her bond with Chiyo, and she wishes it would have turned out better for both of them.

But yeah, you can see her develop feelings for both her partner and her enemy, and it’s about the only time this occurs. Naurto gets closure with pretty much everyone he fights. Even when Sakura is present, you only get to hear Naruto talk, because he’s the lead. But when you got Sakura alone, you could see some of her actual values as a shinobi and a human being. It was only a sneak preview, so I wanted to make a comic that delved a little more into her thoughts, because Sakura deserves some positive emotional depth, dammit.

I guess the reason I like this pairing at all is because Sasori brought out something in her that we as an audience didn’t get to really see often. You can tell that if they ever were to be in a relationship, they would understand each other and Sasori would actually be able to bring out the best in her. He made her want to stand up for what she believed in. He made her have to think about things she probably doesn’t really think about, like imagining herself in Sasori’s situation. You can tell that she put herself in his shoes, and it’s a big moment for her as a person. And it makes you even more disheartened when he dies, because you didn’t want him to. It wasn’t possible, but you want Sasori to be happy.

I feel like in a different world, Sakura could make him happy… They have things in common, such as their interest in biology and books. They would also have great physical chemistry ;) Sasori is quite a tease, and Sakura is the type to react in many different ways to that sort of teasing, which is why she’s an interesting character. I feel like this ship is just as good as most of the Sakura ships out there. Honestly, I like her with Sasori more than I do with Sasuke…

Anyway, this is probably the major reason people ship Sasosaku. Sasori seemed to care about her development. He helped her blossom as a kunoichi and as a person. He enjoyed fighting her, and by the end, he respected her. And she did care about him. They bonded through their fight. Anime likes to talk about “bonding through fists” a lot, and as a martial artist, I can say that it’s an actual thing. You feel more connected with a person after you spar them. You feel synchronized after a good fight, and you respect each other.

Sasori, in the end, changed his feelings towards both her and his grandmother. It’s why he allowed himself to be killed by them. He felt as though they were worthy to defeat him. They earned it.

In a setting where Sasori isn’t so detached from human emotions, I think Sakura would be able to bring out the good in him and make him happy with his life, and vice versa. So yeah… That’s why I ship Sasosaku! :)

As for SasoDei… That is a whole other rant. Seriously, I could talk about why I don’t ship it for hours. If you or someone else wishes to hear that, you are welcome to ask! I love talking about this stuff! Especially anything to do with Sasori or Deidara.

Also, here is an analysis of mine on canon Sasori. It may help you understand more about why I think the way I do about him with Sakura. 

Analysis Time! Fionna and Cake: Wait...these things have a PURPOSE!?

There are three kinds of people in this silly little fandom of ours:

-People who are neutral towards Fionna and Cake

-People who treat it like a disease

-People who love Marshall Lee

I’m neutral towards the Fionna and Cake episodes. I don’t get excited for them, but I don’t hate them either. But there’s one thing that reigns true throughout the majority of the fandom: people completely miss the point of their narrative purpose.

Yes, you heard right. “Narrative purpose”. Believe it or not, these episodes have a point. 

Don’t pass out on me; this is gonna be a long post.

On the surface, the Fionna and Cake episodes just appear to be 10-minute wankfests for the fandom that tell cliche love stories revolving around beloved characters of the opposite gender. But if we were to look deeper into these episodes, past a superficial level, they mean so much more for the established characters we already know and love. 

Today, I will be showing you guys how Ice King, Marceline, and Lumpy Space Princess view their relationship with Finn and Jake (and themselves) through telling these stories. 

Let’s start with the first episode, ‘Fionna and Cake’.

This entire episode is a story told by Ice King. And it definitely shows. 

By and large, this episode and the first story Ice King tells in 'Bad Little Boy’ both end the same way: with Fionna and Cake befriending him, praising him for work he hardly did or not at all, and basically talking him up like he’s the greatest thing on the planet. 

It’s not subtle, at all. It’s even less subtle than Lumpy Space Princess’s story, but it makes sense for Ice King’s character. This all just calls back to his very first episode, where the Cosmic Owl tells Ice King that he’s a sociopath.

Everyone, even Lord Monochromicorn, agrees that Ice King is a swell guy. Fionna wanted to marry him, but note that this is the ONLY time something like this is even applied, and it could be written off as Ice King thinking that the only relationship he could have with someone is a romantic one.

But that’s mostly conjecture, and it’s besides the point I’m trying to make. The point is, Ice King writes these stories because he craves companionship of some kind. He is no longer seeking a pure romantic one, for as we can see in 'The Eyes’, the events of 'What Have You Done?’ sparked Ice King’s desire for friendship. He expresses this through fiction after his failed attempts at understanding Finn and Jake’s companionship.

Ice King writes these stories to express his desire, and even tries to make it become a reality in 'Mystery Dungeon’, and then vows to make it so at the end of 'Bad Little Boy’. 

And you know what? I bet Finn and Jake are totally willing to become Ice King’s friends, but the man’s sociopathic nature prevents him from doing so. He doesn’t understand how friendship or romance works; why would Prince Gumball just suddenly fall in love with Fionna after saving him? Isn’t that something she (Finn) does on a daily basis? It makes no sense and is badly written for a reason, and that’s how most romance fics go.

Then things get balls-crazy in 'Bad Little Boy’, where for pretty much no reason at all Fionna calls Ice King a “cool guy” and becomes his best friend after stopping Doctor Prince.

On a side note, fun fact about me: I friend-ship Finn and Ice King so hard. 

(credit for art goes to Shady the Cat)

Ice King’s self-aggrandizing tendencies go deeper than Fionna and Cake and everyone else loving him in his stories, and that is through Ice Queen. 

Throughout their first episode, Ice Queen is cruel, powerful, crafty, and visually desirable, with little to no physical detractors. She’s everything that the Ice King is not, but thinks he is. Subtle, clever writing like that is why I love this show.

Not only that, but she (the Ice King) sees Fionna (Finn) as the reason why she can never find love - because Fionna is hogging all of the princes for herself.

We also see that Cake, like Jake, is akin to give their pal advice on wooing a lady (or man in this case). But whereas Jake gives actual advice…

…Cake gives advice that is either really superficial or just doesn’t apply to the majority of guys (but Ice King thinks it does).

Am I overthinking this a little? Probably; I always try not to go too tin-foil hat on you guys. But this and 'Bad Little Boy’ were written by Rebecca Sugar, and the one thing she did best was, like Jesse Moynihan, storyboard her episodes with a lot of hidden subtext (Lady and Peebles, Burning Low). 

So what did we learn from this episode about Ice King? He’s the biggest sociopath this side of Ooo that desperately and pathetically craves attention. 

Now let’s turn to 'Bad Little Boy’. 

This one was actually the hardest of the three to analyze, because Marceline is actually a good storyteller. For this one, disregard all the romantic biz, because it’s clear that Marceline only included it for the princesses.

We see once again that Ice King has to kidnap people in order for them to hear his crappy stories. 

Warning! Possible Over-thinking Ahead!

Even though I read a bunch of talks and analyses on this episode already, all leading to the same conclusions, I’m still on the fence about certain things that this episode is trying to talk about. But with the release of 'The Prince Who Wanted Everything’ pretty much cementing my suspicions that there’s something more to the F+C episodes than what they seem, I’m a lot more open about this one. Plus, once again, it’s Rebecca Sugar. She’s done things like this many times. 

So what’s interesting about this episode is that, for the most part, it seems like Marceline is just using Marshall Lee as a self-insert like Ice King did with Ice Queen in the last episode. 

He tries to convince everybody that he’s a bad dude

Everybody loves him and is excited to hear him sing

He apparently lacks any of Marceline’s personal problems

And Fionna ditches Gumball to hang out with him, something the real Finn would never do.

It’s interesting to note how the Prince Gumball of Marceline’s story is fickle, uptight and all prim and proper. This isn’t over-analyzing here; it’s obvious that this is how Marceline views Princess Bubblegum, because this simply isn’t the way she’d really act.

Seriously, swap the characters in this scene with Finn and Bubblegum. It just doesn’t make sense.

But further near the end of the episode, you realize that this isn’t Marceline doing a lame self-insert, but is instead using this story to admire Finn and his righteous nobility.

There are several parallels throughout the episode that mirror the two season 1 episodes in which Finn befriended Marceline. These are all likely intended, because some are way too coincidental. 

Both Finn and Fionna claim that their animal companion is of great importance…

..which leads to Marceline and Marshall Lee snatching them away (just to mess with them)

Which then leads to the Giant Bat Form fight

And then Marceline and Marshall messes with some emotions

Both 'Henchman’ and 'Bad Little Boy’ ends with our vampires being burned by sunlight, and their little hero saving them. 

Here is where the parallel with 'Henchman’ comes into play. Throughout the episode, Marceline mocks Finn’s heroic code, and tries to make him uncomfortable by ordering him to complete a set of tasks that, on a surface level, appear worse than they really seem (just like her). 

It runs pretty much hand in hand with how the entire song in 'Bad Little Boy’ is about Marshall Lee is trying to convince Fionna that he’s evil, but she keeps telling him that he isn’t really, and she hangs out with him because Marshall is a friend.

The lyrics bring up some interesting points:

Marshall: Good little girl. Always picking a fight with me, you know that I’m bad… But you’re spending the night with me… What do you want from my world? You’re a good little girl

Fionna: Bad little boy. That’s what you’re acting like, I really don’t buy… that you’re that kind of guy… and if you are, why do you want to hang out with me?

As I’ve said in the past, music is an important tool in storytelling; it can reveal plot details, or give us more information on certain characters to progress them. This song goes with the latter.

Marshall is essentially singing about how Fionna is a hero, a paragon of good in his eyes, and yet she constantly hangs out with him despite being a self-styled villain. 

Fionna rebuttals with, just like Finn in the climax of 'Henchman’, she doesn’t think Marshall is as bad as he thinks he is, and if he’s so bad (like Marceline), then why does he even bother hanging out with a hero like her.

Even though he thinks he’s evil for purely superficial reasons (being a demon, descended from the Nightosphere, scaring folks), Fionna, and by proxy Finn, is able to befriend Marshall because she enjoys hanging out with him and knows that he just likes to mess around, similar to the realization Finn makes about Marceline in 'Henchman’. 

What you must understand is that Finn showed Marceline a kindness not a lot of people have in her life. He knows what she really is inside, past all the crassness and apparent villainy. He knows she isn’t exactly an angel, yet he doesn’t try to change her because he likes Marceline for who she is, which sadly can’t be said for her jerky ghost friends from 'Heat Signature’, or Ash, or her own father. Why else does he hang out with someone who is apparently “evil”? As Marcy shows us through her story, Finn befriends her because he doesn’t see the bad and enjoys hanging out with her.

Honestly, you could say I’m over-analyzing this and writing me off as being like no better than an MLP “analyzer”. But here’s the thing:

In essence, 'Bad Little Boy’ is Marceline’s way of admiring Finn for liking her for who she is, and how he nor she had to change themselves to be each other’s friend. Finn is true to himself and his personal feelings. On the flip-side Marceline has always made the effort to hide hers (What Was Missing, It Came From the Nightosphere, Marceline’s Closet, I Remember You, Daddy’s Little Monster); it’s practically a part of her character.

Finn lives his life without hiding his feelings (for the most part), and this story is Marceline praising that. Don’t believe me? The very last scene of the story is Marshall admiring how “real” Fionna is, and how he couldn’t force her to be untrue to herself even when her good friend, guilt-tripping her on the apparent bring of death, is telling her to. Fionna, and by proxy Finn, will never be dishonest to themselves unlike Marceline, and by proxy Marshall Lee, who works so hard to build up this fake “bad little boy/girl” persona.

Also Rebecca Sugar. She’s good at subtlety. 

I actually loathed 'Bad Little Boy’ first time watching it. I thought it was just a stupid little episode made to satiate the Marshall Lee fangirls. But like Fionna did with Marshall, after taking a deeper look into this beast and seeing it for what it is, and understanding what it was trying to do, I feel it is the second best Marceline episode in terms of telling us about her character, right behind 'What Was Missing?’. 

On a final note before moving on to the third and final Fionna and Cake episode, take another look at the title card for 'Bad Little Boy’:

Fionna and Cake are by themselves, playing with dolls of Fionna and Gumball, two close friends. Marshall Lee is in the distance, alone, with a doll of himself. This is purely speculation, but I think this is meant to symbolize how Marshall (and in turn Marceline) is seen as a literal outsider amidst this group of friends, and is a loner that only has himself and thinks of himself.

Anyway, let’s close this off with 'The Prince Who Wanted Everything’ (which is my personal favorite of the three). 

…Which I’m not really going to talk too much about, because it doesn’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know about LSP. She’s a brat that thinks she’s the center of the universe. But this episode made me realize that the Fionna and Cake episodes aren’t to pander to the fandom. Why? Because no one was ever asking for a Lumpy Space Prince episode.

I’m not going to spend as much time on this one as I did with 'Bad Little Boy’; it’s so painfully, hilariously ham-fisted that I don’t even need to mention most of the episode.

But I will anyway.

Lumpy Space Prince sees his parents as literal monsters, just like Lumpy Space Princess does. Both “defeat” them by just not caring about their commands of submission, with the prince being more literal. 

LSP sees her parents sandwiches as being of literal gold.

The prince’s “handsome spell” is a parallel to LSP thinking everybody wants her lumps.

And it’s completely adorable that Lumpy Space Princess made her BFF Turtle Princess into a cool surfer dude.

This one really wasn’t subtle AT. ALL. So why is it my favorite? Because it’s not subtle at all. It’s so obvious that LSP would make her character seem like the center of the universe; of course she thinks that the only person that is right for her is…herself.

Lumpy Space Prince:  We can never marry, you know? I can only be with someone who is my equal in every way, a person so much like me that she doesn’t even exist!

It just fits LSP’s character so well. 

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth talking about in this episode.

It’s an ironic turn of events where Ice King is for once the one who is captured and forced read a crappy story.

When the prince regales his story of how he valiantly rebelled against his parents, we know that this is how LSP viewed her little runaway from home, because she’s a bratty teenager.

Throughout the entire episode, Lumpy Space Prince admires Fionna’s rowdy nature, and her apparent lack of hygiene. But here’s the thing: Finn never did anything like this for LSP. If he did, it would make sense why the prince is so appreciative of this free way of life Fionna is inadvertently showing him. 

But the only thing Finn ever did for her was in 'Gotcha!’, where he bolsters her self esteem without mentioning her looks.

The parallel here is that Lumpy Space Prince admires how Fionna isn’t captivated by his “handsome spell”, just like how in LSP’s eyes Finn told her she isn’t beautiful because of her lumps. This makes the prince want to know more about the girl inside, and how she lives her life. 

Unfortunately, the episode never really expands beyond that. What quickly follows is a series of humorous and over-the-top scenes of the prince being baffled by Fionna’s simple ways of living. 

But in reality, Lumpy Space Princess embraced a free way of living on her own. Finn never played a part in that. But perhaps she thinks he did, and this story is her way of thanking him for that. I dunno. It’s a mess and it knows it’s a mess, and that’s why I love it.

Maybe there’s something to be said about all that. After all, the running theme between all three Fionna and Cake episodes is the characters telling each story is expressing how they feel about Finn and Jake and themselves. Ice King sees himself as an amazing person. Marceline sees herself as a villain. LSP sees herself as being the perfect specimen. 

That’s all I got for this little analysis. I hope I made you guys realize that there’s more to these Fionna and Cake episodes than what initially appears. 

Now what’s in the future? There’s definitely going to be a Flame Prince episode, without a doubt. What I want to know is if Flame Princess will write it. Probably not; I just can’t imagine her doing this sort of thing. But if it is, then it’s likely going to be about Flame Prince trying to rule his kingdom with Fionna desperately wanting to win him back.

And I will cry the saltiest tears. 

See ya next time!

#116 SHINee reaction to you telling them your still a virgin right before your first time. Requested by Anon.


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Onew and you have been dating for a while already. It’s not that you agreed on waiting for a while with sleeping together. It just happened like that. When you are relaxing on your bed for a while, eyes closed, you will feel the mattress sink down a bit on both of your sides, as Onew crawls up to you. His hands and legs on both sides of your body, leaning down to give you a playful kiss. Grinning he will look down to you as you look both surprised by the kiss and a bit flustered. Lead by the feeling that has build up over time he will lean down again, kissing you with a mix of longing and playful hinting of his intention. As the kiss gets more heated, his hands will start to caress your waist, as they gently tug on the hem of your shirt. By the time his fingers started to play with your belt he can feel you tensing up, so he retreats a little bit by bringing his hand back up to your waist and planting small kisses on your neck, ‘Too soon?’. His voice won’t be disappointed at all, just curious and loving. When you shake your head slowly, turning it to look him in the eyes, 'No, just the right time. It’s just that it will be my first time’. You will smile at him a bit unsure of what to expect. He will rest his forehead on your collarbone for a while, giggling, before he will look up to give you a heart warming smile, 'I must be a magician.’ 'Why?’ 'I already guessed that it will be the reason. You are just too cute, as every new intimate step makes you blush like the prettiest cherry blossom’, he will let his body sink down half on top of you, half on the mattress in order to not crush you with his weight. He will rest his head on your torso as he takes your hand in his, 'Since it is like this and since I want you to feel comfortable … tell me Honey. Should we continue? No matter if it is now or later, we will take it slow. Do one step at a time. We don’t need to rush it.’ While waiting for your decision he will draw gentle circles on your belly, provoking you slightly by focusing on the part under your belly button, as he hopes that it might help you decide if you are ready for his touches or not. Your shivering already gave him the answer, but he waits until you say it yourself. 'Let’s try it’. Right as you said it he will look up to you a big smile forming on his face, 'Sounds like a dream to me’. Happy he will lean in giving you a sloppy deep kiss.


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You and Jonghyun are sitting on the couch making out for a while already. His arms around your waist will pull you even closer to him as you are straddling him with your arms wrapped around his neck. Your relationship got more and more heated with each day that you two are a couple. What started out with so innocent kisses turned into the steamiest kissing session that both of you ever had. His hands were again under your shirt, caressing the back of your back with firm fingers, but today it felt more intense. When his fingers started to play with your bra, trying to open it you will finally break the kiss. Sitting back on his legs you will bring a little bit of space between the two of you as you grin slightly embarrassed to stop so suddenly. A pout will show on his lips instantly as he looks at you like a lost puppy, breathing hardly from the lack of oxygen, 'What’s wrong Y/N?’. 'It’s getting a bit steaming don’t you think?’, you will almost whisper as he grabs your hand to play with your fingers. He will nod slowly, as he tires to figure out what could go on in your little head. After a while of concentrating on your fingers he will look up to you really apologetic, 'Is it … Could it be that I misunderstood and … you don’t have that experience … yet?’. When you nod, already thinking that he is adorable, you will gently ruffle through his hair, 'True, but why are you looking at me as if you already hurt me? I just wanted you to know before we finally take that step’. He will gift you with a small smile as he nods, 'I feel like I rushed you. I mean … if I had known, I probably wouldn’t have made out like this with you. Should we slow down a bit?’. His hands will slowly go around your waist again, as he pulls you closer again, a whole lot less heated as before and more gentle. 'Of course not. If I would have been uncomfortable with your delicious steamy kisses, I would have said something.’, you will smile, pressing your lips together again as you speak into the kiss, 'And don’t you dare slow down. My sexy dino is the best. Just try to not hurt me to much’. Hearing you speak like that makes him both embarrassed to have made you into this and extremely turned on, as he already feels really aroused he will start kissing you instantly.


Originally posted by ftkey

Key is spending the night over at yours. Like always he came fully prepared, as he has already teased you about wanting to take the next step for a while already. Right when he enters your apartment he can feel that something is up. Usually you always greet him at the door where he would playfully pinch your butt, today you didn’t. 'Y/N?’, he calls for you and follows your voice. When you step out from the bedroom, wearing really elegant underwear his eyes will scan you from head to toe, 'Did I rescue a county in my last life? Or is it Christmas today?’. He will make you grin and blush at the same time, 'No, but I guessed we could take the next step today’. His eyes that were still starring at ever inch of your body, will travel up again to look you in the eyes. 'Really? I almost died from waiting!’, he will grin happily as he steps forward to rest his hands on both sides of your hip to keep you from running away. 'I know I made you wait a little bit’ 'A little bit?’, he will raise an eyebrow at you, 'Is half a year a bit for you?’. When you nod he will tilt his head to the side a little bit, 'I mean it is not bad, but I sure wanted you much earlier. Kissing only doesn’t satisfy every need’. Grinning he will tickle your sides a bit before he catches your lips in a kiss. When you calm down a bit again you will smile a bit shyly, 'There is something else you need to know beforehand’. He will nod as he nibbles on your earlobe teasingly. 'I’m a virgin’. With his he will freeze in place, every teasing flashing before his eyes that he had ever done to you. Slowly he will move his head back a little looking you in the eyes intensely, 'Really?’. Everything suddenly made sense to him, why you sometimes were to shy and why you made him wait so long, 'I can wait longer if you want to’. He does love skin ship and intimate exchanges, but having rushed you so much he actually feels bad now. When you notice him breaking the skinship you will grab his hands to hold them in place, 'I didn’t tell you so you could turn into this. It’s not like you decided that we will do it today. I did. You make me feel good and now all I wanted to do is test if you can also make my first time a day to remember.’ He will grin slightly as he pulls you a bit closer again, 'So I need to really give it my best’. His lips will be locked with you as both of you smile into the kiss happily waiting for the great night.


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Minho has always noticed that you two shared a lot of firsts together. You never said anything, but he was hundred percent sure that he was your first kiss and also the first male to sleep next to you in  your bed. So when you two relax on your bed, your head on his chest as he gently runs his fingers through your hair, he isn’t one bit surprised when you tell him your still a virgin. All he will do is smile gently as he wraps a few pieces of your hair around his finger, 'I guessed that already’. 'Really?’ 'Mhm’, a grin will form, as you actually sound surprised by his answer, 'Our first kiss, for example, it felt like a first to me. So I just added one thing to another.’. You will try to hide your face in his chest for a while before turning to lie on your belly in order to look up at him, 'To be honest, I wouldn’t have told you unless I thought about changing it. You never tried to take the next step, so I thought we should talk about it a bit …’. As he thinks about what you said his eyes will look around the room without a destination before they end up on you, 'Does that mean, you would be okay with us … or more like your okay with giving your virginity to me? Are you sure? Really?’. As he speaks his voice turns a little bit high pitched as he gets both excited and confused. 'Of course. You’re actually the only one feel comfortable enough to even think about it. Your also so gentle that I am not scared at all. I am also really curious as to how it will feel.’, you will smile as you sit up slowly, 'How about now? I prepared condoms just in case I someday feel ready …’. He will look at you with big eyes as he slowly sits up too, 'Y-You’re prepared? Well … We could see if today is the day. It depends on how our mood turns out…’. A bit shyly he will ruffle through his hair, the idea alone is actually bringing his mood to the roof, but for you it might be different. When you nod, both of you start to smile gently. To take the lead he will pull you into his arms again, lying both of you down again, as he gently starts to kiss your lips excitement building up in his belly. 'Don’t get scared Y/N. I will be as gentle as a human can possible be’.


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Taemin and you have been teasing each other childishly for a few hours now. After a whole movie of your innocent teasing he will have enough, laughing he will pick you up, throwing you over his shoulder as he makes his way to your bedroom. Standing in front of your bed he will let you fall on your bed, making sure you won’t hit your headboard. Before you can move to much he will crawl on top of you, straddling you. His hands will quickly grab yours to pin them over your head. Feeling powerful in this position he will smirk down at you as he leans in to kiss you, nibbling on your lower lip, 'Jagi~ Why couldn’t you keep your hands to yourself today? You were so bold and straight forward.’ Trapped you will have no other way than to look at him, still panting from being thrown, 'You looked bored’. He will shake his head strongly, 'I certainly wasn’t bored with you doing all this. Look what you did to me’. He will point towards his crouch. He will enjoy observing your face catching fire while your eyes scan his obvious bulge. 'Now’, he will whisper into your ear, 'What do you think about having a little bit of fun today? It’s something new so we don’t need to’. Hearing that he still gives you a choice, even without knowing your a virgin will make you smile happily. A bit confused he will loose his grip on your hands, 'What?’ 'Your the cutest sexy guy I have ever seen’. Now it was his time to blush in a faint red tone, 'Thanks’. After a while of thinking and looking at him you will nod, 'I am okay with this. If you are going to be careful.’ Hearing this he will actually sit back on your lap, 'You never told me your a virgin before’. 'I didn’t feel the need to up till now’ He will nod, lost in thoughts for a while, 'True …, but you don’t need to worry. I would be careful no matter if you where inexperienced or experienced. It’s not like I know much more yet.’ Now it’s your time to smirk at him, 'You always speak as if you know everything and so dirty too’. 'Only because I am comfortable around you and because I thought you had experience’, he will start to laugh a little bit, leaning forward again to shortly kiss your lips. 'Since you already made me like this and you also seem prepared, why don’t we just do it now? We can still stop if you end up uncomfortable halfway through’, he will kiss down your neck, not looking you in the eyes to give you a bit of time for yourself to decide. Your answer will be a passionate kiss on his lips, that neither of you wants to break.

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I don't mean to offend, I'm a Jonsa fan but I'm worried our ship is drowning. Why one of your fellows is giving up on Jonsa? If she was so sure and said her cousin would post a (quite convincing) meta about it, why after s7ep2 she suddenly quit? Usually I am a pessimist person but I was hopeful bc of you and other Jonsa tumblrs. I'm afraid others will follow her, please don't do that, I won't be able to finish S7 without you!

Hi love, 

I am not giving up on this ship. Like not ever!! Even if it is not endgame, so don’t worry about that. 

We always had an inkling that we are not going to get too much of Jon and Sansa in season 7. It’s really okay. Everything endgame happens in season 8 and that’s a long way away. I can’t comment on others but I’m here, right till the very end. 

Thanks for the ask. 

anonymous asked:

I'm a NaruSaku fan, but after doing a lot of thinking I've come to the conclusion that if any pairing should have been canon, it's SasuNaru. The entire manga was built around their relationship, after all.

Imo, it wasn’t necessary to make any pairing canon, but if they still had to decide on some canon ships, I think SasuNaru OR NaruSaku and Sasuke being forever alone (which doesn’t have to be a bad thing) would’ve made the most sense. Sure, the manga was mosly about Naruto chasing after Sasuke (and in the end, we got to know how Sasuke has been feeling all this time), but Naruto also managed to develop a strong bond with Sakura (after all, she told him to stop chasing after Sasuke since she didn’t care about the promise anymore, she tried to kill Sasuke herself to beware Naruto of the burden of doing it, and she wanted his dream of being hokage one day become true). I only ship Naruto and Sakura as a BroTP, but I understand why NS fans love their ship, and most importantly, the bonds of Team 7 are still held intact. If Naruto and Sasuke ended up together, they wouldn’t suddenly dismiss Sakura out of their lives (I think she’d rather be like a big sister to them), while Naruto and Sakura still would care about Sasuke and make him feel as part of their family. (asdfghjkl Sorry, but I ship SasuNaruSaku just SO much!)

That’s why I’m so unhappy about the canon ships… Team 7 would never severe their bonds. (Rather than that, they’d just move together into an apartment and spend their life as virgins BUT FUCK THAT, AT LEAST THEY HAVE EACH OTHER AND ARE HAPPY AND DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SOCIETY’S STANDARDS BECAUSE THEY’RE THE LEGENDARY TEAM 7)

I’m sorry, I got carried away by my feels.

More reasons why I think Sans has reason to test Frisk for ‘outside influence’ (yours):

  • Frisk already canonically has one spirit of a person able to influence their actions, and you’re another one
  • You absolutely are a character in the game. You’re part of it. Chara talks to you if you No Mercy everyone. You make Frisk do (almost) everything. You nudge them into actions, which Chara (possibly) communicates to you through Frisk’s eyes (item/monster descriptions, evident since the game text is an unreliable narrator in any game route)
  • Sans knows SOMETHING is wrong, something capable of reworking the flow of time to its will. [our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting… until suddenly, everything ends. heh heh heh… that’s your fault isn’t it?] It’s manipulating time itself, nothing is off the table here, and a human suddenly showing up underground after that is suspicious.
  • Sans is unbelievably observant, to the point of noticing changes in the timeline even though he doesn’t retain his memory. He can read Frisk’s EXP and LV somehow, he can count how many times he’s murdered Frisk by their pre-battle demeanour, his actions change if you reload enough times.
  • Sans literally follows you through the game because he’s suspicious and watches your actions and how you react to stuff. Every interaction he has with Frisk and the odd things he does are probably a kind of litmus test for Frisk as a person, but by extension, whatever weird oddity exists alongside Frisk
  • He hid the door to his lab in a place the player can’t see from their perspective. He does lots of things that only make sense from our (the player’s) perspective. Appearing between trees in the forest before meeting us, the conveniently shaped lamp, MAKING us watch him scratch his butt (thanks), his constant ‘turning to the camera’, staring at us, or winking at us
  • There are certain things he doesn’t say out loud. Certain things come across only as text. “Y o u ‘ d  b e  d e a d  w h e r e  y o u  s t a n d” is unvoiced. He communicates only with the player and maybe Frisk hears nothing. It makes sense with his jump in tone - for Frisk it was a vague, hanging threat, and to us, it was an explicit warning that he is NOT fucking around even though his world is a toy in your hands.

So, he has enough understanding to use his telescope prank not just for funsies, but since he knows something about the player’s perspective, he’d know the significance IF Frisk were to use the telescope, look away from him, then immediately confront him about the blotch on their eye that they can’t see.

It’s also consistent with his general purpose as a meta-character who half-understands what’s going on. He knows about you reloading a save, he basically reads your character sheet back to you if you push him, and he sort of understands that something exists in Frisk that can toy with the world. So, to protect himself, he tries to amuse us so that we have a good time playing the game and we want him and the other characters to survive. Unlike everyone else staying put like most RPG NPCs, he’ll teleport ahead of you and do his little antics to be entertaining, not unlike his hobby as a restaurant comedian. Basically, he knows you’re a Protagonist and decides to show you a good time. He wants you to let everybody live. He might be too anxious to JUST be a lazy doof, so he goes kind of overboard, and the pranks are probably fun for him too. Or on the other hand, maybe he knows what happened to the other kids and wants to cheer Frisk up in case they’re terrified about ending up the same way.

Plus, Determination isn’t really Frisk’s ability. It’s ours. We’re the ones who load, save, and close the game when we want. Frisk inherited this power when we began existing within them, and presumably, it then leaves Frisk normal again when we stop playing, able to live their lives without us, because everything is safe and nothing resets if we aren’t there.

Basically, Sans acts like a character who knows he’s seeing The Main Character walk around and that some weird consciousness (us) is doing things in their world and refuses to take this lying down, so he taunts us, pranks us, and maybe shames us for being so powerful in a programmed world. He tries to defy rules in general, like gravity or common sense. He’ll put 29 hotdogs on Frisk’s head and then randomly stop once they’re off the screen.

There’s an implicit relationship between Sans and the Player because, like with the timeline manipulation, he sort of knows the player’s there, he acts certain ways for their benefit, and he tries to gauge what they want. He might be the only character besides Chara who can directly talk to you, and at the very least, he pointedly aims parts of some conversations your way.

tl;dr Sans is halfway to the understanding that he’s in a game and wants the player to like him and have fun so they’ll let everyone in the game be happy. He also messes around with you to defy being in the role of an NPC as much as he possibly can, to stop you being complacent in your omnipotence

Request – Peter Pan “Pan never fails”

 “Where the hell am I?” You tried to find your way through the jungle, cursing the darkness that had made you lose the sight of the rest of your group. You had always thought that Neverland would be magical, great, and a lot of fun, but you didn’t enjoy it much, now you had finally gotten there. You hadn’t wanted to believe Hook when he was so afraid of Neverland, so you had managed to hide on the Jolly Roger when they went there, and all the time here you had managed to follow that group. If they wanted Peter Pan, you would find him as well. But it  didn’t take long for you to discover that, just like a lot of other fairy tales, Neverland wasn’t what it was supposed to be. You couldn’t see where you were going, you couldn’t see what was going on, and it really started to annoy you. Suddenly you heard something, someone, you didn’t know, behind the trees to you right. You immediately turned around, tried to see what, who it was, but except for some moving branches, you didn’t see a thing. You didn’t want to call out, knowing very well you weren’t supposed to be here, knowing very well you could get into deep trouble when someone discovered you. Very slowly, very carefully you walked towards the trees, looking where you thought you had heard something.
“Lost something?” You spun around, seeing a boy standing there, leaned against the tree, arms crossed. He looked at you, smiling.
“I thought I heard something…”
“That’s possible. You never know what’s happening here. I can’t recall having seen you here before.”
“Could be. I just arrived…” He cocked his head, looking at you, taking you in from head to toe.
“Weird…” He did a step forwards. “I can’t remember bringing you in here.” You took a step back, suddenly not feeling at ease with this boy, as young as he was.
“You, bring me here? Why would you?” Suddenly a thought popped into your head. If Neverland was so much gloomier than expected, why couldn’t this be…  “Are you Peter Pan?” He smiled, taking another step towards you.
“Well guessed my dear. But that still doesn’t answer my question. How did you come here?”
“I… On a ship. But the others don’t know…” He smiled, a smile that didn’t make you feel more comfortable around him. He started laughing, walking around you. You kept looking at him, not trusting him.
“A stowaway also. Interesting… and why did you do that?”
“I… I always wanted to go to Neverland.” Before you knew what was happening you were telling him about your obsession with Neverland, with Peter Pan, with this entire world, and that the moment you found out it was real and that Emma and her company would go there, you had to go as well.
“But… this wasn’t how I imagined it. It was supposed to be much brighter…” His smile faded, he seemed to become a bit sad, even angry.
“It wasn’t. And I’m going to do everything to get it back like it was supposed to be.”
“And do you think you can manage that?” His smile was back, more mysterious, but at the same time more threatening than before.
“I will succeed darling. After all, Pan never fails.”

alyseb630  asked:

I'm so curious on how Ladrien and Marichat would work in your Personality switch au!

Ladrien would be…pink!Ladybug being like “HELL YEAH I’M GOING TO GO AND ANNOY THIS DUMB BOY AS MUCH AS HE ANNOYS ME” and then being like wtf he’s actually really sweet and sincere (because Adrien being like ‘oh my god I can’t bring myself to act like the class clown around the one friend I have who actually respects me)

and Marichat…WOULD BE THE SIN SHIP I GUESS. Mari being like oh my gosh it’s the love of my life bUT I GOTTA KEEP UP MY BOSS ASS BITCH ACT but continuing to blush like an idiot while doing so. And Chat being like HOLD THE PHONE WHY IS SHE SUDDENLY ACTING LIKE THIS OH MY GOD 

i guess

in this au Adrinette is my favorite tho eheheh

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Uhhh I want to follow you but you ship the one ship I well NEVER ship!!!

Ok? Why are you telling me? I will only post Rickmorty on this blog (and sometimes RARELY promo my other blogs) So if you want rickmorty follow me, because I honestly don’t give a damn. You don’t like one of my ships, congratulations. What dose that have to do with this blog?

Seriously though why tell me you’re not going to follow me? Are you in that much need for attention? Would you like a cookie? What did you expect me to do SUDDENLY stop shipping something that has nothing to do with this blog, for some stranger online? Is that was want you expected? fuck off. 

~ Mod Cipher

Originally posted by fyeahrickandmorty

anonymous asked:

any hope for bellarke ? the writers keep mocking their fans :( and what seems like they like all ships except Bellarke, they post about Clarke and lexa (honestly the most one bothering me) anyway i hope u know i am not trying to start a fight or anything i know the writers dont mean to disrespect anyone, but it would be nice if we had a bit of hope ! i know this season doesnt seem like there is gonna be much romance but it seems jason wants to shut down any hope we have :( </3

My whole time running the Writers’ Room tumblr, this was probably the most frustrating question — because on the one hand, you do want to know if there’s hope. On the other, what fun is it to experience the story if you already know the outcome?

Let me assure you, as I have tried to assure everyone since forever, the writers aren’t mocking the fans about Bellarke. They think it’s amusing. They are genuinely amazed at the passion around the ship, but they understand the danger of just putting them together. So few stories are still as satisfying after a ship is together. Look at the number of ships that get busted up soon after in other shows. They are very difficult to sustain.

Worse than that, just throwing two characters together in a relationship because the fans want it, is the worst way to tell story. When you construct a story as a writer, it is with a ‘character arc’ in mind. You have an idea of where the character begins a journey and where they end it — not necessarily physically, but emotionally, mentally. Changes in character can happen very quickly, particularly when there is a major life event that affects them profoundly, or they can happen very slowly.

Clarke and Bellamy are a leadership duo. I’ve said that before. Clarke is not in a place to have a romantic relationship, and really, neither is Bellamy. In the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (look it up) food, shelter and safety trump any and all issues of self-actualization, including love. While we like to romantically think ‘all you need is love’ the truth is, you need food, water, a roof over your head and people not wanting to kill you a lot more. Right now, everyone is fighting to survive.

Now, you may ask, if it’s so important to have all of these things first before love or romance, why was Bellamy sleeping with a bunch of women in Season One? This is called ‘mis-prioritization’ — Bellamy and really the rest of the 100 had never had real freedom before. They are also very young people. Given that they suddenly found themselves in an environment where they could do ‘whatever the hell they want,’ they did — for a very short time. Once the danger around them increased, most of that extra-curricular activity stopped (and I would argue that Clarke and Finn’s relationship was built on a rocky foundation of stressful situations pushing them together for comfort, but that’s another post entirely. Short version: watch the film “Speed” and know that the ship in that movie doesn’t last to the sequel.)

So, why does Jason talk so much about ‘Clexa’, or Clarkelexa, for the ones who hate the shorter ship name that is easier to tweet? Two reasons: First, it’s new. They are a new leadership duo, so it’s fun to talk about their leadership relationship, just as the writers do about Bellarke.

Second, there aren’t a lot of same sex ships on CW shows that aren’t treated as a joke. Yes, we treat Murphamy as a joke, because Bob & Richard did too, and it is the most unlikely ship since Kanetree was born. Clarke & Lexa aren’t a joke. They have a palpable chemistry. Will that result in anything? Who knows, but the writers think it’s important to give legitimacy to a real same-sex ship, even if it doesn’t happen. It’s important for people to realize that as a show we are committed to creating same-sex ships now and in the future, even if currently romance/love/sex isn’t top of mind for these people.

Bellarke. I can understand why fans are sensitive to this. They perceive Jason as mocking, but it’s really friendly teasing. I think most fans take it personally because they feel that Jason dangles the ship in front of them, like a toy. The fact is, writers don’t approach story that way. Story is built, brick by brick, character by character. Actions and feelings of characters aren’t arbitrary, they are conscious decisions the writers make about where that character is headed in their arc. If Clarke and Bellamy have an interaction that some people read as pushing them closer together, that is purposeful, not a tease. Those characters are bonded by their experiences together. They trust each other, and they know that they have each other’s back. Clarke trusts Bellamy to complete the task at hand in Mount Weather. Bellamy trusts Clarke will keep the alliance together and bring the army to take down Mount Weather and free them all. These aren’t at their root romantic actions, but what is love?

Love is the feeling that binds two people together. One person can feel love for another without receiving it in return (unrequited love), but that tends to be a love that will leave the person who feels that way feeling very sad — isn’t it hard to love without having it returned? Right now, Clarke and Bellamy do not process the feelings they for each other as love. They process it as trust. Can that change? Of course! Will it change? That’s the question, the one you want me to answer.

Look, as long as they are both alive and breathing, there is hope for Bellarke to become a romantic pairing. Jason ‘shutting down hope’ is his attempt to say ‘hey, relax. This story is just getting started!’ How many episodes did people wait to get an Olicity kiss? Like 44 or so. The 100 is only on Episode 25 TOTAL so far — people are in such a hurry for things to happen, when the fact is, there is a lot of story to tell and a lot of character arc to happen before Clarke or Bellamy find real love, with each other or someone else. But I wouldn’t place bets that it happens anytime soon. Now that the show has a 3rd season, maybe there will be time for either or both of them to think about the other and evaluate their feelings. 

That is, if they both survive season 2…

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Really random question but do you remember when/why you first started shipping narry?

Okay so, I was a bit late coming into the fandom – like, mid 2013. My friend had introduced me to Little Things, which happened to be a song I actually really liked that would play on the radio at my work literally every day, so I watched the video…and then I watched a few other music videos, and some funny moment videos and suddenly Niall was my favourite. And through watching videos of Niall, I sort of just fell into the Narry thing – mostly because I could just tell how much they adored each other.

So, naturally, I started to watch Narry videos and, to me, their chemistry as friends was palpable. Like, their friendship was just so pure and adorable, and you could tell that they truly enjoyed each other’s company, and that they had their own thing going on. And then I saw this:

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  • Here’s the thing, I’m tired of people saying Lauren made a “mistake”, like she said in her tweet, she went to a concert, big deal! Ok yeah there was paint and everyone was sweaty but I feel like people her age do way worst things!
  • Can u guys just shut up with talking about the drama it was YESTERDAY, and im getting a headache with this. Just leave it.
  • how about you Brazilian don’t tag her dad in her pics and say did you know lauren was at a party and saying she was drinking!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT. also if it was a joke guess what not funny buddy. you guys always start with her first. you were mad about her talking to two people more then others. then you get on her for a picture with a boy and now this. how about you leave her the fuck alone. thank you (:
  • Im sorry but you cant claim, what is and is not offensive to some people. I know alot of fans who where really hurt by those faves. Cause joke or not they where making fun of them. And it hurts thinking that your idol might think that about you.
  • lauren rude ok so its ok for to sit there and say she a bad person cause she talks to more person then one and then go crazy over her going out with a boy then tag her dad in her photos saying do you know what lauren was doing?? right your suck great fans right lol
  • I’m so sick of everyone being on Lauren’s case. I hate it because she’s really sweet. People are overlooking everything nice she’s ever done bc she favorited two tweets. Get over yourselves. Idk about you but I’m told I’m special every day but the moment I receive a negative comment it stays with me. Don’t you think that’s how she and the other girls feel and it’s not just one comment they get. It’s hurtful when you have ppl who should be supporting you passing judgments
  • brazilians harmonizers got mad bc that tweet is from an account that is always sendind indirect things to brazilians that’s why and lauren favorited that! and that gril from tropicamila is always talking about camren and she the craziest camren shipper and suddenly she tell us to “stop shipping” camren and we are annoying and that’s another reason why brazilians harmonizers don’t like them! last thing: brazilians didn’t do anything and we got blamed it’s so ridiculous
  • Lauren’s replies to fans were RUDE. I don’t care how much you love her, they just were. Like the person that tweeted about Camila being at disneyland and she was a bitch when that person obviously meant no harm. She was just being plain snarky, and she always is. She takes everything fans say so seriously, when if you knew the fandom you’d know that they are just crazy like that. And also her “apology” for the brazilian tweet or whatever was so lame.
  • If you are hating on Lauren for going out to a party, for taking a selfie with a guy, and for not doing something innocent like, um, idk, GO TO DISNEYLAND, i hope someone takes your wifi out, breaks into your house and shits on everything you own. Fuck you.
  • Excuse me? I know she’s a teenager but she’s famous now and she needs to be careful with the things she said to her fans or random people, the way some harmonizers judge her is just horrible i know but is not hard to ignore those bad coments, the “hate” Lauren is getting is nothing if you compare to Selena’s, she was and still being judged by the WHOLE world not just by a group of fans, she had an entire fandom telling her to kill herself and she just ignored them all, Lauren should do the same.
  • i saw a spark of dislike in lauren tweet towards camila and she’s not to blame its “camilas girls” who should be blamed for this..
  • we should be called dramanizers instead of harmonizers…
  • I think it’s so funny how harmonizers are criticizing Lauren for her tweet when they were defending Camila’s use of slurs just earlier this year. Hypocrites.
  • this is what is wrong with this fandom they all are just making girls against each other by comparing them(they especially compare camz to everyone) and by recent happenings now its laurens turn..whatever happened and whoever started that camila v/s lauren all i see in their twitter handler was something related to camila :| this is a best example why everyone is pissed at camilas girls
  • umm ahh what lauren did is quite normal,quite teenage-rish and quite miami-ish so get lost
  • i prefer other girls over lauren but this whole drama is unnecessary and is in a way hate towards her and i totally support her for taking a stand and confronting those “fans” who were invading in her life and comparing her to other group member
  • what the hell let them live their lives whatever way they want to live you all are making their best dream which has come true(being famous)turn into the worst nightmare,fifth harmony will be no more if things keep on going like this sorry
  • tho those two fans which lauren favourited are not in a position to point finger at anyone bc they do the same thing which they were complaining of but i still agree with their tweets and secondly there was no mention of brazilians in their tweets so why brazilian were going apeshit i’ve no idea thirdly after invading in girls privacy making stupid assumptions about them do you think that girls will give you lollipop or kiss you?NO they’ll do what lauren did and if you get infront of then kill u
  • If Ally, Dinah or Normani went to that same concert, none of you guys would have given a care. Let Lauren live.
  • the issue is not about Lauren being a teenager, it’s about her being a role model to millions. People look up to her and she made fun of them. Yeah, maybe the camren thing is annoying. But it’s one thing to have other fans make fun of you than having the person you admire and dedicate your life to agree with them. That kind of thing breaks you.

So here are all the confessions, we got about this “ Lauren-drama”. Sorry, that i didn’t post them separately, but i think it would be the best if we put that thing behind us, and move on, because the fandom will probably never agree on this ( and i also didn’t want to spam everybody with these confessions) I hope you understand :) Lily

omfg i probably shouldn’t be posting this while im so mad, but im past that point now.

i think it’s time we talk about the different views most of tumblr has on m/m and f/f relationships, cause it’s getting out of hand, and getting to the point where i’m thinking of just logging out for good

lets all take a moment to talk about hypocrisy, yall go crazy for any moment, any possible MINISCULE chance that these 2 guys could get together, which is cool, i love that! representation everywhere right???


cause as soon as i, or anyone else on here ships two girls, who we believe have just as much chemistry and chance as ANY m/m relationship suddenly they’re “just friends!!” or my personal fave, “don’t ruin perfectly fine f/f friendships!!! who do you think you are??”

girl, i think i’m a person who spends way to much time on tumblr talking about fictional girls in relationships, but moving past that, why?

why do you do that to sapphic women? what did girls loving girls so nicely ever do to you?

you all are so quick to defend any males who happened to step on the field, but you won’t even give girls a chance to play, i’m just wondering why

i like how as soon as larry does something suddenly no one is allowed to enjoy things anymore becaUSE YOUR SHIP DIED IN 2012 NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT LARRY like why do you care so much if you don’t think it’s real just go on your merry way and let me have a fun time and idk consider petting a cute dog or finding a hobby that is not pissing on something people enjoy

hey so how come, like, after “Bubble Buddies”, when the whole fandom starts shipping Steven and Connie and there weren’t a whole bunch of indignant posts like “Excuse me fandom, not everything is romantic, platonic relationships are IMPORTANT how dare you ship these two characters romantically when platonic relationships are so important”

but after “Rose’s Scabbard” tons of people feel the need to shame people for shipping Pearl/Rose because “not everything is gay”, telling people they’re seeing things that weren’t in the narrative and how bad that is to be trivializing platonic relationships which are so super important that people only seem to care about when they want to shame people for liking a queer pairing

like, how come the possible hetero romance between two 12 year olds is seen as more valid and uncontested than a possible queer romance between adults (or rather ageless aliens)? How come the latter got the lion’s share of the ‘shame on you’ finger-wagging?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Steven/Connie is a really excellent pairing and platonic relationships ARE certainly very important and I don’t think people have to view Pearl/Rose or any other pairing as romantic if they don’t want to. What’s irritating to me is that some people feel the need to make big self-righteous posts about it, like they have to put their foot down to stop all the big bad shippers from making everything gay, like they’re making some bold statement. What’s irritating to me is that I very very rarely ever see anyone EVER bring up the ‘platonic friendship is important’ thing with a hetero pairing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is why does it upset people so much that people ship something they see as friends? Why can’t people just be like “Oh, I see them more as friends so I’ll just blacklist the ship and move on”? Why do they have to make posts trying to shame people and take the moral high ground just because they’re so enlightened and awesome to not see a queer relationship where other people do? Why is it so threatening that some people might ship something they don’t personally see? How come seeing a relationship as romantic suddenly means you don’t appreciate platonic relationships too and that maybe you just enjoy this one as romantic? Why do people always jump to the conclusion that if you ship this particular ship its because you’re a mustache-twirling cartoon villain who hates friendship?

lots of people always say how ugly kaisoo shippers can be but no one ever says how ugly kaisoo haters can be. ive seen some dumb posts from kaisoo shippers in my time yes, but almost all of the most hateful, disgusting and rude ones come from the haters.

some of you need to take a looooong hard look at yourself before you go around being assholes to others because some of the shit you say is a million times worse worse than shipping 2 males together.

the tag was fine for a while, no hate (although i blocked a lot of people) and then the kxk date pics leaked and suddenly loads more haters come around, don’t you have anything better to do? a hell of a lot of it can be classified as bullying which is funny because some of you preach do heavily against that but look at what you’re doing to others.