why do i still make these

because i still fucking love you, even after all this shit. after all this time. even though i shouldn’t. i can’t stop loving you. i may not be the one for you, but you’re the one for me and that’s something i have to deal with. i would always take care of you, even if you weren’t mine. i would always wipe your tears, try my hardest to make the sadness go away. i’d do anything.
—  you don’t love me like i love you / text i sent tonight

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I love how in this new interview on red carpet Darren said that it was Mia who photoshopped his nude selfie for him, even though earlier he said that he photoshopped this pic by himself. Poor Darren, is this a memory loss? Still, not surprised at all after all his Hedwig make out stories.

Not to mention LOGO is the LGBT Network!  We don’t want anyone to be confused about the fact that DC is a straight man with a gf of many, many moons.  

Talk about just a whole bunch of uncomfortable topics.  

Why do I feel like the blissfulness of the past 10 days or so is about to end?

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I feel like we need some shimada love up in here so how about something where the reader is genji's sort of therapist while he's in blackwatch to make sure he's still mentally okay with his new form? And the reader tells genji to live every day to the fullest and take chances so genji decides to take a chance on him?

AN: Shane why do you give such good requests….. you’re killing me with quality buddy

It shouldn’t have surprised Genji that either Overwatch or Blackwatch, the largest and most successful military organizations in the world, had access to psychiatrists. In the few weeks he’d been out of Dr. Ziegler’s care, he had fought alongside some of the most well-seasoned soldiers he’d ever met, and somewhere in the back of his mind he acknowledged that in order to keep those soldiers fighting, they needed to treat the PTSD that they all eventually would share.

Still, he was surprised, and he was more than a little frustrated. The only reason he agreed to Dr. Ziegler’s suggestion had been the threatening words from Commander Reyes. He walked into his first appointment unwilling to be prodded at or poked, entirely determined to listen to nothing that Dr. Y/n said to him.

“Hey, you’re my 2 o’clock, Shimada Genji right?” He bristled at his full name, but nodded reluctantly. “Is there something different you want me to call you?” He glared at the man in front of him, fully expecting to see pity in his psychiatrists eyes. 

Instead, Dr. Y/n looked back entirely unmoved, casually interested by his patient, who was emanating hatred in front of him, but nothing more. Genji froze in confusion, his addled mind racing to catch up from the tangent it had sprung off on. 

“Yes. Genji alone, is much better.” 

“Alright,” Y/n gave him a welcoming smile, and gestured to the armchair in front of him. “I’d suggest taking a seat, unless you want to stand for the whole hour.” 

Genji found himself complying, before he could argue. There was so little want in Y/n’s tone, none of the assumption he had found himself hating in any other that he spoke to. It was barely a request at all, just a pure suggestion. The fact that he didn’t have to sit made him a thousand times more inclined.

Genji came back to sit again and again, twice every week despite Dr. Ziegler insisting that only weekly appointments would be necessary. He told himself, time after time, that he was just curious as to when Y/n’s facade would finally drop, but after spending months with the man, Genji’s suspicions faded away. 

Everything Y/n said was something Genji was allowed to ignore if it suited him. He was genuinely interested in the suggestions Genji himself put forward, and he never once acted as if Genji had any other name than his chosen. The cyborg had even wondered if his psychiatrist had forgotten, and had asked when they’d be talking about it. 

Y/n reassured him that as long as Genji chose to go by Genji alone, they wouldn’t. If the day ever came where he was interested in extending his name, Y/n would advise him on how to do so comfortably, but he wouldn’t do any more. 

“I’m not here to make you do anything. I’m here to make you think you can.”

After nearly a year of Blackwatch operations and regular checkups, from both Angela and Y/n, he had a trust in his doctor he couldn’t shake, couldn’t deny, even if he wanted to. He barely even wanted to anymore. 

Back when he was Shimada Genji, he’d have made a move by now. Sure, he may have once chosen strangers over familiar faces, but even his past self would jump at the at the opportunity to talk to someone he trusted for once. 

He wasn’t Shimada Genji anymore though. He was the fragments of a man that Overwatch had hastily slapped together to use against his former allies. The reason that Y/n was special was because he treated him as if he was still the same, but Genji didn’t want to push his luck. He knew Y/n must be aware of his biggest flaws, how couldn’t he be, when they stared him in the face everyday. 

“Are you considering leaving Blackwatch? You mentioned something similar last appointment, and I’ve got to admit, I’m curious.” 

He hesitated before replying, despite knowing in his heart y/n would never speak a word to anyone about his answer. “Perhaps. After my family’s clan has been eradicated, I’m not sure I see the point in sticking around.” 

“Well, do you feel useful here?” The question left Genji confused, struggling to find words under Y/n’s purposeful gaze. “I don’t need an answer right now, go ahead and think about it.” 

Genji sat back in the armchair and complied, trying his best to ignore the way Y/n’s eyes lazily glanced over his face, studying him. 

“I have been a tool in Reye’s arsenal since I was revived. This is where I belong, as long as there is something I can do.” The words coming out of his mouth made Genji angry, his trust in Blackwatch making him feel sick to his stomach. 

Y/n didn’t address the anger, he simply nodded in understanding. The hatred building up inside him seemed to crumple in Y/n’s presence, and he found himself staring down at the floor in shame. 

“You know Genji, thinking about what could happen is what has you stuck between deciding. You need to live your life to the fullest, and trust your gut when it wants to take risks.” Y/n gazed out the window, finally lifting his eyes from his patient just as Genji’s shot to his face. “Sometimes, if you want to do something, its better to think about it less. It makes ‘just doing it’ a lot easier.” 

“Alright then,” he responded, a surge of confidence guiding him forward in in seat, “Would you like to do on a date with me?” 

Y/n looked out the window a moment longer, before his hand came up to cover his mouth, giggles slipping from between his fingers. Genji felt his self-estem rapidly deflate again, until Y/n finally replied. 

“This will be the biggest ‘fuck you’ to Reyes we can pull off, eh? He’s very adamant about coworker fraternization rules, god… I guess we can manage to keep it on the down low, though.” 

Perking up again in his seat, Genji felt a natural smile crack across his face for the first time in a year. “We’ll manage,” he agreed, already incredibly giddy for what was to come. 

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How is Karin a better women than sakura because she "gave up" sasuke.Sasuke was never hers to give up,they were never together.That's like me being in love with a guy who's in love with my best friend,am I a better women because I don't start shit over a guy who's not interested?Especially Sasuke,he was married if Kishi had Karin still drooling over him after that I'd lose what little respect I had for her.Antis will use anything to shit on sakura,even if it makes no Damn sense.

Yep, that’s definitely true.

It certainly doesn’t make Karin a “better” woman than Sakura because what did Sakura do that was wrong in this situation? Sasuke chose her, so why wouldn’t she have accepted his choice?

Karin’s decision to no longer actively pursue Sasuke demonstrated her maturity, because she was able to realise that Sasuke had found happiness with someone else, and his happiness took priority over all else.

Sakura felt the same way, but fortunately for her, Sasuke’s happiness just so happened to be with her. Although that wasn’t exactly a coincidence.


I have a BUNCH of photos from the June 21st Doom Patrol signing with Gerard Way and Nick Derington that needs editing still, but this is just a sample of what I’ve been working on. I’ve never practiced photography or photo editing so this is completely new for me, which is why it’s taking awhile. On top of that, I’m running on absolutely no sleep since yesterday since I had to drive from San Francisco to LA to make it in time for work. 

They’ll all be finished by the weekend! I’m excited to share the end results! 

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why do you make a pre-line with a red pen? i tried this out and it somehow is very useful but i don't understand why it's so

I do the red pen guidelines when I’m drawing in pen because, well… I can’t draw without guidelines.
For me, pen drawings are supposed to be a quicker alternative to drawing in pencil or doing a fully finished drawing, but I want them to still look decent so I do guidelines in red.

Trust me, if I didn’t do the red lines my pen drawings would be v e r y b a d.

wow……. like you’re still looking for a fight. @dinobcnes . you seriously repeat the same fucking cycle and blame popular blogs over it.  where is your fucking self-awareness?  its probably hiding behind your white privilege like when you were making racist remarks before. i do not even want to start going off again.  if you think this community is so toxic why would you stir the fucking pot! why do you get off on causing trouble?  “ i didnt know what finalpetal did ( again i can’t throw shade @ finalpetal it’s not my place )  “  AGAIN! TOTAL! BS! look @ the tags. plenty of people see what happened.  i am so sick of people like you making us all ( white people ) look bad! dw we will see a new blog in a week! seriously back off. 

(why are we still doing this)

this is on a post where i said it’s adults’ jobs to make sure minors are safe interacting with them

you realize that i’m a minor and you’re…older than me. correct

so um shut the fuck up maybe

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How do you draw so adorably!?

step one!: draw a face make sure it’s extra chubby!

step two!: wonder why you started drawing all this cute stuff when you really just want people to take your art seriously and be able to make awesome comics instead of hecking magical girls all the time and cry because you can’t escape the cute even if you wanted to…

Step three!: cute!

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Have you ever thought of doing pins?? Cause I absolutely love your art and I don't really see any CS pins out there /: so just wondering.

Yes, I have thought of doing pins! Unfortunately, the money it would cost me to MAKE said pins is something I can’t really spare right now. Especially since there would be no promise that anyone would buy said pins ._. Which has happened before, after the whole “Pom, please make fridge magnet charms!” And I spent the money to make them and then not even ONE of them sold. /cough 

 But then why do you make ornaments, you cry? Well, for one thing, ornaments sell. And I had coupons and could do most of the work myself – alas, pins are not like that. 

The pin you may have seen Colin wearing at a con was someone tracing over my art and taking credit, which honestly still has my feelings very hurt. So PLEASE, no one do this. Just FYI.

But, to make a long reply even longer Anon, I’ll sum up by saying I don’t have a lot of money. It’s why I never got to go to a con, it’s why I push my stuff on red bubble and ask you guys not to steal, it’s why I sell dirt cheap commissions. :> So, if you have supported me with any sort of purchase, I thank you immensely <3 And if you have NOT …. well, I got new stuff I will put into the Red Bubble and possibly a special edition ornament coming your way eventually ;d

AH SHIT things just seem to keep getting worse, don’t they??

Steven, this is not how you get girls to like you.

Oh shit. Connie’s laying out some truths. I wasn’t expecting that from her, honestly.

She’s right though. Growing up, my mom was like that. Even when things were really terrible for our family, she would never just acknowledge that. She’d always put on a smile and talk to us over-enthusiastically and pretend that nothing was wrong. And I understood why she did that, but that still didn’t make it any less frustrating and annoying. It’s okay to admit that things suck and you don’t really know what to do. It’s okay to get real. And that’s exactly what Steven needs… to get real every once and a while.

Oh no Connie, please don’t cry, you’re going to make me cry too! This poor bb is so sweet and precious!!!

Honestly Steven, that was kinda smooth as fuck.

This episode is so adorable I’m going to die.

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To rile you up? You did that all on your own babe hahahaha and no, you don't know my intention. You make it whatever you want it to be, but it was genuinely a curious question. You ask a question, you want to know more why they answer this way. You say you don't find it necessary, that makes me wonder why that's so since there are plenty of reasons? You explore the whys, you ask, you deduce. So no, you don't know my intention.

You’re still going on about this???

And yes, you did ask those questions to rile me up, don’t play the part that you didn’t intend for that to happen. I answered your question the first time, when you said “do you and your boyfriend have important synastry aspects?” and I politely said “I dunno! I don’t look into it :-) no need since we both know each other really well” It should’ve been left at that….? I didn’t ask you to explain more. I wasn’t curious to hear more of your thoughts. Then you sent a question asking me if I’m scared or afraid (which is just plain dumb). After I had already said I don’t look into synastry, you sent me a question “Really?” Uh….. Yeah. Really. I already answered that. You kept this going and therefore you did intend to get a reaction out of me - I don’t know why you’re acting like it was innocent curiosity. It wasn’t. I know innocent curiosity when I see it or hear it. You were just being a dumbass. And don’t condescendingly call me “babe” either.

I’d like to see your point of views but I can’t stick my head that far up my ass.


Ignoring like, obviously required recurring…

piczel or whatever that place is called is supposedly cheaper but I don’t know if it’s good

Nah even if the reoccuring payment was like $1 a month my post would still apply. 

Plus I already made a bit of an - - - analysis of Piczel, so I find them too shady for me to go near them.
Post-edit: Do I think people should avoid Piczel? I’d say make your own decision/analysis. This is my opinion not yours.

I don’t ‘need’ prem for Picarto and I enjoy using the site either way. And why I feel that way about reoccurring payments is just, I don’t really ‘need’ a whole lot - - - I’m not used to spending on anything lol

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so about the matt holt being kinda evil thing. isn't it strange they sent people to get that ice while they could also just have sent a machine to dig the ice up. it would probably be cheaper because space food and clothes and stuf, and they woldn't endanger these three people. So why where they on kerberos?

Ehhhhhhh I mean I would never underestimate the human motivation of “because it’s there” - these days everyone could enjoy photos and videos of every mountain range and underwater cave from the comfort of their living rooms by sending drones to do the hard work for us, but it doesn’t compare to the thrill of standing there yourself. We don’t NEED to send people to Mars, our robots are working just fine as far as information gathering goes, and we’re still much too far away from making it inhabitable to be testing anything related to that - but we’re trying to anyway because FUCK yeah a human person could stand on the surface of another planet.

That said, I do find it mightily suspicious that the Garrison would send them out there if they know about the Galra - which I am confident in assuming that they do. THAT seems unnecessarily dangerous. It’s one thing to say “let’s put a man on Mars even though that’s costly and dangerous and yes there is a possibility he could die.” It’s another thing entirely to say “let’s put a man on Mars even though we know that Jupiter is populated by spacefaring evil aliens who might see one little human all by themselves on Mars and decide to kill him for sport.”

It’s possible the Garrison was entirely deceived by the Galra and think they’re peaceful or w/e (although that raises other questions and inconsistencies), but if they knew the Galra were dangerous, why send three defenseless scientists as far into space as possible?

life at 30 on a thursday

rolled into work a half hour late because I was out way past my bedtime and just could not be bothered to get myself out of bed. still managed to make my bed (new thing I’m trying despite being adamant for most of my life that this was a useless chore) and eat breakfast. 

my therapist texted me that she was proud of me.

randomly got a baby-sized raise in the middle of the day. 

after work I went to Target, did laundry, cleaned up, did the piles of dishes (why always so many dishes), ate dinner, and started packing for a work conference this weekend. why do the chores never, ever end?

mississauga-goddamnit replied to your photoset“tarjeiandhenrik: in another universe… So why is Sana S5 when she’s…”

Oh god are we still doing the whole “shove Sana onto the backburner to make room for Even (and everyone else except her)” crap still? Oh boy.

We sure are! Because Sana? Who’s Sana? 

It’S aLl AbOuT eVaK aLl ThE tImE!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.