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honestly i’m so tired of people treating makeup and fashion like they can’t be hobbies. like it’s all right for a guy to know every player on every sports team or every car model but when a girl knows every makeup brand or every hand bag on the market she’s a brainless superficial ditz. like it’s a hobby and it doesn’t inhibit us from knowing about politics or what’s going on in the world, so why do assholes care so much that we also know every lipstick shade mac has ever come out with???

Once Upon a Time

Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky bond over a shared love for fairy tale endings.

Warnings – Pure fluff…be warned…it could rot your teeth out!

Word Count – 2,381

Notes – This is a birthday fic to the beautifully sweet Mariana @buckysberrie.  Happy Birthday my dear!!  If any of you have ever read one of her fic reviews, you’ll know how much she loves her inner dialogue.  I’ve written her a Bucky fic in this style before and it turned out really cute!  I hope this one is just as adorable.  For those of you who watch OUAT, I didn’t start with this season…you’ll see why when you read it!   As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!


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Words in italics are the Reader’s internal dialogue

When the Quinjet touched down on the roof of the Avengers Compound in Upstate New York, all you could think about was a hot shower, something to eat, and a Netflix binge of your newest favorite TV show.  You and Wanda had been undercover for the past month and you had just made it the end of Season One of Once Upon a Time.  You were desperate to get caught up so you could watch the newest season live this fall.

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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 4

Princess97:  I’ve decided I’m going to be a porn star.

Sebastian let out a small snort as he read the message on his phone. Ever since the picture exchange, the two of you had been texting nonstop. You moved on from the silly chatroom and gave each other your real phone numbers. It was a risky move on his behalf, but being the typical Leo he was, Sebastian liked to live dangerously every once in a while.

SexySeaBass82: Pornhub or Brazzers?

He snickered like a child as he sent the text, grinning like an idiot. He looked back up at the set before him. He had just finished filming an exhausting, yet epic fight scene which he was highly proud of. The dull ache in his muscles let him know ahead of time that he’d be feeling everything tonight.

Princess97: You perv! pornhub is where the mula is.

SexySeaBass82: I think it’s safe to say that I’d be your biggest fan, doll face.

Princess97: You know what I just realized?

Sebastian cackled as he typed his witty reply and hit the send button with lightning speed.

SexySeaBass82: That I’m daddy material? ;)

Princess97: No, that you’re probably older than electricity.

SexySeaBass82: I know you can’t see it, but I’m giving you the middle finger right now. (:

He set his phone down as soon as he saw Anthony and Jeremy making their way over to him. The two men were arguing about which character could take who. Of course, Anthony was convinced Falcon could destroy Hawkeye, but Jeremy was having none of it.

“All I’d have to do is shoot you out of the sky!”

“Not before Red Wing gets his sights on you!”

Sebastian fought the urge to laugh at the two as they stood in front of him. “Seb, tell him the truth before I do.” Anthony reasoned. Jeremy snorted, taking a sip from his water bottle. He’d never say it out loud, but Sebastian was a huge fan of Hawkeye, and when it came down to it, he felt Falcon would take a beating from the archer.

“Nope!” he held up his hands in defense. “I’m not taking any part of this! I’m like Bucky, completely innocent.”

Before any of them could reply, Sebastian’s text tone went off, causing the three men to jump and peer down at his phone. His phone, which was glowing, the text showing the following words:

Princess97: I wonder what else you can give me. ;)

“Oh, damn!” Anthony cackled as he snatched the phone from the chair. “Who is Princess97?”

Sebastian immediately shot up from his seat and wrestled the phone out of the man’s hand. Jeremy bent over, his hands on his knees as he cackled loudly. He would never let this go, Sebastian was sure of it. One sentence, and the entire cast would know of his little flirty texting buddy.

“None of your damn business!” he spat, placing his phone in his pocket.

“Ninety seven doesn’t stand for the actual year, does it?” Anthony teased, elbowing Jeremy as they roared with laughter.

“Hey Seb,” Jeremy chimed in. “What kind of formula do you give her?”

The two men burst into hysterics, catching the eyes of several crew members. Usually, Sebastian would have laughed along, but instead, he felt his face heating up with embarrassment. You weren’t that young. Hell, there’s a lot of people who talk to younger people, so what was the deal? You were of legal age, which was totally fine. Then again, his mom would probably give him a slap if she found out he was flirting with a nineteen year old.

“For your information,” he sassed, sitting back into his seat. “She’s really hot. Get with the winning team, guys.”

“Who’s hot?”

The three men turned around to see a very exhausted Chris in his stealth suit. He scratched the back of his head lazily as he peered between the men curiously.

“Sebastian here’s got himself some jailbait.” Jeremy spoke before taking off towards his trailer before Sebastian could catch him. Chris furrowed his brows as he looked over at his friend. This was absolutely not how he planned this to get out.

“What’s all this talk about jailbait?” he asked as he took the seat beside him. Seb groaned and placed his head in his hands.

“It’s literally all lies,” he told him. “She’s perfectly legal, just a bit younger.”

“How young?” Chris asked, his brow raising in disappointment.

“Nineteen.” Sebastian answered after a long silence.

“Oh thank goodness,” Chris breathed dramatically, placing his hand over his left boob once again. “I thought you meant she was young.”

“She is young.” He admitted. “Fifteen years.”

Chris let out a snort as he pulled out his phone. “Well, Seabass,” he sung as he unlocked his phone.

Make sure you burp her after feeding her, m’kay?” he teased before sprinting off as fast as he could in the same direction Jeremy ran in. 

Sebastian sighed, sinking into his seat.

What on earth was he going to do with these idiots?

You were snuggled on your sofa, scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard, when you heard the theme song of one of your favorite TV shows being to play. It was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You loved that guy more than anything, he could always cheer you up when you felt down. 

“Good evening folks, our guest tonight is the one and only…Sebastian Stan!” 

Immediately, your ears perked up at the name. That was the actor Sebastian was in love with. Your head cocked to the side as you realized the two men had the same first names. You shrugged, it was probably a coincidence, right? 

“Here’s your tea, Y/N!” your roommate chimed as she handed you a matching mug. You gave her a quick smile before returning your gaze to the TV. 

“So Sebastian,” Stephen said. “I understand you and Anthony Mackie are quite the duo on set.” You found your eyes focused on the actor’s face, taking in his features. You understood why Sebastian was obsessed with this guy. He was freaking gorgeous. And that jawline -man, that looked like it could cut diamonds. And those steel blue eyes! He was a total babe. 

“Yeah, we’ve grown pretty close these past few months. We even gave each other nicknames.” Stan said as he giggled, his face turning a deep red. 

“Oh? Do share these nicknames, Sebastian!” Stephen mused, earning a bunch of cheers from the crowd, mostly from women. 

You took a sip of your tea, your eyes set on the blue eyed man on the screen as he said the following words. 

“Well, he likes to call me Sexy Sea Bass.” 

The tea in your mouth sprayed all over the screen in front of you, even landing on your roommate’s lap as well as yours. She let out a shriek before jumping out of her seat and pointing an accusing finger at you. 

“What the fuck, Y/N?” she exclaimed, her face twisting into a scowl. 

You stared at the screen, your eyes completely wide with distraught as the man repeated the nickname for a second time. 

“Yeah man, I’m telling you,” he laughed along with Stephen.

 “He calls me Sexy Sea Bass!”


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Today, I fucked up... by thinking my friend was Satan for several years

Ok, so this fuck up actually occurred between 5th and 6th grade. I’m 25 now and this is still easily the biggest fuck up of my life…so far.

When I was in elementary, I made friends with a boy on the playground named Stan. Stan was a good kid. He was smart, loved to play, listened to his parents; you know, all the good stuff. Well right around that time, the Catholic church my family had been going to for several years brought in a new priest. This guy was one of those fire and brimstone type guys. You know, the kind of guy that would stand in the quad of his local state college screaming at the harlots and Jezebels walking by. This priest pretty much rewrote the Sunday School curriculum to put the fear of God into his children. Needless to say, my education in faith changed from learning about the Golden Rule and being kind to others to learning what Satan would do to me if I touched my ‘Holy Place’. That is the first time I had heard of this guy, Satan. I had learned about the Devil, lucifer, Adam, and Eve, but not this mean guy Satan. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself “The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub - they’re all the same being!” Yes, you are right. But to a very young child who’s only interaction with any of these names is in the antagonist of stories, I didn’t make the connection they were the same. Keep in mind, my previous priest was amazing. He understood that you can’t put fear into children and worked diligently to help us find the beauty within our own faith. This new guy was different. He wanted you to know early and often who and what Satan was. Unfortunately for me, I apparently had some sort of ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia (I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention) and confused the word Satan with Stan.

As you can imagine, I was very confused. How could Stan, such a good guy and friend, hurt people? The thought terrified me. From that moment forward I feared any wrongdoing in front of Stan as I thought he would punish me. I actively avoided him at school, to the point in which we stopped being friends. I kept my eye on him from a distance…just waiting to see what horrible things he would do to people. I never told my parents about why Stan and I stopped being friends and I assume they didn’t notice. This continued for a few years, until the summer between 5th and 6th grade. Stan and I ran into each other at our local pool. As I walked through the front gate our eyes met and I went white. My parents recognized Stan and his family and immediately went over there to socialize, forcing me to actually talk with him. That’s when it happened: Stan asked me why I don’t play with him anymore. So many emotions exploded at that moment and I shouted, in front of his family, “Because you hurt people who do bad things!” My parents, his parents, hell half of the pool just stared at us. All was quiet until my mother cleared her throat and asked me where I had heard that. “Mom, Reverend Endofdays said Stan punishes people who do bad things!” Everyone just stared at me, blankly. “Honey…[Long Pause]…I think you mean Satan.” It took several minutes, but I realized the extent of my fuck up. For several years I had been operating under the assumption that my friend was the King of Hell.

Fast forward a few years, Stan and I are still pretty close friends. Though he moved away after highschool, we still joke about this incident.

TL;DR: I thought my friend Stan was Satan for several years. I was wrong.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Perfect Strangers (M)

Moodboard : Sex in black and white x Stranger Jackson

Title : Perfect Strangers

Words : 1561 

Author : Myself

Genre : Smut, MATURE

Warning : Cursing, Oral sex, explicit.

Summary : Boring parties lead to not so boring encounters. You end up spending the night with a stranger you met there, and it’s anything but dull.

AN : It’s pretty random, I don’t even know why I wrote this lol don’t judge me. Also, I dedicate this to all the thirsty Jackson stans out there. 


It’s crazy. You’re not somebody who likes doing this, and even more since you’re sober.

But this guy is incredible.

This post-exam party had been boring from the beginning. Your best friend had let you alone to hook up with some fuckboy and it had been not so exciting from there. You were alone and except from the weird creeps trying to flirt with you, nothing was coming your way.

But him. This cute guy who was looking for his friend only found you in the huge house, and you spoke for hours before you both decided you needed more than casual talks and cheap alcohol.

So you had invited him to your place, which was close to the party, and after a lot of foreplay -which was absolutely awesome- you were now completely naked on your bed, while he was showing you how deep his desire towards you was.

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I was trying to do this since yesterday omg why. It took me a while to draw the piggy and kyle’s face -3- 

but heeyyy im doneee and wha what what??? a background??? gasp. i do backgrounds guys. r u proud of me yet??

anyway, hope you like it and have a nice day! 

South park belongs to Trey Parker and Matt Stone!


I can’t believe people are actually complaining when jimin is getting love and appreciations. to the point of accusing jimin stans of thumbing down comments about other members to make those comments disappear and make it all abt jimin. Are they new to youtube? Isnt youtube deleting comments all the time recently? My comments from 4 hours ago just vanished and i’m pretty sure it was about jimin so how’d you explain that? 💩💩

How can u ask other armys to “love all the boys equally” and then proceed to complain when a member that isn’t your bias is praised (rightfully so)? If u cant stand another member getting some love and attention then that just means u never appreciate all 7 of them in the first place.

Armys: *give alot of attentions to a member that isnt their bias under a video*
Fakeass armys: why talk about ___ only?! what about mY BIASS?? YOU GUYS SHOULD LOVE THE M E QUALLY!! ! BANGTAN IS 7! !!
Armys: *give alot of attentions to their bias under another video*
Fakeass armys:

Bucky: How was your night?

Steve: Not bad. I had a lot more fun with Tony than I thought I would.

Bucky: [narrows his eyes] What exactly do you mean by that?

Steve: Well, turns out he really knows how to help a guy loosen up and have a good time. Although, truth be told, my groin is a little worse for wear.

[Bucky hits Steve in the shoulder with his metal hand]

Steve: OW! Why did you do that?

Bucky: To send you a message. He is not for you!

Steve: What?

Bucky: [growls] NOT FOR YOU!

A Lesson in Love (The Chance Meeting)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.304

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - have I told you lately that I love you (and your editing assistance)?

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“Good evening,” an older man greets as soon as you enter the quaint, off-campus bookstore. His white hair is tucked under a hat and a pair of lightly tinted, thick-framed glasses sits on the bridge of his nose. “How can I help you today, Miss –”

“Y/N,” you insert, unraveling the scarf from around your neck. Outside, it was freezing. Inside this store, it’s comfortably warm.

“Miss Y/N,” he repeats in a voice that matches the calm ambiance of the store. “I’m Stan, the owner of this establishment.”

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Prompt: Hi! I love these stories, and I have a request. So I know you have a story that is similar like this and I love it, I was just wondering if you can do one where they are on a press tour instead of just a panel ? I love the idea of being asked questions with the cast. I’m sorry if this is too much of a bother but it would be cool if you could do it thanks for reading this😁
Word Count: 686
Author’s Note:

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Hey Tumblr if you like American Gods maybe check out Kings

So I know folks on Tumblr loooooooove Bryan Fuller. I do too! Hannibal was great and it’s cancellation was sad. Also, Bryan Fuller’s kind of mastered the art of how a showrunner can interact with fans on social media.

But did you know that American Gods is co-created by Fuller and this guy named Michael Green?

And did you know that Michael Green was the creator of a little gem of a show called Kings which ran for a season back in 2009?

It’s basically a modern AU of the Biblical story of King David (from the David and Goliath story). Only, David takes out the show’s version of Goliath in the first half hour. Cuz it’s all about what happens afterward - the king invites David to the palace and it all kicks off from there. Family drama and political drama and what if God is real? And is there such a thing as destiny?

Some highlights in the cast:

  • Ian McShane is the king! 
  • Sebastian Stan is the king’s gay son!
  • Macaulay Culkin shows up halfway through the series and chews the scenery
  • Frustratingly, it’s a pretty white show (especially when it comes to the main cast), but - Marlyne Barrett and Eamonn Walker are both in every episode (Maggie and Wallace from Chicago Fire!)

It’s definitely not a perfect show but it’s worth a watch. It’s on YouTube and Amazon and all that (in the U.S. anyway).

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you make such amazing edits but why waste your talent on a dumb and talentless guy like himchan i mean so what if he has a musical major he sure as hell aint doin shit with it

I’m flattered that you like my edits but I can ‘waste my talent’ on whoever I fucking want. And I really don’t get why you would send this to me - I’m obviously a Himchan stan and admire him a lot so why would you come here and talk shit about him? I mean I get that not everyone thinks as highly of him as I do - not everyone can have good taste I guess - but flat out insulting him and saying he is dumb and talentless? Binch what are you talking about? And just because we don’t see him ‘doing shit’ with his music major doesn’t mean his skills aren’t there? His perfect pitch and the shit ton of instruments he mastered are still impressive as hell.

Also when he became a trainee he couldn’t dance, rap or sing but he put in so much effort to catch up. And boy did he catch up! He is such a vital part of B.A.P’s setup, his voice is so unique and pretty and without him it just wouldn’t be the same. And maybe he isn’t ready for a solo as of now but when he drops it someday in the future I can guarantee y’all will be shook™ 

And honestly, even if he was talentless like you claim he’d still be my bias. Because he is such a kindhearted and hardworking human being. He loves to goof around but never stops taking care of the other members. And he does so much for us Babyz too. I mean even post surgery he still went to fansigns and when he had a fractured rib he still went on a fucking world tour just to see us and not disappoint us. He’s always taking photos of Babyz and shows his love for us. He is really inspiring and I admire his personality a lot.

I’m not asking you to become his number one fan but please give him the respect he deserves. 

tl;dr: Himchan is an exceptional and amazing human being who deserves the world and if you dare to come to my blog and insult him I will fucking fight you.

Monsta X reaction to their girlfriend being a fan of a rookie group

requested by anon~

a/n: hope you guys like this! its kinda meh ;^; credits to the owners for these gifs!


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Shownu; Shownu wouldn’t mind at all…. at first. He would find it cute for you to admire and show interest to his hoobaes and all. But when you started fangirl every single second when you’re with him, he’d go silent and would actually pout. Tons of questions would come out from his mouth and being the Shownu that he is, he’d still be able to keep a straight face. We can say that he’s pretty jelly by now….

Why do you even like them?”

“They’re really talented and they’re so cute!!”

“We are also talented and cute babe.”

“But the two groups are different!”

“Baby, can you please stop fangirling over them when you’re with me?”

“But babe it’s their comeback stage will be on in a few minutes!”

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Wonho; The two of you were in the midst of watching Music Bank when this rookie group, that you’ve found yourself taking interest in them, came out with their new song. You bolt up and literally brought yourself near the screen, holding back the squeals. Wonho, on the other hand, did not like the whole idea of you enthusiastically squealing for a bunch of guys. 

Oh, you like them?”

“Oh glob, you don’t know how much I love them!!!”

“You… love them? *getting jelly*”

“I do! I pre-ordered their album before it got released and right now I’m not even regretting one thing.” “Oh… really? Okay..”

“Babe, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” “I’m not. Why would I be jealous? *pouts*”

“Oh, really? Then I should continue–” “Don’t!!”

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Kihyun; Kihyun was busy monitoring their performance with you when his hoobaes, the group that you’ve been stanning since pre-debut, came in and greeted the two of you. Kihyun greeted them back and noticed how your cheeks literally turned pink. Once the boys left, Kihyun turned to you and raised a brow. 

You like them?”

“W-what… pfft… no…” 

“Don’t lie to me. Anyways, if you were to choose between me and them, who would you choose?”

“Uh…. iwouldchoosethembutsinceyouremyboyfriendthenidchooseyou.”

“I can’t believe. Fine, go to them then hmph! *alert alert a jealous kihyun appeared*”

“Didn’t I just say that I’d choose you?!” 

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Minhyuk; Being close with this new rookie group, Minhyuk was invited to their concert and he was allowed to bring one person since the other were already invited. When you and Minhyuk were hanging out, he brought out the ticket and asked if you would like to come with him to which you’d enthusiastically accept. Minhyuk would be confused at first but then would chuckle at how cute you looked. actuallyhewouldntmindbuthedbeteeweenyjellyaboutit

Oh, are you a fan of theirs?”

“I’ve been a fan since the day they debuted! Oh glob, I can’t contain my feels huhu.”

“Really? Well, I hope you’ll really enjoy their concert! Hehe, I’m so excited to cheer them on with you beside me!”

“Thank you so so much babe!”

“No problem babe.”

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Hyungwon; It was one lazy friday when your package arrived. Hyungwon, being the person nearest to the door, got the package and nonchalantly brought the package to you. Sitting right beside you, he watched you unbox the whole thing. He actually knew that you liked this new rookie group but he never knew that you were that type of fan that would literally buy every single merchandise they have. He’d be a little bit hurt and be quiet for a couple of minutes.

Finally, my babies arrived! Omo omo….. look at these babies of mine. Uhuhu they look so damn fine.”


“Oh glob, mah bae looks so damn hoooooot!! whyareyoudoingthistome?!”

“Wait… I thought I was your bae?”

“Oh… sorry babe… I got caught up with my feels–”

“How come you have all of their merch and you barely have ours?”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was busy making some lyrics in his room when he heard you scream your lungs out. Startled by your sudden outburst, he ran out of the room in full speed and saw that you were only fangirling about the rookie group that he’s close with. From a surprised look, his expression immediately changed into a disappointed look. He would literally be jealous and would start to whine before you knew it.

Babe!! I thought something happened but then I came out to only see you fangirling over my dongsaengs?!”

“I-I’m so sorry–”

“No, you’re not! Do you love them more than you love me?!”

“No babe, I love you more!”

“Lies! All lies! *starts to whine*”

“Babe. I love you more than I love them, okay? Oh glob, stop whining babe! C’mere and let me give you a hug.”

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I.M; Changkyun enjoyed watching different variety shows with you but that one night when you decided to watch the variety of the boy group that you stan made Changkyun think twice. You immediately immersed yourself with the variety show, forgetting about Changkyun’s presence. When your bias scored a point, you threw your arms up, only to hit Changkyun on the head, which got got your attention. He may be cool on the outside but he’s not cool with it on the inside.

Ouch, what was that for?”

“Omo, I’m so so sorry babe!”

“Nah.. it’s okay. Gosh, you really like them don’t you? And let me guess, he’s your bias?”

“Uh… hehehehe.”

“Whatever, I’m sexier than them and you’re mine anyways.”

“Aigoo, are you jealous?”

“No. I’m not. They should be the ones to be jelly since you’re mine. Only mine!”


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anonymous asked:

May I ask why you hate white fans so much? If black fans can hold up Finn as a role model and Latinos hold up Poe, why can't white fans enjoy Hux? He is interesting. He had a tragic past and is set up as the likely big bad in this trilogy. I don't dislike Finn or Poe, I just don't really care much about them in the grand scheme because they are coded as heroes and likely will survive the movie. It has nothing to do with race. I was equally meh on Luke and Obi-Wan in their respective trilogies.

I don’t hate white fans qua them being white - I’m white myself - I hate the racism and Anti Blackness they perpetuate actively and passively, and can’t be arsed to do anything about. That they can’t even admit to perpetuating but will come up with a million and one excuses for why it’s not about race this time.

Hux has a tragic past? You know what, so does Finn. They sure a hell don’t come any much more tragic than his, but somehow Hux is the interesting one?. And Hux is not the big bad, that one goes to Kylo Ren and Snoke. Hux is if anything the Tarkin/Dooku of this trilogy, the irrelevant villain that’s only there to promote the plot.

Yet fandom will gush over him in a way that they never, ever gush over a background character of color. Simply because they can’t be arsed with any of them, but random white villain #23223 who has literally committed genocide and have not a single redeeming quality - because he doesn’t have one goddamn quality to him - oh yes, him we need to concern ourselves with.

Also you say that Finn and Poe qua being heroes a destined to survive the trilogy. You obviously have no a single freaking clue (and have never cared to observe) how mainstream media treats all characters of color. Poe is not a lead character and Finn is played by a Black man, there is nothing self-evident about their survival. White fandom needs to stop pretending media treats characters of color the same way it does white ones.

So no, Finn and Poe are unfortunately not pre-destined to survive. In fact, Poe died in an earlier version of the movie script, only Oscar’s intervention prevented it. And I’m still worried about both of them, because their fates are not self-evident. And fandom’s hatred, especially of Finn, leaves me even more worried.

Because with the way fandom behaves there’s every chance that TPTB would chose to kill of Finn for Hux. Because TPTB observes fandom and when it keeps on seeing that random white villain #372468 is popular, and that the Black lead isn’t, then that Black lead character’s life is in even greater danger than before.

So I really want white fandom to take a long, hard look at itself and ask itself how it would feel if the only (non stereotyped) Black lead a major scifi franchise have had in years, if not ever, is killed off? Because if Finn is killed then I am 1000% blaming white fandom for it. It will be on you, your aggressive indifference and your hate for anyone who isn’t white. If you’re okay with that, then please carry on as you are, but if not maybe start doing something?

This is another reason why I hate white fandom so much, it literally cannot see how differently characters of color are treated by media and then complain when non-white people get one or two characters and immediately starts to stan for the background white guys because “omg, where are the white people? Why can’t deal with all this lack of whiteness. We need to be central. We can’t connect with anyone who doesn’t look exactly like us.”

White people are so goddamn used to being center that most obviously can’t handle being sidelined in media, not even once. And can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them.

And then it can and will go and ignore the consequences of its actions. Because if Finn is killed white fandom will never, ever admit that it is completely and utterly responsible for it.

I would link you to a meta from a Black fan that explains in excruciating detail why it is always about race, but quite frankly she’s had to deal with fucktrumpets like you that’ll tell her how it’s not far too many times already. I don’t have the heart to have her have to deal with you as well.

If you can literally say that it is never about race for you, how many characters of color with a tragic past have you squeed over? How many characters of color who’s modeled after real life horrible villains have you humanized?

Because if you haven’t ever done that, then it is 1000% about race for you and that you can’t be arsed about anyone who isn’t white. If you can’t see why that is a bloody problem that you should do something about, then you’re beyond my ability to help.

P.S. Obi-Wan never had a trilogy. Anakin had one, Obi-Wan was always a side character.

Okay so, I have no idea how we reached and passed 200 followers already. But oh my god, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! When I first started using Tumblr, like month ago, I did not think that I would reach 50 followers, let alone 200. So, thanks for enjoying the content and all the shitty text posts I make about these two idiots who give me joy and make me question why I stan them. It honestly means a lot. This is a follow forever, because I didn’t do anything for 100 and yeah.

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Okay. Another post about Black Veil Brides. Holy. Smokes.

I have to say that the BVB Army is the most cringy group of fans that I’ve ever fucking seen.

Where do I even start? Juliet and Andy deserve their privacy just as much as Jake and Inna and especially just as much as Ashley. I honest to fucking god am losing my shit with this fan base. All you guys do is spread negativity and hate. You’ve got to understand what Jake and Inna are going through with losing Trixy, and just because you say your joke is, in fact, a joke, they’re not going to take it that way if they find it hurtful.

THEY’RE GRIEVING, PEOPLE. They literally just lost a part of their family, and are not in the mood for your bullshit fucking jokes.

You can plea for them to unblock you on Instagram and to hear you out but that’s not going to happen. Just leave them alone. It literally doesn’t matter if you think you’re Black Veil Brides’ number one fucking fan. They don’t care. Just let them grieve, holy shit.

As for Ashley, oh my god where do I start. Ashley never asked for a Stan fan. He doesn’t deserve that and he deserves to be able to post on social media without being fucking harassed. Literally why is there so much fucking drama? Oh, that’s because 14-16 year old fangirls don’t have anything fucking else to do with their time.

Here’s a piece of advice: grow the fuck up.

I want to scream rn y'all don’t even know.

Now onto Juliet and Andy. I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve seen jealous little girls bully Juliet on her Instagram. I saw one today that was literally making fun of her for her modeling. Like holy shit are you serious? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: why would you possibly want to spend your free time hating somebody? Jealousy? Andy and Juliet are a MARRIED COUPLE. Sorry to say but you can’t judge ones happiness on whether or not they’re smiling during a fucking photoshoot. What kind of logic??? I’m honestly baffled.

I don’t know what to say anymore, honestly. I’ve sat back and I’ve observed for maybe about a year and a half or two years since my last post about Ashley and it sickens me. All the drama sickens me. It’s disgusting. Any crazy Andy fangirl who can sit behind her keyboard and send awful things to someone Andy loves very dearly honest to fucking god needs to step back and reevaluate their life and see where they went wrong. Take a good, long, hard look at your life and really ask yourself how you let yourself become a bully.

Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you have to voice your opinion in a way that degrades them, hurts them, or bullies them. It’s sickening.

The BVB Army is fucking toxic.