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okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

All That Glitters- 8

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 2982

Warnings: Enough fluff to make you puke.

AN: Oh, God. First of all, wow. I’m amazed at the response I’ve gotten to this story and I just gotta say, I’m so happy. You guys are the greatest, I’m so glad you all enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to see how you guys feel about the ending.

Tags at the end.

Masterlist   Part 7

August rolled around faster than you would have liked. With summer ending, it meant you’d be forced to find something to occupy more of your time throughout the school year. The gym hours cut short because all the students had school during the day, and you weren’t sure sitting at home with Donut and pint after pint of ice cream was a good idea. Even if Lance wasn’t part of your life anymore- for the second time- it didn’t mean you had to sit around and be depressed about it. All in all, he was just a man. A man that wasn’t worth the time of day, according to Hope, and you agreed. You needed to move on. This was particularly hard to do when Hope reminded you about the Olympics and your plans to watch them together.

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Hello, wrasslin’ fans.

So it’s almost been a month since I joined Tumblr (joined Tumblr? Began tumbling?), and I’ve been swarmed with people that like my reblog content and I feel so stupid because I’m not original tbh (tear) so I feel the need to service all 75 of you and all of ye future peoples with originality

So if ye didn’t know, and you most likely didn’t, I love to write and I stan the WWE (practically wrasslin’ and reality TV let’s be honest) so why not combine my passions?

If this little post gets 100 notes I’ll start writing stuff you guys ask for, anything from wrestler x wrestler, wrestler x reader, wrestler x you, anything, smuts or not.

So ye, if I don’t get 100+ notes then I don’t, if I do then I’ll be writing 2-3 times a week. So reblog & like, my friends!

I’d also like to tell ye that I’m thankful for all of you, now to list my peoples that I appreciate and my fans because I am trash for you :)

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Here’s something to think about next time you bash a celebrity...

You guys do realize that these celebrities, especially actors, are PEOPLE WHO HAVE FEELINGS AND INSECURITIES ABOUT THEMSELVES.

How may you ask?? Well..I dunno, why the fuck does one have insecurities???


And how does the media get so much rep and popularity??


Whatever fans say or do on their social media, has a HUGE impact on what the media leaks out. “Oh Sebastian Stan has a mustache in his upcoming movie and already fans are calling him unattractive or comparing him to their dad or uncles??? WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT. Really?? Sebastian looks like your dad or uncle..really. So you would rather comment on his appearance than to see how hard this man has worked into the movie industry and the roles he’s portrayed so beautifully in the past. He’s tried so hard to make sure he isn’t anything like other actors, more so his own self.

What if one day you woke up and decided to change your hair hm? Like you got a new haircut or style? Then people start bashing about how bad you look or how they would rather see ice melt than to see your face?? How does that feel. Please tell me cuz it feels like shit! 

Another thing, Sebastian has a therapist. And I’m pretty sure it’s because of people and these so-called “fans” who like to tag him in shitty posts and say inappropriate things that can mentally and physically downgrade a person’s stability and function in life.

So next time you don’t like something about a certain celebrity, keep ya opinions to yourself or share without having to sound displeasing and rude.



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Regarding the Discourse

Putting aside possible interpretations of Cypher lyrics. Why does anyone even think that Yoongi’s sexuality, no matter what he personally identifies with, is relevant to the ‘right’ of ARMYs with different sexualities to stan and love him and BTS as a whole?

Frankly, I think that Yoongi’s sexuality is none of our business unless he chooses to make an official announcement about revealing it.

I can respect wanting to make interpretations of his sexuality, and I can even respect championing your own interpretations, but what makes you think Yoongi would 'hate’ fans who do not share his sexual orientation?

Seriously, guys. We’re all here because we love Yoongi and BTS, and love shouldn’t cause hate.

You guys ever just look at your favorite actor/actress/character- anyone in general, and you blush and try to bury your face because you just can't handle them?
I'm in too deep in sebastian stan fandom I don't think I could ever get out

fuck i was like “yeah i’ll get over him in a week just like usual” hahaha but then week turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months turned into years and i’m so fucked

How I became a furry

Some of you guys always ask me why I got in to furries well sit down I’m going to tell you why I like furries well when I was 13 I always wanted to be a artist doing comics books and become the next Stan Lee female of course and stuff like that well my mom got me a comic book making kit with all the stuff needed so I got started drawing pictures of hero’s and stuff like that I never really did anything else like building’s and tree’s and stuff like that all I did was try to make the most perfect hero and I made my first hero he was a lion like hero he had a blue suit and yellow lion hair and red boots and blue eye’s and I was going to make him kill bad guys and eat them but I was like no thanks not something a hero would do so I made him a super fast running hero and he had a sword and bow and arrow and he would use the sword and bow to capture the bad guy’s and not kill but capture with the bow like arrow and the sword was not to strap and I showed my friends and family and they said he looks like that one guy form that one show so I stopped drawing him and I moved on oh and if your cousins the name I given him was captain loin and then I moved on and I made two new hero’s they were brother’s called Tom and max they were I guess I made them 22 and 24 max being the baby brother and there hero names were fire wind or fire and wind max was wind and Tom was fire and there powers are fire and wind and if they put them together there powers together it would become more powerful and it was called firewind bomb when they put them together and then had rollerblads on their shoes so they can be faster and there suits were blue and white and red and orange and they both had red hair and one had green eyes and one brown and then I again showed my mom and dad and friends and they all said the name was all ready used by a band so I tried to give them a new name and I had nothing so I moved on and I started on a super villain and she was really good too hers name souder and she was the queen of death and she had a black outfit and green hair and red eye’s and hers real name was Susie and she had power to make dead people back from the dead and work for her and stuff like that so I showed my parents and friends that love her and I kept drawing her and stuff and I was thinking of a good hero for her I had nothing and then I made a good hero and she was a cat like hero called kisser and she was the sister  of the villain and kissers real name was Jill and Susie they were twists and kisser had pink and blue as hers suit color and is was a one piece outfit like catwoman and the sister’s did not know each other was a hero and villain and my first plan was for souder to kill the kisser and find out it was her sister and I was like maybe not and then I got in to drawing the kisser more and then I made her more cat like and that I stopped for a bit and then I got In to anime and that I had a idea was like you know Jack and Jill right to my mom and dad and friends that I want to make a dark vision and it was going to be a anime like art style and then I made a monster’s named the gooins and they dig underground and one day you know the story of Jack and Jill but my story was Jack and Jill wear brother and sister that wear 14 years old in here because big surprise I was 14 and the gooins made the hill Jack and Jill wear on Brake in two making Jill fall in and Jack going down to save her from the gooins and the comic takes place in Midvale time’s in the story was the gooins made Jill they new queen of the goos and Jack kills some gooins and they get mad and hit back and went Jack got to Jill she was hanging up be goo and again I showed it to my friends and mom and dad they did like it and the gooins color ware black body and purple out line’s  and I was like I love this and than I made the gooins more cat like and then I made them bigger and more male and female and I added cat tails and well stopped drawing for a bit and then I quite art for a long time and then a looked up two kinds my favorite web comic and then I hit 15 and there was I girl in my class and she loved two kinds to and then I talked to her and then a few months I started thinking of her a lot and then I got back to drawing I drawed cat girl’s and then I found myself masterbate to my art I made them more sexier and nude and then again I stopped drawing and that I was going to ask the girl at school how I felt about her I saw her kissing my friend Tom and then I hit 16 and then I going to tell my mom and dad I was gay out of no where my mom said honey are you a lesbian i was like how did you know she and my dad said because your mom found your art work my mom showed me the cat girl I made it was not nude one butthe one I drawed a big heart on it and i said yes my a lesbian and they hugged me I was like your now mad they were like nope my dad was like as long as your sister one day has kid’s you being a lesbian well not bug me one bit and then of course the year I was 17 i got a pc for my birthday and we all know what happened next but if you must all I did was look porn and yes I had the door locked I looked up cat girl’s and girl girl’s and then for some reason I started seeing furry porn as I looked up anime cat girl’s and I started to love furry porn and skip to now and well I hope I helped you and you now know why I love furry girl’s and porn           


I’m sorry I didn’t put in any smut like you asked. I went for a more funny route than smutty. Hope you still like it!

Requested by Anon #118

Bucky: Are you sure this will work Y/N?
Y/N: I know he likes me so this will just nudge him to ask me out before anyone else does.
Bucky: Why don’t you ask him out yourself? Apparently girls do that nowadays.
Y/N: Yes we do Bucky but I can’t talk to cute guys.
Bucky: *rolls his eyes* Fine. Let’s do this.
Y/N: Thank you! *kisses his cheek*
Deadpool: *walks over* What is going on over here?
Y/N: Nothing Bucky and I were…
Deadpool: Kissing? Yeh, I know, I saw it!
Y/N: Wade you need to calm down, I kissed his cheek not his lips.
Deadpool: It could’ve been his lips!
Y/N: For god sake Wa…
Deadpool: *kisses her* I like you Y/N, more than Robocop over here!
Bucky: Hey! I did nothing wrong!
Y/N: I like you too Wade.
Deadpool: Really? That’s great! I need to go tell everyone! Oh but before I go, will you be my girlfriend Y/N?
Y/N: Yes!
Deadpool: Y/N, my girlfriend. I need to go tell everyone! *runs out*
Bucky: Well that worked well.
Y/N: We didn’t have to do anything really. *laughs*
Bucky: Congrats on the crazy boyfriend Y/N.
Y/N Thanks Buck.


but su crit ppl always compare it to… old su eps… which were also hand drawn.. and also better…..its called deterioration in quality guys its just being pointed out lol,,,,

i mean if it were only one or two times i could understand but the mistakes are literally constant and are a part of su’s new “artstyle” so criticism is warranted if people think its bad?? .-x

Note: hi! omgg i did NOT expect my last post to get 30 notes! thank you guys! now, this will probably have a part 2 added! soo, if you enjoy this one, like/reblog it and if it gets over 15 notes, i’ll do part 2!! feedback is welcome! requests are: OPEN! .c

Bucky x Reader 

pt.2 pt. 3

/you and Bucky don’t get along/ 

You never knew why you didn’t get along with Bucky. He just annoyed you and started to pick on you after he got comfortable in the tower. He only treated you like crap. Nobody else on the team was under his watch, or targeted for mean comments and physical annoyances. Bucky loved to pull pranks on you. One time, he poured flour in your hair dryer and it took you 2 washes to finally get it out. To say he was a pain in your ass would be an understatement.

He was definitely a spawn of Satan. You were witty and knew how to let his words go through one ear and out the other, they never stuck. You always had a comeback and you pulled a few pranks on him as well. You filled water balloons with paint and threw them at him while he was talking to Nat by the pool one day. It got in his hair and the best part was when it got in the little cracks of his metal arm.

But these days, the words he said about you to others and to your face, had started to stick in your mind. You lay awake at night sometimes, wondering if he really meant them or just did all of this to get a rise out of you.

Tonight was your breaking point.

Tony was having a fancy party and a lot of people were invited. You were excited because you always had a good time at these things. You were able to let loose and dance and spend time with everyone on the team in a different way rather than missions, movie nights, meals, and training sessions. You liked being apart of this hero group, aside from having to share the group with Bucky “Dickhead” Barnes.

Wanda was doing your hair and Nat got her make-up bag out. She stepped towards you then put her hand on her hip. “You know what, Y/N, you don’t even need make-up. Why do you bother? Your skin is zit free, the freckles on your nose and cheeks are adorable, and your lashes are naturally long.” You blushed at her words and was careful not to move too much, or else you’d have a very scarred neck from the curling wand in Wanda’s hand.

“I mean, I’ve never gone without make-up  before, especially at a party like this. But do you really think I don’t need it?” Wanda nodded in agreement with Natasha, flashing you her white smile in the mirror you sat in front of. “Go all natural tonight. You’re beautiful like this.” You giggled and rolled your eyes. “Thanks, but I at least want some mascara. It’s like a safety blanket. And some lip gloss.” You then applied what you wanted to, steering clear of any powder, cream, and eyeshadows.

You felt pretty and very confident now that Wanda had finished your hair. You were wearing a sparkly red dress that had a low front, revealing enough cleavage, but not too much. And it hugged your curves perfectly, leaving a little leg showing through the split on the right side.  Although you felt like you didn’t have the best body out of the girls on the team, it was alright. You felt beautiful for the first time in a really long time.

You and the other two girls finally finished getting yourselves ready and headed out into the ball room, arms linked together. Your eyes widened at the set-up of the party. Fairy lights hung from the ceiling, giving the room an angelic glow. White roses scattered along the tables and even hang from the backs of the chairs like a flower cover. You just couldn’t believe how fancy this party looked. Tony keeps his promises.

Your eyes scanned the room, seeing people you knew from different places. Some old, some new. Your eyes caught a particular face you didn’t care to worry with tonight. Your expression changed to a blank look, not making eye contact with Bucky. You felt oddly shy but brushed it off. He hadn’t seen you yet, he was far too busy chatting up a tall brunette. Nat and Wanda separated from you and went to get a drink. You on the other hand wanted to find Steve.

Steve was your closest friend on the team. Unfortunately, he was also Bucky’s closest friend. You didn’t mind, but it was quite hard to get Steve to yourself long enough to actually enjoy your time with your best friend. You understood why Bucky clung to him the most, but gee whiz, spend time with Sam or Clint sometimes. Even Tony would do at this point.

You spotted Steve near the snack table, stuffing his face with finger sandwiches. You laughed and tapped his shoulder. “Got enough there, Captain?” Steve whipped around, mouth stuffed with food and his hand holding another sandwich. He swallowed and looked you up and down. His mouth hung open and he tossed his sandwich backwards, it landing in an empty cup on the table. You snorted and held in your laugh.

“Y/N, is-is that YOU?” He looked at you suprised, not caring if he was basically drooling over you. “Yes, it’s me, Cap! Don’t be a goofball.” You playfully nudged his shoulder which caused him to chuckle. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. You could notice the blush on his cheeks. “You just look so different. You look beautiful.” You smiled and playfully twirled around in your dress. “That looks perfect on you!” He watched you intently, his eyes coming up to your face. “Out of the years I’ve known you, I’ve never noticed your freckles.” You blushed at his kind words. He was always a sweetheart to you.

“Do you want to dance with me, Y/N?” Steve held out his hand, awaiting your answer. “I would love to.” He smiled as you took his larger hand in your tiny one and he led you out onto the dance floor. You noticed the attention you were getting, even from Bucky. You adverted your eyes away from him when he rolled his eyes at you.

Steve held you close and spun you around. He was always a pretty good dancer. But you had to show him slow dances because the guy had the “pop and lock” type dance moves that would result in some injuries. You looked up at Steve and smiled. “You’re getting so much better at this, Steve.” He then stepped away from you just enough to dip you and proceed to twirling around smoothly through the other dancers.

“I learned from the best, is all.” Before you could say anything else, you heard a high pitched laugh come from beside you. How annoying was that? You looked to see who it was and was not amused to see Bucky dancing with the brunette you saw not too long ago. Her dress was far too short for a fancy party and her heels made her eye level with Bucky. You rolled your eyes and sighed, focusing your attention back on Steve.

Just when you were about to show Steve a new move, you two were interrupted by Sam. “Hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but Steve I need your help with this girl. She promised me a date if she got to meet Captain America.” You laughed and covered your mouth, Steve doing the same. “Guys, it’s not funny! Are you in or not?” Steve turned to you, still chuckling. You nodded, silently giving him permission to go and he planted a kiss on your cheek before walking off with Sam.

Sam was good with the ladies, but nobody could resist Captain America. You laughed to yourself again and started to walk towards the bar. Sadly, you had to walk past Bucky and his date, who was a terrible dancer by the looks of it. You knew Bucky was doing this on purpose, either to hurt you or just to get laid. He never goes for the squealy, fake up-beat type of women. As you were walking by them, they looked your way and Bucky smirked. He turned his attention back to the girl and what you heard shattered your heart.

“Poor Y/N, she’s so ugly and fat, she can’t even keep Captain America’s attention the whole night.” Your breath hitched in your throat and your chest felt like it was going to explode. The brunette laughed again, the sound of it piercing your ears. You kept walking and got to the bar, deciding not to drink tonight because you wanted to remember everything.

Ignoring the stabbing pain in your chest, you sat down beside Tony at the bar. You faced towards the party, looking at all the people sitting at the tables laughing and having a good time. You heard a gasp come from the host and looked at him. “Well damn, Y/N, you clean up very nicely. I didn’t even recognize you!” He smiled and took a sip from his cup. “You look gorgeous.” You smiled and thanked him, not in the mood for small talk or even a heavy conversation.

You kindly excused yourself after a few minutes, walking towards the snack table Steve was at earlier. You filled your cup with some water and felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around, bringing the cup to your lips and taking a sip. “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful girl like yourself. May I have this dance?” He held his hand out and you were about to take it when you saw Bucky walking towards you.

“Careful, she’s a slut, man.” Bucky patted the nameless guys shoulder and chuckled, grabbing a strawberry from the strawberry tower on the table. You gasped and looked at the guy, shaking your head. “That is NOT true! Bucky, why would you say that?” The guy awkwardly walked away from you. You were starting to get really angry, the hurt in your chest still fresh from his last words he said about you.

Bucky shrugged his shoulders. “It is true. Look at what you’re wearing. It’s much too tight for your body anyways. I was saving you from embarrassment.” Your mouth fell open at his words. “Ah, that mouth is always open and ready to take anything, isn’t it?” You scoffed, setting your cup of water down and started to walk away but Bucky grabbed your arm with his metal hand. You winced in pain and tried to pull it off of you. “Let me go. You’re hurting me.” He did as you said but forcefully. Knowing you, it’d bruise soon.

“By the way, Y/N, you should’ve worn some make-up tonight. You look so bad. Plus, you should try to wear less revealing dresses. Only Wanda and Natasha can pull off those types.” He smiled smugly and walked away, grabbing his date from the dance floor and disappearing. You felt your eyes sting with tears and you looked over at Natasha. She was chatting with that handsome guy who asked you to dance when Bucky came over.

Nat was wearing a dress similar to yours but it was black and had two slits at the legs and a deep back part. She looked amazingly stunning, as always. Even when she was sweaty and covered in enemies blood, she looked attractive. You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked for Wanda. She was dancing with Vision. She was wearing a gold sequin dress that came just below her kness and it revealed enough to know that she had an amazing figure.

Deciding that you had enough, you left the party, your absence going unnoticed.

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CRAIG: Know what I love.
KYLE: What’s that?
CRAIG: Kimya Dawson.
KYLE: Um, wasn’t she the pregnant girl in Juno?
CRAIG: No. That was Ellen Page.
CRAIG: Kimya Dawson sang a song that was in Juno.
CRAIG: But her music is pretty bitchin’.
KYLE: Bitchin’?
CRAIG: Yes. Bitchin’.
KYLE: I never figured you for the kind of guy who would say things were “bitchin’”.
CRAIG: Why not. I can say whatever I want.
CRAIG: Calling it anything besides bitchin’ would be an understatement.
KYLE: I guess.

CRAIG: So, hey.
CRAIG: Thought about college yet?
KYLE: What about it?
CRAIG: We won’t be here next year. Or probably forever.
CRAIG: Somewhere completely different.
CRAIG: Just a chance to start over.
KYLE: I guess.
KYLE: I mean…
KYLE: It’s definitely going to be interesting without Stan.

CRAIG: What do you mean.
KYLE: I knew we weren’t going to the same college, but…
KYLE: I don’t know. I had always imagined him coming to visit, or just being nearby.
CRAIG: Didn’t you say you were over him?
KYLE: I did. I am. But he’s just always been there.
KYLE: It’ll be weird without him.

CRAIG: Is it weird without him now?
KYLE: Not really.
KYLE: But I guess that’s because you’re here.


Best Civil War Quotes (spoilers)
  • Wanda: You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?
  • ------
  • Steve: If we sign this, we surrender our right to chose. What if they send us somewhere we don't like? What if we need to go somewhere, and they don't let us. We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.
  • -----
  • Peter: When you have the power to do something, and you don't, it's your fault.
  • -----
  • Peter: I can't go to Germany.
  • Tony: Why not?
  • Peter: I have homework!
  • -----
  • Bucky: Can you move the seat forward?
  • Sam: No.
  • -----
  • Bucky: (throws large metal object at Peter)
  • Peter: Hey, I think you lost this. (throws it back effortlessly)
  • -----
  • Steve: Where you from, kid?
  • Peter: Queens.
  • Steve: (smirks) Brooklyn.
  • -----
  • Peter: (sees Ant-Man become giant) Holy Shit!!
  • -----
  • Peter: Hey, did anyone see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?
  • Rhodes: How old is this kid?
  • Tony: I never asked... he's on the younger side.
Rick calls Stan "Lee" Headcanon

I love that a lot of people has Rick call Stan “ Lee,” myself included. Now, besides that “Rick and Lee” sound audibly better to the ears, why do you think Rick calls Stan “Lee”?

My idea, and my own reason why, Rick does is to make Stan his own person.

Hear me out. Stan has always been happy to be apart of the Stan duo, the two Stans. He has some serious inferiority complexes compared to his brother, justifiably so, considering his childhood. He felt more like he was worthwhile being with his twin than being by himself. He went by Stan even when his brother went by Ford. Ford wanted his own identity because of the project incident to distance himself and to be his own person. Stan never went by “Ley” or “Lee” because he didn’t want that distinction. He took his worth by being apart of more than just himself. He went by “Stan” more than “Stanley” because even that was a too big of a distinction – separation– from his other half.

Now, I believe Rick could easily have met Ford first; college, on the other side of the portal, maybe through science fair competitions (can you imagine super young Rick making some super techy device with a trifold poster decked out with punk colors and just looking real shabby but all the math is correct? And winning? Oh, oh Ford, my poor nerd baby), or some other way. So, Rick having prior knowledge of Ford plus seeing how Stan reacts when his twin is mentioned (usually a look of hurt, sadness, and betrayal mixed with him praising Ford’s intelligence/accomplishments while simultaneously berating himself, saying he’s the “dumb twin”, that Ford was the only one that was going to/was making something of himself, etc.) adds up to Rick making some strong assumptions about how Stan truly views himself, because how he presents himself is entirely different.

Or even if Rick hadn’t met Ford first, Stan’s subtle mockery of himself plus how highly he talks of his brother when he does talk about him is usually enough for Rick to pick up on that Stan doesn’t value himself beyond what he’s been taught or compared to his brother by.

And Rick honestly believes Stan is worth way more than what he thinks he is. He’s worth more than the sum of the whole. His individual self merits more than when he was a duo with Ford. Rick knows Stan is a lot smarter than he will ever give himself credit for, more brilliant in some aspects than Ford, or even himself (he’ll never say it aloud). Just, it hurts him to see the other so downtrodden and cannot see the value he has. But Rick can’t just come out and say all this sappy stuff, oh no, never. He could say sappy stuff in Spanish but it wouldn’t get what he truly wants to say out for the other to understand (unless it’s after the Columbia stint). He could try, ugh, complimenting but it would work well for these two emotionally constipated men.

So, Rick calls Stan “Lee.” It’s subtle enough to not be taken as more than just a convenient nickname but holds enough depth that hopefully it’ll slowly get the message across. Stan is more than just another Stan in a set. He is worth more than what his family ever made him feel like, more than living in the shadow of his genius brother. He is his own person, with his own value, a value that is worth more to Rick than he can say with words. So, he hopes that one word is enough. That Lee will realize that he matters, he has value, beyond that of being apart of something. He has a high worth all on his own.

And the first step in showing that is to break him away from being apart of something; to give him his own identity.