why do i spell everything wrong

applications for uk universities are coming up in a few months, so i figured i should post the tips i have collected from when i applied (since they’re all just sitting in a word document gathering dust), particularly for the personal statement! we had a talk from an admissions tutor who told us most of the stuff below + i attended 6 open days and picked up a fair few bits along the way (some stuff might be more relevant to sciences/physics)

the personal statement: what??

  • your personal statement is likely your only opportunity to try and ‘sell yourself’ to universities since most courses at most universities don’t interview
  • you send the same one to all your unis (even if you apply to different courses!)
  • 4000 characters and 47 lines limit (you’ll probably hit the line limit first - keep copying and pasting it into UCAS to check this since it’ll probably be a little different to your word processors count). the average is about 500 words

example structure

  • 80% academic, 20% extracurricular is generally a good guide
  • paragraph 1, intro: personal trigger for your interest in the subject you’re applying for! (not just ‘i’ve always been good at it/liked it’) - how your subject relates to society/current affairs if applicable and relevant (you’ll be seeing that word a lot). what aspects of the courses you’re looking forwards to (but don’t accidentally refer to something not done at all your choices) - prove that you know what you’re getting into
  • paragraph 2: what have you done to develop your interest? trips, books, wider reading - both in and out of school/college. link it to your subject! work experience, relevant volunteering. career aspirations - if you have one, put it in! it’s not set in stone just because you wrote it in a personal statement. part time job - skills gained (again, relevant ones), not just facts.
  • e.g. i worked in housekeeping part time => work under time pressure to a high standard and working effectively as part of a team
  • paragraph 3: non academic achievements e.g. duke of edinburgh - again, skills gained. if you’re doing a gap year, why/what are you doing etc - benefits?
  • paragraph 4, summary: short, just a few lines. final impression. recap - this should answer “why do you want to go to university and study your course” and “why do you deserve to be offered a place”. relevant to course - make reference to course choice/area, not generic. career aspirations are good to mention here. can keep it vague-ish for multiple courses, but course area should be clear!
  • this is just an example containing most of the stuff that should be in it - how you break it up doesn’t matter too much as long as it does have a structure (remember line breaks will influence your character/line count!)

good words/phrases

  • rewarding, improved, interested, taking part, reinforced, gained, strengthen, in addition, developed, broadening, hard work, commitment, enhanced, thrive under pressure

long list of advice

  • be concise - characters are limited and you have a lot to say
  • be honest - lying is a. unnecessary and b. will probably come out later
  • remember the person receiving this probably reads thousands, try and keep it interesting
  • organised & structured!
  • persuade the reader that you deserve a place
  • avoid generic statements - everything must be relevant. as much as they may be true, things like “i achieved good grades/always enjoyed this subject previously” are obvious fillers.
  • imagine this is your interview - as i said, you probably won’t get a real one! why do you want to study this, what makes you the right person for this course.
  • DO NOT LIST. don’t do it. expand on everything you put down, make it relevant - what your experiences are isn’t important, what you got from them is.
  • spelling and grammar. check it, check it, check it again - and this must be done by a human, spell checkers don’t notice if you use the wrong word (it’s best to go with a teacher or parent, something like that, not other students or people on the internet - be very careful about sending your personal statement to people online).
  • don’t talk about things that belong in other sections - e.g. how good your grades are (they can already see these), extenuating circumstances (should be explained by your referee in the reference). repeating yourself makes you look desperate to fill space.
  • avoid ambiguity - explain yourself! e.g. ‘i did my gold award’ - in what?!
  • authentic - don’t be pretentious
  • avoid being generic
  • ‘i’m looking forward to having an experience to remember for the rest of my life’ it lasts 3+ years; you’re going to remember it. don’t say it.
  • ‘looking forwards to independence’ - very rarely a choice when you go to uni. virtually everyone else is in the exact same situation here. don’t waste characters on things that aren’t relevant or really important.
  • ‘my family…’ they do not care about your family, they care about you. it is about you.
  • avoid cliches
  • add comments, views and explanations to your points - pretend it’s an english essay or something - making a point by itself gets you no marks
  • use your own experiences - you will have enough, don’t make it up.
  • ‘i’m quite good’ - avoid neutral or passive terms to describe yourself. be positive and show off that you do have these skills!
  • similarly don’t be uncertain - ‘i usually meet deadlines’ is pretty unconvincing
  • don’t play things down!
  • do your research - know which modules you will study in your courses so you can keep things relevant. talk about things you are particularly excited about and why.
  • what have you done outside of the a level course requirements?
  • obviously, don’t mention any of your unis by name or location (or course if they vary)
  • avoid humour: when someone makes a joke in front of a large audience, if they didn’t come to see them make jokes you will notice that maybe half laugh. you don’t know which half the person reading your personal statement will fall into. don’t do it.
  • make connections between interests and courses
  • draft and redraft and redraft until it’s perfect… and then check it over a few more times!
  • … but don’t let the people who check it over for you rewrite it! this must be your personal statement if you want to get anywhere
  • it’s run through sophisticated plagiarism/similarity software by UCAS. don’t write with a friend, don’t get one off the internet.

hopefully some of this helps someone out there, good luck!

Rent-a-Boyfriend™ Drabble

Read the original: Rent-a-Boyfriend™
Read more at Service Series

Words: 1.7k
Genre: Fluff. Lots of it. 
I know this fic is a favourite amongst all of you and though I don’t have any ideas for an entire sequel, I hope this will suffice. 

You’re scared for your life.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you can’t call yourself over the top when Taehyung’s your boyfriend.

And recently you learnt how much he loves to celebrate holidays.

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Enough- A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Hey there guys. Here is a little thing I’m pulling from my archive of writings. I wrote this a while back for @princesse-de-ravenclaw and am finally getting around to posting it. Figured I’d get something out to you guys because it might be a while before I post any other work that has not been written yet. I’ll try my best but I make no promises, to which I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind that it’s kinda short. Enjoy. 

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This is how Chapter 2 went right

This is so fucking stupid

Witches be like
  • <p> <b>Telepathic:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hey, maybe we should wait up for Clara, she wants to eat Chinese too."<p/><b></b> "How do you know that?"<p/><b></b> "She just thought about spring rolls and decided she wants some."<p/><b>Tarot-Reader:</b> <p/><b></b> "I just don't know, everything seems to be going wrong right now and I don't know what's going on with my life."<p/><b></b> "Oh honey, I know just the right thing for you."😏<p/><b>Necromancer:</b> <p/><b></b> "So what do you say about this house?"<p/><b></b> "Don't move in."<p/><b></b> "Why?"<p/><b></b> "Because the original owners haven't moved out yet..."<p/><b>Pyromaniac:</b> <p/><b></b> "Why are there scorch marks all over your shirt?"<p/><b></b> "Just... because..."<p/><b>Kitchen Witch:</b> <p/><b></b> "WAIT DON'T EAT THAT IT'S FOR A SPELL."<p/><b>Empath:</b> <p/><b></b> "Oh my god, why are you so moody today? I'm on my period, not you!"<p/><b></b> "..."<p/><b>Technology Witch:</b> <p/><b></b> "Okay sure, but is there WiFi?"<p/><b>Astrology Witch:</b> <p/><b></b> "But you do realise that the zodiacs aren't real, right?"<p/><b></b> "Hah, typical gemini."<p/><b>Dream Witch:</b> <p/><b></b> "Hey, so we've been together for a long time now and I trust you a lot, so I think the time has come....that I tell you about my weirdest dream."<p/></p>
You’re a party girl but when you meet Finn he tries to get you to see how bad it really is.

Finn x Reader

You loved partying. The parties you went to involved flapper girls and drugs and drinking and even gambling. It was actually how you met your current boyfriend, Finn Shelby. He had shown up one night with his friend, Isaiah, and his cousin, Michael. You had been dressed as a flapper girl and when he walked in the room, you instantly knew he was a blinder because of his peaky cap and the slight glint of the razor sewn in the front of it. You instantly wanted him, but you timed when you were going to approach him.

You had waited for his friend and cousin to leave him at the bar when you introduced yourself to him and winning him over with your gorgeous smile. Your group was planning to try something new that night and you invited him to tag along. When you pulled him outside, the cars were lined up in the middle of the main road. You climbed into one in the passenger seat; Finn climbing in the driver’s seat.

“What is this?” He yelled over the engines.

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Spelling Bee Songs, Summarized
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: drink every time they say the title of the show- also why am I crying already
  • The Spelling Rules: you better pay attention bc this is some sick foreshadowing
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO
  • My Friend, The Dictionary: who needs friends when you have books amirite
  • The First Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny as the actual characters
  • Pandemonium: this is what I like to get down to at the club
  • I'm Not That Smart: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • The Second Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny reprise
  • Magic Foot: that vibrato tho
  • Pandemonium Reprise: hahaha get rekt Chip
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: schadenfreude, basically
  • Prayer of the Comfort Counselor: FINALLY we got rid of all of the guest spellers
  • My Unfortunate Erection/Chip's Lament: how many penis and/or boner jokes can we pack into 2 and a half minutes
  • Woe is Me: smol bb has so many problems- also why am I crying reprise
  • Spelling Montage: break it down now
  • I'm Not That Smart Reprise: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure reprise- also why am I crying reprise reprise
  • I Speak Six Languages: holy crap this girl can do everything- also slay me bc I am not worthy
  • Jesus/Pandemonium Reprise: I didn't think this bee could get any crazier but I was wrong
  • The I Love You Song: this is when most people start crying but I've been crying since the opening number
  • Woe is Me Reprise: don't cry for me Putnam County- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO reprise
  • Second: wait no I didn't want that person to win... at least Olive's happy
  • Finale: so none of the ships got together??? is that what I'm hearing???????
  • The Last Goodbye: yes hello I would like a different ending please and thank you- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise reprise

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where do you stand on the victor name discourse?

i mean i’m shocked some people go as far as blocking others because of different spelling choices? dksajksalrel

i use both, it depends on who i’m talking to. i don’t think viktor is a “wrong” spelling, but i do see victor as canon/official, so like… does it really matter? it’s the same guy we’re talking about. he’s not even real. the alphabet is not real. everything is just a bunch of noises that make sense and at the end the only important point is that people get who you’re talking about honestly.

tl;dr: both are good and i don’t get why people are waging wars over this. the only correct spelling is Виктор so you better learn cyrilic if you want to be an elitist asshole

Well, you’re a prick {Park Chanyeol Drabble}

If you’re still doing the Drabble thing can I request #129 (well, you’re a prick) with Chanyeol please?

Note: I’m sorry this has taken so long, and for anyone that is waiting for requests, I am making my way through them though unfortunately I have been very busy so I’m trying to fit these all in wherever I can! Thank you for all being patient and I promise they’re on the way. In the meantime, enjoy. Fighting!~ Mami

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

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Chanyeol shoved his hands into the depth of his pockets as he trudged towards the coffee shop at the end of his street. It was cold outside, the rise of winter finally dawning on Seoul and the falling autumn leaves were well and truly gone as Chanyeol heard them crunch helplessly beneath his hard leather shoes.

It’s not rare that he takes this route to the coffee shop, it’s a small yet pretty place with amazing tasting coffee, and best of all, he doesn’t have to go too far away from the comfort of his own home to get it. The only problem is the petite barista that seems to be working there every time he pays a visit.

She must work there full time, but Chanyeol feels personally offended by it, like she works there just on the days he goes to annoy him. Kyungsoo had told him to not be so stupid, and that no one would go that far out of their way just to piss him off, however tempting.

He sighed, letting out a great puff of air that resemble smoke in the coldness. When he was younger, he’d pretend to be a dragon, and chase his sister around the garden, but as a twenty- two year old, he kept his wild imagination to his head.

When he finally stepped inside the coffee shop, he sighed in relief as warmth washed over him, but his content feeling vanished when he caught you in the corner of his eyes.

It wasn’t that you were verbally rude to him, or that you did a bad job - because really, you made the best coffee that had had ever tasted in his life. It was just that whenever you went to spell his name on the coffee cup, you always got it wrong.

He didn’t know why this annoyed him so much, maybe it was because he thought you did it on purpose. But on the other hand, it wasn’t offensive what you were doing. He was torn between being an asshole ot letting it slide.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” You asked him, a smile rising next to your rosy cheeks.

“Black coffee to take away, please.”

“Sure. One moment.”

Chanyeol watched as you made the coffee, your hands moving intricately around everything like they had done it millions of times before. He licked his lips in anticipation as you poured compelling smell the dark liquid into a cup before pulling out a pen.

“Name?” you questioned.

“I’ve told you hundreds of times before.” Chanyeol rolled his eyes. “It’s Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. Park Chan-yeol.” He spoke almost condescendingly, spelling it out for you as if you were a child. But when he received the cup, he noticed that you didn’t spell his name wrong, but simply put ‘PCY’ in large bold writing.

“You didn’t write my name.” Chanyeol speculated, finally verbalising his annoyance in front of you.

“I can’t spell it.” You told him, and he couldn’t help but notice the way you blushed, looking away in a sign of irritation. Somehow, he felt guilty for being so abrupt and outspoken.

“It’s not hard.” He continued, even though his heart was telling him not to push it.

“It is when you have dyslexia.” You commented, looking up from the till as you took his payment, then started slotting it into the till. You muttered something along the lines of “well, you’re a prick,” under her breath.

Chanyeol felt as though someone had stabbed him in the cut with a mighty blade of guilt. He started to gush an apology. “I didn’t know - I’m sorry - I’m not usually like this - It’s just-”

“Chanyeol, be quiet.” You told him calmly, looking up with a smile once again. “If you’re really that sorry, then why don’t you make it up to me instead.”

He stopped, then smiled. “A date?”

The blush returned to your cheeks. “Well I didn’t expect- but okay.”

Chanyeol grinned, “You finish at seven right? I’ll come and pick you up.”

“That’s a deal, PCY”

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The Bible says not to seek power from anything but Him and control over people or other things is immoral. As someone born with certain abilities how do I deal with this? And wouldn't using the Eclipse or any substance to create or enhance spells be seeking power from them? I'm trying to understand here, sorry. I'm worried

God created everything. God made you and gave you abilities. Why would it be wrong to talk to God through the things he created?

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For the *cough cough* self-harm reactions post (because, as someone who's gone through it before, it breaks my heart), assuming Red is the one who did it (of course, who else?... poor guy...) ‼️⭕️ Blue, ❗️♨️ Classic

This little drabble ran a bit long. Heh- w o o p s . That’s why it took way longer than both you and I expected- so sorry for the wait. In this story, Undertale Sans shall be referred to as Comic and Underfell Sans will be referred to as Red. I didn’t incorporate Blue’s piece here since this bit took long enough to write on its own.

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Tbh if I was that Mary woman Jeffrey Dahmer wrote in prison, I wouldn’t be nitpicking his sexuality (he was totally gay, why he was writing love letters to over 6 women is still a mystery), nor his awkward writing the way that I do now.

I’d be like - Hello “my beautiful one”? Y'all better call the crash cart because I’ve died and gone to heaven. Quote random poetry at me. Spell everything wrong. Grammar is overrated. Why is that apostrophe there? I’ll never know. Buy you books? Here’s my savings bond, enjoy. Jesus? I’m devout, praise hallelujah. Chipmunks? Whales? My favorite! Tell me I’m warm and tender, under my hard serial-killer-loving exterior. Lie to me, Jeff.


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Genre: Smut

Characters: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 2,444

Summary: You’re one of Jackson’s students who he always picks on, until you finally had enough and storm out of his classroom ending up in you getting detention with him after school ;)

A/N: Is it too late for a Jackson wang teacher kink? Sorry i just wrote this because I really wanted a scenario where Jackson was my teacher, does that make me a perve?

“Y/N, care to share the joke with the rest of us?” argh “No not really Mr.Wang”                                                                                                                           You hated maths because of Mr.Wang, since he started teaching your class at the beginning of the semester he always picked on you, when you first saw him you couldn’t stop thinking how sexy he was, you even had a crush on him like the rest of the girls in your class but now, you couldn’t even stand him. He always made you feel as if you were stupid, so you would study hard for every test and ace it but still he would find fault somewhere with your work.                                                                                                                                               “Well I’m sure we all know the punch-line to the joke already” you rolled your eyes, “Yeah, and what would that be? You’re teaching skills?”  The class made their ‘oohs’ at your comment.                    

“Not actually, I think the punch-line would be your pathetic marks” you felt a huge pain rise in your throat and your eyes began to tear up, the class made another set of ‘oohs’ at Mr.Wang’s comment.

You needed to get out of there before they all saw you cry, you had no comeback for his comment so you quickly packed your bag about to storm out, opening the door when Mr.Wang called after you, “Y/n you walk through that door and you will get detention for a WHOLE WEEK STARTING THIS AFTERNOON!” “THEN GIVE ME DETENTION SEE IF I GIVE A FUCK!” you screamed still facing the door, storming out of the classroom banging the door on your way out.                                                                  

At the end of last period you went to Mr.Wang’s classroom even though you didn’t want to but it’s not like you had another option, you were forced. You were given warning from the principal that if you didn’t go you would get suspended and won’t be allowed to go to prom so this left you with no choice.

You pushed open the door and saw one of the other senior girls leaning over Mr.Wang’s desk as he explained a maths equation to her, pathetic you thought as you went over to your usual desk at the back and took out a book to cover your phone.

You were just about to beat your friend at candy crush when Mr.Wang told you to move up front making you lose your focus and the game. Asshole, you moved to the front with a scowl on your face as you sat in the desk just in front of his                

“And put your phone away” he said without looking up, “What?! I wasn’t, I wasn’t on my- but it was no use, “I’m not stupid y/n, put the phone away and take out some real work” stupid teacher. You took out your maths book and decided to study.

You were so focused that you did not notice Mr.Wang get up as he stood behind you watching you solve an equation, this happened a lot when you studied you lost focus of what’s going on around you.                                                                                                                                                                     “That answers wrong” he said breaking your concentration, “What?! It so isn’t! You’re just saying that because you don’t like me and everything I do is wrong in your eyes!” “It isn’t that I don’t like you, you got it all wrong” Mr.Wang said walking to the front of your desk “Well then if you do, you have a very strange way of showing-                                                                                                

You were cut short by Mr.Wang crashing his lips onto yours, begging you for entrance and you not knowing why let him, trying your best to stifle your moans so you did the first thing that came to mind, you bit his bottom lip breaking whatever spell he had on you.

“You, you bit me” you got up from your desk moving away from him, “Well you KISSED ME!” “You let me y/n” Mr.Wang said moving closer to you. With every step he took forward, you took another to the back until you were pinned against the wall, but he trapped you by putting his arms at each side of your face.                                                                                                                    

“You have nowhere to go now y/n” he said, leaning in as if for another kiss, “Mr.Wang, what, what do you want from me?” “Isn’t it obvious?” “No, not really”, you knew what he wanted you just wanted to know why. “Playing hard to get are we? Well y/n if you really want to know” he paused looking right at your lips as he spoke, “I want to fuck you” you felt something deep down in you squirm as your breathing quickened.                                                                  

“Why-why do you want to do that Mr.Wang?” you asked breathlessly, “Y/n from the first day I saw you all I wanted to do was fuck you” you were basically wet gosh, how is he doing this to me?                                                                  

“Then why were you so- he answered before you could finish, “Why was I so mean to you? Because you being in my class was such a turn on alone, how you tease me when you flirt with other boys while I teach, I wanted to claim you but I couldn’t, I wanted to put you over my knee and spank you continuously until you begged me to stop because of the way you. Tease. Me.” Mr.Wang said as he stroked his index finger from your cheek to your jaw line to your neck then down to your now exposed cleavage.

Your breathing quickened again and you couldn’t stop the moan that escaped, “You see that y/n? I know you want me as much as I want you” “Mr.Wang we can’t do this” you said breathlessly, “Yes we can, just don’t over think it” he said ending the conversation as he unbuttoned the rest of your shirt and took it off.                                                                                        

His lips fell on yours again and you don’t hesitate giving him entrance right away, your tongues fighting for dominance but he won, his hands slipping to your bra unhooking it, letting your breast free and his hands play with your nipples.

You were all moans when he started kissing your neck, giving you light hickies as he went further down, sucking your one nipple whilst his hand played with the other.                                                                  

“Fuck, Mr.Wang I’m going to cum” you never knew you could cum this way it was all so new to you.                                                                                        

“Cum for me baby” shit                                                                                  

You let out a moan as you came, Mr.Wang stopped sucking on your nipple and made his way down, now kneeling in front of you. He unzipped your skirt letting it fall to the floor, leaving you standing in front of him in nothing but your panties, you felt exposed so you covered you naked breast.                                                                                                                                                             “Don’t hide from me baby, you’ll just end up getting punished” Mr.Wang said in a husky voice, with that torturing smirk of his, you gasped and let your arms fall to your sides, pressing your exposed body against the use to be cold wall, now heated by the warmth of your naked body.

“Open up” Mr.Wang ordered rubbing his warm palm against your trembling inner thighs in a reassuring manner, your eyes meeting for the first time since you came. You willingly obeyed, letting a choked moan fall from your sinful mouth as he said, “Wider, y/n” his tone a bit more firm than before.

You spread your legs, letting a jagged moan leave the confinements of your throat because you loved the way he could just get you riled up with just ordering you around. “Stop” he said when you spread them wide enough.

He put both his hands at either side of your hips, as his face slid up your inner left thigh starting at your knee, he did the same with the other leg whilst his hands lovingly massaging your thighs.

He then put his face flush against your womanhood, nuzzling a bit against your clothed clitoris. You gasped due to the sudden intrusion. Moaning a strangled “…Mr.Wang…” your head falling back hitting the wall a bit harder than anticipated but you couldn’t give two fucks about that now, seeing that there’s an extremely sexy man between your legs making you feel so much pleasure

“Damn you smell so fucking good” he mostly growls against you, tongue flicking out, teasing you a little before removing your navy blue lace thong. “OMYGOSH” you almost screamed. He was making you feel so good you were afraid your knees would give in from under you.                                                

“Y/n, can you hold still for Mr.Wang? If you move at all, I will stop” “Yes Mr.Wang”, he smirked and then slowly giving your clit a kittenish lick, fuck you moaned and bucked your hips forward.                                                              

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MOVING, HUH?!” “Sorry Mr.Wang, ple-please don’t stop” he actually meant it? He went back to sucking on your little white pearl earning a sound between a wine and a gasp. You desperately tried not to grind against his face because you so desperately wanted him to eat you all up. You bite your lips as you tried to control the sounds that you never knew you could make from leaving your mouth.

“Mr Wang” you said making him stop, “Y/n if you move I’ll stop and we won’t go any further, do you want that?” “No Sir” “Then fucking listen” he inserted a finger into you as his tongue abused your clit once more shit “Mr.Wang” you moaned again biting your lip, it was so hard for you to keep still. You could feel you were about to cum and so could Mr.Wang so he inserted yet another finger into you as he began fingering you harder, YES                                        

“OH SHIT” you moaned/screamed as you came all over Mr.Wang’s face. He came back up and stood in front of you, “Here” he said pushing his fingers into your mouth, “Suck” you held onto his wrist and sucked hard onto his fingers, you looked up and saw his eyes widen with lust.                                                

“You can stop now” and with that he took out his fingers, “Turn around” he said and you obeyed, he grabbed hold of your hips and brought them closer so that now you were bending in front of him. He started rubbing his bulge against your already throbbing vagina.

“Mr.Wang please, I can’t take it anymore” you begged, “Can’t take what anymore y/n?” “You teasing me” “Now you know how I feel, every single day” he said rubbing harder against your private, you let out a moan.                                                                                                                                                    “I assume you’re on the pill” “No, I’m not” you said making him stop grinding against you “What?” “I’m not on the pill Mr.Wang” “Why the fuck not?” you didn’t know why but your confession made you feel shy, “Because I, I never did it before”

Mr.Wang made you stand up straight, turning you around forcing you to look him straight in the face, “You’re still a virgin?!” “Yes” why’s he so mad after all that his done to me? “SO YOU LET ME DO ALL THIS TO YOU AND YOU DIDN’T BOTHERTO TELL ME?! Y/N YOU WERE GOING TO LET ME FUCK YOU WHEN YOU WERE STILL JUST A VIRGIN?!”                              

“Well yeah” you said in a soft voice, “If I’d known, I’d never have done this” he said as he pulled down hard on his hair. “Mr.Wang I wanted you to do this to me” you said, making him stop

“Why?” he said looking up, “Because you weren’t the only one with hidden feelings” “Fuck, y/n” he said and his lips were on yours once again, he broke the kiss and took your hand leading you to his desk. “Get on” he said so you got up and sat on it, “Now lay down” and you obeyed again. You watched him as he reached down into his brief case and took out a condom. He came back and stood in front of you, you heard him unzipping his pants and letting it drop to the floor.                                                                                                        

“Spread your legs” he ordered and you spread them as far as he told you to. Then without warning he slammed into you, you let out a huge gasp as he entered you. Shit this is painful you weren’t sure if you wanted him to do it again.                                                                                                              

“Am I hurting you y/n?” a tear fell from your eye, “Y, yes Mr.Wang” “It gets better, just trust me” so you let him thrust into you again and again, soon the pain turned into pleasure. Unable to stop the moans that escaped                  

“Sit up y/n” he said between thrust and you did, his hand went up and cupped your breast adding to the pleasure, “YES MR.WANG” you screamed. His lips attacked your neck and it was enough to make you go crazy, your eyes rolling to the back, “Oh fuck Mr.Wang I’m going to cum” “Not yet”                                                                                                                                                               You didn’t know if you could hold it any longer “SHIT!” you screamed as he pounded faster and faster into you. “CUM FOR ME Y/N”, you both climaxed at the same time, your body tingling all over.

He was still in you as your head dropped onto his shoulder, you both were still regaining your breath. Breathing heavily he said, “You’re so tight baby” you smiled to yourself but hissed as soon as he pulled out. You got off his desk, the moment your feet hit the floor your body felt as if it had been in a fight, you felt stiff and ached all over, and you couldn’t even walk. Fuck.                                

“Need help getting dressed?” Mr.Wang offered he was already dressed since all he had to put on was he pants and underwear. “Yes, Mr.Wang” you answered, your skirt, shirt and underwear were all lying abandoned at the back of the classroom as he fetched it for you.

He helped put on your panties and bra then slipped on your skirt, “I think I can handle the shirt” you said and he let you do it, sitting at the edge of his desk as he watched you. When you were done you looked at the clock and saw that it was exactly time for detention to finish.

You slowly walked towards your bag about to pick it up but Mr.Wang did it for you as well as putting it on your back. “Thank you Mr.Wang” “Call me Jackson” he said with his legendary smirk                                                                        

You slowly turned around, taking baby steps to the door you could hear him laughing at you,bastard. You were just about to leave when Jackson called out after you, “Oh and y/n” making you turn around, “See you in detention tomorrow” he said with a wink

How you cast a spell - snowbaz au.

Dear @llamalark, today I wrote this for you :-) I don’t know why but all I can write is sad things :P I should try something happier for the holidays…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


This is not how it’s supposed to be. Everything is just wrong. I don’t know what to do anymore. I never have plans, I take it as it goes. But now, there’s nothing. The room is empty and I feel so too. Penny tells me everything is going to be okay, but I can’t believe her. Aghata hugs me and says she’ll never leave me, she’ll always be my friend. But is not enough. It’s never going to be enough.

The Mage is happy, he doesn’t say so but I can tell. Now he has one family less to worry about. I should be relieved too, because now I’ll have less people to fight against in the war… How can it be right if it hurts so much?

I thought I hated him, that we were enemies. But we were always something more.

I didn’t do anything. It’s all my fault. He died and his blood is in my hands.

That night in the forest, I knew he was crying, I knew he was broken. He needed help, a friend, a hug, something, anything. But it was me who was with him, and I didn’t help. I let him die.

“This is what my mother would want for me, you idiot” He said “If she knew what I am… She would never have let me live”.

Baz, you were wrong and I didn’t tell you. She would have loved you, I’m sure. And if not, I would have loved you for two. If I could go back and change things, bring you back, I would do it. For all my magic, the thing I love the most, I would give it away for you, just for you.

“This is what I deserve” It’s not true. You deserved more, a life full of friends, family, and love. You thought because you were a vampire you didn’t deserve all those, but Baz, being a vampire didn’t defined you. You were a bully, and a snob, a complete arsehole. And my roommate… And someone I truly cared for.

Years ago, when the Crucible put us together, it was for a reason. We were perfect opposites, perfect complements.

You were fire and I was rain.

You were the moon and I was the sun.

You were black and I was white.

But now you are not here and I am nothing.

I have one last task to do, I have to fight the Humdrum and put an end to all this. But without you, why should I? He can take all my magic if he wants to.

The stars are shining tonight, but I can’t look at them. Wherever I look, there’s always flames. The world is on fire, just like that night. I hear him crying at the distance.

It was only a second and I was far away and I couldn’t go back.

I wish I could fly, I gave it a try. Down came the rain and washed the spider out, nothing happened.

When I needed it the most, my magic failed me. I let him die.

I still feel the cold of his lips against mine. He kissed me and sent me away. It was only a soft touch, but the world stopped.

He loved me and he never said it.

I loved him and I never realized it.

I loved him and he never knew.

Now he is not here and the world keeps turning around.

Baz, you idiot. You used to call me names all the time: moron, stupid, git, idiot. But you were all those things. Because you leaved me just when I loved you the most.

Baz, I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…

Isn’t that how you cast a spell? By repeating it until it works? How can I bring you back? How can I be with you now? I want to be with you, I need to be with you.

I can’t take it anymore. You wouldn’t now, would you? That’s why you sent me away. You thought it was going to make me happy. But you were so wrong.

And now you are not here.

And the world is on fire.

Nothing is going to be alright, love.

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I think ur the same with haters if u think gaiden is horrible. I cant say sasusaku deserve better than gaiden, bcoz it's the important material for ss fans, maybe ur just looking only on the drama. It's not a love story manga, it's a shonen story with horrible fandom. I thought writers should be able to understand how it was written. If sakura isn't overly hated, gaiden won't have so much negative effect, haters took advantage of it. but well sorry if thats how you see it then i respect that

“i think ur the same with haters if u think gaiden is horrible”

“i thought writers should be able to understand how it was written”



“i respect that”





do u see what im trying to convey here anon????? if not then lemme spell it out: you obviously don’t respect my opinion if you think “im the same as haters” and that i “should be able to understand how it was written” because im a writer.

fuck off with your shade. i’d make a longass post explaining everything i hate about gaiden and why, with actual valid points FROM THE POV OF AN ACTUAL WRITER as to why it’s horribly executed and did so much more wrong than right and GOD how it made no sense to change sasuke’s character like that when he’d just been portrayed as the warm, gentle and open man he was in 699 but hey im so done out of this realm with being negative, especially about something i cant change, so i won’t

because loving my ship and its dynamics whilst ignoring the ending they got in gaiden is so much better than spewing crap that won’t make anyone happy and will honestly probably piss more people off. like you

so yeah leave me alone why don’t you

Look at this. These were the nominees of 2016 Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon. Since 2003, SpongeBob ALWAYS wins, expect that one year when Avatar: The Last Airbender won. I don’t know why that show is still on. It’s rigged. It gives the other cartoons (expect Alvin and the Chipmunks) less of an advantage of winning since Spongebob is a NICKELODEON cartoon. I swear, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are WAY BETTER than that yellow sponge. No disrespect on SpongeBob, that show was everything to me. Band Geeks, best SpongeBob episode ever. It’s just the stupidity of the episodes and lose of original humor is why I stop watching it. Nick doesn’t give a crap about the other nominees. Look at the Amazing World of Gumball, IT’S SPELLED WRONG. Like, why do they have this category if SpongeBob is going to win it EVERY YEAR!

Sorry if this post is long. The point is I hate Nickelodeon and the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Please take your time to read this post.

So, yesterday was the Mnet asian music awards event.
Lots of  bands and singers performed, and did their best to give everyone a good show, but one thing disappointed me the most, and I think you can probably guess what.

I’m an IGOT7, just a fan, like all of you guys.

What I’m about to say might piss you off a little bit, maybe no, maybe yes, but..

I think Got7 is the most hardworking group in kpop, at least at the current time.

If you think it’s not true, can I remind you of

Their huge amount of fanmeetings?

Their promotions?

What about their Japanese mini album they made, right after releasing Turbulance?

Their short video clips for No Jam, Boomx3, Sick, Prove it,

Their reality shows,

They do everything in order to make their fans happy,




Why are you treating them like rookies? why are you spelling Jackson’s name wrong, why do you mistake the name of the SINGLE song you let them perform to, why are you giving them such a small stage to dance on, with such bad lighting? and if that’s not enough, you’re not even moving a finger to make them look good on camera like you did with probably.. EVERYONE ELSE?!

Try to imagine how they felt? hurt, probably, and very, very disappointed.
And so what if they kept smiling, that’s what they have to do because they can’t let us see them break down, right?
The sleepless nights, the time they spent on making their album, filming their shows, giving us love, making us happy..


And to all of you GOT7 antis who keeps calling them Flop7, bashing them, laughing at them, saying shit like “JYP was buying votes”…
you can go to hell for how much we care.

And IGOT7, baby birds, you are the best, really!!
 Let’s not ever take them for granted,let’s continue supporting them and giving them our love, there’s a reason they won the WORLDWIDE FAVORITE AWARD!!!


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“ Just how stupid do you think I am? ”


Where did he even start? Charlie eyed the man, carefully keeping a hold on some of the more colorful opinions he’d developed about this guy. Let’s see, shall we? The magic spells, the “demon hunting,” the stupid hair cut. The accent. Why did the biggest assholes always have accents? Everything about John Constantine rubbed him the wrong way. He peddled the sort of stuff that every rational bone in Charlie’s body protested against – even when he knew better than most just how possible the impossible really was.

                              Still. None of that meant the guy wasn’t a knob.

That depends!” he said brightly. “Just how badly do you want me to answer the question?”

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All increments of 5!

5. Do you judge books by their covers?

 - people, no. actual books, yes absolutely. i need a pretty/minimalistic cover. no in between.

10. What’s your favorite color of socks? Why?

 - a nice bold blue-gray. it goes with everything and seems comfy.

15. Favorite midnight snack?

 - cereal of any kind (except lucky charms)

20. How do you eat chips (do you break them up/bite them/eat a bunch at once/etc)?

 - ………how tf do you break up chips ? they’re so brittle, they’d just shatter ? but yea i just pop those bad boys in my big ass mouth and cronch

25. Do people ever spell your name wrong? How often?

 - my last name, constantly

30. What do you usually eat with crackers?

 - turkey and cheese………. fuck now i want turkey and cheese on crackers :o

Stranger in a Strange Land

TITLE: Stranger in a Strange Land


AUTHOR: ImXtheXdoctor

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine Strange fucking up a spell and accidentally sending Loki and Thor into our world. They wake up as Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, respectively. They have none of their abilities and they have to learn to live as their human counterparts.

RATING: T, for now, may go up in later chapters because of cussing. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings yet.


Loki and Thor circled a couple sets, taking in everything, of course getting more confused with every step.

“Why do these things look like our home and other places we have been? Why are they next to each other?” asked Thor

“Your guess is as good as mine. It is a bit odd, though,” said Loki

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