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It’s Knot Just Sex

A late, surprise Valentine’s gift for @glassesgirl0401! I know you’ve been down because some parts of the holiday didn’t go as you had hoped, so I thought I’d write this for you as a little pick-me-up!

(I think I remember you saying you wanted some ABO eruri, forgive me if I remembered wrong, and I hope you enjoy anyway)

Also, LMAO, I’m so sorry you had to name your own gift fic, I am terrible XD

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Rosamund Mary Watson - a slightly awkward name OR How Mofftiss tell us all in two Names

Rosamund Mary Watson - I actually think there are a few very big hints in this name.

You think “That’s an odd name”? Well it is and I am going to tell you why.

First we have to remember a few things:
1. (Second) names are important in the show
- Sherlock is actually William Sherlock Scott Holmes second Name
- John and Sherlock both recommend their middle names as a possible name for the other man’s baby when put in very emotional situations. They do so to prevent themselves from saying something totally different and much more important.
- Hamish is John’s second name and he blurs it out in a clearly jealous manner to interrupt Sherlock and Irene with the words “if you are looking for baby’s names”
- Sherlock offers John his name as a “girls name” instead of telling John what he wanted to tell him for a long time (after he shoot Magnussen for him)
- so they both link themselves to the possible offspring of the other man in a situation where they are confronted with their true feelings for each other.

2. Remember John asking Mary if he could choose the Baby’s name at Sherlocks parents home? She turns his request down.
So she is the one who choose the baby’s name on her own.

And she names her daughter Rosamund Mary.

Let’s see what we think of Mary as the middle name first:
- Mary does not include Sherlock in the second name, despite the wishes off both men.
- Mary is not Mary’s real name
- Mary choose this name as her fake name for her fake identity in her fake life. For a life that is a barefaced lie.

So why on earth would Mofftiss give Mary and Johns daughter this name as the - in the show and for John and Sherlock very important - second name???
I think it’s because they want to tell us that
- Mary does not want Sherlock to be linked to her daughter at all

and more important

- that Rosamund Mary is not what she seems do be.
Her identity is a fake …
… She may NOT be John Watson’s daughter …

Maybe you think now: “Wow girl, you really interpreted far too much in that. It’s probably just some coincidence.”
Really? Let’s have a look at Baby Watson’s first name than, shall we?

After getting a clue from another Sherlockian I did some big research and am now pretty sure I discovered why Baby Watson has the slightly awkward surname Rosamund.

She ist named after the victorian poet and feminist
Rosamund Marriott Watson
(jup, her real name)

Mrs. Watson wrote upon many other topics also about
- identity struggle (Hello John and Sherlock),
- aggression in marriages (Hello Mary and John)
- animal imagery,
… which is a common symbol in literature for … tatatata … homosexuality (oh Hello again to John and Sherlock)

And if all of this is still not matter of faktly enough for you look at this:

- she often used a Pseudonym - a fake name in order to pretend you are someone you are not
- enjoyed changing her identity in generell
- was known to have had a scandal sex life (because she married twice and hat a third longterm relationship without even being married at all and all of it in victorian times)
- she was friends with Oscar Wilde (yes, the victorian author who was send to prison for being gay in 1895)
- one of her best known novels is “Tares”, which was published as her first marriage was breaking up and focuses on the disillusionments of love …
- after quite a few attempts of finding real love she finally fall in love with a man who’s last name was Watson … and they lived happily ever after… *huge sigh*

Well… all of it sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?
Can Mofftiss really really get any more obvious???
They put it all down in both !!! names of John Watson’s !!! “daughter”.
Rosie’s names both indicate that her identity is not what it seems to be and they are yet again a massiv hint of the true nature of John and Sherlock feelings for each other.
Plain to see. All there. Twice!
As to say “look if you didn’t get it already with the name Mary we present you this firstname. And combined you are simply not able to miss what we try to tell you.”
I mean come on, even Anderson would be able to get that.

It’s happening. Start to see it.

i really really really love bts but .. why are armys EVERYWHERE on youtube with embarrassing user names like ‘fuck me daddy yoongi’? you just watch a knitting tutorial or idk what and suddenly there are armys like AYYYYE REMEMBER WHEN JIMIN WORE A SWEATER FUCK ME OPPA

you make the entire kpop fandom look .. terrible


“Are you crazy, Barry?! I haven’t talked to him in months!”

“Then why did I see his name on your phone, (Y/N)?”

“You do realize that there are millions of people with the same name, right?”

“Well, of course.”

“And you do remember that my boss just so happens to have the same name, right?”


“Yes, Barry. ‘Oh’ is right.”

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Ok but can i ask a genuine question? Why do you ship bunny? I mean, im new to the fandom and all of my friends keep telling me that bunny is awesome but... i still haven't found a reason to ship them? They are basically never on the screen at the same time? Im worried maybe ive lost some pieces or something... so WHY do you ship them? (This is not supposed to be read in a mean way, im not accusing you of something, im just genuinely asking!! Please dont be mad)

Omg I’m on mobile and I never know where my asks are. I should probably find it.

Well, I didn’t initially ship them. I actually came across Bunny by accident in a fic I can’t remember the name of. It was a Kyman fic first and foremost but Bunny was the secondary pair. It awoken something in me and I wanted to find more. So I did.

Anyway, as I was reading more and more into it, I came to see that their personalities meshed really well. Kenny is more lax when it comes to doing what he wants. His parents don’t really care that much about what he does. Nobody really has a problem with him outside of making fun of his poor family, and he doesn’t let it bother him too too much (though it does get on his nerves). He has a fair amount of friends and I think he can make them easily enough.

Butters, on the other hand, is practically his opposite. He grew up in a middle class family but his parents are so strict and abusive even that he has problems with making friends and not a lot of people like him. They feel sorry for him sometimes, I think, but not enough that they won’t make fun of him. He lets it get to him, which is how Professor Chaos came to be.

Kenny and Butters are kind of friends canonically. The Hawaii episode is known as the Bunny episode. In that episode, Butters acknowledges Kenny as his only real friend. I don’t Kenny has ever really picked on Butters (I might be wrong on that, but I’ve never seen it) which might be why Butters holds him on such a high pedestal. In the episode, we also see Kenny take little piss-baby Butters to Hawaii out of the kindness of his heart even though he doesn’t really want to. They hold hands (as kids are taught to keep up with each other but still…they hold hands) and end up kind of becoming friends in the end.

Another thing would be that Mysterion and Professor Chaos are mortal enemies and that’s just another thing brings them together.

There’s a fair bit about the two that makes them compatible if they were to be in a relationship. Personally, I really like to see the protective and kind side of Kenny to mesh with, sweet but sometimes bitchy, Butters. There’s a lot of it I can’t really explain.

It’s alright if you don’t or can’t ship it :) I try to see what people see in Creek and I’ve even tried to force myself to ship it, but I just can’t. I’m glad they’re canon (sort of) and all but I just can’t see it and I end up getting bored. I hope my explanation helped you!

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name: Marina and I love my name okay.
alias:  Moe, Molly, Momo and idek at times ppl calls me Vani but idek why,
gender: panda (?)
place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
spoken languages: English and Spanish, and everythin  I learnt from japanese it’s a mystery.
drink / smoke / drugs: I drink at times, not really an usually thing to do but when I do I enjoy it! well I am sure I will never get drunk so it’s all good, as for the others nope.
likes: Video games, anime, drawing, cats, stargazing, night sky, tiny animals, terror movies, cute accessories, ride on bicycle fuck yeah, swimming, nature, green spaces, black tea, etc.
fears: huge places at night, heights.
personality traits: cheerful, shy at first, supportive, caring, mama friend, jealous, posessive, patient af, energic, lazy butt

hair colour: dark brown-ish
eye colour: brown.
height: i’M SMOL OKAY.
tattoos: none
piercings: none

siblings: one older brother.
parents: dad and an uncle.
children: Michi & Naru are my fluffy children <3.

sexual preference: b o y s, like srsly gimme all the boys and fictional male characters.
relationship status: in love??? like??? yeah?? <3

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Proasa, 21?

i cant remember what the exact prompt was but i changed it a bit so that you can’t see or touch your soulmate, only hear them, and you can’t just tell them your name and appearance bc why not (i accidentally made it a bit angsty but hey what can you do)

Asa rubbed her eyes and turned onto her side, squinting to read the clock that sat on her bedside table. 3:18am. Groaning, she tried to focus on her roommate’s steady breathing instead of the suffocating darkness of the unlit room. She hadn’t been able to sleep well recently, much to her dismay. I need to talk to him again. She knew she hadn’t talked to him properly in a long time, and that she couldn’t just back out after their plan to meet at the flower festival. “I just don’t want to admit it,” she whispered out loud to herself, tensing when she heard her roommate stir in the bunk above her.

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flying-hybrid  asked:

1 and 15

1. Your first OC ever?

My absolute FIRST OC was, surprise surprise, a self-insert by the name of Alex. I don’t speak of her anymore (because she’s so old it almost makes me cringe when I do talk about her), but she did become the basis for a couple of the newer OCs, like Lan. I remember I gave her this crazy wicked laser sword that came from a dream. XD I still have no idea why I thought her stick arms could carry such a Cloud-sword-esque weapon.

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?

Definitely! I just don’t ever do that because, well, either the person I’m talking to obviously has no interest or doesn’t want to listen, or I feel like I’m being selfish by talking about them while conversing with another person.

Same goes for simply posting OC information on my blog. ;v; Anything more than two posts of my own OC content, and I feel utterly guilty for cluttering my followers’ dashes with my stuff.

So, as I go about answering all these OC questions, I just wanna thank y'all askers bunches for sending these numbers!! ;u;//

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she wants to know stuff so why not

1. are you named after someone
i was supposed to but my parents thought the name was ugly and i was lucky enough not be called that
2. when was the last time you cried
i don’t remember but it must have been recently because i cry a lot
3. do you like your handwriting
well, it’s not terrible when i try to write better, but it’s pretty average or too little most of the time
4. what is your favorite lunch meat
ok apparently you guys call affettati lunch meat. i love bresaola, it’s like the best thing
5. do you have kids
i have tons of kids (no i don’t)
6. if you were another person, would you be friends with you
depends on who i will be, but probably not because i never get out
7. do you use sarcasm
i do, yeah, but my humor is more on the absurd side so i guess one would understand i’m sarcastic
8. do you still have your tonsils
tonsilis, yeah
9. would you bungee jump
i’m a coward chicken so no, i will never do that. i don’t like the adrenaline rush, i like relaxed things
10. what is your favorite kind of cereal
i don’t like cereals much, but i like the ones with milk or cream in them
11. do you untie your shoes every time you take them off
no, i leave the laces tied and put them on like that tbh
12. do you think you’re a strong person
honestly, depends what you mean by strong
i tend to be stubborn and hold my ground, but i’m not really one to impose my vision
13. what is your favorite ice cream flavor
i like fruit flavors like strawberry, i also like fiordilatte (dunno how you guys call it) and tiramisù ones
14. what is the first thing you notice about people
irl, probably appareance like it’s natural to do, also it’s the first thing i can see anyway
on the interwebs, dunno honestly, i don’t think i watch anything in particular
15. red or pink
those are my fav colors, i cna’t choose 
they’re literally shades of the same thing
16. what is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself
i would say my chest but i have come to get used to it
17. what color pants and shoes are you wearing right now
dark military(?) green and black socks, i guess
18. what was the last thing you ate
pizza, ye
19. what are you listening to right now
my mom watching stupid shit on tv just for the fun of it
20. if you were a crayon, what color would you be
i want to be the pink crayon, but that ugly pink you used to color people with but wasn’t the color you actually needed
the hot pink crayon
21. favorite smell
actually i like closed rooms smells and warm smells and warm bread smell
22. who was the last person you spoke to on the phone
my bro, nora
23. favorite sport to watch
i’m a good italian man so football
24. hair color
dark brown 
25. eye color
dark brown
26. do you wear contacts
27. favorite food to eat
pizza, pizza with stuff on it or simple pizza, all kinds of pizza
28. scary movies or comedy
scary comedy? comedy scary? i like mixed genres
29. last movie you watched
zootopia? or moana, i don’t remember
30. what color shirt are you wearing
black sweater
31. summer or winter
32. hugs or kisses
hugs, i love hugs so much
33. what book are you currently reading
it’s called consumer’s psychology 
34. who do you miss right now
i miss to see nora tbh because i was too busy to stay with her lately 
35. what is on your mousepad
i don’t have that
36. what is the last TV program you watched
i don’t watch a whole lot of tv tbh
37. what is the best sound
rain on the roof
38. rolling stones or the beatles
neither, not my style
39. what is the furthest you ever traveled
i’ve been in hungary and that’s how far i have been tbh
40. do you have a special talent
no, i’m pretty plain and that’s cool
41. where were you born
42. people you expect to participate in this survey 
who ever wants to, i tag you 

Chaotic: Asyll, the other world.

OK, so this was one of those ideas that sounds really dumb, but is sorta cool when you get it. So I noticed that Perim was a letter away from Peril, which led me to wonder the opposite of the word Peril. I assumed Asylum. I then realized that Asylum ended with an M, the way Perim does, and took that to be an opportunity. I switched two letters, removed one, and the name “Asyll” was created!

But what WAS Asyll? I asked myself.

Well, I remembered the Magic the Gathering arc where Venser first became a part of the lore, where th efive elements sort of began blending, associating new powers with themselves that didn’t really make sense, but still sorta did? And I thought: Why not do that with Tribes?

So here’s a summary of each Tribe, their designs and mindsets shifted into another in a way that is, bizarrely, still accurate to their original concept.


These guys are important. The M’arrillians now have the Underworlders’ abilities, including the famous Intimidate, and their wonderful affinity towards establishing a dominance over others through raw strength. Now how do we make that work for them? Well, now they are no longer sea creatures: but Vampires! Yes, vampires whose primary element is FIRE, but can use their Vampirism ability to steal certain elements from others. These M’arrillians won the war. From the Doors of the Deepmind, they poured in, an unstoppable, undead army that quickly subjugated the Mipedians and the Overworlders. The Danians, scattered as they are, are both easier and harder to subdue. The real trouble comes from those meddlesome Underworlders…


These guys gave their stuff away to the Mipedians, and gained the Danians’ concept instead. So instead of being insects, I thought: What’s something that lives above ground and–


The answer is wolves.

They are now wolf-people. Instead of “Hive”, they have “Pack,” which functions the same way, but rather than individual boons, they each grant every other creature a boon, resulting in a “ride together die together” sort of mentality; This is how the Overworlders think normally, but I changed it to fit the Danian’s basic concept in the game as well as the show. The Overworlders work for the M’arrillians without question, submitting to their superior strength, as a dog does.


So, the Mipedians gained their main stuff from the Overworlders. This was the last one I did, so I went: to hell with it! They’re now this race of shroud-wearing, more varied creatures, who have the uncanny ability to sacrifice their lifeforce in order to give one another protection, strength, Mugicians, etc. They’re all about sacrifice for a greater cause, and in a way, this was not far from the Mipedians’ actual behavior. Sure, they weren’t exactly selfless in the show, but they chose the desert as their territory rather than claim some fertile land by force (It’s not like the Overworlders are particularly spread-out, it’d be easy to take a nice slice of the land for themselves): A poor choice by all standards, but they stick with it nonetheless. And let’s not forget how dangerous Warbeasts were/are, yet they still bother to use them, despite the collateral damage.


The Danians took on the psychic abilities of the M’arrilians. Rather than having Hive and the like, they are now a scattered race of psychics, living in the individual pillars of the underground. These arachnid people empower their Grubs, children who have yet to mature their minds but are fully capable of physical combat, with their psychic networking. But not even their telepathic nets can slow the M’arrillians for long. They will fall, in time… unless they make allies.


I saved the Underworlders for last because I just love what I did so damn much! They gained the abilities and attitudes of the Mipedians! Invisibility has become Shadow allowing most(if not all) Underworlders to vanish into the darkness at will, Mirages are now Rifts they can move through at ease, but which repel all other users, and Warbeasts have been changed to Monstrosities, mutated creatures that wreak unimaginable havoc without a Warden to control them. Their most powerful monstrosity is Chaor, a dragon-like beast that only their Queen, Takinom can control. Other Monstrosities include (But are not exactly limited to) Magmon, Barath Beyond, Van Bloot, Rothar, Aokua, Kamangareth and H’earring(?). Just as they were the first to fall in Perim, the Underworlders will be the last to submit. They are the last of the rebellion, and if they would fail to overthrow the M’arrillians… Well the Pillars aren’t as durable against beasts like Chaor.

And that’s basically it. Coolthxbai

the first time i saw jolyne kujo i was 11 and on a street fighter fansite. and i thought she looked really freaky and concerning cause it was this image

and i was like “why does she look like that! whats she doing with her arms?!” i was Concerned!

i also ended up associating her with lisa lisa’s name… cause even though i knew that was a DIFFERENT jojos character that a DIFFERENT street fighter character (rose) was modeled after …..well….  ‘jolyne kujo’ was too difficult for me to remember so id just remember lisa lisa, and then id just think about this image of Weird Freaky Handcuffs Juri in my head and go “its lisa from jojo” 

                                         Ask Meme Thingy                                                        

I got tagged by @lamppostlicking, thanks for tagging me! I’m not a very interesting person, so I hope this is okay :D

1: Are you named after someone? No! Well, Alexis means “Helper”, so yeah. that’s why I picked it.
2: When was the last time you cried? Oh, uhm. I don’t remember, tbh. But probably because of a sad fanfiction at 3 am. I don’t really cry if i’m not sleep deprived or menstruating.
3: Do you like your handwriting? It’s ok, I don’t have a whole lot of feelings about it.
4: What is your favourite lunch meat? I don’t eat meat, but when I did I loved roast beef.
5: Do you have kids? Nope, I have two cats though!
6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you? i hope so? tho i know i seem a bit arrogant and thats like my biggest pet peeve w/ other people (ironic i know)
7: Do you use sarcasm? way too much
8: Do you still have your tonsils? ye
9: Would you bungee jump? nah
10: What is your favourite kind of cereal? Müsli
11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Depends on the shoes, not if I don’t have to
12: Do you think you’re a strong person? I know I seem very strong because I usually keep cool even in stressfull situations, but that’s just because I shove all my feelings down. so, eh. But i have great biceps!
13: What is your favourite ice cream? Ever, ever? mojito
14: What is the first thing you notice about people? voice and scent
15: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? my breasts (dysphoria is fun. not.)
16: What colour pants and shoes are you wearing now? white pants with black embroidery and unicorn socks
17: What are you listening to right now? “Astronaut” by Amanda Palmer
18: If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? I really like teal, but idk if thats what you wanted to know
19: Favourite smell? embarassingly, axe. but only on the guy i’m crushing on.
20: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? my grandma
21: Favourite sport to watch? swimming
22: Hair colour? black
23: Eye colour? brown
24: Do you wear contacts? yea
25: Favourite food to eat? pasta with broccoli
26: Scary movies or comedy? comedy
27: Last movie you watched? rogue one
28: What colour of shirt are you wearing? black
29: Summer or winter? winter
30: Hugs or kisses? both please!! i need all the smooches and cuddles
31: What book are you currently reading? various books for class, also the colour of magic by terry pratchett
32: Who do you miss right now? my ex, i dreamt of her last night and i want to see her just to punch her
33: What is on your mouse pad? it looks like a persian rug
34: What is the last TV program you watched? orphan black
35: What is the best sound? cat purring
36: Rolling stones or The Beatles? Led Zeppelin ;)
37: What is the furthest you have ever travelled? Chicago, Illinois
38: Do you have a special talent? i have a mean poker face. also making weird puns in almost any language
39: Where were you born? southern germany, never lived there tho

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Hi, I love your theory! But I do have some questions/light criticism. I don't mean it negatively, just fair debate between fellow fans! First, it seems odd/unlikely that Melissa would kill Charlotte and then demand the Liars give her a name. Why not just pick someone and frame them herself? I can't see the writers giving Melissa the line "I just wanted you girls to hand someone over to me so I could get away with this murder." Too much trouble. I'm gonna send you another message wth more.

Well that’s exactly what Melissa is trying to do: frame them. By involving them in the process, the framing is more likely to be successful. Sending an anonymous tip to the Rosewood Police saying “Hanna killed Charlotte” is absolutely pointless. Remember, criminal trials: beyond reasonable doubt. She wanted to get Emily’s fingerprints on her murder weapon that way there is solid evidence she can give to the police. That is framing. She harassed Hanna into telling the police her ‘confession’ by torturing her in that bunker. I don’t see it as too much trouble to be honest! She’s trying to frame them as best as possible. It’s easier to harass them; maybe someone’s bubble will pop and they’ll give in, or maybe they’ll be dumb enough to touch the murder weapon, and Melissa’s life has just been made so much more simpler. 

Tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

I was tagged by @transcoranic.

Nickname: Don’t really have one. Panther by people from FFnet.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5'2″, 5′3″??

Last Thing I Googled: Nuckelavee

Favorite Musical Artist: I have a few, but Icon For Hire and In This Moment come to mind.

Song Stuck in My Head at the Moment: I don’t know what the name is or any of the lyrics

Last Movie I Watched: I don’t remember??

What Are You Wearing Right Now: A black tank top, my bra, and my underwear tbh

What Do You Post: fandom related stuff, anything that I find interesting, or funny.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I needed a url change from Mooncloudpanther, so I picked one from my current interest. I happened to really like Allura, and alluras-castle had a nice feel to it.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: well, shiros-castle but I don’t do anything with it.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: I almost said “I’m ace with a low sex drive and no desire to act on it (as in, I feel disgusted by the idea of actually, personally, having sex despite enjoying smut fic)” but then I remembered my last relationship was with Is and not Brice. I didn’t learn anything notable from dating Is.

Religious or Spiritual: neither

Favorite Color: black or purple

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-10 but I’m always tired

Lucky Number: I don’t have one that I’ve noticed

Favorite Character: I have too many. Shiro, Sephiroth (I want to know more about him pre-Nibelheim and I want SE to stop exploiting him and watering him down to Cloud k thnx), and some of my own OCs.

Dream Job: author

Uh, take this as an open invitation, esp if you’re my mutual.

Yeah and the wizard is the dumbdumb

Starting a 3.5 campaign, a warforged paladin, a human monk and a elf wizard (me) are send to a dungeon to find the “great weapon” to defeat “the beast” (we don’t know what the great weapon is, neither the beast) we were resolving the first puzzle, it got something to do with a name. We weren’t able to remember and the DM love to leave us hanging. So I started to do some search rolls and knowledge and this happened:

Me: Well I guess I’ll just roll for it

DM: go ahead

Me: *1* bastard

DM: yup is a fine door

Warforged: Wizard is dumdum, wizard don’t know about magic (dunno why he talks like that, he has intelligence of 16)

Me: OOC hey didn’t you have some sort of vision? or something like that?

WarforgedOOC: Yeah but they never mentioned a name

DM: are you sure?


*Everyone burst into laughing*

Me: Yeah but the wizard is the dumdum right? yeah keep talking

Warforge: wizard is nice, wizard good friend

I just had a Kanda thought, so brace yourselves.

So we pretty much unanimously agree that names are a big deal with Kanda. If he remembers your name and calls you by it, he is paying you one of the highest respects he is capable of. Why, though? Why is something so simple treated almost as something sacred when Kanda is involved?

Well, even barring the Japanese custom of treating the first name as something very intimate that is shared somewhat rarely, I think it has to do with his childhood. He, Alma, and others like them had no identities, not to the people experimenting on them. They were just that: experiments. Test subjects assigned a number and success rate. They aren’t people, they’re things. Being called by their name was all but unheard of, especially by someone other than each other.

Names are dangerous, because they’re identities. But there’s more to it than that.

There is a certain intimacy in knowing and using a person’s given name. People are often told not to name things, such as foster dogs and other pets, because they’ll become attached to them more easily and it’ll be harder to let go when they find a permanent home. In the same way, Kanda may actively avoid such familiarity through avoiding people’s names so that he wouldn’t form attachments with these people that may not be around tomorrow. Why get to know someone if they’re just going to die? He knows how much it hurts to lose a loved one, and it seems that his method of never going through that pain again is to never love another person. If he doesn’t use their name, they won’t form any kind of connection.

Names are bonds. They are intimate connections throughout many cultures, even more so with Kanda’s Japanese background, and Kanda does not want those connections, not after Alma.

Meet Your Maker - 10 questions with the creator of #Olicity: Marcus Ellis.

I had the opportunity to interview the first person to coin the term “Olicity.” I want to thank Marcus for this lovely interview, and for being the fearless forerunner of the Olicity fandom. It could have been anyone, and I’m glad it was you. -Cammie

1. Who are you? What do you like, what do you do, what is your normal identity outside of being an Olicity superhero by night?

  • Well, my name is Marcus Ellis and I’m a 22 year old college student from California currently studying Mass Communications and Journalism at San Francisco State University. I remember when I was younger I always had a passion for writing. English was always one of my favorite subjects. Truth be told, another hobby of mine was television. I watched virtually everything that peaked my interest and still do till this day. So as I got older I realized, why not combine the two things I love the most, both writing and television, and turn that into a job. That’s why I’m currently working on to become a journalist; with a focus more specifically on entertainment media related news like television, movies, and music. A dream job of mine would be working for The Hollywood Reporter or Entertainment Weekly and other publications of that nature.

2. Set the stage for us. What drew you to Arrow? What did you think of the show when you first started? Were you knocked off your feet, mildly entertained, drumming your fingers waiting for someone like Felicity to come along, etc.?

  • I think what initially drew me to Arrow was the fact that I was so already obsessed with the CW’s other super hero adaption Smallville (and lets be real, who wasn’t a fan of Tom Welling’s face) and also their interpretation of the Green Arrow character, played by Justin Hartley, which had just went off the air a year prior to the premiere of Arrow. I was excited that the Green Arrow was getting his own series and Stephen was the perfect choice for the role. When the show first premiered, I was immediately hooked. I mean, you can’t just showcase a shirtless, battered, and bruised Stephen Amell and expect me not to come back for more.

3. Take us back to that night. What was going through your mind when you first saw Oliver walk into Felicity’s office? Did you recognize this as the potential long-term love story of the show (as it became), or did you think she was just a one-episode character (as was originally intended)?

  • I definitely had a feeling that that wasn’t the last we’d see of Felicity Smoak. I mean, you don’t cast someone as talented and gorgeous as Emily Bett Rickards as a one-off special guest character.. That would’ve been a great loss to us all. They had such great banter and chemistry in that scene. I knew something would eventually happen…it just took three seasons to get there lol.

4. Emily Bett (Felicity Smoak) has said in interviews that she loves the ship name Olicity, and that she wishes she could thank the person who first came up with it. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) also came out in support of the name very early on, tweeting on Valentine’s Day during season 1, just a few weeks after the name caught on, to clarify that the name is officially Olicity, and to endorse the spelling you chose (one “L”, not two - establishing that it is a blend of Oliver + Felicity, not Ollie + Felicity, thank god). Do you have words or a gif to describe how you feel about this?

5. Do you remember seeing the ship name “Olicity” being used by fans and eventually the show, cast, etc.? You’ve continued watching the show, but how aware were you of how much the ship had taken off in terms of popularity?

  • I remember early on when it really stated to take off and I’m honestly still shocked that I was the first to coin the term. It’s all still so wild to me. It’s such a crazy thing to think of how far it’s come and how popularly it’s used in the media now. And to think I had a little part in making that happen is truly an honor. I watch a lot of shows and support a lot of ships so I just assumed Olicity was going to be canon eventually. I do that with a majority of the shows I watch. If I see two characters that have really great chemistry, it’s hard to not want them to get together. The whole ‘will they-won’t they’ relationships are my favorites. Don’t even get me started on how happy I am about Mindy and Danny, from The Mindy Project.

6. At what point when you were watching the show did you realize that you were right, that Oliver and Felicity are THE pairing for the show? Do you have a favorite scene or moment with them?

  • I think it was 1x14 when I knew that Olicity was a possibility. Now that she was a part of his inner circle, the people who knew his true identity, meant more interactions between the two characters which also would lead to more development over time. It was inevitable, I suppose. Another one of my favorite Olicity moments was 2x07 where Oliver took Felicity’s hand after she felt guilty he had to choose between killing again or saving her and he replied that since she was in danger and there was no choice to make. That was another big moment for me. It was very intimate and sweet and showed that he cared for her enough to break his own rule. I also loved seeing Oliver’s jealous side show when Barry was in the picture.

7. You’ve mentioned online that season 3 was your favorite season so far (it’s also the highest rated and most controversial). Tell us what worked and didn’t work in the latest season for you. What do you think of the latest developments for Olicity?

  • What I loved about season three was all of the development we got, like Felicity and Thea’s transformations into a strong heroes in their own right to the overall evolution of Olicity. I also can’t wait for the writers to explore and expand more on the female friendships in this show because the Thea and Felicity bonding moments in season three were some of my favorites. Honestly, I’m so happy with how far we’ve come with Oliver and Felicity. I think they’re perfect for each other and really complement each other well.

8. Clearly you have great predictive powers when it comes to fandom, so tell us what you see happening with Olicity going forward. What would you like for them in terms of storylines and milestones in season 4? Any cautionary words for them as well?

  • I would love to see them go on a real date together, one that doesn’t get interrupted by masked murderers and super-powered revenge seeking villains. Now that they’re officially a couple, I would love to see them learning more from each other, like Oliver teaching her how to defend herself with a little one-on-one action or Felicity sharing her tech skills with him and watching him fail miserably. That would definitely be cute. I also can’t wait to get more backstory from Felicity’s character, maybe even with the introduction of her father who is currently unknown as far as I know. That strained relationship could definitely work well on screen for the pair. Also, you can’t have a productive on-screen relationship without a few hurdles to jump through. Like are the writers ever going to address the fact that Oliver may have a potential child out there in world with the woman he ran into at the coffee shop (the same woman Moira paid off in the 2x20 flashback)? As for cautionary words, I’d just say to always expect the unexpected, because you can never truly know what the writers have up under there sleeves.

9. This year, Olicity won MTV’s ship of the year with around 20 million votes. The term Olicity has been on Coke bottles, trended on social media countless times, won  awards, and has been used by everyone from Larry King to Jimmy Kimmel. What do you think is that special factor about them that caused so many people to fall in love with them?

  • I think the whole idea that people love to root for the underdogs. Characters with complicated and complex backgrounds who manage to persevere. Couples who, on paper, are polar opposites but somehow manage to make it work. That happens with a lot of shows I watch. People tend to look for things in characters that they wish to see in themselves or already relate to. Whether it be Oliver’s emotional strength and love for familial bonds or even Felicity’s quirkiness and ability to turn something completely innocent into a sexual innuendo. Also, everyone loves a good budding romance and that’s exactly what Olicity is. It was a slow burn, but a burn nonetheless.

10. Like many of us, you describe yourself as just a regular guy who talks a lot about television. Will you be livetweeting Arrow in the fall? Where can fans find you for more Olicity/general TV good stuff?

  • Yes, I most definitely will be live-tweeting Arrow, along with many of my other favorite shows. Fall season is my favorite time of year because so many of my favorite shows finally come back as well as new shows I’m sure to become addicted to. This year is such a big year for comic book adaptions, from the CW’s Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, CBS’s Supergirl, Netflix’s series like Daredevil (season 2) and Jessica Jones (featuring the amazing Krysten Ritter), The Walking Dead spin-off, and even TNT’s upcoming planned pilot for a live-action Teen Titans series. As you can see, I have a lot of free time on my hands. So you can follow me on Twitter, @marcusthough, where I will most likely annoy you with my obsessions with some of my favorite movies, music, and most importantly television shows! You can also follow me on Instagram (@marcusthough) if you like food, beautiful places, inspirational quotes, and the occasional MCM to quench your thirst. I have a Tumblr as well which features lots of beautiful models, celebrities, and more!

Remember this post? Well, this is sort of where it came from, sort of. I said I was going to draw a Batgirl!Aureylian, and now I finally have(along with a Robin!Chad).

This came about because Aurey said she was Batman(To quote “Why do you think his pecks are so big?”). I then looked up; Batgirl and was very excited to see that they’re twins, seriously, have a look for yourself.
A few weeks later this happened(after a lot of grumbling and rage quitting). I am super pleased with it and think *looks at Aurey and Chad* you should recreate this pose next time you meet.

4+ hours.

For aureylianmc and omgchad


*because gay elsa is canon pass it on*

Nerdtropolis 30 Day Challenge - Day 30: Biggest Nerd Wish

Marvel Revives All-New Ghost Rider

Here we are. The final day of the Nerdtropolis 30 Day Challenge! I’m going to miss doing this little challenge. It’s been a lot of fun! At least, during the days I remembered to do it. So onto the final part! There were a lot of things I wanted to choose from for this part of the challenge. I mean, I could’ve gone with more canon Boba Fett content, for Hasbro to fix the Aligned continuity for Transformers, and so many other things. But I’ve settled on Marvel reviving All-New Ghost Rider. But why? Well, the answer’s simple: this Ghost Rider is absolutely amazing. 

All-New Ghost Rider is amazing series. It’s about a Mexican-American teenager named Robbie Reyes, who’s desperately trying to take care of his developmentally-disabled younger brother. They live in a shitty part of Los Angeles that’s overrun with street crime. All of this changes when Robbie is possessed by the spirit of Satanic serial killer Eli Morrow, who gives Robbie the powers of a Ghost Rider! Unfortunately, this series was incredibly short-lived as it was cancelled due to the recent Secret Wars event. That’s a shame considering how amazing this series was. I mean, check out Robbie saving his brother from an armed militia: 

Pretty badass, right? I mean, how can you not love this scene? This scene made me love this new Ghost Rider. And check out him teaming up with the first Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze: 

Talk about the greatest team up of all time! Two Ghost Riders taking down a militia! It doesn’t get any cooler than that. This was an amazing series, and it’s a shame that it got cancelled, especially since there’s so much you can do with this character. If you haven’t read this series, I strongly recommend that you do. Get Marvel to realize that people are interested in seeing more of this character because he is amazing. Robbie Reyes is one of the best new additions to the Marvel Universe, and he deserves better than being kicked to the curb because of a continuity reboot. So let’s hope that we see more of him soon!